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System for signal transmission from sensors with analogue output via a two-wireless line (options) // 2642807
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for transmitting signals from analog sensors to a measuring system and can be used in stationary complexes of continuous monitoring of various physical quantities. System for transmitting signals from sensors with an analog output over a two-wire communication line contains a sensor with an analog output, control input node with controlled resistance, whose output is connected to the first end of one of the wires of the two-wire line, whose second ends are connected to the first and second contacts of the receiving unit, which contains a current collector resistor, as well as a source of constant voltage, whose negative bus is the common bus of the receiving node, and the first end of the second wire of the two-wire line is connected to the common terminal of the sensor with an analog output, whose power output is connected to the first end of the first wire of the two-wire line. Receiving unit comprises a current collector amplifier, whose inputs are connected to the terminals of the current collector resistor, and the output is the output of the signal.EFFECT: technical result is increased noise immunity, reliability, reliability of functioning of elements having lower operating voltages.21 cl, 10 dwg

Sensor of controlling rest state of structural elements // 2642774
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: sensor of controlling the rest state of the moving structural elements contains conductors 2 and 3, external terminals 4, and an electronic measuring circuit with the registration system, the third conductor 1 conjugated to the shape of the conductors 2 and 3, with the formation of pairs, and relating with them and being a part of the circuit of the electronic measuring circuit consisting of the power source Up, a ballast resistor 5 Rballast, and a capacitor 6 C, wherein the conductors are configured to move relative to each other. It can be used in the systems of security alarm, doors, windows, safes, transport, etc., where there are mutually movable flat cylindrical spherical and etc. parts of the design or as a standalone execution in the design.EFFECT: increasing the efficiency of work by simplifying the design and improving the reliability, the effective use in the security alarm systems of objects for various purposes, cheapness and manufacturability, the possibility of miniaturization.4 cl, 2 dwg

Intelligent household appliance control method, device and system, mobile and wearable intelligent household appliances and apparatus // 2642410
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to intelligent household appliance control method, device, system and apparatus. Control method comprises: receiving, by an intelligent household appliance, a wireless broadcast message containing identifier information; determining, by the intelligent household appliance, whether the identifier information is pre-stored unique identifier information of a wearable device; when the identifier information is the pre-stored unique identifier information, executing, by the intelligent household appliance, a preset control command to switch from an initial operation state to an intelligent operation state.EFFECT: technical result consists in the simplification of user control operations.30 cl, 20 dwg

ethod and system for dynamic identification of person's identity // 2642406
FIELD: learning.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to remote learning technologies, namely to means of controlling a remote test. System for dynamic identification of a person's identity includes a module for identifying a person's identity, module for processing biometric information, a module for scoring user actions, a decision module, the reaction initiation module, all of which are consistent with the configuration parameters of the system.EFFECT: technical result is automation of process of remote supervision of remote testing by means of dynamic identification of subject.1 cl, 2 dwg

Security system for protected area // 2642336
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: in a protected area security system containing a subsystem for collecting and processing information and related video surveillance subsystem using cameras equipped with backlight lasers, a thermal imaging surveillance subsystem using thermal imagers, wherein the thermal imagers and video cameras installed along the linear portion of the interlaced boundary, as well as a vibration detection subsystem, the output of the subsystem for collecting and processing information is connected to the bidirectional interface control unit, and the said video cameras and thermal imagers are equipped with optical filters with a passband, which coincides with the frequency of laser light illumination, in addition, a subsystem for collecting and processing information is executed on the basis of a programmable microcontroller.EFFECT: increasing the security degree of protected areas, for example, a linear border section.1 dwg
Linear fibre-optical signaling device for fire alert systems // 2642048
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: proposed device of a linear fibre-optic signaling device for fire alert systems includes a two-spectral detector, a radiation source for monitoring the state of the optical fibre, a connecting optical fibre, and a sensitive element made in the form of a long segment of metallized quartz optical fibre (100-1000 mcm in diameter), the thickness of the optical envelope is 0.05-0.1 of the diameter of the optical fibre core, in which the metal coating acts as a source of IR radiation ("black body").EFFECT: ability to continuously monitor the temperature in the protected compartment, flexible control of thresholds, low inertia, resistance to aggressive external environment, high operating temperature.4 cl, 5 dwg

ethod of facilitating provision of assistance in adversities and relevant system // 2642044
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: system contains a portable device based on a processor, comprising a communication module, a location module, and a life circle database. One or more life circle records are defined in the life circle database. Each of the life circle records is tied to a certain place/location and contains contact information and/or commands used to communicate with at least one person, receiving responses, and/or executing one or more predefined operations in the event of adversity of media portable device based on processor. The life cycle record for use in a distress situation is selected according to the current location of the portable device based on the processor.EFFECT: providing more accurate response to adversity, as the current location of the user after the incident is determined and the response is formed, taking into account the corresponding life circle record.21 cl, 4 dwg

