Checking-devices (G07)

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G07            Checking-devices(3849)

Device for handling paper money // 2642536
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: banknote handling device includes an inlet port, the first transport node and the second transport node, which met with the ability to transport banknotes captured through the inlet port, a recognition node adapted to recognize each of the banknotes, a banknote stacker for binding into bundles adapted to stack any banknote into a pile recognized by the recognition node as a banknote, which must be bound in a pile, a banknote stacker not for binding into bundles, wherein the banknote stacker for binding into bundles includes only two stackers for binding banknotes into bundles, and the banknote stacker not for binding into bundle includes only two stackers not for binding banknotes into bundles.EFFECT: prevention of erroneous withdrawal of banknotes from the first packing units or the second ones by the operator, convenience with the banknote handling device, compactness.16 cl, 8 dwg

Device for processing media and device of transactions with media // 2642531
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: in the ATM bill dispenser, the transport path within the transport section is formed in the form of a straight line extending mainly from the front to the rear. During the calculation processing of the deposited input processing means, the bill inserting/dispensing device delays the rejected banknotes in the delay section in the transport path in the second shipping section and determines and stores the transport destination for each banknote based on the verification results received from the verification section and during the preservation processing of the deposited input processing means, the bill inserting/dispensing device conveys notes withdrawn from the temporary keeping in certain transportation destinations for storage.EFFECT: there is no need to increase the number of configuration components and the greater complexity of the transport section in the bill inserting device, while maintaining its physical current dimensions, ensuring the maintenance of high transaction speed with banknotes.28 cl, 37 dwg

Dispensing device // 2642047
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a device and method for dispensing printed coupons or tickets obtained from a continuous material tape. The tape is cut by a stationary knife when it is pulled by the user pulling its end. The drive pulling roller, periodically moving the tape forward, stops when the tension sensor detects a strip for cutting.EFFECT: ability to detect two deviations, which are controlled by stopping the paper movement.14 cl, 2 dwg

Tape detector // 2642037
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device comprises at least one light source, at least one light detector and at least one light barrier. At least one light source is disposed on the first side of at least one light barrier, and at least one light detector is disposed on the second side of at least one light barrier opposite the first side.EFFECT: light barrier is made with the possibility of contact with the document to prevent or reduce the entry of light emitted by the light source located on the first side of the light barrier to the light detector located on the second side of the barrier.24 cl, 6 dwg

Automated fare and travel documents control system // 2641783
FIELD: instrument making; process automation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means of transport process automation. Technical result is achieved due to the automated system of payment for travel face and control of travel documents, which contains a central complex, a station complex, passenger vehicles, central complex includes management and processing servers, memory units, exchange unit, memory unit of the transport network zoning and time slots, server of route generation for each station, memory unit for station route maps, tariff plan generation server for route maps and tariff coefficients for each station, memory unit for station route map tariffs, memory unit for preferential coefficients, station complex contains a management server, server for formation of differentiated ticket prices and tariff coefficients for each station route, memory unit for station route zone tariffs, memory unit for preferential coefficients, sale points for travel documents, control points for travel documents located in vehicles.EFFECT: technical result consists in increasing the accuracy and reliability of the system performance and expanding its functionality.1 cl, 1 dwg

On-board unit with power supply // 2641543
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: on-board module (OBU) can be installed in the active mode (15) and a standby mode (14), in which the OBU is installed in the said standby mode (14) when the OBU takes a command to disconnect from the module communication area (RSU) and the electronic OBU equipment, thereby, is disconnected so that a minimum electricity is consumed or electricity is not consumed, and is installed in the said active mode (15) when the OBU is included in the communication area (4; 7). The communication module of the said OBU thus receives power so that the OBU can be connected with the RSU. The OBU can be set (16) to the RSU tracking mode, resulting in that, at least, the communication module is disconnected and the timer in the OBU is activated in the tracking mode (16) so that in the OBU the restart of the said communication module can be executed for time limit after disconnecting it.EFFECT: power consumption of the on-board module is reduced.9 cl, 3 dwg

Coin feeder // 2641434
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: coin feeder includes a hopper disk having the first surface and arranged to receive coins on the first surface and moving coins along the first path in the direction of the coin sensor. The coin feeder also contains one or more cutters to reject coins made at the first surface, from the first path, if the coin exceeds a threshold thickness. At least, one of one or more coin cutters comprises a rotary member remote from the first surface.EFFECT: reduced ability to jam during operation of the device in comparison with fixed types of cut-offs.12 cl, 10 dwg
ethod, system and device for quality control using sensors for use with devices for biological/ecological rapid diagnostic tests // 2641234
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: sensors are calibrated and optimized, and provide quality control of devices for rapid diagnostic tests (RDT). By images analysis, a cassette and patient data are identified and the technological process and conditions of the devices for RDT, cassettes and RDT are evaluated. Access to the results and their analysis can be provided at a distance from the devices for RDT. The chain of operations to ensure the RDT safety and the sequence of operations, incubation and reading is tracked. For RDT of each individual patient, a quality control (QC) indicator is determined based on the QC criteria.EFFECT: improved quality of control, provides automatic timers, reminders or images of rapid diagnostic test cassettes.66 cl, 1 dwg

