easuring force or stress, in general (G01L1)

G   Physics(393877)
G01   easuring; testing(233827)
G01L1                 easuring force or stress, in general (measuring force due to impact g01l0005000000)(5285)

Selective bass post-filter // 2642553
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: post-filter (440; 550; 740; 1040; 1140) of interharmonic noise attenuation adapted to receive an input signal which includes a preliminary audio signal decoded in accordance with one of several decoding modes, where post-filter activity is traditionally associated with particular coding modes, and to supply output audio signal. It comprises a control section intended for selective activation of the post-filter in one of the following modes: i) a filtering mode, where it filters the preliminary audio signal to produce a filtered signal and supply it as an output audio signal; and ii) a transmission mode, where it provides a preliminary audio signal as an output audio signal. Moreover, the mentioned control section is configured to transit to the transmission mode in response to a value of the post-filter signal, whereby a traditional decoding mode with filtration is applied without filtration, and the post-filter signal is included in the input signal.EFFECT: possibility of deactivating the post-filter depending only on post-filtering information and, accordingly, regardless of factors such as current coding mode.10 cl, 11 dwg

ultiparametric converter of parameters of technological environment for application in conditions of high pressure // 2642161
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: device contains the basis, having a couple of indentations, has a pair of pillars, each pillar is located in the corresponding recess, connected appropriate isolating diaphragm and made interoperable with processing medium at high linear pressure. At least one linear pressure sensor assembly is mounted adjacent to one of the supports. This at least one linear pressure sensor assembly connects the corresponding insulating diaphragm to the line pressure sensor. The differential pressure sensor has a measuring diaphragm connected fluidly to the isolating diaphragms by the fluid flow. At least one additional sensor located in the converter module of the processing medium parameters for measuring the temperature of the processing medium. The electronic circuit is connected to a line pressure sensor, a differential pressure sensor and with at least one additional sensor to measure the electrical performance of each of these sensors. An electronic circuit is made with the ability to emit indicator processing medium on the basis of measured electrical characteristics of each of the linear gauge pressure, differential pressure sensor and at least one additional sensor.EFFECT: ability to conduct multi-parameter measurements of process media with high linear pressure in mediums with high static pressures.16 cl, 3 dwg
ethod for determining mechanical stresses in steel structures by magnetic control method // 2641511
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: value of coercive force in the control point is measured at least 8 times in different directions. According to the measurement results a circular diagram of the coercive force values dependence from the orientation angle is plotted, the direction of extreme values of coercive force is determined and the direction of stresses is determined by them. The value of the coercive force is determined by the extreme values of the coercive force at the control point.EFFECT: increased determination accuracy of the stressed state of the steel structures.2 dwg

ethod of pressure evaluation in vacuum tank of servobrake // 2641364
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: object of the invention is a method of evaluating the pressure (Pass) in vacuum tank (28) of vacuum servobrake (26) of motor vehicle (10), wherein the vehicle (10) comprises: a brake device (16); a servobrake (26); a pressure sensor (23). In carrying out the method, in the first step (E1), the braking pressure (Pmc) is cyclically calculated. In the second step (E2), the amplitude (ΔPmc) of pressure reduction is calculated. During the second step, the maximum (Pmc_max), and then the minimum (Pmc_min), obtained successively by the braking pressure, are stored in memory. Amplitude (ΔPmc) of the braking pressure reduction is calculated by determining the difference between the maximum (Pmc_max) and the minimum (Pmc_min). During the third step (E3), which begins after the completion of the second step (E2), the increase (Conso) of pressure in the vacuum tank (28) is evaluated as a function of amplitude (ΔPmc) calculated in the second step (E2).EFFECT: rapid and accurate evaluation of pressure in the vacuum tank.10 cl, 7 dwg
Laboratory line of production and research of carbon fibres // 2639910
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: line includes two interconnected independent units: a thermal chamber for oxidative thermostabilization of polymer fibres up to 300°C, a through furnace for treatment of oxidized polymer fibres from 800 to 3200°C and an aggregate for possible finishing of the carbon fibre produced. The thermal chamber unit contains a thermostatically controlled sealed thermal chamber 1 with a temperature control system configured to control the temperature of the walls and the supply air according to a predetermined program in an automatic mode, a system 4 of fibre feeding, receiving and holding, equipped with a worm gear, a heated air supply system including an air pump 3 and a heater 2, a fibre tension measuring system comprising of a device 6 for fixing the deformation changes in the fibre, a roller 7 and a weight 8 for creating the required load. The through furnace unit of the oxidized polymer fibre heat treatment includes a heat treatment furnace body, divided into a precarbonization furnace 9 and a carbonization furnace 10, hermetically connected to each other, a system for fixing and controlling the temperature in the furnace, a system for removing and neutralizing the thermal destruction gases, a fibre feeding system containing a creel 11 and seven-rolls 13, a system for receiving fibre from the furnace, including the seven-rolls 13 and a receiving-winding device 12, a roll speed control system, a tension force measuring system and an inert gas supply system including a container 15. The apparatus for finishing the produced carbon fibre comprises of an impregnating bath 19, three-rolls 18 and a drying oven 20.EFFECT: study of the mechanism of thermostabilization, carbonization and graphitization, improvement of fibre characteristics.5 cl, 6 dwg

