Details of switching devices, not covered by groups and h01h0001000000-h01h0007000000 (H01H9)

H01H9/36 - etal parts(27)
H01H9/44 - Using blow-out magnet(25)

ethod and device to control at least one electronic switching contact of vehicle // 2640796
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method for controlling at least one switching contact (112, 114) for a vehicle door system, the switching contact (112, 114) including the first connector for the first wiring line and the second connector for the second wiring line. The method includes the step of reading the first signal with the first reference point connected to the first connector to obtain the first pilot signal, the step of reading the second signal with the second reference point connected to the second connector to obtain the second pilot signal, and the step of aligning the first pilot signal and the second pilot signal for determining at least one state of at least one switching contact (112, 114).EFFECT: prevention of switch failure.11 cl, 6 dwg

Load changign device // 2638037
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: both the selector contact block (7) and the switching means (16, 17) for the continuous load switching are operated together without intermediate turning on of the energy storage by the lead screw (5), which is rotated by the drive motor (2) upon switching.EFFECT: improving efficiency.9 cl, 1 dwg

Electric current switching device // 2633381
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: electric switch comprises a movable contact (108, 110, 112) and a fixed contact (104, 106) for contacting with the movable contact (108, 110, 112), wherein the switch further comprises one or more damping plates (122) and a permanent magnet (132) to direct the arc which is formed when the contacts are disconnected from each other, to the damping plates (122), while the damping plate (122) has a base section (464) and side sections (460, 462) extending from the base section (464) and the permanent magnet (132) placed behind the damping plate (122) so that the base of the damping plate (122) is located between the magnet and the plate damping region, which is the region between the side sections (468, 470) of the plate (122). According to the invention, the permanent magnet (132) is arranged to direct the arc to one of the side sections (468, 470) of the damping plates (122).EFFECT: increased efficiency and durability of the switch.13 cl, 5 dwg

Transformer with a gear switch // 2632194
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: in the transformer, the primary or secondary side is optionally adjustable via a gear switch. On the adjustable side of the transformer, there is a main winding and at least one control winding, which is switched by a gear switch. The main winding is divided into two parts (1, 2). At least one control winding and a commuting step switch (3) are electrically connected between both parts (1, 2) of the main winding.EFFECT: reducing the load on the semiconductor switching elements of the switch.4 cl, 4 dwg

Portable technological machine // 2631373
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: machine includes a handle housing and a switch with a movably mounted button and an unlocking element for unlocking switch button displacement interlocking device. The switch button is located on the handle section of the handle housing. The unlocking element has a pushable portion located outside the pressed surface of the switch button and is pivotally and/or rotatably mounted around the axis of the unlocking motion, extending in a plane perpendicular to the axis of the switch button motion.EFFECT: convenient control of the technological machine.16 cl, 16 dwg

Technological machine // 2630088
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: processing machine comprises a handle body, a switch having a key installed on the handle body for operating the switching body of the switch, and a support assembly. The support unit is provided in order to communicate the movement from the one end thereof facing the connection area of the handle body to the other end of the hand grip end facing away from mentioned connection region when the switch key is acted upon. The support assembly comprises a linkage mechanism made in the form of a parallelogram mechanism. In this case, the action on the button of the switch causes it to move in the direction of the handle body along the entire longitudinal extent of the pressed surface of the switch key.EFFECT: accuracy of the machine control is increased.16 cl, 8 dwg

ethod of controlling switch of steps // 2629566
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: current (I) on the load switch is continuously detected for synchronisation, the effective value (Ieff) is determined, and this value is differentiated. The corresponding time moment (t2), at which the maximum or minimum of the differentiated value comes in, is estimated as the time moment (tLU) load switch jump and forms a synchronising pulse.EFFECT: simplifying and increasing the reliability of providing the possibility to determine the operation time of the energy accumulator and making reliable synchronisation.3 cl, 3 dwg