Device for transaction with media // 2641087
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device of receiving-issuing banknotes in automatic cash machine confirms whether the banknote, which has the same serial number, is among the banknotes for the transaction by comparing each serial number of the transactions received by reading the serial numbers for each banknote for the transaction with other serial numbers of the transaction. Through this, when some fake banknotes with the same serial number are included in the number of banknotes for the transaction, the device of receiving-issuing the banknotes cannot determine a banknote as a counterfeit banknote in the process of comparing the serial numbers with a list of serial numbers of fake banknotes, but it can determine that a banknote is a fake banknote in the process of comparing between the serial numbers in the transaction. In this case, the device of receiving-issuing the banknotes can prevent the transfer of counterfeit banknotes to the user by transporting the corresponding note for the transaction along with all other transaction notes to the rejection section.EFFECT: increased security when using the device.20 cl, 13 dwg
Device for insertion of paper sheets, machine for manipulation with paper sheets and method of paper sheet insertion // 2640753
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: proposed group of inventions comprises a device for insertion of paper sheets designed for inserting a paper sheet into the machine body, which forms a part of the machine for manipulation with paper sheets, a machine for manipulation with paper sheets designed for manipulation with paper sheets and a method of paper sheet insertion designed for inserting a paper sheet into the machine body, which forms a part of the machine for manipulation with paper sheets. The device for insertion of paper sheets contains: a placement unit wherein a plurality of paper sheets is placed in a standing position on a placement element, a sheet paper feeder configured in such a way as to feed paper sheets placed in the placement unit one after the other, an image forming unit configured in such a way that, in order to obtain image data, take a picture of the lateral edge section on the side of the placement element, paper sheets placed in the placement unit, or the lateral edge section on the side opposite the side of the placement element, paper sheets placed in the placement unit, and a control unit configured in such a way as to determine whether the plurality of paper sheets placed in the placement unit is tied by a tie element, based on the image data received by the image forming unit. The proposed group of inventions comprises a device for insertion of paper sheets, a machine for manipulation with paper sheets and a method of paper sheet insertion, which allow, in case when a plurality of paper sheets tied by a tie element, such as a tie paper strip or round rubber, is placed on the placement unit, see the tie element on the image received by the image forming unit distinctly and which, therefore, are able to determine whether the plurality of paper sheets placed in the placement unit is tied by a tie element, based on the image data received by the image forming unit.EFFECT: improved method, increased reliability of the device operation.16 cl, 21 dwg

System and method to remind user of abandoned items in car // 2640723
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: system includes an antenna device placed inside a vehicle, the second antenna device placed on the outside of the vehicle, a radio frequency device that is associated with each thing, a keyless access device, a processor of the vehicle, managing and communicating about the presence of left items in the vehicle, and a device displaying a warning. The first antenna device establishes a communication channel with the keyless access device and each RF device when they are inside the vehicle. The second antenna device establishes the communication channel with the keyless access device and each RF device when they are on the outside of the vehicle. A signal from the keyless access device and each radio frequency device comes on the first and the second antenna device when moving the keyless access device and each radio frequency device in the vehicle or out of it, respectively.EFFECT: increasing the efficiency of detection and identification of items left in the vehicle after leaving it.21 cl, 1 dwg

Biometric system with communication interface of through body // 2640641
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: biometric system (100) containing an identity confirmation system (110), containing a nonvolatile storage device (125) that stores biometric data for verification of individual biometric trait, biometric verification data contains biometric supporting data to reduce noise in the biometric data obtained using a biometric reader configured to measure a biometric trait of the individual, and the first interface (130) of communication through body configured to transmit the biometric verification data by means of communication through the body along the body of the individual or through it to the second interface of communication through the body, and a system (210) for identity verification, containing a biometric reader (220) configured to measure the biometric trait of the individual to obtain biometric data, the second interface (230) of communication through body configured to receive the biometric verification data via communication through the body along the body of the individual or through it. The biometric reader is placed so that the second interface of communication through the body touches or is in close proximity to the individual during biometric trait measurement by the biometric reader (220), to make reception possible, and a biometric data verifier configured to check the biometric data obtained with biometric verification data.EFFECT: expanded arsenal of biometric tools, including an identity confirmation system and an identity verification system.14 cl, 4 dwg

ethod of providing stable position of banknotes in tray // 2640179
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: method of providing a stable position of banknotes in the tray is to place the banknote with their ribs (vertically and/or sideways), for example, by "thin" packs. Before placing the banknotes in the tray above its open part, a grid is made, for example, made of elastic material. If the tray has several sections, the grid cells are placed opposite the corresponding section. Banknotes are placed in the tray through at least one corresponding grid cell so that they are above the level of the grid, and then the geometry of the grid is modified, which the deformation of which the edges of the cells hold the banknotes in a vertical position from tilt and/or fall.EFFECT: expanding the operational capabilities of ensuring stability by expanding the range of the number of banknotes placed in the tray while ensuring the reliability of their capture by the manipulator.3 cl, 1 dwg

