Using a motor (F16K31/04)

Uninterrupted device for use with linear motors // 2609920
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to linear motor and, particularly, to uninterrupted device for use with linear motor. Uninterrupted device for use with linear motor comprises frame attached to one of rods: device first rod, controlled by linear motor, or linear motor second rod. Uninterrupted device also has first clamp and second clamp. Each clamp is movably attached to frame. Clamps are made with possibility of engagement or disengagement of one of remaining rods – first or second. Uninterrupted device also comprises spring to adjust first rod into safe position. Spring moves first rod into safe position when clamps disengage one of remaining rods – first or second.EFFECT: group of inventions is aimed at preventing failure of redundant power supply systems without warning, at increasing of permissible temperature.20 cl, 5 dwg

Flow control drive // 2600567
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrical engineering and can be used for actuation of regulating element controling fluid flow. Drive (1′) for fluid flow control in flow channel (29) includes electric motor (4) for actuating control element (30) and control unit (2) for control flow supplied to electric motor (4). Resistive element (3), which includes resistor (5) and NTC thermistor (6) connected in parallel to resistor (5) are located in flow way from control unit (2) to electric motor (4). According to this, when ambient temperature increases, reduced resistance of resistive element (3) balances increased resistance of motor windings, which leads to smaller change of current from control unit (2) to electric motor (4) and together with it to smaller change of electric motor (4) output torque.EFFECT: technical result is provision of control of motor in a wide range of ambient temperatures, while reduction of components number, space and costs.15 cl, 4 dwg

Connecting device for use with electric drives // 2562346
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the connecting devices for use with the electric drives. The connecting device has a connecting assembly ensuring functional connection of the fluid flowrate regulator of the fluid valve with the drive system of the electric drive system. The drive system rotation in the first rotation direction ensures the connecting assembly movement in the first straight direction, and the drive system rotation in the second rotation direction moves the connecting assembly in the second straight direction that is opposite to the first straight direction. The connecting assembly has tightening element that in the deformed state ensures the tightening load on the fluid flowrate regulator, when the fluid flowrate regulator is tightly pressed to the fluid valve seat, and power supply is disconnected from the electric drive. Design options of the connecting device are described.EFFECT: improved design.19 cl, 6 dwg

Electric drive with internal device for load application // 2559060
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the machine building, namely to electric drives (102) with the internal device for load application for use in regulating valves of pipelines. The electric drive having internal device for the load application contains casing (136, 138) making cavity for the driven system (144) installation, and drive shaft (148) functionally connected with the driven system. The driven system rotation in the first rotation direction ensures the drive shaft movement in one straight direction, and the driven system rotation in second rotation direction ensures the drive shaft movement in direction opposite to the first straight direction. Pressing element (186) is functionally connected with the driven system (144) such, that at least one part of the driven system moves in axial direction to the pressing element, deforming this pressing element when the drive shaft (148) achieves the limit position, thus ensuring the drive shaft load, when the electric power to the electric drive (102) is not supplied.EFFECT: improved design.18 cl, 10 dwg

Drive with amplifier for safety valve with high driving moment // 2543646
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the drive with amplifier for the safety valve with high torque driven by motor via the gear, the motor simultaneously with the safety valve opening pretension the rate-caged mechanical energy accumulator connected with drive shaft of the safety valve, the accumulator after rate-caging removal returns the accumulated energy, at that safety valve closes. The motor output is connected with planetary gear, its output rotor is connected with drive shaft of the safety valve. The mechanical energy accumulator contains several cylindrical springs with double-side winding and straight ends, their number complies with number of the planetary gear wheels. Each of the said springs from one side is connected without possibility of rotation with the planetary gear wheel, and on the opposite side it is connected with casing of the drive with amplifier.EFFECT: invention creates rather high drive moment ensuring reliable closing of valves upon power failure, decreases time of valves locking.8 cl, 5 dwg

