Fluid-pressure actuators and hydraulics or pneumatics in general (F15)

F15            Fluid-pressure actuators; hydraulics or pneumatics in general(8979)

Hydraulic drive safety system // 2642719
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: system includes a hydraulic tank, a pump, a pressure line, a drain line in the hydraulic tank, a hydraulic distributor, a hydraulic motor, a locking device consisting of a casing equipped with inlet, outlet, drainage connections with channels and stop. Inside the body of the locking device, a spring-loaded plunger with an inlet cavity is disposed. Plunger is located in the body at a distance of its full stroke- with the formation between the plunger and the end face of the outlet cavity face. An annular groove and radial apertures are provided along the outer surface of the plunger. The inlet cavity communicates with the exit cavity of the body by means of an axial channel that is closed by a spring-loaded plunger with the ability to freely move it through the through-hole of the stop forming a cavity. Both plungers are spring-loaded by elastic elements. At the same time one of the ends of the plunger is made conical with the collar, which is the spring stop. In the stop, a channel is provided that communicates the exit cavity of the locking device with the high-pressure line located between the orifice of the locking device and the hydraulic distributor.EFFECT: simplifying the design of the hydraulic drive safety system against unauthorized discharge of the working fluid.1 dwg

ethod and system of aero/hydrodynamic control of newtonian fluid flow in radial turbomachine // 2642203
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: method and system for aero/hydrodynamic control of newtonian fluid flow in the radial turbomachine which use conformal vortex generators is described.EFFECT: improvement of energetic efficiency and possibility to control various points in turbo-compressor or processing device for aero/hydrodynamic treatment of newtonian fluid flow.32 cl, 21 dwg

Electrohydraulic discrete rotary drive // 2642010
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: electrohydraulic discrete rotary actuator is designed to control the executive bodies of missiles, aircraft and other devices. Drive consists of a power module consisting of a body with cavities made in it and two hydraulic pistons rotating an executive shaft, which is associated with a feedback rod and a telemetric shaft position sensor; a control system comprising a stepper motor, a steering wheel, a planetary gearbox consisting of a central gear, three satellites, outer wheel and a carrier, while the planetary gearbox is connected through a pinion and a control rail with a cylindrical distributing spool to which the channels for draining and pumping the working fluid are supplied, and has a feedback from the output shaft via the feedback rod, the feedback rod being mechanically coupled to the outer wheel of the planetary gear through a transmission consisting of a shaft with two toothed wheels mounted on it.EFFECT: creation of electrohydraulic discrete rotary actuator with autonomous control system, improving the process design and reducing the cost of production.1 cl, 1 dwg

Electrohydraulic control system // 2641192
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: system contains a hydraulic tank, an adjustable pump with a pressure regulator, two or more electrohydraulic actuators, each of which includes a proportional valve with LS channels, a control panel, an adder, an actuator and a control object. Each electrohydraulic drive is equipped with a pulse width modulator, a differentiating link, a relative position sensor, a proportional hydraulic distributor spool location sensor, a hydraulic lock and an LS valve.EFFECT: increase the range of regulation of control objects movement speeds and increase the stability of their movement speeds.2 dwg

Precision digital servo drive // 2640879
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: servo drive comprises piston cylinders with pistons, which stroke lengths are connected by a binary row of numbers, and with cavities connected to a distributing device, and an auxiliary digital drive installed in series to discharge cylinders. The auxiliary digital drive is in the form of the first and second cylinders arranged in series, the first cylinders are made with pistons, which stroke lengths are connected by binary row of numbers. The pistons are equipped with a rod on which the driven link in the form of a piston located in one second cylinder is mounted. The other second cylinder is installed in series with the discharge cylinders with the possibility of their movement. At that, the piston is freely floating in other second cylinder.EFFECT: decrease the number of first and second cylinders of the auxiliary digital drive.1 dwg

Device for dynamic pressure increase with function for smoothing pulsations of hydraulic liquid // 2639454
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a hydraulic pump 3 connected by its output to a hydraulic distributor unit 5, in its turn the hydraulic distributor unit 5 connected to inputs and outputs of hydraulic transformers 1 and 2 through the lines of high, increased and low pressure. In hydraulic transformers 1, 2 sensors 8 and 9 are connected to a control unit 7, respectively. The output of hydraulic stabiliser 4 is suitable to the high-pressure line connected by its input to compressed gas cylinder 6.EFFECT: increased operation stability in both closed and open hydraulic systems, reduced level of hydraulic liquid pulsations with expanded range of delivered pressure.1 dwg

Servo valve // 2638226
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: first stage functions as a stage of control, and the second stage functions as an amplifier stage. The second stage has a valve block and a sleeve of a pilot spool with a lateral surface located in it. The lateral surface and/or the other part of the sleeve of the pilot spool is provided with a flow channel for transmitting the control flow and/or the volume flow. The pilot spool is movably located in the sleeve of the pilot spool. One of the flow channels is formed by means of a slot in the sleeve surface of the pilot spool which partially or wholly does not extend in the circumferential direction of the sleeve of the pilot spool.EFFECT: simplified and reliable in operation design, cost of manufacture, costs can be significantly reduced.11 cl, 4 dwg

Intensifying heat exchange surface for extension of dynamic meniscus // 2637802
FIELD: heating system.SUBSTANCE: on longitudinal ribs of intensifying micro-ribbed heat exchange surfaces perform many longitudinal microgrooves, asymmetrically located relative to the plane of longitudinal ribs and having different widths. The width of the micro-groove is the smaller, the closer it is to the apex of the rib.EFFECT: increasing the efficiency of evaporation by creating a micro-ribbed surface with a large area of three-phase contact lines.5 dwg

