For interlocking between casing, cover, or protective shutter and mechanism for operating contacts (H01H9/22)

Withdrawable frame for electrical withdrawable switchgear and unit of withdrawable frame and electrical withdrawable switchgear // 2619763
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: withdrawable frame for the electrical withdrawable switchgear, in particular for the withdrawable power switch, has a transition socket for electrical connection of the withdrawable switchgear with power supply, a spindle for its lowering and raising against the withdrawable frame, a crank (1) for driving the spindle, the first side wall (2) for lateral retention of the switchgear in the withdrawable frame. The first side wall (2) on its front side (3) has an opening (4) for the crank passage (1) through the first side wall (2) to the spindle. The first locking device (20) is intended to release or, at least, to close partially the opening (4) for the crank and is adapted to be actuated manually or by the switchgear.EFFECT: simplification of withdrawable frame blocking.16 cl, 9 dwg

edium voltage switch with interlocking device connected to switching drive // 2615499
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: medium voltage switch is proposed, having the interlocking device connected with the actuator drive which actuates the switching element through the mechanical connecting element. The switch drive is made with the possibility of displacement into two end positions, up to which the interlocking device is active between an arbitrarily chosen intermediate position and the end position taken separately. To maintain the interlocking device active, on a particular area of the actuator stroke the mechanical connecting element is used, comprising the force transmission element made with the possibility to rotate during the drive action from "OFF" position to "ON" position, so that the area, in which the interocking device switches from the unlocking position into the locking position, can be arbitrarily selected by means of the shape of said power transmission element.EFFECT: ensuring the random selection of the switching point in which the interlocking passes from active to inactive.3 dwg

Automatic circuit breaker // 2403645
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: automatic circuit breaker comprises a guide and a locking device which accommodates a button hold piece which holds and releases a shutoff button, a working unit, a switch lock button comprising an indicator turnable in a fitting in/out section, and a switch hold element. A fitting in/out device of the guide enables to insert into a fitting in/out handle axis of the automatic circuit breaker only when the circuit breaker is disconnected.EFFECT: ensured miniaturisation of a main body by the installation of the locking device on the guide and guaranteed user's safety and line and device protection in a power supply system.10 cl, 11 dwg

Fixing device in the neutral position of the handle toggle switch, mainly to decline in different planes // 2024090
The invention relates to electrical engineering, in particular to a device for fixation in neutral (vertical) position handles toggle switches, mostly deviated from the neutral (vertical) position in different planes