Device for energy consumption forecasting and method of energy consumption forecasting // 2639713
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: energy consumption forecasting device is provided, comprising: a receiving unit (110), an air resistance calculation unit (140, 150), and an energy consumption forecasting unit (130). The receiving unit (110) is designed to receive road information including the traffic speed information specified for each route. The air resistance calculation unit (140, 150) is designed to calculate the air resistance as the computed air resistance value by the air resistance calculation formula based on the traffic speed information of the planned traffic route and to correct the computed air resistance value so that the air resistance increases, as the traffic speed of the planned traffic route decreases. Air resistance occurs when the vehicle moves along the planned traffic route. The energy consumption forecasting unit (130) is designed to predict the energy consumption of the planned traffic route based on the corrected air resistance value.EFFECT: increase the efficiency of energy consumption forecasting.11 cl, 26 dwg

Portable device and method of authenticating marking // 2639620
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: portable device comprises: an image forming unit, a mark detecting unit, a parameter estimating unit for determining a value of the predetermined spectrum parameter, an angle estimator for determining the value of the viewing angle between the said image forming unit and the said marking, and an authentication unit made with the possibility of making a decision to establish the authenticity based on, at least, two values of the spectrum parameter and the corresponding viewing angles. The method for authenticating a marking, comprises: using the image forming unit, detecting data corresponding to the said marking, determining the first value of the predetermined spectrum parameter at the first viewing angle and the second value of the said predetermined spectrum parameter at the second viewing angle, and deciding, whether to establish authenticity based on the indicated, at least, two values of the spectral parameter and the corresponding values of the viewing angle.EFFECT: simplification and wide application of the known systems for establishing the authenticity of markings.16 cl, 4 dwg
Robotic counting and sorting complex // 2639606
FIELD: tool engineering.SUBSTANCE: robotic counting and sorting complex contains a body with gateways for receive and transmit banknotes trays therethrough, and a counting and sorting machine installed inside, and at least one robot-manipulator with a control block and a gripper configured with possibility of multiple movements and interactions between pockets of counting and sorting machine and trays. The complex is equipped with at least one additional counting and sorting machine located within the area of robot-manipulator operation, ensuring the minimum displacements of the latter, or at least close to the main counting and sorting machine, or at least above it, or at least around the perimeter of robot-manipulator. In addition, the body can be executed in the form of modular protective panels connected with each other by connecting joints and comprising at least one joint module. The result is enhanced functional capabilities due to increased speed of sorting operations with preservation of reliability of their execution with use of robot-manipulator and provision of possibility to arrange counting and sorting machines relative to each other and relative to the robot-manipulator in such a manner to optimise operation of robot-manipulator and to increase safety of attending personnel, and also by provision of quick change of number of counting and sorting machines both increasing and reducing, and replacement of non-operating counting and sorting machines due to rapid change of joint units and protective panels.EFFECT: expansion of functional capabilities.2 cl, 2 dwg

Automatic machine for used bottles receipt // 2639065
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: automatic machine comprises the housing in the form of the rectangular container with door, it includes the facilities for the packs receipt, the facility to recognize the pack, facilities for the packs storing and the facilities to give out the reward (coins). The packs recognition is carried out by checking the size of the pack neck sealing ring, in case the dimensions correspond to the required ones, the pack enters the storing facility with giving out the coin, otherwise the machine does not react to the pack, being handed over: the user can leave the pack, that was not automatically accepted, in the container located on the machine door. The machine is designed as the stand-alone device with the solar battery and the battery, and can also operate from the external power supply.EFFECT: machine is easy to manufacture and can find the wide application in the technology of used packs collecting and recycling, in particular PET bottles.4 cl, 2 dwg

Entertainment equipment // 2639054
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: entertainment equipment consists of a main body and a removable panel, the main body contains interconnected electromechanical and electronic units, and removable panel contains touch-screen monitor and control panel connected to the electronic unit, which is connected to the external server. Electromechanical control unit consists of the replaceable playing field, where holes are placed, each of which is equipped with a device to determine the hit of a ball in the hole, and balls feeding mechanism with dropper and a mechanism for ejecting the balls in the playing field with spiral guide and stepper motor. The replaceable playing field may contain stationary holes or movable holes that are located on a rotating disk with an engine.EFFECT: extend the functionality of the device, increasing the quantity of a number of games, simplifying and enhancing the efficiency of transportation and loading and unloading operations, the ability to visually display on the monitor the entire set of information about the gameplay of both electronic games and games using electromechanical unit and the ability to manage an unlimited number of such entertainment devices.3 cl, 5 dwg