Hydraulic multiplier // 2637162
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: multiplier comprises coaxially arranged low-pressure and high-pressure hydraulic cylinders with pistons and channels for low-pressure hydraulic fluid supply, drainage and discharge of high-pressure hydraulic liquid. The pistons and bodies of said hydraulic cylinders are interconnected to form closed power structure. A return valve is installed in the high-pressure hydraulic liquid discharge channel. The piston of high-pressure hydraulic cylinder is made in form of hollow cylinder opened from the side facing the high-pressure hydraulic liquid discharge channel with said return valve. In the opposite part of said hollow cylinder, there is additionally arranged a return valve. Cavity in the high-pressure hydraulic cylinder is connected to the hydraulic fluid inlet cavity of the low-pressure hydraulic cylinder through said return valve, which is located in the piston of the high-pressure hydraulic cylinder. In the piston of low pressure hydraulic cylinder, there are hydraulic distributing and switching devices with a plunger and a rod moving the piston plunger with a pilot valve assembly installed therein in extreme positions, and installed to ensure reciprocating movement of hydraulic cylinders pistons. Inlet and drain openings of hydraulic liquid outlet are made in low-pressure hydraulic cylinder.EFFECT: reduced dimensions and weight of the multiplier.6 dwg

ethod and device of jet parametrical gun with two toroidal chambers for pressure waves generating and modulating in the injection well hole // 2637009
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions is designed for the casing walls and perforations cleaning from solid deposits, decolmatation of the bottomhole formation region (BFR) and increase of formation fluids mobility. The method of the pressure waves generating and modulating in the injection well hole, in which: the jet gun is used. The gun consists of the ring channel with sharp edges on the outer and inner walls and combined with the channel of external and internal toroidal-shaped swirl resonance chambers (TSRC). TSRC are made on the walls of the channel and represent two independent acoustic oscillating systems, which are excited, when the gas flow is leaking on the sharp edges, made to meet the flow, in which both TSRC serve as the resonators. Arrange the gas flow in the ring channel. Generate the primary oscillations of small amplitude pressure in the local region near the sharp edges, when the gas flow is leaking on them. Deviate the nearwall parts of the flow inside both TSRC and intensify the amplitude of the primary pressure oscillations in both TSRC, which natural oscillation frequency is tuned into the resonance with the generation frequency of the primary pressure oscillations at the corresponding sharp edge. Pressure waves are formed in the gas flow inside the channel. Moreover, the primary pressure oscillations of different frequencies are generated on the external and internal sharp edges and intensify its amplitude in the corresponding TSRC, and additional volume resonance chamber is installed at the output from the channel. In this case, primary low-frequency pressure oscillations are generated on the external sharp edge and intensify its amplitude in the external TSRC, and on the inner sharp edge the primary high-frequency pressure oscillations are generated and intensify its amplitude in the internal TSRC. Thus, two acoustic waves of low and high frequencies are formed in the channel, which during interaction and mutual modulation, create the beat mode in the channel and form the wave packet in the channel, containing along with the primary frequencies waves and the difference frequency wave, which amplitude is intensified in the additional volume resonance chamber at the output from the channel and then the pressure wave is directed into the injection well hole.EFFECT: increase of fluid mobility in the injection well hole and enhance of mechanical effect on solid deposits.3 cl, 1 dwg

ethod and device for jet honeycomb parametrical gun for pressure waves generating and modulating in the injection well hole // 2637008
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions is designed for the casing walls and perforations cleaning from solid deposits, decolmatation of the bottomhole formation region (BFR) and increase of formation fluids mobility. The method of pressure waves generating and modulating in the injection well hole, in which: the jet honeycomb gun is assembled from several Hartmann generators (HG). At that each HG is the independent oscillatory system, consisting of the nozzle and hollow chamber-resonator with the opening in the wall and excited by the gas jet. Arrange the gas jet beyond the nozzle in each HG and direct it into the hole in the corresponding hollow chamber-resonator wall. Generate the pressure oscillations and intensify its amplitude in the hollow chamber-resonator. The high-frequency pressure wave is generated beyond each HG, propagating in one direction with the waves from other HG and interacting with them. At the same time HG is different-frequency independent oscillating systems. One part of different-frequency independent oscillating systems is tuned to the generation, amplification and formation of the high-frequency wave of one frequency, and the other part of independent oscillating systems - to another frequency. In this case, the jet honeycomb gun is installed in the well. Form the parallel high-frequency waves of two different frequencies beyond it, interacting with each other and forming the low-frequency wave of different frequency as the result of modulation in the nearfield, which is amplified in the low-frequency resonance chamber and directed to the injection well hole.EFFECT: increase of the low-frequency pressure wave formation efficiency with high amplitude in the bottomhole formation region.3 cl, 2 dwg

ethod for transportating hydrocarbon liquid through pipeline // 2635959
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used to increase the main pipeline capacity due to reducing the flow resistance in it by introducing a hydrocarbon fluid transported, e.g. oil or de-ethanized anti-turbulent additive (hereinafter - ATA) condensate, into the flow. A method for transporting a hydrocarbon fluid through the pipeline, comprising introducing into the flow a hydrocarbon ATA fluid, the amount of which is selected based on the required values of the pressure at the beginning of the pipeline, transported hydrocarbon fluid flow and the pressure losses in the pipeline at the specific value of the hydraulic resistance coefficient.EFFECT: variety expansion of technical tools of the specific purpose.3 tbl, 1 dwg

