Nuclear physics and nuclear engineering (G21)

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G21            Nuclear physics; nuclear engineering(6400)

Composition of water-soluble coating for protecting nuclear fuel core surface // 2642667
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: composition contains a polymeric resin based on methacrylic acid, 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate and methyl methacrylate. The composition is a polymer resin containing 52-62 wt % of methacrylic acid, 34-42 wt % of 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate, and 0.01-12 wt % of methyl methacrylate.EFFECT: production of the film coating having high strength and wear resistance that can be easily removed by washing with water.7 cl, 12 dwg, 8 tbl, 8 ex
ethod of manufacturing chromatographic generator technetium-99m from molybdenum-98 irradiated by neutrons // 2642485
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: method of manufacturing chromatographic generator technetium-99 m generator from molybdenum-98 irradiated by neutrons includes the processing of aluminium oxide with the limit amount of acid required for complete cessation of its interaction with oxide, making a sample of the processed aluminium in a chromatographic column with the subsequent applying of molybdenum solution thereto. After 60-120 minutes, the column is washed successively with water and saline solution containing hydrogen peroxide in a ratio of 15:1.EFFECT: reduction of losses of used molybdenum.2 tbl

Container for tp with casing from high-strength spheroidal graphite cast iron // 2642449
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: container for the TP with a cover made of high-strength spheroidal graphite cast iron includes a cover and a body made of high-strength spheroidal graphite cast iron, inner and outer covers. The pipes in the cover, which form the channels for placing the fuel assemblies, and the cover in the body are fixed by shrinkage of the melt of high-strength spheroidal graphite cast iron, which takes place in the manufacture of the cover casting and the body casting, respectively. The upper end of the cover, its base and the bottom are covered with a protective coating, resistant to the effects of deactivation solutions. The cover is made non-removable, it is possible to decontaminate it.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase the manufacturability of the fabrication, to ensure good heat dissipation from the cover to the container body, and to reduce the prime cost.2 dwg
Gripping and locking/unlocking system and its application for handling holders of samples of nuclear materials // 2642437
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: gripping and locking/unlocking system is provided by one or more engaging devices ensuring both sealed locking/unlocking of the inner tube together with the gripping element and the inner tube in the outer tube, and it is applied only when the gripping element is moved to displacement A or displacement B. The system is a system for inserting and removing the sample holder tube intended for placing a sample of nuclear materials, for example nuclear fuel, inside and outside the measuring tube of instrument holder intended for placing measurement sensors and the cooling system.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to handle holders of samples of nuclear materials in research nuclear reactor to ensure extraction of holders of samples without any damage in protective shell with respect to external medium, reliable, simple in manufacture and quick in use.16 cl, 26 dwg

ethod of simultaneous reproducing specified neutron fluence values and exposure dose of gamma-radiation in research reactors // 2641890
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the facilities for testing objects for radiation resistance in the fields of radiation from research reactors, namely to the method of simultaneous reproducing specified neutron fluence values (Fspec) and the exposure dose of gamma radiation (Dspec). In the test volume of the reactor, a gamma-neutron radiation field is formed using thermal neutron converters to gamma quanta located outside the direct effect section of the symmetrical core reactor emissions. At distances (R) along the axis passing through the center of A3 in the direction of the predicted placement of the test object, the neutron fluence with energies above 0.1 MeV (F0.1) and the exposure dose of gamma radiation (Dγ) at constant sizes of converters and the chosen scheme of their placement. Then, from the function F0.1(R)/Dγ(R) the distance is determined, where F0.1/Dγ=Fspec/Dspec, and from the function Kn(R)=F0.1(R)/N - the value of the parameter Kn. Further, by the formula P⋅t=Fspec/Kn ⋅α the reactor power (P) and the duration (t) of the irradiation of the test object are selected, ensuring the reproduction of the specified emission parameters, where N is the reading of the measurement channel, α=N/Q is the sensitivity coefficient of the measuring channel, Q is the energy release in the core of the reactor.EFFECT: simultaneous reproduction of the specified parameters of emissions in a wide range of values with a simplified technology for reproducing these parameters.3 dwg

