Using tide energy (F03B13/26)

ethod of operation of hydro-electric turbine system // 2641804
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: method comprises the following steps: place a turbine 12 on the seabed in a zone of a reservoir prone to tidal actions; lay an electrical cable for transferring electrical energy from the turbine 12 to a remote location; provide the possibility of rotation of the turbine 12 and the generation of electrical energy due to the energy of the tidal flow of water passing through the turbine 12; and before electric connection of the cable to the turbine 12 absorb electric energy by the load unit 16. The unit 16 is electrically connected to the turbine 12. The unit 16 is installed in the hydro-electric turbine system 10.EFFECT: simplification of installation of the hydro-electric turbine system in the reservoir prone to tidal actions.9 cl, 6 dwg
Tidal power plant power module // 2633497
FIELD: electricity-producing industry.SUBSTANCE: tidal power plant power module comprises at a minimum one pair of tanks 10 that are linked to each other by the flexure link, which is connected to the drive that provides the electric generator shaft movement. The module has one upper open from the top for the water entry from the outside and one closed lower pools 2 and 1 that are linked to the mine 5. The mine 5 cuts off the interior space from the external environment and has vertical guides 6 suitable for the tanks 10 periodic reciprocating motion along the guides. The pool 2 is located in such a way that it provides the tanks 10 water admission through the drainage holes that are fitted with the sealed with regard to the pool 2 shutoff locking device suitable for its movement in the vertical plane.EFFECT: invention allows to receive the environmentally friendly electric energy through the use of the affluxions with the elimination of the interruption of the power supply into the electric power system and with the efficiency factor increase.8 cl, 7 dwg, 1 tbl

Water mill and method of production of electricity by this device // 2632067
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: mill comprises a water guide with at least one flow channel 54a in which at least two blade wheels 67a1 and 67a2 having a rotational shaft 68a1 and 68a2, respectively, oriented in a working state perpendicular to the direction of flow, and at least three blades, and means for transferring the rotational motion of the shafts 68a1 and 68a2 to the generator. Each blade comprises lamellas adapted to pivot about a pivot axis extending parallel to the shafts 68a1 and 68a2. The axis of rotation of each lamella is located on one long side of the corresponding lamellae or near it. The swivel motion of the lamellae is hampered by restrictive means when the corresponding blade is moved along with the flow. The lamellas are freely rotatable when the corresponding blade is moved against the direction of flow. The lamellas are in the form of a drop. The wheels 67a1 and 67a2 are formed in the channel 54a one after the other. The water supply area is funnel-shaped, tapering towards the channel 54a.EFFECT: ensuring the effective conversion of water flow into electricity.26 cl, 10 dwg

Hydro-electric power-plant // 2617369
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: hydro-electric power plant contains mounted on the displacement base two hydraulic turbines 1, placed symmetrically about the longitudinal axis 4, along which its axis of rotation 3 is oriented, made with ability of reverse rotation, kinematically connected to the electric generator 5, the anchor device 6, ballast tanks 7. The rotors 2 of hydraulic turbines 1 are provided with screws 9 of variable pitch, the blades of which are arranged with ability of forced rotation. Displacement base is made streamlined. Along the longitudinal sides of the base the wells 12 are made. The hydraulic turbines 1 are installed at the ends of the towers 13, the second ends of which are provided with ballast 14. The towers 13 are passed through the wells 12 and mounted on the horizontal axis 15, with ability to swing in the wells 12 in the planes parallel to the axis 4. The ballast 14 weight, taking into account the size of the lower tower 13 is sufficient to hold the longitudinal tower axis 13 vertically at rotors 2 rotation.EFFECT: efficiency increase of flow power conversion into the power, that is used to rotate the generator.4 cl, 3 dwg
Surf hydroelectric power plant // 2613476
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: outer cylindrical rotor (11) rotates under the influence of straight surf stream. Pawls are engaged with teeth of ratchet wheel (12), torque is transmitted to inner cylindrical rotor (10). Through a shaft (9) and a mechanical gear (7), torque is transmitted to a flywheel (5), a vertical shaft (4) and a generator (3) which produces electric current. During the action of reverse surf stream, pawls out of engagement with teeth, and torque is not transmitted to the inner cylindrical rotor (10), and the latter continues to rotate by inertia due to the energy stored by the flywheel (5).EFFECT: provision of high efficiency of surf hydroelectric power plant.2 dwg