Remote control system of machine with mast attachment // 2642026
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: radio control system of the machine with boom equipment contains a wireless remote control (1), a data transmission unit (12), an electronic safety key (18). The remote control (1) contains a joystick (4), a three-axis acceleration sensor (11) for detecting the falling, rolling or hitting of the remote (1), as well as the working orientation of the console (1) in space. If the signal from the button or the joystick (4) is lost at the input of the controller (2), the controller (2) ceases to generate activation signals for the drives of the machine's mechanisms and stops working movements. The remote control (1) contains the "dead body" sensors integrated in its controls, adapted to determine that the remote control is in the hands of the operator. The controller (2) of the remote control (1) is configured to block the transmission of commands for controlling the work movements of the machine through all communication channels before moving the joystick (4) to the neutral position.EFFECT: increased security.5 cl, 1 dwg

Vehicle imaging system, vehicle imaging method and device // 2642017
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: vehicle imaging system comprises a laser displacement sensor, a vehicle window detecting device, and a camera. The laser displacement sensor located on the side of the roadway, scans the expanse of the roadway in its vertical direction and measures the distance to the point of reflection on the object, in which a laser beam was reflected. The camera forms a vehicle image. The vehicle window detecting device detects the vehicle window based on modified distance horizontally from the laser gauge moving up to the point of reflection after the vehicle was found in the roadway space, and sends a trigger signal for the formation of images in the camera when the vehicle window is discovered.EFFECT: increasing the reliability of fixing information.13 cl, 4 dwg

Autonomous signal-start firefighting system // 2641886
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: autonomous signal-start firefighting system contains a series-connected thermal starter 1, a current source 2 with a pyrotechnic activator 3, a time relay 4, a signal device 5, an actuator 6, a housing 7, a rod 8, a compression spring 9, an end portion 10 of a springed rod 8, a heat sensitive clamp 11, a solenoid 12, a central axial channel 13, terminals 14, an incandescent bridge 15, a weighed portion of initiating substance 16, an end portion 17 of a springed rod 8, an edge spear 18, a capsule 19, a sealed casing 20, solid stick 21, electrical outputs 22. The transmitter comprises a master oscillator 23, n is a drop-out delay line 24.i (i = 1, 2, …, n), a phase-inverter 25.j (j = 1, 2, …, m), an adder 26, a power amplifier 27, and a transmitting antenna 28. The receiver includes a receiving antenna 29, a high frequency amplifier 30, mixers 31 and 47, a sawtooth voltage generator 32, heterodynes 33 and 46, intermediate frequency amplifiers 34 and 48, a FM signal detector 35, spectrum analyzers 36 and 38, phase doubler 37, comparison block 39, threshold blocks 40 and 50, delay lines 41 and 44, switches 42 and 51, a phase detector 43, a registration block 45, a correlator 49, a narrowband filter 52, phase-inverter circuits 53, 56 and 59, adders 54, 57 and 60, bandpass filters 55 and 58.EFFECT: increase selectivity and noise immunity of the receiver by suppressing false signals received through the forward channel and intermodulation channels.9 dwg

Safety system for railway transport // 2641881
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: system compresses video surveillance module which contains at least four video cameras with illuminating lasers installed on them, a thermal-imaging video surveillance module which contains at least two thermal imaging cameras, a perimeter guarding module, subsystems of public announcement and emergency communication; the system additionally contains a control unit, a video data collecting and processing unit, a display module and a data entry module. Cameras and thermal imaging cameras are equipped with optical filters with a bandpass, coinciding with the radiation frequency of the illuminating lasers, and outputs of the cameras and thermal imaging cameras are connected to the input of the video data collecting and processing unit, which output is connected to the control unit. The perimeter guarding module, the subsystems of public announcement and emergency communication, the display module and the data entry module are also connected to the control unit.EFFECT: improved reliability of the safety system.2 dwg

On-board unit with power supply // 2641543
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: on-board module (OBU) can be installed in the active mode (15) and a standby mode (14), in which the OBU is installed in the said standby mode (14) when the OBU takes a command to disconnect from the module communication area (RSU) and the electronic OBU equipment, thereby, is disconnected so that a minimum electricity is consumed or electricity is not consumed, and is installed in the said active mode (15) when the OBU is included in the communication area (4; 7). The communication module of the said OBU thus receives power so that the OBU can be connected with the RSU. The OBU can be set (16) to the RSU tracking mode, resulting in that, at least, the communication module is disconnected and the timer in the OBU is activated in the tracking mode (16) so that in the OBU the restart of the said communication module can be executed for time limit after disconnecting it.EFFECT: power consumption of the on-board module is reduced.9 cl, 3 dwg

ethod, device and communication system for wearable device // 2640822
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: parametrization of motion state of a wearable device, detection of presence or absence of the fallen state of the wearable device based on the value of the motion state parameter and transmission of information about the fall to the terminal to make the terminal issue an alarm signal, in case the portable device is in the fallen state, are performed. If this motion state parameter includes the speed and acceleration, and detection of presence or absence of the fallen state of the wearable device based on the value of the motion state parameter includes the definition of matching or mismatching of the motion state parameter value with the fallen state parameter, in which during the first time interval the acceleration is equal to gravity acceleration, and the speed is not equal to 0, and during the second time interval the acceleration and the speed are equal to 0 at the same time. And the first-time interval and the second-time interval are two consecutive time intervals. Then, the detection of the fallen state of the wearable device in case of matching of the motion state parameter with the fallen state parameter and detection of absence of the fallen state of the wearable device in case of mismatching of the motion state parameter value with the fallen state parameter.EFFECT: possibility of expanding the information content of communication between the wearable device and the terminal by transmitting information about the fall.14 cl, 13 dwg