Device for protection against ionizing radiation and hermetic shell equipped with such device // 2641716
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device for protection against ionizing radiation passing through the hole, limited by the wall crossing design, equipped with a glove that contains the attenuation design of ionizing radiation passing through the hole, which is able to cover the hole and fastening means mounted to provide a detachable mounting attenuation design of ionizing radiation to the wall crossing design. The attenuation design of ionizing radiation is a sleeve open at its two ends, deformable under its own weight, which is set for fastening to the wall crossing design using the mentioned fixing tools of the first open sleeve end and mounted to be able to be turned out in such a way as to accommodate partially inside the glove sleeve. There is also a hermetic shell.EFFECT: group of inventions allows to increase the protection of the operator's body, to facilitate separation from the wall crossing design for replacement by another protection device.15 cl, 9 dwg
Cladding of fuel element of nuclear reactor, method of its production and application to prevent oxidation/hydrogenation // 2641668
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: cladding of the fuel element of nuclear reactor contains a substrate containing an inner layer based on zirconium and one intermediate layer located on the inner layer and comprising at least one intermediate material selected from tantalum, molybdenum, tungsten, vanadium, hafnium or alloys thereof, and at least one external layer located on the substrate and comprising a protective material selected from chromium or alloy based on chromium. There is also a method for producing a cladding, use of the cladding, as well as an application for preventing hydrogenation.EFFECT: improved resistance to oxidation and hydrogenation at very high temperatures to obtain an additional safety margin.16 cl, 17 dwg
ethod of purifying liquid radioactive wastes and device for its implementation // 2641656
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: method of purifying liquid radioactive wastes (LRW) provides preliminary filtration, ozonation, dosed introduction to the distillation residue of LRW hydrogen peroxide, processing the distillation residue by impulse UV radiation of continuous spectrum of the microfiltration with the separation of sludge containing radioactive cobalt, iron, manganese, and sorption for removal of radioactive cesium. Processing of the distillation residue with the LRW pulses of UV radiation is combined with exposure to pulsed magnetic field of tension, wherein the pulses of UV radiation and magnetic field pulses are formed synchronously. There is also a device for implementing a method of purifying LRW.EFFECT: increasing the degree of purification of liquid radioactive waste.2 cl, 3 dwg

Cooled wall of tokamak // 2641651
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: cooled wall of tokamak has a heat flux receiving surface and an adjacent heat-conducting zone, inside which there is a group of atomizers, at that each atomizer contains a chamber with axial hole connected to the cooling liquid supply channel. Each atomizer has a nozzle arranged coaxially relative to the axial hole. Finning is made on the nozzle inner surface. A housing for collecting steam is mounted on the side of the nozzles.EFFECT: increased efficiency for cooling walls of chambers with high intensity of heat flow from the center of chambers to the periphery.2 dwg
Installation of purifying water from general alpha-radioactivity and radon // 2641122
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: water purification installation contains a degasser in the form of a column (1) with a cover (2) and with the branch pipes for supplying the purified water (3) and the gas outlets (4) at the top of the column and the branch pipes for the air supply (5) and the outlet of the purified water (6) at the bottom of the column filled with a nozzle (7), a holding tank (8), a device for the air supply (9). The installation is equipped with an additional branch pipe (10) at the bottom of the column (1) below the layer and the second branch pipe (11) in the middle of the column (1) above the nozzle layer (7), and one of the branch pipes is attached to the rinsing water supply (12) and the second branch pipe is attached to the outlet of sewage or the storage-tank. A stop valve (13) is installed on the branch pipe of the purified water outlet. The nozzle is located between two perforated diaphragms (14) and (15). The column is equipped with ultrasonic radiators (16) located along the perimeter of the volume filled with a nozzle.EFFECT: installation provides increased radiation safety during operation, increased efficiency of water purification and cleaning of the nozzle material, followed by the removal of radioactive fallout for disposal.2 cl, 1 dwg

Compact betavoltaic power supply of long use with beta emitter on basis of radioisotope 63 ni and method of obtaining it // 2641100
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: compact betavoltaic power supply of long use with beta emitter, representing an assembly of "sandwich" structure in the form of a stack of alternating between each other single or complete current micro sources, where each of the current micro source contains siliceous n + alloy plate with p+ p epi layer, and the source of beta particles in the form of metal conductive layer, containing nickel-63 radioisotope, contacting with one or two sides with semiconductor converter, and a system of collector electrodes for connection to the load, wherein as the semiconductor converter of beta particles energy into electrical energy - matrix of single crystal p-silicon, and as a source of beta particles - commensurate with the semiconductor plate conducting metal plate, as a system of collector electrodes - the combination of system of internal silver linear electrodes, built-in form both sides of the silicon plate over the entire area on top of silicon nitride layer.EFFECT: invention allows to increase the generated electric power, current and voltage of the betavoltaic source.9 cl, 8 dwg

ethod of increasing maneuverability and safety of npp on basis of thermal and chemical accumulation // 2640409
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: according to the proposed method of increasing manoeuvrability and safety of NPP on basis of thermal and chemical accumulation in the night hours of electrical load breakdown, a part of steam from SG through the device of steam distribution is directed to steam-and-water surface heat exchanger, where it gives heat to cold water pumped through cold water pump from HWC in CWC. The drainage of heating steam is supplied to the feed water tract of the main circuit after high-pressure heaters in front of the SG. Due to the electrolysis of water, there is accumulation of unclaimed electricity in the form of hydrogen and oxygen, which are supplied to the receivers by means of booster hydrogen and oxygen compressor units. In the event of an accident with complete de-energization of the NPP, the steam generated by the residual heat release of the reactor installation is directed via the steam distribution device to an additional STP that generates electricity for the power supply of NPP's own needs.EFFECT: increased agility and security of double-circuit NPP on the basis of thermal and chemical base electricity storage in the form of hydrogen fuel and hot water.1 dwg

