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Automated equalizer of output signal levels of optical amplifiers of multichannel systems // 2642814
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: essence of the proposed invention is to use the branch devices based on micro resonators in the signal fibre, after the chain amplifier, coupled with the micro actuators controlled by the electronic circuits that use the signals of the photodetectors-sensors of the power level distribution in the signal fibre to produce commands controlling the position of the micro actuators, with the purpose of automatic adjustment of the power levels across the operating range of the equalizer by changing the connection of the micro resonators with a signal fibre.EFFECT: possibility of constructing a universal equalizer, operable without the individual configuration with any type of the optical amplifier, the automatic alignment operations of the power levels passing through the signal fibre, in the framework of the project working range of the transmitted signals and providing the technological capabilities of the integrated implementation of the device design, with a small amount of the power consumption and the possibility of the remote control of the linear signal uniformity at the amplifier output when embedded in the telemechanic system algorithm.4 cl, 2 dwg

essage transfer method and device // 2642812
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: redirecting messages method differs in that way is applied to the network device the second level and contains acceptation of a message by the source; evaluate the type of message; and where the message type is the specified type redirect the message in accordance with the flow of processing according to the specified type, message type assessment evaluates whether a message to one of the following specified types multiaddress distribution data message; protocol messages of multiaddress distribution and non-multiaddress message distribution.EFFECT: increase the security of the multiaddress distribution.10 cl, 5 dwg

Imaging device, imaging control method and programme // 2642811
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: imaging device includes a display for displaying an image section and a video processing section for gradually lowering the output power to the image. The output power is gradually reduced for light radiation with a wavelength in the range of 446 nanometers to 483 nanometers of light radiation. And the gradual reduction is performed after the user observes the image.EFFECT: reduction in the degree of the user fatigue who observes the colour image by gradually lowering the output power of a separate range of light waves, which does not cause degradation of the video signal display.19 cl, 11 dwg
Video predictive encoding device, video predictive encoding method, video predictive decoding device and video predictive decoding method // 2642810
FIELD: data processing.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to motion picture coding/decoding. Decoding device comprises: decoding means for decoding an internal prediction mode, a prediction signal generating means to generate a prediction signal within the image using the direction information and the previously reconstructed reference sample of the adjacent block, means for recovering the residual signal for reconstructing the reconstructed residual signal of the target block and a block storage means for restoring and storing the pixel signal of the target block. Method describes operation of the device.EFFECT: technical result is enabling suppression of artificial noise.2 cl, 17 dwg

Server cabinet and data centre based on server cabinet // 2642809
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: server cabinet comprises at least two functional units, a plurality of intra-server antennas and a plurality of inter-server antennas. The functional units are located in a vertical direction with the formation of a server core; the intra-server antennas are located in the vertical direction, located at the side of the server core, and are electrically connected to the corresponding functional units, and the adjacent intra-server antennas are connected in a wireless manner. When transmitting a radio signal within the server cabinet, the intra-server antennas located in the vertical direction form a transmission path. Because the intra-server antennas are located at the side of the server core, the electromagnetic radiation generated by the radio signal during transmission process has a relatively small impact on the functional units.EFFECT: reducing impact of the electromagnetic radiation on various electronic devices and equipment, which increases the service life of electronic devices and equipment and improves the quality of the radio signal transmission.10 cl, 13 dwg

Interference suppressor // 2642808
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention is designed to isolate signals of moving targets against the background of passive interference during the group rearrangement of the carrier frequency of the probing pulses. Interference suppressor includes the first and the second delay units, a weighting coefficient unit, the first and the second complex multipliers, a weight block, a complex adder, a complex conjugation unit, a switching unit, an accuracy unit, a wiring unit and a two-channel switch interconnected in a certain way and carrying out a coherent processing of the original samples. The signal from the moving target and passive interference, significantly exceeding the useful signal in the quadrature phase detectors, is transferred to the video frequency and converted in such a way that the interference residues are compensated.EFFECT: increasing the signal extraction efficiency of moving targets.11 dwg
ethod for forming key of encryption/decryption // 2642806
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method is carried out through the formation of a confidential key of the key distribution center, which is carried out on the basis of the sensor by selecting random numbers of coefficients of the symmetric polynomials {ƒi{x1, x2)}, over the field GF(264), the personal confidential key of the user is produced in the form of ratios of polynomials {gA,i (x)}, obtained by substituting the YA identifier in the polynomials {ƒi(x1, x2)}, instead of one of the arguments: gA,i(x)=ƒi(x, YA)=ƒi(YA, x)mod(264), the session key KAB is obtained usinga lookup in a personal confidential key {gA,i(x)}, of the correspondent identifier: KAB,i=g(YB)mod(264), while the session key with a length of n bits is a concatenation of the values of polynomials over the field GF (264) KAB=KAB,0||KAB,1||…||KAB,r-1 i.e. it can be calculated using the formula KAB=KAB.0+KAB,1⋅(264)+KAB.2⋅(264)2+KAB, r-1⋅(264)r-1.EFFECT: reducing the time required to complete the procedures for obtaining personal and session keys.1 cl