System and method to remind user of abandoned items in car // 2640723
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: system includes an antenna device placed inside a vehicle, the second antenna device placed on the outside of the vehicle, a radio frequency device that is associated with each thing, a keyless access device, a processor of the vehicle, managing and communicating about the presence of left items in the vehicle, and a device displaying a warning. The first antenna device establishes a communication channel with the keyless access device and each RF device when they are inside the vehicle. The second antenna device establishes the communication channel with the keyless access device and each RF device when they are on the outside of the vehicle. A signal from the keyless access device and each radio frequency device comes on the first and the second antenna device when moving the keyless access device and each radio frequency device in the vehicle or out of it, respectively.EFFECT: increasing the efficiency of detection and identification of items left in the vehicle after leaving it.21 cl, 1 dwg

On-board device // 2640683
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: on-board device comprises an accumulation detection module, a selection module, and a deletion determination module. The accumulation detection module detects the accumulation that settles on the photographic lens from the photographic image output from the on-board camera. The selection module selects an accumulation deletion module using the first method. The deletion determination module performs the determination based on the photographic image as to whether or not the photographic lens is removed from the photographic lens by a deletion operation performed by the accumulation removal unit using the first method. If the removal definition module specifies that the accumulation is not removed from the photographic lens, the selection module selects the accumulation deletion module, applying the second method that is different from the accumulation deletion module using the first method, based on the number of times when the delete operation is performed by activating the accumulation deletion module, applying the first method.EFFECT: optimum washing of the photographic lens of the on-board camera.6 cl, 15 dwg

ethod of road traffic control at unregulated crosswalk // 2640668
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: in the method of the road traffic control at the unregulated crosswalk, a system of video devices is installed, including detailing and review TV sensors, each TV sensor contains a signal transmission device coupled with a video camera by a controlled lens, the TV sensors are placed so that each sensor corresponds to the defined control zone, the detailing TV sensor is placed behind the crosswalk along the traffic so that the control zone of the detailing TV sensor coincides with the zone the crosswalk marking, the observation TV sensor is placed behind the crosswalk along the traffic so that the crosswalk marking and the "pedestrian crossing" sign are in its control zone, all video information obtained from the observation and detailing TV sensors, is transmitted to the computing module that is using the software identifies the fact of appearance of pedestrians on the crosswalk, analyzes the direction of the pedestrian movement, provides the switching of the operation modes of the detailing TV sensor, generates videos of the actions taking place on the pedestrian crosswalk, detects the violations of the traffic rules, forms videos and pictures fixing the violations, transmits the generated videos and pictures to the information processing and storing center, the video recording of the vehicle actions is carried out with automatic switching of the lighting modes of the TV sensor control zones, which is performed by the lighting system controlling device connected with the computing module, the detailing sensor, the lighting sensor, the lighting device.EFFECT: expansion of functionality.1 dwg

ethod and device for controlling self-balancing vehicle // 2640386
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: method of controlling a self-balancing vehicle comprises of the steps of establishing a connection to the vehicle via Bluetooth; receiving data on the state of motion of the vehicle; determining whether smart alert mode is activated; if the smart alert mode is activated, a connection is established to a smart wearable device, and the element, intended for observation, is observed and, if the event is satisfied, a warning message is sent to the smart device. The device for controlling a self-balancing vehicle comprises of the first connecting module, a motion state acquisition module, an alert mode determination module, the second connecting module, a warning module.EFFECT: improving the control of a self-balancing vehicle.25 cl, 25 dwg
Road sign or device of warning light alarm // 2640219
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: traffic sign and associated warning light alarm are described. The road sign or device comprises a temperature sensor that, at a predetermined temperature, turns on the illumination of, at least, one LED. This temperature can be associated with the ice formation. The LED (s) may flash to warn motorists of dangerous road conditions. A road sign or device uses simple components to increase reliability, especially when the device is subjected to high heat, such as when installing the device in a hot bituminous waterproofing. In addition, the device comprises a switching element that prevents rapid cycling on/off.EFFECT: improving the device reliability.19 cl, 11 dwg

ethod and device for collecting and storing data related to absorbent product state // 2639954
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: proposed method includes steps of: receiving measurement data related to the specified state of the server unit; preserving the specified measurement data in the first database and adapting the specified measurement data to the format, in which at least, one software application configured for analysis of the specified condition can be used. In accordance with the invention, the method comprises: maintaining standardized data measurement in the second database and providing access to the said second database from, at least, one application program made with the possibility of analysis of these measurement data.EFFECT: monitoring the products used in case of incontinence, storage, use, analysis and access to these data from external applications.36 cl, 3 dwg