Compensation of linear pressure effect on working range for diaphragm pressure sensor // 2637394
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: differential pressure sensor (56) for measuring the differential pressure of the process fluid includes a sensor body (114. 116) having a sensor cavity (132, 134) formed in it by a cavity profile. Diaphragm (106) the sensor cavity deflects in response to the applied differential pressure. The diaphragm (106) has a diaphragm profile. The gap formed between the profile of the cavity and the profile of the diaphragm varies depending on the differential pressure. At least one of the profiles of the cavity or the diaphragm varies depending on the linear pressure, to compensate for changes in the gap caused by deformation of the sensor body, thereby reducing errors in the differential pressure measurements caused by the linear pressure.EFFECT: compensation of inaccuracies when measuring differential pressure caused by the linear pressure.21 cl, 16 dwg

easurement of corrosion rate // 2636408
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: corrosion rate measurement system (130) is provided. It includes the first membrane (160) of the first material made tending to be exposed to a corrosive material susceptible to corrosion and deflecting in response to corrosion. The second membrane (162) is made tending to be exposed to corrosive material and deflecting in response to corrosion. The pressure sensor (134) is operatively connected to at least one of the first and second membranes (160, 162) and is configured to measure the deflection of at least one of the first and second membranes (160, 162) as a function of pressure and corrosion degree of at least one of the first and second membranes (160, 162).EFFECT: improving the accuracy and reliability of the obtained data.22 cl, 11 dwg

Pressure sensor with mineral-insulated cable // 2636272
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: pressure-measuring system (10) is created. The system (10) comprises the pressure measurement probe (16) sliding in the process fluid medium and having the pressure sensor (50) with the electrical specification, which varies along with the process fluid medium pressure. The mineral-insulated cable (18) has the metal sheath (30) with the far end, which is attached to the pressure measurement probe, and with the near end. The mineral-insulated cable (18) comprises plenty of cords (34, 36) that pass in the metal sheath (30) and are separated from one another by the dry electroinsulated mineral (58). The safety member encircles the pressure sensor and protects the pressure sensor from the process fluid medium. The metal sheath near end is capable of the pressure tight attachment to the tank (14) with the process fluid medium.EFFECT: opportunity to work in very high temperatures, absence of necessity to use the glass, metal seal.28 cl, 6 dwg
ethod for measuring pressure inside ice cover // 2634097
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: method for measuring pressure is used to determine the pressure which is average over the entire ice thickness in situ. Such data can be used to determine the characteristics of ice strength, to predict its destruction, to ensure the safe stay of people and equipment on ice and to predict the impact of ice on the shore, the bottom and hydraulic structures, as well as to design and construct hydraulic structures on the shelf of freezing seas and to ensure ice navigation. In the method for measuring the pressure inside the ice cover, two identical cylindrical sensors are involved, one of which is frozen in ice, and the other is freely positioned in a well drilled near the frozen sensor. In order to improve the temperature contact with the enclosing ice, the gap between the walls of the well and the sensor is filled with a temperature-conducting liquid. The signals from the frozen and free sensors are supplied to the signal converter unit, where they are digitized, the signal from the freely installed sensor is inverted and summed with the signal from the frozen sensor. The summed signal is supplied to the recorder. Thus, the intrinsic temperature deformation of the cylindrical sensor, connected to the temperature changes in the ice, is removed.EFFECT: expanded functionality of monitoring the stress-strain state of the ice field or fast ice and increased accuracy of measurements to predict fracture or hummocking of the examinated ice field as a result of external influences.1 dwg

Pressure sensor for pressure measurement, in particular, in the exhaust system of internal combustion engine // 2633421
FIELD: engine devices and pumps.SUBSTANCE: pressure sensor (11) comprises a sensor housing (13) with at least one pressure measuring cell (DZ) installed therein with an associated sensor electronics (ASIC), and at least one pressure measuring cell (DZ) connected to pipeline (9; 10; 12) for measuring medium, in particular, with the measuring pipeline for the exhaust gas as a pipeline for the measuring medium. According to the invention, a thermostatic device (14) is provided for the sensor (11) in order to increase the measurement accuracy. Thermostatic device (14) is formed due to the fact that the thermostatic fluid (17) is guided through the sensor housing (13). Temperature in the sensor housing (13) is held at a constant temperature level by controlled heating, preferably by electrical heating (18) and/or by adjusting the volumetric flow of thermostatic fluid (17).EFFECT: creation of high-precision pressure sensor in the exhaust system of internal combustion engine.15 cl, 2 dwg

Device for measuring differential pressure in plug fan // 2633003
FIELD: ventilation.SUBSTANCE: device includes: a bell-mouth equipped with a gateway for air inlet into the plug fan; a differential pressure cover that is connected to the bell-mouth to transfer a change in inlet pressure in the pipe; also a differential pressure measuring unit for determining the change in inlet pressure transmitted through the pipe. In accordance with the present invention, the differential pressure is measured on the plug fan suction inlet side, where the air flow is the most stable, preventing the device from resisting the air flow so as to prevent turbulence, thereby providing an accurate measurement of the differential pressure.EFFECT: increased accuracy of differential air flow pressure measurements in the fan.5 cl, 7 dwg

Device for control of residual mechanical voltages in deformed ferromagnetic steels // 2631236
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: device contains a magnetizing, bias and measuring system. The magnetizing system is made in the form of a U-shaped magnetic core of a soft magnetic material with magnetizing windings at its two poles. The contacts of the bias system are spring-loaded, fixed on a U-shaped magnetic circuit and are located in the interpolar space in the same plane as the ends of the poles of the U-shaped magnetic circuit of the plane facing the surface of the controlled article. The coil of the measuring system is placed on one of the poles of the U-shaped magnetic circuit, the measuring system is equipped with a Hall sensor located in the central part of the interpolar space of the U-shaped magnetic circuit, connected to the U-shaped magnetic core and the signal-sampling device.EFFECT: increasing the accuracy and reliability of control by measuring the internal magnetic field in the controlled article, increasing the location of the control, expanding the scope of the device by controlling the residual stresses in various directions of large-sized ferromagnetic products while reducing the weight and size of the device and simplifying the preparatory operations before monitoring.3 dwg, 1 tbl

atrix of optimal mixing and using decorrators for space sound processing // 2631023
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device for generating an audio signal having two or more audio channels. The device comprises a pre-processing unit and a signal processor. The pre-processing unit is configured to calculate the first covariance of the audio signal. The processor is configured to generate an output audio signal by applying a mixing rule to the two audio channels. The processor is configured to determine the mixing rule based on the first covariance of the input audio signal and based on the second covariance of the output audio signal. The second covariance is different than the first covariance. Mixing is performed in such a way as to minimize errors in the sound reproduction. The mixing rule depends on the input audio signal and the display matrix. Herewith the diagonal value of the first covariance matrix determines the energy of the input audio channels. The diagonal value is the inter-channel correlation between the input channels.EFFECT: improving the sound quality.25 cl, 15 dwg