Radial-distributed pulse summator // 2642805
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: summator has two coaxial joint metal disc of the same diameter, in the adjacent base of the first of which there are concentric grooves with ferromagnetic cores placed in them, in the summator, it is possible to transmit intermediate pulses within the summator by combining these lines with the input coaxial lines to form matched voltage and current summers, the output of the distributed pulse summator is formed by an agreed strip-coaxial transition combined with a multi-arm current summator. At the output of the distributed summator, a pulse with a voltage increase coefficient equal to the number of edges with coaxial lines installed in them is formed, and the current increase factor is equal to the number of coaxial lines installed in one edge.EFFECT: flat receipt device in disc form powerful high-voltage impulses of identical pulses with partial preservation of their shape, the height of the device can be two orders of magnitude less than its diameter, that can represent a significant interest when linking a number of systems.3 dwg

ethod of increasing reliability of digital message transfer // 2642803
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method contains steps, in which redundancy of the digital message is introduced by adding reference markers, for this purpose, prior to the start of the digital information signal transmission, the value of the reference markers that are entered and stored in the database of the hardware-software complexes included in the composition information network, and are not changed in the established time interval, then in the process of preparing the transmitted messages in the transmitting hardware-software complex, the digital message is formed in such a way that after each transmitted information signal "1" an additional reference marker is input through a known predetermined time interval smaller than the interval between the information signals, and after the transmitted information signal "0" through a predetermined time interval, the reference marker is not input, after receiving a digital message in the receiving hardware-software complex, analyzing the time intervals between the signals, the reference markers are extracted and the true value of the transmitted digital information signal is formed from the actually received message.EFFECT: increasing the reliability of information transmission over a radio channel.5 dwg

Drive and control system for vertical-lift gate and vertical-lift gate // 2642772
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention provides a drive system for high-speed vertical-lift gate with a drive motor that is provided for moving the gate leaf, and the rotation speed of the drive motor can be reduced to zero. The drive motor is driven by the control unit. When an emergency stop mode occurs, the drive motor is driven with an adjustable reduction in its rotation frequency up to zero. The gate leaf is braked by a drive motor. When the gate leaf is stopped, it is held in the locked position by the powered drive motor at zero speed.EFFECT: emergency power source provides a delay in moving the gate leaf with the help of a drive motor and the possibility of an emergency opening of the gate even when the main power supply is disconnected.10 cl, 6 dwg
Well telemetric system with voice coil type drive // 2642703
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: pulse telemetric system is proposed for transmitting digital data from a borehole to a surface block, comprising: a drill pipe disposed in a borehole comprising an upstream end and at least a portion of a drilling fluid; one or more borehole sensors; a processing unit connected to one or more borehole sensors; a valve connected in fluid with the drilling mud to control the pressure in the drill pipe near the front during the end of conditioning the pressure oscillations in the drilling mud to transmit data through the drilling mud. The valve comprises a voice coil type drive to form pressure drops in the drilling fluid. In this case, the processing unit comprises a speed sensor configured to measure the speed of the voice coil type drive, and wherein the processing unit is arranged to control the position of the voice coil type drive based on the measured speed.EFFECT: providing higher data transfer performance, extending the lifetime of the telemetric system elements.17 cl, 7 dwg
Electrically insulating composition // 2642567
FIELD: cable industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the cable industry, namely to polymer electrical insulating compositions intended for use in cable structures, operated in conditions of increased fire hazard and low temperatures when exposed to diesel fuel and lubricating oils. Electrically insulating composition contains, by weight: copolymer of butylene phthalate and polybutylene glycol with butylenphthalate (50–95) wt % and polybutylene glycol (5–50) wt % – 20–90, polyethylene wax 1–5, high molecular weight polydimethylsiloxane 2–20, additionally contains aluminum hydroxide Al(OH)3 or magnesium hydroxide Mg(OH)2 100–200, copolymer of ethylene with octene, or ethylene with vinyl acetate, or copolymer of butadiene with acrylonitrile, or copolymer of styrene with butadiene 8–60, high-density polyethylene modified with maleic anhydride 2–20.EFFECT: technical result – invention makes it possible to provide a high degree of incombustibility, a lower rate of emission of smoke and hydrogen chloride during combustion in combination with increased resistance to diesel fuel and lubricating oils, as well as resistance to low temperatures.1 cl, 8 tbl, 4 ex

Protective electronic module for hvdc converter // 2642548
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: electronic module comprises a capacitor, a short-circuit device, a movable portion, a short-circuit portion and a spring element, a short-circuit device is in parallel connected to the capacitor, the short-circuit device comprises a first and a second bus, the movable portion is connected to the first bus, and the short-circuit portion is connected to the second bus, the spring element is located between the movable portion and the short-circuit portion, when the short-circuit current flows through the first bus, the magnetic force between two buses causes the first bus to be repelled from the second bus and moves towards the short-circuit portion.EFFECT: providing the ability to protect the circuit from the discharge of energy originating from the capacitor.10 cl, 3 dwg