ethod of liquid flow oscillations production and hydrodynamic oscillations generator // 2635740
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions refers to the hydrodynamic systems and can be used in the fields of industry, that use the fluid flow pulsating condition. In the method of liquid flow oscillations production, the liquid from the pressure main 3 is directed to the vortex chamber 1 by means of the cyclonic ports 2. The liquid is then swirl to form the vortex and it is divided into the low pressure central part, that is discharged through the nozzle 8 and the peripheral part with the high centrifugal pressure, that is discharged through the side gap into the main pipe 4 with the elastic element 5. At the same time, the liquid from the pressure main 7 is directed through the additional channel 6 to the main pipe 4. In this case, the time of pressure increase in the main pipe 4 upto the centrifugal pressure value in the side gap is determined by the elasticity value of the element 5. As a result of the elastic interaction, the stable state of the vortex energy interaction with the element 5 is broken, which leads to the self-oscillations excitation of the liquid between them. In this case, the vortex rotation speed and the liquid discharge from the nozzle 8 are automatically oscillated.EFFECT: increase of the discharge fluctuations intensity.20 cl, 10 dwg

Hydraulic drive protection system // 2634996
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: system includes a shut-off device that is located in a housing provided with inlet, outlet, drainage pipe connections with channels and a stop. A spring-loaded plunger with inlet cavity is located inside the shut-off device body, in which there is an annular groove with radial holes made along the plunger outer surface. Thje plunger is arranged in the housing with formation of outlet cavity communicating with outlet pipe connection channel. The inlet cavity of the plunger communicates with the outlet cavity of the housing by means of an axial channel having a conical seat which is overlapped by spring-loaded rod conical valve during its free movement in the stop through hole. In the open position between the seat and the valve there is a passage section. The valve which is a stop of the rod spring is provided with a cone with a bead. The plunger of the shut-off device is also provided with an elastic element. The stop of the shut-off device is provided with a cover that are connected together by a screw connection. The outer surface of the stop and the inner surface of the cover are made in form of hemispheres with formation of airtight cavity therebetween that is intended to be filled with gas and to absorb the shock wave energy in case of hydraulic impact during valve operation. The outer surface of the stop is provided with a membrane made of elastic material such as rubber and is immovably connected to the valve of spring-loaded rod by means of threaded joint and protected from both sides with plates made of strong material such as steel or polymeric material to prevent damage thereof. There is a nipple on the stop cover for filling the airtight cavity.EFFECT: simplified design of the protection system against unauthorized release of working fluid.1 dwg
Rotary pneumatic motor // 2634346
FIELD: engine devices and pumps.SUBSTANCE: pneumatic motor is designed to convert reciprocating motion of a piston into a reciprocating motion of an actuator. The pneumatic motor has a body with pipe unions for gas supply, a rotary mechanism with a shaft. The body is made in the form of a cylinder with sealed chambers on its two sides, each of which is formed by the movable piston and the union fixed on the end of cylinder. In the central zone of the piston there is a transverse groove, in which two pins are installed. The rotary mechanism is made in the form of a fork fixed with the shaft and provided with possibility of engagement when turning with one of the pins.EFFECT: simplification of design and weight reduction.2 dwg

agnetorheological drive of direct electromagnetic control of flow characteristics of hydraulic system with hydraulic bridge upper circuit (versions) // 2634166
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: magnetorheological drive of direct electromagnetic control of flow characteristics of hydraulic system with hydraulic bridge upper circuit is designed to automatically control the hydraulic following, lower circuit of the system or the actuator by means of hydraulic bridge. The principle of direct electromagnetic control of flow characteristics is based on the magnetorheological effects of changes in the internal energy of the magnet particles and the energy of interaction of particles with each other in magnetic field, as well as the interaction of particles with the magnetic field.EFFECT: increasing the speed, accuracy, reliability and durability of the upper circuit of the system, therefore, the hydraulic system as a whole, due to the use of hydraulic equipment with a design that excludes moving mechanical elements.2 cl, 5 dwg

agnetorheological drive for direct electromagnetic control of flow characteristics of hydraulic system upper circuit of slide valve (versions) // 2634163
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: magnetorheological drive of direct electromagnetic control of flow characteristics of hydraulic system upper circuit of the slide valve is designed for automatic control of the next hydraulic or pneumatic lower circuit of the system by means of the slide valve. The principle of direct electromagnetic control of the flow characteristics is based on magnetorheological effects of internal energy variation of magnetite particles and interaction energy of particles with each other in magnetic field, and the interaction of particles with magnetic field, and the laws of hydrodynamics.EFFECT: increased speed, accuracy, reliability and durability of the upper circuit of the system, hence the hydraulic system as a whole due to application of hydraulic equipment with structure excluding movable mechanical elements.5 cl, 7 dwg

Hydraulic cylinder for machines traction testing // 2634051
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic cylinder for traction testing of machines consists of a hydraulic system which includes a double-acting hydraulic cylinder comprising a cylinder and a piston with a rod, a device for controlling the hydraulic cylinder and hoses. The hydraulic cylinder additionally contains a hydraulic line with sequential arrangement of a quadrangular adapter thereon, a return valve and a gauge. The hudraulic line is air-tightly connected to the cylinder rod cavity. The control valve is connected in parallel with the return valve and connects the gauge cavity with the cylinder rod cavity. The hydraulic cylinder control unit is made in the form of a two-way control valve which is connected with the piston cylinder cavity on one side, and on the other one is connected through the quadrangular adapter with the rod cavity of this cylinder. A pressure sensor configured to transmit a signal to a computer is installed in the free end of the quadrangular adapter.EFFECT: simplification of the hydraulic cylinder design for traction testing.1 dwg

