Positive-displacement machines for liquids and pumps for liquids or elastic fluids (F04)

F04            Positive-displacement machines for liquids; pumps for liquids or elastic fluids(23483)

ethod of periodic gas compression // 2642704
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: method of periodic gas compression, including a cycle of supplying the working fluid under pressure from the feed tank to the compression chamber while simultaneously displacing gas from its upper part into the pressure line through a discharge valve and, as the level of the working fluid in the compression chamber reaches its maximum position, switching the compression chamber to the drain mode, the cycle of emptying this chamber from the working fluid with simultaneous supply of compressed gas into it through a suction valve and, as soon as the level of working liquid reaches its minimum position, repetition of cycles. The cycle of emptying the compression chamber from the working fluid is carried out without stopping its supply by the pump to the compression chamber, and the emptying of this chamber from the working fluid is carried out at a flow rate exceeding the supply of the working fluid pump.EFFECT: simplifying the method and increasing the reliability of the compressor.1 dwg

Screw pump // 2642681
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: screw pump consists of a cylindrical body, inside of which a shaft is provided coaxially with it, equipped with a volume screw thread. The shaft is fixed to the first support, and through the second support is connected to the motor. The cutting is performed by an external, single-step, multi-turn with a given pitch. Cutting is by first supports specified number of voluminous turns connected via screw grooving having a diameter, the smaller than the diameter of the shaft by a specified amount, with an equal number of cylindrical volumetric cavities, performed with the specified step in the spaces between the turns of slicing. The cavities communicate with through holes, made in a predetermined amount in the body, for passage of liquid from the outside, further movement and injection through the partially cut last coil into the outlet chamber of the pumped liquid. The exit chamber is formed between the shaft end and its second support.EFFECT: increasing pump capacity by increasing the efficiency of pumping liquid.3 cl, 1 dwg

Compressor and air-conditioning device, using it // 2642550
FIELD: ventilation.SUBSTANCE: air conditioner with compressor uses R32 refrigerant. It contains the compressor for the refrigerant compressing; the external heat exchanger; the internal heat exchanger; and the expansion valve for reducing the refrigerant pressure, at that the refrigerant is formed from hydrofluorocarbon (HFC); the compressor comprises the compressor unit for compressing the refrigerant, the electric motor unit to transmit the rotational force to the compressor unit through the rotating shaft, connected to the compressor unit and the compressor oil storage section for containing the compressor oil in order to reduce the friction between the rotating shaft and the compressor unit and to reduce the compressor temperature; and the oil contains the carbon nanoparticle, wherein the compressor oil volume is about 35-45% of the effective volume of the compressor interior part, at that the effective volume is the volume, obtained by subtracting the volume of the motor unit and the compressor unit from the total volume of the compressor.EFFECT: increase of the compressor reliability and efficiency, when using the refrigerant, based on HFC.13 cl, 15 dwg

ethod and system of aero/hydrodynamic control of newtonian fluid flow in radial turbomachine // 2642203
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: method and system for aero/hydrodynamic control of newtonian fluid flow in the radial turbomachine which use conformal vortex generators is described.EFFECT: improvement of energetic efficiency and possibility to control various points in turbo-compressor or processing device for aero/hydrodynamic treatment of newtonian fluid flow.32 cl, 21 dwg

Helical hydraulic machine with a balanced rotor // 2642003
FIELD: hydraulic engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to helical gerotor hydraulic machines and can be used for screw motors or general purpose pumps. Hydraulic machine comprises stator 1 with internal helical teeth 2 located along the length of its active part, serving as a support for teeth 3 of rotor 4, and rotor 4 mounted inside stator 1 with external helical teeth 3, number of which is one less than the number of teeth 2. Ratio of the length of the active part of stator 1 to the outer diameter of teeth 4 is configured to flexibly bend rotor 4 on this length – not less than the height of teeth 2, 3. Coincidence of the steps of the profiles of teeth 2, 3 occurs in a plane twisted as a helicoid around the axis of stator 1, passing along the axis of rotor 4. Rotor 4 is elastically bent at the length of the active part of stator 1, and its axis forms a left or right helical line located around the axis of stator 1, with a radius equal to half the height of teeth 2, 3. Length of the active part of stator 1 accounts for at least a quarter of its turn.EFFECT: invention is aimed at increasing the service life of the hydraulic machine.1 cl, 8 dwg

Fan // 2642002
FIELD: ventilation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a fan for air flow creation containing a body that comprises inlet air duct and nozzle connected to the body. Nozzle has inner passage to receive air flow from the body and air outlet hole through which the air flow is emitted from the fan. Internal passage extends around the hole or channel through which outside air is sucked by the air emitted from the air outlet hole. Body has a channel with an air inlet hole and air outlet hole, and also includes impeller installed in the channel and allowing air flow through the duct and electric motor driving the impeller. Noise-suppressing cavity is located under the air intake channel opening. Inlet opening of the cavity is located at, preferably aligned with, the air intake channel opening.EFFECT: fan is proposed to create airflow.26 cl, 11 dwg