Valve drive // 2534647
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the valve drive. The valve drive contains body, motor connected with primary power source and with valve, with possibility to change the valve position from first position, when fluid can flow, at least, along one path to the second position, when the fluid flow either is locked or can flow, at least, along the second path. At least one sensor is made with the possibility to determine either valve position or valve speed. A switch controls the power supply to the motor. The power supply circuit is connected with the switch and includes a controller connected with at least one sensor and power supply circuit. The controller is intended for data acquisition in real time, such data relates to the valve position or speed, as well as for acquisition of data relating the power supply mode, to calculate updating of the position or speed in proportion to difference between the obtained data relating to the valve position or speed, respectively, and obtained data relating the power supply mode. Also the controller is intended to transmit new settings of the power supply to the power supply circuit that amplifies the controller signal.EFFECT: invention eliminates the water hammer.18 cl, 9 dwg

Water and air control valve for water sprayers // 2527222
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to water and air feed valves for water sprayers intended for example for making at artificial snow. Valve (1) comprises body (2) with two independent paths (C1, C2) for air and water circulation. Each of said paths (C1, C2) comprises: chamber (5, 15) with slide valve (6, 16), fluid inlet channel (7, 17), fluid discharge channel (8, 18) and channel (9, 19) to discharge fluid from said outlet channel (8, 18). Valve incorporates control means for driving said slide valves (6, 16) to open position for fluid flow whereat said emptying channel (9, 19) is shutoff and to closed position for shutting-off of fluid flow whereat said channel (9, 19) is open. Said control means incorporates common drive (25) for control over said slide valves (6, 16) and structure (26) for mechanical connection of said valves (6, 16) to allow simultaneous control there over inside their appropriate chamber (5, 15). Invention covers also the method of application of above described valve.EFFECT: higher reliability.24 cl, 11 dwg

Valve assembly // 2482370
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: valve assembly for control of fluid medium supply from a high pressure header to a working chamber of the mechanism operating with fluid medium includes the main valve, an auxiliary valve, and electromagnet and a core. The main valve includes an element of the main valve with the seating on the surface and the seat of the main valve. An auxiliary valve includes an auxiliary valve element. The auxiliary valve opens before the main valve so that pressure on the main valve element can be balanced. The core is connected to the auxiliary valve element and has the possibility of being moved along the channel passing between the first position and the second position. The connection between the core and the auxiliary valve element has the possibility of ensuring the core movement from the first position to the second position without the corresponding movement of the auxiliary valve element. The core moves from the first position closer to the electromagnet when the auxiliary valve opens by means of forces applied through the connection between the core and the auxiliary valve element. The mechanism operating with fluid medium is described.EFFECT: creation of the valve assembly that is capable of being opened quickly against considerable pressure difference, thus reducing the power consumption.17 cl, 10 dwg

Device and method for determining failure in motor-operated valve // 2471106
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: valve has the possibility of being attached to fuel tubes and includes movable head in valve body. Head is turned about axis in valve body and rigidly attached to the first end of driven shaft brought into rotation by means of electric drive mechanism. Head includes a through hole with axis and has two stable positions on two ends of head rotation zone. Axis of hole is oriented so that fuel flow via tubes is available in the first open position of the head. Axis of hole is oriented so that fuel flow via tubes is prohibited in the second closed position of the head. Valve includes torque moment formation devices and position determination devices. Torque moment formation devices are rigidly attached to head and form torque moment on drive shaft, which changes depending on head position in valve body. Position determination devices supply signals characterising the positions of the above drive shaft. Valve operation diagnostics device and method are described.EFFECT: higher reliability of device.10 cl, 6 dwg

