Electric switches and relays and selectors and emergency protective devices (H01H)

H   Electricity(226540)
H01   Basic electric elements(70435)
H01H              Electric switches; relays; selectors; emergency protective devices (contact cables h01b0007100000; electrolytic self-interrupters h01g0009180000; emergency protective circuit arrangements h02h; switching by electronic means without contact-making h03k0017000000)(12487)
H01H1 - Electric switches(2227)
H01H45 - Relays(30)
H01H55 - agnetostrictive relays(19)
H01H63 - Selectors(46)

Autonomous signal-start firefighting system // 2641886
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: autonomous signal-start firefighting system contains a series-connected thermal starter 1, a current source 2 with a pyrotechnic activator 3, a time relay 4, a signal device 5, an actuator 6, a housing 7, a rod 8, a compression spring 9, an end portion 10 of a springed rod 8, a heat sensitive clamp 11, a solenoid 12, a central axial channel 13, terminals 14, an incandescent bridge 15, a weighed portion of initiating substance 16, an end portion 17 of a springed rod 8, an edge spear 18, a capsule 19, a sealed casing 20, solid stick 21, electrical outputs 22. The transmitter comprises a master oscillator 23, n is a drop-out delay line 24.i (i = 1, 2, …, n), a phase-inverter 25.j (j = 1, 2, …, m), an adder 26, a power amplifier 27, and a transmitting antenna 28. The receiver includes a receiving antenna 29, a high frequency amplifier 30, mixers 31 and 47, a sawtooth voltage generator 32, heterodynes 33 and 46, intermediate frequency amplifiers 34 and 48, a FM signal detector 35, spectrum analyzers 36 and 38, phase doubler 37, comparison block 39, threshold blocks 40 and 50, delay lines 41 and 44, switches 42 and 51, a phase detector 43, a registration block 45, a correlator 49, a narrowband filter 52, phase-inverter circuits 53, 56 and 59, adders 54, 57 and 60, bandpass filters 55 and 58.EFFECT: increase selectivity and noise immunity of the receiver by suppressing false signals received through the forward channel and intermodulation channels.9 dwg

ixtures, methods and compositions related to conducting materials // 2641739
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: compositions are materials having an electrically and/or a thermally conductive coating. Mixtures and methods can be used to produce transparent conductive films and other transparent conductive materials. The mixture for preparing the conductive layer comprises a) at least, one alcoholic solvent; b) at least, one ester solvent; c) at least, one cellulose ether solvated therein; and d) metallic nanowires uniformly dispersed in the said mixture, the said, at least, one alcoholic solvent being 60% or more by volume of the said mixture. Specified, at least, one ester solvent is not more than 30% by volume of this mixture, and the specified alcohol solvent selected from the group consisting of methyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol and mixtures thereof, and the said ester solvent is selected from the group consisting of methyl acetate, ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, and isopropylacetate.EFFECT: improved composition properties.37 cl, 4 tbl

Clutch mechanism for energy battery device and chain locker with gas insulation for it // 2641712
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the mechanism of adhesion for energy storage device that contains the load gear (25), leading gear (22), unidirectional bearing, gear and shaft-liner (24), containing the gear-driven part and clutch. The pinion shaft (24) comprises a plurality of cylinders and a pusher, a rotatable bushing and an elastic member disposed in the cavity of the pinion shaft (24). The pusher comprises a pusher slide hole and a pusher connection hole for connection to the pinion shaft (24) and the control sleeve. The clamping unit (26) is attached to the driving gear, the pressing block (26) is configured to depress the pusher to unlock or lock the insert and the pinion shaft.EFFECT: ensuring the possibility of a simple and reliable mechanical separation of the driving force device and the energy storage device.8 cl, 10 dwg

Circuit breaker with mechanical link // 2641308
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: circuit-breaker with a mechanical link comprises of a transverse rod and a pull rod. The pull rod is located in the transverse rod. In addition, the circuit-breaker with a mechanical link contains a guide means. The guide means is provided with two load-bearing elements and two guide arms. The load-bearing elements are attached to the transverse rod and are located on the two sides of the pull rod. The guide arms suitably surround the load-bearing elements to rotate and are spaced away from the pull rod.EFFECT: increase of reliability and stability.9 cl, 3 dwg

Frequency-phase relay // 2641096
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: frequency-phase relay contains a frequency-dependent element, an adder, two actuators, six threshold units, four AND elements, a reversing counter, three clock generators, a pulse frequency divider, a single-oscillator, three RS-triggers, two short pulse formers, two OR elements, two pulse counters, an averaging filter.EFFECT: application of the invention allows to extend the functionality of the frequency relay due to providing the relay response to the generator frequency deviation from the nominal, and to the deviation of its phase relative to the network phase, and to exclude the effect of short-term failures of the generator frequency relative to the network frequency.2 dwg

