The sensing element being a flexible member yielding to pressure, e.g. diaphragm, bellows, capsule (G05D16/06)

G   Physics(394526)
G05   Controlling; regulating(32106)
G05D16        Control of fluid pressure(2017)
G05D16/06                     The sensing element being a flexible member yielding to pressure, e.g. diaphragm, bellows, capsule(886)

Pressure-receiving profile of balance channel for improving throughput characteristics // 2643897
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: fluid control device comprises a control valve having an inlet, an outlet, and a valve passage located therebetween. A drive is connected to a control valve and comprises a valve disc which is displaced along the longitudinal axis to open and close the fluid control device. The valve disc comprises a sealing surface adjacent to the outer radial edge of the valve disc, and the sealing surface is made with ait-tight sealing against the valve channel in the closed position. The valve disc has a median surface located inside the sealing surface in which a groove or projection is formed. The groove extends along the groove axis running along the midian surface perpendicular to the longitudinal axis, and the axis of the groove is curved when viewed along the longitudinal axis. The projection extends along the longitudinal axis to the valve channel. The valve disc contains a disc passage laying longitudinally therethrough. The first end of the disc passage is adjacent to the middle surface between the sealing surface and the groove or projection.EFFECT: adjustment of the controller throughput is improved.22 cl, 7 dwg

Regulator of refrigeration with light start of the pump // 2643428
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the filing and processing systems flowing medium, and more specifically to systems and methods for ensuring functions start and overpressure systems for filing and processing liquids. A system and method for automatically performing discharge functions when starting up and discharging excess pressure in connection with the main fluid container, such as, for example, a pipeline or a fluid treatment tank, is provided. The system contains a main valve for the initial air outlet when it is filled with liquid. There is also a starting auxiliary device for venting the system after start-up, but before opening the main valve. Finally, an unloading auxiliary device is provided for situations of overpressure relief in normal operation.EFFECT: improved efficiency.33 cl, 3 dwg

Input control for symmetric input // 2643113
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: fluid flow control device comprises a control valve having a valve body, which defines an inlet and outlet openings, and a valve channel located between the inlet and outlet openings. The housing assembly is adjacent the valve channel and the annular housing assembly has a first opening configured to receive a valve disc. A balancing diaphragm is attached to the valve disc portion and the body portion assembly, and a portion of the balancing cavity is defined by the upper surface of the balancing diaphragm and the inner surface of the body assembly. A measuring channel passes from the inlet opening of the control valve to the balancing cavity so that the inlet opening of the control valve is in fluid communication with the balancing cavity. The measuring channel has a first end located at the inlet of the valve channel and a second end adjacent to the balancing cavity.EFFECT: improved stability of the fluid flow control device by providing constant pressure acting on the balancing diaphragm.19 cl, 6 dwg

Safety valve // 2642278
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: valve for controlling the flow of medium from the first system to the second system comprises a deformable dome-shaped structure forming a reservoir. The valve cover includes the first connecting hole for connecting the valve to the first system and a contact element for interacting with the flow path hole to open and close it. The valve base is hermetically connected to the valve cover and to the dome-shaped structure and includes the second connecting hole for connecting the valve to the second system. The deformable dome-shaped structure is configured in such a way that it is deformed in the open position of the valve, and the flow path hole is not connected to the contact element so as to allow the medium to flow from the first system to the second system through the first and second connecting holes and the flow path hole. In the closed position of the valve, the deformable dome-shaped structure has its original dome shape, and the flow path hole is connected to the contact element and is thus closed. A pumping device for transporting the medium and a breast pump device for extracting milk from the breast of a nursing woman are disclosed.EFFECT: ensuring reliable vacuum control.14 cl, 6 dwg
Unloaded valve port for fluid regulator // 2635339
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: regulating port control device contains a control element with a valve plunger, connected to the valve rod, and a pressure detecting labyrinth, partly shaped by the valve plunger. The pressure detecting labyrinth is designed for hydraulic connection between the sealing surface of the valve plunger and regulating diaphragm, fixed inside the control element. The pressure detecting labyrinth includes at least two pressure detecting channels. The first pressure detecting channel, running through the valve plunger and having an entrance, extending through the valve plunger along the central axis of the control element; and at least one second pressure detecting channel, running through the valve plunger. The first pressure detecting channel and said at least one second pressure detecting channel are in hydraulic connection with the regulating cavity so that the liquid pressure on the sealing surface of the valve plunger is equal to the fluid pressure in the regulating cavity to apply the equivalent and opposite first and second forces to the sealing surface of the sealing surface of the valve plunger and to the first surface of the regulating diaphragm, respectively. The setting is done in such a way that the fluid pressure, being on the sealing surface of the valve plunger, is also in the regulating diaphragm, leading to the application of the equivalent and opposite forces to the control element.EFFECT: prevention of the transfer capacity decrease at the input pressure overrunning 8 bar.18 cl, 7 dwg
Differential pressure control valve with washing // 2634340
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: valve has a valve part comprising: a valve body with flow communication from a fluid inlet to a flow outlet and a valve seat located within said flow communication, a valve cone (3) adapted to change the position for changing the valve opening, defined as the opening between the valve seat and the valve cone, the diaphragm, deflectable by the differential pressure at said diaphragm, and means for communicating the pressure on the antipode complicated sides of the diaphragm; - an adjusting part containing the biasing element and the body of adjuster. Said adjusting part is attached to said valve part; - a spindle having a part located within the adjusting part and a part located inside the valve part and connected to said valve cone. The spindle can be moved to and stored in the washing position, and the valve cone does not interfere with the communication to transfer fluid from the fluid inlet to the fluid outlet or creates at least a limited obstacle.EFFECT: presence of overlapping function and the washing function that occurs during the installation of the system.12 cl, 5 dwg
ethod for managing operation of valve drive for balancing valve // 2628005
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: balancing valve is tuning to the adjustable set point of the balancing parameter. The tuning drive is mounted with connection to the valve drive and is designed to adjust the mentioned set point. The set point is adjusted with respect to the control valve connected to the same flow system as the balancing valve, operating below the critical threshold value.EFFECT: possibility to change the set point according to the needs of the monitored system to achieve a better hydraulic balance.9 cl, 4 dwg
Device for interaction with membrane, designed for enlarging the cycle life of membrane // 2627022
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: fluid flow controller comprises a channel for fluid flow between the inlet and the outlet; control chamber forming part of a channel for fluid flow; a membrane adapted to the pressure in the control chamber perception; and first and second devices to communicate with the membrane adjacent to the control chamber. The first device to interact with the membrane includes an annular member comprising a clamping portion that is configured to clamping the peripheral edge of the membrane, and a support portion having a first curved surface. A second device for interacting with the membrane includes a support plate for the membrane, whereby the biasing member housed in the loading chamber, applies force to the membrane. Mentioned membrane supporting plate has a second curved surface. Mentioned first and second curved surfaces respectively adjoin the first and second diaphragm portions that move in response to pressure changes in the control chamber, thereby reducing the stress concentration occurring at mentioned first and second parts of the membrane during operation of fluid flow controller.EFFECT: reduction of stress concentration in the membrane.13 cl, 9 dwg