Sealing bolt and sealing system // 2640408
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: sealing bolt for sealing a container lid relative to container body comprises a seal head mounted on the container lid, a seal rod, a pin connecting the seal head with the seal rod, and comprises a breaking cable located through the transverse passage in the pin. Wherein the breaking cable is fiber optics, the braking cable is arranged so that, any rotational or translational movement of the pin relative to the seal head and/or the seal rod causes rupture of the breaking cable. There is also a sealing system for sealing the container lid.EFFECT: group of inventions makes it possible to create the sealing bolt with improved safety properties and requiring less maintenance efforts.20 cl, 3 dwg

Thermonuclear reactor // 2640407
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: thermonuclear reactor contains a vacuum vessel and blanket modules connected to it by means of flexible supports. Flexible supports additionally perform the functions of electrical connectors, while the supports are made of a material with a high electrical conductivity. Each flexible support with one end is fixed to the vacuum housing and the other - to the blanket module, the two fixed ends of each flexible support face the blanket module, and the flexible support itself is made of two hollow cylindrical elements nested one in the other and perforated with longitudinal slots in the part, free from fastenings, the ends of the hollow cylindrical elements, opposite to the fixed ends, are electrically and mechanically connected.EFFECT: discharging the eddy currents from the thermonuclear reactor blanket module with the simultaneous exclusion of electrical connectors from the blanket and the reduction of the side pressure of the blanket module facing the vacuum housing.1 dwg
ethod for removing metal coating from surface of parts made of radioactive metals and alloys // 2640398
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method for removing metal coating from the surface of parts made of radioactive metals and alloys includes heating the parts to form intermetallic compounds, processing the parts, and, if necessary, additional processing. Heating is carried out in the vacuum chamber by high-frequency pulse currents at a certain number of cycles before the formation of intermetallic compounds, processing is carried out by supersonic inert gas flow with control of the coating removal completeness, and additional processing is carried out by supersonic inert gas flow containing corundum powder.EFFECT: invention allows to create a universal dry method for removing metal coatings.2 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of palladium extraction from high-active rafinat of extraction cycle of refined nuclear fuel processing (versions) // 2639884
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: method consists in the introduction of highly active raffinate of complexing agent (amino-acetic acid) forming complex compounds in the result of the coordination interaction with palladium, from which palladium is reduced to metal by the action of hydrazine.EFFECT: group of inventions allows to selectively extract from nitrate media more than 99,3 percent of metallic palladium in the form of coarse sediment in the first version and in the form of deposits on the surface of the particles of the granular layer of solid catalyst in the second version obtaining concentrated solutions of palladium regenerated after its dissolution in nitric acid.18 cl, 1 dwg, 9 ex

ethods, systems and device for cyclotron production of technetium-99 m // 2639752
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: method includes the stages of (i) irradiation in predominantly oxygen-free medium of cured coated metal Mo-100-target plate with protons emitted by the cyclotron, (ii) dissolving molybdenum ions and technetium ions from irradiated target plate in H2O2 (iv) adjusting the pH of the oxide solution to about 14, (v) feeding the pH-adjusted oxide solution through a resin column to immobilise the ions K[TcO4] and eluting the ions K2[MoO4], (vi) eluting of bound ions [TcO4] from the resin column, (vii) feeding eluted ions K[TcO4] through an aluminium column to immobilise ions K[TcO4], (viii) washing K[TcO4] with water, (ix) elution of ions K[TcO4] with salt solution, and (x) extraction of ions K[TcO4].EFFECT: increased production efficiency of technetium-99 with uniform particle size.5 cl, 2 tbl, 29 dwg

ethod of processing liquid radioactive wastes // 2639724
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method of processing liquid radioactive wastes includes the supply of a mixture of liquid radioactive wastes and sodium chloride to the mixing zone of the plasma-chemical reactor. The mixture of liquid radioactive wastes is dispersed inside the plasma-chemical reactor by feeding them to the nozzles located in the upper part of the plasma-chemical reactor, and simultaneously with the water-cooled copper electrode, a monoelectrode high-frequency flare discharge directed vertically downward into the plasma-chemical reactor is generated. At that, atmospheric air is used as the plasma-forming gas. The mixture of liquid radioactive wastes with sodium chloride in an air-plasma stream is processed at a mass mixture-air ratio of 1:3, the temperature in the volume of the plasma-chemical reactor is maintained, at least, 800°C. Then, the resulting products of plasma-chemical processing in the gas phase are withdrawn and purified in the waste gas purifying unit, and the products of plasma-chemical processing in the condensed phase in the form of a sodium chloride melt including metal oxide compounds are precipitated, followed by extraction from the plasma-chemical reactor.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to reduce the volume of radioactive wastes generated.1 dwg
ethod and device of assembling onizing radiation source // 2639723
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method of assembling the ionizing radiation source (IRS) is to fill the case with gamma-emitting elements containing a gamma-emitting isotope. Gamma-emitting elements (GEE) made in the form of disks with a diameter of 1.5 mm to 4 mm and a thickness of 0.1-0.3 mm, are scattered in an inclined bunker, in which, under the influence of vibration, the GEE are moved to the lowest angle of the inclined bunker. From where they are transported through the vacuum sucker into the storage case of the GEE. The transportation procedure is repeated until the case is filled with the necessary amount of the GEE, the free space in the case is filled with compensators, after which the case is closed with a lid.EFFECT: reducing the labor intensity of loading the gamma-emitting elements into the case.4 cl, 3 dwg

