Operating means and releasing devices (F16K31)

F16K31/02 - Electric; magnetic(867)
F16K31/04 - Using a motor(72)
F16K31/06 - Using a magnet(84)
F16K31/08 - Using a permanent magnet(71)
F16K31/122 - (105)
F16K31/124 - (16)
F16K31/126 - (54)
F16K31/128 - (10)
F16K31/143 - (67)
F16K31/145 - (24)
F16K31/163 - (28)
F16K31/165 - (13)
F16K31/20 - Actuating a lift valve(25)
F16K31/32 - Actuating a tap or cock(2)
F16K31/363 - (30)
F16K31/365 - (24)
F16K31/383 - (23)
F16K31/385 - (8)
F16K31/44 - echanical actuating means(108)
F16K31/46 - For remote operation(40)
F16K31/50 - With screw-spindle(54)
F16K31/524 - (28)
F16K31/528 - (14)
F16K31/53 - With toothed gearing(66)
F16K31/54 - With pinion and rack(48)
F16K31/60 - Handles(47)

Block valve // 2644002
FIELD: pipes.SUBSTANCE: shut-off valve belongs to the pipeline fittings. It includes the double-acting piston actuator and the drive control system. Control system is mounted on the upper flange of the drive housing 10, it contains power driven four-way plunger valves and connecting channels 13, made in the flanges and in the side walls of the piston cylinder of the drive. Valves in the closed position are represented by the clearance in the working cavity plunger pair of the drive piston cylinder with the internal cavity of the valve body 1 and between each other, and in the open position, the valves communicate through one of the connection channels 13 about one of the working cavities of the actuator piston cylinder with the internal cavity of the valve body 1, and the other - with the drainage pipeline 24. Through channels are provided in the valve body 14 with the output to the connection channels 13 of the drive control system, the seat 21 and the guide plunger bushing 18 with the slots 19. Actuating locking element 27 forms, together with the seat 21, the gate at the inlet to the drainage pipeline 24. Hollow plunger with slots 30 and the end plug-pusher 31 is rigidly connected to the drive locking element 27. Second plunger 32 is mounted in the guide plunger bush 18 with the annular gap and is elastically pressed against the plunger 31. Fixing sleeve 34 is mounted on the rod 8. Latch 35 is biased against the locking sleeve 34 is installed in the body of the drive piston cylinder cover 11. Rod 8 with respect to the external environment is closed by the lid-cap 41. Bore is performed in the rod 8, in which the intermediate rod 39 is installed with the possibility of free running Hs, it has the permanent magnet.EFFECT: reed members 42 and 43 are installed on the lid-cap 41, Hs=Hst-Hm, where Hst is the stroke of the actuator rod, Hm is the course of the magnet that is required in order to close the contacts of the reed elements 42 and 43.4 cl, 6 dwg

Pressure-receiving profile of balance channel for improving throughput characteristics // 2643897
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: fluid control device comprises a control valve having an inlet, an outlet, and a valve passage located therebetween. A drive is connected to a control valve and comprises a valve disc which is displaced along the longitudinal axis to open and close the fluid control device. The valve disc comprises a sealing surface adjacent to the outer radial edge of the valve disc, and the sealing surface is made with ait-tight sealing against the valve channel in the closed position. The valve disc has a median surface located inside the sealing surface in which a groove or projection is formed. The groove extends along the groove axis running along the midian surface perpendicular to the longitudinal axis, and the axis of the groove is curved when viewed along the longitudinal axis. The projection extends along the longitudinal axis to the valve channel. The valve disc contains a disc passage laying longitudinally therethrough. The first end of the disc passage is adjacent to the middle surface between the sealing surface and the groove or projection.EFFECT: adjustment of the controller throughput is improved.22 cl, 7 dwg

ethod and device for control and/or observation of pneumatic drive // 2643313
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a housing; a processor located within the housing for executing the control application; a position sensor located inside the housing to control position of the valve connected to the pneumatic drive. The position sensor provides control application with information on valve position valve, and a bistable valve located inside the housing for providing said pneumatic drive with pneumatic signal by means of pneumatic energy source provided for the biostable valve. The bistable valve is controlled by the control application based on position information or control signal from a separate device in the process control system to provide said pneumatic drive with pneumatic signal and release bistable valve in response to pneumatic exhaust discharged from the bistable valve.EFFECT: possibility of complete control and local control of the valve.24 cl, 16 dwg