Device for pumping multiphase media // 2641996
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to pumping houses and can be used, for example, for single-tube transportation of oil well products to a central point of collection and oil treatment. Device for transferring multiphase media includes the input line 7 of the working medium with commingler 2 and its output line 12, the multiphase pump 1, areal limits of thermal control and the pump protection unit 1, which is connected to the line 12, is connected to the output of the pump 1 to pressure line 9, and with the commingler 2 – by spill bag line 8 with fill unit 6. Protection unit consists of a centrifugal vortex separator 3 connected to the line 12 by gas and liquid supply lines 10 and 11, respectively. Separator 3 is equipped with a fluid sampling unit 4 from the near-axis area connected to the bypass line 8. As an areal limits of thermal control on the input line 7, after the commingler 2, a refrigerator 5 is placed.EFFECT: invention is aimed to simplifying and improving the reliability of the device, reducing power consumption.5 cl, 1 dwg

Pump // 2641982
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of pump construction, in particular to pumps for transferring viscous and corrosive liquids, molten metals, preferably media with a high level of radioactivity. Pump comprises a drive mechanism 1 interacting with pipe installation 2, one end of which is in the form of an overhand, and the other has funnel shape checker filling 3 and delivery flap disposed in the checker filling 3. Pipe installation 2 is provided with retention pin rigidly connected to plug 10, which move pistonwise relative to vertical part of the pipe installation 2. Lower end 12 of the plug 10 is hooklike and cooperates with the pressure valve. Upper end is made with screw and placed in a thread bush fixed to the vertical part of the pipe installation 2 with the possibility of rotation from a reversible electric drive 15.EFFECT: invention is aimed to providing a drain of the pumped medium.6 cl, 5 dwg

Well pump unit // 2641812
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: submersible centrifugal pump with electric motor is installed in the well on a tubing string. A compensator is installed above them. A pneumatic cap with piston is placed therein. From the inside, the piston is spring-loaded by pack series-connected plate springs separated by gaskets. The gaskets form a clearance with pneumatic cap inner surface. The plate springs are configured with different ratios of spring cone height to cone wall thickness and have such power characteristic, so that at parallel connection of forces of spring stack and pressure inert gas on the piston, a resultant restoring force is created with working portion of given low quasi-zero rigidity.EFFECT: increased serviceability and reliability of plant operation, reduced vibration of underground pump equipment caused by presence of gas inclusions in pumped out product.8 dwg

Supersonic compressor and method associated with it // 2641797
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: rotor of the supersonic compressor and a method for compressing fluid are disclosed. The rotor comprises first and second rotor discs, a first set and a second set of rotor blades. The first set and the second set of rotor blades are connected to the first and second rotor discs and arranged therebetween. In addition, the first set of rotor blades is offset from the second set of rotor blades. The rotor comprises a first set of flow passages defined by the first set of rotor blades located between the first and second rotor discs. Similarly, the rotor comprises a second set of flow passages defined by the second set of rotor blades located between the first and second rotor discs. In addition, the rotor has an inclined compression section located on the rotor blade surface opposite to the surface of adjacent rotor blade.EFFECT: increased efficiency.20 cl, 8 dwg

Pneumatic dewatering pump // 2641781
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: pump has a hollow body, a pressure branch pipe with a valve, a suction branch pipe with a valve, a corrugated hose and a filter, a cover with fixed pneumatic switch having a body with a chamber. The pump has a cylindrical float, a holder, a rod, a valve, a cover with a seat and a drain hole, a guide basket with a bottom for placing and moving the float. It also has an inlet branch pipe for compressed air supply, an ejector with nozzle, and a chamber. The ejector with pump body is communicated by a nipple joint and a pneumatic switch by a connecting tube. The inlet branch pipe for supplying compressed air to the ejector is provided with an adjusting device connected to the ejector by an adapter. The connecting tube that connects the ejector to the pneumatic switch is installed tangentially to the chamber of pneumatic switch body and configured with the Laval nozzle in the middle part. A flow stabiliser is installed in the pneumatic switch chamber and configured in the form of a vertical plate fixed in front of the connecting tube inlet into the chamber of the pneumatic switch body in the air flow direction inside the chamber.EFFECT: duration of the total cycle for filling and emptying the body with water is reduced, pump capacity is increased.3 cl, 3 dwg
Rotary machine // 2641773
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: rotary machine consists of an inner rotor (1) and an outer casing (3) held by a fixed supporting structure and arranged such that the sealing points (5) inside the casing (3) interact at the sealing location with the outer surface of the rotor (1) to form working chambers, so that the movement of the rotor (1) relative to the casing (3) in operation causes the fluid to move through the channels (10, 11, 13) in the rotor (1) in the rotor shaft (9), between the working chambers and the point where the shaft (9) the rotor interacts with the supporting structure.EFFECT: solving problems related to the difficulty of passing gases or working fluids from outside the machine to the working chambers and out of them to machines, balancing, and mechanical problems of eccentric components and components performing reciprocating motion, replacing the seal, and isolating hot gases from the constituent parts.22 cl, 10 dwg

