Stationary parts for restricting or subdividing the arc, e.g. barrier plate (H01H9/34)

Electric current switching device // 2633381
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: electric switch comprises a movable contact (108, 110, 112) and a fixed contact (104, 106) for contacting with the movable contact (108, 110, 112), wherein the switch further comprises one or more damping plates (122) and a permanent magnet (132) to direct the arc which is formed when the contacts are disconnected from each other, to the damping plates (122), while the damping plate (122) has a base section (464) and side sections (460, 462) extending from the base section (464) and the permanent magnet (132) placed behind the damping plate (122) so that the base of the damping plate (122) is located between the magnet and the plate damping region, which is the region between the side sections (468, 470) of the plate (122). According to the invention, the permanent magnet (132) is arranged to direct the arc to one of the side sections (468, 470) of the damping plates (122).EFFECT: increased efficiency and durability of the switch.13 cl, 5 dwg

Device for switching electric current // 2597997
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: disclosed is an arc extinguishing plate for an electric switch, containing the first installation section and the second installation section for installing an extinguishing plate into appropriate recesses of the switch with formation of an asymmetrical arc propagation channel between the side sections of the plate. First installation section (468) and the second installation section (470) have different shapes as compared to each other.EFFECT: technical result: possibility to install arc extinguishing plates in an electric switch, so that an arc propagation channel formed by a plurality of arc extinguishing plates can be reinforced by appropriate recesses in the switch to receive arc extinguishing plates, and the assembly of such a switch is simplified.15 cl, 4 dwg

Arc-quenching chamber for contactor and contactor for electric arc quenching // 2594754
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to arc-quenching chamber for electric arc quenching in an contactor. Chamber comprises arc-quenching device, air blowing device, which blows electric arc in arc-quenching device, and multiple lamella electric arc quenching elements between which flow channels are formed. Flow channels have a dispersion section, sections of adjacent scattering of fluid channels are made with different slopes, so that blown air is deflected by flow channels in different directions. Invention also relates to contactor with such arc-extinguishing chamber.EFFECT: technical result is prevention of accumulation of electroconductive plasma in arc quenching device, which increases reliability and service life of switching contactor.18 cl, 7 dwg

Electric-arc chamber for switchgear // 2562453
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: hollow module (1) for receipt of switching gases occurring at electric arc blowing-out is made with the opposite side parts (2) and ceiling portion (3) connecting them, whereat a curtain (4) of electric insulating, pressure and electric arc-resistant material is fixed; by the above curtain (4) reflection of switching gasses directed to the curtain is reduced in comparison with reflection from rigid medium.EFFECT: reliability improvement.18 cl, 3 dwg

Switchover unit with arc-blowout units // 2561716
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention is referred to a switch (1) for direct-current devices comprising two fixed conductive contacts (2) with the first contact areas (21, 22), a movable conductive bridge (3) with two second contact areas (31, 32) for connection with two first contact areas (21, 22) in a switched on state and for the disconnection of the two first contact areas (21, 22) in a switched off state and two arc-blowout units (41, 42) and at least one second conductive and arc-guiding element (62) passes through the arc-blowout units (41, 42) formed so that arcs (51, 52) are guided from each of the second contact areas (31, 32) of the movable bridge (3) to the arc-blowout units (41, 42), two permanent magnets (71, 72) are placed adjacent to the first and second contact areas (21, 22, 31, 32), parts (621, 622) of the second arc-guiding element (62) are made of a material with magnetic permeability and coupled to the permanent magnets (71, 72) as the rear iron plate for the permanent magnets (71, 72).EFFECT: reliable arc blowing out.15 cl, 3 dwg