Gas-pressure reducer // 2619146
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: gas-pressure reducer comprises a housing with an inlet opening for feeding high-pressure gas, in which is hermetically installed a sleeve with a locking seat, inside of which there is a slide valve pressed to the seat of the sleeve by a locking spring, the locking air-tightness is provided by a plastic insert which is canted into the body of the valve. A sensitive element installed in the cover of the reducer, which detects the drop between gas pressure at the output of the reducer and atmospheric pressure or pressure, relative to which output pressure of the reducer is maintained, consists of a metal corrugated bellows with a hermetically installed plug and a banding bushing with a rubber seal, inside of which there is an adjustment spring, which is tightened by a packing nut, wherein the force from the adjustment spring and the bellows of the sensitive element is transferred to the valve by a pusher, which passes through a guide washer inside the opening of the seat of the sleeve, and reduced gas exits the housing through the inlet nozzle.EFFECT: invention prolongs the service life of the gas-pressure reducer.1 dwg

Fluid medium regulator having improved flow stability // 2614385
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: fluid medium regulator contains a housing having a fluid medium inlet and a fluid medium outlet interconnected by a fluid flow channel with part of the regulator housing forming the first chamber and the second chamber, a feedthrough hole located in the fluid flow channel, a seat and a control element located in the fluid flow channel and made able to displace between the open position located at a distance from the seat and the closed position installed against the seat, herewith the control element is configured to respond to changes of the fluid medium pressure in order to regulate the flow of the process fluid medium through the feedthrough hole.EFFECT: first membrane with a radial inner part is functionally connected to the control element, and the second membrane with a radial inner part is also functionally connected with the control element.23 cl, 8 dwg

Cover design for use with fluid flow rate regulators // 2602467
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: series of inventions relates to fluid flow rate regulators and, particularly, to cover design for use with fluid flow rate regulators. Cover for use with fluid flow rate regulator comprises a body having a cavity to accommodate fluid flow rate regulator load unit. Support structure is located in the cavity and passes along the cavity for increasing impact strength or strength of the housing. Housing also comprises a hole coaxially aligned with the longitudinal axis of mentioned cavity. Mentioned support structure passes between housing hole and inner surface of the cavity near the first end of the housing. There is a version of the cover design and two versions of the fluid flow regulator design.EFFECT: series of inventions is aimed at provision of sufficient or high strength in case of operation of fluid flow rate regulator at relatively low ambient temperatures.18 cl, 7 dwg

Valve apparatus to prevent contamination of fluid in fluid regulator // 2602026
FIELD: control equipment.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to control equipment and is designed as a valve apparatus to prevent contamination of a fluid in a fluid regulator. Valve apparatus comprises a housing disposed within a fluid flow passageway of fluid regulator to define a low-pressure side of fluid flow passageway and a high-pressure side of fluid flow passageway. Housing has a bore that at least partially defines fluid flow passageway when coupled to fluid regulator. Housing has a movable valve assembly disposed within bore via a non-threaded connection in fluid communication with low-pressure side of fluid flow passageway and external threads for threaded coupling of housing to an opening of fluid regulator. Seal system prevents impurities from flowing between high-pressure side of fluid flow passageway and low-pressure side of fluid flow passageway. Filter for capturing impurities is disposed in inlet chamber formed by opening of fluid flow regulator. Said filter comprises a part surrounding part of said movable valve assembly, and a closed end, configured to hold in said opening of said movable valve assembly. Versions of valve devices are disclosed.EFFECT: group of inventions is aimed at improving reliability of operation of regulator as a whole.15 cl, 6 dwg