Device for introducing gas into heavy liquid metal // 2639721
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device consists of an electric motor (12), a magnetic clutch (6), a shaft (1), intake and working parts of the device, a body (5) with holes (9), lower rotating (2) and upper fixed (7) disk, a casing (4), a flow agitator (10) of heavy liquid metal, a shaft bearing unit (8) with at least one channel (3). The electric motor (12) is mounted above the level of heavy liquid metal, fixed on a flange (11) and connected to the shaft (1) by means of magnetic clutch (6). The intake and working parts of the device are arranged, respectively, above and below the level of heavy liquid metal. The part of the body (5) corresponding to the intake part of the device has holes (9). The working part of the device consists of a lower rotating disk (2) fixed on the shaft (1) and a fixed disk (7) arranged on the body (5). The upper fixed disk (7) and the lower rotating disk (2) are mounted with a gap inside the casing (4). The heavy liquid metal flow agitator (10) is arranged with a gap inside the casing (4) and is fixed on the lower part of the shaft (1). The bearing unit (8) has at least one channel (3).EFFECT: increased recovery volume of heavy liquid metal.3 cl, 1 dwg
Supporting grid-filter for fuel assembly of nuclear reactor // 2639716
FIELD: electricity-producing industry.SUBSTANCE: supporting grid-filter is made in the form of a perforated plate having a hexagonal shape in a plan with round holes for the installation of guide channels (GC) or supporting pipes (SP) and central pipe (CP), with grooves for passage of the coolant and with support platforms for the contact with the tips of fuel elements located on the right triangular grid. Supporting platforms are made in the form of a circle, with a diameter not exceeding the diameter of the butt end of the fuel rod tip. The grooves for the passage of the coolant are arranged uniformly in the circumferential direction relative to the centers of each hole and the supporting platforms in regular hexahedral prisms co-axial with fuel rods, GC (SP), and CP, with inscribed base diameter equal to the pitch of the location of the fuel rods. The lower edge of the grooves is shifted in the circumferential direction by a certain angle until the grid-filter is become opaque in the direction of the FR axis, and the part of the groove at the outlet of the coolant from it is parallel to the FR axis.EFFECT: increased efficiency.2 cl, 4 dwg

Fuel assembly for nuclear reactor // 2639712
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: fuel assembly for a nuclear reactor comprises a bundle of fuel rods with the first group of fuel rods and the second group of fuel rods. Each fuel rod contains a tubular casing and a stack of fuel pellets enclosed within the tubular casing. At least the main part of the fuel stack contains a nuclear fissile material containing plutonium and thorium, and is provided with an axial hole. The mentioned main part of the fuel stack of each fuel rod of the first group has the first axial hole forming the first volume, and the mentioned main part of the fuel stack of each fuel rod of the second group has the second axial hole forming the second volume. The first and second volumes are different.EFFECT: improved efficiency of fissile plutonium application in Th-MOX-fuel for use in a fuel assembly of the same design as the fuel assembly for UOX-fuel.15 cl, 5 dwg

Nuclear reactor fuel assembly // 2639711
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: in the claimed assembly, the lower grate, the supporting ribs and the connecting elements of the lower grate with the shank are made by additive technology in the form of one piece having holes for passage of the coolant of the curvilinear form, located uniformly with respect to the axes of the circular holes, curved in the circumferential direction until their opacity in the direction of the longitudinal axis of the fuel assembly, and connected to the shank by welding. The shank can also be made using additive stainless steel technology.EFFECT: reliability of the design, increased efficiency in relation to the capture of straight-line objects and flat plates of any length.2 cl, 5 dwg

Device for electrical connecting intrachamber components with vacuum case of thermonuclear reactor // 2639320
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: claimed device comprises two identical packs of conductive plates. The conductive plates are in the form of a symmetrical wave of, at least, one complete period. The plates in the packet are nested one into the other and are connected to the flanges for attachment to the intrachamber component and the vacuum case. The packets of the conductive plates are installed mirror-symmetrically with respect to the line passing through the symmetry centers of the flanges.EFFECT: providing the same for all conductive plates of the skin effect device, reducing the force of attraction of the end plates to the central plates and ensuring a uniform distribution of the current density in each conductive plate.2 cl, 4 dwg
ethod for deactivating solid radioactive waste with ice granules // 2638951
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: method for deactivating solid radioactive waste (SRW) comprises the exposure of ice particles on the SRW surface in the working chamber with further melting of ice, collection and filtration of the molten water to form a closed water cycle. The SRW surface is treated with accelerated ice granules. The input and output radiation waste monitoring are carried out. Sorting of SRW in accordance with the results of radiation monitoring with the withdrawal of some of the waste from the category of radioactive into the category of solid industrial waste. Melt water undergoes complete purification from radionuclides after deactivation. SRW deactivation is carried out by exposing them to a stream of spherical monodisperse ice water granules with a size of 100-500 mcm, with a velocity of up to 100 m/s, obtained at a temperature of not higher than minus 50°C.EFFECT: invention allows to increase economy and efficiency of treatment and reduce the volume of solid radioactive waste.7 cl, 1 dwg