Integrated attenuator // 2642538
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: integrated attenuator contains a differential signal generator, links consisting of parallel controlled metal-nitride-oxide-semiconductor transistor of n and p type, a control unit and a load, in addition, a non-inverting pair of links consisting of n-type and p-type metal-nitride-oxide-semiconductor transistor is connected to the differential signal generator and the load directly, and an inverting pair of links consisting of metal-nitride-oxide-semiconductor transistor of n- and p-type is connected to the differential signal generator and the load crosswise; where the resistance of the metal-nitride-oxide-semiconductor transistors entering the links is controlled by the control unit, while the resistance of one pair of metal-nitride-oxide-semiconductor transistor links increases and the other drops.EFFECT: providing the possibility of expanding the functionality of attenuators made with CMOS technology, reducing losses in direct signal passage, increasing the dynamic range, expanding the bandwidth of operating frequencies, reducing phase distortions when switching attenuation levels.2 dwg, 1 tbl

ultijunction solar cell // 2642524
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: multijunction solar cell includes the first sub-element consisting of a compound of InGaAs. The first sub-element has the first lattice constant, and the second sub-element with the second lattice constant. The first lattice constant at least by 0.008Ǻ larger than the second lattice constant and, in addition, a metamorphic buffer is provided that is made between the first and the second sub-elements. The buffer contains a sequence of at least three layers, the lattice constant of this sequence increases toward the first sub-element. The constant lattice layers of the buffer are larger than the second lattice constant, one layer of the buffer has the third lattice constant that is greater than the first lattice constant. Between the metamorphic buffer and the first sub-element, N compensating layers are made to compensate the residual voltage of the metamorphic buffer. The lattice constant of the corresponding compensating layers is smaller than the first lattice constant by an amount ΔAN>0.0008Ǻ, and the compensating layers have an indium content of more than 1%, and the thicknesses of the N number of the compensating layers are selected from a certain ratio.EFFECT: increase in the efficiency of the multijunction solar cell.17 cl, 6 dwg

Electronic transformer // 2642519
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: electronic transformer comprises a first AC voltage network, a first LC filter, a nine-key transducer, a second LC filter, a second alternating voltage network connected in cascade, characterized in that a storage reactor is introduced, and a nine-key transducer is made on fully controllable key with double-ended conductivity. The storage reactor is connected by its clamps to the upper and lower three keys of the nine-key transducer.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase the voltage conversion factor, since now both stages of the electronic transformer contribute to an increase in the output voltage of the electronic transformer.2 dwg

ethod and device for shared use of code resource of associated individual physical channel // 2642516
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: method for sharing a code resource of an associated dedicated physical channel (A-DPCH) includes the following receiving a request to establish a radio link (RL-request); it is estimated whether the RL request is an RL request for data only transmission or not; if the RL-request is an RL-request for the transfer of only data, from the used A-DPCH code resource for allocation to the A-DPCH according to the type of the RL-request service, a code resource, corresponding to an available SOFF offset (Symbol chipOffset), in which the offset SOFF is a time difference rounded off by 2560 chips between the DPCH 0 slot (DCH) and the Primary Common Pilot Channel (PCPICH) header, is selected.EFFECT: reduction of the use of code resources of the associated dedicated physical channel of the cell with an increased number of users.11 cl, 7 dwg, 1 tbl
ethod of forming elliptical direction diagram for active phased antenna array // 2642515
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: method of forming elliptical direction diagram for an active phased antenna array containing delay lines, and the delay lines in the antenna are configured in such a way that the reception and transmission are carried out by electromagnetic radiation converging at the focus of the ellipsoid.EFFECT: possibility of forming an elliptical direction diagram with the possibility of changing the parameters of APAA to determine the azimuth, the tilt angle and the distance to the target.2 dwg

Detection of functioning variable intensity control presence // 2642514
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: detection circuits (1, 2) for detecting the presence of functioning variable intensity controls, made with possibility of luminous intensity adjustment of lamps (14), comprise the first circuits (1) to measure the impedances in the joints (12) designed to transmit possibly regulated feeding signals for the lamps (14). The first circuits (1) provide the first output signals that determine the measured impedances, which contain impedances at frequencies exceeding the power-line frequencies. The detection circuits (1, 2) additionally comprise second circuits (2) for analyzing the first output signals. The second circuits (2) provide the second output signals determining whether functioning variable intensity controls are present. Impedance can be measured several times during the time interval. The change in the measured impedance of specific minimal deviation or more within a time interval may indicate the presence of the functioning variable intensity control. The second circuits (2) may comprise filters (21), averaging circuits (22), threshold circuits (23), comparators (24), and controllers (25).EFFECT: increased reliability of detecting the presence of functioning variable intensity controls designed to adjust the lamp's luminous intensity.15 cl, 8 dwg

