Contour coding, e.g. using detection of edges (G06T9/20)

Image coding device, image decoding device, image coding method and image decoding method // 2627104
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: image decoding device comprises decoding aid of variable length and a loop filter. Decoding process of variable length is carried out with respect to the parameter for generating prediction signals and compressed differential image with respect to information associated with a plurality of blocks constituting the decoded image and indicating whether the filtering process must be carried out with respect to each of the blocks. The loop filter performs a filtering process with respect to the decoded image obtained by summarizing the prediction image and the differential image, determines a class for each pixel of the decoded image and performs the filtering process using the filter corresponding to the determined class. The filtering process is not performed for a block when the information indicates that the filtering process must not be performed for the block.EFFECT: improved image quality.2 cl, 18 dwg

ethod of compressing graphics files // 2500032
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: method of compressing graphics files involves predetermining the number of gradations of reducing geometric dimensions of a source frame of a graphic image. For each gradation, geometric dimensions of the source frame of the graphic image are reduced, compressed and stored in a compressed file, and then latter decompressed and enlarged to the initial size. Pixel values of the enlarged decompressed frame are then subtracted from pixel values of the source frame of the graphic image and the result with values of the contrast element loop is compressed in form of a file. All values of the reduced compressed files and corresponding values of the compressed contrast element loop are then summed. The least of the obtained sums is selected as the result.EFFECT: high rate of data transmission.6 cl, 5 dwg

ethod to increase resolution of video sequence // 2468437
FIELD: information technologies.SUBSTANCE: in the method for identification of contours of a moving object, in a video sequence of low resolution, information is used from auxiliary photographs of the specified object, taken with high resolution, mutual identification of contours is carried out from a photograph and a video sequence at appropriate moments of time in the same sequence with correlation and modelling of high-resolution frames.EFFECT: increased resolution and dynamic range of a video sequence.5 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of encoding digital images using discrete wavelet transformation of adaptively defined basis // 2429541
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: adaptive definition of the wavelet-basis for discrete wavelet transformation is possible through selection from a library or calculation. The wavelet-basis can be defined using: characteristics obtained using statistical, correlation and spectral analysis methods for blocks and sub-bands of blocks of the initial image; image block reconstruction error.EFFECT: fewer transmitted or stored data through adaptive definition of the basis function for discrete wavelet transformation for initial image blocks.12 cl, 5 dwg

Semitransparent highlighting of selected objects in electornic documents // 2424571
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: method of highlighting an object in an electronic document such that, the highlighted object retains colour and formatting properties to allow for maintenance of visual fidelity relative the pre-highlighted view of the highlighted object and which allows for a semi-transparent background underneath a highlighted object which allows a user to see and appreciate the colouring and any visual properties applied to the background underneath the highlighting applied to the selected object.EFFECT: high efficiency of searching for objects in electronic documents.20 cl, 6 dwg

ethod for noise-immune gradient detection of object contours on digital images // 2403616
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: position of pulse noise on the image is evaluated first, after which four auxiliary masks are formed, as well as eight control vectors (two vectors based on each auxiliary mask), and coefficients of corresponding four differently aligned Prewitt masks are then changed using given vectors. Further, the given masks are used to calculated the approximate value of the modulus of the image gradient, and contours of the object on the image are obtained through its threshold conversion.EFFECT: higher sensitivity of the noise-immune gradient method of detecting contours to useful contour features of the image.5 dwg

Contour method of compressing graphical files // 2339998
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: snap-shot of a graphic image is reduced by resising by 4 times. The snap-shot is compressed and stored as a compressed file, which can be decompressed and increased by 4 times. The initial snap-shot of the graphic image is then superimposed onto a decompressed increased snap-shot. Differences of pixel values between the initial snap-shot of the graphical image and the decompressed increased snap-shot are searched for, from a given contrast, based on contrast elements using arithmetical subtraction. After that a snap-shot with contour values is obtained, and contrast elements are compressed and stored as a compressed file.EFFECT: increased efficiency of compressing files and reducing amount of memory required with retention of definition of the graphical image after decompression of files.8 dwg

ethod for blur compensation of moving object image and device for implementation of method // 2337501
FIELD: physics, computation equipment.SUBSTANCE: the invention claims method of image blur compensation involving: calculation of difference between measured image pixel brightness and brightness assessment obtained earlier on the basis of previous frame sequence; movement detection by comparison of obtained difference to threshold value; defining of movement direction for each pixel; combination of adjoining pixels with the same movement direction in a single object; outlining contours of moving objects by adding their initial B(k) and gradient ▿(B(k)) of images; and generation of output image where k1, k2 are weight factors. Device of image blur compensation includes: image sensor, controller, mode movement detection module, object detection module, correction module, first RAM device, second RAM device, third RAM device, counter, first comparator, second comparator, first multiplexor, second multiplexor, third multiplexor, fourth multiplexor, fifth multiplexor, sixth multiplexor, seventh multiplexor, first demultiplexor, second demultiplexor.EFFECT: blur compensation for moving object image in real-time mode.2 cl, 11 dwg