Vehicle unit controlled position lock pin // 2633066
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: vehicle unit controlled position lock pin contains the pneumatic cylinder with the casing, the pneumatic cylinder axis, the bush, the piston with the bore hole, the balls, the spring and the opening in the air cylinder lid for the air supply. The pneumatic cylinder consists of the body, the sleeve, the bottom and the lid with the central holes. The pneumatic cylinder axis is installed rigidly in the unit side frames with controlled position and ability to move in the bracket slots. The bush is installed on the air cylinder axis and is divided into two parts. The discs are installed at the bush ends. The balls are placed between the cone surfaces of the discs. The spring is installed between the bottom of the air cylinder casing and the piston. The air cylinder casing is installed in the bracket, rigidly fixed at the vehicle body frame. The inner surface of the piston has the cone section with the slope angle less than 30°.EFFECT: improved reliability of the vehicle units fixation.3 cl, 5 dwg

Pneumatic emitter // 2632988
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: pneumatic emitter contains a high-pressure chamber communicated via a shut-off valve to a compressed air source. It is equipped with an inflatable elastic casing, and the compressed air source is made in the form of a free-piston compressor. In its working cylinder, there is a piston, inside which a permanent magnet is placed, and electromagnets are installed along the ends of the working cylinder, they are fed alternately from the source of electric current. Both the cavities of the working cylinder and the high-pressure chamber are filled with air. One of the cavities is sealed, and the other cavity is connected to the high-pressure chamber by means of a by-pass, and a check valve is installed in the latter. Herewith the high-pressure chamber is in turn connected with an inflatable elastic casing through the outlet pipe, on which a high-speed valve is mounted. Moreover, the check valve is open, and the high-speed valve is closed, when the piston moves in the extreme position near the high-pressure chamber. When this extreme position of the piston is reached, the check valve is closed and the high-speed valve is open and, when the piston moves in reverse, the shut-off and high-speed valves are open until the piston reaches the extreme opposite position, creating a gas spring in the sealed cavity.EFFECT: increasing the stability of the pneumatic radiator, reducing the negative impact of the generated hydroacoustic impact on living marine organisms.1 dwg

Shutoff sliding device // 2632318
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: locking jack comprises a housing 101, a support member within the housing 101, a piston 105 slidably disposed in the housing 101 around the support element, a piston extension means 105, a means for drawing the piston 105 into the housing 101, and a locking mechanism for releasably locking the piston of the support element. The locking mechanism comprises at least one stop element disposed in a locking engagement with the piston 105. The piston 105 is movable in one longitudinal direction with respect to the body 101. The locking mechanism comprises an elongate element disposed within the support member configured to insert and remove the locking elements in and out of the locking connection with the piston 105 via a mutual engagement mechanism.EFFECT: safe lifting and holding of cargo.30 cl, 5 dwg

Device for changing direction of motion of mobile medium // 2630812
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device is designed to change the direction of movement of the mobile environment. The apparatus comprises a tapered duct 1 on a side which are successively arranged discharge slots 8, and in addition, on the side of the box 1 transversely to its longitudinal axis are successively arranged straight triangular prism 4, their first faces 5 - pin, arranged on the side boxes 1 and are open towards the cavity box 1, the second faces 6 - working, they are made in the middle of the discharge gap holes 8 with a turn along the longitudinal axis of the duct 1, wherein the working faces 6 arranged to the longitudinal axis of the duct 1 of angle F (deg) defined by formula , where T - predetermined angle changing the direction of the fluid in the range 60°≤T≤150°, reporting from the initial direction of the fluid and, consequently, from the longitudinal axis of a tapered duct 1.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to change the direction of movement of the moving medium in a given direction and to ensure an even distribution of the flow of the moving medium in the longitudinal direction and symmetry with respect to the plane of change in its direction.4 cl, 2 dwg

Accumulator, hydraulic control system and machine with accumulator, and method of gear shifting // 2629477
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: accumulator comprises a body, a piston. The piston has a piston rod, a first piston disc and a second piston disc, a spring for engagement with the piston. The first piston disc and the body define together the first cavity. The first piston disc and the second piston disc define the second cavity inside the body. The body has a first passageway in fluid communication with the first cavity, a second passageway, a third passageway located between the first and second passageways in the body axial direction. The first, second and third passageways communicate with each other in parallel by a main pipeline passage and a throttle opening, formed in the passageway portion of the main pipeline, which has a connection with the second and third passageway, and the second and third passageways are in fluid communication with hydraulic channel of the system.EFFECT: increase of machine transmission control reliability.7 cl, 7 dwg

Hydraulic system of mini loader // 2628685
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic system is designed for multi-function mini loaders. The system includes a hydrolysis-connected tank, main pump, work equipment control valve and work equipment. A gear pump connected by a hydraulic line to the cold start unit is inserted into it and includes a spool valve with an electromagnet for throttling the working fluid, a safety valve and a working fluid temperature sensor electrically connected to the newly introduced control unit on the dashboard of the loader.EFFECT: increased life of the main pump and duration of the battery.2 dwg