Control device of brake solenoid coil // 2640939
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: brake solenoid coil control device contains an electronic switch (8), self-induction e.m.f. limiter (11), electronic switch driver (15), rectifier (3). The first (16) and second (17) rectifier (3) inputs through the first and second contacts (20, 21) of the electromagnetic relay are connected to the AC network. The first output (2) of the rectifier (3) is connected to the first terminal (4) of the brake solenoid coil (5). The common output (6) of the rectifier (3) is connected to the common terminal (7) of the electronic switch (8) connected by the output (9) to the second terminal (10) of the brake solenoid coil (5). The self-induction e.m.f. limiter (11) is parallel connected to the coil (5). The input (12) and the common output (7) of the electronic switch (8) are connected to the output (13) and the common terminal (14) of the electronic switch driver (15), respectively. The first (18) and second (19) inputs of the electronic switch driver (15), respectively, are connected to the AC network through the first (20) and second (21) contacts of the electromagnetic relay. In this case, the response time of the electronic switch driver (15) is longer than the time during which the electromagnetic relay contacts bounce (20, 21), and the rise and fall time of the signal at its output does not exceed the time that limits the safe operation area of the electronic switch.EFFECT: fast disconnection of the brake coil over a two-wire line, rather than a four-wire line, following safety and electromagnetic compatibility with other elevator electronic devices.2 dwg

ethod and device to control at least one electronic switching contact of vehicle // 2640796
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method for controlling at least one switching contact (112, 114) for a vehicle door system, the switching contact (112, 114) including the first connector for the first wiring line and the second connector for the second wiring line. The method includes the step of reading the first signal with the first reference point connected to the first connector to obtain the first pilot signal, the step of reading the second signal with the second reference point connected to the second connector to obtain the second pilot signal, and the step of aligning the first pilot signal and the second pilot signal for determining at least one state of at least one switching contact (112, 114).EFFECT: prevention of switch failure.11 cl, 6 dwg

ethod of adjusting current protection on hermetic contacts // 2640036
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: method allows to adjust precisely the current protection on hermetic contacts by determining in the reference point A the true intensity NAtrue, which is equal to the product of the calculated strength INT in the reference point A by the index, which in turn is determined from the ratio of the measured by the second inductance coil EMF E1 in the reference point A to the calculated EMF E2 on the outputs of the second inductance coil, and also due to the choice of the hermetic contact with operating ampere-turns Fop, corresponding to the true intensity NAtrue in the reference point A, as well as checking the correct installation of the hermetic contact inside the second inductance coil.EFFECT: increase the accuracy of current protection adjusting.1 dwg

Installable rotary structure of protection cover and contactor having such structure // 2640035
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: configuration of the installable rotary structure of the protection cover ensures the installation of the protection cover (2) on the housing (1) and includes a mechanism that limits the inclined planes. This mechanism, limiting the inclined planes, includes the first inclined plane (511) of step matching, provided on the insulating blocking walls (11), and the second inclined plane (611) of step matching, provided on the side walls (22) and linked with the first inclined plane (511) of step matching, and has a configuration that ensures the movement of the protection cover (2) up in the Y-direction after the installation of the protection cover (2) on the housing (1).EFFECT: increase in the reliability of fixing the cover and the formation of the shortest electrical path of the contactor leakage.10 cl, 11 dwg

Phase difference relay // 2639891
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: phase difference relay contains five threshold units, three elements AND, two impulse counters, three elements OR, RS trigger, actuator, clock generator, univibrator, two shapers, two filter-averages, divider, inverter, multiplier on a constant coefficient, algebraic adder.EFFECT: extending functionality of relay by ensuring the relay response on misalignment of voltage phases and generator with constant control of mains frequencies and generator, improving its accuracy and noise immunity.2 dwg

Chassis control system // 2639883
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: lever chassis control system comprises a lever in assembly, a locking unit, and a bank of switches, as disclosed in the specification. The locking unit is connected to the lever in assembly and has a rotary drive and a link of the link mechanism, configured to be connected to a part of the rotary drive, so that the rotary drive rotation causes the rectilinear motion of the link of the link mechanism. The locking unit may additionally comprise a locking device configured to be connected to the link of the link mechanism and movable between the locking and unlocking position when the rotary drive is rotated.EFFECT: reliability increase.19 cl, 12 dwg

ethod of controlling contactor device and control unit // 2639306
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the method 60 in a control unit 12 for closing the contactor 1. The control unit 12 is configured to provide movement between the closed position and the open position by driving the electromagnetic circuit coil 6. Method 60 comprises applying 61 a voltage to the coil 6; the determination 62, during the first period of time, the current flowing through the coil 6 and the voltage on the coil 6 and the estimation on this basis of the model parameters for the model predicting the behaviour of the current flowing through the coil 6 as if the contactor 1 remained in the open position, and measurement 63, after the end of the first time period, the current flowing through coil 6 and the difference determination 64 between, on the one hand, the measured current and, on the other hand, the predicted current of the model, and the repetition of measurement 63 and determination 64, by and no state change is detected from the open position to the closed position by the current difference.EFFECT: loss reduction and increase of the contactor reliability.18 cl, 10 dwg