ixing and spacer grids of nuclear reactor fuel assembly (versions) // 2638647
FIELD: electricity-producing industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the constructions of the spacer and mixing grids of the nuclear power reactors fuel assembly. The grid construction provides for availability of the rim and the stack of the intercrossing plates in the shape of lines that are linked to each other and to the rim at crossing areas and that form the field of nests for the fuel elements and the fuel assembly supporting elements sinking, at least some nests are hexagonal made. The construction also provides for the availability of the triangular nests for the heat carrier passage that are adjacent to the hexagonal nests. On the triangular nests ends there are mixing laminar deflectors that are turned towards the triangular nests. The nests' field is designed as the full metal matrix of the comb type with the rounded openings in the cross-section for the supporting elements sinking, with the hexagonal section openings for the fuel elements sinking, with the triangular section openings for the heat carrier passage. Along with this, the mixing deflectors are implemented on the end of one of the triangular opening facets with the tilt inward the triangular opening.EFFECT: nuclear power reactor fuel assembly grids design simplification.4 cl, 10 dwg
Operation method of fast neutron nuclear reactor with nitride fuel and liquid-metal coolant // 2638561
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: method consists in transition to operation on nitride uranium-plutonium fuel in equilibrium mode during several campaigns, in which an active zone is divided into three radial subzones: a central, an intermediate and a peripheral, and the subzones are loaded with starting fuel in the form of uranium nitride. Enriched uranium nitride with addition of plutonium nitride of SNF VVER energy composition with different plutonium enrichment of heavy metal is used for the central and intermediate subzones, and then the regeneration of spent fuel is carried out, which consists in partial purification of spent fuel from fission fragments and addition of depleted uranium nitride after each campaign.EFFECT: power flattening by campaigns and change of reactivity within the effective proportion of delayed neutrons with the same diametres of fuel elements, core height and fuel density in each campaign without additional adjustment, without changing the design of the active zone.3 dwg
ethod of producing mixed uranium-plutonium oxide // 2638543
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention consists in coarsening the sediment grain by integrating an organic component in its composition in the precipitation of the peroxide compounds of uranium and plutonium in the presence of amino acids, in using thermal decomposition products of amino acids in the reduction process, with their complete removal into the gas phase due to thermal treatment in a gas stream containing vapours of formic acid.EFFECT: invention allows to simplify and improve the safety of the technological process.12 cl, 1 tbl

edical installation for introduction to patient of rubidium-82 // 2638527
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: installation (1) contains, inter alia, means (3) to accommodate a generator (G) of strontium/rubidium, capable to produce eluting solution which contains the specified rubidium-82 and that can be polluted with strontium-82 and/or strontium-85. Installation contains: own means (6) to obtain the indicator correlated with at least one safety parameter that is associated with the maximum threshold corresponding to potentially excessive pollution of the specified eluting solution of strontium-82 and/or strontium-85, and managing means (5), containing safety means (51), which are contained in the active configuration when the specified derived indicator reaches a specified maximum threshold of specified safety parameter. Wherein these safety means (51) are able in active configuration to manage actions of these means (4) of execution of perfusion, leading them to a specified stop position for obstruction specified eluting solution injection to patient.EFFECT: introduction of the eluting solution to patients until the maximum thresholds are reached and prevention of introduction of eluting solutions when thresholds are reached, eliminating the risk of error.12 cl, 2 dwg

Nuclear power plant // 2638305
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: nuclear power plant comprises a reactor, a volume compensator, a steam generator, a steam turbine, an electric generator, a capacitor, a feed pump connected to the motor shaft, a circulation pump connected to the shaft of the other electric motor. The nuclear power plant also comprises a pump turbine connected with its input through the reductor to the output of the steam generator, and with its output to the condenser. The circulation pump is connected to the output shaft of the pump turbine, connected with its input to the output of the steam generator, and with its output to the reactor input. In addition, the feed pump is connected to the output shaft of the pump turbine, which is connected with its input to the condenser output, and with its output to the input of the steam generator. The output of the reactor is connected to the input of the pump turbine through the gate valve. The output of the condenser is connected to the inputs of the circulation pumps through the gate valve.EFFECT: increased reliability and safety of the nuclear power plant operation.1 dwg