Replaceable valve device for use in fluid flow rate regulators // 2593420
FIELD: valves. SUBSTANCE: proposed interchangeable valve device for use with fluid flow rate regulators. Option of suggested valve device includes first holding device, connected with possibility of disconnection with passage for fluid flow control of fluid medium between inlet and outlet holes. First holding device contains first housing containing first channel to accommodate flow control unit, first retainer appliance has first hole coaxially aligned with first channel to form first orifice passage for fluid medium flow, when holding device is connected with fluid flow regulator. Fluid medium flow regulator additionally comprises second holding device, differing from first holding device and interchangeable with it, besides, second holding device contains second body having second channel to accommodate flow control unit. Second holding device comprises second orifice, coaxially aligned with second channel to form second orifice passage for fluid medium flow, when second holding device is connected with fluid flow regulator. First holding device provides first characteristic of fluid medium flow, and second holding device provides second fluid flow characteristic, different from first fluid medium flow characteristics. Change in characteristics of fluid flow is due to availability of first and second holding devices having orifices with different diameters or sizes. EFFECT: technical result is reduction of total number of components to provide wide range of characteristics of fluid in fluid flow rate regulator. 20 cl, 5 dwg

Combined gas pressure regulator // 2589953
FIELD: gas industry.SUBSTANCE: gas pressure regulator relates to device for automatic maintenance of working medium pressure at specified level and is designed to provide natural gas supply to industrial and household consumers. Proposed combined gas pressure regulator comprises housing connected to valve through seat, and actuator connected to housing and comprising membrane chamber including head and actuator cover, between which there is movable system of membrane type (membrane), control valve, at that, it includes rod-piston made with possibility of back-and-forth movement in holder located under membrane actuator and enables transmission of force developed by membrane actuator to regulator control valve. At that, rod-piston contact surface area is equal to area of holes in actuator control seat minus cross-sectional area of rod passing through seat.EFFECT: higher reliability and accuracy of valve reducing; providing development of drive membrane sufficient forces for tight closure of valve, which directly depends on output pressure value; possibility of using device in compliance with proposed invention as gas pressure control, and as and safety valve.1 cl, 2 dwg
Pressure regulation valve for dispensing apparatus for beverages with pressure displacement // 2582947
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: pressure regulation valve envisaged for regulation of the pressure whereunder the compressed displacing gas is supplied into the vessel containing liquid for the said liquid displacement from the vessel; the said valve contains the following parts: the first and the second polymer casings (2, 3). The first casing (2) contains an inlet hole (5) and an outlet hole (4) for gas; the second casing (3) contains elastic shift means (7), a polymer membrane (9) clamped between the first and the second casings (2, 3) so that to create the first and the second chambers tightly separated by the membrane; the connection between the first and the second polymer casings is sufficiently strong to withstand pressure predominating in either chamber and provides for impermeability of the two chambers' interface for a liquid medium; the specificity is as follows: all the polymer components (2, 3, 9) of the said pressure regulation valve are made to the same class.EFFECT: efficiency enhancement.14 cl, 3 dwg

Reducing pressure regulator for supplying internal combustion engine with methane or other similar fuels // 2581723
FIELD: engine building.SUBSTANCE: reducer/regulator comprises a casing divided into three chambers, connected to each other by means of pipelines of high resistance and by means of opening/closing element, which is connected with an elastic membrane. Surface of membrane is proportionally greater than opening/closing element so that low pressure in chamber ahead of elastic membrane is enough to bend it, overcoming both resistance to pressure of methane in adjacent chamber and resistance to pressure of methane in chamber directly connected to tank (tanks), as well as resistance of counter spring. Pressure regulator/reducer is equipped with a pressure sensor, a pressure control valve, valves and connections with electronics, which controls engine feed process.EFFECT: high accuracy of pressure regulation.10 cl, 2 dwg

embrane for dynamic valve // 2570822
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions includes valve device and membrane for pressure regulating valves. At that the said valve device (101) to control flow of heating or cooling fluid contains: casing (102) with input part (3) and output part (4), pressure regulating valve (111), located between said input part (3) and output part (4) and having regulating valve element (112); said regulating valve element (112) is connected with the membrane (115); said membrane (115) contains sealing roll (118, 119), at that the first sealing roll (118) contains two shoulders (126, 129), pressure regulating valve (111) contains cavity (124) for the first sealing roll (118) installation radially to internal side (122), at that radially internal side (122) of the first sealing roll (118) is larger than cavity (124), so the sealing roll (118) is held in the cavity (124) with pre-tensioning. Said membrane for the pressure regulating valves contains sealing roll (118, 119), at that the first sealing roll (118) contains two shoulders (126, 129) and groove (131, 431, 433, 731) with difference that the groove (431, 433, 731) is made on radially external side (123) of the first sealing roll (118).EFFECT: creation of the valve device with membrane, that occupies exactly specified position relatively to the regulating valve element, and has lower risk occurrence of undesirable vibration or noise.13 cl, 10 dwg