Communication system // 2642513
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: indication of the selected effect in the user terminal is received from the remote terminal, the user image is captured in the user terminal, and the playback of the image captured in the user terminal is carried out on the display of the user terminal, and a notification is displayed, by which the user of the user terminal has an opportunity to enforce the same selected effect on the remote terminal. In this case, playback includes modifying the image by changing the image according to the selected effect.EFFECT: providing the user with the ability to see how he appears in the interlocutor terminal, as his own image is reproduced with the selected effect on the basis of information, adopted in its terminal, and the opportunity to apply the same effect to the image, which he sees.20 cl, 9 dwg

ulti-beam antenna // 2642512
FIELD: antenna technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to telecommunication multi-beam antenna systems with a focal device consisting of a two-dimensional array of irradiators, in which a plurality of beams are simultaneously generated by setting the amplitude-time parameters of the signals for each illuminator. Multi-beam antenna, in which the focusing device in the form of amplifying lens (6) is irradiated by irradiating device (1), which is designed as two-dimensional array of irradiators (2). System of beam formation for each active beam forms, with the help of a certain subarray of irradiators, nonplanar wave front (5b) equidistant to plane wave front (5a) in a given beam direction. In this case, the radiating surface of the array of irradiators is outside self-intersection zone of nonplanar wave fronts (5d), and refractive surface (9) of the amplifying lens has a continuous second derivative. In this case, the refractive surface of the lens can be a surface of revolution, with an axis of rotation that does not coincide in angle and (or) position with the axes of the amplifying lens and (or) the irradiating device. In addition, the refractive surface can be formed by drawing one, in a generally variable, curve along the other guiding curve.EFFECT: technical result consists in providing the possibility of obtaining a large number of active rays.4 cl, 4 dwg

ethod of adaptive load control in electrical supply system of data processing center // 2642510
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: according to the method, the value of nominal averaged power consumption is set and stored - Pnom, after which for the timepoint ti the value of the total averaged power Pifull=Pic+Pie+Pia, where Pic is power consumption by computer equipment, Pie - power consumption by engineering equipment, Pia - power consumption by additional equipment, then the deviation of the total averaged current power consumption from the nominal average power consumption is calculated and stored ΔPi=Pifull-Pnom, then for the timepoint ti+1=ti+tP, where tP is the load adjustment period is calculated and stored, the deviation of the total averaged current power consumption from the nominal averaged power consumption ΔPi+1=Pi+1full-Pnom, then after exceeding the deviation values in absolute value |ΔPi|≥ΔPad and |ΔPi+1|≥ΔPad from a given permissible tolerance ΔPad the increment of deviation is calculated and the performance of the computing equipment is changed in such a way that the current total averaged power consumption Pl+1full at negative or positive values ΔPi+1 and respectively increased or decreased by their values in such a way that the total averaged power in the next period Pi+2full would correspond to the nominal averaged power consumption Pnom.EFFECT: increasing the accuracy and stability of maintaining the specified nominal power consumption of data processing center, reducing the required number of power measurements.3 dwg

ethod for producing high-coercivity magnets from alloys on basis of nd-fe-b // 2642508
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for production of high-energy permanent magnets based on rare-earth-alloys (rare earth metals), and alloys, in particular, based on neodymium, iron and boron (Nd-Fe-B alloy). The method for production of high-coercive magnets from Nd-Fe-B-based alloys includes crushing the base alloy, mixing the alloy and an additive for correction of alloy composition, pressing a mixture of powders in magnetic field, sintering the blank and cooling. The additive for correction of alloy composition is hydrides of rare-earth metals-Fe, and sintering of magnet is carried out in vacuum or at residual pressure for 1-2 h.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase coercive force and residual induction of produced magnets.2 cl, 2 dwg
ethod of non-satellite navigation // 2642507
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: radio-frequency tags are installed on road signs, traffic lights, poles, trees, buildings, and structures, as well as other artificial objects and non-living objects suitable for this purpose, while their information data characterizing the uniqueness of each label location are contrasted with analogous data printed on an electronic map and/or stored in the database. Tag coordinates are assigned relative to the boundaries of a city or other locality object, an area, a region, an administrative unit or a state by building a grid, where the southernmost point of the boundary is a zero-numerical value of the index (number) in the position indicated by a single letter of the alphabet, the western point - in the position indicated by a different letter of the alphabet. The coordinates of the remaining tags following the tag(s) with a zero index for either of the two letter positions are obtained by adding, for example, units to the indexes of the tag positions. Tag coordinates consider prohibiting and prescribing traffic signs located at intersections, branches and forks of the road directly, where they are installed, as well as on adjacent intersections, branches and forks. Paving the object route is carried out by connecting the next tag (s) from the initial point, at which the user is located, nearest to the desired point of the tag(s) across all tags lying between them, and then selecting the minimum distance.EFFECT: providing navigation services in a zone containing RF tags at arbitrary trajectories of the user movement.5 cl, 3 dwg

obile device with user interface // 2642505
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: when controlling the operation of a single-block mobile device containing a computer, sensors, the first screen, the second screen, designed as bistable, the second screen is configured through the interface of the first screen and provide the possibility of switching the device to low power consumption mode. If the device is switched to the low power consumption mode, the second screen updated only in response to an event of a particular category, the categories of which are selected by the user.EFFECT: increase in the energy efficiency of the device and increase in its operating time due to the ability to select the category of events that cause the screen update.7 cl, 68 dwg