Load control device // 2638823
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: device contains the first and second p-n-p transistors, a load, the first, second, third, fourth, fifth resistors and the n-p-n transistor, whose base is connected through the first resistor to the input of the device, an emitter is connected to the common bus, and a collector through the second resistor is connected to the base of the first p-n-p transistor that is connected through the third resistor to the device power bus, wherein the collector of the first p-n-p transistor is connected to the first load lead, additionally the emitter of the second p-n-p transistor is connected to the power bus, the base of the second p-n-p transistor is connected via the fourth resistor to the power bus, with the emitter of the first p-n-p transistor and through the fifth resistor is connected to the collector of the n-p-n transistor, the base of the first p-n-p transistor is connected to the collector of the second p-n-p transistor, while the second load lead is connected to the common bus. In the load control device, the load can be implemented as a winding of an electromagnetic relay or a primary winding of a transformer shunted by a diode in the form of a resistor or capacitance (or a parallel RC circuit).EFFECT: unification of the device to any load and increase of protection reliability.3 cl, 5 dwg

Programmable device for controlling electric equipment // 2638182
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: programmable device 10 for controlling electrical equipment is configured to be programmed with an external programming device. The programmable device for controlling electrical equipment for controlling the supply of electrical energy is performed in conjunction with an electrical switching device (12). The electric switching device comprises a housing, a power supply unit, an electric power supply terminal (15), and a manual switch (16). The device (10) includes an information communication module; a memory; a synchronization module; a processor; and a switching module, and includes, at least, one power supply period and, at least, one non-power supply period. Wherein, at least, a portion of the device (10) can be inserted into the housing.EFFECT: energy saving.30 cl, 22 dwg

Coupling clutch of gear system for spring-actuated circuit breaker device // 2638180
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: coupling clutch of gear system for spring-actuated circuit breaker comprises an energy storage shaft (1), a large gear (4) and a small gear (5). In the position of energy storage fixation for the large gear, an area without teeth and with a tooth corresponding to the small gear is made. In the cavity of the large gear in some area and in the protruding part in the reverse direction, dog type jaw teeth (6) is placed, the installation of which in the initial position is carried out by a return spring (3). In this area, the large gear comprises the first tooth (4a), the second tooth (4c), and a space (4b) between the first and second teeth. At the end of the energy storage, the small gear presses the first tooth to advance the large gear and the energy storage shaft to the energy storage fixation position, which is separated from the dead friction area, and the small gear and the large gear automatically disengage from each other. When the position of the energy storage fixation is reached during the energy storage, the small gear rotates by inertia and stops at any possible position. When the large gear turns quickly after turning on the power supply, the small gear and the large gear are able to reliably and stably re-engage with each other.EFFECT: increased reliability.6 cl, 10 dwg

Load changign device // 2638037
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: both the selector contact block (7) and the switching means (16, 17) for the continuous load switching are operated together without intermediate turning on of the energy storage by the lead screw (5), which is rotated by the drive motor (2) upon switching.EFFECT: improving efficiency.9 cl, 1 dwg

easuring body for current protection of electric motor // 2637781
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: body comprises a fixing unit made in the form of a rectangular parallelepiped, at the bottom of which, near the first side face, an adjustment unit, the first and second terminal blocks are fixed. Near the other side face opposite the first one, the third and fourth terminal blocks are fixed. At the bottom of the fixing unit, in its center, four rectangular housings are fixed, in each of which a hermetically sealed reed relay is located: the first, second, third and fourth, respectively. The first hermetically sealed reed relay is equipped with four control windings, and the second third and fourth hermetically sealed reed relay - with one control winding. The first and second control windings of the first hermetically sealed reed relay are connected to the first terminal block with their ends. The third and fourth control windings of the first hermetically sealed reed relay are connected to the third terminal block with the first ends, and to the first control winding ends of the third and fourth hermetically sealed reed relay with the second ends, respectively. The first end of the control winding of the second hermetically sealed reed relay is connected to the third terminal block. The control windings of the second, third and fourth hermetically sealed reed relays are connected to the fourth terminal block with the second ends. The first, second, third and fourth hermetically sealed reed relays are connected to the inputs of the adjustment unit with their contacts. The outputs of the control unit are connected to the second terminal block. Holes are made in the first side face and at the bottom of the fixing unit, near the terminal blocks, through which the winding ends of the phases A and B of the electric motor are connected to the first terminal block on the side of the zero leads, the wires connecting the control unit with the control current source and the motor switch cut-off coil are connected to the second terminal block, the winding ends of the phases A, B, C of the electric motor on the supply side are connected to the third terminal block, a cable feeding the electric motor is connected to the fourth terminal block. At the corners of the fixing unit, holes are made for its attachment to the electric motor terminal box.EFFECT: implementation of differential protection and protection against phase failure of a low-power electric motor.2 dwg