Pressure regulator // 2567442
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: pressure regulator contains casing with input and output cavities, between them a sensitive element is installed, simultaneously it serves as lock element, pressed to the seat, and seal in work position of the tread joint of casing and lid, installed in top part of the casing with possibility to adjust the pressing force of the sensitive element. The sensitive element is made out of resilient material - polyurethane, in form of two-stage cylinder, its top part comprises large diameter cylinder, and bottom part is small diameter cylinder, in it two channels are made, they are located perpendicular to each other.EFFECT: simple design of pressure regulator.2 dwg

Pressure regulator // 2562275
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: in pressure regulator comprising casing with input and output unions, seat with sealing surface, valve coaxially connected with spring and pressed to the seat sealing surface, sensing element in form of the bellows, loading spring and dampening assembly; according to invention the dampening assembly is located in the bellows and is made as split bushing pressed by spring and crimping the stock, its guide is permanently fixed in the casing, and is casing for the dampening assembly and bellows stroke limiter, in its corrugations the ring inserts are located; at that bellows by one end is permanently fixed in the casing, and by another end - on stock connected with valve by means of the located in the body cylindrical followers, another end of the stock by means of the spring via the trays interacts with the regulating screw, and work pressure cavity is connected with cavity outside the bellows by means of the cylindrical holes made in the body; at that the pressure regulator is equipped with relief device in form of the throttle secured on the bonnet with small diameter channel, upstream it a flat filter is installed, and in the bonnet through holes are made, from outside they are protected by the rubber ring.EFFECT: extended possibilities, increased reliability and reduced dimensions of the pressure regulator.2 dwg

Pressure regulator // 2544880
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: pressure regulator comprises a casing with inlet and outlet holes and a flange connected to the casing by screws. A membrane dividing the pressure regulator cavity into fuel and air chambers is fixed in the junction place. The pressure regulator also comprises a lower plunger and an upper plunger coupled with the membrane, a spring with a threaded cup to adjust the action force of the lower plunger on the inlet hole seat. The casing is fitted by vertical inlet and outlet holes connecting the inlet and outlet holes to the fuel chamber and to the pressure measuring sensors and fuel temperature measuring sensors. For the purpose of adjusting the conjugation of the seat and the lower membrane's plunger, the seat inlet hole and the mating supporting part of the lower plunger are of conical shape, the side casing surfaces are fitted by additional outlet holes to feed one or more units.EFFECT: increased reliability and stability of pressure regulator work and expanded functionality.2 dwg

Reducer and gas flow regulation method // 2530179
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: reducer comprises a case with three chambers divided by walls: a high-pressure chamber, a reduced pressure chamber and a regulation chamber, a partition coupled with a movable plunger diving the regulation chamber into a piston cavity and an annular cavity, a valve which is connected with the plunger, set in the high-pressure chamber, fitted with a sealing element interacting with a seat in the wall, the first channel connecting the reduced pressure chamber with the piston cavity of the regulation chamber, the second channel with a check valve connecting one of the regulation chamber cavities with the environment, the third channel with a regulated throttle connecting the high-pressure chamber with the piston cavity. The method involves the supply of gas to the piston cavity of the high-pressure chamber, delivery of gas to the reduced pressure chamber and to the consumer, it is possible to change the flow and pressure of gas delivered to the consumer, bleeding of gas from the piston cavity into the environment through the second channel.EFFECT: reduced dimensions and weight of a reducer with low amplitude of pressure fluctuations.10 cl, 4 dwg

Valve seat with forced position fixation for use with control units for fluid medium flow rate // 2529777
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: present invention on the whole is related to the units for fluid medium flow rate control and, in particular, to a valve seat with forced position fixation to be used with fluid medium flow rate control units. The proposed group of inventions comprises a valve seat with forced position fixation to be used with a fluid medium flow rate control unit, and a fluid medium flow regulator. The valve seat comprises a metal ring and an elastic ring connected to the metal ring and having a sealing surface for leakproof interaction with a working element regulating the flow, and fluid medium flow rate control units, at least part of the external elastic ring surface includes a circular protrusion for leakproof interaction with a circular groove in the case of the fluid medium flow rate control unit, the internal elastic ring surface is connected to the external metal ring surface. The fluid medium flow regulator comprises a case having an arm formed by an annular cavity in the case between an inlet hole and an outlet hole, and the above valve seat set inside the case.EFFECT: improved performance characteristics of a fluid medium flow regulator and provision for forced position fixation in essence to prevent shift of the valve seat in respect to the case of the fluid medium flow rate control unit.16 cl, 3 dwg

Balanced insert valve // 2528220
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to the field of automation and is intended for use in industrial and housing applications for monitoring of pressure of fluid medium downstream a valve. The pressure regulation valve comprises the balanced insert valve. The balanced insert valve has a lock with the central passage. The central passage has a valve seat and a valve stem, interacting for valve opening and closing. One end of the central passage is plugged with the end plug, with blind passage for partial intake of the valve stem. The fluid medium pressure downstream the valve is transmitted into the blind passage through the hollow part of the valve stem that results in balancing of the valve stem in a lock. There is a design version for implementation of the balanced insert valve and the method of conversion of unbalanced valve into balanced valve.EFFECT: group of inventions is aimed at increase of life expectancy, reliability and precision of valve operation.20 cl, 3 dwg