Ultrasonic flow meter // 2642902
FIELD: measuring devices.SUBSTANCE: this invention relates to an ultrasonic flowmeter for measuring the flow rate and / or flow rate of a fluid. Ultrasonic flowmeter comprises two ultrasonic transducers, having connection flanges for connecting the fluid conduits and an intermediate portion adapted to pass a fluid, at least two placed in the middle part of the ultrasonic transducer, that form a pair of ultrasonic transducers and between which there is a measuring circuit passing through the flow, a pressure sensor held in the middle portion in the pressure sensor housing and having a fluid communication with the middle portion through the piston housing, a calibration terminal, a pressure sensor is holding in the middle of the pressure sensor housing and having a fluid communication with the interior of the middle part through the piston socket, wherein the piston in the piston seat is adapted to be brought into two positions, wherein in the first position, the pressure sensor has a fluid communication with the interior of the middle portion, and in the second position, the pressure sensor through the piston housing has a fluid communication with the calibration terminal.EFFECT: creating a simple and compact ultrasonic flowmeter with the ability to simply calibrate the pressure sensor in the flowmeter.8 cl, 5 dwg
ethod of draining liquid from wells when using underground oil production method // 2642759
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: method includes supplying liquid to the divider through a hole in the cover of the upper chamber, filtering large mechanical impurities, supplying liquid into the upper chamber with a float, then through openings of throttle partition into the lower chamber to the valve unit. Under the action of high level of liquid in the upper chamber, the float moves upward and, by means of the rod, it opens a first small valve. Then, if it is necessary to increase the throughput capacity of the large valve, moving the small valve with one degree of freedom inside the large valve and together with it inside the sleeve along the common vertical axis. After draining liquid through the discharge bushing under the action of lowering of liquid level in the upper chamber, the float moves down and closes both valves.EFFECT: improved safety of the drainage process due to smooth adjustment of liquid outlet and provision of process continuity.3 cl, 12 dwg

Water-gas unit // 2641999
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: water-gas unit contains a membrane-valve mechanism for stabilizing a preselected water supply and a spring-loaded valve for gas supply with the drive from a membrane of the membrane-valve mechanism. The drive of the gas supply valve is carried out by the membrane through the magnetic field of two magnets oriented with respect to each other with the same poles located on both sides of the non-magnetic partition separating the gas and water cavities of the unit, one of the magnets is mechanically connected to the membrane and the other to the gas supply valve.EFFECT: increase the reliability of the device and the accuracy of the water supply regulation.1 dwg
Two-speed manual drive of shut-off valves // 2641415
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: two-gear manual drive of shut-off valves comprises a housing (1), a cover (2), a planetary mechanism including a crown wheel (3), satellites (4), the axes of satellites (5), a carrier (6), and a central shaft-gear (7), a gear switch consisting of a central shaft-gear flange (8) with holes, which number is equal to the number of satellites (4), and the heads of satellite axles (9), which sizes correspond to the sizes of flange (8) holes, a gear switch lock (10), a flywheel (11), and a sliding bearing (12). Simplified design of the drive and reduction of its axial size and mass is achieved by designing the gear selector in the form of a narrow flange of the central shaft-gear (8) with holes and used as gear switch elements of heads of satellite axes (9), as well as by providing the lock of the gear switch position (10) in the form of one open elastic ring located in the circular groove of the carrier (6) of the planetary mechanism.EFFECT: increased efficiency.2 cl, 3 dwg

Fluid medium control valve // 2641197
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: inside a valve body provided with a first flow path and a second flow path, which are connected in parallel with a first port and a second port, there are a needle valve body which opens/closes the throttle hole in the first flow path. Also inside the valve body, there are a check valve assembly which opens/closes the second flow path, and a piston which performs opening/closing control for the needle valve body by the cooperation of the pressure of the fluid medium introduced into high-pressure chamber, and the force of compression spring. Needle valve body is built on top of rod connected with the piston. Inside the rod and the needle valve body, there is a passage opening connecting the throttle hole and the high-pressure chamber.EFFECT: simplification of design and reduction of valve dimensions.11 cl, 12 dwg

Valve // 2640902
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: in initial position, the protrusion of the shutter 2 spring-actuated 3 abuts the end part of the rod 11 of the piston 7, the valve cross-section is open. The initial position of the piston is provided by the force of the spring 6. When applying control pressure piston with rod 7, breaking the spring force 6, moves to another in its heel, with 1 bolt 2 lock with the end of stem 11 7 piston and sits on the saddle seal enclosure 1, closing the orifice valve and lug bolt 2 comes into the groove end part 11 7 piston rod. The required tightness to the piston is provided by the ring 9 and the collar 10.EFFECT: use of this valve allows the valve to be held in the open position by the piston rod and allows the gate to fit into the seat ring when the piston is moved by the control command.3 cl, 1 dwg

Back pressure valve // 2639467
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: reverse valve contains casing with input and output channels, located in it fixed bushing, supplied with radial holes, and a locking element cylindrical form decorated with possibility of axial displacement inside the sleeve. The radial holes are connected by an annular groove made on the outer surface of the sleeve. On the inner surface of the sleeve, from the side of the end facing the outlet channel, an annular projection is formed between the holes. The locking element is made solid, with a diameter equal to the inner diameter of the sleeve between the annular shoulder and the inlet channel.EFFECT: use of claimed valve allows to increase the durability of its components to mechanical stress, increase the area of gas flow between adjacent volumes and increase the technological effectiveness of its operation.6 cl, 3 dwg
Gas flow meter with built-in gas shut-off valve // 2638494
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: gas flow meter with the built-in gas shut-off valve comprises a body having an inlet for gas and an outlet for gas, a gas flow meter mechanism and a gas shut-off valve comprising a drive unit including an electric motor and a connecting unit. At that the flow meter mechanism and the gas shut-off valve are located on the gas flow path between the gas inlet and the gas outlet. In this case, the gas shut-off valve is made in form of electrically controlled valve with a spherical or cylindrical valve element. In addition, the gas shut-off valve comprises a valve assembly comprising a valve body and a sealing element placed therein. The valve assembly, the drive assembly and the connecting assembly are configured to be attached to each other in a modular manner and separated from each other.EFFECT: reduction of pressure losses in shut-off valves of the flow meters.14 cl, 15 dwg