Universal high-torque high-rpm electric drive of pipeline shutoff valves and accessories // 2457385
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: drive two-stage multi-plane-pinion planetary gearbox comprises input shaft 4, support central wheel 11, two-support planet carrier 6, plane pinions in number corresponding to odd number of said pinions in every stage and arranged in pairs on said carrier 6, and two-support output shaft 19 with output central wheel 12 fitted thereon. Axes of motor rotor 7, input shaft 4, carrier 6 and output shaft 19 are arranged inter-aligned and aligned with shutoff valve spindle travel axis. Stator covers rotor and is secured on the flange of housing 1. Input shaft, pinion carrier and reduction gear output shaft are hollow components. Sums of central wheel teeth in both planetary stages are equal and selected from the range of 200…400. Numbers of second stage central wheels are selected from parameters series.EFFECT: higher reliability and efficiency, decreased sizes.12 cl, 2 dwg

ulti-way valve actuator and connection element for such actuator // 2449195
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: multi-way valve (30) includes body (31), head (32) from which outer end (33) of rotary stem (34) of valve projects, and actuator (1). Head (32) of valve has connection means (35) for movable connection of actuator (1) to housing (31) of valve and outer end (33) of valve stem (34), which has attachment surfaces (36), for fixed interaction with the first end (11) of connection element (10) the other end (12) of which interacts in rigid manner with rotary control shaft (2) of actuator (1). Connection element (10) has the possibility of being reversed. Both ends (11; 12) of connection element (10) are provided with central hole (13) and toothed rim (15, 16). One hole (13) is provided with possibility of fixed interaction with attachment surfaces on external end of valve stem of the first type. The other central hole (14) is provided with possibility of fixed interaction with attachment surfaces (36) on external end (33) of valve stem (34) of the second type. Each toothed rim (15, 16) envelopes the corresponding hole (13, 14), and when it faces the opposite side from valve head (32), it interacts with gear teeth (3) in rigid manner. Those teeth are made on mating end of actuator shaft (2) of one and the same type. There is the second invention object.EFFECT: enlarging functional capabilities owing to using one and the same actuator and one and the same connection element for various types of rotary valve stems.12 cl, 2 dwg

Protective drive device for damper or valve // 2442924
FIELD: fire fighting systems.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to protection drive device with emergency protection circuit and can be used in firefighting and monitoring systems used in the sphere of air conditioning, heating and ventilation. Protection drive device (10) with circuit (12) of emergency protection installs damper or valve into the set position ensuring safety for regulation of volumetric gas or flowing medium flow. The important parts of the device (10) are the executing mechanism (14) with controlled electric motor (28), unit (20) of capacity storage, energy converter (22) with energy module and power unit (18). During normal operation electric current in the energy module of converter (22) is converted into lower voltage and the charge is stored in the unit (20) comprising at least one double-layer condenser. In case of voltage decrease lower the set value or in case of electric supply failure the accumulated electric charge is converted with the same energy module into higher voltage, and as a result, the electric motor (28) works until the set position ensuring safety is reached.EFFECT: simplification and improvement of emergency protection circuit.25 cl, 9 dwg

Electromechanical drive // 2427750
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: electromechanical drive includes electric motor, stator, rollers and output stock. Stator encloses hollow rotor. Rollers are equipped with external thread and arranged in cavity of rotor in threaded sleeve in circumferential direction. Axes of rollers are parallel to rotor axis. Screw is coaxially arranged inside rotor. Screw has external thread. Thread of screw interacts with thread of rollers. Thread of rollers interacts with internal thread of sleeve. Sleeve is rigidly attached to one end of output stock. The latter is installed so that it is protected against being turned. One screw end is rigidly attached to rotor. The other end of screw is arranged in cavity of output stock.EFFECT: higher reliability of electromechanical drive.9 cl, 3 dwg

Device preventing rotation of servo-motor // 2420684
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention is designed for application of device preventing rotation of servo-motor mounted on driven shaft of rotary shut-off gate of gas-transporting pipe. In particular, this gate can be positioned in a structure of a heating pipe, ventilation, air conditioning or smoke pipe. Device preventing rotation of servo-motor (10) is set with geometric lock and/or power lock on projecting driven shaft (22) of rotary shut-off gate (62) of gas-transporting pipe (34). At least one shifting lengthwise bracket (36) maintaining servo-motor (10) is positioned at adjusted axial distance (a) from driven shaft (22).EFFECT: simplified assembly and operation of device.10 cl, 10 dwg