Valuable document protected from forgery and method of determining its authenticity // 2638848
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: valuable document contains an identification mark based on the elements made of an amorphous ferromagnetic alloy. The elements are segments of microwires connected to each other, having the ability to emit electromagnetic pulses with a jump-like magnetization reversal under the influence of an external sinusoidal magnetic field. The intensity of the exciting magnetic field is chosen to be from 0.1 to 1000 A/m, and the frequency of this field is in the range of 0.1 to 100 KHz. The pulses emitted at the field magnetization have the options characteristic for the protective label of number: the number of pulses, the ratio of their intensities and phases measured relative to the zero-phase referred to the magnetic field, with the formation of a given code.EFFECT: invention provides a high degree of protection of documents and reliability of determining their authenticity.12 cl, 4 ex, 2 dwg

Apparatus and method for liquids delivery to container // 2638747
FIELD: satisfaction of human life necessities.SUBSTANCE: apparatus for evaporable liquid delivery to a container for application in an electronic inhalation device is described. The device includes a tank with liquid, pouring window, into which an empty vessel for its filling is installed and pouring machinery, which communicates with the tank for delivery of a certain amount of liquid from the tank into a container that is inserted into the pouring window. The apparatus also includes a controller connected to the pouring machinery to control the operation of the apparatus and a user interface connected to the controller to bring the device into operation. Also, a method for operation of such apparatus and a system of several apparatuses are described.EFFECT: increased convenience.48 cl, 9 dwg

Exchange medium processing device and device for carrying out transactions using exchange medium // 2638631
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the banknote insertion/payment device, the ATM counts the number of banknotes of each denomination based on the classification information for the banknotes before issuance and after issuance when the forgotten banknotes appear in the payout processing, thereby accordingly generating the classification information N1 before issuance and the classification information N2 after issuance. The banknote insertion/payment device can thereby easily detect a change in the number of notes of each denomination between the moments before issuance and after issuance by comparing the classification information N1 before issuance with respect to the classification information N2 after issuance, and can facilitate the workload of a member of the personnel from a financial institution or the like when an illegal activity takes place.EFFECT: opportunity to detect illegal receipt of exchange medium.6 cl, 16 dwg

Device for determining degree of vehicle driving dynamicity // 2638327
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device for determining the degree of the vehicle driving dynamicity consists of two transducers of an overload and an electrical circuit for their connection. Magneto-electric accelerometers are used as the sensors of the longitudinal and transverse overload. The accelerometers charge the battery through the diode bridge circuits. The degree of the vehicle driving dynamicity is determined by the amount of the battery charge, with its normal discharge through the tuning resistor. The device is externally nonvolatile, and its housing prevents unauthorized access, except for the possibility of reading information from the charge indicator.EFFECT: improving the safety of driving.3 cl, 4 dwg

Device for media protection and device for separating and placing media // 2638133
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a device for the media protection and the device of separating and placing the media, which avoids damaging of the media when moving the it along the guide. In the banknote cassette, the guide main body is attached to the circumferential side surface of the central body of the roller with the tabs in a range not provided with tabs. When displaying banknotes, the banknote cassette stops the roller with the tabs in the retracted position, thereby positioning the outer circular surface of the guide main part near the front upper surface of a curved fragment of the hole in the conveying guide, so that the hole can be placed in almost completely locked state.EFFECT: protecting the neighbourhood of the banknote corner from entering the hole, providing the possibility of preventing jams during transportation.10 cl, 18 dwg

Device for laying carriers and device of transactions with carriers // 2637897
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention comprises lateral guides respectively arranged in the widthwise direction parallel to the carrier sheet surface and orthogonal to the advance direction at positions on either side of the platform portion on which the carrier is laid, and which guide the carrier unloaded from the unloading section in the widthwise direction, using the guide surface of the laying. Each lateral guide includes an unloading guide surface guiding toward the central side in the widthwise direction as it moves from the unloading section along the travel direction, a supporting guide surface supporting the carrier from the platform side, and a guide groove portion, that is an adjacent portion between the unloading guide surface and the supporting guide surface, which forces the corner vertex or the carrier edge to slide with the carrier advance, and which forces the front edge portion of the carrier to pass in the advancing direction to the laying direction side further than the platform bracket.EFFECT: improved ability to process different banknotes of different countries or regions of issue and different denominations, and their rejection in accordance with the country or the region.10 cl, 58 dwg

