Indicators for switching condition, e.g. "on" or "off" (H01H9/16)

ethod and device to control at least one electronic switching contact of vehicle // 2640796
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method for controlling at least one switching contact (112, 114) for a vehicle door system, the switching contact (112, 114) including the first connector for the first wiring line and the second connector for the second wiring line. The method includes the step of reading the first signal with the first reference point connected to the first connector to obtain the first pilot signal, the step of reading the second signal with the second reference point connected to the second connector to obtain the second pilot signal, and the step of aligning the first pilot signal and the second pilot signal for determining at least one state of at least one switching contact (112, 114).EFFECT: prevention of switch failure.11 cl, 6 dwg

Disconnector switch for voltage transformer // 2581601
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: disconnector block for medium voltage installation contains an electric conducting jumper inside a casing. The electric conducting jumper is movable between the working position, where an electric contact is ensured between the first terminal and second terminal located inside the casing, and open position, where there is no electric contact between the first terminal and second terminal. Wherein the electric conducting jumper contains the first driven part inside the casing. The disconnector block additionally has the second driven part, located inside the casing, wherein the first driven part and the second driven part create a non-mechanical connection.EFFECT: assurance of the improved drive mechanism to connect and to disconnect the voltage transformers in a switching unit.24 cl, 5 dwg

Circuit for contactors position detection in turbine machine // 2548670
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the turbine machines. Circuit (10) of individual movements detection of the multiple electric contactors contains multiple modules (A, B, C), each module has contactor (A', B', C') with k different contact positions, in each position it is connected in series with the resistor (RA1, RA2) connected with integral value of state from 1 to k and different from other values of state in single module; at that each module (A, B, C) is connected with the weight coefficient, and these weight coefficients follow the geometric progression with quotient exceeding or equal to k+1; at that value of the electrical conductivity of each resistor is equal; to its state value multiplied by the weight coefficient of its module (A, B, C). Device for individual position detection of the thrust reverse flaps of the jet turbine engine contains the above circuit. Turbine machine comprises the above circuit or the above device for detection.EFFECT: improved position reading of the contactors.7 cl, 4 dwg

Apparatus for detecting switch state // 2443035
FIELD: electrical engeneering.SUBSTANCE: apparatus for detecting switch state (1) is used in flight control system installed on the aircrafts. The apparatus including the detecting circuit (4) that emits a signal with established value(VpullUp) when the value of electric quantity (Rint) characterizing the switch state is lower than threshold value called lower threshold (Rferm) and/or signal of another value when the value of said electric quantity is over the threshold value called the upper threshold (Rouvert). The apparatus also contains the adapter circuit (6), resistive bridge formed by resistors (10, 2 and 11) and power circuit (5) so that voltage VA feed to detecting circuit (4) provides for reading the resistance of switch (1). At the same time feed voltage and/or resistance values (10, R1) and (11, R2) are agreed in such a way so that additional current is given for cleaning switch contact.EFFECT: increased precision of switch opening/closing detection, as well as increased reliability of switch information transfer and reading it by the circuit that receives information regarding switch state.12 cl, 11 dwg

Unit for controlling blocked sockets // 2410807
FIELD: physics, communications.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a unit for controlling blocked sockets. The disclosed device has a visual display device which is a ring of coloured areas and a ring of openings; a handle. The device is characterised by that the coloured areas correspond to symmetrical sectors of the ring which is concentric relative the handle. The sectors are formed on a plate which is joined to a support structure at a positioning point on the handle. The colour of the coloured areas and the colour of the plate are in contrast to each other. The visual display device has ring of openings formed on the handle. The openings interact with the coloured areas by turning the handle, which is suitable for changing the open/closed state of the rotating interrupter. The openings are formed on a circular screen which is monolithically joined to the hand, and correspond to the coloured areas. The circular screen has an outline part formed symmetrically about the indicator of the handle.EFFECT: clear indication of the open/closed state of the rotating interrupter by rotating the handle.2 cl, 6 dwg