Tool with reduced hydraulic oil exchange // 2628517
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: frame has seven sections in the position for use in the field and nine sections in the folded position. The frame construction allows the frame having the width more than 27 m to be folded into the transport position having the width of less than eight meters and the height of less than six metres. The hydraulic system is used to carry the weight to the main or central frame section during folding and unfolding in order to increase the frame stability. The hydraulic system uses one or more accumulators to minimize the amount of oil reduction in the tractor tank, caused by the extension of the hydraulic cylinders of the tool. The time periods of the tool raising and lowering cycle are minimized due to providing the second auxiliary cylinder for lifting the main section of the frame when the weight of the entire tool is on the main section and for enabling the use of a smaller cylinder for lifting the main frame section in the position for use in the field and shortening the time periods of the tool raising and lowering cycle for turns in the field.EFFECT: increasing the frame stability during the folding process and reducing the load on the inner wheel assemblies.6 cl, 17 dwg
Turbulent viscosity reducing additive with anticorrosion properties // 2627355
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: turbulent viscosity reducing additive with anticorrosion properties contains the ultrahigh-molecular polymer of alpha-olefins, the condensation product of higher amines with carbon atoms number of 6-30 with the oxyalkylation degree of 2-50, while using as the oxyalkylating agent of the epoxy compound with the carbon atoms number of 2-6 with the dibasic organic acid and the carbon atoms number 3-9, the solvent. The mixture of linear and branched aliphatic monoatomic and polyatomic alcohols and/or ethers with the carbon atoms number of 1-15 is used as the solvent.EFFECT: reduction of the hydraulic resistance in the main pipeline and increase of its throughput capacity with simultaneous protection against the corrosion of the main pipeline inner surface and the equipment associated with it, used for transportation of hydrocarbon liquids.2 cl, 1 tbl, 25 ex

Pneumatic actuator for axisymmetric valves // 2626868
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: pneumatic actuator for the axisymmetric valves contains a pneumatic cylinder (1), in the cavity of which there is a piston (6) rigidly connected to the valve stem, hydraulic cylinder (2), elastic elements in the form of springs (5). Springs (5) have the opposite winding direction and are installed through one around the hydraulic cylinder (2) between the piston (6) and the support (3) in an amount of not less than four. The hydraulic cylinder (2) is installed under the piston (6) on the support (3). The piston rod (6) is connected to the valve stem (9). The explosion-proof limit switches (12) and the positioner of the drive mechanisms (13) are attached to the support (3). As a handwheel, a hydraulic system (16) is used, connected by means of a pipeline to the working cavity "G" of the hydraulic cylinder (2). Hydraulic system (16) is simultaneously a hydrodrome.EFFECT: increasing the reliability of the pneumatic actuator while controlling the valve while regulating the flow and pressure of natural gas in pipelines.3 cl, 3 dwg

Drive // 2625888
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a drive (1) having a master unit (3) and a slave unit (19). Slave unit (19) includes a first linear movement node (15), having a first driven member (7) and second linear movement node (16), fluidly coupled through a pipeline system (27) to first linear movement node (15), having a second driven member (8). Master unit (3) is hydraulically connected with a pipeline system (27). To reject slave units (7, 8) by master unit (3), fluid exchange is possible between first linear movement node (15) and second linear movement node (16). First linear movement node (15) and second linear displacement node (16) have prestressing elements (12, 25). In accordance with the invention, these prestressing elements (12, 25) are supported in the opposite direction on a movably mounted clamp (4).EFFECT: provision of a constant force on the slave node.8 cl, 4 dwg

Proportional valve of management of hydromechanical transfer frequencies // 2624926
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: valve includes coaxially arranged first stage, made in the form of a pressure regulator, and a second stage in the form of a regulator-distributor of the main flow of the working fluid. The valve contains two additional throttles: a choke of the pressure control chamber formed in the valve body and an inter-chamber choke installed between the pressure regulating chamber and the control chamber of the regulating valve. The ball valve is installed in the valve chamber of the valve body with a radial clearance characteristic of the precision pair. The pusher of the proportional electromagnet is installed in the hole of the electromagnet body with a radial clearance characteristic of the precision pair; the end face of the supporting head contacting the armature of the electromagnet is spherical, longitudinal grooves are provided on the cylindrical surface of the shaft to communicate the cavity of the armature of the electromagnet with the port of draining the working fluid.EFFECT: improving the quality and stability of the pressure control characteristics in the control of hydro-mechanical transmission clutches and reducing the flow of working fluid to the drain through the pressure regulator during the control process.4 cl, 5 dwg

Rotative action allhydraulic drive with valve distribution and speed control // 2623614
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: allhydraulic drive comprises a pump (9) with a discharge flow line (8) connected via a flow regulator (12) to the drain (tank), a reversible hydraulic motor (1) with a working lift flow line (14) and a lowering flow line (17), kinematically connected to an actuator (not shown) provided with a hydro-controlled brake. In the working lowering flow line (17) of the hydraulic motor (1), a retaining device (19) is installed, and in the working lift flow line (14) of the hydraulic motor (1) there is a retaining device (18). The retaining device (18) includes a retaining valve (2) connected by the inlet to the lift flow line (14) and to one of the hydraulic motor (1) cavities, and a check valve (4) connected to this hydraulic motor cavity by the outlet. The retaining device (19) includes a retaining valve (3) connected by the inlet to the lift flow line (17) and to one of the hydraulic motor (1) cavities, and a check valve (5) connected to this hydraulic motor cavity by the outlet. Retaining devices (18, 19) are interconnected via further check valve (25) and a hydraulic on off normally closed bilinear spring-loaded switch (24) by check valves inputs (4, 5) and the retaining valves (2, 3) outputs, the pumping (9) flow line (8) is connected to an input of each of the retaining devices (18, 19) check valves (4, 5) through one of two mounted in parallel electrically controlled three-way two-position spring-loaded valves (10, 11) each connected to the discharge flow line (8) and the input of the noted regulator (12) of consumption by its normally closed flow line. Each retaining device (18 and 19) is equipped with a throttle (6 or 7) respectively, connected in parallel with the check valve (4, 5) and the retaining valve (2, 3). The retaining device (18) in the lift flow line (14) is provided with a hydraulic lock (15) installed in series with the throttle (6) and a connected by control cavity (16) to the lowering flow line (17) and connected through the noted additional non-return valve (25) hydraulically controlled brake retraction chamber.EFFECT: increased smoothness of the hydraulic motor operation when it is moving off from the rest and moving at a low speed, reducing the value of this minimum speed.8 cl, 1 dwg