Switching device with the arc extinction with the help of permanent magnets // 2629563
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: switching device comprises at least one contact point and an associated arc blowing device. The arc blowing device comprises at least one blast magnet to create a magnetic blast field. The blast field has the form that the electric arc, which is formed when the contact point is opened, is blown out of the contact place. The blast field contains the first and second regions of the magnetic field, located side by side. The lines of force of the magnetic field of the first region are oriented in the opposite direction with respect to the lines of force of the magnetic field of the second region. The blast field further comprises a transition region connecting the first and second regions of the magnetic field to each other. The direction of the lines of force of the magnetic field in the transition region starting and leaving the first region of the magnetic field and the second region of the magnetic field is aligned towards the contact point in such a way that the electric arc is within the transition region, depending on the direction of the current, starting from the contact point, is directed either to the first or second region of the magnetic field. But in both cases it is blown in one direction from the contact place. Therefore, only one arc suppression device is required for arc extinguishing.EFFECT: increasing the reliability of arc suppression with simplified design.15 cl, 11 dwg

Facial board for the panel of switching electrical devices and panel of switching electrical device, including this facial board // 2625345
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: facial board (18) for use in the panel (2) of a switching electrical device comprises a generally flat element (19) having the first surface (20), the opposite second surface (22) and a plurality of openings (24) made through the first surface and the opposite second surface. Each opening is designed to receive the actuator (14) of the switching electrical device (10). The facial board further comprises a plurality of inclined parts (28), each of which extends from the opposite second surface (22) around the corresponding opening (24) from a plurality of openings. At least one inclined part (28) comprises the inclined surface (30) located opposite the opposite second surface (22) of the generally flat element (19). The inclined surface (30) is located at a non-zero angle Θ1with respect to the generally flat element (19).EFFECT: simplifying the operation.11 cl, 6 dwg

Load stage switch // 2621070
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: load stage switch is set by a transmission module on the bottom side of the transformer cover. The selector switch contact block has several fixed contacts, each of which is electrically connected with individual winding taps. The device comprises two vacuum switching lamps, an electric drive for drive movement transmission to the load stage switch.EFFECT: provision of operation in reactive mode and in fast resistance switch mode.18 cl, 11 dwg

Distribution transformer for local network voltage control // 2621069
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a distribution transformer with a step regulating unit for uninterrupted switching between different winding taps of the distribution transformer. The contact block of the selector and switching devices for uninterrupted switching under load are triggered by a common motor drive without an intermediate energy storage. The unit comprises vacuum switching lamps acting as switching or actuating elements for switching between different winding taps on the adjustable side of the distribution transformer.EFFECT: ensuring uninterruptible power supply.18 cl, 13 dwg

Withdrawable frame for electrical withdrawable switchgear and unit of withdrawable frame and electrical withdrawable switchgear // 2619763
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: withdrawable frame for the electrical withdrawable switchgear, in particular for the withdrawable power switch, has a transition socket for electrical connection of the withdrawable switchgear with power supply, a spindle for its lowering and raising against the withdrawable frame, a crank (1) for driving the spindle, the first side wall (2) for lateral retention of the switchgear in the withdrawable frame. The first side wall (2) on its front side (3) has an opening (4) for the crank passage (1) through the first side wall (2) to the spindle. The first locking device (20) is intended to release or, at least, to close partially the opening (4) for the crank and is adapted to be actuated manually or by the switchgear.EFFECT: simplification of withdrawable frame blocking.16 cl, 9 dwg

Electric switch in assembly // 2617673
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: rotary switch in assembly comprises the rotary contact (150, 160) and the stationary contact, and the rotary drive element (120) for rotating the rotary contact (150, 160) so as to close and to break the contact with the stationary contact (108, 110). The rotary drive element (120) comprises the shield (132, 140) for protecting the rotary contact (150, 160) from the side that faces the stationary contact (108, 110) when the rotary contact and the stationary contact are broken.EFFECT: ensuring the gas removal from the housing.44 cl, 11 dwg

On-load tap changer // 2617429
FIELD: electronics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an on-load tap changer for switching among different winding taps of a step transformer without interruption. Switch comprises selector contact unit, electrically connected with individual winding taps. For uninterrupted switching for each phase are provided two vacuum switch tubes, selector contact unit and switching means for uninterrupted of load switching are triggered through a common motor drive without intermediate connection of energy accumulator.EFFECT: technical result is higher operational reliability.19 cl, 11 dwg

edium voltage switch with interlocking device connected to switching drive // 2615499
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: medium voltage switch is proposed, having the interlocking device connected with the actuator drive which actuates the switching element through the mechanical connecting element. The switch drive is made with the possibility of displacement into two end positions, up to which the interlocking device is active between an arbitrarily chosen intermediate position and the end position taken separately. To maintain the interlocking device active, on a particular area of the actuator stroke the mechanical connecting element is used, comprising the force transmission element made with the possibility to rotate during the drive action from "OFF" position to "ON" position, so that the area, in which the interocking device switches from the unlocking position into the locking position, can be arbitrarily selected by means of the shape of said power transmission element.EFFECT: ensuring the random selection of the switching point in which the interlocking passes from active to inactive.3 dwg