ethod and system for reducing risk of banknote robbery/theft // 2637746
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a computer implemented method of reducing or eliminating the risk of robbery/theft, for example, during transport or during storage of banknotes, by scanning banknotes before transport/storage, and when receiving banknotes, and by verifying banknotes when they are used in treatment, including the stages, at which: inter alia, banknote reading devices/scanners used to authenticate banknotes, before/during transport from the sender, or storing by the sender registere/read/image a banknote subject to freezing, the banknote identification data are determined in the so-called "banknote-ID", after receiving transported/stored banknotes by the recipient, registere/read/image a banknote subject to freezing/re-freezing, the banknote identification data are determined in the so-called "banknote-ID", with an attempt to make a purchase with the banknote in the place of money circulation, where the banknote are operated/introduced into circulation, registere/read/image a banknote subject to be put into circulation, the banknote identification data are determined in the so-called "banknote-ID".EFFECT: solving the problem of reducing the risk of attacks and threats, and eliminating the need for special protective equipment, while reducing the need for safety personnel, when transporting cash.22 cl, 12 dwg

ethod and system for preventing shopping trolley theft // 2637177
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: system for controlling, identifying or tracking movable objects that are used for a short period by one user, comprising: one restriction mechanism for regulating the use of a mobile object. The restriction mechanism is configured to control it via a remote communication device; an identification mark attached to the said mobile object, comprising an identification code; a network control device containing identification data of several mobile objects. The said control device is configured to send a detachment instruction to one restriction mechanism; a communication module for obtaining identity information from one user. Herewith the user is able to input the identifying detailed information to the network control device using the communication device. The said identifying detailed information comprises a user identifier. After receiving the updated information by the network control device, the disconnect command is sent to the appropriate restriction mechanism to disconnect, at least, one object. The restriction mechanism comprises a tracking module attached to the mobile unit and a signaling module. The tracking module checks the location of the mobile object within the restricted rental area, and the signaling module is programmed to identify the status of the alarm if the mobile object is tracked as being outside the specified restricted rental area and no request has been received to disconnect the mobile unit or the specified rental period has expired.EFFECT: theft prevention.28 cl, 15 dwg

Access control unit of door communication system or building engineering system devices // 2636698
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: according to the invention, the access control unit has an optical reading unit (6) connected to the control/processing unit (5), wherein the door communication system device or the building engineering system for activating the optical reading unit by the control/processing unit is equipped with a motion sensor or proximity sensor, or a key switch (8).EFFECT: providing access release in the standby mode and activating a costly image analysis mechanism by means of the reading unit only at suitable times.9 cl, 1 dwg

Digital video recorder and method of its installation // 2636630
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: digital video recorder contains a housing, a holder, a video camera with a video processing device, a memory card slot, a monitor, a speaker, a microphone, a USB connector, a power connector, a three-axis G-sensor, an integrated light sensor, and a two-colour device state indicator, a self-healing fuse, a trunk, an extension cord, and also includes a decorating part with a trapezoidal notch. The three-axis G-sensor is equipped with a key-activator. The decorating part is made of vinyl film that simulates standard silkscreen printed on the windshield by the manufacturer of the car, and made according to the shape corresponding to the shape of the upper housing part in the digital video recorder with an allowance around the perimeter, hiding the technological gap and slight blemishes made during installation. The design of the housing is made in exactly the same texture, colour and shape as the car equipment.EFFECT: increasing versatility while increasing ergonomics.7 cl, 4 dwg

Cash processing unit and cash processing method // 2636534
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device comprises: a cash receiver having an opening and closing element; a temporary reservation unit designed to temporarily store cash; storage units made with the ability to store cash; a transfer unit configured with the possibility, in the deposit processing, to transfer the cash deposited into the cash receiver to the temporary reservation unit in a state in which the opening and closing element is closed, and to transport the cash stored in the temporary reservation unit to storage units; and a control unit configured to control the display of the selection screen for selecting the first depositing method for depositing cash at a time in one transaction or the second method for depositing cash at multiple times in one transaction and not issuing the command to open the opening and closing element when the first depositing method is selected, and issuing the command to open the opening and closing element when the second depositing method is selected, after the transfer of cash deposited into the cash receiver to the temporary reservation unit is completed, and before the transfer of cash stored in the temporary reservation unit to storage units is completed.EFFECT: increasing efficiency in the device operation.27 cl, 20 dwg

ethod and system of holding game instances // 2636367
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: method of holding game instances has a number of game positions that can be occupied by players, for example, poker type games. The method comprises the step of assigning to the player a plurality of weights relating to the gaming positions, where each weight indicates the propensity to place the player in the gaming position. When a player has played in the first game at that position, weights are updated to indicate the changed propensity to place in each position. Then the player is assigned to the second game based on the updated weights. Connection of the client application to the first instance of the game during the player's participation in the second instance of the game is supported.EFFECT: exclusion of unfair advantageous or unfavorable conditions, because the position of player is of strategic importance, implementation of new high-speed gaming models.7 cl, 12 dwg, 5 tbl