Pressure heat controller // 2523334
FIELD: instrument making.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to instrument making and can be used for control over fluid pressure. Particularly, it relates to pressure thermostatic control. Proposed device comprises casing with fluid inlet communicated with fluid outlet via the first flow-through channel. Heating unit is arranged inside said casing to surround at least a part of said first flow-through channel. Said heating unit serves to feed heat to working fluid flowing via said first channel which separates said flow from said heating unit.EFFECT: enhanced performances.29 cl, 10 dwg

Internal safety valve assembly to be used with load regulators // 2521739
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: load regulator including an internal safety valve assembly comprises a casing having a loading diaphragm set between the first shell and the second shell. The first shell and the first side of the loading diaphragm form the first chamber and the second shell and the second side of the loading diaphragm form the second chamber. The unit of the safety valve is connected to the loading diaphragm. The unit of the safety valve comprises a safety valve seat fitted by a hole which forms a passage providing for hydraulic connection of the first chamber and the second chamber, and a safety valve gate connected so that it is able of moving together with the safety valve seat. The safety valve gate can move from the safety valve seat to the outlet position providing for the flow of fluid medium between the first chamber and the second chamber as a response to the output pressure that dramatically exceeds the pressure at which the load regulator moves into closed position.EFFECT: higher reliability of a device.23 cl, 11 dwg

Pressure temperature controller // 2517972
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to instrument making and can be used in the systems of control over various processes. Invention covers several versions of temperature controller. Temperature controller comprises the case with fluid inlet communicated via first flow channel with fluid outlet and heat carrier inlet communicated via second flow channel with heat carrier outlet. Heat carrier inlet is made integral with controller case. Heating chamber case is plugged in controller case to make the chamber between heat carrier inlet and outlet. At least the part of aforesaid first flow channel is located inside the case while heat carrier flows via its inlet to heat working fluid in said first flow channel separating said fluid from heat carrier.EFFECT: expanded performances.17 cl, 4 dwg

Housing of balanced channel with built-in flow conditioning // 2509943
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: fluid medium control includes an actuator, a valve and a housing of a balanced channel, which is located inside the valve for flow conditioning in order to convert a turbulent flow inside the valve to laminar flow when fluid medium reaches a receiving section of a Pitot tube located inside the outlet valve opening. The balanced channel housing includes an opening passing through a side wall and located between the valve channel and the outlet opening. The above opening includes a partial obstacle such as partition walls or a sieve, above which fluid medium flows to convert turbulent flow to laminar flow. There are versions of a fluid medium control design.EFFECT: improving operating reliability of a control due to the fact that the preceding pressure in the flow direction does not influence on control of the following pressure in the flow direction.23 cl, 11 dwg

System of pressure monitoring comprising several pressure relays // 2502969
FIELD: measurement equipment.SUBSTANCE: system of pressure monitoring comprises a body, a hole in a hydraulic system made in a body, the first pressure relay arranged inside a body and having a hydraulic connection with a hole in a hydraulic system, and the second pressure relay arranged inside the body and having a hydraulic connection with a hole in the hydraulic system. The method to build a system of pressure monitoring includes stages, when: the first pressure relay is installed inside the body so that the first pressure relay is in hydraulic connection with the hole in the hydraulic system, and the second pressure relay is installed inside the body so that the second pressure relay is in hydraulic connection with the hole in the hydraulic system.EFFECT: expansion of functional capabilities of a pressure monitoring system.12 cl, 5 dwg

Direct gas pressure regulator with pressure load with balanced pressure shutter // 2498387
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: gas pressure regulator is fitted with a drive, a control valve and a device of pressure-induced loading. The pressure-induced loading device provides for loading the drive diaphragm surface with pressure which counteracts the output pressure on the opposite diaphragm side with the latter pressure being controlled by the regulator. In case the output pressure is changed the diaphragm moves and shifts the controlling element in order to regulate the output pressure while the pressure-induced loading device keeps up the specified pressure. The pressure regulator can comprise a regulating shutter which compensates the force of input pressure on the controlling element.EFFECT: increasing efficiency of standard gas pressure regulators.21 cl, 4 dwg

Pressure regulator // 2490689
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: regulator includes a housing with inlet and outlet cavities and between them a spring-loaded sensitive element in the form of a shell, a setting cavity with an elastic element, a seat, a shutoff element in the form of a disc with a conical surface. The housing is made of two halves in the form of bowls with flanging, and in it there introduced and installed with stiff connection is a cylinder with the above mentioned shell located in it with outer surface of the bottom towards the seat installed in the inlet cavity. A safety spring is introduced to prevent mismatch of the control system at abrupt opening of the network. Elastic element for spring loading of a sensitive element in the setting cavity uses working medium the pressure energy of which is controlled with a regulator.EFFECT: enlarging application ranges.1 dwg