Locking device for switching device // 2615495
FIELD: physics, communication.SUBSTANCE: locking device is intended for use in the switching device, has the first compartment (3) with the first closing element (5) and the second compartment (4) with the second closing element (6). The locking device comprises a means (13) of barrier locking, adapted to prevent closing the said first compartment (3) by the said first closing element (5) when the said second closing element (6) is not in the closing position in which access to said second compartment (4) is difficult, and the means (14, 18, 22) of block locking, operably coupled to the said means (13) of barrier locking and adapted to block the said second closing element (6) in the said closing position when the said first closing member (5) is in the corresponding closing position, in which the access to the said first compartment (3) is difficult.EFFECT: invention provides improved safety, ease of maintenance.16 cl, 12 dwg

Circuit breaker unit // 2608173
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a normally closed power circuit breaker unit. Power circuit breaker unit has first and second arcing contact pieces (4, 5). Between arc-quenching contact parts (4, 5) there is a solution (6) contacts. Switch gas channel of circuit breaker unit joins contact gap (6) to surrounding area of circuit breaker unit for cooling a switch gas from contact gap (6). Several barriers (21a, 21b, 21c, 21d, 21e) that increase a flow resistance are arranged successively, spaced from one another, in switch gas channel. At least one of barriers (21a, 21b, 21c, 21d, 21e) is arranged between first pipe section (12), which is surrounded by second pipe section (14), and second pipe section (14).EFFECT: efficient cooling of switch gas with a compact design.7 cl, 1 dwg

Direct-current contactor with switching option for ac loads and polarity opposite to preferred direction of current // 2606232
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a direct current contactor with a preferred direction of current flow, having double interruption with two contact points, each of which comprises a fixed contact and a movable contact, wherein movable contacts are arranged on a contact bridge. Direct-current contactor comprises an arc-quenching device for electric arc quenching, as well as a device for blowing configured to blow switching arc, formed in first contact point when contact points open, into arc-quenching device for electric arc quenching, when switching to first direction of current. Near movable contact of first contact point there is a switching plate, contact bridge and switching plate are electrically insulated from each other and switching plate is connected by potential to fixed contact of second contact point.EFFECT: improved switching.9 cl, 3 dwg

Leak-tight socket connector of precision high-temperature vibration-resistant device // 2606212
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to radio and electrical engineering and can be used in instrument making, including for electric circuits switching under conditions of high temperatures. Leak-tight socket connector of precision high-temperature vibration-resistant device comprises ceramic plate with leads, leak-tight embedded into plate body, which is coated with insulating layer from glass, metal ring along ceramic plate outer diameter with applied layer of glass, metal ring along ceramic plate outer diameter with applied layer of glass and leads, made in form of pins from corrosion-resistant metal, have linear expansion factor corresponding to that of ceramics with applied layer of glass, leads are grouped along ceramic plate surface in rows with the same height of pins, pins in row are bent towards row with smaller height of pins, pins ends in place of supplied conductors termination have through hole for crimping and laser welding of lead conductors ends on row with smaller height side, and on metal ring along outer diameter shielding housing is tightly installed on compound.EFFECT: invention enables to increase precision instrument leak-tight socket connector thermal and mechanical resistance, eg for thermocouple temperature measuring device.1 cl, 1 dwg

Lockable electric switch // 2603839
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an electric circuit breaker, in particular for electric machine. Electric switch for electric processing machine comprises a first switching device and a second switching device. First switching device is configured for reversible transition from a first switched state to a second state due to movement of a first mechanical signalling element. Second switching device is configured for reversible transition from a third switched state, in which electric switch acts as a pushbutton, to a fourth state, in which electric switch acts as a rocker switch due to movement of second electric or mechanical signalling element. Second switching device comprises a second actuating element interacting with second signalling element. Fourth switching state is allowing fixation of state of electric switch in which first signalling element can be fixed through second actuating element.EFFECT: technical result is providing reliability of controlling process machine.12 cl, 15 dwg