Shut-off gas valve with electromagnetic control // 2638122
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: shut-off gas valve with electromagnetic control contains a cylindrical frame with a locking ring, a shut-off device made in the form of a gate with a gasket, an inlet branch pipe and an outlet branch pipe with a saddle made of non-magnetic material, a control unit located in a housing on top of the frame and including at least, one coil, a pusher, a magnet and a connector. Moreover, the coil and the magnet are arranged in relation to each other in such a way that when the electric pulse is applied, the magnetic flux created by the coil moves the magnet and the gate to the side of the saddle, the gate is pressed against the saddle of the outlet branch pipe, blocking the flow of the operating medium. In this case, the locking ring, the coil, the pusher and the magnet are located coaxially with the frame on its outer surface and are separated from the controllable operating medium, the housing with the control unit are designed to rotate freely around the longitudinal axis of the valve. In turn, the pusher is made in the form of a cylinder with a prominent ring for manual control.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to create a reliable and safe to use electromagnetic gas valve of simple design with the ability to control the valve mechanically without providing a control current.7 cl, 1 dwg

Eccentric-type cock // 2638097
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: eccentric cock designed to control liquid flows in pipelines comprises a housing, branch pipes, a drive shaft, a saddle, a shut-off element with a lever, a cam-pusher and a follower. The cam-pusher is rigidly connected to the shaft, follower is rigidly connected to the housing. There is no rigid coupling between the shut-off element and the shaft. The shape of the surfaces of the cam-pusher and the follower provides division of the shut-off element movement into two phases: rotation around the drive shaft axis and displacement along pipeline axis. The first phase corresponds to the joint rotation of the shut-off element and the shaft by 90. During the second phase, only the shaft rotates. Total angle of shaft rotation is greater than 90. Air-tightness in closed condition is provided by eccentricity of the cam-pusher.EFFECT: no friction of sealing surfaces of shut-off element and the saddle when opening and closing the cock, reduction of torque on the drive shaft and reduction of sealing surfaces wear.2 cl, 6 dwg

Hydraulic valve // 2637806
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: valve comprises a sleeve (2) which comprises at least the first and the second branch pipe (12, 13, 26) and a pressure balanced stem (14) movable in the valve sleeve (2) between the locking position and at least one first unlock position. The valve stem (14) comprises two parts (15, 16) movable relative to each other and pressed against each other by the hydrostatic pressure occurring in the first branch pipe.EFFECT: invention allows to control the powerful flow of liquid with a small force, necessary to drive the actuator and simultaneously be able to compensate for the excess pressure on one of its nozzles.14 cl, 5 dwg

Shut-off pressure valve // 2637790
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: shut-off pressure valve has a body with a through channel, inlet and outlet branch pipes, shut-off element with a rod, shut-off element seat, pressure means for linear displacement of the shut-off element rod, and a return spring. The valve is additionally provided with a metal bellows chamber placed around the projecting part of the shut-off element rod. At that, the return spring is placed inside the bellows chamber. The outlet branch pipe is located in the side wall of the housing for passing the working medium flow from the housing through the bellows chamber. The pressing device is made in the form of pressure heel with hinged screw.EFFECT: increased reliability of the shut-off pressure valve.5 cl, 2 dwg

Technological process control system, peripheral device for use in it (versions) and method of actions planning // 2637060
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: peripheral device for use in the technological process control system contains a processor; memory; a function block for initializing the planned actions, and a planning module. Processor receives the inputted time and action from the host device connected via data channels to the peripheral device. The entered time and action indicates the scheduled time for the scheduled action or sequence of actions to take place. At the scheduled time and without additional data transfer from the main device, the planned action or sequence of actions are automatically performed. An initialization state is generated that is transmitted to host device and an initialization state that is stored in local memory of peripheral device. The initialization state indicates the execution of action or sequence of actions initializing process.EFFECT: data exchange time is shortened.28 cl, 4 dwg

Axial control valve "igr" // 2636952
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: axial control valve "IGR" comprises a housing in which eight throttling elements equispaced on a circle of throughway opening are arranged, having in the cross section perpendicular to the axis of the throughway opening a shape of an isosceles triangle with a 90 vertex facing the axis of the throughway opening, four of which are stationary, and the other four are movable and located between them with the possibility of moving in the direction of the axis of the throughway opening and the amount of movement is equal to the triangle cathetus of the stationary throttling element. The stationary throttling elements have a streamlined shape in the direction of the axis of the throughway opening with flat contact surfaces in the same direction intersecting in a line parallel to the axis of the throughway opening, and the movable throttling elements have a streamlined shape in the direction of the axis of the throughway opening and flat parallel surfaces in the same direction with width of not less than flat contact surfaces of the stationary throttling elements and are equipped with gear sectors set eccentrically relative to the streamlined surfaces. The maximum amount of eccentricity does not exceed the triangle's cathetus.EFFECT: increased reliability of the valve operation.4 cl, 5 dwg

Device for detection of leakages in fluid regulator // 2635818
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device for detection of leakages in fluid regulators is proposed. The device for detection of leakages in a fluid regulator contains: a plurality of channels, where one channel is designed to take the inject pressure, the other channel is adapted to set off the actuator, and one more channel is connected to the purge port of the cover of the fluid regulator with the possibility of interconnection; the bellows located between the through hole of the fluid regulator and the purge port, substantially preventing the process fluid from flowing into the purge port; a pressure sensor in the purge port; and a processor for comparing the indicated pressure value with the set pressure value or preliminarily measured pressure value for identifying if the pressure value overruns the specified limit.EFFECT: possibility of improving safety of bellows leakage monitoring by identifying the changes of the pressure in the purge port.10 cl, 3 dwg