Ring single-wave vibrator // 2642504
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: in the plane of the wave polarization, blades made of thin metal tape are set from the outer and inner sides of the ring single-wave vibrator. In the node of the standing wave of the electric field at the exit of the ring vibrator in the plane of the wave polarization, one blade from a thin metal tape is set from the outer sides of the ring single-wave vibrator, and the ring single-wave vibrator is tuned to the impedance of the coaxial cable connected thereto by changing the distance between the inner blades from the thin metal tape placed in antinodes of the standing wave of the electric field of the ring single-wave vibrator.EFFECT: increasing the electric field strength at the receiving point and expanding the passband in the antinodes of the standing wave of the electric ring vibrator field.4 dwg

ethod and device for lighting control in space inside of room // 2642502
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: lighting control in space method includes the steps of determining the orientation of daylight-blocking element and/or the lighting device 301 and automatically correcting at least one characteristic of the daylight-blocking element and/or the lighting device at least partly based on the determined orientation (305). The method may additionally or alternatively include the steps of determining the likely conditions of daylight at some time in the future and beginning to correct at least one characteristic of the daylight-blocking element and/or the lighting device before a certain moment in the future (202/203). Also, elements of daylight-blocking element and/or lighting devices are proposed.EFFECT: providing the possibility of one or more aspects of lighting control methods.14 cl, 4 dwg

Intelligent electrothermal drive // 2642501
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: intelligent electrothermal drive contains a magnetic core with a power winding, installed on the core, a fixed heating element and rotating element in the form of a short-circuited secondary winding, having the form of a hollow rotor with cooling elements. The coupling of the rotating element and the fixed heating element is done using the thrust radial rolling elements. The power supply of the network winding is carried out with the help of an intelligent control device that takes into account the level of illumination, the presence of movement, temperature, time of day, weather conditions.EFFECT: selective operation of the drive is taken into account, considering the influence of the environment.2 dwg

ethod of control and repair of wire insulation // 2642499
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: method of control and repair of winding wire insulation involves detecting a defect in the insulation of a moving wire by control devices and measuring its extent. Further, when passing a defective area under the enamel application unit, an electrostatically charged enamelling lacquer is applied to the detected defect. For high-strength heat-resistant enamelled winding wires PETV, the enamel insulation of which is made of PE-939 lacquer, a composition for electrostatic coating of film binder on the defective area, for which the liquid PE-939 lacquer of B grade is added with dioxane and the surface tension coefficient is controlled. Then, when the specified coefficient reaches the values (4÷5)⋅106 N/cm, the dilution of the lacquer with dioxane is terminated and 1% ammonia is added to the resulting composition, while measuring the specific resistance of the mixture obtained. Addition of ammonia is stopped when the composition reaches the value of the volume resistivity lying in the range of (10-5÷10-6) Om-1 m-1. Thereafter, said mixture is electrostatically charged by passing it through a nozzle to which a negative high voltage potential pulse is applied in the range of (-2÷-4) kV, the duration of which is equal to the time of passing the defective area under the nozzle. After the application of the liquid enamel film to the defective area excess enamel is removed, then the defective area with the liquid enamel applied to it is subjected to baking and drying.EFFECT: increasing the accuracy of detection of defective areas in the insulation of the wire and their extent with further repairs, improving the efficiency of repair.2 dwg

Stranded cable and method of manufacturing stranded cables // 2642498
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a stranded cable (2) used, for example, in the automobile industry, including single wires (4, 6). Several identically executed single wires (4) are arranged as outer wires (4) around one central inner wire (6), and single wires (4, 6) are forming a complex that is surrounded by insulation (12). The outer wires (4) are non-pressed and have a non-circular cross-section, so that the size of the outer wires (4) - when viewed in cross section - increases from the inner wire (6) radially outside, and the mentioned complex of single wires (4, 6) is not pressed, so that it has a high ultimate strength under alternating bending.EFFECT: cable provides a high ultimate strength for alternating bending.15 cl, 3 dwg
agnetoelectric current-voltage transducer with frequency doubling // 2642497
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: transducer is a structure of a capacitor, the plates of which are made of magnetostrictive metal and mechanically connected to a piezoelectric plate inside and to an inductance coil wound on it, and of a magnetic core, made in the form of two U-shaped plates closely adjacent to the magnetostrictive plates, that ensures the magnetic flux closure. The input signal is the current of the inductance coil, and the output signal is taken from the capacitor plates.EFFECT: to ensure the transducer's operation, it is not required to create a bias field, and it contains a magnetic core that ensures the magnetic flux closure, which leads to a reduction in energy losses.1 dwg
ethod of increase of threshold barrier voltage of gan transistor // 2642495
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: method of increasing the threshold barrier voltage of a transistor based on gallium nitride (GaN), which includes creating gate p-GaN mesa on the surface of the silicon wafer with epitaxial heterostructure of GaN/AlGaN/GaN type, inter-instrument mesa-isolation, forming ohmic contacts to the areas of the transistor drain and source, forming a two-layer resistive mask by lithographic methods, cleaning of the surface of the semiconductor, deposition of thin films of gate metallization, removing of the plate from the vacuum chamber of the evaporator, removal of the resistive mask, prior to the evaporation of thin films of gate metallization the plate is subjected to treatment in an atmosphere of atomic hydrogen for t=10-60 seconds at a temperature of t=20-150°C and flow density of hydrogen atoms on the surface of the plate, equal to 1013-1016 at. cm-2 c-1.EFFECT: increase in the threshold barrier voltage of the GaN transistor when applying barrier metal films to the p-GaN gate area with a high electronic work function.5 cl, 3 dwg