Tap changer // 2603349
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to tap changer, in which moving contact is turned for selective connection with multiple taps. Changer comprises top moving contact made with possibility to turn; bottom moving contact made with possibility to turn and electrically connected with top moving contact; drive shaft turning top moving contact and bottom moving contact together; single fixed contact including single terminal connected to any of multiple taps; and double fixed contact including first terminal and second terminal connected to the other of multiple taps.EFFECT: reducing number of components and device volume, which operation can be eased by simultaneous turn of top and bottom moving contacts by means of single drive shaft.7 cl, 13 dwg

Step switch with worm gear // 2602828
FIELD: engines.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a step switch with a worm gear arranged directly onto the head of the step switch and used by means of a drive for switching the step switch. Worm gear has a body with a worm driven by a worm wheel. Inside the worm gear there are means for torque registration comprising at least one radio-requested surface sensor, a rotary antenna and a stator antenna.EFFECT: technical result is providing high accuracy of detecting torque near the step switch with complete exclusion of affecting the measurement errors factors of the drive and the gears.3 cl, 2 dwg

Switching device // 2599384
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to low-voltage switching device (1) containing multiple arc-quenching chambers (10). Each of said arc-quenching chambers (10) covers unit (60) of contacts closure, comprising fixed contact (30, 30′) and movable contact (20), and arches are formed when movable contact is detached from fixed contact. Each arc-quenching chamber comprises multiple U-shaped arc-quenching plates (40), adapted for arc separation, direction and cooling, formed between contacts (30, 30′, 20), and side walls (12), containing guide device (14) for directing branches (42) of arc-quenching plates. Guide device (14) contains multiple supporting plates (16), arranged to extend to inner part of arc-quenching chamber for receiving branches (42) of arc-quenching plates and to ensure electrical insulation between two adjacent arc-quenching plates (40).EFFECT: technical result is creation of low-voltage switching device, made with possibility to direct arc-quenching plates in arc-extinguishing chamber with prevention of damage of branches of arc-quenching plates, caused by arcs.3 cl, 3 dwg

Device for indication of switching device state // 2598897
FIELD: electronics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a device for indicating state of an electrical switching device, which includes movable contact (102) made between the first and second positions. Device contains at least one protruding contact element (4A, 4B) located on the movable contact, at least one contact pin (2A, 2B) located in close proximity to the movable contact so, that said contact element adjoins the contact pin, when the movable contact is in the first position, and the contact element is spaced from the contact pin, when the movable contact is in the second position, contact element and the contact pin form electric switch (10A, 10B), and detector assembly (8) for detecting when the said electric switch is closed, thus for detecting when the movable contact is in the first position.EFFECT: technical result is a simple, strong and reliable indication device.14 cl, 6 dwg

Device for switching electric current // 2597997
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: disclosed is an arc extinguishing plate for an electric switch, containing the first installation section and the second installation section for installing an extinguishing plate into appropriate recesses of the switch with formation of an asymmetrical arc propagation channel between the side sections of the plate. First installation section (468) and the second installation section (470) have different shapes as compared to each other.EFFECT: technical result: possibility to install arc extinguishing plates in an electric switch, so that an arc propagation channel formed by a plurality of arc extinguishing plates can be reinforced by appropriate recesses in the switch to receive arc extinguishing plates, and the assembly of such a switch is simplified.15 cl, 4 dwg

Arc-quenching chamber for contactor and contactor for electric arc quenching // 2594754
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to arc-quenching chamber for electric arc quenching in an contactor. Chamber comprises arc-quenching device, air blowing device, which blows electric arc in arc-quenching device, and multiple lamella electric arc quenching elements between which flow channels are formed. Flow channels have a dispersion section, sections of adjacent scattering of fluid channels are made with different slopes, so that blown air is deflected by flow channels in different directions. Invention also relates to contactor with such arc-extinguishing chamber.EFFECT: technical result is prevention of accumulation of electroconductive plasma in arc quenching device, which increases reliability and service life of switching contactor.18 cl, 7 dwg

Locked, manually controlled turning handle for electric switching devices // 2593764
FIELD: electricity. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a lockable manually-operated turning handle for electric switching devices. Supplementing rotary handle (1) and deep set on rotary handle (5) protective cap (13) is given a shape which corresponds to form of rotary handle (5), and it provides access to locking holes (7) to provide hanging lock with handle for locking rotary handle (1) in closed position. Worn protective cap (13) is fixed on housing (3) by means of connection (19, 21) with geometrical closure. EFFECT: protection of rotary handle from violation of closed position with application of force. 8 cl, 3 dwg