Valve port for gas control valve with improved capacity // 2488873
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: valve port comprises vale body, bearing valve port defining channel converging from inlet to outlet. Convergent channel minimizes effects of boundary layer separation to maximise port capacity. Said channel may be formed inside solid part to be screwed in valve body, or in cartridge fitted in valve body to slide and to be screwed therein. Fluid control device comprises also diaphragm drive furnished with control component arranged inside valve body to control fluid flow in said body.EFFECT: ease of use maximised capacity at preset outlet pressure.23 cl, 5 dwg

Valve block with double-control mechanism // 2485382
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: gas pressure control with a drive, a control valve and an auxiliary device. Information on outlet pressure is supplied to the drive and the auxiliary device by means of a Pitot tube located at the control valve outlet. End of the first nozzle of the Pitot tube is connected to the drive, thus providing communication between a control cavity of the drive and a membrane and outlet pressure at the outlet to maintain outlet pressure on the drive in compliance with the specified value. End of the second nozzle of the Pitot tube is connected to the auxiliary device, thus providing communication between internal area of the auxiliary device and outlet pressure at the outlet to respond to outlet pressure variations at deviation of outlet pressure from specified values of the range of normal pressure. There is a structural version of design of gas pressure control and a double-control mechanism for the above pressure control, automatic control of fluid medium pressure.EFFECT: automatic fluid medium pressure control.27 cl, 9 dwg

easuring tube for gas regulator with function of pressure averaging // 2479862
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: measuring tube with function of pressure averaging contains: measuring part that has open end made with the possibility of location near outlet of fluid regulation device; attachment part located at an angle relatively the measuring part and made with the possibility of location near control unit of fluid regulation device and slot made in measuring part and going from the said open end to attachment part. When installing measuring tube in fluid regulation device measuring part can average the pressure in outlet and the said measuring tube transfers averaged pressure to control unit.EFFECT: increase of fluid pressure measurement accuracy.15 cl, 7 dwg

ultipurpose gas pressure control // 2478228
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: gas pressure control includes an actuator equipped with a gate made from elastic material, a seat, inlet, outlet and control chambers; a throttle, a setting device with a control valve, a membrane unit and an adjustment mechanism. At that, inlet chamber of the actuator is connected through the throttle via a channel to the control chamber, the setting device and the outlet chamber. According to the proposal, the control includes a matching unit consisting of a chamber for gas cleaning from mechanical impurities and humidity; pneumatically operated shutoff and control device of normally open type; at that, throttle is built into the matching unit between gas cleaning chamber and shutoff and control device, and gas cleaning chamber is located on the side of inlet chamber, and setting device is connected to the shutoff and control device and outlet chamber.EFFECT: improving operating characteristics.9 cl, 4 dwg

ethod of adjusting and stabilising pressure in silphon-type working units // 2477245
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to space technology and may be used for stabilisation of preset engine thrust by correction of spaceship motion. Tank with working medium (WMT) has three chambers. All supercharge gas (SG) is kept in extra permanent-volume tank (EPVT) adjoining WMT wall opposite the bellows. In case current and preset fuel pressures differ, defined are valid current SG temperature and pressure between bellows and EPVN, fuel mass residue, current SG volume, SG portion of EPVT required to reach operating pressure proceeding from current pressure in EPVT and interchamber channel cross-section, as well as duration of transfer of this portion into central chamber. Interchamber valves are opened and closed at preset time.EFFECT: increased and stable thrust, accurate computation of correction parameters.2 dwg

odular control unit // 2470342
FIELD: physics; control.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means of controlling flow of a fluid medium. A guide rod has a body having an opening for inlet, with possibility of displacement with sliding, of a valve rod, and an outer surface on which there are peripheral seals which enable installation, with possibility of extraction, of the body of the guide into the housing of the controller and matching said body on position with the housing of the controller and the valve.EFFECT: simple configuration of the controller in different operating conditions.25 cl, 18 dwg

Regulator with efficient gas flow // 2461863
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises valve body with inlet, outlet and throat arranged there between, drive secured to valve body to comprise valve plate and diaphragm articulated with valve plate. Said valve plate is arranged inside valve body to reciprocate between open position and closing position in response to pressure variation and valve body outlet taken up by diaphragm. It comprises also valve port arranged in valve body throat. Note here that said port comprises cylindrical component including valve seat and channel extending through valve port. Valve seat is tightly jointed with valve plate in closing position. Note here that said valve port features selected set of parameters including channel diameter and seat height corresponding to seat length along said channel. Said set is preselected from multiple sets of parameters, each including channel diameter and seat height. Note also that seat heights of said sets are in inverse relation with channel diameters.EFFECT: high-efficiency gas flow at preset outlet pressure.22 cl, 5 dwg

Gas regulator with nonmetallic elements (versions) // 2461862
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: gas regulator comprises diaphragm and threaded elements including: case, adjusting screw and cover from nonmetallic thermoplastic material with moulded different-diameter threads. Case is jointed to cover by larger-diameter thread. Adjusting screw is fitted in cover by smaller-diameter thread while moulded threads on cover feature equal pitch and arranged coaxially. Note here that one of said elements has moulded thread. All elements are made from glass-filled polyamide with polyamide content of 64-75 wt %.EFFECT: lower costs at higher quality, lower weight.4 cl, 7 dwg

