Simulation on general purpose computers (G06N7/06)

G   Physics(393877)
G06N7/06                     Simulation on general purpose computers(31)

Device for modeling screen plane functioning processes during operation // 2640636
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device contains blocks of random number generators, blocks the goods dumping, blocks of random time intervals, time interval shapers, AND, OR, or delay elements, command and single pulse generators, random number generators, triggers, differentiating elements, and decoders.EFFECT: high measurement accuracy.3 dwg

Simulation of airflows in cabin // 2637068
FIELD: ventilation.SUBSTANCE: computer system for creating a model of airflow dynamics in a controlled cabin environment comprises a data store in the material machine-readable memory, in which a template of the controlled cabin environment and a plurality of logical objects are stored. The logical objects represent physical objects. The logical objects contain the characteristics of the airflows associated thereto. There is also a processor designed to build a two-dimensional layout of the cabin environment from the template and the plurality of logical objects and to create a script from the two-dimensional layout of the salon environment for building a three-dimensional airflow model for the cabin environment.EFFECT: ensuring sanitary and safety standards.10 cl, 4 dwg

Device of modeling technological control processes of technical objects // 2636699
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device is built on triggers, binary counters and logical addition schemes. To send control signals and commands and indicate the status of the process, external devices are used, determined by the application direction of the simulated process. The device is able to receive information about the current state of the control object, displaying the received information, wherein the corresponding connecting multiple instances of the device will allow to model complex processes consisting of interrelated operations.EFFECT: improving the control quality of complex technological processes, which is expressed in reducing the time for creating a process model, increasing the reliability of controlling the state of the process.1 dwg

Risk management modeling technique for information-management system at information-technical impacts conditions // 2634169
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: claimed method includes the stages: one creates the database of the external and internal risks parameters; one links it to the specialized organization database; one creates the risks detection, warning and countermeasures system (DWCS); one adds the DWCS functional model and the internal risks model into the IMS model, which is functioning within the conditions of the external risks; one teaches the DWCS; one assesses the damage, caused by the external and internal risks, one changes the DWCS parameters if necessary; one compares the DWCS risks measured parameters with the values from its database; one determines the risk for the IMS level; one assesses the possible damage when identifying the risks marks; one carries out the countermeasures against the risks if necessary; one evaluates the recorded parameters, and adds the DWCS databases if necessary.EFFECT: functional capacities enhancement and modelling outcomes integrity increase.1 dwg
ethod and system of remote monitoring energy installations // 2626780
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: in the method of remote monitoring and forecasting the state of technological objects related to turbo-aggregates, data are received from the monitoring object; on the basis of this data, a reference sample of performance indicators is formed and the state matrices are built from the components of the sampling points. Based on the MSET method, empirical models are built by the state matrix for predicting the state of an object. The components of the residuals are determined from the difference in the components of the observed point and the point simulating the state of the object. The discrepancy is determined, reflecting the influence degree of the object performance on the deviation of the indicators of the object parameters. Incoming information is analysed from the control object. The degree of deviation of the object parameters is determined from the indicators of empirical models and the discrepancies are identified for such indicators. The calculated faults are ranked. The empirical models are updated based on the filtered sample and a deviation signal is generated from the control object parameter based on the updated model.EFFECT: forecasting accuracy increase.25 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of creating model of object // 2607977
FIELD: computer engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to computer-implemented method and system for simulating an object. Method includes receiving input data describing simulated object, containing a set of characteristics of links between its parts, dividing data set for detecting concepts, obtaining primary data, presented in form of numerical series characterising properties o simulated object, performing assessment and optimising number of properties, describing part of object, functional processing of obtained series, sorting, grouping obtained results, checking grouped data for redundancy and procedure of their normalisation, constructing functional links between normalized grouped data, determining functions, applied for analysing links between parts of simulated object, identifying correlated and insignificant properties, obtaining normalized values on links between groups of investigated object, determining critical and non-critical links, constructing object model, which is considered to be created, if it gives a predictable result, otherwise result is used for iterative repetition of previous steps.EFFECT: technical result consists in automated creation of a model of an object.6 cl, 3 dwg