Traffic-light recognizer and traffic-light recognizing method // 2639851
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: traffic-light recognizer (100) receives (11) the image data (D08), forming an image of the vehicle environment, detects (12) the vehicle own position and detects, in the image, the traffic-light near the vehicle. The traffic-light recognizer identifies (23) two or more traffic-lights that, as predicted, are to be captured in the image, based on the home position information (D05) and map information (D02) containing the position information on the traffic-lights, and assigns (24) the priority level to each of the two or more traffic-lights identified in this way, based on the probability of blocking the traffic-light in the visibility zone. When two or more traffic-lights are identified, the traffic-light detected (15) in the image is the traffic-light with the highest priority level among two or more traffic-lights.EFFECT: improving the probability of detecting traffic-lights, when it is predicted to capture two or more traffic-lights in the image.9 cl, 12 dwg

Capacitance device for security alarm system // 2639734
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: device contains HF-generator, sequentially coupled with a signal processing channel including an input LC-contour connected to an antenna sensor and detector, and lowpass filter, the second signal processing channel that is identical to the first channel and contains an input LC-contour connected to an antenna sensor and detector and lowpass filter, the input of which is connected to the output of the detector. The output of one signal processing channel is connected to the input of the amplifier, and the output of the second channel is connected to the common wire of the gain circuit, without connecting the common wire of the amplifier to the common wire of the signal processing channels. Power is supplied to the amplifier from a separate source, and a measurement bridge is introduced into the capacitance device, remote control of operability.EFFECT: balance of the bridge in the active and reactive component of the antenna sensor, possibility of remote control of the capacitance device operability.2 dwg
Portable alarm // 2639653
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: portable alarm contains a control unit, designed to fix on the arm at least one permanently installed sensor that is connected to the control unit, an informer about the triggering of sensors connected to the control unit, an informer of third parties also connected to the control unit, at least one of the sensors included in the control unit group containing doorbell, bell or mobile phone ring sensor, water/natural gas flow sensor, smoke/fire sensor, door open/open sensor, sensor volume, temperature sensor in different ranges, incl. infrared, distance measuring sensor, sensing device, pressure sensor, motion sensor.EFFECT: improving the security of protected premises.15 cl

Thermal fire sensor with fire extinguishing function // 2639115
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: thermal fire sensor with the fire extinguishing function includes a temperature sensitive element and a contact group of the fire alarm electrical circuit containing at least one movable contact. According to the invention, a temperature sensitive element is placed relative to the contacts providing normally closed or normally open circuit, is thermally-activated microcapsules of the extinguishing agent and is executed with enabling circuit switching in an opposite condition using rolling contact.EFFECT: provides easy maintenance of the device, instantaneous initiation of the fire-fighting process with simultaneous notification of fire, use of a minimum amount of extinguishing agent, the possibility of reusing the device.13 cl, 4 dwg

Self-organizing video-surveillance system and method of video-surveillance // 2639114
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: video cameras are used that can move along rails in different planes, which can interchange and complement each other.EFFECT: scanning large areas, increasing the reliability and quality of the process of collecting video information, increasing the system fault tolerance due to the possibility of moving video sensors.2 cl, 5 dwg
Security system // 2639076
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: security system contains a control panel, m groups of n pairs each spatially separated transmitters and receivers located along the perimeter of the guard zone, as well as m processing and control units and routers connected to their respective processing and control units and control panel 1, wherein the transmitter of each pair of n pairs of spatially separated transmitters and receivers is a two-frequency transmitter providing a wideband codiphase signal consisting of two separated frequencies with a predominance of magnetic on the one carrier frequency and the electrical component at another carrier frequency, and the receiver of each pair is two-channel and tuned to the carrier frequencies of the corresponding transmitter and contains a radio-frequency detector with a predominant electric component and a magnetometric carrier frequency detector with a predominant magnetic component.EFFECT: improved accuracy of determining the location of the perimeter disturbance, reduced level of false alarms.1 dwg

ethod of recognizing object at its contact with wire fencing // 2639070
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: newin the method of recognizing an object when it comes into contact with a wire fence is 1) the values of active and reactive resistances are obtained by feeding on the wire fence probe pulses of two different frequencies; 2) recognition of the object by its electrical characteristics - active and reactive resistances; 3) fixation and analysis of the actions of the object.EFFECT: EFFECT:identification of the potential dangers of the trespasser and taking appropriate actions to prevent violations of the protected perimeter.1 dwg
Fiber-optical alarm for fire alert systems // 2639069
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: device of a fiber-optic alarm device for systems of the notification on ignition is offered. The device includes a quartz optical fiber sensor enclosed in a stainless steel capillary, which is both an IR source, a multimode fiber, optical couplers, optical connectors, a radiation source, a two-spectral photodetector or a spectral ratio detector, an execution unit that generates the necessary Signals for the fire extinguishing system. In the case of the use of the multipoint control method, the two-spectral detector can be made both in the form of a matrix with many elements and in the form of a matrix of two elements.EFFECT: reduced inertia, increased noise immunity.3 cl, 3 dwg