Pressure difference meter equipped with sensor // 2630710
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: process variable meter for measuring technical fluid pressure includes: a primary input that is configured to supply primary process pressure and a secondary input configured to supply secondary process pressure; a differential pressure sensor that connects to the primary and the secondary input and transmits an output signal associated with the difference between the primary and the secondary pressure; a primary pressure sensor that connects to the primary input and transmits an output signal associated with the primary pressure. The sensor of the primary pressure is in direct contact with the technical fluid; a flange including, at least, a plurality of primary and secondary inputs and a direct connection channel that combines the primary pressure sensor with the primary input, and a meter circuit configured to transmit the output signal based on the output signal of the differential pressure sensor by the meter and further providing extended functionality depending on the signal coming from the primary pressure sensor. The second version of the measuring instrument for the process variables as well as a method for measuring the process liquid pressure by means of such meters are also implemented.EFFECT: inventions allow the fluid pressure meters to function in the event that the insulation diaphragm is in an inoperative state.18 cl, 6 dwg

Fiber optic pressure sensor // 2630537
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: fiber optic pressure sensor contains an optical fiber, a radiation receiver. Around the optical fiber there are electrically luminescent and radially polarized piezoelectric concentric cylindrical layers, internal and external electrodes with varying control voltage are introduced. The inner electrode is transparent and is installed between the optical fiber and the electroluminescent layer, and the outer electrode is mounted around the piezoelectric layer.EFFECT: increase in the working surface of the fiber, the determination of the distribution function of the inhomogeneous pressure along the entire length of the fiber, and the location of the zones of increased pressure.6 cl, 11 dwg
Combined device for determining strength properties of berries // 2630199
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: combined device for determining the strength properties of berries refers to the field of horticulture, namely to control means for evaluating the physical and mechanical properties of berries. The device consists of a portable housing with control buttons, an alphanumeric liquid crystal display, a load cell connected to a measuring and computing device, as well as a berry gripper, a movable crushing plunger located inside the gripper and driven by a mechanical drive from the operator's finger through a spring-loaded rod. The gripper is mechanically connected to the load cell and is made in the form of a closed, hollow, thin-walled cylinder with a top and bottom windows in the side surface, made for placing and inserting the berry and the rod of the mechanical drive through them, respectively, and in the upper end part along the radius, symmetrically on the window side, a cone-shaped slot for introducing the berry fruit-stalk is made.EFFECT: simplifying the instrument design due to reducing the number of the gripping device components.2 dwg

Sensitive element // 2629918
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: inventive sensing element comprises a resilient rod with a cutting depth of 1.5-2 diameters of a strain-gauge wire, both ends of which are provided with arms of equal length and arranged perpendicularly to the axis of the elastic rod, and a tensile resistive wire of compression and tension, unidirectionally located with interference in the grooves of the cutting, The cross-section of the elastic rod is made in the form of a rectangle with curvilinear sides convex outwards, with round bevels, and the cutting is performed on the facets of an elastic rod with the step of a large diameter of the strain-gauge wire, the levers being mounted on the greater curved side of the elastic rod, and the anchor ends of the strain-gauge wire are fixed on the smaller curvilinear side.EFFECT: increasing the accuracy of measurements of dynamic loads in a wide range, including loads of small magnitude.5 dwg

Block, sensitive to process fluid pressure, for pressure transmitters under high working pressure // 2629900
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: transmitter contains: a body; pipe flange, attached to the body, designed to accommodate the transmitter in the pipe opening; a measuring device, running from the flange and into the pipe through the opening. The measuring device has a support (40) of the pressure transmitter, which has a support (36) therein. The pressure transmitter (52) runs through and is installed in the opening (36). The pressure transmitter (52) has an electrical characteristic, which changes under the applied pressure. The insulator insert (50) is designed to be effected by the process fluid. The insulator insert has an insulating diaphragm (64), positioned to contact with the process fluid. The channel (66) is connected through the fluid to the insulating diaphragm (64) to pass the process fluid pressure from the insulating diaphragm (64) to the transmitter (52) by means of incompressible fluid. The support (40) of the pressure transmitter is connected to the insulator insert (50) and has a noncircular shape if observed along the opening axis.EFFECT: creation of a compact device sensitive to pressure, without physical contact of particles or solid substances in the process, having an insulating diaphragm.26 cl, 15 dwg
Fiber optical pressure sensor // 2628734
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: fiber optical pressure sensor made on the basis of an optical fiber comprises a housing having a channel for supplying a working medium, terminating with a plug, and an optical fiber with two Bragg gratings and as a sensing element. The plug is made in the form of a membrane, on the reverse side of which racks are made, in which the optical fiber is rigidly fixed. The first section of the optical fiber with the Bragg grating is located between the racks, and the second section of the optical fiber with the Bragg grating is located on the reverse side of the rack.EFFECT: improving the measurement accuracy.2 cl, 3 dwg