Simulation model of traffic and pedestrian flows in urban conditions based on agent-oriented approach // 2601133
FIELD: training means.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of a simulation model of traffic and pedestrian flows used in training simulators. Multiple independent agents of a road network are generated, wherein each said agent contains a physical and logical models; then road users are simulated using obtained agents. Unique identifiers of the readjustment of the state of the agents for each road traffic participant are determined. Identifiers are processed by means of discrete-event simulation (DES). Enviroment for agents is generated and its visual image is created. Information on the road network used in constructing the traffic simulation model is loaded from the database.EFFECT: technical result consists in creation of high-precision simulation model of traffic with the possibility of flexible adjustment of relationships between a great number of road users.16 cl, 8 dwg

ethod to extract oil or gas using computer simulation of oil or gas deposit and operating equipment // 2594405
FIELD: oil industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to oil and gas extraction using computer simulation. Disclosed is method of determining plurality of values in field facility, implemented using computer, and includes steps whereat: obtaining data model by computer system, representing manifold and each well shaft, wherein model contains one or more units on said field facility, and units include one or more sets of units, wherein each set contains single unit or a plurality of interconnected units, wherein at least one unit in each set is located in well shaft; obtaining of system of linear algebraic equations by computer system, establishing relationship between said values, presented in equations as variables, wherein said values include pressure for each unit in each set and include values of flow rate, determined by specific flow rates into units or from units, in each set, and for each unit equations contain set from one or more equations with values in unit, wherein for at least one unit in each set of units set of one or more equations contains at least one equation with pressure in unit and one or more values of flow rate in unit; executing of equations system linear conversion by computer system, wherein linear conversion includes linear conversion of equations of each set of equations for exclusion of at least one value of flow rate from at least one equation in each set of equations and wherein linear conversion provides converted system of equations; and solving by computer system of converted system of equations for specified values.EFFECT: technical result is improvement of operation of deposit.20 cl, 19 dwg

ethod for automatic clustering of objects // 2586025
FIELD: computer engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in analysis and simulation of hardly formalised processes characterised by a large number of considered factors, which requires use of special methods and instruments for multidimensional analysis of different-quality information. Method of automatic clustering of objects includes formation from the initial set of classified objects of samples in the form of initial clusters; at that, the initial set is formed by identifying every object on the basis of its parameter setting the coordinate of the object in the initial set, and is considered as a training sample formed on the basis of exponential law of distribution, while data on clusters obtained at the stage of training, is registered on corresponding elements of a memory used later during successive accumulation in them of measurement information; at the stage of training, there is also determined the model of cluster Ki with the number of elements Ni, meeting the requirement for minimum risk RMi(α) when forming a cluster model.EFFECT: technical result consists in improvement of serial clustering stability.1 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of simulating two-level adaptive control processes and simulation system therefor // 2580785
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: simulation system comprises the following models connected appropriately: control stations, communication lines, data storage devices, units for collecting and analysing data, adaptive selection of the order of determining data and evaluation of efficiency of action, determining data, identifying, classifying, determining priorities, evaluating efficiency, creating a list of equipment based on efficiency, distributing objects between equipment, target designation of the equipment, control panels, devices for displaying information, receiving commands and address output of control signals and controlling the equipment.EFFECT: high efficiency of making decisions on controlling equipment.2 cl, 2 dwg

Analysis and optimisation of designs and boilers with tube-in-sheet shields // 2568783
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: this process is realized in steps that follow. First, shield changed structure us shaped to orthotropic plates and/or shells to calculate their dimensional, physical and mechanical characteristics. Finite-element model of said structure is developed to simulate its strained state and to analyze and to optimize its structure. Local areas of orthotropic plates and/or shells are defined at increased displacements, strains and stresses. At second step, second changed structured is formed by sections of plastic screens at local area of orthotropic plates and/or shells with increased displacements and strains. Solid-state models of said structure is developed to simulate its strained state and to analyze and to optimize its structure.EFFECT: lower labour input in analysis and optimisation, accelerated calculations at evaluation of hardness, stiffness and stability.2 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of mathematical and computer modelling // 2530710
FIELD: measuring instrumentation.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to modelling and can be applied for behaviour modelling for aviation structures and products with uncertain input parameters. Method involves behaviour modelling for aviation structures and products with uncertain input parameters at two levels: at macro level by method of end element modelling, and at micro level by quantum and molecular mechanics methods; first, microscopic samples of the model similar geometrically to standard samples used in mechanical tests are examined and tested by molecular dynamics methods, and obtained mechanical parameters of microscopic samples are used as missing macroscopic parameters in material models for end element modelling; transition from micro to macro level and back is made with the use of scale invariance of mechanical parameters and laws.EFFECT: increased accuracy of mechanical and operation property tests of developed and reconstructed units and components.4 dwg