Three-pole vacuum kvk contactor // 2637304
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: vacuum contactor contains a body with three arc extinguishing vacuum chambers installed in it with current leads and movable chamber leads, an electromagnetic drive with two coils, a control unit, a sensor, and an executive relay element, with the same ends of the windings of the executive relay element connected in parallel, and some ends are connected to the positive pole of the rectifier bridge, the other ends - to the negative one through the output circuits of the sensing element, a technical diagnosis unit containing the nodes to determine the time when the contactor is switched on and its switching voltage in the forcing mode, and also the node to determine the voltage at the output ends of the coils of the contactor electromagnetic drive in the hold mode.EFFECT: timely providing the maintenance personnel with prompt and reliable information on the technical condition of the contactor and its components to reduce the number and duration of downtime, labour intensity in setting up and maintaining the contactor, as well as the safety of its operation.2 dwg

Phase difference relay // 2636750
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: phase difference relay contains seven threshold blocks, four AND elements, two pulse counters, four OR elements, a RS trigger, an actuator, a clock-pulse generator, a single-oscillator, three short pulse shapers, two averaging filters, a divider, an inverter, a multiplier to a constant coefficient, two algebraic adders, two rectifiers.EFFECT: increasing accuracy and noise immunity.2 dwg

ethod for controlling contactor device and control unit // 2636656
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the method 50 performed in a control unit 12 to open a contactor device 1. The contactor device 1 comprises a carrier 8 configured to move between a closed position, in which current is allowed to flow along the current path and an open position, in which the current path is open. The control unit 12 is configured to allow the carrier 8 to move between the closed position and the open position by turning on the power supply of the electromagnetic circuit winding 6. The method 50 comprises the steps of: initiating 51 the opening of the contactor device 1 by turning off the power of the winding 6. A power failure involves using a demagnetization circuit 40 comprising a discharge member 37. The discharge member 37 is configured to consume energy in the winding 6; the discharge element 37 is shunted 52 at the first time; and the power supply 53 of the winding 6 is re-enabled.EFFECT: preventing the rebound effects and high shock load of the armature in the contactor.18 cl, 8 dwg

Electromagnetic contactor system // 2635387
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: electromagnetic contactor system contains a base (5) and an electromagnetic coil (3) located in the base, a magnetic yoke (2), an armature (1) and a resilient damping element located between the electromagnetic coil and the base. A mounting hole is formed in the magnetic yoke and extends in a direction perpendicular to the axial direction of the electromagnetic coil. The resilient damping element is a leaf spring (4), and the middle part of the leaf spring is an arc inserted into the mounting hole and protruding towards the tightly pressed part of the base. The arcuate upper part is compressed and deformed by the wall of the mounting hole when the magnetic yoke and the armature hit the base and bounce in the opposite direction, thereby weakening the vibration of the armature and magnetic yoke. The vibration of the armature and magnetic yoke rapidly weakens and stops due to the energy loss which occurs during the compression and bounce of the leaf spring, the energy loss resulting from the impact of the armature and magnetic yoke to the base, and the absorption of the frictional energy generated when the two ends of the leaf spring slide backwards and forwards on the base or the coil during the compression and bounce of the leaf spring.EFFECT: reduced power losses.17 cl, 7 dwg
Fast-acting bi-directional switching device with three states // 2635096
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fast-acting bi-directional switching device with three switching states, such as the front, rear and neutral positions of the joint, and comprises: a body (1); a movable electrode (2) movable in transverse direction inside said body for switching between the front, the rear and neutral positions; main contacts (4) located at the front and rear ends of said movable electrode; fixed contacts (5) located on the front and rear sides of said body and corresponding to said main contacts; terminals, each of which is connected to one of said fixed contacts and power supply source; pull springs (8) electrodes located on said front and rear sides of said body. Said movable electrode compresses said pull springs of the electrode during transverse movement; a front control solenoid (13) and a rear control solenoid (14) located at the top and connected to said movable electrode for displacement of said electrode for switching; and a locking mechanism for locking position of said movable electrode.EFFECT: low switching time, small size and reliable contact.6 cl, 3 dwg
Tripping mechanism of device for protection from earth fault currents // 2634840
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: tripping mechanism comprises a base (1), a tripping coil (2), a restoring part (3) and a latch (4). The latch (4) is mounted with the possibility of rotating on the base (1) by means of a cylindrical pin; and the restoring part (3) is movably mounted on the base (1). The tripping mechanism also includes a restoring spring, one end of which acts on the base (1), and the other end acts on the restoring part (3). A force-receiving element (41) is firmly mounted on the latch (4), the projection of which can actuate the force-receiving element for rotation, made on the restoring part (3); and a cavity (32), in which the force-receiving element can swing, is formed on the projection.EFFECT: by applying the restoring force of the restoring part to the tripping force of the mechanism, the tripping mechanism of the earth fault protection device increases the tripping force of the whole mechanism and improves the tripping speed and stability.8 cl, 5 dwg