Blade of turbomachine stator comprising convex section // 2641768
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: stator blade (10) of the turbomachine compressor stator having a main radial direction R with respect to the main axis of the turbomachine. The blade comprises a radially inner portion (12) called the blade root, a radially outer portion (14) called the blade head, and a radially middle portion (16). The blade (10) comprises a portion (34) bent in tangential direction and at least one rectilinear portion in the blade root portion (12), blades and/or in the blade head portion (14). In tangential direction, the amplitude A of convex portion (34) is from 1% to 5% of blade (10) radial length L. Said straight portion is inclined at an angle greater than zero and less than or equal to 30°, relative to the radial main direction R of the blade (10).EFFECT: said tangentially convex portion changes blade vibration response to vibrational stresses and diverts so-called risk frequencies beyond the limits of the blade working range.8 cl, 2 dwg

Submersible oil extraction unit with plunger pump // 2641762
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: submersible oil extraction unit with a plunger pump comprises a reducer, a hydro-protected electric motor, a drive shaft of which is connected to a screw of ball-screw pair located in reducer body and connected with a rod of the pump drive, which is sealed in the body and connected to the nut by means of a hollow rod embracing the screw, dampers installed in lower part of reducer body, and a control station. In the upper part of the reducer body, there is a jamming chamber, which allows to avoid pulsations of pressure when the plunger moves, before which damping devices are installed. The control station is equipped with a control unit of the stroke of the ball-screw pair nut, which ensures the unstressed reverse of the nut.EFFECT: increased reliability of the unit operation.2 cl, 1 dwg

Impeller for ventilation ducts // 2641426
FIELD: ventilation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an impeller for ventilation ducts formed by a centrifugal blower having a scroll housing (1) equipped with side air intake holes (2) and a bell mouth (3) for air outlet in a perpendicular direction, lines (4) connected to the side holes (2) extend into the common hole 5 for direct connection to the ventilation duct portion (6).EFFECT: improved indoor air quality.3 cl, 4 dwg

System of diaphragm pump with possible refilling // 2641414
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: system includes a diaphragm pump comprising of a suction port and a discharge port, a urea suction line communicating the urea source to the suction port through a liquid connection, and a urea discharge line in fluid communication with the discharge port. The recirculation line connects the liquid connection to the urea discharge line with the urea suction line and contains a flow controller operatively connected to it. The controller is capable of interpreting the state of loss of filling of the diaphragm pump and issuing a command to the flow controller in response to the state of loss of the fill, provides recirculation from the pump inlet port to the urea tank, ensuring a repeated filling of the pump.EFFECT: improvement of the diaphragm pump system.22 cl, 3 dwg

Compressor unit complex // 2641413
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: compressor units complex contains at least two complete independent compressor units 1 and 2 located side by side on the common frame 3. Compressor units 1 and 2 are arranged horizontally at an angle to each other and their longitudinal axes converge in the area of the compressors 4, and diverge on the side of the drive motors 5. In the area of the compressors 5, there is a gap between them, which unleashes their vibrational influence onto each other. The outlet ducts 9 for supply of the compressed purified air from the compressor units 1 and 2 enter the common exhaust manifold 10 adapted to communicate with the consumer tangentially to the direction of air movement therein.EFFECT: improved cooling conditions for compressor units.2 dwg

Device for pump impeller fairing fastening // 2641411
FIELD: engine devices and pumps.SUBSTANCE: device for fastening pump impeller comprises a fairing provided with a locking ring projection for mating with mating surface of the impeller, a fastening bolt with a thread for fastening of the fairing coaxially on a working wheel. In the inner central cavity of the fairing there is a cup facing the bottom part to the working wheel. The bottom of the cup is provided with a central opening for accommodating the threaded portion of a fastening bolt and a cylindrical stop engaging with the inner surface of the fastening bolt head which is made with an annular end groove and a fillet transition between it and the cylindrical surface of the fastening bolt. The outer side of the fastening bolt head is provided with an annular groove and a projection cut to interact with a mounting tool in the form of a wrench. A fillet transition is made between the projection and the annular groove, and the fairing is additionally provided with a cover.EFFECT: increased reliability.4 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of production of liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas at the gas distributing station and complex for its implementation // 2641410
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: method of production of liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas at a gas distribution station (GDS), a non-volatile one, which simultaneously produces liquefied and compressed natural gas. Natural gas is taken from the main gas pipeline, divided into two streams: the first stream is directed to the liquefaction of natural gas and, at the same time, the second stream is directed to natural gas compression. The second stream is passed alternately through a second compressor and an air-cooling unit. Concurrently, the first liquefaction stream is filtered, purified in an adsorber, cooled in at least one heat exchanger and divided into two streams: process and production. The process flow is directed to the expander, with the generator of which the electrical connection of the first compressor engines is established, which is used when the production flow of the incoming first gas stream is liquefied, and the second compressor, which is used to compress the incoming second gas stream, as well as the fans of the air-cooling unit. The production stream is passed through the first compressor, cooled in an air-cooling unit, then it is additionally cooled in at least one heat exchanger and passed through a choke to produce a vapor-liquid mixture. Liquid phase is separated from it and, completing the production flow, directs it for download to the consumer of liquefied natural gas. Reverse flow is formed from the vapor phase, directed through the heat exchangers of the production stream, connecting with the expanded and low-temperature process stream leaving the expander. The complex for implementing the method includes two lines. The first natural gas supply line contains a filtration unit, an adsorber, a heat exchanger and is divided into a process, production and return line. The production line comprises a first compressor, an air-cooling unit, and at least one heat exchanger, a choke, a separator and is connected to a liquefied natural gas storage. The return line originates in the separator, passes through the heat exchangers of the production line and is connected at the outlet to the gas transmission grid. The process line contains an expander and is connected to the return line, at the same time the second natural gas supply line comprises a second compressor, an air-cooling unit and is connected to the consumers of compressed natural gas, and the expander generator is connected through electrical communication with the motors of the first and second compressors, as well as with fans of air cooling units.EFFECT: increase of productivity at reduction of energy consumption.7 cl, 4 dwg