Switch preventing start current surge and power consumption in standby mode // 2593377
FIELD: electricity. SUBSTANCE: switch includes first and second contacts for power supply for device operation, as well as first and second closing/opening contacts connected to internal circuit of the electronic device. In addition, the switch includes power supply unit, activation key generating control signal for the internal circuit of electronic device, and delay unit setting a definite delay between actuation of contact switch and activation key when the device is switched on. EFFECT: safe connection of an electronic device without current surge or powerful spark discharge, automatic disconnection of double-pole contact switch immediately or over some time after the power supply is switched off by software or upon internal circuit shutdown by control signal of activation key, preventing power consumption in standby mode. 3 cl, 15 dwg

Disconnector switch for voltage transformer // 2581601
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: disconnector block for medium voltage installation contains an electric conducting jumper inside a casing. The electric conducting jumper is movable between the working position, where an electric contact is ensured between the first terminal and second terminal located inside the casing, and open position, where there is no electric contact between the first terminal and second terminal. Wherein the electric conducting jumper contains the first driven part inside the casing. The disconnector block additionally has the second driven part, located inside the casing, wherein the first driven part and the second driven part create a non-mechanical connection.EFFECT: assurance of the improved drive mechanism to connect and to disconnect the voltage transformers in a switching unit.24 cl, 5 dwg

Arc blow-out circuit breaker // 2581599
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: circuit breaker (1) comprises two switching chutes (11a, 11b), each of them containing a single contact breaker of fixed contact (2) with the first contact area (21) and movable conductive contact element (30) with the second contact area (31) in order to set the respective conductive connection between the first and second contact area in on state of the circuit breaker and to separate the first (21) and second contact areas (31) in off state of the circuit breaker (1) and two arc blow-out chambers (4) to blow out electric arc (5). Each electric arc (5) is propagated in direction of one of arc blow-out chambers (4) notwithstanding direction of current in electric arc (5), movable contact elements of switching chutes are set in parallel to direction of magnetic field (M) in switching chutes thus providing progressive motion.EFFECT: invention relates to circuit breaker ensuring fast, reliable blowing out of arcs notwithstanding direction of current, this circuit breaker is fit for multipole mode of operation.15 cl, 3 dwg

Arc blow-out circuit breaker // 2581049
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention presents and arc blow-out circuit breaker with fast and polarity-independent arc blow-out and heat protection of the bridge circuit. The circuit breaker comprises at least two fixed contacts (2) with to contact areas and at least one movable electroconductive bridge contact (3) with the other two areas of contact (31, 32), at least one magnet (71, 72) intended for generation of permanent magnetic field (M) in essence at the section of the first and second contact areas for impact with magnetic force (F) on electric arc (51, 52) occurring between the first and second areas of contact when cutoff state is set, two first arc blow-out chambers (41, 42). The movable bridge contact (3) comprises two bridge plates (81, 82), which for the purpose of arcs (51, 52) blowing-out pass with the second direction of current opposite to the first direction of current from the bridge contact (3) along the axis (BA) of bridge contact (3) movement.EFFECT: improved design.12 cl, 3 dwg

Electric device starting button interlock (versions) // 2576321
FIELD: electronic equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrical engineering, in particular to removable mechanical interlock, and is used as device for preventing of unauthorised access to start-button of electric devices. In interlock start button of electric machine containing cover and lock according to first embodiment of invention, lid and lock are made separate, lock is part consisting of open in plane head with central opening for receiving release button of electric apparatus and extensions adjacent to edge portions of head made in one piece with it at acute angle to each other, in lower part of lid is through hole designed for extensions lock entry therein, upper part of cover provided with a projection covering end of trigger button. In extension body cylindrical half-openings can be made intended to contain additional switch off button.EFFECT: technical result for invention embodiments are: improving of device operating properties; simplification of its structure; decreasing of its manufacturing complexity; reducing cost of device manufacturing.12 cl, 13 dwg