Nuclear power plant // 2638304
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to nuclear power plants comprising nuclear propulsion systems with a reactor, in which the heat generated in the reactor is converted into mechanical energy with its further conversion into an electrical one by an electric generator. The nuclear power plant comprises a reactor, a volume compensator, a steam generator, a steam turbine, an electric generator, a capacitor, a feed pump connected to the motor shaft, a circulation pump connected to the shaft of the other electric motor. The plant also comprises a pump turbine connected with its input through the reductor to the output of the steam generator, and with its output to the condenser. The circulation pump is connected to the output shaft of the pump turbine, connected with its input to the output of the steam generator, and with its output to the reactor input. The feed pump is connected to the output shaft of the pump turbine, which is connected with its input to the condenser output, and with its output to the input of the steam generator.EFFECT: increased reliability and safety of the nuclear power plant.1 dwg
Device for detecting defects on forming surface of cylindrical products // 2638179
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device for detecting defects on the forming surface of cylindrical products comprises a product column forming unit, a product linear movement unit, a forming product control unit, and a product sorting unit successively mounted on the conveyors. The product column forming unit contains a block of stops and a cut-off, each comprising two pneumatic cylinders. The product linear movement unit comprises a frame for moving the product column to the inspection shafts. The forming product control unit comprises a means for forming visible spectrum radiation, a means for illuminating the controlled products, a means for recording and transmitting the image to the analytical device, and a means for blowing off defective products associated therewith. The product sorting unit comprises a means for blowing off defective products, by means of which the defected product is dropped into a defect container.EFFECT: synchronization of the product rotation and means for forming visible spectrum radiation.9 cl, 2 dwg
Composition for dust suppression and containment of combustion products after fire extinguishing with radiation factor // 2638162
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: composition for dust suppression and containment of radioactive combustion products after fire extinguishing with the radiation factor as a surfactant contains a mixture of anionic, non-ionic, and amphoteric surfactants in the following ratios of components, wt %: aqueous solution of polyvinyl alcohol (in terms of the mass fraction of dry product) 3.0-7.0; plasticizer 0.1-0.3; surfactant 11.0-29.0; water - the rest.EFFECT: invention allows to produce dust suppression and containment of radioactive combustion products formed after fire extinguishing on surfaces, including those with elevated temperatures.6 cl, 2 tbl
Device for conducting load and carry operations in reactor room of nuclear power station // 2638032
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: device for conducting load and carry operations in reactor room of the nuclear power station includes a bridge crane mounted on crane tracks. The device additionally comprises a rope manipulator equipped with a control unit, a suspension assembly with crane scales, at least two rope winches placed below the crane tracks. The control unit is connected to the crane scales and winches.EFFECT: invention allows to increase the productivity of load and carry operations.5 cl, 4 dwg

Installation for complex processing of liquid radioactive wastes // 2638026
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: installation for complex processing of liquid radioactive waste (LRW) contains nodes of the LRW pre-treatment and sorptive after-treatment of the filtrate. The node of the LRW pre-treatment contains a cylindrical hermetical sealed container with a flat bottom provided with a stirrer. In the container cavity, there is a vertical tubular body of a removable bag filter with a gap with the bottom and hermetically connected to the top wall of the container. The stirrer contains a tubular shaft, with which two tiers of horizontal blades are fastened, the lower one of which is placed with a gap of 2-5 cm over the bottom, and the ends of its blades are 1.5-3 cm with the walls of the container. The blades of the upper tier are made smaller by the gap than the distance from the stirrer shaft to the filter body. The tubular shaft is attached to the discharge pipe. The upper part of the shaft is equipped with a gear wheel.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to simplify the design of the plant and to ensure the use of one type of sorbent in the process of processing liquid radioactive waste.5 cl, 10 dwg
ethod of processing liquid radioactive wastes // 2637811
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method of processing liquid radioactive wastes containing a dispersed phase consists in separating the dispersed phase. Before the disperse phase is separated into the initial liquid radioactive waste, a liquid insoluble in the initial liquid radioactive waste and exceeding them in density is added. Separation of the dispersed phase is carried out by centrifugation.EFFECT: increasing the level of safety of processing liquid radioactive waste.1 cl
Device for recovering fallen objects of nuclear reactor // 2637498
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device for recovering fallen objects of the nuclear reactor comprises a platform with a hoisting device mounted above a water pool, a vertical rod, a working head with a rod and a drive unit. Wherein the working head is provided with a screw grip. The rod is telescopic one from outer and inner sections. The drive unit is made in the form of four drums mounted on a supporting frame for rotation about their own axes, and four ropes, each of which is wound on the corresponding drum by one end, the other end of the first rope is connected with the rod inner section to which the head is attached, the other ends of the second and third ropes are connected to the screw grip body. A control weight is attached to the other end of the fourth rope for axial movement.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase operational reliability of the device for extraction of the nuclear reactor fallen objects.4 cl, 7 dwg