Rotary vacuum pump of vane type // 2641409
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: pump comprises a drive motor (1) interacting with a chamber (2) for vane vacuum, in which all pump surfaces located in the upper half of the pump are configured so that there are no elements capable of holding liquids or solid particles. The pump or at least one of its parts is provided with protection means (6) with no surfaces or cavities capable of holding liquids or solid particles, or a drive motor (1) containing a double jacket, the upper part of which is formed by a cylinder which is an asynchronous motor with water cooling which has a housing forming a space together with the cylinder in which the cooling medium is circulating.EFFECT: creation of rotary vane vacuum pump which eliminates the risk of contamination, adapted to environments in which strict hygiene standards are applied.9 cl, 8 dwg

Unit for hydrotransportation of loose materials // 2641392
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: unit comprises means for feeding a loose material and a fluid into a tank to form a suspension, a centrifugal pump, a water jet elevator, a device for separating the suspension into the liquid and the solid phases, made in the form of a belt conveyor. The conveyor belt is equipped with sides of an elastic material arranged along the entire length with the formation of a trough. The unit has a drum with radial elastic elements arranged on the entire surface, installed with clamping against the belt and equipped with a drive of rotational motion around its axis. In the suspension feeding device area, fixed transverse shields are installed on the belt from both sides of the suspension feeding device, eliminating the suspension splashing.EFFECT: unit can easily be adjusted to transport the suspension with a change in the productivity, the solid phase concentration, and its dispersion.2 dwg

Centrifugal pumping unit // 2641328
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: house water station (1) has motor (8) and centrifugal pump moved by it (7), which has at least one centrifugal impeller (10), creates a major inlet stream (29) through the annular space (12), as well as stream (30) coolant through space (28) surrounding the engine (8). This annular space (12) is divided by two guide vanes (22) into separate annular spaces (23, 24) which, during operation, have different pressure levels. Each individual annular space (23, 24) is connected to the space (28) surrounding the motor (8) through which the flow of coolant flows.EFFECT: ensuring sufficient cooling of the engine without directing the main pumping flow along the engine.13 cl, 5 dwg
anual hydraulic pump for emergency control of ball valve drive // 2640971
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: pump contains a body, a manual piston mechanism and a body bonnet, movable self-aligning bushings with sealing seats. In the head there is a spool valve with channels communicating with the body. Suction and discharge valves are made in the form of a spring-loaded ball, interconnected with the seat. The head cover is closed by a lid, through which the spindle with the handle is passed. The piston mechanism is made of a double cylinder, pistons of which are connected by a rocker. Cylinders are connected by channels with suction and discharge valves. The exit from the first suction valve and the inlet to the first delivery valve by the channels are connected to the first cylinder. The exit from the second suction valve and the inlet to the second delivery valve by the channels are connected to the second cylinder. The inputs to both suction valves are connected to each other and to the distributor by a channel. The outlets from both pressure valves are connected to each other and to the hydraulic distributor by an appropriate channel. Saddles of all pump valves are made in the form of washers with sealing rings on the outer surface and have a working surface designed to interact with the ball from each end of the seat with the ability to rotate the seat if one side of its working surface is damaged before contacting the ball with the other side of the working surface of the seat. The spool of the hydraulic distributor is made in the form of a ball plug, the spherical surface of which is interfaced to the movable self-aligning bushings with sealing seats located in the channels connected to the suction and discharge valves and to the ports of the fittings connected to the cavities of the cylinders of the pneumatic hydraulic actuator.EFFECT: safety of the pipeline process is ensured by increasing the speed of the hand pump in an emergency situation.6 dwg