ethod of hydro-electric turbine system transportation // 2610746
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to field of water transport and concerns hydro-electric turbine system (12) transportation method, as well as vessel (10), suitable for use in said method implementing, wherein vessel includes section (28), which is made with possibility of lifting and which enables possibility of vessel passage over said hydro-electric turbine system (12) part (16) during location in dry dock filled with water, wherein said base (16) part protrudes above water level in dock.EFFECT: technical result consists in reduction of time consumption and complexity during hydro-electric turbine system installation for transportation to installation point.14 cl, 5 dwg

Floating structure fluid dynamic force use system and wind-propelled vessel // 2607713
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a floating structure fluid dynamic force use system and a wind-propelled vessel which uses fluid dynamic force system. Floating structure fluid dynamic force use system comprises an assembly which extracts energy from wind or water, and a floating structure which supports assembly. Assembly comprises a wind receiving part which receives fluid dynamic force, and a support column which supports wind receiving part. Assembly is positioned with centre of gravity thereof below water line, is supported to be capable of tilting relative to floating structure using any of following elements: pin joint, a universal joint, a pillow ball-type spherical bearing, and an elastic body support mechanism provided therebetween. Assembly is supported rotatably around a centre axis of support column with respect to floating structure. At least wind force is used as fluid energy. Force-receiving part includes a wind-receiving part for receiving wind force in air. Support includes an upper support, supporting wind-receiving part and a lower support, supporting a ballast set below water, upper support and lower support are connected to each other coaxially rotatably relative to each other in a rigid state with respect to a centre axis of support with a bearing provided therebetween.EFFECT: invention is aimed at compensating for overturning moment and reducing tilting.17cl, 19 dwg

Hydraulic system of one basin tidal power plant with water engine with blade variable geometry // 2599012
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydraulic construction and hydraulic power engineering. Device is intended for technological generating head in tide water area between sea and basin cut by a dam, and passage of water flow through four power unit water conduits with sequentially installed in three rows on 4 inexpensive and easily changeable water engines with variable blade geometry, in order to head of tide water column can be used for many times. Device comprises floating tidal power plant units sequentially arranged for multiple use of water flow, dead floating units of cut-off dam, flow-through floating units, fish-ways, navigation pass (lock) or flow-through construction coupling dams, road along the dam and gantry cranes for lifting equipment. Device comprises building power unit 1, which is included in head dam front installed after its remaining life by a tidal power plant building, as well as in addition to operating tidal power plant buildings to increase power by means of temporary guards of a dam repaired section by floating units, to ensure operating other tidal power plant buildings in standard conditions during one tidal power plant building disassembly. Building power unit 1 is collected in the place of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements 1-0 in building, having a machinery room in the centre and two water conduits 1-7 adjoining at both sides, having two-four water engines 1-1 with variable blade geometry. Water engines axis are located at the level of ocean surface at maximum low tide (mark 0.00). Basin bottom has water guide channel 5 to water engines, deepened to the blade height. Water guide channel 5 is a fish-way for fish passage during the maximum low tide.EFFECT: invention allows replacing damaged dam cutoff units of head front and buildings of operating tidal power plants without deterioration of operating other sections of the dam by inexpensive means, replacing outdated expensive types of turbines for cheap, quickly changable water engines with variable blade geometry, as well as increasing capacity of existing tidal power plants, applying new materials and new methods of construction for tidal dams taking into account engineering development.4 cl, 12 dwg

Apparatus and method for generation of energy from fluid flow // 2592660
FIELD: machine building. SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to apparatus and method for generation of energy from fluid flow. Installation for mounting across water formation using pressure drop from pressure side to downstream side for electricity generation using water flow, comprises set of elements located at distance from each other. Each element defines extended flow channel and comprises pressure side and elongated downstream side. Each element is equipped with row of holes arranged along its length, and downstream side, passing and converging in direction of flow. Elements are arranged side by side so that opposite walls of adjacent elements define Venturi zone and first section of diffuser passing downstream of Venturi zone. Plant also includes flow channel, having inlet and outlet, turbine, arranged in flow channel, and generator connected to turbine. Flow channels are connected to outlet hole of flow channel so that water flow through Venturi zone makes water drawing in through channel flow outside via holes by resulting flow actuating turbine. EFFECT: group of inventions is aimed at improved operation. 27 cl, 31 dwg