Device for conditioning radioactive ion exchange resins // 2637380
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device consists of a container for curing radioactive ion exchange resins (IER) with a filling control sensor, IER pulp tanks equipped with a pipeline for loading the IER pulp and a pipeline for transporting the IER pulp. The device includes a dehydrating and dosing unit equipped with a pipe of the IER pulp return, an overflow pipe of the IER pulp, a recirculation system, a recirculation liquid return pipe with a stop valve; a vibrating plate, the IER curing container is provided with a IER pulp filling and distributing pipe, an upper mesh forming the upper drainage cavity, and a lower mesh, a polymer binder pipe mixer with a polymer resin supply pipe, a pipe of feeding the hardener, and a perforated nozzle to increase the homogeneity and supply of the finished polymer binder; the IER pulp transporting pipeline is equipped with a dosing pump for controlling the IER pulp transportation.EFFECT: improving the quality of the final product.1 dwg
Composite mixture for deposition of oxides of fissile and fragmented nuclides from melt of eutectic lif-na.f-kf mixture // 2637256
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: compositional mixture for precipitating oxides of fissile and fragmented nuclides from the melt of a eutectic LiF-NaF-KF mixture without changing the composition of the eutectic mixture containing Li2O, NaF, KF at the following ratio of components, mol %: Li2O - 30.3, NaF - 15.0, KF - 54.7.EFFECT: effective deposition of fission and fragmented nuclides from the melt of a eutectic mixture of FLiNaK fluorides without changing the composition of the eutectic.2 ex
System for microwave treatment of liquid radioactive wastes directly in steel containers with their further sealing for the purpose of long-term safe storage // 2637116
FIELD: waste processing and recycling.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to compactification of liquid radioactive wastes (LRW) for their further safe storage or recycling. System for microwave treatment of liquid radioactive wastes directly in steel containers with their further sealing for the purpose of long-term safe storage comprises a microwave generator, cover with an inlet branch pipe and removable container, forming a resonator, waveguide circuit connecting the microwave generator and resonator, EN-tuner, coupled to the waveguide circuit, and automatic control unit, is characterised by the fact, that a row of movable waveguide plungers is connected to the cover of the resonator, two directional couplers are coupled to the waveguide circuit on both sides of the EN-tuner, Circulator with waveguide load between the EN-tuner and microwave generator is coupled to the waveguide circuit, cover of the resonator is equipped with a throttle for connection to the container.EFFECT: invention provides frequency tuning of the resonator, protection of the microwave generator due to its protection from reflected power by means of the circulator.1 cl, 1 dwg

ethod for manufacturing fuel element of nuclear reactor // 2636931
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: first annular corrugation is made on a tubular shell, a bottom reflector is introduced into the shell, it is recorded by the second annular corrugation, the tubular shell is provided with tablets of fissionable material, taking into account the TEC of the tablet column, the third annular corrugation is applied, the upper end detail combined with the reflector is mounted, and argon-arc welding with the tubular shell is performed, compensation volume is vacuumed, filled with helium, the lower end detail is mounted and argon-arc welding of ring seam is performed. Longitudinal corrugations are applied to the section between the second and third annular corrugations as the final operation on the finished fuel element.EFFECT: invention allows to simplify the performed operations.3 cl, 2 dwg

ethod for protecting nuclear reactor case in severe accident from thermal load of core melt and device for its implementation // 2636746
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: in the method for protecting the case from the thermal load of the core melt located in the lower part of the reactor vessel and having a stratified structure with a top layer of the metal melt and a lower fuel-generating oxide layer, elements with thermal conductivity coefficients above the thermal conductivity of the oxide components of the melt are placed with densities greater the densities of the oxide components of the melt, prior to the formation of the melt bath, into the reactor vessel. Provision is made to ensure the wall integrity of the nuclear reactor vessel and to retain high-temperature materials of the molten core inside the reactor vessel.EFFECT: decreasing the intensity of the thermal load on the wall of the reactor vessel in the area of its contact with the upper metal layer of the melt when a stratified melt bath is formed in the lower part of the reactor vessel in the event of an accident.2 cl, 2 dwg, 1 tbl
Diffraction unit for controlling convergence of x-ray beam // 2636261
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: diffraction unit includes a diffractive element in the form of a diffractive single-crystal plate and a substrate, to which the plate is glued with the curvature of its working surface forming the profile of the diffractive element. The claimed device is made using shrinkage of the adhesive layer upon its solidification.EFFECT: stable obtaining the given curvature of the working surface of a diffractive single-crystal plate specifying the required form of convergence of the X-ray beam, while maintaining the extended amplitude range of tuning temperature changes of the resulting curvature of the working surface of the diffractive single-crystal plate, increasing the controllability of the formation of the desired profile of the diffractive element as a result of introducing a constructive stabilizing factor of the curved substrate surface located on its side opposite to its adhesive side.8 cl, 4 dwg, 4 ex
ethod and device for purifying air from gaseous tritium and its concentration in constant water volume // 2635809
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: method for purifying air from gaseous tritium is to oxidise tritium of air in a hydrogen-oxygen flame. The device for purifying air and tritium concentration in water contains a hermetically sealed chamber for oxidizing tritium at the high temperature in a hydrogen-oxygen flame, the gaseous mixture for which comes from the hydrogen-oxygen generator, a pump for discharging the resulting mixture of air and water vapours, a cooler for cooling it, a water filter to holding condensed water, an equipment for storing tritium.EFFECT: effective purification of gases from tritium, recovery and enrichment of tritium.3 cl, 1 dwg
ethod of deliverying cryogenic fuel targets for laser thermonuclear synthesis // 2635660
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: in the claimed method, each of the cryogenic fuel targets is placed in the carrier, and the carrier is advanced along the transport channel to the controlled inertial fusion synthesis zone. The carrier is made using a superconducting material, and a magnetic field is formed in the transport channel to allow the carrier to levitate above the surface of the transport channel.EFFECT: non-contact delivery of cryogenic fuel targets to the chamber without the risk of stopping the carrier, damage to the KTM from heating, risk of contamination of the reactor chamber atmosphere by the moving gas.7 cl, 6 dwg
ethod to determine shift of critical brittleness temperature of steels for forecasting embrittlement of bodies of reactors of pwr type // 2635658
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: method to determine shift of critical brittleness temperature of steels includes production of samples, determination of their hardness in initial state and after irradiation with fast neutrons, determination of temperature shift of brittle-viscous transition, at that the samples of steel with alternating concentration of one of components according to one of sample parameters, their macrohardness at the points with the same concentration of the variable component is determined by the Brinell hardeness test, and shift of temperature of brittle-viscous transition ΔTc is determined for each point by the formula: ΔTc=A+B(ΔHB)2,where ΔNV=NVon-NVi, NVOB - hardness steel after exposure, MPA, NVi - hardness steel the initial state, MPA, A=100°C, B=0.00012°C/(Mpa)2.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to reduce labour coefficient and time to determine shift of critical brittleness temperature when developing steels for bodies of reactors of type PWR type.6 cl