Locking device intended to ensure safe access to cable box of electrical cabinet and electrical cabinet with such device // 2575636
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electric engineering and is intended to ensure safe access to a cable box of an electrical cabinet. The cabinet comprises at least one electrical switch gear connected in series to earthing facilities of cables. At the side of the power supply line and the load side the cabinet is connected to at least one cable placed to the cable box comprising the rear panel, bottom panel, top panel separating the cable box from the compartment that includes the switch gear and the earthing facilities, two side panels and a door. The device comprises a body (11) that encloses a lock (12) and a counteractive lever (13). The body (11) is designed so that it is fixed at the inner side of a panel (21) of the cable box (3). The lock (12) interacts at one side with the door (4) and at the other side with a linkage system (17) for a door interlocking gear controlled by a shaft (7) of the earthing device so the that cable earthing command leads to unlocking of the door (4). The counteractive lever (13) interacts at one side with the door (4) and at the other side with the linkage system (24) for the purpose of locking a selector switch so that the movement of the selector switch (8) to the position, wherein opening or closure of the switch gear is ensured when the door is open, is prevented.EFFECT: increased reliability and smaller size.14 cl, 12 dwg

Highlighting insert and electric wiring switch // 2574724
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention is referred to highlighting insert intended for the purpose of mounting in electric wiring device with lighting device intended for lighting of the area of electric wiring device, which comprises lighting unit, in particular, multicolour light-emitting diode and electric selector switch. By means of the selector switch it is possible to select one colour out of different light colours emitted by the light unit.EFFECT: improved reliability of multicolour light-emitting diode.10 cl, 6 dwg

Switching system // 2570169
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to switching system (1) for relays or contactor switch, which is comprised of a contact bridge (5) placed between two contacts (4a, 4b) so that it can rotate around the axis (6). Besides, the switching system (1) comprises a magnet element (15) that generates magnetic filed (28) parallel to the rotation axis (6) of the contact bridge (5) in order to force out electric arc occurring at open contacts (4a, 4b) to arc-quenching chamber (16).EFFECT: improved efficiency of the switching system at voltage of 450 V and at passage and interruption of current of 250 A.12 cl, 5 dwg

Case with extended range ambient temperature // 2563886
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention is referred to electric engineering, to electric equipment operated in an explosive atmosphere. A case is made with one of explosion protection types as per requirements to explosion safety and is complete with a temperature mode maintaining device that consists of a coil coupled thermally to at least one wall. When required, a fluid is fed by a circulation pump through the coil in order to maintain the temperature mode, depending on the goal to increase or to reduce the temperature.EFFECT: enhanced reliability due to ignition protection and expanded range of ambient temperatures.10 cl, 1 dwg

Electric-arc chamber for switchgear // 2562453
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: hollow module (1) for receipt of switching gases occurring at electric arc blowing-out is made with the opposite side parts (2) and ceiling portion (3) connecting them, whereat a curtain (4) of electric insulating, pressure and electric arc-resistant material is fixed; by the above curtain (4) reflection of switching gasses directed to the curtain is reduced in comparison with reflection from rigid medium.EFFECT: reliability improvement.18 cl, 3 dwg

echanism of mutual blocking for switching devices // 2562451
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: mechanism (1) of mutual blocking of the first and second low-voltage switching devices (200, 200'), each of which comprises the following components is proposed: movable contact portion, fixed contact portion and execution unit for driving the movable contact portion in the direction and performing the connection / disconnection with the stationary contact portion. Mechanism of mutual blocking comprises: the first slider (10), located on the first case (2) and connected to the actuator unit of the first switching device, the second slider (10'), disposed on the second case (2') and connected to the actuator unit of the second switching device, at that the sliding plane (P) has X- and Y-axis, Y-axis is defined in the direction of movement of the actuator unit of the switching devices, besides each of the sliders slides in the direction of Y-axis of sliding plane (P), axis (30) disposed between the first and second cases, and cam (40) with possibility of rotation around the axis (30), when both switching devices are in the open positions. Cam also includes the first and second blocking element (42, 42') for blocking the first and second sliders, respectively, which extend laterally in X-axis direction. Each of the sliders has opening (12, 12') on one end of slider for retaining the blocking element, when the respective switching device is in the closed position.EFFECT: reliable and compact blocking.11 cl, 15 dwg