Coil of axial magnetic field for vacuum interrupter // 2634749
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: contact group for use in the vacuum interrupter contains a contact disk made of the first electrically conductive material, a coil and a contact holder. The coil is made of the second electrically conductive material and consists of a plurality of helical sections oriented axially relative to the common central axis. Each of the spiral sections has a proximal end and a distal end. Each of the helical sections is connected at the proximal end to a base made of the second electrically conductive material, and at the distal end - to a contact disk. The contact holder is axially centered in the axial direction within the coil and is located between the base and the contact disk. The support disk is connected to the base located between the support disc and the contact holder.EFFECT: support disk is designed to provide support for the base and is made of a material with a high specific electrical resistance.20 cl, 8 dwg
Device for protection of ozone generator from fire // 2634012
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: device contains a power source connected to the ozone generator electrodes, an ignition sensor, an electronic protective block connected to the external power source control circuit and an ignition sensor, oxygen supply and ozone-oxygen mixture derivation pipelines, a solenoid valve installed in the oxygen supply line to the generator, a container filled with a non-flammable replacement gas at elevated pressure. The solenoid valve installed in the oxygen supply line to the ozone generator is connected to an oxygen source and a container filled with non-flammable gas. At the output of the ozone generator, a distribution solenoid valve is connected to the ozone supply pipeline to the process unit and to the ozone-oxygen mixture and the combustion products to the atmosphere.EFFECT: decrease in the amount of combustion products and replacement gas entering the ozone-oxygen mixture derivation pipeline from the ozone generator and the process unit using ozone, as well as in sensors of gas composition monitoring devices at the input to the process unit.1 dwg

Device for controlling electromagnetic relay at test on vibrating and shock stand // 2633763
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: device contains two portable DC sources with a voltage of 27 V and a remote control with ten identical relay control channels. In each of the channels, there is a plug-in connector, five indicator lights, and three toggle switches. The light bulb is configured to control the supply of voltage to the relay coil. Two bulbs are configured to control the closed relay contacts (21-41, 22-42). Two bulbs are configured to control the open relay contacts. The toggle switch is configured to supply voltage to the relay coil and the light bulb (L1). The toggle switch (T2) is configured to apply voltage to the closed relay contacts and two light bulbs (L2), the toggle switch (T3) is configured to apply voltage to the open relay contacts and two light bulbs (L3). The power supply of the relay contacts and the bulbs (L2, L3) is made from a direct current source, and all the lamp bulbs are diode.EFFECT: increasing the number of simultaneously tested relays to ten, increasing the reliability of the relay control and test safety, reducing the energy costs and the consumption of vibrating and shock stands.5 dw

Sealed contact // 2633757
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: in the sealed contact, containing the contact plates located in the sealed glass flask, filled with the inert gas, the electromagnet coil, mounted on the flask, the contact plate is provided with the light source. LED is used as the light source.EFFECT: sealed contact functionality expansion due to using it as the signalling device.2 cl, dwg

oulded case circuit breakers // 2633514
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a circuit breaker in a moulded case in which a blocking element is formed on the inside of the lever and an anti-rotating element is formed on its upper side. The blocking element can be brought into contact with the anti-rotating element if the handle rotates to the off position even in the fused state between the fixed contactor and the shifting contactor, thereby preventing the handle from turning to the off position.EFFECT: possibility to define the condition of the circuit breaker in the moulded case.6 cl, 13 dwg

Improved solid-state switch device // 2633389
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: switch device comprises: a switching module, containing the first detachment contact for every electric pole, the second detachment contact and one or more solid-state switches. The device also comprises a supporting frame, containing the third detachment contact and the fourth detachment contact for every electric pole. These contacts are connected with/detached from the first and the second detachment contacts respectively when the switching module is in Add/Drop condition towards the supporting frame. In the switch device, there is a drive vehicle for the switching module displacement between the Add condition and the mentioned Drop condition and vice versa. And there is an actuating unit, composed of the controlling mean, which is configured to coordinate the drive vehicle and solid-state switches work, at a time when the switching module Add/Drop function must be executed in such a way that the drive vehicle displaces the switching module only if the solid-state switches are closed.EFFECT: point heavy wear prevention attended by the notable electrical endurance decrease.12 cl, 20 dwg