oney issuance block and game machine containing money issuance block // 2636305
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a game machine containing a controller of the game sequences, which is connected with the control money issuance block and which interacts with the control device for the purpose of issuing money, and to the method of operating the game machine that includes a controller of the game sequences, which is connected and communicates with the control money issuance block for the purpose of issuing money. The money issuance block comprises an electric motor and a control device comprising a memory device. The electric motor is connected to the control device via a controlled switch and is capable of being actuated by current/voltage for a certain time by means of a switch for issuing money. A monostable multivibrator assigned to the switch generates a certain operating time of the motor by supplying the corresponding voltage/current by closing the electrical circuit using the switch. The control device is designed to output a code that is in the form of a pulsed voltage sequence with zero pulses and is transmitted using a two-wire cable, through which electricity is supplied to the electric motor. In addition, the money issuing block comprises a comparison unit for comparing the code with a given code. The shift register is located in front of the comparison unit, whereby the code is sequentially filtered by the shift register from voltage applied to the motor and is parallelly directed to the comparison unit. If the adopted code corresponds to the known, predetermined code, the switch is actuated to supply voltage/current to the electric motor for the purpose of issuing money by a monostable multivibrator.EFFECT: widening the range of payouts of winnings with the possibility of their flexible and universal regulation.4 cl, 2 dwg
ethod of recounting and sorting banknotes // 2636017
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method of recounting and sorting banknotes using a robotic complex with, at least, one robot manipulator, counting and sorting machines, a control unit, a band passer, a bundler characterized in that for recounting a stack of banknotes with a number of denominations of k, at least, two counting- sorting machines are used, located with respect to each other and relative to the robot manipulator with the minimum necessary working movements of the robot manipulator, with the number of possible denominations of n processed by each machine, wherein k>n, the banknotes located in the trays are placed in the working area of the robotic complex, by means of the gripper of the robot manipulator, the banknotes are moved from the tray to the loading pocket of the counting-sorting machine, after which the empty tray returns to the protective guard robotics complex, the banknotes are recounted and placed in the appropriate working pockets of the counting-sorting machine, the banknotes with denominations that are not provided by the current mode of operation of the counting-sorting machine are transferred by means of the robot manipulator to another free counting-sorting machine with the possibility of processing the required denominations or the operating mode of this counting-sorting machine changes to the required value, a stack of banknotes of a certain denomination formed in the working pocket of the counting-sorting machine is moved by the robot manipulator to the parcel cheater, after which the cheater is moved to the stack of the roots of the corresponding denomination using a robot manipulator, where the formation and tying of bundles of banknotes from the return pocket of the counting-sorting machine to move a robot manipulator in the trays.EFFECT: increased convenience.6 cl, 1 dwg

Device for configuring, at least, one building system device or communicating with door station // 2635871
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: data set required to configure the devices is transmitted via a visual machine-readable interface that consists of an indication unit (3) and an image pickup unit (12), using a code generator (2) for dynamical generating visual machine-readable codes (MLC) associated with the unit (3) for displaying the generated visual machine-readable code (MLC), the image pickup unit (12) provides reading of the data set transmitted by the visual machine-readable code (MLC) and connected with evaluation unit (11) connected thereto for decoding and retrieval of the data set.EFFECT: providing an optimized device for configuring a building system device or communicating with a door station.5 cl, 1 dwg

ethod and system for tracking game activity // 2635856
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method that comprises: providing a gaming machine comprising a printer for printing tickets and a device for reading tickets for printing and reading money tickets, respectively; providing a server with a database, the server being connected to the gaming machine; assigning an account number to the user; printing a tracking ticket for the specified user, the tracking ticket containing the corresponding code for the account number; creating an entry in the specified database and assigning the specified account record number as a key value; determining, whether the ticket provided to the ticket reader is a cash ticket or a tracking ticket. In determining the tracking ticket, providing a data packet containing the account number to the server, as well as additional game information selected from the group consisting of the gaming machine identification number, the time stamp and the game results, and storing of the data packet in the record.EFFECT: increasing convenience and reliability.16 cl, 5 dwg

Device of carriers processing and device for execution of transactions with carriers // 2635778
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a carriers processing device which is made with a drum, a main belt, one end of which is attached to the peripheral surface of the drum, a main reel which provides the unwinding of the main belt, the first roller, the second roller, the auxiliary belt, one end of which is attached to the location on a peripheral surface which is not overlapped by the main belt, and an auxiliary reel which provides the winding of the auxiliary belt. The main belt provides the placement of the carrier between it and the peripheral surface and the winding of the carrier on the drum when the drum rotates. The main belt after it is unwound from the main reel comes back on the first roller in a place which is remoted from the drum. The first roller ensures the presence of the main belt near the peripheral surface. The main belt, which was rotated back by the first roller and moved along the peripheral surface, separates from the peripheral surface and again rotates back towards the peripheral surface on the second roller. The carrier is placed between that zone of the main belt which has been rotated back by the second roller and that zone of the main belt which has been rotated backward by the first roller and is transported between the second roller and the peripheral surface.EFFECT: reliable winding of rolled carriers on the peripheral surface of the drum.8 cl, 17 dwg