Radical transferring unit and method // 2642494
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: unit includes a plasma generator and a guide body. The plasma generator includes a chamber (2), in which a plasma can be formed. The chamber has an inlet (5) for receiving the introduced gas and one or more outlets (6) for removing, at least, one of the plasma and the radicals created therein. The guide body is hollow and configured to direct the radicals formed in the plasma to a region or volume, in which the deposition of contamination is to be removed. The chamber inlet is connected to a pressure device (40) to provide pulsating pressure in the chamber so as to create a flow in the guide body.EFFECT: increasing the removal efficiency of contaminants.21 cl, 13 dwg
ethod of local diagnostics of maxwell's plasma by single langmuir probe // 2642493
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: claimed method of local diagnosis of Maxwell's plasma using a single cylindrical Langmuir probe provides an introduction to the gas-discharge space of thin probe holder with a probe at the end in the form of a line of metallic yarn connected via source voltage probe to the metal casing of the gas-discharge device or additional supporting electrode. While steps are being taken to protect the probe circuit from electric pickups and building cleaning surface probe, recording its current-voltage characteristic by changing the probe voltage in both directions from the floating potential and determining the electron energy distribution function, the electron concentration, their temperature, and the plasma potential by processing the probe characteristic by one of the known methods. Then, the ion current density is measured per probe under a floating potential, used later to control the purity of the working gas or the state of the experimental vacuum technique.EFFECT: expansion of the set of measured parameters of the plasma under investigation by determining the thickness of the probe layer and the ion mass in the case when the electron distribution function with respect to the plasma energies is close to the Maxwell function.2 cl, 1 dwg

System of radiocommunication with air objects // 2642490
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for noise-protected information exchange between air objects (AO) and terrestrial complexes (TC) in "air-ground" channels. The method is performed by replacing a directional microwave antenna controlled by an electromechanical device, n-segments of a phased array antenna with fast electronic scanning in azimuth and elevation angle.EFFECT: increase of jamming resistance of data transmission, management and control the expansion of managed objects in the air, increasing the number of aircraft managed objects and the amount of information received on the ground and processed on its WKS.1 dwg

Excitation system of asynchronized electric machine // 2642488
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: longitudinal excitation winding (1) and transverse excitation winding (2), located on the rotor of the asynchronized machine, are connected in series and fed by a three-phase transformer (3) through two back-to-back three-phase controlled rectifier. The first rectifier is formed by thyristor groups (4) and (5), the second one - by thyristor groups (6) and (7). The rectifiers are controlled by an automatic excitation controller (8), influencing their thyristor groups (4-7). The common point (9) of the windings (1) and (2) is galvanically connected to the neutral (10) of the secondary windings of the transformer (3) by the circuit (11). A rejection filter from parallel inductance (12) and capacitor (13) is introduced in the circuit (11) and is tuned to the third harmonic of the mains frequency. The secondary windings of the transformer (3) are made of semi-windings and are connected in a zigzag.EFFECT: simplification of the excitation system and reduction of energy losses in its elements.3 cl, 2 dwg

Solar battery // 2642487
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: in the battery, the support panel consists of face and rear covers which are made of perforated resilient material and which are connected to each other by stiffening plates also made of resilient material; solar cells with an optically transparent protective plate and a protective plate on the back side pasted on each of them tc of the front side are glued to the front panel skin, the perforation windows are made and the stiffening plates are placed in accordance with the solar cells sizes with the step corresponding to the step of the arrangement solar cells. Holes in the walls of the stiffening plates are made for simplification and/or for the cabling inside the battery.EFFECT: enhancement of specific performances due to the solar battery weight reduction, degradation decrease of the electrical characteristics during the process of exploitation, reducing the size of panels and packs of panels in the folded state.1 dwg,1 ex

ethod and device for conference access // 2642483
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: call from a calling party is received, in which the information on the number dialled by the calling party contains the telephone number of the called party that is a participant of the conference taking place in the conference room and the prefix of the telephone number of the called party that is used to access the conference system, and granting access to the calling part to the conference room of the conference system.EFFECT: providing the user with the possibility to directly access the conference system through the prefix of the number dialled by him and directly access the conference room by calling a conference participant, which increases the efficiency and proportion of successful attempts of the calling party to access the conference room.14 cl, 8 dwg