System and method for hydro-electric turbine // 2591970
FIELD: engines and pumps. SUBSTANCE: system 10 comprises a base B, a turbine T, mounted on base B, and a frame having an opening permitting frame to be advanced around turbine mounted on base B of turbine T via opening. Frame comprises a set of connectors 28 to engage with said base so as to enable lifting of turbine T and base B as a single unit. EFFECT: group of inventions is aimed at simplification of lifting system and faster operation. 19 cl, 8 dwg

ethod of testing of hydro-electric turbine // 2581260
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: method of testing of hydro-electric turbine 10 containing a stator and a rotor located with the possibility of rotation inside the stator, has the following stages: a turbine 10 securing on a transportation ship 18, the turbine 10 and ship 18 transportation to an open water space, the turbine 10 location such that the rotor is submerged, and the transport ship 18 and turbine 10 transportation by water such that to ensure the rotor rotation.EFFECT: assurance of the possibility of the turbine operability identification prior to installation and securing on the sea bed.15 cl, 2 dwg

Underwater tidal power plant // 2579283
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydraulic power engineering, in particular, to devices generating electric energy due to sea wave energy conversion, formed during tidal effects. Underwater tidal power plant comprises generator 1, consisting of hydraulic turbine and generator arranged in a sealed housing and kinematically connected with hydraulic turbine, frequency converter 6, through which generator 1 is connected to external power system and control system. Hydraulic turbine is made of blade type, and generator with excitation from permanent magnets. Generator 1 is installed in metal cylindrical frame 2, to the upper part of which are connected hollow tank 3 for holding frame 2 in underwater buried position. To the lower part of frame 2 are attached ropes 4, by one end connected with carcass 2, and the other with fixing units 5, lowering to sea bottom. Converter 6 is arranged on the shore and is connected to hydrogenerator 1 by means of electric cable 7. At the ends of frame 2 there are conical device to make water flow inlet confuser 8, and at outlet-diffuser 9.EFFECT: lower construction costs, higher efficiency and reduced weight and dimensions of the power plant.1 cl, 1 dwg

Hydro-electric power plant // 2554431
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydraulic power engineering. The hydro-electric power plant contains frame-mounted 6 hydraulic turbine 1 designed with a possibility of rotation around a horizontal axis, kinematically connected with the electric generator 2, the flow shaper 5 designed as a confusor interconnected with the working channel where the hydraulic turbine 1, the anchor device, ballast vessel 11 and a guidance blade are located. In the plant the even number of hydraulic turbines 1 is used which are located symmetrically with reference to the longitudinal axis 22 of the unit along which axes of their rotation are aligned. The turbines 1 are rotated in opposite directions. The lower plane of the flow shaper 5 is placed horizontally. The ends of rods 7 of the anchor device fastened to the rope 8 interconnected with the anchor 9 are fixed on the slides 16 installed with a possibility of reciprocating movement along the stands 14 which are rigidly fixed on each side installations at its front end. The guidance blade is designed as two plates 13 fixed on the frame 6 on each side of the unit at its back end out of the hydrodynamic shadow of the flow shaper 5. Total length of the rope 8 and rods 7 exceeds the water area depth at the unit location.EFFECT: invention provides reliable positioning of the device in the horizontal plane, at its placement without "sitting" to the water area bottom.3 cl, 3 dwg

ethod to build autonomous submerged tidal power plant with single-sided locks // 2544091
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to alternative sources of power, in particular, to tidal power plants. The method consists in the fact that a part of basin water area closed by a dam at the side of the sea, with a river flowing into it, exit of which into the sea is via hinged or pontoon gates only during ebb, together with the river bed from its mouth and to the dam is cut with the dam designed to create upper reach at the side of the river bed. The difference is discharged into lower reach via water conduits adjusted in the dam, to which submerged power units are connected. On the way of the river bed displaced by the dam to one of basin coasts, they install hinged or pontoon gates providing for only single-sided passage of a tidal wave into the water area of upper reach, providing for level difference necessary for turbines operation regardless of change in tide phases.EFFECT: increased efficiency of power plant operation with lower costs and less time.3 cl, 2 dwg