Commutation switch having at least one single-pole tripping unit comprised of bridge contact and circuit breaker containing such commutation switch // 2556240
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention is referred to electric commutation switches, in particular to circuit breakers. The invention suggests commutation switch (600) having at least one single-pole tripping unit (10) comprised of movable bridge contact (22), a pair of fixed contacts (41, 51) functioning in combination with movable bridge contact and connected respectively to input current conductor (4, 5), and two arc-extinguishing chambers (24) opening in response to opened volume of the bridge contact (22) and containing a set of at least two deionising ribs (25) separated from each other by gas exchange space. Each arc-extinguishing chamber (24) is connected to at least one outlet channel (38, 42) for cooling gas, at that outlet channels are open to the panel from the side of body line (12) of the tripping unit (10), and the above panel from the side of body line is opposed to another panel from the load side and made so that it can be contacted by the tripping device (7).EFFECT: provision of commutation switch with effective means to remove cooling gases.15 cl, 10 dwg

Single-pole disconnecting device comprising rotatable contacting bridge, commutation switch with this device as well as circuit breaker with this commutation switch // 2538785
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention pertains to a single-pole disconnecting device. The single-pole disconnecting device is suggested with the following composition: contacting bridge (22) with at least one fixed contact (41, 51) operated together with the contact bridge as well as a tuner bar (26) having a cross bore (21) wherein the contacting bridge is mounted and protruded from each side of the turner bar (26), at that the bar (26) is inserted between two side plates (14) of the disconnecting device. The contacting bridge comprises two seal flanges (27) placed between radial surfaces of the turner bar (26) and side plates (14) respectively. At least one arc blow-out chamber (24) is communicated to open space of the contacting bridge (22). The turner bar (26) comprises at least one channel (29) connected to transversal intake opening (21).EFFECT: development of the disconnecting device with turner bar and effective sealing facility.23 cl, 12 dwg

Arc suppressor and contact breaker equipped with one such arc suppressor // 2479060
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: arc suppressor contains an arc suppression chamber (21) formed by a package of de-ionising plates (22), an arc generation chamber (11) delimited by the first side wall (12) and the second side wall (13) and a means for removal of gases generated during electric arc occurrence, the means containing a removal channel (31) positioned behind the second side wall and connected with at least one exchange space (24). The arc suppression chamber contains permanent magnets, at least part of them placed behind the first side wall (12). The removal means has a hole formed partially in the second side wall (13) and opening to the arc suppressor outside.EFFECT: enhanced effectiveness of arc suppression without increase of the commutation device volume.10 cl, 4 dwg

Switching device body // 2458424
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: switching device body comprises two sides with screw clamps for external load, with current splitters, a mechanism of free splitting and a contact device. A body has a path of an electric arc with two buses of electric arc displacement. Between end sections of buses there is an arc-quenching chamber from a group of arc-quenching plates, to which a chamber adjoins to blow an arc with a hole for arc blowing. Between an arc-quenching chamber and an arc-blowing chamber there are solid guide ribs, and inside the arc-blowing chamber there are solid walls shaped to body sides. A hole for arc blowing is arranged on the plane formed by a plane arranged at the angle α<90° to the setting plane of the body. Guide ribs shaped to one and the other side of the body are arranged as a whole, at least with some of solid walls shaped to the body side. At least some of the walls shaped to one and the other side of the body have sections, which are arranged in parallel to the setting plane of the body, and sections are arranged perpendicularly to the setting plane of the body.EFFECT: higher reliability of a switching device due to elimination of arc blowing hole closing with dirt and dust particles, as a result of higher intensity of ionised gases cooling without increased dimensions of a body.8 dwg

Electric commutation device having additional electric function // 2457568
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: electric commutation device is intended for attachment to a fixation support and contains at least one electric commutation module (2, 3) and at least one module (1) having an additional electric function, in particular - that of differential protection. At least one of the additional modules (1) is located close to at least one commutation module (2, 3). One or every commutation module (2, 3) contains an arc-extinguishing chamber (7, 8). The arc-extinguishing chamber (7, 8) of the module (2, 3) located opposite the additional module (1) has a surface (11, 12) curved relative to the arc-extinguishing chamber inner part to create a space (E, F) inside the chamber that ensures the possibility of accommodating part of the additional module volume therein (1). The ends (13, 14, 15 and 16) of the arc-extinguishing chamber (7, 8) encompass the additional module (1) volume.EFFECT: improvement of the device operating characteristics without increase of it overall width.10 cl, 3 dwg