Drive valve with forced transmission for piston compressor and method // 2635754
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: actuator (300) comprises a drive (310, 320) capable of performing a rotary movement, and a pusher (340, 350) connected to a movable part of a linear valve and to the actuator and allowing the drive to be rotated in reciprocating motion respectively for opening and closing the linear valve. The actuator (310, 320) comprises a first cam (310) and a second cam (320) rotatable about an axis. The elongated parts of the first cam (310) and the second cam (320) respectively are located at different angular positions. The pusher (340, 350) comprises a first arm (340) having an end (342). The latter is in contact with profiles of the first cam (310) and the second cam (320). The pusher also comprises a second arm (350) having an end (354) that is attached to a valve shaft (325) and in contact therewith. There are also rigidly connected (360) connecting ends (344, 352) of first arm (340) and the second arm (350) opposite to said ends (342, 354) of the first and second arms (340, 350). The pusher (340, 350) converts rotary movement of the actuator (310, 320) into reciprocating movement of the valve closure element attached to the valve shaft (325).EFFECT: improved timing control of valve opening and closing, increased stability, low actuation time.5 cl, 14 dwg

High-pressure fuel pump capacity control valve // 2635743
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: high-pressure fuel pump capacity control valve includes a body, an inductance coil, an armature, a pusher, a counterpole, a piston, a spring and a stop. The piston forms a precision pair with the counterpole and has a solid outer surface of one diameter; the control element represents an edge formed by the conjugation of outer cylindrical surface and plane of the lower end.EFFECT: use of the piston having an outer surface of one diameter, makes it possible to improve the manufacturability of the design due to the possibility of simultaneous processing of parts and exclusion of precision holes for fuel crossflow.3 cl, 1 dwg

Valve assembly // 2634989
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: valve assembly includes a valve body having a first pressure chamber and a second pressure chamber. At that, the pressure in the first pressure chamber is lower than in the second pressure chamber, and the pressure from the second pressure chamber is released into the first pressure chamber in response to the pressure change in the first pressure chamber. A blocking device is located between the first pressure chamber and the second pressure chamber. A valve stem is located in the valve body. In this case, an end of the valve stem interacts with the blocking device configured movable therewithin. A membrane is connected to the valve stem and located next to or above the first pressure chamber. At that, when the pressure in the first pressure chamber changes, the membrane causes the valve stem to move in the result of determining pressure change in the first pressure chamber. In this case, the first pressure chamber contains an inner chamber located on the valve stem. The valve stem has a connection hole at one end that contacts the blocking device. At that, the connection hole provides communication of the valve stem inner chamber with the to the second pressure chamber.EFFECT: reduced elements mounting and replacement complexity.15 cl, 14 dwg

anual doublers for valves // 2634971
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: valve device comprises an actuator for moving the valve stem comprising a body having an opening and a plunger located in the opening. A piston movably connected to the body for entering the opening. A lock is designed to hold the piston in a first position on the body. In this case, the plunger is movable by means of a liquid entering the opening through the piston. The piston is configured to move in the first position to stop liquid supply into the opening. The piston is configured to move in a second position to provide liquid supply into the opening. The piston is configured to move in a third position to functionally connect the piston to the plunger for providing manual activation and control of the stem movement.EFFECT: increased reliability and efficiency of the valve device operation.16 cl, 4 dwg

Locking mechanism of connection-disconnection unit of product line // 2634650
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: drive member includes a rotary shaft with swinging rockers installed thereon which have hinged shafts at their ends, the upper pair of levers of the drive member is connected with a shackle of the upper rod, and the lower pair is correspondingly connected to the shackle of the spring-loaded lower rod inserted into the locking mechanism, inclined shoulders are formed on swinging rockers in area of levers attachment thereto, and on levers-in the area of their attachment to shackles of rods, at that the flange is equipped with radially located locking pins and spring-loaded limiters of pins movement.EFFECT: reliable operation of connection-disconnection unit of product line, including in emergency operating conditions.2 dwg

Shut-off electro-magnetic valve // 2634342
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: shut-off solenoid valve consists of a housing, a movable rod with a locking device, a rod guide, a shock rod and an electromagnetic coil. When the valve is in the closed state, the coil of the electromagnet is initially supplied with a current pulse exceeding the current in the holding state and, under the action of the magnetic flux force, the impact rod and the stem of the locking device are actuated, the stem of the locking device moves to the guide chamber, opening the way for the flow.EFFECT: creation of a valve that is capable of operating at high temperatures and high pressures.1 dwg
Differential pressure control valve with washing // 2634340
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: valve has a valve part comprising: a valve body with flow communication from a fluid inlet to a flow outlet and a valve seat located within said flow communication, a valve cone (3) adapted to change the position for changing the valve opening, defined as the opening between the valve seat and the valve cone, the diaphragm, deflectable by the differential pressure at said diaphragm, and means for communicating the pressure on the antipode complicated sides of the diaphragm; - an adjusting part containing the biasing element and the body of adjuster. Said adjusting part is attached to said valve part; - a spindle having a part located within the adjusting part and a part located inside the valve part and connected to said valve cone. The spindle can be moved to and stored in the washing position, and the valve cone does not interfere with the communication to transfer fluid from the fluid inlet to the fluid outlet or creates at least a limited obstacle.EFFECT: presence of overlapping function and the washing function that occurs during the installation of the system.12 cl, 5 dwg