Valving electric drive // 2419018
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: valving drive comprises reversible motor and extending spindle. The latter is coupled with valve gate. Reduction gear is arranged between motor and extending spindle. Reduction gear consists of housing, drive cam shaft, bevel pinion, cone coupling, sliding nut and hollow output shaft. The latter is arranged aligned with extending spindle. Helical pinion is a two-rim pinion. Said helical pinion is jointed with housing and engaged with two-rim pinion rim. Cone coupling is jointed with hollow output shaft and engaged with two-rim pinion rim. Sliding nut is fitted at hollow shaft lower part.EFFECT: motor reduced rpm for lifting valve gate at drive lower weight and smaller sizes.1 dwg

Drive of valve and valve design // 2402712
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: drive of valve consists of case, valve rod, spring and of driving devices. The rod is connected to a gate element. The gate element travels between the first and the second positions. The spring shifts the gate element from the said first position into the said second position. The first driving devices are designed for tension of the spring and for retaining the spring in a compressed state. The second driving devices are designed for transfer of the gate element from the first position into the second position. The second driving devices include a transmission with a roller screw. Also the second driving devices operate independently from the first driving devices. Releasing devices free the spring to return the gate element into the second position. There is disclosed the version of design of the valve device for this drive.EFFECT: increased speed of response for valve opening in emergency cases.7 cl, 10 dwg

otor valve with rotary plug // 2367833
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to field of pipeline valves, particularly to structures of quick-acting motor valves with axisymmetric seats and rotary plugs, and is provided for close control of flows of arbitrary flowing fluids on the basis of liquids and gases, locking and unlocking of vacuum pipelines. Motor valve with rotary plug contains casing 1 with inlet 2 and outlet 3 branches, axisymmetric seat 4, rotary plug 5, rotary drive on the basis of piezoelectric motor 7. Seat 4 is rigidly fixed inside the casing 1. Rotary plug 5 is put into seat 4 and allows guide bar 6. Motor 7 allows annular piezoelectric oscillator 8 radially directed vertical acoustic waves. Oscillator 8 is rigidly fixed with casing 1 of valve and outfitted by facilities for connection to pulsed current source and control system. Flexible annulus 9 is acoustic hermetically joined to piezoelectric oscillator 8. Annulus 9 is outfitted by flexible clack tappet 10. Rotor 11 is located with steady clearance relative to piezoelectric oscillator. Rotor 11 is introduced into frictional contact with flexible clack tappet 10. Rotor 11 is interlocked with guide bar 6 of rotary plug 5.EFFECT: rising of valve performance and rising of precision of angular positioning of plug relative to seat.7 cl, 2 dwg

Linear motor-driven actuator three-way valve // 2350816
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: proposed mechanism comprises housing, motor, spindle, motor base, cam-type torque conversion mechanism including cam and pushrod interacting with valve stem arranged to move axially, and electric switch. Note that the proposed mechanism additionally incorporates and outer cam wheel. Note also that the fixed cam comprises base plate attached to the motor base and accommodates, at least, one lifting/downing profile. The said pushrod is fitted at greater distance from the motor than aforesaid fixed cam and represents a rotary disk with appropriate actuating and guiding appliances. The said outer can wheel is coupled with the spindle to transmit torque to the pushrod and to interact with electric switch.EFFECT: simple design, ease of manufacture.8 cl, 6 dwg

Valve remote control method (versions) // 2348851
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention deals with methods of control over power-pressurised switch gear operating under time-varying thermal conditions within the framework of multi-phased technological processes and is aimed to provide for remote control of vacuum valves. The proposed remote control method envisages utilisation of multiple shutting-off device position stops and valve pressurisation effort amount restrictors. The position stops are remotely connected and the shutting-off device required position stops and pressurisation effort amount restrictors are operated.EFFECT: enhanced valve pressurisation reliability, facilitated control over the shut off medium flow and reduced redundant deformation of the sealant element.2 cl, 1 dwg