Low-frame-rate video surveillance system for control over long security boundaries // 2639051
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: system consists of a central control unit and many groups of geographically remote addressable video cameras linked to the central control unit using a specially designed information transfer tract with using fibre-optic lines. The video cameras are designed to operate in a low-frame mode with the formation and transmission of pre-alarm, alarm and post-alarm video information to the central control unit for the purpose of detailed viewing of the alarm situation for reliable identification of the intruder.EFFECT: improvement of noise immunity when using the system for long distances or when placing it on the ground under the influence of powerful electromagnetic interference.2 cl, 3 dwg

Fire-warning aspiration device // 2639050
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: fire-warning aspiration device is used to control the protected object environment for the subject of fire hazard. The fire-warning aspiration device is made in the form of the casing with in-coming air inlet and the exhaust pipes, the fan and the sensors, installed inside the casing to control the fire-hazardous parameters with the control processor. According to the invention the in-coming pipe is connected to the vacuum compartment, at the outlet of which there is the centrifugal fan, the outlet of which is connected to the air discharge compartment, which is simultaneously connected in the maximum angular velocities area of the discharged air flow to the exhaust pipe, and in the minimum velocities area of the discharged air it is connected through the hole in the wall to the measurements compartment, in which the fire hazard parameters control sensors and control processor are installed, additionally the measurement compartment through the ejector is connected to the maximum angular velocities area of the air discharge compartment.EFFECT: reduction of maintenance time and extended fire-warning device service life.7 cl, 5 dwg

Automatic control system for vehicle // 2638879
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: automatic control system for a vehicle comprises 4 units and a drive. The environmental information recognition unit (12) recognizes the vehicle environment information. The vehicle state recognition unit (13) recognizes the vehicle state information. The traffic plan generation unit (14) generates a traffic plan, including a target control value, which is a target for managing the vehicle state information, based on the vehicle environment information. Also, the unit generates a reference target reference range for the vehicle in the traffic plan based on at least either the vehicle state information or the environment information. The first execution unit (15) calculates the command reference value in such a way that the vehicle state information becomes equivalent to the target vehicle state information relevant to the target reference value, based on the traffic plan, the vehicle state information, and the reference range. The drive (6) controls the vehicle movement based on the command reference value.EFFECT: fast approximation of the vehicle state information to the target vehicle state information in the traffic plan in the case where the vehicle state information significantly deviates from the traffic plan, increasing the movement smoothness in case where the vehicle state information slightly deviates from the traffic plan.6 cl, 12 dwg

Universal method of controlling object movement with optical navigation system // 2638876
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: to control the object movement, navigational beacons are installed in the movement zone of the object on the basis of a passive design of the corner reflectors of two sizes, larger and smaller, the signals from the navigation beacons are searched for, the position of the object in space is determined, and the control signals are generated to follow the object along a given trajectory.EFFECT: increasing the reliability, environmental friendliness and unified control of the object movement.13 dwg

ethod and device for sending messages // 2638762
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method includes: detecting, whether the user is in the target site; if the user is not in the target site, detecting, whether the door or window of the target site are opened; and if a door or window of the target site is opened, sending an alert message to the device, wearable by a user.EFFECT: increasing the reliability when formulating messages.9 cl, 8 dwg

ethod for remote controlling household appliance operation, portable end communication device and computer software product // 2638755
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method for remote controlling the household appliance operation is proposed, in which: the data on the household appliance state are received by means of a communication end device; the current operating mode and control of the display device are recorded to display the graphical user interface. The issuance of information on the current operating mode includes the provision in the user interface of a graphical image describing the current operating mode, and for developing the graphic image, the distinguishing features between the current operating mode and the reference state of the home appliance are set, and the base image in which the home appliance is displayed in the reference state, at least, one overlaid image is superimposed, which illustrates the differing characteristics and which, interacting with the base image, displays the household appliance in the current operating mode.EFFECT: increasing the accuracy of determining the current operating mode of the household appliance.9 cl, 5 dwg
ethod for forming zones of traffic management facility visualization in accordance with optical interference from roadside information devices // 2638398
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: on the section of a highway and a roadside strip, the boundaries of the visualization zones of the Traffic Management Facilities (TMF), which are located on the right in the direction of traffic and require the stop of a vehicle, are defined. On the right side of the road, three visualization zones of the TMF are formed, covered by the driver's cones of vision. The first of the visualization zones, in which the TMF is placed, is formed in the space of a smaller driver's cone of vision. The second visualization zone is formed as a space between the surfaces of a smaller and a larger driver's cones of vision, while the second zone houses the TMF and the information devices that create optical interference to the driver, but do not overlap the visibility of the TMF. The third visualization zone of the TMF, in which information devices are placed, is formed outside the driver's larger cone of vision.EFFECT: improving traffic safety.2 dwg