ethod for adjusting automatic adaptive dispersion compensation // 2642482
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: adjustment is based on the automatic adaptive dispersion compensation system, which includes an adjustable dispersion compensation module and an OTU receiving element containing a delay line interferometer, and includes the following operations: S1. adjustment of the delay line interferometer, so that the output optical power is maximum at the output of the interferometer, where constructive interference occurs; S2. coarse adjustment of the dispersion, determine if the frame header is detected by the frame forming unit, if detected, then proceed to S3, if not, return to S1; S3, fine adjustment of the dispersion, determine if the optimal dispersion point was found, in which the bit error rate before correction was minimal, if found, then the adjustment is completed, if not, return to S2.EFFECT: shortened duration of the dispersion compensation adjustment and improved adjustment efficiency.8 cl, 4 dwg

Communication system, method and device // 2642477
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: mobile terminal transmits an identifier for the mobile terminal's usage characteristics to the core network node that selects a specific core network target identified by the identifier to identify the core network by performing the Domain Name Service (DNS) procedure and transmits a request for a transition to another radio access service sub-system, including an identifier, to a specific target node of the core network.EFFECT: reduction in equipment costs and the provision of effective handover functions.7 cl, 25 dwg

Leveling rotor for reducing vibrations and noise // 2642474
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: electric machine in which a rotor is mounted in a stator by means of a rolling bearing in a late operation, is mounted. The rolling bearing itself is fixed in the bearing shield. Initially rotor rests in magnetic levelling device, and the bearing shield is not fixed relative to the stator and has the possibility, in particular, of radial displacement. To align the rotor, it is driven by the stator. At that, vibrations of rotor (e.g., in the form of forces or deviations depending on time) are detected, which are the result of imparting asymmetrical shapes or force effects. Then, the magnetic levelling device is adjusted so that the vibrations are reduced. In this state, when the vibrations are reduced or eliminated, the bearing shield is indirectly or directly fixed to the stator.EFFECT: reduction of noise and vibrations.10 cl, 4 dwg
Otn system and method of supporting bidirectional transmission of light from optical supervisory channel on one fiber // 2642473
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: system includes upper and lower nodes in which two optical amplifier blocks and one optical supervisory channel block are provided, in addition, each node also has one multiplexer/demultiplexer consisting of an optical circulator and a multiplexer/demultiplexer. In this case, the output path of the optical supervisory channel block is connected to the upsteam interface of the optical circulator, and the common circulator interface is connected to the mentioned multiplexer/demultiplexer, the downstream interface is connected to the incoming path of the optical supervisory channel block; multiplexers/demultiplexers of two nodes are connected to each other by two optical fibers, in one of them the bidirectionally transmitted light from the optical supervisory channel and the light of direct traffic pass, and in the other the light of the reverse traffic passes.EFFECT: improving the quality of contact by receiving and transmitting light with a wavelength of light from the optical supervisory channel in one fiber, which eliminates the asymmetry of the transmit and receive paths and ensures equalization of receiving and transmitting delays.8 cl, 4 dwg

Buffer for decision making on disconnection in adaptive detection of short circuit through arc // 2642467
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: device for detection and filtration of undesired events of disconnection of short circuit through an arc contains: a storage to store data of one or more types of events of disconnection of short circuit through an arc, previously detected in a circuit within a certain period of time, with each previously detected type of event of disconnection of short circuit through an arc leading to the interruption of the circuit at least once, if detected; and a processor, which communicates with the storage, while the processor is adapted to determine whether the newly detected event of disconnection of short circuit through an arc is an undesired event of disconnection, based on the number of times of one and the same type of the event of disconnection of short circuit through an arc, which occurred earlier, as a newly detected event of disconnection of short circuit through an arc, and to forbid the interruption of the circuit if the newly detected event of disconnection of short circuit through an arc is determined as an undesired event of disconnection.EFFECT: providing filtration of undesired events of disconnection of short circuit through an arc.19 cl, 5 dwg

Wireless device and method of power control // 2642460
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: disclosure of the entity provides a power control method and a wireless device in a cluster, consisting of wireless devices, including the first wireless device and the second wireless device that contains: reception of power control information including the second transmitting power via a datalink channel from the second wireless device; definition of the first transmitting power via the datalink channel on the basis of the second transmitting power via the datalink channel; and control of the transmitting power via the datalink channel of the first wireless device according to the first transmitting power via the datalink channel; wherein the first transmitting power via the datalink channel is the power allowing the first wireless device to reach all wireless devices in the cluster and the second transmitting power via the datalink channel is the power allowing the second wireless device to reach all wireless devices in the cluster.EFFECT: reduction of power consumption and significant interference for untargeted UE.4 cl, 12 dwg