Actuating mechanism // 2268431
FIELD: the invention refers to armature construction namely to actuating mechanisms for pipeline armature.SUBSTANCE: the actuating mechanism has a flange 1 with an opening for installation on the armature, a located under it a bridge 5 with a co-axial opening and an arrangement for fastening of the rod of the armature. The actuating mechanism has also a drive interacting with one of the two cog-wheels located diametrically to the opening of the flange 1 and placed in bearings. The cog-wheels are connected with the bridge 5 through screw mechanisms for its reciprocal movement relatively to the flange. The connection between the cog-wheels is fulfilled through a hollow cog-wheel covering the opening of the flange 1 and having ledges. The hollow cog-wheel contacts with the rollers installed at its both sides.EFFECT: high meanings of mechanical transmission are achieved.4 cl, 5 dwg

Valve drive // 2262024
FIELD: closing and opening large valves.SUBSTANCE: proposed drive is provided with engine which acts on threaded rod by means of transfer mechanism. Nut of transfer mechanism is screwed on threaded rod. Transfer mechanism is provided with clutch consisting of two members which are thrown into engagement by means of toothed rim of one member and toothed rim of other member. One member is movable in axial direction during rotation of said member relative to each other. Shifting member is connected with switch.EFFECT: automatic adjustment of valve to different valves.14 cl, 5 dwg

Automated actuator for valves // 2235934
The invention relates to mechanical engineering and can be used to control valves in various industries

Safety shut-off valve // 2234019
The invention relates to mechanical engineering, in particular to the valve, and can be used in any industry requiring emergency shut-off of fluid flow in pipelines

Drive hot blast valve // 2222603
The invention relates to ferrous metallurgy, in particular to actuators valve bodies tract of hot blast stoves for blast furnaces

Electromechanical actuator valves // 2213896
The invention relates to the field of engineering, in particular to the valve, may be used in the manufacture of valves with remote control and is intended for use as a drive control pipeline valves

The actuator shut-off organ pipe fittings // 2196928
The invention relates to the field of engineering and is intended to control the shut-off bodies of valves mainly with a rotary plug having a surface of rotation of a body, to overlap the piping diameters of 200-400 mm, pressure up to 160 bar mainly in the oil and gas industry

The drive // 2173420
The invention relates to a valve, namely, the controls shutoff valves of truboprovodov

Valve, valves // 2172885
The invention relates to the field of valves for gas supply, such as turbocharger building (in particular, to control systems turbine engines)

Locking device // 2147091
The invention relates to the field of chemical engineering and may find application, for example, capacitive filters with side discharge

Drive pipeline valves // 2132990
The invention relates to the field of valves, actuators, and can be used for remote and local control valves high pressure pipelines

Actuator for adjusting the position of the valve // 2101598
The invention relates to a device controlling the position of the valve and may find application in systems heaters to control the temperature of the air in the passenger compartment of the vehicle, as well as to regulate the opening degree of the throttle

Gas-tight valve // 2076980

The drive // 2020355
The invention relates to mechanical engineering, in particular to devices designed to control mechanisms to translational movement of the rod (working bodies), and in particular to actuators, managing pipeline valves

The actuator valves // 2014538
The invention relates to management of pipeline valves and actuators valves mostly stop and control

The drive // 2005946
The invention relates to mechanical engineering, in particular to devices designed to control mechanisms to translational movement of the rod (working bodies), and in particular to actuators, managing pipeline valves

The drive for automated valves // 2005945
The invention relates to mechanical engineering and can be used to control piping fittings with improved reliability, used in chemical, energy and other industries

The drive // 2005944
The invention relates to mechanical engineering, to devices designed to control mechanisms to translational movement of the rod actuators, more specific to the actuators, managing pipeline valves (e.g. gate valves