Shut-off device of passive action // 2633732
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: shut-off device of passive action with input and output channels, with a separating seat, interacting with a locking element, driven by a spring drive, operating from the medium to be supplied to the over-piston cavity of hydraulic cylinder through two pressure-adjustable mechanisms with sensing elements, the output channel of one of the which is connected to the drainage, the sensing elements of the normally opened and normally closed adjustable mechanisms are connected to the internal cavity of the housing, as the input channel of normally-closed adjustable mechanism, and the output channel of the last and the input channel of normally-opened adjustable mechanisms are connected with rodless cavity of pneumo-hydraulic cylinder, the rod of which is connected through a system of levers with a spring drive, a locking control element.EFFECT: increased protection.3 cl, 3 dwg

Drive of automatic gas check valve // 2633731
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: automatic check valve (hereinafter referred to as ASCV valve) is part of an automatic gas unit designed to stop the supply of natural gas to the burner of steam or hot water boilers as fuel. The ASCV valve relates to the actuators of boiler process protections. The proposed design of the drive ensures that the valve closes in time of not more than 1 s. After the voltage is supplied, the magnetic starter turns the electromagnet on through its boost unit. The electromagnet armature 37 entrains the second link 36 pivotally connected to the latch 34. The spring 38, located on the guide rod rigidly connected to the armature of the electromagnet, is compressed. The latch 34 is rotated by 90 and thereby closes the pin 35 in the latch socket and thus connects the main lever 29 and the auxiliary lever 30 to each other. The lever 43 of the actuator 44 starts to rise, pulling the auxiliary lever 30, the main lever 29 and the valve stem connected to the main lever 29. The valve opens.EFFECT: simplification of the device.16 dwg

Gas pressure regulator and control method of such regulator // 2632678
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: operating gas pressure regulator (1) contains a flow channel (2) for gas; a movable slide valve (3) installed in the channel (2) to form a narrowing of the channel (2) to create a gas pressure drop from the supply pressure to the delivery pressure; a drive chamber (4) communicating with a downstream portion (2b) delimited by the first movable wall (5) which is connected to the valve (3) so that an increase in delivery pressure causes a corresponding displacement of the valve (3), resulting in a decrease in the narrowing cross-section, and vice versa; an elastic element (8) designed to counteract the force of the gas pressure, affecting the first movable wall (5) by applying a predetermined force to it tending to displace the valve (3) so as to increase the narrowing cross-section and a compensation chamber (6) filled with compensation gas and delimited by the second movable wall (7) connected to the valve (3) so as to ensure possibility of transferring pressure force of the compensation gas to the valve (3). When the regulator is in operation, the compensation gas pressure is constantly controlled in accordance with the specified supply pressure.EFFECT: increased accuracy and speed of gas regulation.12 cl, 2 dwg
Drainage device // 2632349
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: device has upper and lower chambers with a detachable joint. An opening in end of the upper chamber cover is closed by a divider on supports. In the wall of the upper chamber there is an opening of the side outlet. A float in cavity of the upper chamber is connected by rod through throttle partition with a valve unit located in the lower chamber. The lower tip of the rod is equipped with a double valve, the small valve is inside the large one, at that the small valve is made in the form of a hollow cylinder with through holes in the walls configured for moving along the walls inside the large valve with one degree of freedom along the common vertical axis. A discharge bushing is installed in the lower end cover. The saddle is rigidly mounted in the central hole of the bushing; a cage with holes in cylindrical wall is installed on end surface of the discharge bushing along outer diameter. The upper end edge of the cage is connected to the throttle partition.EFFECT: improved safety.4 cl, 12 dwg

Valve and control unit used therein // 2631844
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: shut-off, cut-off valve includes a body with inlet and outlet unions, an atmospheric channel, a locking mechanism and a control unit. In addition, the locking mechanism comprises a spring-loaded locking bolt arranged in the body cavity dividing the cavity into the working, pressure and atmospheric ones, and a lock. The control unit contains automatic and mechanical drives, channels for supplying control medium connecting the body working cavity to said drives and control channels connecting said drives and the body pressure cavity.EFFECT: increased valve functionality by performing both cut-off valve and shut-off functions, with simultaneous simplification of design due to utilisation of its working medium for the valve control.15 cl, 25 dwg

ethod for adjusting engine temperature // 2631583
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: method for adjusting the temperature at which the device is operated. The method involves adjusting the amount of current, supplied to the heater to melt the wax element, controlling the coolant flow, thereby reducing the opening and closing delay of the valve.EFFECT: device temperature control is improved, reducing its emissions, improving its performance and increasing its service life.20 cl, 5 dwg