Thin film pressure sensor // 2628733
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: claimed thin film pressure sensor comprises a sensing element, a union nut, inside which a cylindrical housing with switching elements is partially disposed, a cable entry, a cable bridge and a blinded bushing mounted on a cylindrical housing, on the side surface of which a nozzle with a hole located with the sharp angle to the housing. The nozzle is partially or completely made in the form of a local and smooth thickening of the sidewall of the bushing as it approaches the opening, and in the opening of the branch pipe, in the area of its thickening from the side of the inner cavity, an expanded portion is provided in which the fastening elements of the cable bridge are arranged. The cylindrical body is hermetically connected on one side along the end with the terminal block and on the other side with the sensitive element. The direction of the screw threaded contour of the threaded connection of the cylindrical body with the bushing is opposite to the direction of the screw threaded contour of the union nut. The bushing is mounted on a cylindrical body with the tightening torque, the value of which is determined by the relation MB=KMN, where K is the coefficient taking into account the ratio of the maximum permissible torque of the bushing with the cylindrical body, at which there is no change in the characteristics of the sensor, more changes in the characteristics of the sensor when the tightening torque of the union nut is applied, the maximum tightening torque of the union nut necessary to ensure a tight connection of the sensor to the object is calculated by the sensor for a particular size; MN is the maximum tightening torque of the union nut necessary to ensure a tight connection between the sensor and the object, and on the body in the area equidistant from the points of its connection with the sensor element and the terminal block, the ring stop is provided, the outer diameter dS of which is executed in accordance with the relation dB<dS<dN, where dB is the diameter of the thread of the bushing; dN is the inside diameter of the union nut.EFFECT: decrease in the error due to a wide range of non-stationary temperatures and increased vibration acceleration due to the possibility of an optimal placement of the cable jumper on the site due to the possibility of defect-free orientation of the threaded bushing branch when the sensor is mounted on the object and the sensor is removed from the object, improving the performance of the sensor with a minimum amount of experimental testing composition of products.3 cl, 1 dwg

ethod for determining stress condition of high pressure turbine blades // 2628304
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: in the method for determining the stress condition of a high-pressure turbine blade, including the determination of surface residual stresses, volumetric residual stresses, calculation of the total stress condition energy from the action of surface and volumetric residual stresses, and metallographic study of the material structure, determination of surface residual stresses, volumetric residual stresses and metallographic study of the material structure are carried out on one blade. The surface residual stresses are determined on samples of rectangular cross-section, cut along the axis of the airfoil from the output edge to the central axis both on the side of the back and on the side of the trough, the volumetric residual stresses are determined on samples of rectangular shape with strain gauges installed on them, cut from the input edge to the central axis both on the side of the back and on the side of the trough, the metallographic study of the material structure is carried out in the cross section of the remaining part of the blade airfoil, and the stress condition energy is calculated by adding the quantities of surface and volumetric residual stresses, measured by the depth of their occurrence.EFFECT: increased accuracy and reliability of the determination.2 dwg, 3 tbl

Valve and method for controlling valve // 2627755
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: locking valve element can move between the closed position and the fully open position. There is a drive device designed to change the position of the locking valve element. There is a control unit that contains electronic memory adapted to receive and store the value of the limiting value of the valve opening degree. Said value of the limiting value of the valve opening degree characterizes the selected intermediate position between said closed position and said fully open position of the locking valve element. The control unit controls the drive device in such a way that it limits the movement of the locking valve element by the positions from said closed position to said selected intermediate position. There is a valve system containing such a valve, and a method of controlling the valve.EFFECT: simplifying the design and simplifying the control of the valve having the function of balancing.14 cl, 10 dwg

ethod and sample for determination of strength of weld coupling of polymer pipes // 2627170
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: sample is cut from the weld coupling. It contains parts of the polymer pipes to be connected and a part of the coupling overlapping with the pipes and welded to them. The cut specimen is subjected to a tensile test carried out under predetermined conditions. The area of the tested weld joint in the sample does not exceed the minimum cross-sectional area of the sample outside the weld zone.EFFECT: possibility of a more accurate determination of the strength of the weld during socket welding of polymer pipes and the expansion of appliance arsenal.10 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of monitoring system operation of processing liquid food product // 2625236
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: processing system comprises at least one section (110, 120) through which the liquid foods during processing and cause sludge deposition in mentioned section (110, 120), and at least one sensor (112, 114, 122, 124) configured to detect a pressure difference in mentioned at least one section for monitoring the removal or precipitation of mentioned sludge. The processing system is configured to stop the passage of fluid when a certain pressure difference is a predetermined parameter. The processing system is configured to identify the product being processed by the system, and associating the predetermined pressure difference metric with mentioned product.EFFECT: maximum degree of purification in minimum time.25 cl, 4 dwg

Combined alarm pressure and temperature filter // 2625043
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: filter indicator contains a housing with a cylindrical chamber equipped with a spring-loaded cylindrical piston separating the chamber into two cavities and a magnet attached to the piston. In the case on the magnet side there are stationary and movable pressure differential signalling contacts, the movable contact being made magnetically controlled. The first chamber cavity is configured to be connected to the filter inlet, the second cavity on the side of the spring is configured to be connected to the filter outlet. The magnet is fixed on the opposite end of the piston from the spring. In the body, a second chamber is provided, provided with a membrane separating the second chamber into two cavities. The first cavity of the second chamber is configured to be connected to the filter inlet, and in the second chamber of the second chamber, there are fixed and movable signalling contacts of the inlet pressure, the movable contact being connected to the membrane. A thermistor is equipped with temperature alarm contacts is fixed in the housing.EFFECT: expansion of the functionality of the filter indicator.1 dwg