Arc chute and automatic circuit breaker equipped with this arc chute // 2451358
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: arc chute (4) comprises an arc-quenching chamber (21) formed by a package of deionising plates (22), and an arc-generating chamber (11) restricted with the first and the second flanges (12, 13), besides, the arc-quenching chamber comprises permanent magnets, at least partially arranged behind the first flange (12). The arc-generation chamber (11) comprises a higher induction section (31), in which the arc moves towards the arc-quenching chamber by the first part (32, 33) of permanent magnets, and a diverging section (51), in which the arc diverges to the first flange by the second part (52) of the permanent magnets, besides, the magnetic field in the longitudinal average plane developed by the second part, is substantially weaker than the field developed by the first part. An automatic circuit breaker is also disclosed, comprising opened contacts (1, 2) and the arc-quenching chamber described above.EFFECT: improved reliability of arc quenching and current interruption.11 cl, 2 dwg

Arc control chamber for automatic circuit breaker with arc gas exhaust channel // 2394298
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to arc control chamber 1 for automatic circuit breakers fitted onto circuit breaker base to envelope breaker movable contact end trajectory by set of arc suppressor plates 2 and spark plates 3 arranged ledge-like. Arc control chamber 1 consists of two-component box comprising housing 4 with arc suppressor plates 2 and spark plates 3, cover 5 with exhaust channel 6 is tightly attached to box sides. Perimetric cutout 7 is arranged at the beginning of channel 6 on interface of two-component box to receive at least one temporary filler 8 with holes. Said perimetric cutout 7 is made in cover 5 and has damping sides and lateral guide surfaces and at least one thrust ledge 13 for filler 8.EFFECT: modular-design arc control chamber with no additional connectors and controlled arc suppressing conditions and efficient outburst of plasma on cutting off shot-circuit current.3 cl, 2 dwg

Arc control chamber // 2371800
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: chamber comprises two isolated LH and RH sets of metal plates separated by air gap. It comprises also first group of RH and LH sets of insulating plates separated by air gap. Note here that metal plates seat in symmetry with the axis passing between LH and RH sets of aforesaid plates, the upper LH and RH plates being interconnected by current conducting bus. In compliance with this invention, second group of LH and RH sets of plates are additionally introduced. Note here that LH and RH sets of insulating plates of first and second group are jointed to LH and RH sets of metal plates to make air gaps aligned and allowing formation of two-way through cooling channels perpendicular to electric arc.EFFECT: intensive arc cooling, higher efficiency of suppressing induction currents.2 dwg

Arc-control casing of electric switching apparatus // 2320046
FIELD: mechanical design of electric switching apparatuses and method for their assembling.SUBSTANCE: proposed electric switching apparatus has arc-control casing designed to accommodate at least one pole arc-control unit that incorporates two laminated arc-control units disposed either side of movable contact bridge along horizontal axis. Arc-control casing has first member incorporating base formed by first horizontal side of switching apparatus to organize chamber that has space for first laminated arc-control unit and second member connected to first one; second member has base formed by second horizontal side of switching apparatus opposing first one to form chamber that has space for accommodating second laminated arc-control unit.EFFECT: enhanced mechanical strength and tightness of switching apparatus at superhigh gas pressures, facilitated assembly and reduced time required for this procedure.15 cl, 7 dwg

Arc-control device // 2306629
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: proposed arc-control device that can be used in high-speed circuit breakers for overload and short-circuit protection of electrical equipment, for instance that of DC consists, is made in the form of arc chute that has external walls with arc-control horns between them and deion grids tilted through certain angle to one another and assembled of steel plates with air gaps between them. Flame-retardant grids are installed along deion grids at arc chute outlet. Holes are provided in external walls of arc chute in vicinity of deion grids. Provision is made for regulating aerodynamic factors occurring in the course of arc quenching due to elimination of ionized gas flow toward circuit-breaker contact group.EFFECT: reduced size of arc chute, enhanced switching capacity of high-speed circuit breaker.1 cl, 2 dwg