Body movement overspeed limiter // 2623612
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: limiter is designed for the installation into the emergency protection system. The working piston changes the shutoff element position of the standard pipeline valves. The working chamber is made in the body. The volume of the working chamber depends on the working piston position. The working chamber is filled with the granular material. The granular material has the possibility to leave the working chamber only into the granular material discharge chamber through the opening. The opening internal area is smaller than the cross-section area of the working chamber. The granular material discharge chamber volume depends on the position of the discharge chamber piston. Pistons are coaxial. In the standby mode, the piston of the granular material discharge chamber is blocked by the mechanism. The mechanism loses the blocking function under the influence of the emergency factor. The working piston movement is carried out due to the granular material output from the working chamber to the granular material discharge chamber without using the energy external source.EFFECT: reliability increase.1 dwg

Hydro (pneumo) cylinder // 2622992
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic (pneumatic) cylinder is used to move the actuator from one position to another. Hydro (pneumatic) cylinder (10) includes a plurality of step portions (28a, 30a, 32a, 34a) of the first through fourth ranging in first castle butt connector assembly (26) of the cover (14) of the head, and a plurality of stepped portions ( 28b, 30b, 32b, 34b) from first to fourth in the second castle ranging butt connector assembly (50) of the cover (16) of the stem. Selective assembly of a cylindrical pipe (12) at any one pair of step portions (28a, 28b, 30a, 30b, 32a, 32b, 34a, 34b) of the first through fourth allows in case of use of a new cylinder tube (12), characterized in diameter together with a new piston (18) and the subsequent selective mounting of the cylindrical tube (12) by a single pair of step portions (28a, 28b, 30a, 30b, 32a, 32b, 34a, 34b) of the first through fourth enable obtaining hydraulic (pneumatic) cylinder (10) with a different channel diameter.EFFECT: expansion of output force control range.4 cl, 6 dwg

Power hydrocylinder with mechanical fixation of the stock // 2622684
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic cylinder contains a housing 1 with covers 2, inside which, with the formation of working cavities 3, 4, a piston 7 with a rod 8 is mounted, seals 24 of the working cavities 3, 4 interacting with the rod 8 are arranged, and fluid supply channels 5, 6 are provided, and also a mechanism for fixing the rod 8 to the housing 1 with the spherical locks 9 installed in the radial holes 10 of the rod 8 to extend into the recesses 11 of the cover 2 of the housing 1 located along the rod 8 formed with the axial channel in which the spring- 12 of the locking mechanism having a groove 20 for applying its edges to the clamps 9 and provided with an end pusher provided with two control chambers 18, 19, connected channels 16, 17 to the different working cavities 3, 4 of the housing 1.EFFECT: providing automatic fixing of the rod of the power cylinder with pressure reduction, increase of the permissible load on the fixed rod, simplification of the design.7 cl, 3 dwg

Hydro (pneumo) cylinder // 2622214
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic (pneumatic) cylinder (10) on the first annular projection (34) of the cover (14) of the head to be freely mounting and dismounting established first positioning ring (26) and the second annular projection (48) of the cover (16) of the stem a freely mounting and dismounting the second set positioning ring (28). From the outer circumferential surfaces of the first and second positioning rings (26, 28) inserted into the opposite end portions of the cylindrical pipe (12). Wherein the first and second positioning rings (26, 28) allow positioning and supporting both end portions of the cylindrical pipe (12).EFFECT: by preparing the new cylindrical pipe with a different diameter and new first and second positioning rings and mounting new cylindrical pipe through the new first and second positioning rings mounted on the first and second annular ridges, it is possible to obtain mentioned cylinder with a different diameter of the cylinder bore.5 cl, 7 dwg

Reset device is intended for the system of controlling parameters of the fluid (versions) // 2621575
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a first valve having an inlet to which a load fluid, and an outlet fluidly connected to loading chamber control fluid parameters, and a second valve having an inlet fluidly connected with the loading cam control fluid parameters, and an outlet fluidly connected to the nozzle outlet. A sensor is configured to measure the fluid pressure at the inlet, and a controller operable to ensure the transition of the first valve to an open position and a second valve in the closed position when the fluid pressure at the inlet exceeds the first threshold.EFFECT: improved accuracy and reliability of regulation.13 cl, 8 dwg

Hydraulic system with kinetic energy drive // 2621408
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic system comprises a hydraulic fluid, a hydraulic machine (142), a hydraulic circuit for supplying fluid to the hydraulic actuator (103A, 103B). Hydraulic machine (142) configured to receive hydraulic fluid from the hydraulic actuator (103A, 103B). The hydraulic system also comprises a memory (150) the kinetic energy - a flywheel coupled to said hydraulic machine (142). Hydraulic machine (142) capable of transferring energy from the hydraulic fluid derived from the hydraulic actuator (103A, 103B) in the flywheel.EFFECT: increase the efficiency of the hydraulic system.22 cl, 14 dwg, 1 tbl