Driving aid device and driving aid method // 2638328
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: driving aid device comprises a module for obtaining information about the road, a configured module for obtaining the vehicle position, a module for detecting objects, a module for detecting information on right/left turns, a module for identifying vehicles in a state of readiness, a module for assessing dead zones, and a module for specifying a readiness area. The module for identifying vehicles in a state of readiness is configured with the possibility to identify, whether or not a vehicle in a state of readiness, waiting for turning to the right or to the left, is present in the opposite traffic lane, at a crossroad. The module for specifying a readiness area is configured with the possibility to set the readiness area, in which the module for detecting objects can detect the opposite traffic lane at the time when the vehicle is waiting for turning to the right or to the left.EFFECT: improving the vehicle driving safety.18 cl, 12 dwg

Device and method for directing calling of medical care to selected employee // 2638272
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: for directing the warning signal, the warning signal is received, generated by the device generating the warning signal. The current location and the identity of multiple employees using the location tracking system are identified. After receiving the warning signal, a certain employee is selected from a plurality of employees, taking into account the distance between the location of the warning signal generation device and the location of the selected employee. The warning signal is sent to an individually addressed mobile device associated with the selected employee. From a plurality of the output devices, the closest one to the location of the device that generates the warning signal is selected to sent a message to the patient.EFFECT: improved signal routing of calls for medical assistance due to the direction of the signal to a selected employee, not bothering other staff.10 cl, 4 dwg
Automatic protecting device of safety systems in case of emergency // 2638238
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a system of sensors and an electric valve, in addition, there is a protected object, which is required to be transferred from normal operation mode to the emergency mode due to hazard of emergency situation development, and which is connected to an actuating device, which is triggered by signal from a control device made in the form of electric valve. The electric valve is connected to a system for probing a hazardous zone, including sensors configured to exceed the maximum permissible concentrations of chemically hazardous substances present in this zone, and a probe tuned to exceed the maximum permissible levels of radioactive substances, the signals from which are fed to a common microprocessor, which processes these signals and gives a control signal to turn on the electric valve. A chemical air-foam fire extinguisher placed on a platform equipped with rotation mechanisms around the axis of the fire extinguisher, and configured for its vertical movement, while the operation of these mechanisms is synchronized with an infrared sensor. The chemical foam generator of the air-foam fire extinguisher contains a hollow body consisting of a cylindrical part with an external thread for connection to the union of the distributing pipeline for liquid supply.EFFECT: increased efficiency of process equipment protection against emergencies by improved performance and reliability of system activation.2 cl, 3 dwg

System for monitoring gas leakage from main gas pipelines // 2638136
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: system for monitoring gas leakage from the main gas line can be used in operation and monitoring of the technical condition of main pipelines. In the system for gas leakage monitoring, the leakage control is carried out from a vehicle moving along the route of the gas pipeline. The vehicle has a laser device with frequency coinciding with the absorption spectrum of gas transported along the gas line and optically matched with the photodetector connected to the amplifier-converter, which output is connected to the vehicle computer to which a first receiving-transmitting device is connected, by means of which the radio connection is realized with the receiving-transmitting device, the computer and the monitor of the control center. The vehicle is provided with alarm of the signalling device, a video camera connected to the computer through multiplexer, and the four ones form a circular view system, and the two ones form stereo observation. A second receiving-transmitting device is also installed on the vehicle and controlled by the computer to perform radio communication via a separate radio channel with three stationary receiving-transmitting devices which are located along the perimeter of the controlled section of the gas pipeline route for determination of actual coordinates of the vehicle. The output of the receiving-transmitting device is connected to a converter of time intervals to digital code which is delivered to the computer for its re-counting to the current distance between the vehicle and the three-stationary receiving-transmitting devices.EFFECT: possibility to perform control of gas leakage from the gas pipeline along the route of its location in automatic mode without participation of human operator, at any time of year and day, under any meteorological conditions with high accuracy.2 cl, 3 dwg
Device for cardiorespepratory analysis and method for estimation of cardiorespiratory state // 2637917
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: device for cardiorespiratory analysis contains a body with a control unit fixed thereto and an infrared pulse oximetric sensor for measuring the pulse rate and blood oxygenation. The body is made in the form of a telescopic cane equipped with a handle. The cane bends are reinforced with plastic clutches in the joints to prevent any folding. At the end of the cane, there is a wheel block in the form of a pair of wheels and a wheel speed sensor interacting with them. The wheels of the wheel unit are mounted on the common axle. The wheel speed sensor is a digital tachometer, which includes a reed switch and magnet attached to the wheel unit. The control unit is fixed on one of the cane bends and equipped with a liquid crystal display, an on/off switch and a reset button. An infrared pulse oximetric sensor is mounted on the cane handle. The microcontroller is capable of analyzing the measured readings, generating a warning message on the display screen and issuing a signal to turn off the sensors. A method for cardiorespiratory state estimation includes a test used for cardiorespiratory analysis. At that, the device is held by the handle. The thumb is placed on the infrared pulse oximetric sensor. A test program is selected, the name of which appears on the LCD. Steps are performed. Data on the distance travelled and pulse oximetry are transmitted by connecting the microcontroller via a USB cable to an external PC, where they are visualized in the form of graphs and stored in a database.EFFECT: increase accuracy of measurements during study and assessment of the dynamics of changes in the parameters of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems when performing a sample with a functional load.9 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of control of road traffic in signal-controlled places // 2637714
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method includes the detection of control zones and the installation of a system of video recording devices. The video recording device system includes a computer module and associated with it detail and overview television transducer, each of which comprises of a signal transmission device connected to the video camera with a controlled lens. With the help of television sensors, video recording of the actions of vehicles entering the control zone of television sensors is done and the signal is transmitted to a computer module that, with the help of software, generates video clips of traffic, passing through the intersection or pedestrian crossing, determines the violations of traffic rules, forms video clips that prove the violation, transfers the generated videos to the information processing and storage center. With each active traffic light signal, the vehicle actions are synchronized with the detail and overview television sensors using a synchronization device with a traffic light controller that is connected to the computer module, actions of vehicles are video recorded with automatic switching of the illumination modes of the controlled zones of the television sensors, which is done a control device of the lighting system.EFFECT: increasing the effectiveness of detecting violations of traffic rules.2 dwg