Electric current switching device // 2633381
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: electric switch comprises a movable contact (108, 110, 112) and a fixed contact (104, 106) for contacting with the movable contact (108, 110, 112), wherein the switch further comprises one or more damping plates (122) and a permanent magnet (132) to direct the arc which is formed when the contacts are disconnected from each other, to the damping plates (122), while the damping plate (122) has a base section (464) and side sections (460, 462) extending from the base section (464) and the permanent magnet (132) placed behind the damping plate (122) so that the base of the damping plate (122) is located between the magnet and the plate damping region, which is the region between the side sections (468, 470) of the plate (122). According to the invention, the permanent magnet (132) is arranged to direct the arc to one of the side sections (468, 470) of the damping plates (122).EFFECT: increased efficiency and durability of the switch.13 cl, 5 dwg
Door contact switch, first and utmost, for electricity closets // 2632479
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: there is a contact switch with the switching push bar (11), the supporting plate (10) and the switching body (12) for the switching push bar (11) placement. In this switching push bar, the switching body (12) is set removable towards the supporting plate (10). At a minimum one catch mechanism (24) of the supporting plate is prescribed at least on one edge lip (26) of the supporting plate in this contact switch. At the least one switching body catch mechanism (19) is prescribed on the switching body (12) in such a way that the supporting plate (10) can be fixed with the switching body (12) at a minimum at two different levels.EFFECT: manufacture and usage simplification.15 cl, 9 dwg

Transformer with a gear switch // 2632194
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: in the transformer, the primary or secondary side is optionally adjustable via a gear switch. On the adjustable side of the transformer, there is a main winding and at least one control winding, which is switched by a gear switch. The main winding is divided into two parts (1, 2). At least one control winding and a commuting step switch (3) are electrically connected between both parts (1, 2) of the main winding.EFFECT: reducing the load on the semiconductor switching elements of the switch.4 cl, 4 dwg

Pole piece for use at medium voltages and method of its manufacture // 2631817
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: pole piece has insulating coating that is made of a thermoset or thermoplastic material in which the transition areas between the materials and the relief structures of the vacuum circuit-breaker and/or the connection terminals are coated with the insulating coating. In order to improve the process of manufacturing and obtaining a reproducible dielectric with the required characteristics, the transition areas are arranged between the plastic piece and the contact part of the pole piece and they are made flat, so that they do not have rounded edges and/or ledges.EFFECT: facilitating the separation of the finished pole piece from the mould due to the tight closing of the joint between the elements.10 cl, 4 dwg

Device with fuse and resistor for solid-state lighting device // 2631662
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: connecting pin contains an elongated conductive structure that is partially surrounded by an insulating support structure. The conductive structure comprises a damping resistor and the device with a fuse and a resistor further comprises of a fuse connected to the damping resistor either as a separate part or as an integral part of the conductive structure.EFFECT: effective control of thermal loads.13 cl, 7 dwg

Portable technological machine // 2631373
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: machine includes a handle housing and a switch with a movably mounted button and an unlocking element for unlocking switch button displacement interlocking device. The switch button is located on the handle section of the handle housing. The unlocking element has a pushable portion located outside the pressed surface of the switch button and is pivotally and/or rotatably mounted around the axis of the unlocking motion, extending in a plane perpendicular to the axis of the switch button motion.EFFECT: convenient control of the technological machine.16 cl, 16 dwg

Switching device unit // 2631259
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: switching apparatus unit contains a block (4) of breaker with switching interval. The first and second contact elements (5, 6, 7, 8) are provided; they are movable relative to each other. The switching gas channel originates in the switching gap and connects the switching gap with the environment of the interrupter unit. The hollow structure (14) of the chamber delimits the switching gas channel at least in sections and is connected to one of the switching contact elements (6, 8). The hollow structure (14) of the chamber has an outlet (22) on the side of the lateral surface of the switching gas channel.EFFECT: improved device reliability.23 cl, 1 dwg