Rotary engine // 2619514
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: engine is designed to convert the translational motion of the balls into a circular reciprocating motion of the lever rigidly attached to the working shaft and creating a torque thereon. The body has the form of an open ring tube with a groove in the inner wall for passage of the lever, at the end of which a piston located in the internal cavity of the pipe is installed. At both ends of the tube, the lids with the holes for the exit of the balls from the housing are fixed rigidly. At the inner end of the lid there are evenly distributed conical grooves with a cone base diameter equal to or greater than two maximum diameters of the balls. From the outer end of the lid on the same circumference as the tapered recesses, with the displacement from the tops of the cones along the circumference of the circle equal to half the maximum diameter of the balls, through channels are made to the grooves, diameters corresponding to the maximum diameter of the balls, the outer ends of which have organized attachment points for the nozzles connection of pipelines supply and discharge balls.EFFECT: creating a compact powerful engine.4 dwg

Hydraulic drive for pressure converter // 2618744
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic drive comprises a hydraulic pump, which in each turn pumps a constant volume of the working fluid that drives the electric actuator, and is actively connected to the power supply unit, adjustable and/or selectable measurement signals. Servo-drive is made bidirectional, ie as the reversible motor, and thus, loading of the working fluid pressure transducer may be reversed, and the management control parameters and/or shift actuator of the power supply based on the measurement of pressure devices signals and/or changes in working fluid pressure, fluid pressure and/or pressure change and under high pressure, and/or a plunger position in a pressure transducer.EFFECT: reducing peak loads, high reliability and simplified installation design.3 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of energy recovery of the excavator rotary platform hydraulic drive // 2618154
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: in the method, the software/logic controller, through the sensor system, reads the increase in peak values of dynamic loads - torque, rotation angle, angular acceleration and in the deviation from the set torque values puts into use the electric recuperator. When the critical loads are exceeded, the electric recuperator brakes the platform and operates as a generator, converting mechanical and hydraulic energy into electrical energy, accumulating some of the mechanical energy in the battery, and the other part - by redirecting it to the on-board network. When the electric recuperator operates, the hydraulic system operates at a reduced pressure with lower pump and hydraulic motor powers, the dynamic and speed characteristics are controlled by the electric recuperator by changing the torque on the shaft of the drive gear. In the process of the electric recuperator operation, the actuators of the drive synchronously redistribute the power load over the contact surfaces of the kinematic pairs, ensuring a reduction in the concentration of internal voltages on a limited contact area per unit of work time.EFFECT: reduction of energy losses.3 dwg

Hydraulic system for various structures base-holding in horizontal plane in transportation units // 2618144
FIELD: automotive industry.SUBSTANCE: spherical pendulum is mounted on the base of the structure. There are hydraulic distributors installed between the spherical pendulum and the structure base along the longitudinal and transverse axis of the structure base for tracking the inclination of the longitudinal and transverse axis of the structure base. The structure base, when tilted, changes the position of the spool valves of the hydraulic distributors for tracking the inclination of the longitudinal and transverse axis of the structure base. The working fluid coming from the hydraulic distributors flows through the pipeline into the cavities of the hydraulic cylinders turning the cardan suspension and turning the frame of the cardan suspension, on which the structure base is mounted. The structure base is installed parallel to the horizontal plane.EFFECT: increased stability and efficiency of use of process characteristics of structures installed on transportation units.4 dwg

Way of fluid optimal working purity maintaining in hydraulic systems and device for its implementation // 2616733
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: method involves regulation of fluid treatment period and the period of stopping the cleaning process, and the cleaning period and the periods stop cleaning fluid is set in advance fluid contamination monitoring time in the hydraulic tank. After that, the sequence diagram of the block further purification in "work - pause" mode is set by a programmable time switch in accordance with the results of preliminary monitoring time cleaning performance and contamination period of time. The apparatus comprises a tank connected to the hydraulic unit further purification filter device comprising a pump, pump controller. In the pump control unit, the programmable timer is integrated, operable to regulate a continuous automatic repeat operating cycles purification unit and configured to replace operation cycle periods.EFFECT: increase of reliability of maintaining the required level of cleanliness of the working fluid.2 cl, 1 dwg

Actuating body small displacements method in the membrane type devices and device for its implementation // 2616678
FIELD: tool engineering.SUBSTANCE: actuating body small displacements method of the membrane type devices includes the creating of the effect on the actuating body in the form of the piston, using the flexible membrane connected to the piston, by changing the gas pressure in the working chamber. At that the pressure change in the working chamber is carried out by passing the electric current impulses in the conductor, placed in the working chamber, performed with the tap in the form of a tube, which outlet is closed by the elastic membrane.EFFECT: improved displacement accuracy.2 cl, 5 dwg