Piston double-cylinder compressor with liquid jacket cooling // 2640970
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for designing piston compressors with increased economy due to autonomous power-saving cooling system of the cylinder-piston group. The compressor consists of cylinders 1, 2 with a cooling jacket 14, pistons 15, 16, which are driven by a crankshaft 19 through connecting rods 17, 18. Gas is sucked into cavities 7, 8 of cylinders 1, 2 through suction line 12 the suction cavity 9 common for cylinders, and the return self-acting valves 3, 4, compressed and delivered to the consumer via the check self-acting valves 5, 6, pressure cavities 10,11 and pressure line 13. The pressure jacket 14 is connected via heat exchangers 28, 29 and check valves 26, 27 with the sealed tank 24 connected by channel 25 to cavity 9, and a through channel 30 with a tank 1 communicating with atmosphere by the opening 32.EFFECT: consumption efficiency of the compressor is increased without additional energy costs.4 cl, 5 dwg
Centrifugal screw pump (versions) // 2640901
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: centrifugal screw pump comprises a letdown screw and centrifugal wheels mounted in series on a single drive shaft, as well as a spiral branch. The hubs of screw and centrifugal wheels have the form of a truncated cone. The taper angle of the screw wheel hub is close to the angle of the taper angle of the centrifugal wheel hub. The rear edge of the screw wheel hub overlaps the front end of the centrifugal wheel hub. The centrifugal wheel is formed as a gradually unfolding in the circumferential direction of the annular channel.EFFECT: ensuring the continuous movement of a high viscosity medium, while avoiding the formation of stagnant zones and adhesions by finding the optimally simple configurations of the main structural elements and building their joints without the use of complex and expensive technological processes.4 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of piston compressor operation with independent liquid cooling and device for its implementation // 2640899
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: method of compressor operation is characterized in that the value of additional volume which is directly connected to the pumping cavity of the machine and partially filled with cooling liquid is reduced when the pressure increases, and vice versa, the volume is increased when injection pressure decreases. Compressor consists of a cylinder 1 with a piston 2, a working chamber 4, suction 6 and pressure increase cavities 9 with valves 5 and 8. The pressure increase cavity 9 is connected by channel 16 to additional volume 14, which is connected through the delivery valve 12 to the cooling jacket 11, and through suction valve 18 connected to the feed vessel 20. When increasing the pressure above the normal one, the plunger 24 is lowered into the volume 14 and vice versa.EFFECT: maximum possible movement of liquid is achieved through cooling system in all operation modes of the machine which increases heat removal from the cylinder and increases cost-efficiency of the compressor.3 cl, 4 dwg

Centrifugal blower // 2640894
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: centrifugal blower contains a body, made in the form of a cylinder, the ends of which are closed by front and rear sealing lids fixed from movement, between which a changeable flow part is installed. The front lid is executed with an axial suction nozzle, and the rare lid is mounted between the impeller and the carrying block of the blower made in the form of a journal bearing and a thrust and radial bearing and is connected to them. The flow part includes an impeller, installed in cantilever on the rotor shaft, at the other end of which a drive coupling is installed, as well as a radial diffuser channel and the output cavity formed by the inner surface of the front lid, a removable scroll and a removable spacer ring. The change of the flow part of the aerodynamic stage is organized towards the drive coupling half.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to repair or completely replace the flow part of the centrifugal blower without the need to disassemble the main pipeline to arrange access to the replaceable flow part while ensuring a high polytrophic efficiency of the blower.3 dwg

Piston machine with airtight seal // 2640890
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: piston machine comprises a cylinder 1, a piston 2 arranged with a gap, suction 5 and discharge 6 valves. The sealing device is in the form of liquid-containing cavity 12 between the piston 2 sealing part 10 and the cylinder inner surface in its lower part 13. The cavity 12 is connected by the hole 14 to the tank 15 filled with liquid, when the piston is in bottom dead center.EFFECT: complete tightness of the cylinder-piston group during non-contact operation of the piston.4 cl, 6 dwg

Volumetric action rotary-piston hybrid machine // 2640886
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: machine consists of a body 1 with cylinders 2, 3, with rotors 10, 11, with projections 12, 13 which are driven by shafts 4, 6, synchronized by toothing 7, 8, 9 and a rotor 17 with recess 18. In the cylinders there are suction ports 27, 29 and pressure valves 29, 30. The shaft 4 has a crank 33 with rods 34, 46, on which the pistons 35, 47 are pivotally mounted in cylinders 32, 36 with valves 37, 40, 48, 49. In the cylinder 36 there are bypass channels 43 and 45. Channel 43 has a spool 44 protruding into the cavity of the cylinder 36. The suction port 27 and the valve 37 are connected by a suction line 39 to a source of liquid 38. The valves 29, 40 are connected by a pressure line 41 to consumer of liquid 42. The valve 30 is connected by the pressure line 50 to heat exchanger 51 which is connected to the cylinder 32 via the valve 48. The valve 49 is connected by the pressure line 52 to gas consumer 53.EFFECT: increased specific power of the machine, extended field of application, higher specific power, reduced material usage and reduced cost of compressed gas and liquid under pressure.3 cl, 5 dwg

Device for installing pump in multiplier body // 2640880
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device for installing pump in multiplier body comprises an outer ring 2 mounted in the body 1 of the multiplier with the possibility of its turning therein, and an inner ring 3 designed for pump installation therein and arranged in the outer ring 2 for its turning therein. The outer surface of the ring 3 is made with eccentricity relative to its inner bore, and inner bore of the ring 2 is made with eccentricity relative to its outer surface. Eccentricity of both rings is equal.EFFECT: increased pump operation reliability.3 cl, 3 dwg