Electrical relay and relay, which includes ferromagnetic or magnetic anchor that has a cone-shaped area // 2630781
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: electrical relay (2; 50; 90; 100) includes ferromagnetic frame (FF) (8) with the first (110) and opposite the second (112) land, ferromagnetic core (33), located between them, magnetic connector (16), with a first v (113) and placed on opposite second phase referred to FF, permanent magnet (12), located on the first sector of the FF, the coil (4) placed around a ferromagnetic core; and ferromagnetic or magnetic anchor (10), which includes the first phase (114), opposite the second plot (116) and swing (118), hosted with the possibility of turning to the core anchors between sites. Opposite second plot of the anchor has complementary second v-shaped area (38). In the first anchor position, the first anchor portion is attracted by the magnetic field by means of a permanent magnet, and the first and second cone-shaped portions are expanded when the coil power is turned off. In the second anchor position, the opposing second anchor portion is attracted by the magnetic field by the opposite second portion of the carcass and the first conical portion moves to the second cone-shaped portion while providing power to the coil. In this case, the magnetic connector (16) and the first airgap providing plate (20) are attached to the end (22) of the FF by two screws.EFFECT: prevention of power losses and reduction of heating of windings.11 cl, 8 dwg

Adjustment wheel of the pipette // 2630277
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: electric pipette includes an adjusting wheel that includes: a primary spring defining a first adjustment range and a secondary spring defining a second adjustment range after the first adjustment range in the direction of rotation of the adjusting wheel; the force required to turn the adjusting wheel within the first adjustment range is less than within the second adjustment range; the springs being configured to return the adjusting wheel to its initial position when the adjusting wheel is released.EFFECT: increased sensitivity.8 cl, 3 dwg

Technological machine // 2630088
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: processing machine comprises a handle body, a switch having a key installed on the handle body for operating the switching body of the switch, and a support assembly. The support unit is provided in order to communicate the movement from the one end thereof facing the connection area of the handle body to the other end of the hand grip end facing away from mentioned connection region when the switch key is acted upon. The support assembly comprises a linkage mechanism made in the form of a parallelogram mechanism. In this case, the action on the button of the switch causes it to move in the direction of the handle body along the entire longitudinal extent of the pressed surface of the switch key.EFFECT: accuracy of the machine control is increased.16 cl, 8 dwg
Gradiental protective coating // 2629954
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: increasing the values of switching power and the service life of electrical contacts with the proposed protective coating is the technical result of the invention. The protective coating of the electrical contacts is made on the basis of a binary electrolytic W-Ni alloy deposited on a nickel substrate in which the W content increases linearly from 0% at the edge of coating-substrate up to 50% at the outer edge of the coating, which provides high coating resistance to delamination.EFFECT: improving the performance of mentioned devices.1 dwg

Switching device // 2629568
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: switching device comprising a first set (3) of contacts and a second set (4) of contacts movable with respect to the first set (3) of contacts has an insulating nozzle device (12). The insulating nozzle device (12) is supported by a first set (3) of contacts, comprising a first arc interrogation element (15) mounted movably with respect to the insulating nozzle device (12). In this case, the insulating nozzle device (12) comprises a main nozzle (12a) and an auxiliary nozzle (12b), each of which limits the corresponding portion of the nozzle channel.EFFECT: reduction of loads tested by the structural components of the switching device.11 cl, 8 dwg

ethod of controlling switch of steps // 2629566
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: current (I) on the load switch is continuously detected for synchronisation, the effective value (Ieff) is determined, and this value is differentiated. The corresponding time moment (t2), at which the maximum or minimum of the differentiated value comes in, is estimated as the time moment (tLU) load switch jump and forms a synchronising pulse.EFFECT: simplifying and increasing the reliability of providing the possibility to determine the operation time of the energy accumulator and making reliable synchronisation.3 cl, 3 dwg

Switching device with the arc extinction with the help of permanent magnets // 2629563
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: switching device comprises at least one contact point and an associated arc blowing device. The arc blowing device comprises at least one blast magnet to create a magnetic blast field. The blast field has the form that the electric arc, which is formed when the contact point is opened, is blown out of the contact place. The blast field contains the first and second regions of the magnetic field, located side by side. The lines of force of the magnetic field of the first region are oriented in the opposite direction with respect to the lines of force of the magnetic field of the second region. The blast field further comprises a transition region connecting the first and second regions of the magnetic field to each other. The direction of the lines of force of the magnetic field in the transition region starting and leaving the first region of the magnetic field and the second region of the magnetic field is aligned towards the contact point in such a way that the electric arc is within the transition region, depending on the direction of the current, starting from the contact point, is directed either to the first or second region of the magnetic field. But in both cases it is blown in one direction from the contact place. Therefore, only one arc suppression device is required for arc extinguishing.EFFECT: increasing the reliability of arc suppression with simplified design.15 cl, 11 dwg

