Treatment before imagewise removal, e.g. prebaking (G03F7/038)

Light-sensitive negative polymer composition // 2533490
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: disclosed is a light-sensitive negative polymer composition comprising (a) an epoxy group-containing compound, (b) a first onium salt containing a structure of a cationic part of formula (b1) , and a structure of an anionic part of formula (b2) , and (c) a second onium salt containing a structure of a cationic part of formula (c1) , and a structure of an anionic part of formula (c2) . The invention also discloses a thin structure obtained from said composition and a method for making said thin structure, as well as a liquid ejector head in which said thin structure is used.EFFECT: composition reduces variability and provides excellent reproducibility of a three-dimensional shape when using a photolithographic process.11 cl, 5 dwg, 1 tbl, 12 ex

Negative photosensitive polymer composition, method of forming pattern and liquid ejection head // 2495468
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: photosensitive composition contains a cation-polymerisable compound, an acid photogenerator having an anionic part and a cationic part, as well as a salt having a cationic part having anyone of a quaternary ammonium structure or a quaternary phosphonium structure, and an anionic part. The anionic part of the salt is substituted with the anionic part of the first acid obtained from the anionic part of the acid photogenerator, to form a second acid having acid strength lower than that of the first acid. The cation-polymerisable compound is an epoxy resin. The acid photogenerator is at least a compound selected from a group comprising a sulphonic acid compound and other sulphonic acid derivatives, a diazomethane compound, a sulphonium salt, an iodonium salt, a sulphonimide compound, a disulphonic compound, a nitrobenzene compound, a benzoin tosylate compound, an iron arene complex, a halogen-containing triadine compound, an acetophene derivative, and a cyano group-containing sulfatoxim. The method of forming a pattern involves preparing a substrate on which the photosensitive composition is provided. A portion of the composition is then exposed to light to cure the exposed portion. The cured portion is then heated. The liquid ejection head has a part with an outlet channel for ejecting liquid. The part with the outlet channel is formed from cured material made from said composition.EFFECT: invention increases heat resistance of the photosensitive composition and increases accuracy of forming a pattern.13 cl, 4 dwg, 5 tbl, 9 ex

Antimony-free photocurable polymeric composition and three-dimensional article // 2408627
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a photocurable composition for a three-dimensional article containing the following in wt %: (a) a cation-curable component containing an oxetane compound 35-80; (b) a free-radical active component containing poly(meth)acrylate, which is not dipentaerythritol hexaacrylate 15-60; (c) an antimony-free cationic photoinitiator 0.1-10; (d) a free-radical photoinitiator 0.01-10; (e) one or more additives which increase impact resistance 0.01-40. The photocurable composition can be cured under the effect of actinic radiation and optionally heating, which enables to obtain three-dimensional articles which can be used in various aerospace fields and in methods of casting with consumable patterns. Described also is a method of producing a non-toxic photocurable composition by mixing all components and a method of making a three-dimensional article which is free from antimony.EFFECT: obtaining solid components having sufficient strength, stable resin viscosity, improved impact resistance and elasticity of components.25 cl, 45 tbl, 85 ex

Reinforcement of inflatable expanded structures, particularly for use in space // 2381535
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to instrument making. The invention has a flexible membrane for inflatable expanded structures, which has one layer of composite material and at least one polymer film which is permeable to visible radiation and covers one side of the said layer. The composite material is made from fibre material impregnated with a composition which contains epoxy or epoxy/acrylate resin and a photoinitiator which is a complex salt containing iron, an arene group and a non-nucleophilic anion.EFFECT: optimisation of mechanical properties of the membrane.17 cl, 7 dwg, 2 tbl, 3 ex

Compositions for coatings that do not contain heavy metals // 2219571
The invention relates to UV-curable cation-curable compositions that do not contain heavy metals

The composition and method of curing // 2210798
The invention relates to basic-catalyzed curable compositions based on epoxy compounds