Variable length of radio communication line packet data unit // 2642458
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: first device generates a HS-DSCH capacity distribution control frame including a value indicating the number of octets of packet data modules which can be transmitted to the second device during the HS-DSCH interval and transmits the HS-DSCH capacity distribution control frame to the second device.EFFECT: providing improved control of data flows for communication systems due to HS-DSCH channel capacity distribution.11 cl, 13 dwg, 4 tbl

Radar scanning method // 2642453
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: in radar scanning method consisting in electronic and mechanical scanning by the phased array antenna beam with respect to the elevation angle and the azimuth in mechanical direction, change the scanning electron plane of the phased array antenna (FAA) by rotating or rocking of the FAA about the axis perpendicular to its plane, with the possibility to provide electronic scanning by FAA beam in the azimuth-angle sector for radar stations with one-dimensional electronic scanning when the rotation or rocking of the antenna in the azimuth plane is stopped.EFFECT: providing electronic scanning by the phased array antenna beam in the azimuth-angle sector for radar stations with one-dimensional electronic scanning when the rotation of the antenna is stopped in the azimuth plane.1 dwg

Device for determining turn-to-turn short circuits in power transformer windings with switching without excitation // 2642445
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: device contains current transformers, included into the phase break of the power circuit of the three-phase network, connected to the electric plant. The transformers are interconnected in delta circuit on the sides of the electric plant, forming a differential protection circuit, current circuits and a differential relay with the first and second compensating and differential windings, located on the same core leg and interconnected. The polar terminals of current transformers of different phases and sides of the electric plant are connected to one differential relay. To determine the turn-to-turn short circuit in the windings of the auto-type transformer winding ends are provided. The winding ends have respective digital marking in the number of the changer taps without excitation of the power transformer and allow increasing or decreasing the transformation ratio of the auto-type transformer depending on the changer tap without excitation of the power transformer. The terminals are fitted with pads for changing the turns of the adjustable winding in the number of the transformer phases. Each pad is a metal plate of at least 2.5 mm in cross-section, attached with its one end to the terminal of the dielectric plate, and with the other end to one of the terminals of the adjustable winding of the auto-type transformer, located on the same dielectric plate. The pad is fixed on the terminals of the auto-type transformer.EFFECT: increase in the sensitivity to turn-to-turn short circuits and elimination of the influence of higher harmonics.2 cl, 1 dwg

Synchronous generator with two-circuit magnetic system // 2642442
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: synchronous generator with two-circuit magnetic system contains a rotor divided into two annular parts, the outer and inner rotor. In this case, both on the external and internal rotor ferromagnetic plates are fixed with attached to them magnetic poles and permanent magnets. The stator windings are located between the outer and inner rotor with the elements fixed to them. The outer and inner rotor are connected to the rotor shaft fixed by means of bearings in the case of synchronous generator. Magnetic poles are made in a rectangular shape.EFFECT: cheaper construction, increasing the generator's power and increasing the efficiency through the use of a two-circuit magnetic system, reducing the specific metal capacity of generator per unit of power.3 dwg

ethod and device of charging // 2642439
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: method includes the reception of the installation signal and determination of the charging direction in accordance with the installation signal; defining whether the charging operation is the slave device charging by the master device, if the charging direction is the first direction; defining whether the charging operation is the master device charging by the slave device, if the charging direction is the second direction; and transmission of appropriate instruction on charging to the power control integrated circuit of the master device and to the power control integrated circuit of the slave device according to the charging operation. In this case, the reception of the installation signal and the determination of the charging direction in accordance with the installation signal include: displaying information on the initial electric power level by means of a linear electric power control indicator. The percentage ratio of the initial unused electric power level of the master device to the total unused electric power level and the percentage ratio of the initial unused electric power level of the slave device to the total unused electric power level are included into the information. The total unused electric power level is equal to the sum of the initial unused electric power level of the master device and initial unused electric power level of the slave device; reception of the slider shift operations in the linear power control indicator; definition of the information about the target level of electric power, corresponding to the shift operation, while the information about the target level of electric power includes the percentage ratio of the target unused electric power level of the master device to the total unused electric power level and the percentage ratio of the target unused electric power level of the slave device to the total unused electric power level; and defining the charging direction in accordance with information on the initial level of electric power and information on the target level of electric power.EFFECT: ensuring the guaranteed charging of two smart devices that are connected via the interconnecting line, from each other, in accordance with the charging direction, specified by the user.14 cl, 13 dwg

Led exiter with modulator of lighting controlled signal with compensation of exposure of external temperature // 2642438
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to exiters of light-emitting diodes and, in particular, is aimed at superimposing a signal for adding a property to an existing LED exiter. The device (200) is able to superimpose the overlay signal (digital or analogue) to the control signal (164) of the LED exiter (100), depending on the external control information (256). The control signal (164) is provided for LED exiter (100) at the input (105) of control signal. By superimposing the overlay signal, the device (200) modulates control signal (164) and provides a modulated control signal (164) for the same control signal input (105).EFFECT: expansion of LED exiter functionality.14 cl, 12 dwg