Automated system of vehicle route construction and adjustment // 2637582
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: system comprises a navigation unit, a vehicle route construction unit, a control panel, a vehicle speed control unit, a vehicle route adjustment unit, a display terminal, a fuel amount and consumption control unit, and a database of fuel filling stations, the output of which is connected to the first input of the vehicle route construction unit, the second input of which is connected to the control panel output; the third input is connected to the output of the navigation unit, and the output is connected to the first input of the vehicle route adjustment unit, the second input of which is connected to the output of the fuel amount and consumption control unit; the third input is connected to the output of the database of filling stations; the fourth input is connected to the output of the vehicle speed control unit, the input of which is connected to the output of the navigation unit, and the output is connected to the display terminal input.EFFECT: expanding the operating capabilities.1 dwg

Intelligent network of technical detection equipment with possibility of creating virtual detection facilities for combining alarm messages // 2637400
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: intelligent network of technical detection equipment (TDE) consists of a central control unit (CPU) and a plurality of TDEs, each of which contains a radio modem, an alarm sensor operating on one of the physical principles, and a communication module. The CPU includes a central processor with a graphic monitor, a radio modem, and a communication module. All TDEs are connected to each other and to the CPU in a peer-to-peer radio network, configured to automatically rearrange the information transmission routes by the criterion of the best quality of radio communication. All communication modules of each TDE are connected to each other and to the CPU using the interface line.EFFECT: increasing the operational reliability due to the formation, functioning for a certain time and subsequent liquidation of virtual means of the detection in each of the areas of control, which operate according to a specific algorithm of information processing with the subsequent combining in the central control unit of alarm messages coming from the virtual sensors.4 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of fire or overheat detection, and device for its implementation // 2637095
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: method of detecting a fire or overheating, which consists in measuring the temperature and rate of its change by the resistance of one or more sensitive elements of a linear thermistor sensor. Controlling the health of these sensitive elements, generate and transmit information about a fire, overheating or detected faults. In addition, the integrity of the liner of a linear thermistor sensor is also controlled by the insulation resistance of the sensing elements. The fire detection or overheating detection device includes a fire detection unit, on the input of which linear thermistor sensors are connected. In the fire detection unit, the resistance of the sensing elements of linear thermoresistive sensors is measured, the resistance of the temperature and its rate of change is calculated, the health of the sensing elements and the integrity of the shell of the linear thermoresistive sensors are checked for the insulation resistance of the sensing elements. In addition, in the fire detection unit, information on fire, overheating or malfunctions are generated and transmitted to the fire protection system of the monitoring facility. Each linear thermoresistive sensor is a long thin-walled metal shell in which one or more sensing elements are made of metal with a positive temperature coefficient of resistance and isolated from each other and from the shell by a heat-conducting material. Inside the shell, one or more insulated conductors are also placed, relative to which the insulation resistance of the sensing elements is measured. A sign of violation of the integrity of the shell of a linear thermistor sensor, through which a corresponding failure signal is generated in the fire detection unit, is the achievement of the minimum acceptable insulation resistance value.EFFECT: increasing the reliability of the fire detection device or overheating.7 cl, 3 dwg