System for equipment components assembly check // 2635435
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: system comprises fault finders, feedback information gathering means, support tools of the appearance of the fault frequency current distributions, synthesis tools of the optimum allocation of the probability of failure. One collects feedback information following on from the experience, gained from the agents group of the fault finding, for equipment components assembly check. One also repeatedly provides the appearance of the fault frequency current distributions, which converge to the optimum allocations complex. Then one synthesizes the optimum allocation of the probability of failure for the targeted assembly and determines the failure chances that are typical for this assembly.EFFECT: fault finding rate increase and loss in false trip rate when motor components assembly checking.11 cl, 7 dwg

Paper sheet authentication device // 2635298
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: paper sheet authentication device determines the type of the paper sheet using a characteristic different from the fluorescent light characteristic, sequentially emits the excitation light at different wavelengths per sheet of paper, measures the light intensity for each wavelength in a predetermined range emitted by the fluorescent material applied to the sheet of paper, and obtains these fluorescent light characteristics as a result. The paper sheet authentication device performs the authentication of the paper sheet using the data of the fluorescent light characteristic of the original paper sheet stored in advance for each type of paper sheet or the threshold value calculated from them and the obtained fluorescent light characteristic data.EFFECT: paper sheet authentication device has a simple structure that allows to authenticate quickly different types of paper sheets, on which fluorescent materials are applied.12 cl, 16 dwg

Banknote processing device and banknote processing method // 2635287
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device comprises one or more banknote storage containers which store banknotes; an information management unit which controls banknote management information including identification information for banknotes stored in the mentioned one or more banknote storage containers; a search information receiving unit which receives input of search information including some or all of the identification information of the banknote to be searched; a banknote search unit which searches for a banknote coinciding with search information based on information managed by the information management unit; and a payout controller which controls the output and delivery of the detected banknote which has been detected by the banknote search unit from the banknote storage containers.EFFECT: increasing reliability of processing banknotes with given identification information without reducing the protection of stored banknotes.7 cl, 13 dwg
ethod and device for processing of valuable documents // 2634245
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: to separate different stacks of valuable documents, the container is divided by separating elements into several storage areas. Since the positions of the separating elements of the various containers for valuable documents may be different, detection is carried out for the container to be processed, in which positions along the container are the separation elements. Detection of the positions of the separation elements occurs independently of the grip by the time moment before the gripper is moved to the container. The data of the container positions of the separating elements is transferred to the gripper control system which is configured to control the movement of the gripper to extract valuable documents from the container.EFFECT: increasing the speed of retrieving stacks of valuable documents from the container, eliminating the need for a capture run on all possible positions of the dividing elements.18 cl, 5 dwg

System for monitoring and analysis of driver's behavior while driving // 2634213
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: system for monitoring and analysis of driver's behavior driving a car, including: a traffic rules compliance evaluation module (3), a defensive driving style evaluation module (4) that identifies the module (5) of the estimated number, which, based on the driver's current behavior while driving and driving style estimated by means of the traffic rules compliance evaluation module (3) and the defensive driving style evaluation module (4), determines and continuously updates the estimated number, which is a measure to comply with the rules of driving behavior and is designed to protect the driving style, and a communications module (6), which can conect to the estimated number determination unit (5) and create communication with a remote device (8) for data processing. After the estimated number reaches a predetermined boundary value or exceeds it, this fact is reported via the communication module (6) to the remote data processing device (8).EFFECT: extended range of facilites.9 cl, 1 dwg

Digital tachograph (versions) // 2634064
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: digital tachograph has a front end. The front part contains the communication port and space, and the space is covered by the access panel. The access panel contains a built-in antenna, which is configured to connect to a data processing unit. The integrated antenna is further configured to communicate with the communication port through a data processing unit and signal transmission and reception of wireless signals to and from an external device.EFFECT: possibility of implementing wireless communication between the vehicle block and the external device.13 cl, 5 dwg

System and method for processing sensor data stream for valuable documents // 2633661
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: system includes at least one sensor for several valuable documents and data processing devices. Each device has the first and the second interface for receiving or transmitting sensor data stream with sensor data, the third interface for receiving and/or transmitting the processed data, a random access memory, at least one processor connected thereto for processing sensor data in the random access memory, and connected to the first and second interfaces, as well as to the random access memory, a further transmission device for receiving the sensor data stream received by the first interface and for partial further transmission to the second interface. And also for partial further transmission for storing at least a portion of the sensor data of the sensor data stream in the random access memory. The data bus in each case is connected to the third interfaces.EFFECT: increased processing speed.35 cl, 5 dwg