Electromechanical circuit breaker // 2562123
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: circuit breaker is designed to pass and interrupt current in the main circuit. The circuit breaker includes an arc-suppression device with an arc-suppression facility, a magnetising coil (11) and a group of electrode facilities (9, 10) coupled electrically to the magnetisng coil (11). Fixed (5) and movable (6) contact elements in the first position are interconnected so that they can pass current in the main circuit. The contact element (6) is transferred into the second position remote from the contact element (5) with current interruption in the main circuit and shift of an occurring arc (17) to the arc-suppression facility. The group of electrode facilities (9, 10) is designed to interact with the arc (17) with the creation of excitation current by arcing in the coil (11). The arc-suppression facility includes a group of magnets (15, 16) creating a magnetic field (B15, B16) oriented radially to the arc and a force (F15, F16,) that shifts the arc (17) for the purpose of the arc (17) interaction with the group of electrode facilities (9, 10).EFFECT: developing the circuit breaker capable to interrupt rather low current in any direction.8 cl, 11 dwg

Switchover unit with arc-blowout units // 2561716
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention is referred to a switch (1) for direct-current devices comprising two fixed conductive contacts (2) with the first contact areas (21, 22), a movable conductive bridge (3) with two second contact areas (31, 32) for connection with two first contact areas (21, 22) in a switched on state and for the disconnection of the two first contact areas (21, 22) in a switched off state and two arc-blowout units (41, 42) and at least one second conductive and arc-guiding element (62) passes through the arc-blowout units (41, 42) formed so that arcs (51, 52) are guided from each of the second contact areas (31, 32) of the movable bridge (3) to the arc-blowout units (41, 42), two permanent magnets (71, 72) are placed adjacent to the first and second contact areas (21, 22, 31, 32), parts (621, 622) of the second arc-guiding element (62) are made of a material with magnetic permeability and coupled to the permanent magnets (71, 72) as the rear iron plate for the permanent magnets (71, 72).EFFECT: reliable arc blowing out.15 cl, 3 dwg

Current interrupting device // 2558151
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: current interrupting device comprises an outer casing and a handle. The first and the second catcher spaces are provided inside the casing. The handle is installed in the first catcher space and protrudes beyond the casing. The device additionally comprises a blocking unit with a blocking head and a sliding movable part. The blocking head is set on the casing and is fitted by a cam wheel part. The sliding movable part can slide in the second catcher space. The sliding movable part comprises the first and the second side plates, a hole and the first bolt. The side plates are interconnected. The hole is provided between the said plates. The cam wheel part passes through the hole between the plates, and the first bolt can be selectively provided on the first or second side plate to block the device.EFFECT: development of a current interrupting device suitable for blocking unit installation while its design does not require high accuracy at mounting and fastening.10 cl, 9 dwg

ethod to ensure electrical safety during routine switching at power facilities // 2557809
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: application: in electrical engineering. According to the method during routine switching at power facilities positions of switching devices are indentified, the above positions are transmitted through a radio channel, the Boolean expression is formed for each switching device and power supply is fed to a block lock of the switching device drive at a true value of the Boolean expression. At that data about the position of the functionally related switching devices are accumulated at locations of their drives at local points, data transfer from the local point is made only with a request of the control room, permit for power supply delivery to the block lock is transmitted from the control room through the radio channel, whereat power supply of the block locks is made from in-built self-contained sources.EFFECT: increasing the operational reliability of the magnetic lock and reducing costs for installation, start-up and commissioning.1 dwg

Switching apparatus for electric circuit section mainly for explosion hazardous zones // 2557008
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: switching apparatus for an electric circuit section mainly for explosion hazardous zones with a power supply source consists of two switching elements capable of movement towards each other and complete with contact plates at opposite ends of the elements in the direction of their movement and output conductors. In one conductor in series of the current passage there is a variable resistor, a current meter and one contact plate of the above contact. At that the second conductor is connected to the second contact plate of the contact and the variable resistor is complete with a regulator and indicator indicating limit values. The variable resistor may be made as a rheostat or a gate-controlled thyristor and before switching it is brought to the maximum value of resistance up to 1015 Ohm.EFFECT: increased operational safety in explosion hazardous zones due to prevented spark producing in the switching process.5 cl, 1 dwg

Commutation switch having at least one single-pole tripping unit comprised of bridge contact and circuit breaker containing such commutation switch // 2556240
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention is referred to electric commutation switches, in particular to circuit breakers. The invention suggests commutation switch (600) having at least one single-pole tripping unit (10) comprised of movable bridge contact (22), a pair of fixed contacts (41, 51) functioning in combination with movable bridge contact and connected respectively to input current conductor (4, 5), and two arc-extinguishing chambers (24) opening in response to opened volume of the bridge contact (22) and containing a set of at least two deionising ribs (25) separated from each other by gas exchange space. Each arc-extinguishing chamber (24) is connected to at least one outlet channel (38, 42) for cooling gas, at that outlet channels are open to the panel from the side of body line (12) of the tripping unit (10), and the above panel from the side of body line is opposed to another panel from the load side and made so that it can be contacted by the tripping device (7).EFFECT: provision of commutation switch with effective means to remove cooling gases.15 cl, 10 dwg