ethod for detecting fire or overheating with use of duplicated linear thermoresistive sensors and device for its implementation // 2637094
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: method for detection of fire or overheating with the help of duplicated linear thermoresistive sensors, which consists in measuring the temperature by resistance of these sensors, monitoring their serviceability, determining the temperature in the monitored zone of fire or overheating, generating and transmitting information about fire or overheating, and about the detected malfunctions. Moreover, the resistance of groups of linear thermoresistive sensors, rather than of each sensor, is measured, and the missing information is calculated from the measurements taken, in addition, the composition of groups of linear thermoresistive sensors in the main and in the backup channels is different. A fire detection or overheating detection device comprising a fire detection unit consisting of a main and backup channels interconnected by an internal interface, and linear thermistor sensors. These sensors are integrated into the main and backup channels and are connected to the corresponding channels of the fire detection unit. In each of the channels of this unit, the resistance of linear thermoresistive sensors connected to it is measured, exchanging resulting information with another channel, calculating the temperature by the resistance of linear thermoresistive sensors, monitoring of the health of these sensors, formatting and transferring of information about fire or overheating to the fire protection system of control object, which are determined by the temperature in the zone of linear thermoresistive sensors location, as well as about the detected faults. Moreover, in the fire detection unit, the resistance of the groups of linear thermoresistive sensors, whose connection is different in the main and in the backup channels, is also measured, and the resistance of each linear thermoresistive sensor is calculated on the basis of these measurements.EFFECT: increased availability for firefighting.3 cl, 1 dwg
Information system for monitoring and detecting events between vehicles or between vehicles and stationary, floating or surface facilities and complexes by remote observation // 2637069
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: information system for monitoring and detecting events between vehicles or between vehicles and stationary, floating or surface facilities and complexes by remote surveillance consists of AIS communication facilities, radar-location facilities, satellite tracking facilities and a vehicle state visualization facilities. The system is designed to collect data on the speed of vehicles, the distance between them and the distance from stationary, floating or surface facilities and complexes. The system determines the beginning and end of the meeting with the vehicle or with stationary, floating or surface facilities and complexes, determines the type of meeting depending on the type of vehicles and the type of stationary, floating or surface facilities and complexes.EFFECT: improving the efficiency of mooring control.4 cl
ethod of controlling road traffic when crossing controlled railway crossing // 2637066
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: in the method at the railway crossing, a video fixing device is installed, including surveillance television sensors and two groups of detailing television sensors connected to the computing module. The control zone of each of the first group of detail television sensors includes a stop line and a section of the road lane from the stop line to the railway tracks, the control zone of each of the second group of detail television sensors includes a section of the road lane at the intersection with the railway tracks on the transport route, the control zone of each of the survey sensors includes a stop line, a traffic light and road signs located in front of the railway tracks along the traffic. The video fixing device is equipped with a control device for the lighting system with light sensors associated with the computational module and detailing television sensors equipped with lighting devices.EFFECT: expanding the functionality.1 dwg

Display and control unit, apparatus for security systems and method of setting up control display means in apparatus for security systems // 2637046
FIELD: physics, signalling.SUBSTANCE: disclosed solution relates to security system devices. The disclosed solution comprises a housing having a base, having upper, lower and two lateral walls and a rear wall, configured for mounting on a vertical wall, and a cover having upper, lower and two lateral walls and a front wall, with a rectangular opening, a detachable hinge joint, a display and control unit, which includes a panel made of plastic, having at least n openings, where n is the total number of display and control means, an electronics board, at least one stand, and provided with a pusher and an opaque plate made of sheet material, having a window which transmits light, and at least one bulging pressing region for applying force on the pusher which transmits said force to control buttons of the electronics board, and the display and control unit is places in the inner volume of the housing, said unit being electrically and mechanically connected to the electronics board mounted on stands parallel to the vertical axis of symmetry of the housing, opposite the window of the front wall of the cover of the housing, which transmits light from light indicators and enables to press control buttons by pressing the bulging pressing regions.EFFECT: wider range of security system equipment.4 cl, 4 dwg

Vehicle accident scene information unit // 2636825
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: proposed information unit comprises independent gas-filled shells designed to be separated from the vehicle in the event of an accident. An information block is attached to each gas-filled shell. The gas-filled shells are designed to be filled with gas lighter than air and separated from the container at the moment of the vehicle's accident. The information block is made in the form of a non-volatile memory device configured to store information about the state of the vehicle systems and its coordinates at the time of separation. The information block can be configured as a USB flash drive. The gas-filled shells can be made in the form of light metalized shells, on which resonance structures are applied which ensure rereflection of the radio signal towards the source of radiation; the gas-filled shells can be made with perforation; the gas-filled shells may have a bright colour; information in the form of text and/or graphic elements can be applied on the gas-filled shells.EFFECT: increased information capability.6 cl, 2 dwg

Access control unit of door communication system or building engineering system devices // 2636698
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: according to the invention, the access control unit has an optical reading unit (6) connected to the control/processing unit (5), wherein the door communication system device or the building engineering system for activating the optical reading unit by the control/processing unit is equipped with a motion sensor or proximity sensor, or a key switch (8).EFFECT: providing access release in the standby mode and activating a costly image analysis mechanism by means of the reading unit only at suitable times.9 cl, 1 dwg

obile retail peripheral platform for pocket devices // 2636378
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a system and a method for operating a security label of an electronic article surveillance system ("EAS"). The method includes executing on mobile point-of-sale terminal (POS) application, functioning to control the operations of a peripheral device, attached to a mobile POS device to facilitate the execution of a purchase transaction; reception by means of the device of mobile POS request for detachment of a protective label from the goods; transmitting a message from the mobile POS device to the peripheral device via a first near field communication. The message is configured to instruct the peripheral device to perform operations to assist in detaching the security label from the product. Further, the signal is transmitted from the peripheral device to the security label. The signal triggers the release mechanism of the security label or the heating of the adhesive distributed on the security label.EFFECT: problem is solved with the detection of lost or misplaced mobile devices of retailers inside the store, with a more comfortable deactivation of EAS tags when using available POS.20 cl, 14 dwg