Device for admission/issuance of banknotes and transaction device with banknotes // 2633271
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: automatic banking machine includes: a client interface that receives an operation associated with banknotes; deposit/withdrawal opening section that picks up banknotes from the outside and issues banknotes to the outside; classification section that classifies banknotes; front transport section that conveys banknotes between the deposit/withdrawal opening section and the classification section; Banknote storage boxes that are provided below the classification section and which store normal banknotes determined as normal by a classification section from among the banknotes inserted in the deposit/withdrawal section; sorting transport section that is provided below the classification section that sorts the normal banknotes into banknote storage boxes according to the nominal value and that holds the rejected banknote rejected as being unsuitable for entering by the classification section; and a rear transport section that conveys banknotes between the classification section and the sorting transport section.EFFECT: simplification of the mechanism.16 cl, 30 dwg

Device for authenticating documents and laying them in bundles // 2633190
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to a device for authenticating documents and laying them in bundles containing a validator equipped with a swivel yoke with a head, and a stacker detachably attached to the validator. The stacker comprises an X-shaped link mechanism having a drive arm that is individually pushed by the head in the same rotation direction, in which the head rotates to extend the X-shaped link mechanism to thereby push the pushrod plate from the home position to the extended position and to lay a document located in the intermediate chamber, in the storage.EFFECT: no excessive unwanted friction, slippage, and increased noise during the cam operation, increased wear resistance at the slip boundary, ensuring the long-term cam operation.15 cl, 19 dwg

Financial device // 2632273
FIELD: satisfaction of human life necessities.SUBSTANCE: financial device contains an upper module and a lower module located under the upper module. Upper module contains a unit for cash depositing and withdrawing, through which the counted cash, deposited cash and withdrawable cash are received and withdrawn, and a discriminating unit connected to the block of cash depositing and withdrawing via transfer path. Lower module contains an additional functional cassette and a cash storage unit, which are designed to store money.EFFECT: improving the device reliability.36 cl, 24 dwg

ethod of communication for payment collection system containing server and at least one board device // 2632146
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a setting module configured to define a protocol for transmitting a message stream containing a predetermined set of messages. When specifying the message transfer protocol, the wait state flag is set until a response to the previous request is received and no message is sent before receiving the acknowledgment of the receipt of the previous message, an initializing module configured to initialize the message format for each of the messages. The message format contains a constant-length part and a variable-length part with at least one state table. The state table transfers information from the airborne device to the server, and an installation module configured to establish multi-level protection using at least two security levels attached to the messages and provided to the server and the airborne device. One of the protection levels relates to ensuring the integrity of the message, and the other one of the protection levels refers to the use of encryption to the message.EFFECT: increasing the security of message passing.10 cl, 8 dwg

Device for discriminating banknotes // 2632036
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device for discriminating banknotes is proposed, comprising transport rollers configured to transport a banknote, transport guides configured to form a banknote transportation surface, sensors configured to detect the data regarding a banknote, and units in which the glasses are integrated with moulded plastic, comprising the glasses forming the banknote transportation surface during the data detection, and plastic elements covering the glass peripheries. The plastic elements included in the units in which the glass is integrated with the moulded plastic and the transport guides are moulded to be integral.EFFECT: improving the efficiency of transporting banknotes.9 cl, 10 dwg

Device for board control of technical condition of vehicle // 2631750
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device for board monitoring of the technical condition of the vehicle contains a visual information pickup unit, an acoustic information pickup unit, a speed sensor, a motor technical condition monitoring sensor block, a signal preprocessing unit, an analog-to-digital converter, a timer, a memory unit, sub-block of data on permissible nominal and limit values of parameters, sub-block of values of technical condition parameters of the vehicle, pre-processing unit for digital block of information transmission via a radio channel, a buzzer and a blocking device for a vehicle. The device is additionally equipped with a video/audio stream processing unit, a memory block with the ability to write to an external Flash drive, a sub-module for analyzing the pre-fault technical condition, a sub-block for assessing the actual operability of the vehicle, a sub-block of the fault database and recommendations.EFFECT: improving the speed and accuracy of automated calculations of the vehicle's on-board technical condition system.1 dwg

Image processing device, device for processing objects, and method of image processing // 2631161
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: image processing device that receives an image from an object includes an irradiation module having a plurality of light sources, a sensor unit, and a controller. Multiple light sources emit light of different colours to the object, respectively. The sensor unit outputs luminance data for one line obtained by photoelectric conversion of the light reflected from the object, the light that was emitted by the irradiation module to the object. The controller receives a random number and receives luminance data for one line outputted by the sensor unit, when one light source selected from a plurality of light sources is received based on the received random number, to emit light.EFFECT: prevention of moire.10 cl, 14 dwg

Device for processing currency symbol // 2631135
FIELD: satisfaction of human life necessities.SUBSTANCE: device includes an operation unit having a display surface that is positioned to be visible from client area, and a processor of currency symbols having a currency symbols transfer port and a currency symbols issuing port that both face client area. Operating unit is separately connected to the processor of currency symbols. Device for processing currency symbols allows client himself to make a deposit or receive currency symbols and flexibly interact with various types of regulation.EFFECT: expansion of arsenal of funds for the same purpose.12 cl 11 dwg