Rotary valve for piston compressors and method related thereto // 2631471
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: piston compressor 300 includes a compression chamber 310 for compressing fluid introduced through a suction opening into the compression chamber and discharged from said chamber after compression through a discharge opening. The actuator 350 is configured to generate angular movement. The rotary valve 340 is adapted to receive said angular movement and regulate opening and closing of the suction and discharge openings depending on the angular movement. The rotary valve 340 comprises a rotary disc made rotatable due to angular movement. There is a first opening providing input of the input fluid flow into a compression chamber when the first opening is aligned with the suction opening and a second opening providing outlet of the outlet fluid flow from the compression chamber when the second opening is aligned with the outlet opening. It is possible to adjust both the suction and discharge flow channels with a single actuator.EFFECT: improvement of the rotary valve.13 cl, 7 dwg

Switching mechanism in electric drive with manual doubler // 2630593
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: switching mechanism in an electric drive with built-in manual doubler comprises a housing, a flywheel projecting from the housing, inside the housing there is a switching lever of a first type with first and a second force application points, an output shaft, a flange of the flywheel with cams and a pusher, a spring-loaded two-way damper with cams, a spring-loaded two-way coupling with cams, a wheel with cams and a stop from electric motor transmission, an element with to effect on the coupling from transmitting lever, a spring-loaded lock with a projection. The flange, the damper, the coupling and the wheel are mounted on output shaft for rotation. The damper and the coupling are in a mutual spring-loaded tandem and are free along the output shaft axis including mutual movement. At that the coupling can move in the guides of the output shaft, so that the coupling and the damper can rotate only together with the output shaft. At that the cams of the damper are adapted on one side for the flange cams, and on the other side for the coupling cams. The coupling cams on the other side are adapted for the wheel cams. The flange cams with the damper cams and the coupling cams with the wheel coupling can engage and disengage during axial reciprocal movement, while the damper cams with the coupling cams do not leave the engagement zone during the reciprocal axial movement. An element is arranged between the coupling and the wheel without the possibility of rotation around the output shaft. The spring-loaded lock with the projection is mounted on an element for turning through 90 degrees with possibility of taking two positions-along axis of the output shaft in manual mode and perpendicular to axis of output shaft in electric mode.EFFECT: simplification of switching algorithm, improvement of reliability and performance in manual mode, exclusively by rotation of the flywheel, without the transmitting lever with manual effect.2 dwg

Hydraulic mechanism for valves // 2628687
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: valve assembly comprises a first piston element disposed to be displaceable within the first chamber. The second piston element is connected to a valve closure element, such as a diaphragm, and the second piston element is disposed within the second chamber. Longitudinal offset of the first element of the piston relative to the first camera forces the working fluid, located inside the first camera, slipping in the longitudinal direction of the second piston element so that the valve closing element interacts with the valve seat valve closing the site. Area of the second piston element more than the area of the first piston element to multiply force established operating mechanism that moves the valve stem, which is connected to the first element of the piston. It is also described how to control valve closing.EFFECT: increase of durability of a hydraulic mechanism for valves, improved sealing characteristics of membrane, simplifying the valve service.20 cl, 5 dwg

Valve for machine driven into action by the flow // 2628248
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: valve includes the valve stem and the valve seat. Moreover, the stem is formed in the valve body with the ability to move relative to the valve seat. The valve body has a first discharge chamber, which is configured such that when the first pressure chamber is created, the valve stem moves toward the valve seat. Moreover, the valve body has a second discharge chamber, which is configured such that when the second pressure chamber is created, the valve stem moves from the valve seat. The first injection chamber, when viewed in the direction of movement of the valve stem to the valve seat, has a projected effective surface loaded with pressure, A1. The second discharge chamber, when viewed in the direction of movement of the valve stem from the valve seat, has a projected effective second pressure loaded surface, with A1<A2.EFFECT: increased reliability, valve safety, easier valve control.11 cl, 2 dwg

Electric drive // 2627489
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: electric drive of pipeline valves contains a voltage switch, an electric motor, an output shaft, an electrical network, an external control system. The electric drive additionally contains a gear reducer, the first, second and third position sensors, a power reducer, a manual branch, a torque sensor, a temperature sensor mechanically mounted on an electric motor. The control unit additionally includes a phase sequence analyzer, an output position and speed calculating module, first, second, third and fourth digitizing modules, a control module, a control panel, a digital interface controller, and an analog interface controller. Moreover, the power reducer is mechanically connected to the electric motor on one side, and on the other side - to the instrument gearbox, the torque sensor, the manual branch and the output shaft. At the same time, the instrument gearbox is made in the form of a multistage cylindrical gearbox with mechanically mounted first, second and third position sensors, the shafts of which are respectively mechanically connected to each of the three separate stages of the instrument gearbox. In this case, the first, second and third position sensors are electrically coupled to the first, second and third digitizing modules, respectively, and the torque sensor is electrically coupled to the fourth digitizing unit. In turn, the first, second and third digitizing modules are electrically connected to the output position and speed calculating module, which in turn is electrically connected to the control module. In this case, the control module is electrically connected to a phase sequence analyzer of the supply voltage, a voltage switch, fourth digitizing module, a temperature sensor, a control panel, a digital interface controller, an analog interface controller. Moreover, the digital interface controller and the analog interface controller are electrically connected to the external control system, and the phase sequence analyzer of the supply voltage is electrically connected to the electrical network and the voltage switch electrically connected to the motor.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase the reliability of the electric drive, to provide the possibility of remote control, to unify the design of the electric drive, to improve the accuracy of positioning the electric drive output shaft.1 dwg