Fluid regulator // 2461046
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises valve disc and valve port made to provide for additional sealing in shutting off in the case of clogging. In the latter case, disc stays in direct contact with body section making the part of said valve port. Note here that said port comprises body and cartridge fitted therein to slide. In standard shutting off, valve disc gets in direct contact with main seat on cartridge. However at clogging, cartridge is pushed into body to force valve disc in direct contact with aforesaid additional sealing outside of cartridge.EFFECT: increased valve capacity, decreased sizes.26 cl, 5 dwg

Adjustable disc mechanism for gas regulator // 2461045
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises valve body defining valve inlet and outlet, valve opening made between said inlet and outlet, valve disc arranged in vale body to displace between open position and closed position for control over fluid flow through valve body. Note here that valve disc has sealing surface to get in contact with valve opening when disc is closed. Besides, it comprises cylindrical element articulated with valve disc edges to extend above said sealing surface to direct fluid flow from valve opening to valve outlet.EFFECT: reduced pressure drop.23 cl, 7 dwg

Fluid control device // 2461044
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises assembly with control component and diaphragm coupled with control component. The latter control fluid flow through device, relief valve coupled with control assembly, drive case accommodating, at least, control assembly parts. Note here that drive case has top and bottom part. Every said part comprises flange adjoining diaphragm edges. Drive case has also fasteners to joint said parts together, outlet channel defined by case top section and comprising relief valve. Note here that outlet channel has connection section arranged, at least, partially above case top flange upper surface, and thrust surface defined by case top flange upper surface. Note here also that said thrust surface represents solid annular surface that allows free access to aforesaid fasteners.EFFECT: ease of use.15 cl, 4 dwg

Cartridge to increase gas regulator capacity // 2461043
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises valve with inlet and outlet, and opening arranged between said inlet and outlet, and actuator. The latter is coupled with valve and comprises valve plate arranged in vale to displace between closed position, operating position, and safety position. Besides, device comprises cartridge arranged in valve and provided with cylindrical first part adjoining opening, second cylindrical part adjoining actuator, and part with channel arranged between first part and valve outlet. Note here that cartridge first part features inner size that allows receiving, at least, part of valve plate when the latter stays in operating position so that valve plate and cartridge allows fluid to flow from opening into outlet and from actuator.EFFECT: higher efficiency.25 cl, 7 dwg

Improved gas pressure control // 2436004
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: gas pressure control includes the main housing (2) with the first pipe (4) and the second pipe (6), calibrated gas passage (8), gate (9), noise-reducing element (102) and axisymmetrical housing (7). Gate (9) is located at least partially in the main housing (2) and has the possibility of being moved for adjustment of hole of calibrated gas passage (8) between extreme open and closed positions. When the gate is located in extreme closed position, it interacts with the corresponding installation groove (101). Noise-reducing element (102) is located in calibrated passage (8), intended for reduction of noise created inside pressure control, and essentially contains cylindrical wall (103) having gas passage holes (104). Axisymmetrical housing (7) is intended for arrangement of noise-reducing element (102) and located in passage (8). Installation groove (101) is made as an integral part of axisymmetrical housing (7). Noise-reducing element (102) is inserted into axisymmetrical housing (7) when it is in elastic deformed state and applies the appropriate elastic force mainly in radial direction to inner surface of cylindrical wall of axisymmetrical housing (7).EFFECT: simplifying removal of noise-reducing elements of control at their wear and tear.10 cl, 7 dwg

Reducing valve // 2406903
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: reducing valve consists of inlet and outlet chambers made in case, of cover in form of cartridge, of membrane, of rod, of plunger and piston stroke arresters. A threaded bushing with an adjusting screw is installed on the bottom of the cartridge. A driving compression spring is installed inside the cover between upper and lower supports. A membrane is clamped along perimetre between the case and the pole. The rod runs through a throttling orifice. The pole with the piston is arranged between the case and the cover. The central orifice rounded in the direction of the outlet chamber is made in the pole. Blind threaded holes for installation of piston motion arresters are made on opposite plane of the pole. On the external diametre of the pole there is made thread for cover connecting. Depth of piston penetration into the central orifice of the pole from the side of the driving compression spring is limited with a circular collar on the opposite end of the piston. A cylinder lug is made in the centre of the membrane out of elastic material. The lug is conjugated with the central orifice in the pole along diametre, rounded radius and the end of the piston. The rod is centred in a through hole in the lug of the case and has lengthwise slots for gas flow. The plunger in form of a cartridge is mounted on the cylinder lug of the case. A packing element is attached to the bottom of the cartridge. On side walls of the cartridge there are made inlet holes.EFFECT: raised reliability of operation and upgraded accuracy of maintaining preset output pressure.5 cl, 3 dwg

Valving for connection to heating line of heat exchanger of water intake // 2397532
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: valving for connection to heating line of heat exchanger of water intake consists of valve of primary circuit regulating flow of liquid-phase coolant in primary circuit of heat exchanger and of valve of secondary circuit which responds to pressure change and regulates flow of process water in secondary circuit of heat exchanger. The valve of the primary circuit is actuated with the valve of the secondary circuit. In an initial position the valve of the secondary circuit has a port; area of the port can be adjusted in the initial position.EFFECT: simplified fabrication of valve.15 cl, 2 dwg