Hydraulic electric machine body // 2640878
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a body (CAS) of hydraulic electric machine (FEM). The body (CAS) passes along the longitudinal axis (X) and comprises a shell (CAC), a cover (COV) for closing opening (COP) of the shell (CAC), an annular insert (CSP) extending in the body (CAS) in the direction (CD) of the periphery, and adjoins the shell (CAC) and the cover (COV), a first seal (S1) between the cover (COV) and the shell (CAC), a second seal (S2) between the shell (CAC) and the annular insert (CSP), a third seal (S3) between the cover (COV) and the insert (CSP). The body (CAS) includes a sealing intermediate space (ISP) sealed by seals (S1), (S2), (S3) and limited by the shell (CAC), the cover (COV) and the insert (CSP). The space (ISP) is connected to a control line (ISC) connecting the space (ISP) to a control unit (MU) transmitting the signal to control system (CU) when the working medium (PF) from the inner space (IC) of the body (CAS) enters the space (ISP).EFFECT: saving structure space in the radial direction.4 cl, 2 dwg

Versatile working ejector chamber (versions) // 2640871
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: ejector chamber comprises a toroidal vessel designed to form outside the vessel an axisymmetric flow of active fluid supplied to the inner volume of the vessel by a feeding device containing feed pipe unions with profiled active nozzles, each of which creates a jet of active medium, which vector of speed is directed tangentially to the inner circuit of vessel section by meridian plane, the toroidal vessel has a circular nozzle created by cutting a portion of the toroidal vessel inner volume with a plane perpendicular to the vessel axis. Or the toroidal vessel has a circular nozzle created by cutting a portion of the toroidal vessel inner volume by the inner surface of a right circular cone coaxial to the inner surface of the toroidal vessel. Or toroidal vessel has a circular nozzle created by cutting a portion of the toroidal vessel inner volume by the inner surface of the right circular cylinder coaxial to the inner surface of the toroidal vessel.EFFECT: expanded field of ejectors application.3 cl, 3 dwg

Pump unit, configuration system of pump unit and method // 2640869
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: inverter drive comprises an electric motor for driving the pump, a control unit for controlling the electric motor, and a memory device functionally connected to the control unit. The memory device has a control program stored therein and defining a set of functions and/or operation mode of the pump unit. The electric motor is configured to be controlled by means the control unit depending on the control program. The unit comprises a communication device designed to create a contactless communication line with an external configuration device. The configuration data is transmitted via the communication link from the configuration device to the pump unit. The control program stored in memory device is modified to change the set of functions and/or the operation mode of the pump unit on a constant basis depending on transmitted configuration data.EFFECT: high operational flexibility.16 cl, 3 dwg

Compressor system and method of compressor system functioning depending on actual state of rail vehicle // 2640681
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: compressor system includes a compressor driven by the electric motor through a drive shaft, a compressed air tank. The electric motor is configured to be adjusted by means of an adjusting device with at least one speed, ranging from a maximum rotation speed to a minimum rotation speed. In the compressed air pipeline, which is upstream of the compressor, a pressure sensor is installed to determine the pressure for the adjusting device. The executive body for continuous control of the rotation speed of the electric motor is located between the power supply device and the electric motor. The adjustment of the executive body is carried out in accordance with the sensor device, which includes a sensor for recording the external boundary condition of the rail vehicle, through the adjusting device.EFFECT: increase in the efficiency of the compressor system and reduction of noise in its operation.9 cl, 2 dwg

Pump // 2640662
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: pump comprises a drive mechanism 1 interacting with pipe 2, one end of which is in the form of a cantilever, a funnel-shaped nozzle 3, which widens towards the open end, is mounted on the other end. A pressure valve is arranged in nozzle 3. Pipeline 2 is equipped with a threaded bushing 7 fixed thereon and pipe 8, the upper end of which there is a thread 9. The lower part of the pipe 8 is mechanically interacting with pressure valve.EFFECT: providing drainage of pumped medium.12 cl, 2 dwg

Piston two-stage machine with internal liquid cooling system // 2640658
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: piston two-stage machine consists of a casing 1 with a drive mechanism driving the piston 4, which together with the common cylinder forms gas cavities of the first stage 5 and the second stage 6, and the liquid additional stage 11. All stages are provided with suction and delivery valves. There are cooling jackets 9, 10 around gas stages. During the reciprocating movement of the piston 4, gas is sucked into cavity 5 of the first stage, its compression and supply to the second stage 6, where gas is compressed and supplied to the consumer. Liquid is sucked into cavity 5 through the jacket 10, compressed and pumped through the jacket 9, thereby cooling of the first 5 and the second 6 stages and sealing of gaps between the piston and cylinders of gas stages is achieved.EFFECT: autonomous cooling of the machine during compression of gases, contactless sealing of the piston, and machine efficiency improvement.3 cl, 3 dwg

Long-stroke beam-balanced drive of sucker-rod pump // 2640309
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention comprises of a pulley mounted on racks and supports, an asynchronous electric motor, a reducer, a drum with a rope, the free end of which is connected to a column of rods. It contains a control station with a variable-frequency drive connected to the drum position sensor and pulley load sensor. When the rod string moves downward, the induction motor operates in the generator mode and acts as a brake.EFFECT: it allows to increase the efficiency of work by increasing the stroke length of the plunger and reducing the number of oscillations, and smooth controlling the performance of deep-pumping equipment.1 dwg