Pressure sensor implemented on basis of nanotenzometers related to resonator // 2623694
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a pressure sensor of a semiconductor material comprising a housing (1) forming the chamber (2) under a secondary vacuum, at least one resonator (3) located in the chamber and suspended by flexible bars (4), at least to one resiliently deforming diaphragm (3) closing the chamber, which also includes means for driving the resonator (7, 12), causing the resonator to vibrate, and means for tracking the vibration frequency of the resonator. The tracking means comprise at least one first pendant piezoresistive tensometer (9), one end of which is fixed to one of the bars and one end of which is fixed to the diaphragm. The resonator and the first tensometer form the alloyed zones, which are essentially identical in nature and in concentration.EFFECT: increasing the system sensitivity.21 cl, 3 dwg
Device for analysis of foam clothing materials deformation // 2622497
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: device for analysis of foam clothing materials deformation under compression comprises means for analysed sample fastening, where the detecting elements are in the form of two flat metal plates, the lower stationary element (1) has an axial structure with a screw thread (3) dealing with the compression force on the material (2) under the external pressure, including the pressure of the aqueous medium, and preservation of its thickness after deforming load is stopped, and the second of the detecting elements (4) is made with the possibility to adjust its height from the initial to the indicated material compression thickness (2) due to the compression screw parts (5) and (6).EFFECT: invention enables to measure material thickness difference before exerting pressure and after deformation under compression which remains even after the pressure has been stopped.2 cl, 3 dwg

Force-measuring device for controlling connection quality of high-tech modular systems of full-construction buildings // 2621484
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for locking threaded joints (bolts, studs), as well as for measuring force and temperature in various threaded joints of building elements and structures, on the condition of which the emergency probability of building constructions of strategic importance depend. The force measuring device comprises a device for fixing the threaded rod, four resonators on the surface acoustic waves and a reader. The device for fixing the threaded rod comprises a nut, a threaded rod, a stop element in the form of a washer made of elastic material, a flat washer, a washer with a collar, a connected part, a hole in the form of petals, side walls and a force measuring washer. Each resonator contains a piezoelectric crystal, electrodes, tires, a set of reflectors. The fourth resonator contains a membrane. The force measuring washer contains transmit-receive antennas, high-frequency cables, surfactant resonators, a connecting layer, a soft elastic adhesive. The reader contains a master oscillator, power amplifiers, a duplexer, a transmit-receive antenna, multipliers, narrowband filters, high-frequency amplifiers, phase detectors, phase meters, a recording unit and an adder.EFFECT: increasing the reliability of remote measurement of efforts and temperature in various threaded joints of building elements and structures and simplifying the design of the force measuring washer.7 dwg
ethod of investigating thermal stresses arising in solid material body with polarization-optical method on model from piezo-optical material under local heat flow impact on them with theoretical coefficient determination of thermal stress concentration // 2621458
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: model of a piezo-optical material is heated by a local heat flow. The resulting interference pattern is registered. The model is cooled and the distribution of isoclines and isochrome-strips is examined, the number and order of bands-isochrome is examined by using a polarizing microscope. The theoretical coefficient of the thermal stress concentration is determined as a ratio between the arising maximum and nominal stresses or as the ratio of the maximum order of the isochrome-band to the nominal order of the isochrome-band.EFFECT: providing the possibility of determining the concentration of thermal stresses, when the material body is exposed to a local heat flow.35 cl, 8 dwg

Highly-integrated pressure probe for working fluid // 2620873
FIELD: measurement equipment.SUBSTANCE: probe (100) for measuring the pressure of the working fluid comprises a sensor (112) of the pressure formed from single crystal material and attached to the first metal barrier (130) of the working fluid adapted for direct contact with the working fluid. The sensor (112) has a pressure electrical characteristic that varies depending on working fluid pressure. Passing element (122) is formed from a single crystal material and has a plurality of conductors extending from a first end to the second end. Passing element (122) is attached to the secondary barrier metal (116) of the working fluid and spaced apart from the sensor (112) of pressure, but it is electrically connected thereto. The sensor (112) and passing the pressure element (122) are arranged so that the secondary barrier metal (116) of the working fluid is isolated from the working fluid through the first metallic barrier (116) of the working fluid.EFFECT: increased reliability and security.24 cl, 7 dwg

ultichannel measuring converter at the carrier frequency with built-in digital synchronous detector // 2618727
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: equipment can be used in any industry fields, requiring precision (0.002% and more precise) measurements of mass, force, torque, etc. The multichannel signal measuring converter in the strain gauge bridges circuits contains the generator block of the sinusoidal signals, blocks of meters according to the number of channels. The counterphase power signals of the strain gauge bridge circuit from the sinusoidal signal generator unit output through the power amplifiers are fed to the power inputs of each strain gauge bridge circuit, in each meter block the voltage from the power inputs of the strain gauge bridge circuit through the additional buffer amplifier is fed to the inputs of the supporting inductive voltage divider, the output of which is connected to the first switching unit input, the second input of which is connected to the output diagonal of the strain gauge bridge circuit, and the output through the differential operational amplifier is connected to the input of the analog-to-digital converter (ADC), which operating mode is determined by the first microprocessor. The ADC input-output is connected to the input / output of the first microprocessor, the output of which is connected to the input of the second microprocessor (MP2), performing the digital synchronous detection, the digital filtering and calculating of the strain gauge bridge circuit division coefficient; the input / output of the second microprocessor is connected to the input-output of the data transfer device, the analog input of the MP2 is connected to the protection circuit output, the inputs of which are connected to the power amplifiers outputs, the second output of the MP2 is connected to the third input of the protection circuit, and the third output of the MP2 is connected with the third switching unit input. The ADC clocking input of each meters block is connected to the sinusoidal signals generator unit output, forming the clocking impulses, and the discrete input of the first microprocessor of each meter block is connected to the sinusoidal signals generator unit output, forming the signal of the power voltage full phase of the strain gauge bridge circuits.EFFECT: reduction of the main and additional measurement errors.4 cl, 1 dwg