Valve facility for connecting heat exchanger of water intake to heating system // 2392653
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to valve facility and is designed to connect heat exchanger of water intake to heating system. The valve facility for connecting heat exchanger (1) of water intake to the heating system consists of valve (20) of the primary circuit regulating flow of liquid heat carrier in primary circuit (2) of the heat exchanger and of valve (40) of the secondary circuit actuating flow of process water in secondary circuit (3) under effect of pressure change. Valve (20) of the primary circuit is actuated with valve (40) of the secondary circuit. Valve (20) of the primary circuit is installed in first element (51) of the case. Valve (40) of the secondary circuit is installed in second element (52) of the case. Both elements (51, 52) are connected by third element (53) of the case, wherein there is installed actuating device (47). Valve (20) of the primary circuit is actuated with valve (40) of the secondary circuit by means of actuating device (47). Valve (29) is installed before valve (20) of the first circuit; the valve responses to change of pressure and is equipped with membrane (30). The membrane extends to a zone of contact between first element (51) of the case and third element (53) of the case.EFFECT: increased reliability of operation and simplification of manufacture of valve facility.14 cl, 2 dwg

Pressure controller // 2391695
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: gas pressure controller consists of case 1 with cover 2 and inlet 3 and outlet 4 cavities. Also gas pressure controller consists of setting mechanism in form of screw 5, stops 6 and setting spring 7. Additionally, the gas pressure controller is equipped with a sensing element containing membrane 8 pressed between disks 9 and 10 of controlling device in form of valve 11 with rod 12 and seat 13 installed on a bridge between inlet 3 and outlet 4 cavities. Protective bushing 14 with a bottom out of material of low friction coefficient, for example fluoroplastic is installed on the side of low pressure between membrane 8 and bearing disk 9. Notably, bearing disk 9 from the side of low pressure is made as a piston; external diametres of protective bushing 14 with the bottom and of bearing disk 9 from the side of low pressure have minimum gap with internal diametre of cover 2 of case 1. The facility has sub-membrane A and over-membrane B cavities, opening C for back feed pressure supply and an atmospheric opening.EFFECT: increased reliability of facility, prevention of explosive hazardous situation.1 dwg

Safety locking device // 2387903
FIELD: machine building, gas distribution.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to safety-locking devices and is designed for implementation at objects corresponding to reservoirs with filling hatch for storage and transporting dangerous gas mediums, and also to process tanks used for fabrication of items in them. The safety locking device consists of a case with a spring-loaded rod installed therein for locking a gate of the reservoir hatch; the device also consists of a diaphragm mechanism in form of two plates creating closed volume, wherein between there is secured an elastic diaphragm. The diaphragm divides closed volume into two cavities. A stop fixing the rod at locking the reservoir hatch is fastened on the diaphragm. One of cavities of the diaphragm mechanism can be connected with internal volume of the reservoir, while another one can be connected with atmosphere. The device is equipped with a back valve furnished with a follower and a pneumatic cylinder with a piston. A rod is secured on the piston of the pneumatic cylinder. The back valve is connected to the cavity of the pneumatic cylinder and can be connected with the system of air supply and with a blown up sealing. The latter is designed for sealing the joint of the lock with the reservoir. The follower of the back valve interacts with a guide block. The guide block is fastened to the gate of the hatch.EFFECT: increased reliability of device operation.2 dwg

Gas pressure control and method of assembly and disassembly thereof // 2380734
FIELD: engineering industry.SUBSTANCE: gas pressure control includes the main housing having the first tube intended for gas supply, and the second tube intended for gas discharge, calibrated gas passage through which gas flows from the first tube to the second tube, gate located at least partially in the main housing and having the possibility of longitudinal movement along the first defined line (D) for controlling the calibrated passage hole, device for bringing the gate into operation and spring unit resisting the gate movement. Method of assembly and disassembly of gas pressure control is implemented as per the above device.EFFECT: measuring accuracy and simplifying the design.10 dwg

Precautionary-shutting off gas device // 2342583
FIELD: machine manufacture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of protective devices for gas and is meant for automatic turn off of gas supply in case of an increase or decrease of the control pressure. Device contains a case, lid, adjusting spring and regulating components for the settings of the set-up parameters. The first plunger pin is longitudinally prolate form set in the first plug. It is mounted on the casing flange. On the body is placed a shut-off valve and a sleeve is attached. A membrane is attached between the case and the lid. The leverage mechanism consists of the second plug and a lever. The second plug is fixed on the case perpendicular to the first rod and has a channel in the lower part. Through this pipe the second rod presses to the face of the sleeve a ball. Levers are fixed on the second rod. The third sleeve is mounted on the first sleeve in line with it forming between them a clearing space for the exiting of air. The clearing space is connected through the hole to the flange of the case with the atmosphere. On the first rod there is a ring-shaped protrusion. It divides the internal space of the bushings into two air-tight separate cavities: till the ring-shaped protrusion for joining it with the atmosphere and after it for the outlet to the gas pressure regulator. Cross-sectional area of the rod is equal to the cross-sectional area of the ring-shaped protrusion. The first rod has two holes. First hole - is non-opening located along the rod. The second - radial through attached to the first hole and located after the ring-shaped protrusion.EFFECT: improving accuracy of the operation of the device.3 dwg