Hydraulic unit // 2534642
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydraulic unit for removal of energy from wave movement. Automatic adjustable hydraulic unit 200 for conversion of wave energy includes pump 201 intended for fluid medium pumping through hydraulic unit 200. Pump 201 has housing 202 forming chamber 203 and piston 207 allowing separation of chamber 203 into working compartment 208 and blind compartment 209. A provision is made for an activating element that is connected to piston 207. The inlet hole is interconnected with working compartment 208 of chamber 203 so that a provision of fluid medium flowing from the inlet hole to working compartment 208 of chamber 203 is provided. The outlet hole is interconnected with working compartment 208 of chamber 203 so that a possibility of fluid medium flowing from working compartment 208 of chamber 203 to the outlet hole is provided. A provision is made for a hydraulic control device having a possibility of control of pump 201 by controlling the fluid medium pressure at the inlet hole and the outlet hole so that optimisation of pump 201 output power as a response to tidal variations and/or sea state is provided. Control of the fluid medium pressure at the inlet hole and the outlet hole is performed in compliance with a control algorithm.EFFECT: invention is aimed at achievement of higher volumes of production at lower costs.21 cl, 12 dwg

Power generator exploiting motion of waves and method of its operation // 2528887
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power generator exploiting the water stream. Invention aims at production of power generator which can be immersed to required depth, lifted and stretched by running water. Power generator 10 comprises blades 12 secured to revolving closed chain 14 and at least one generator 60 designed to generate electric power and connected with closed circuit 14. Chain 14 extends between rotary discs 24 and moves in circles owing to thrust created by blades 12 under effects of surrounding water. Rotary discs 24 are fitted in appropriate frames 16, 18 which can be strongly secured together. Chain 14 moves freely between frames 16, 18 and around rotary discs 24. Drive 28 connected with universal joint 50 is connected to at least one rotary disc, generator 60 being connected to said joint.EFFECT: continuous power generation.19 cl, 10 dwg

Tidal power station // 2525622
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: tidal station comprises dam with several water passages each with hydraulic turbine with blades and water flows forced through its hydraulic turbine, and engine room with electric generator. All hydraulic turbines are integrated by common shaft with electrical generator to make the set, common shaft being arranged along the dam. Water passages are composed of Z-like channel with mid part parallel with common shaft. Inlet and outlet section of S-like channels are inclined to common shaft. Electrical generator is rated to total power of all hydraulic turbines of the set. Integral design of engine room allows decreasing the dam width and application of high-power generators, hence upping the tidal station efficiency.EFFECT: simplified design.1 dwg

Hydroelectric turbine with floating rotor // 2490513
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: hydroelectric turbine includes stator 12 and shaftless rotor 14. Stator 12 restricts an opening in which rotor 14 is installed with possibility of being rotated. The opening allows rotation of rotor 14 about its central axis due to its shape and size, and movement in a circumferential direction of the opening, thus moving in the direction opposite to direction of rotor 14 rotation.EFFECT: creation of an improved turbine that is characterised with a decreased friction of bearings, which occurs at its start-up, and provides the possibility of cleaning and cooling of bearings during its functioning, which improves operating characteristics of the turbine.12 cl, 5 dwg

Wind and hydraulic unit with oscillating vertical blades // 2484298
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: main and auxiliary vertical double blades are arranged on a turning cantilever. The axis of the main blade in a central part is connected to a casing on the cantilever end with a return spring, and its planes are fixed asymmetrically on the axis, i.e. with a larger surface area towards the cantilever attachment centre. The auxiliary blade has symmetrical planes and is kinematically connected to the main one through transmission ratio providing a larger turning angle to it. A multiplier is of combined type, and it has additional inner conversion relative to slow back-and-forth movement of the cantilever axis to increased one-way rotation of a multiple-pole generator. In case of an underwater design, axes of blades and cantilevers are equipped with waterproof sliding bearings excluding the need for additional sealing of inner volumes of the blade part of the cantilever and the load-carrying housing.EFFECT: invention contributes to creation of surface and above-water, noiseless and safe wind driven units, as well as bottom hydraulic units in river, running and sea streams providing simple and compact designs with possibility of their being lifted to the surface for periodic inspection or repair.3 cl, 5 dwg