Pneumatic actuator for axisymmetric valves // 2626868
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: pneumatic actuator for the axisymmetric valves contains a pneumatic cylinder (1), in the cavity of which there is a piston (6) rigidly connected to the valve stem, hydraulic cylinder (2), elastic elements in the form of springs (5). Springs (5) have the opposite winding direction and are installed through one around the hydraulic cylinder (2) between the piston (6) and the support (3) in an amount of not less than four. The hydraulic cylinder (2) is installed under the piston (6) on the support (3). The piston rod (6) is connected to the valve stem (9). The explosion-proof limit switches (12) and the positioner of the drive mechanisms (13) are attached to the support (3). As a handwheel, a hydraulic system (16) is used, connected by means of a pipeline to the working cavity "G" of the hydraulic cylinder (2). Hydraulic system (16) is simultaneously a hydrodrome.EFFECT: increasing the reliability of the pneumatic actuator while controlling the valve while regulating the flow and pressure of natural gas in pipelines.3 cl, 3 dwg

Washing check valve // 2626711
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: washing check valve includes the tubular body, in the hole of which the return gate with inlet and outlet channels are placed, the spacer connected to the tubular body, inside which the outlet channel is located. The return gate is placed between the spacer made with the conical hole and the additionally mounted flange, the opening of which is commensurate to the gas inlet channel and the smaller diameter spacer hole. The check valve consists of the body and magnets and the sealing rings, located along its annular line facing the spacer. The holes of the flange, the return gate, the spacer and the tubular body are coaxial. The hole of the larger diameter spacer and the hole of the tubular body coincides. The spacer is connected to the tubular body to form the cavity which height is within the certain limits, depending on the tubular body thickness.EFFECT: increase of the valve operating efficiency.3 dwg

Electromagnetic valve (options) // 2625072
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: electromagnetic valve contains a casing 1 with an inlet 2 and an outlet pipebranch 3 and a venting to the atmosphere, a control coil and a spring-loaded armature 7 with a tube 8 installed inside the casing. The tube is located inside longitudinal channel 9 with an axial clearance. Ends of the longitudinal channel are closed by lower 10 and upper valves 11. Lower 15 and upper O-ring seal 16 are installed on the tube, forming an annular cavity together with the channel walls. Radial holes are made in the tube wall opposite mentioned cavity. The inlet pipebranch is connected to the channel between the lower valve and the lower seal, the outlet pipebranch is connected to the cavity between the lower and upper seals, and the venting to the atmosphere is connected to the channel between the upper valve and the upper seal. In the second embodiment, the upper end of the longitudinal channel is closed by valve 11, lower O-ring seal 15 and upper O-ring seal 16 are mounted on the tube. The upper O-ring seal is located at the top of the valve to seal the top of tube 9, the inlet pipebranch is connected to the channel between the valve and the upper seal, and the lower part of the tube is sealed with a lower O-ring seal and is connected to outlet fitting 3.EFFECT: increased efficiency of the electromagnetic valve.5 cl, 3 dwg

Diaphragm actuator with solid centers operation method // 2623080
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: in the operation method of the diaphragm actuator with solid centers, consisting in creating the operating fluid overpressure in the housing chamber, limited by one or two diaphragms with rigid centers, connected to the rod and moving of the rod relative to the housing towards the larger effective area, control the direction and magnitude of the rod movement by changing the effective area of the diaphragm, adjusting the area of at least one solid center. The proposed method significantly expands the possibility of implementing the variety of the movement laws for the mobile operating actuator mechanism, including changing the direction of its movement during the unidirectional change in the operating medium pressure, and also actuator control without changing the pressure value in the working chamber.EFFECT: diaphragm actuator functionality expansion by controlling the diaphragms effective area.3 dwg

Valve design, device and methods of its operation // 2621659
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: valve structure having a first and second fluid inlet and a first and second fluid outlet comprising a first and a second valve mechanically coupled for synchronous operation to one another with the ability to be switched by a single action between the first and second fluid flow configurations. The first configuration provides a first path for the first fluid from the first inlet to the first outlet and a second path for the second fluid from the second inlet to the second discharge, and the second configuration provides paths for the first fluid from the first inlet to the first and second outlets, hiding the path from the second intake.EFFECT: invention allows thermal disinfection of such devices.18 cl, 7 dwg

Solenoid valve // 2621456
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: electrovalve consists of coaxially-arranged electromagnetic coil, cylindrical casing, locking element placed in its inner cavity, filters. Each filter is a mesh placed on the grate. Set of filters with the rings placed between them form a filter block. The filters are placed in series with respect to the operating element fluid flow. Every subsequent filter has a fine meshed grid. The holes diameters of each successive grid is smaller than the previous one. Wherein the grid holes total areas are approximately equal.EFFECT: expansion of operational capabilities, reducing the size and increasing reliability by changing the design of the filter on the valve upstream.2 dwg

Container filling system and valve therefor // 2621439
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: containers filling valve may include a shutter and a driving sleeve which are magnetically connected. The driving sleeve move may change the shutter from the position in which the filling valve is closed into the position in which the filling valve is open. The container move lever may include a far end for holding the container and a near end which includes a load sensor. Low flow rate setting system may be configured to stop the closing of the filling valve when the filling valve is partially closed. Pressure regulation system may be configured to maintain the required pressure in the tank or in the flow channel from the tank. Product recirculation system may be configured to regulate the flow rate in the product recirculation system.EFFECT: creation of a universal filling valve which may be used with a wide range of products.14 cl, 56 dwg, 1 tbl