Service fluid flow sensor with ribbed coplanar flange // 2617279
FIELD: physics, measurement equipment.SUBSTANCE: claimed group of inventions refers to the field of service fluid pressure measurement systems. The claimed group includes a service fluid pressure measurement system, a ribbed flange for connection of service fluid pressure sensor and the flow, and an assembly for mounting the service fluid pressure sensor in the pipeline. The service fluid pressure measurement system involves a service fluid pressure sensor with two holes for service fluid located coplanar to each other on its surface which is intended to measure the differential pressure between the two holes for service fluid and indicate the measured differential pressure along the process communication circuit; a ribbed flange having the first surface for service fluid pressure sensor mounting on the lower part and the second surface opposite the first, and a side wall located between the first and the second surfaces, and a plurality of ribs on the side wall.EFFECT: invention provides for a service fluid pressure measurement system that is installed on the service liquid flow meter element or pipe and operates at higher temperatures than previously, as well as provides for temperature decrease, which impacts the electronic hardware of the service fluid pressure sensor and the insulating fluid and increases heat removal from the service fluid pressure sensor in high temperature the application areas.17 cl, 4 dwg

ethod for determining tension force of cable-stayed element of bridge // 2613484
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: method envisages the excitation of free oscillations of the cable-stayed element by applying a pulse impact at the point of its attachment to the anchor device. The vibrations are measured by means of an accelerometer sensor, the measurement data are transmitted into the measurement unit and further to the software module, where they are processed. Wherein the force is determined based on the first three recorded multiple frequencies of the natural vibrations of the cable-stayed element. In calculating the longitudinal force in the cable-stayed element, such parameters are taken into account as the weight per unit length of the cable-stayed element, the weight of the vandal-proof shell, the natural frequency of the cable-stayed element, the length of the cable stayed element, the length of the anchor device. As the average value of the force calculated, the tension force of the cable-stayed element of the bridge is estimated.EFFECT: improving measurement accuracy.2 dwg, 1 tbl
ethod for spectral deformation transducer sensitive element production // 2611589
FIELD: physics, instrumentation.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the field of optical instrumentation and can be used for creation of the primary sensitive elements of fiber optic deformation sensors and transducers of spectral type. The inventive method for manufacture of the spectral deformation trasducer sensitive element includes placement of optical fiber with a fiber Bragg grating on the elastic member surface, a layer of elastic adhesive material is applied on the fiber Bragg grating, so that the optical fiber portion over the entire length of fiber Bragg grating is fixed on the elastic member surface. At that, the assembly is kept until complete solidification of the elastic adhesive material, and a layer of non-elastic adhesive material is applied to the edges of the solidified elastic adhesive material, so that the optical fiber beyond the length of the fiber Bragg grating is rigidly attached to the elastic member surface, the assembly is kept until complete solidification of the non-elastic adhesive material.EFFECT: invention provides improved accuracy of spectral deformation transduction.1 dwg
Aircraft model to study impact of jet stream at aerodynamic characteristics of aircraft // 2610791
FIELD: transportation, aviation.SUBSTANCE: aircraft model to study impact of jet stream at aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft includes a thin-walled body fixed on a side holder with an aft nozzle and drainage holes along outer surface, drainage tubes laid in the side holder and connected to a pressure registration device, a compressed air supply system towards a model nozzle comprising a compressed air balloon, air ducts laid in the side holder and an internal cavity of the model. There are cavities arranged in the walls of the model body for placement of drainage tubes, covered by shells at the outer side and following the external contours of the model body. Drainage tubes stretch from the side holder of the model inside the arranged cavities and are joined with side channels in the body of main part of the model body. Channels are made from the side of cavities formed in the body until crossing with the external drainage holes perceiving the static pressure.EFFECT: invention is aimed at increased validity of pressure distribution measurement results.3 dwg
Hydroacoustic fibre-optic pressure sensor // 2610224
FIELD: physics, control and alarm system.SUBSTANCE: stated hydroacoustic fiber-optic pressure sensor contains a frame with an air cavity formed by a pin, two flanges and an annular multilayer fiber-optic sensor element, wherein each preceding layer of the fiber-optic sensor element contains a layer of fast-curing adhesive performing gluing of the fiber turns and providing filling and leveling of the interturn spacings, until a smooth and rigid cylindrical surface is formed, and each successive layer of the optical fiber with the opposing directions of the turns also contains a layer of fast-curing adhesive performing gluing of the fiber turns and providing filling and leveling of the interturn spacings. The technical result consists in developing of the annular sensor element formed by multilayer winding of the optical fiber in a spiral with the possibility of gluing the turns and the fiber layers in a single oscillating system differing in sensitivity for the sound pressure in the operating frequency range and in low-loss of the optical power when subjected to the external hydrostatic pressure, as well as in ensuring operability of the hydroacoustic annular fiber-optic pressure sensors as a part of the hydroacoustic antenna composed by the multilayer fiber-optic rings capable of withstanding the external hydrostatic pressure without breaking; low-loss of the optical power in the fiber-optic ring under the conditions of high hydrostatic pressure, which allows to combine the sensors in a multi-element antenna.EFFECT: hydroacoustic pressure sensor based on the annular fiber- optic interferometric sensor element.2 cl, 2 dwg
Pressure measurement chamber for use in infusion or injection system // 2609898
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a pressure measurement chamber for use in an infusion or an injection system intended for introduction of a fluid agent, herewith the chamber comprises a housing accommodating at least one filtering unit made with the possibility of passing a pressurized fluid agent and at least one pressure meter for the fluid agent pressure measurement, which is released from the filtering unit. Herewith the filtering unit is made in the form of an elongated filtering cartridge with a cartridge case and a filter screen. Herewith the cartridge case comprises a cartridge hole, through which the pressurized fluid agent comes into the filtering cartridge.EFFECT: technical result is increased stability of pressure.12 cl, 26 dwg

Composition, kit and method of extracting desired compounds from biomass // 2605328
FIELD: biochemistry.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to biochemistry. Disclosed is a method of extracting desired compounds from biomass, granular composition and kit. Method involves drying biomass, milling dried biomass to obtain fine fractions, agglomeration of fine fractions to obtain agglomerated particles and percolating solvent through agglomerated particles to obtain desired compounds. Granular composition is formed from microbial biomass and is intended for extraction of desired compounds. Composition contains multiple agglomerated fine fractions obtained using said method, and a neutral substrate. Kit for extraction of desired compounds from biomass includes said granular composition and container.EFFECT: invention provides improved leaching of biomass and increased extraction of biomass.20 cl, 24 dwg, 3 tbl, 12 ex