Separating cup for pumps with magnetic coupling, as well as manufacturing method // 2640306
FIELD: engine devices and pumps.SUBSTANCE: gap should be as narrow as possible in order to provide good pump efficiency which can be realised only with a thin sidewall of the cup. In this case, the cup must have a significantly high strength, in particular, to withstand the pressure differences in the pump, and at the same time it can be produced in a simple manner by a given geometry and has a high stability of a shape. It is proposed to make the separation cup (1) with the side wall (3) which is at least partially composed of material containing a nickel component. This material is a nickel-chromium alloy which contains at least 50 weight percent of nickel and from 17 to 21 weight percent of chromium, and perform hardening the side wall (3) by heat treatment.EFFECT: possibility to create the separation cup that is highly resistant to corrosion or high temperatures.11 cl, 3 dwg

Device for formation fluid triggering off and well treatment // 2640226
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: device contains a body mounted on the tubing string with an input channel for supplying the working agent and a central supply channel of the pumped medium. At the top of the device there is a vortex mixing chamber with a flow energizer and outlet channels. A packer is connected to the body. It is designed to separate annular space. The central channel of pumped medium supply is flow-through. It passes through the upper part of the vortex chamber, where the seat pocket is made. A removable tubular insert with a U-shaped longitudinal section is freely disposed in this seat pocket. Radial channels are provided in it, communicating a central channel with a vortex chamber. In this case, the central channel is formed with a diameter enabling the well treatment equipment to pass through it after the insert is removed from the channel.EFFECT: improved efficiency of the device operation by reducing the terms of well testing, intensification of oil and gas inflows and the possibility of formation treatment with perforators and various solutions without removing the device from the well.1 dwg

Pump station for pumping multi-phase media // 2640141
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: pump station for pumping multi-phase media includes a working medium inlet line 8 with mixer 2 and its outlet line 13, a multi-phase pump 1 and a protection device 3 of the pump 1 with thermal regulation circuit communicated with line 13, connected to pump output 1 by working medium supply pressure line 10, and mixer 2 connected by bypass line 9 with valve 7. Protection device 3 includes a centrifugal vortex separator 4 connected to line 13 by lines 11 and 12 for supply of gas and mixture of water and hydrocarbon phases and equipped in the near-axial region with intake device 5 for releasing hydrocarbon phase connected to the line 9. Refrigerator 6 mounted on the line 10 is used as a thermal regulator circuit.EFFECT: simplification, reduction of metal consumption and increased reliability of the pump station operation.4 cl, 1 dwg

Liquid pump // 2639988
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: liquid pump 10 has a housing 20 and comprises a fluid passageway 21 with water inlet 22 and water outlet 23. The liquid pump also comprises a diaphragm 24 arranged along the liquid passageway 21 between the water inlet 22 and the water outlet 23, a non-return valve 23, 27 for controlling the flow direction through the fluid passageway 21 and the diaphragm drive unit 30. The diaphragm drive unit 30 comprises an unbalanced motor 31 and a motion limiting block that limits the motion of the unbalanced motor. There is also a steam generator for the iron with steamer or a steam treatment device containing such liquid pump.EFFECT: simplified design, improved reliability.14 cl, 4 dwg

ethod of mechanization control of gas turbine engine compressor // 2639923
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in electronic-hydromechanical and hydromechanical systems of automatic control of GTE. The summary of the invention consists in simplifying the implementation of the method for controlling the mechanization of a GTE compressor based on the rotation speed of an engine turbocompressor (TC) by determining the reduced rotation speed of the TC over the engine's in-engine parameters without measuring the air temperature at the engine inlet. This is achieved by the fact that the engine TC rotation speed, found from the reduced throttle characteristic of the engine using the fuel consumption in the engine, given only by the air pressure at the engine inlet, is corrected by an amount proportional to the deviation of this speed from the measured TC rotation speed. The correction factor is determined by the nature of the reduced throttle characteristic and the operating mode of the engine.EFFECT: simplification of technical devices for controlling the mechanization of a gas turbine engine compressor and reducing the cost and reliability of a gas turbine engine.1 dwg,1 tbl

Fan blade for aircraft turbojet engine with bent profile in leg sections // 2639462
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: fan blade (4) for an aircraft turbojet engine comprising a feather (6) axially extending between a leading edge (18) and a trailing edge (20) and comprising a plurality of sections of the feather arranged radially between the leg section (Spied) and the cross-section of the vortex ( ). All feather cross-sections enclosed between the leg section (Spied) and the feather section (S30) are located at radial height which is 30% of the total radial height of the feather, and have a skeletal curve with an inflection point. The skeletal curve of the feather section is formed by the variations of the skeletal angle depending on the position along the blade chord, the skeletal angle is the angle formed between the tangent to each point of the blade skeleton and the axis of the engine.EFFECT: reduction of the first bending mode without increasing weight and length of the turbojet engine.7 cl, 4 dwg

Getter pump // 2639293
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: getter pump comprises a body (21, 21') in the form of a body of revolution with a rotation axis (24), and a plurality of gas-absorbing cartridges (22, 23) mounted inside the body (21, 21'). Each cartridge (22, 23) comprises a rectilinear central base (221, 231) and the spatially distanced getter elements installed on the rectilinear central base (221, 231). A plane containing the rectilinear central base (221, 231) and parallel to rotation axis (24) defines the orientation plane of the getter cartridge, and the plane orthogonal to the rotation axis (24) and crossing the middle of the rectilinear central base (221, 231) determines the positioning plane (222, 232) of the gas-absorbing cartridge. Angles (α, α') between the positioning planes (222, 232) and the rectilinear central bases (221, 231) do not exceed 30°.EFFECT: increased pumping rate of the getter pump.12 cl, 3 dwg