Control valve // 2620617
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: control valve contains the outer and inner casings, inlet and outlet flanged branches, a flow divider, made as a set of coaxially installed perforated hollow cylinders, and piston with drive and converter of rotational motion into linear. Converter of rotational motion into linear made in the form eccentric rings - internal and external, with ability to rotate and installed inside the piston. The external inserted into the hole in the piston, and the inner ring is connected to the drive shaft. On the end wall of the inner casing the square holes are made, which is placed in square array, at that the holes dimensions are reducing from the center of the array to the periphery.EFFECT: regulation and overlapping of liquid and gases working medium.2 dwg

Cam drive valve opening timing, reciprocating compressor and method // 2619513
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a cam drive valves, used in reciprocating compressors. It contains the mechanisms to change the cam drive valve opening and / or the time interval during which the mentioned valve is in opened state during the compression cycle. The reciprocating compressor includes a housing 910, containing a compression chamber 922. The cam has an elongated part, located within the mentioned housing with ability to rotate about the rotation axis with one revolution during each compression cycle. The actuator is located within the mentioned housing and adapted to sense the linear or angular movement by means of elongate part of the cam. The valve 932 is located on the path of liquid medium flow, passing towards the compression chamber 922 or from the mentioned chamber, and it is adapted to switch to the opened position by means of the actuator. The reciprocating compressor also includes a controller, designed to regulate the operating mode of the mentioned valve.EFFECT: heavy loads and fast response.12 cl, 10 dwg

Regulating direct valve // 2619435
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: control valve includes a body with supply and discharge branch pipes and a shutoff unit installed inside it, which consists of two coaxial hollow cylinders with their walls being fitted by mainly radial holes, and the inner and outer surfaces - by a bearing sealing surface of the seat. Flow rate is controlled due to the displacement of cylinders in respect to each other with the help of a toothed rack gear with its teeth being set at an angle to the longitudinal axis of the valve.EFFECT: flow control.2 cl, 4 dwg

Aerospace electrovalve for high pressure criogenic gas // 2618364
FIELD: aviation, astronautic science.SUBSTANCE: valve contains a body with a main inlet, main outlet and the main gangway. The valve also has a main gate to the main gangway. AT that the main gate has additional valve inlet, additional outlet, additional gangeway, in which the additional gate is located. Additional gate comprises a closing surface, configured to close an additional outlet for actuating the main valve towards the closing, and the actuating surface, configured for actuating the main gate towards the opening, if it is located on the edge of the additional inlet, and its partial blocking to interrupt the current going through it. The actuating surface is formed by two shanks, which are connected to the additional gate head. The shanks form a bayonet connection between the gates. The invention also relates to the solenoid.EFFECT: more slow opening movement of the valve, deceleration of the valve opening start.14 cl, 5 dwg

Device and method of valve actuation // 2618363
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to devices and methods for actuating the valves used in piston-type compressors in oil and gas industry. Valve assembly 400 includes actuating mechanism 410 designed to provide for motion. Shaft 430 is adapted to transfer the said motion from the actuating mechanism to the closing element of the valve of the piston-type compressor. The motion transfer mechanism is connected to the shaft and configured to increase the said motion and/or force associated with the motion generated by the actuating mechanism to actuate the valve closing element.EFFECT: invention increases motion and/or force associated with the motion of the actuating mechanism to the actuator side of the valve.10 cl, 11 dwg

agnet controlled valve // 2617651
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: valve comprises a body, a cover made of a magnetically conductive material in the form of a body of revolution with an inner cylindrical protruding part and a blind longitudinal inner hole, a spring-loaded locking body with a rod entering the inner blind opening of the cover. A choke is located on the stem under the plug, a washer with through holes is fixed firmly to the stem, each of which has one permanent magnet, below the washer and above the shut-off organ is a disk mounted on the body made of a magnetically conductive material with a central through hole through which the stock is missing; the blind longitudinal inner hole in the cover is made of a variable section; through holes are located on the washer in a circle at an equal distance from its center; cover is designed to be movably controlled relative to the body and to lock the position.EFFECT: expansion of the arsenal of valves magnetically adjustable with adjustable opening force due to a magnetically adjustable valve.4 cl, 1 dwg

Ball cock // 2617520
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: during a power failure and power plant protection system deenergized floating sleeve under the action of axial movement of the spring moves up and disengages from the projections of the intermediate shaft. The actuator drive shaft is released from connection with intermediate shaft. The spring rails are able to turn over the tooth disc with the intermediate shaft up to 90 degrees and set the ball valve ball valve to the "CLOSED". During the rotation of the ball valve, the resiliently sealing element does not contact the spherical surface of the annular element, which eliminates wear and ensures sealing of the sealing joint during the entire operational period. On the outer surface of the annular element, in the immediate vicinity of the seal, a narrow annular band is provided which provides the angular and axial mobility of the annular element. On the outer surface of the ball valve, a groove is formed in the form of a part of the spherical sector and a rectangular groove for mounting an annular sealing element. The diametral size of the annular band exceeds the diametrical size of the sealing joint to form an annular gasostatic pressure pad.EFFECT: increase of safety of power units due to automatic instantaneous closing of the ball valve in case of power failure while ensuring the tightness of the sealing joint of the latter.4 dwg