Differential pressure sensor with support on tension section // 2601610
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to measurement equipment, namely, to pressure sensors. Proposed differential pressure sensor with support on tension section with self-centering system contains external and internal bases, on which external and internal rollers or rotation sprockets, respectively, are fixed, connected by successively closed cable, chain or belt, wherein inner base is made with possibility of applying to it first pressure force, additionally rollers are introduced, through which springs provide cable tension, chain or belt, additionally roller is introduced, to which second pressure force is supplied via union and bellows, applied to cable, to chain or belt, wherein differential pressure sensor is made with possibility to convert internal base displacement into gear wheel rotational movement, connected to pointer.EFFECT: technical result is increased accuracy of pressure measurements.1 cl, 3 dwg

Device for measurement of axial force of turbine machine rotor // 2601513
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to measurement equipment and can be used for detection of loads, specifically axial force of rotating parts, such as shafts or trunnions of turbomachine. Proposed device for measurement of axial force of turbomachine rotor comprises a ball bearing, inner ring of which is installed on shaft, and outer ring in housing, as well as installed in housing flat elastic ring, on end surfaces of which there are support sites of protrusions, between which are installed strain sensors and an additional flexible ring with strain gauges, wherein it comprises two circular elements in contact with each other along conical relative to longitudinal axis of shaft end surfaces which form a truncated cone, larger base of which is located on side of ball bearing, wherein said circular elements are installed between adjacent ends of flat elastic ring and external ring of ball bearing, wherein circular element, which contacts directly with flat elastic ring is split, and other circular element is installed directly in housing, wherein additional elastic ring is made with stiffness coefficient lower than that of flat elastic rings, and is installed between inner surface of housing and outer surface of split ring element, and in axial direction additional flexible ring is confined by end of flat elastic rings and radial face made on inner surface of housing, on inner and outer surfaces of additional resilient rings there are support sites of protrusions, between said strain gauges, wherein flat elastic ring, additional flexible ring, two circular elements are fixed in housing in axial direction, and outer ring of ball bearing is fixed in housing from turning.EFFECT: technical result is a wider range of measurement of axial force of turbine machine rotor, as well as reduced time and costs for finishing of turbomachine.1 cl, 1 dwg

ethod for determining residual stress in parts // 2598779
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to aircraft engineering, and is intended for determination of residual stresses in surface layers of parts with radial transitions of greater curvatures, for example in area of rounded edge of turbine blade and compressor. Subject: flat billet is cut out, curvilinear specimen of rectangular section is produced, surface layers of material with residual stresses are successively removed, alternating with determination of geometrical parameters of specimen, calculations are executed using formulas and experimentally obtained geometrical parameters. In order to determine residual stress, V-shape specimen is employed with curvilinear part rounding radius R = 1…3 and more mm, with arc ABC with central angle φ≈126°±5°, with two extender ends, opened at angle α to make≈ βdesign angle 126°±5°. Layers of material with residual tangential stresses are removed at area of convex surface of curvilinear part with arc ABC, after each removed layer, thickness t is measured of curvilinear part, height H of specimen, width A at base of sample, angle α of extenders separation. When performing calculations, first, additional parameters of curvilinear part of sample are determined: design angle β of extenders separation, chord a, boom h, and radius R of arc ABC, radius r of neutral flexure line, and radius of ρ axis, displacement e between r and ρ, distance y from arc of radius r to convex surface, using formulas. Then residual tangential stresses σi in surface layers of material are calculated, starting from first layer, by formula.EFFECT: technical result is possibility of determining tangential residual stress in area of blade feather edge with radius of rounding 1…3 mm and more.1 cl, 2 dwg

Pressure sensor module for sub-sea applications // 2598775
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to co-planar differential pressure sensor module. Module comprises a base having a pair of recesses. Differential pressure sensor comprises two of pedestals, where each pedestal is disposed in a respective recess and is coupled to a respective isolation diaphragm. Differential pressure sensor has a sensing diaphragm and two pressure sensing ports. Each port of differential pressure sensor is fluidically coupled to a respective isolation diaphragm. Module also includes circuitry coupled to differential pressure sensor to measure an electrical characteristic of sensor. Pressure sensor module comprises a base with a recess. Pedestal is disposed in recess and is coupled to isolation diaphragm. Circuitry is coupled to pressure sensor to measure an electrical characteristic of sensor that varies with pressure. Base is designed from material which is suitable for submersion into sea water.EFFECT: high measurement accuracy.13 cl, 7 dwg

Water inflow diagnostic system // 2596029
FIELD: water removal.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to water removal systems. System includes water transfer module comprising pumps, intake tank with feed pipe, diagnose parameter analysis module, instrumentation module, receiving tank volume input unit, water inflow analysis unit, diagnose parameter analysis module equipped with unit for input of receiving tank geometric characteristics, input of feed pipe hydraulic characteristics, analysis of water pumping from receiving tank, instrumentation module is equipped with water level sensors installed on feed pipe and in receiving tank, water transfer module is equipped with shutoff-control device with actuating element installed on feed pipe, control device, wherein outputs of units for input of receiving tank geometric characteristics, input of feed pipe hydraulic characteristics and analysis unit of water pumping from receiving tank are connected to the input of water inflow analysis unit.EFFECT: technical result is possibility to use of system for solving tasks of water flow diagnostics.5 cl, 3 dwg