ethod of testing automated systems for collecting, processing and analysing information based on detection and forced initiation of error and wildcard regions // 2520376
FIELD: physics, computer engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automated information collection, processing and analysis systems, as well as artificial intelligence systems and can be used in designing, testing, studying and improving automated information collection, processing and analysis systems, including special-purpose information-telemetry software systems of space-rocket equipment specimens. A test object is placed in a software system for simulating a group telemetric signal and situations are simulated, the degree of aggregation of which is lower than the aggregating capacity of the test object. Weights and graph edges are adjusted. A multidimensional realisation graph of a decision function is obtained, which is differentially mapped on a plane. Characteristic structures are identified. Situations which cause initiation of peaks and graph edges, which form characteristic structures, are simulated, giving rise to a new multidimensional graph with new characteristic structures on a projection. Iterative readjustment of the realisation graph of the decision function is therefore performed.EFFECT: detecting system and syntax errors in algorithms of systems and minimisation thereof based on system morphogenesis.6 dwg

Device for simulating mass service systems // 2465647
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: device for simulating mass service systems has an request flow generator, an incoming request counter, a counter of requests denied service, a random time delay unit, a bidirectional counter of busy channels, a bidirectional counter of the length of the queue, a four-input OR element, a counter 6 of serviced requests, a three-input AND element, a five-input AND element, a two-input AND element with inverting inputs, two three-input AND elements with inverting inputs, three four-input AND elements with inverting inputs, a five-input AND element with inverting inputs, an N-input NAND element, where N is equal to the number of bits of the bidirectional counter of busy channels, an N-input NOR element, an M-input NAND element, where M is equal to the number of bits of the bidirectional counter of the length of the queue, an M-input NOR element, an L-input OR element, where L is equal to the number of bits of the bidirectional counter of requests denied service, a flip-flop and a divider.EFFECT: controlling a real mass service system depending on the laws of distribution of the inflow of requests and laws of distribution of their servicing.3 cl, 1 dwg

Using abstract descriptions to generate, exchange and configure service and client runtimes // 2405202
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: computer system analyses compiled code and potentially optional configuration information for implementing a service and converts the compiled code and configuration information into an abstract service description. The abstract service description can then be converted into code document object model and service configuration information or exported as metadata. A corresponding service runtime can be initiated by calling a service initialisation module included in the abstract service description. The code document object model and configuration information and/or metadata can be transferred to another computer system. The other computer system can use the code document object model and configuration information and/or import the metadata to facilitate initialisation of a compatible channel for information exchange with the service runtime.EFFECT: minimisation of incompatibility factors between client and service runtimes.20 cl, 8 dwg

Shikhaev's method of teaching how to solve algebraic and indefinite equations through numerical modelling based on single solver // 2389082
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: teaching method is realised using an instruction system which includes a numerical series calculator which has a processor with two adder accumulators connected in series. The instruction system has hardware for controlling its operation, as well as data processing hardware, numerical series calculator, data storage memory, data display hardware and hardware for inputting data into the instruction system.EFFECT: reduced computational load on the student due to automation of numerical series calculation by the instruction system.2 cl, 3 dwg, 1 tbl