Load increment switch // 2553682
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: switch comprises selector to select winding tap to be reswitched and load switch with at least one tap of current circuit and at least two auxiliary current taps; in each of them in load switch operating both with vacuum circuit breakers and switching cells, besides selector contacts, there are auxiliary switches connected in series with them and the respective winding tap, and in stationary mode the above auxiliary switches perform complete galvanic interruption of vacuum circuit breakers.EFFECT: providing required dielectric strength to the load switch without increase in dimensions of vacuum circuit breakers.5 cl, 3 dwg

Tap changer // 2553462
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: tap changer with semiconductor switching elements is intended for uninterrupted changing between winding taps of a step transformer; it is made as a hybrid switch comprising fixed mechanical contact fingers and opposed contacts installed at a movable contact bracket. Semiconductor switchover units are intended for load transfer, they are switched by means of contacts at the contact bracket when load is transferred in a specified switching sequence.EFFECT: development of the tap changer featured by the simple design and high operational reliability, which can be used for switching of different step transformers without forced special-purpose matching to the transformer.4 cl, 7 dwg

Device for detecting partial discharges // 2553281
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: device for detecting partial discharges comprises high-voltage direct-current power supply source with high-voltage capacitor connected to it through one position of switch key; through the second position of switch key the tested facility is connected with a sensor connected to the facility. Oscilloscope is coupled to the sensor through a shielded wire. Direct-current power supply source, capacitor and sensor are interconnected at common point and grounded. The technical effect is as follows: device for detecting partial discharges allows diagnosing direct-current machines.EFFECT: potential detection of partial discharge signals in insulation of direct-current motors.1 dwg

Circuit for contactors position detection in turbine machine // 2548670
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the turbine machines. Circuit (10) of individual movements detection of the multiple electric contactors contains multiple modules (A, B, C), each module has contactor (A', B', C') with k different contact positions, in each position it is connected in series with the resistor (RA1, RA2) connected with integral value of state from 1 to k and different from other values of state in single module; at that each module (A, B, C) is connected with the weight coefficient, and these weight coefficients follow the geometric progression with quotient exceeding or equal to k+1; at that value of the electrical conductivity of each resistor is equal; to its state value multiplied by the weight coefficient of its module (A, B, C). Device for individual position detection of the thrust reverse flaps of the jet turbine engine contains the above circuit. Turbine machine comprises the above circuit or the above device for detection.EFFECT: improved position reading of the contactors.7 cl, 4 dwg

ethod and device for detecting of malfunction of vacuum breaker of live tap changer // 2544844
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the method of detecting of malfunction of the vacuum breaker in a live tap changer in which the tap changer contains a housing filled with oil, a diverter switch comprising a mobile contact (MC, RC) and, at least, one vacuum breaker (MVI, RVI) designed with a possibility of interruption of the current passing through the mobile contact of the diverter switch. The method includes the repeating stages during which the content of hydrogen in oil is determined and the existence of malfunction of the vacuum breaker (MVI, RVI) is identified on the basis of measurement of the content of hydrogen in oil.EFFECT: decrease of risk of false identification of malfunction with an immediate emergency shutdown of the transformer.11 cl, 9 dwg

Unidirectional direct-current contactor // 2539360
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention is referred to unidirectional direct-current contactor with double disconnection having two contact pads, each pad is equipped with one fixed contact and one movable contact, at that the movable contacts are placed at a jumper and at disconnection of the contact pads a switching electric arc is formed at each of them, and an electric arc quencher and a displacing device for displacement of at least one switching electric arc from the respective contact pad. The shunting guard is placed close to the movable contact of the first contact pad; the jumper and the shunting guard are insulated from each other; the shunting guard is connected by potential to the fixed contact of the second contact pad so that at the first contact pad by displacement made by the displacing device the first switching electric arc jumps from the jumper to the shunting guard.EFFECT: providing small dimensions and low costs for manufacturing of the device.10 cl, 1 dwg