Dynamometer // 2594599
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to measuring equipment and is intended to measure load on barbell and rack mounted support of mine workings to measure load on elements of machines and mechanisms at change of load sign on them and also to measure load when testing samples of materials for strength. Device comprises torque sensor and force meter, kinematically connected with torque sensor. Force meter is composed of two coaxial screws and nut, connecting ends of screws with a gap between them and intended for interaction with torque sensor, wherein opposite screw ends are intended for connection to source of measured load.EFFECT: broadening functional capabilities, providing measurements of not only compression but also tensile load.1 cl, 1 dwg

Jet to optical converter // 2591876
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automation and can be applied to conversion of gas jet signal into electric signal. Device for conversion of gas jet signal into optical signal comprises source and receiver of light flux, which passed through slit channel, wherein flexible band is located along channel, absorbing or reflecting light flux, one end being secured in this channel. At that, within slot channel relative to fixed tape, feed channels are located, wherethrough gas jet signals are alternately arrive, and flexible belt moves under action of therein, acting upon light flux emitted by source and detected by receiver of light flux.EFFECT: technical result is faster conversion performance.1 cl, 3 dwg

Device for measuring vertical and lateral forces of interaction between wheel and rail // 2591739
FIELD: instrument making.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to instrument making, particularly, to measuring devices for measuring and recording forces of interaction between wheel and rail. Device for measuring vertical and lateral forces of interaction between wheel and rail includes railway mounted axle, strain gages arranged on inner and outer side of wheel disk on both sides from axis on concentric diameters of inner side drive wheels and included in half-bridge circuit, strain amplifier, programmable controller, unit for signal transmission via radio channel connected to a unit for receiving signals and onboard computer. Tensoresistor on outer side of wheel disc are diametrically positioned in line with tensoresistors on inner side, and angle α between adjacent diameters on inner or outer side of wheel disc, on which there are diametrically opposite strain gages, ranges from 36° to 60° circular arc.EFFECT: high accuracy of measuring forces of interaction of wheel with rail due to reduced effect on measurement of vertical forces, transverse displacement relative to rail and expansion of frequency range of measured vertical and lateral (horizontal) forces occurring at contact of wheel on geometrical, butt and irregularities wavy irregularities on rail running surface.5 cl, 12 dwg

Photoelectric pressure sensor // 2590315
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to measurement equipment and can be used to measure liquids and gases pressure. Photoelectric sensor comprises elastic element in form of main shaped silicon crystal with support frame, measuring square diaphragm with rigid centre and V-shaped groove passing along axis of symmetry of support frame and rigid centre through one of sides of frame, in which optical fibre is located and glued, one receiving radiation end located outside elastic element and integrated photodiode, wherein photoelectric pressure sensor according to invention includes additional silicon crystal with two holes, additional integrated photodiode, two auxiliary V-shaped grooves, cylindrical guides and U-shaped groove, above which opposite radiating end of optical fibre is located and which passes along axis of symmetry of support frame, crossing other opposite side of frame, and width of which is greater than size of photodiode, both photodiodes are located on additional crystal one above the other, separated by narrow gap and switched on differentially, radiating end of the optical fibre is directed on diodes, and additional crystal itself is attached to outer edge of elastic element support frame perpendicular to measuring square diaphragm plane, and sensor structure accurate optical alignment is achieved by means of holes on additional chip to receive cylindrical guides arranged in auxiliary V-shaped grooves arranged on elastic element support frame on both sides of optical fibre.EFFECT: invention allows to reduce non-linearity of converter characteristics and initial output signal.1 cl, 3 dwg

Amplitude fibre-optic pressure sensor // 2589946
FIELD: electronics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to sensor electronics and can be used for measuring parameters of process media, in medicine. Disclosed amplitude fibre-optic pressure sensor comprises silicon membrane elastic element with rigid centre, optical fibre, transmitting radiation from external source and fixed on membrane elastic element with possibility of being moved only along with its rigid centre proportional to measured pressure, and one photodetector. At that, proposed device comprises additional photodetector, mirror and two parallel silicon plates arranged perpendicular to membrane elastic element. Besides, both photodetectors are connected as per differential circuit and are located on one silicon plate, and on other plate there is mirror, which is flat reflecting surface of crystallographic orientation of type (100) with pyramid-shaped recesses, walls of recesses converge at one point, and crystallographic orientation walls of type (111).EFFECT: technical result is increase of sensitivity and reduced nonlinearity of converter characteristics.1 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of evaluating stress-strain state of elements of complex structures // 2589219
FIELD: measurement technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to methods of evaluating stress-strain state (SSS) and can be used to determine mechanical stresses and deformations of elements of complex structures with the help of a calculation-experimental method. Perform direct measurements of stresses in control points, determine SSS on the basis of finite element calculation results using direct measurement results to correct the design circuit. Perform direct measurements using the acoustoelasticity method which allows to determine not the surface, but averaged in thickness stress walls, and the procedure of determining power boundary conditions acting on every element of a complex structure directly by the results of direct measurement of stresses with further execution of a precision calculation.EFFECT: improvement of reliability of design evaluation of stress-strain state of elements of complex structures when performing a calculation by finite elements method at the expense of determination of power boundary conditions of an analytical model based on results of instrumental measurements of stresses.1 cl

Pressing roller of press-granulator // 2588925
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to equipment for pelletizing of ground semi-product of vegetal origin. Pressing roller of granulator press comprises shell, rolling bearings, end covers to fix the shell relative to outer races and meter of normal strains on roller working surface. Shell is made with at least one meridional slot on inner surface and at least one radial hole. Meter of normal strains is made in form of at least one tensometric pin fitted with gap into corresponding radial hole of shell. Pin has supporting and locking head located in meridional slot of shell to rest on strain gage plate. On one side of said plate strain gauge is fixed. Conductors of strain sensor are brought through cavity formed by U-shaped cross section of shoe, at least into one hole in end cover. Shoe is located in meridian slot of shell.EFFECT: higher accuracy of measuring normal tension on working surface of pressing roller.3 cl, 4 dwg