Providing two-dimensional co-ordinated display of distance and direction (G01S7/10)

Adaptive double-threshold detector of modular digital panoramic receiver signals // 2524551
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: detector comprises a main detection channel, an additional detection channel and a subtractor unit, as well as a register for storing given signal detection probability values, a unit for calculating a lower detection threshold level, a register for storing a confidence coefficient, a unit for calculating an upper detection threshold level, a switch, an additional threshold device which is the output of the device, a display and a programmable interface, wherein the main detection channel includes two quadrature phase detectors, a cosine-sine generator, two integrators, two square-law detectors, an adder and a threshold device; the additional detection channel includes a third square-law detector and a third integrator. The listed devices are connected to each other in a certain manner and a binary level of an additive mixture of the signal and noise in form of digital readings is transmitted to the combined inputs of the main and additional detection channels, which are the input of the device.EFFECT: fewer false alarms at the output of a digital panoramic detector.2 dwg

Three-dimensional indicator radar // 2140091
The invention relates to the field of radar technology, in particular to the field of electronic indicator device overview radar (radar)