Device to remove assembly formed by valve and valve cell from machine // 2639281
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a device or tool designed and configured to remove an assembly consisting of a valve and a valve cell under safe conditions. The device (100) comprises a fastening plate (101) adapted to mount the device to the vehicle casing. The device also comprises an end plate (103) connected to the fastening plate (101) located at a distance from it, and a slider (107) made movable between the fastening plate and the end plate. The device also comprises a coupling device (130) configured to connect the slider (107) to the component (27, 41) comprising the valve and the valve cell which subject for removal from the machine. A guide running between the fastening plate (101) and the end plate (103) contains therein. The slider (107) can slide by sliding along said guide. The guide includes guide rods (111), which first ends are attached to the fastening plate, and second ends are attached to the end plate. The slider includes bushings (109) configured to slide along the guide rods.EFFECT: safety is improved.20 cl, 22 dwg

Turbomachine blade // 2639264
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: blade is made in the form of a feather with inlet and outlet edges attached thereto and made of porous structure material. Connection is made by soldering, welding or laser welding. Thickness of the input edge at the point of its connection with the feather is 0.1 -0.65, and the output edge is 0.1 -0.35 of the maximum thickness of the feather. The input and/or output edges in the longitudinal direction may be made of individual segments.EFFECT: increasing reliability of turbomachine and reducing its weight by containment of crack in the porous structure of the edge and thickness of the edge and feather connection, which is selected on the condition of combination of the maximum strength of the blade feather, location of feather and edge connection, as well as the minimum weight of the edge.3 cl, 2 dwg

Duct fan // 2639241
FIELD: ventilation.SUBSTANCE: duct fan comprises of a housing 1 with a cylindrical section, a radial impeller 4 formed by a cover 5 and main 6 disk and a backward curved blade 7 between them, the diameter D2 of which is equal to the diameter of the junction of the blades 7 with the main disk 6, a drive 10 with a fairing 11 including a cylindrical section. The trailing edge 8 of the blades 7 comprises of a section, adjacent to the main disk 6, with a length of 0.32…0.45 of the width b2 of the blade 7 with a constant distance to the axis of rotation 9 and a section with an increasing distance from the axis of rotation 9 to the trailing edge 8 when approaching the cover disk 5. There are blades of a straightener 3 between the cylindrical sections of the housing 1 and the fairing 11. The diameter of the main disk 6 is (1.01…1.03) D2, of the cover plate 5 - (1.05…1.15) D2, the width b2 of the blade 7 is (0.20…0.48) D2.EFFECT: ensuring high values of full efficiency at high values of the capacity factor.11 cl, 10 dwg

Device for transportation of suspensions // 2639240
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device contains loading and unloading devices, a separator equipped with bleached and condensed phase outlet branch pipes, and a centrifugal pump. The pump is connected to the mixing chamber in the form of a water-jet elevator. The separator is a hollow conical nozzle located in the loading device area, mounted on the pump shaft and mounted in a fixed casing. The outlet of the bleached phase connects the internal volume of the filling and the inlet pump nozzle. The receiver is attached to the pump, which is a hollow toroidal chamber equipped with a tangentially located branch pipe of the condensed phase outlet. The latter is communicated with the pump pressure channel in the mixing chamber.EFFECT: creation of a simple and reliable device for transporting suspensions, which has small dimensions and eliminates the possibility of clogging of nozzles with solid particles.2 dwg
ethod of multiphase pump operation and its arrangement // 2638897
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: pump comprises an inlet (10) located on the suction side and an outlet (20) located on the pressure side. A multiphase mixture enriched with solid particles is pumped by the pump. The method of its operation comprises the following stages: pumping the multiphase mixture into the separator chamber located on the pressure side (45), separating gaseous phase from liquid phase and solid phase in the separator chamber (45), separating liquid phase from solid phase in separator chamber (45), supplying a portion of liquid phase purified from solid phase to the suction side. The supply of liquid phase to the suction side is carried out by means of recirculation line (50) in which a valve is located (55). After start-up and after reaching stable operation, the valve (55) is shutoff to begin pumping and increase the pressure of the multiphase mixture.EFFECT: reduced wear of screws and the body.22 cl, 7 dwg

ethod for diagnosing surging of gas turbine engine compressor and device for its implementation // 2638896
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: method additionally comprises measuring the vibration of the rotor behind the low-pressure compressor and behind the high-pressure compressor, mean square deviation of vibrations is calculated and compared with its threshold value, wavelet vibration transformation is calculated, and the extrema frequencies are compared with reference values, the threshold values of the working parameters are corrected if wavelet transformation of vibration extrema frequencies match with reference values. The device contains a rotor vibration sensor behind the low-pressure compressor and a rotor vibration sensor behind high-pressure compressor connected to microcontroller, which connected with the output to the antisurge system.EFFECT: increased reliability and speed for determining the beginning of surging at all engine operation modes.2 cl, 1 dwg