Generation of sequence of operations by complex analysis on basis of single well predictive mode-modular dynamic tester (swpm-mdt) // 2336567
FIELD: physics, computer equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to computer system, which is based on software of single well predictive model (SWPM). The first specific sequence of operations is automatically created, which consists of the first multitude program modules, in response to the first set of user tasks, and the first specific sequence of operations is automatically executed in response to the first set of input data for creation of the first target product, and the second specific sequence of operations is automatically created, which consists of the second multitude program modules, in response to the second set of user tasks, and the second specific sequence of operations is automatically executed in response to the second set of input data for creation of the second target product, in which target product is three-dimensional model of collector response.EFFECT: provision of low modeling on the basis of single well predictive model, which combines statistic and dynamic measurements with data of completion.30 cl, 52 dwg

ethod of computer simulation of centering of cargo aircraft of type "ан-124-100" // 2331109
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relate to the computer simulation of the centering of a cargo aircraft of type "АН-124-100". Technical result consists in increase of accuracy of calculations and visualisation of communication between graphic representation of geometry of a cargo cabin of the plane and the big party of cargoes with numerical representation of the information on the latter, and also acceleration of process of preparation and processing of dimensional-mass parameters of a cargo with the purpose of its loading. The method is based on formation of the database containing data on mass characteristics of the plane of type "АН-124-100", including data about individual mass-centering parameters of planes of type "АН-124-100" depending on onboard number of the plane and about mass-geometrical parameters of cargoes, and the subsequent display of images of the established cargoes on a tablet of a floor of a cargo cabin and current value of centering of the plane in percentage of an average aerodynamic chord.EFFECT: increasing in the accuracy of the simulation of centering of a cargo aircraft.2 cl, 6 dwg, 4 tbl

ethod for automatic modeling of system for controlling process and system for controlling process // 2294015
FIELD: technology for automatic modeling of system for controlling process, wherein elements of user interface are organized in tree-like structure, reflecting topography of elements in process control system.SUBSTANCE: each element is assigned to at least one input window, having a set of attributes for setting up and/or monitoring target device, controlled in system for controlling process. Current organization of tree-like structure is recorded as project, and list of all windows, opened during one and the same operation, and also attributes, are recorded as work session, by means of which state of elements is restored during repeated loading of process control system.EFFECT: improvement of complicated structure of model of real system, positioning of involved graphical elements and information transfer.3 cl, 6 dwg

ethod for recording and visualization of image of changing object in any moment or period of time (variants) // 2285288
FIELD: computer science, possible use for controlling status of various changing objects.SUBSTANCE: method includes preliminary creation of model of object with division or isolation of object in blocks, each of which is assigned at least one identifier: identifier of position of block in object and identifier of time period, during which block looks remained unchanged; isolation of one additional block during change of object with assignment of two aforementioned identifiers to block; building of model of additional block, selection of block on basis of time period identifiers, included in request, and building of model of object in accordance to identifiers of position of blocks in object.EFFECT: creation of method for recording and visualization of type of changing object in any time moment, which can be realized using equipment, not having high productiveness and speed of operation.2 cl, 2 dwg

Device for modeling decision taking process // 2262131
FIELD: computer science.SUBSTANCE: device has two registers blocks, inputs of which are device parameters inputs, pulses multiplication block, four multiplication blocks, comparator, clock pulses generator, adder block, two subtraction blocks, block for multiplication by zero, counter, division block, integrator and register.EFFECT: broader functional capabilities.1 dwg

System for determining cost of project // 2259593
FIELD: means for calculating cost of project during earlier stages of engineering.SUBSTANCE: system for estimating cost of project, realized as computer software, has type module for receiving user input, determining type of project, and for forming requirements to project, project module receives requirements for project and compiles a project, including given data, operating characteristics data receives data from calculations and generates parameters of working characteristics, cost module receives data and determines cost, client cost module takes in working characteristics and determines cost of project for client.EFFECT: higher efficiency.10 cl, 8 dwg

Device for modeling decision-making process // 2214624
The invention relates to automation and computer engineering and can be used in specialized computer equipment to determine the best management strategies under uncertainty

The method of computer modeling of the strategic balance of offensive and defensive strategic weapons in the two countries // 2197017
The invention relates to computer technology and can be used for modeling the dynamics of the interaction of large-scale systems