Electrical device // 2629368
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: electrical device comprises a hollow cylindrical case (1) made of solid insulation. There are fixed point (2) and movable point (3) in axial alignment with the case. The facing a movable point (3) part (5) of the point (2) is surrounded by the cylindrical wall (6) made of solid insulation. A part of the solid insulation (7) of the movable point (3) is designed as a quill cylinder (9), in which there is an insulating liquid (10). In a built-up operative condition, the fixed point (2) is situated at the top, the movable point (3) is situated at the bottom. In the open condition of the points (2) and (3), the contact part (5) of the point (2), the cylindrical wall (6) end of the point (2) and the aperture (12) are situated in the insulating liquid (10) medium. The technical result is the decrease in device dimensions.EFFECT: disruptive discharge probability over the surface is also brought down to a minimum, reliability growth and device service life improvement are provided.2 cl, 2 dwg

ulti-contact switch (versions) and method of managing activation of the process control device // 2629356
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: multi-contact switch comprises a two-position switch having a common contact, a first switching contact and a second changeover contact. The common contact is connected to a reference voltage source; a first switching circuit connected to the first switching contact, the first switching circuit generates the output signal "opened" when the common contact is securely connected to the first or second switching contact; and the second switching circuit connected to the second switching contact, the second switching circuit causes the first switching circuit to generate an output signal "closed" for the process control device when the common contact is securely connected to the other first or second switching contact, at least one of the signals "opened" or "closed" corresponds to the reference signal.EFFECT: expansion of application field.20 cl, 7 dwg

ethod of forming under pressure of thermoplastic pole parts and casting form for implementating such // 2629067
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: mould during the casting process is fixed and has at least one vacuum interrupter and contact terminals as well as at least one injection port or gate to inject the thermoplastic material into the mould. The injection mould has several injection openings, at least along its long axis, for injecting a hot thermoplastic material. In this case, the injection holes or gates can be controlled so that they inject the thermoplastic material simultaneously or at a predetermined time dependent on the injection scheme.EFFECT: shorter duration for the manufacture of the cast pole piece with a pressure gradient along the long axis and ensuring uniform distribution of the material during the casting process.11 cl, 4 dwg

Sensitivity increasing method of magnetic-controlled switches // 2629002
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of electric current commutators controlled by external magnetic field: magnetically controlled contacts (reed switches), microelectromechanical (MEMS) commutators and switches. The method is carried out by using a magnetic concentrator in form of isosceles trapezium, the upper (narrow) base of which is directed toward the contact overlap region. The angle between the lower base and the side of the trapezoid is 30-60°, and the ratio of the lengths of the upper and lower bases is in the range of 1:2-1:20.EFFECT: increased sensitivity of magnetic-controlled switches without changing the parameters of their vibration resistance and resistance to impact caused by false closures under the influence of inertia forces.1 dwg

odular unit for electrical commutation, containing at least one single-pole unlocking unit, and switching node containing such units // 2628951
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: modular unit for electrical commutation (1) comprises a break unit (100) including single break units (80); a drive unit (200) of single break units (80) in form of an electromagnetic drive with a fixed yoke (201) and a movable armature (202); means for securing the mounting of the drive unit (200) to the break unit (100). The modular unit comprises fast attachment means for releasable fastening of the drive unit (200) to the break unit (100) which comprise at least one coupling element (214) for fixing and holding the break unit on the drive unit and interacting with the driving device (34) of a single break unit (80) for transmitting drive movement.EFFECT: simplified design and maintenance.15 cl, 31 dwg

Input device for electro-installation equipment with rotary control // 2628908
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: device includes a cap, a central plate and a central rotary button as a first input control element which is fixed by a rolling bearing on the cap of the device or on its cap cover with the possibility of rotational movement and the central plate is executed as a balance beam with a floating supporting block against the cap or the cap cover and with a central recess for the passage of the rotary button. The corners of the central plate or its front panel represent other input control elements, and each corner is provided with an appropriate designation and, when applying force through the contact-return pin, acts on the prescribed switch/key.EFFECT: providing optimized rotary control.8 cl, 7 dwg

ethod of adjustment of a liquid crystalline display and device for its implementation // 2627930
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method includes: changing the voltage on the load in the source circuit of the liquid crystal display and measuring the transmission coefficients of the liquid crystal display at various voltages on the load; determining the voltage on the load corresponding to the maximum transmittance of the liquid crystal display, according to the corresponding relationship between the voltage on the load and the transmittance; and determining the operating voltage of the source circuit in accordance with the voltage on the load corresponding to the maximum transmittance and adjusting the voltage on the load in the source circuit to the operating voltage.EFFECT: invention allows to increase the transmittance of the liquid crystal display by adjusting the operating voltage of the source circuit to a voltage corresponding to the maximum transmittance of the liquid crystal display and then increasing the brightness of the liquid crystal display, whereby the brightness of the liquid crystal display can be increased without changing the structure of the liquid crystal display.9 cl, 8 dwg