Hydraulic gateway control system // 2635376
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic gateway control system comprises a sealing mechanism, a door opening and closing system, a pressure equalizing valve and their drives mounted for each gateway door. Hydraulic cylinders are used as power devices. The hydraulic cylinders are connected by control sources and by means of hydraulic lines with a pressure source in the form of a hydroelectric station. The manual mode control devices for the nonhermetic and hermetic zones contain manual pumps connected to manual hydraulic distributors. The structure of the system additionally includes electromagnetic hydraulic distributors, roller hydraulic distributors. Each of the roller hydraulic distributors is connected in these zones with a suitable hydraulic cylinder to open, seal the door or open the pressure equalizing valve, with the possibility of switching them depending on the version. In parallel to each roller hydraulic distributor on the side of the nonhermetic zone, a ball valve is installed. On the roller hydraulic distributors connected to the hydraulic cylinders for opening the gateway doors on the side of the nonhermetic and hermetic zones, check valves are installed.EFFECT: invention allows reliable operation of the gateway control system under the influence of dynamic loads.3 cl, 1 dwg
ethod of processing metals containing principlined surface radioactive pollutions // 2635202
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: electrochemical deactivation of the metal is carried out in the method with simultaneous exposure to ultrasonic vibrations. As a deactivating solution, an aqueous solution of an acid is used, the anion of which forms an insoluble compound with calcium. Then, the spent deactivating solution is neutralized. The solution separated from the suspension is then reinforced and reused. Liquid radioactive waste, which is a suspension of metal hydroxides and hardly soluble compounds formed by calcium and anion of the corresponding acid, is liquefied.EFFECT: increasing the efficiency of decontamination.4 tbl, 4 ex

ethod of operating nuclear reactor in thorium fuel cycle with production of uranium isotope 233u // 2634476
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method involves initial loading of the reactor core with an oxide fuel containing a thorium isotope 232Th and uranium isotope 233U, forming the intensity of the neutron flux and its energy distribution at the beginning of the reactor campaign in the spectrum, in which the fraction of fast neutrons prevails over thermal neutrons, using heavy water D2O as a moderator and coolant. Control of the reactor operation on power is carried out by keeping it in a critical state, providing a balance between the isotope 233U and neutron absorbers, as well as the production of actinides, including fissile isotopes 235U, 239Pu, and 241Pu, by continuous dilution during the heavy water reactor campaign with light water H2O, while the process of operating the reactor core is carried out in a closed fuel cycle with the possibility of transition in the following campaigns to work on thorium-uranium-plutonium fuel of equilibrium isotopic composition.EFFECT: improving the efficiency of nuclear fuel use while simplifying the management of radioactive waste.3 tbl, 3 dwg

Storage hood cover for spent thermal fuel assemblies of vver-1000 reactor and rod for its removal and placement // 2634474
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions refers to the means for storing defective spent fuel assemblies (SFA) of the VVER-1000 reactor. The storage hood cover for the spent fuel assemblies of the VVER-1000 reactor is mounted on the hood pipes by means of a bayonet connection and contains an inner ring, the sealing surface of which is pressed by a bayonet connection to the pipe flange, and a head, the outer contour of which corresponds to the outer contour of the SFA head. Plates with holes above the vertical grooves of the bayonet connection are connected to the cover, and fixing rods are mounted in the holes with the possibility of the vertical movement. There is also a rod for removing and placing the SFA storage hood.EFFECT: remote control of the locking rods position.6 cl, 5 dwg