Device for preparing compressed air for vehicle and method for operating compressed air preparing device // 2616486
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a magnetic valve, wherein the output magnetic valve connection is connected to the control compressor output, a regeneration magnetic valve, which is connected to the output magnetic valve connection, and a drain valve. The output magnetic valve connection is connected to the control pressure input of the drain valve. The vehicle comprises a compressed air preparing device. The method for operating the compressed air preapring device consists in controlling the operation of the drain valve by means of the magnetic valve.EFFECT: increasing protection of the compressed air preparing device from freezing at low temperatures.7 cl, 6 dwg

ethod and device with solid bottom to generate pressure waves in the injection well bore // 2616024
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: device for generating pressure waves in the injector bore is designed as the Helmholtz jet generator (HJG), containing: a cylindrical chamber of the cavity resonator with two parallel lids - front and rear; the inlet nozzle, disposed in the front lid; the ring, mounted on the radial pillars on the cylindrical chamber axis of the cavity resonator in the interval between the lids; and the outlet hole. Wherein the inlet nozzle is connected with FC and the outlet is directed downward along the borehole. Wherein the outlet is made on the side from the inlet nozzle, in the front lid or housing of the cavity resonator cylindrical chamber.EFFECT: increasing the efficiency of low-frequency vibrations generating without increasing volume of the cavity resonator chamber or holes length.2 cl, 5 dwg

Way of creating high and ultrahigh pressures and device for its implementation // 2615895
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: method and apparatus designed to provide high and ultra-high static pressures in large quantities and can be used for testing various components and assemblies. The apparatus comprises a housing, a working chamber and channels for coolant circulation, wherein the casing is symmetrical in two or more coaxial cylinders that are inserted into each other with a gap filled with water and closed with plugs ends. Channels for the circulation of the refrigerant is annular and symmetrically mounted on the body with the possibility of thermal contact.EFFECT: provision of device integrity and improving its reliability in operation.3 cl, 3 dwg

Valve high-pressure dispenser // 2615891
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: valve hydro-dispenser comprises a housing with an integrated cover and the pusher, as well as medium inlet and outlet channels. A pusher mounted for movement with the control action on its outer part. Between the mentioned channels, at least one valve is located. The valve comprises two parts contact each other - and an annular seat arranged with the possibility of joint movement with spring loaded pusher bolt in the form of a hollow shell. The sleeve is provided with an external seal and is provided with simply supported at the annular shoulder and seat with a through hole connected to the pusher spring formed around the cavity gate. One of the contact parts of the valve between a nip formed with the possibility of elastic bending and local clearance wedge formation under the influence of fluid pressure drop in the supply and removal channels.EFFECT: high tightness at pressures up to 40 MPa, increased unification to build three or four line gidroraspredelitelnyh devices.8 cl, 8 dwg

Control-testing complex for autopilot checking // 2615850
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: control and testing system to check autopilot comprises a personal computer configured with software, which inputs and outputs connected to the command input unit, and information display unit with the reference voltages and the measuring unit. Reference voltages unit serving to generate a predetermined voltage amplitude, frequency and phase output is connected by a measuring unit which comprises measuring modules of the same type are interchangeable, amplifier module and secondary power sources, and serves to generate electrical signals and measuring the response signals control object. The measuring unit is connected to the inputs and outputs of the device through the switching and signal conditioning with the object of control, in addition, to create a predetermined angle of the shaft rotation sensor monitoring object contains complex installation swivel connected to a personal computer via the management module.EFFECT: establishment of the control and verification of the complex to carry out inspections of the helicopter autopilots and its constituent elements in semi-automatic mode, which increases the reliability and validity of the results of due diligence test equipment parameters in all modes of operation, the possibility of semi-automatic checks.2 cl, 1 dwg

ethod for diagnosing hydraulic machines // 2614949
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: method of diagnosing hydraulic machine includes a peck on the test mode with the continuous change in the angular speed of rotation, for example, turning off the hydraulic machine drive. Measurement at this time at least one of the two values of the hydraulic machine operation characteristics when a predetermined number of revolutions per unit time. Calculating these values diagnostic parameter and its comparison with the reference. In addition, measure the time between the moment of reaching the preset number of revolutions of the shaft per unit time, and use this value to evaluate the mechanical losses.EFFECT: increase of informativeness of diagnosing of a technical condition of hydraulic machines and can be used in the evaluation of the technical condition of hydraulic machines in operation.1 dwg

Device and method for generating electric power by means of limited pressure osmosis (versions) // 2613768
FIELD: ecology; power engineering.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to production of ecologically clean electric power via limited pressure osmosis in a closed circuit by means of a sequence with periodic charge or by means of a continuous sequence using two sections. One of sections is a lateral pipeline released from interaction, in which there is replacement of diluted concentrate with high mineralization with a fresh solution. Other section is a device with a closed circuit with three parallel-connected modules, where low mineralization solution is fed and where part of diluted concentrate with high mineralization undergoes recirculation through modules. Other part is used for electric power generation by means of turbine and three electric generators. Periodic connection of lateral pipeline with a solution with high mineralization and closed circuit enable replacement of compressed diluted concentrate with high mineralization with a fresh solution without stopping electric power generation.EFFECT: group of inventions is aimed at electric power generation by means of limited pressure osmosis.10 cl, 15 dwg
Hydraulic drive // 2613546
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic drive is intended for driving the valves of the ventilation and fire doors, gates, hatches, and other mechanisms installed in the underground mines, pits and other underground structures and their ground structures, explosion hazardous mine gases and/or combustible dust, at high time requirements for transferring the mechanism elements using a manual drive. The hydraulic drive includes a power hydraulic cylinder, a piston pump combined with a working fluid storage capacity, a screw drive of the piston pump, a worm gear, a motor, a flywheel for manual driving the piston pump with a switching clutch, connecting pipes for supplying hydraulic fluid from the piston pump to the power cylinder. The switching valves are installed on the pipelines to connect the piston pump and the power cylinder.EFFECT: reducing the number of the pipelines and the control valves, the absence of the hydraulic pump station and the tank of the working fluid storage, reducing time for transferring the mechanism elements and loads on the staff using the manual drive.2 cl, 2 dwg