Hydraulic turbine // 2461731
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic turbine with transverse flow includes rotor installed so that it can be rotated about the axis. Rotor includes at least there blades for performing the rotor rotation about the axis when it is arranged in flowing water. Rotor includes multiple elements in the form of three-dimensional structure formed of triangles. At least one of the above elements includes one of the above blades. At least one blade is elongated and has a straight line. The above line is not parallel to the above axis and does not lie with it in one and the same plane.EFFECT: invention allows increasing the turbine strength and providing the possibility of creation of extended horizontal structure.18 dwg

System and method of mounting hydroelectric turbine // 2459110
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: proposed system comprises foundation 12, hydroelectric turbine 10 to rest on said foundation 12, and afloat sea ship 14 that allows detachment of said foundation. Ship 1 allows detachment of foundation 12 and its lowering, and/or lifting to position right under the ship, and its attachment to ship. Foundation 12 comprises support 32 to pass upward through ship 14 when foundation 14 is attached to ship from below. Ship 14 has opening 30 for foundation 32 to pass through when foundation 12 is mounted under ship 14 to allow turbine 10 mounted on support 32 to pass there through.EFFECT: simplified mounting.13 cl, 7 dwg

Hydroelectric turbine to be used in bidirectional in tide streams // 2444642
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: proposed turbine comprises vaned rotor 34 vanes being arranged between inner ring 32 and outer ring 33. It is provided also with retaining appliances including mounting flanges 22, 23 and antifriction appliances including inserts 31 and bearings 72 limiting rotor biaxial displacement relative to housing 21. Water flowing in either direction actuates the turbine while retaining and antifriction means allow rotor to displace along the axis in both direction under effect of bidirectional water flow. Antifriction means limiting rotor axial displacement feature, preferably, increased thickness to allow rotor, as said means wear, to move axially relative to housing 21.EFFECT: turbine operating in bidirectional water flow without turbine reorientation, axial displacement of rotor.9 cl, 7 dwg

System for energy conversion on flood currents // 2429374
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: system contains partition 112 installed across water weight and containing upper and lower ropes 124 in the form of closed loop, between which grates of sails, which provide movement of ropes along closed trajectory, are fixed in series. This movement is converted to electric energy with one or more converters included in the system.EFFECT: invention is aimed at creating the energy conversion system for electric energy generation with the use of flood movement of water masses, which has no impact on vulnerable seashores and ecosystems of estuaries.16 cl, 19 dwg

ethod for producing electric energy from sea currents // 2422671
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: method for producing electric energy from sea currents involves sea water intake to pipeline 3 arranged in cavity of circular cylinder 1 with vertical axis, passage of sea water to working member of hydraulic generator 4, and water discharge from pipeline 3. Sea water intake to pipeline is performed in circuit 5 of circular cylinder 1 at leakage point of approaching flow. Sea water discharge from pipeline 3 is performed at point 6 in circuit of circular cylinder 1, which is located in the gap between two adjacent circular cylinders 1.EFFECT: higher efficiency of energy extraction from sea currents and improved operating conditions.1 dwg

Kushchenko tidal hydroelectric power station // 2413869
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: tidal hydroelectric power station includes barriers 1 including the foundation, movable constructions 2 and systems of generator units, which include turbines, voltage generators. Hydroelectric power station is equipped with sealing systems 11, 12 connected to control system with digital processor and data input/output device, braking devices 9, 10, devices for determining the water level before barriers 1, after barriers 1 and for determining the lifting of movable construction of barrier 1, water dissolving device with pumps, and hydrogen and oxygen storages. Systems of generator units are installed between barriers 1, movable constructions 2 of which are installed in guides 3 with possibility of being lowered and lifted depending on the water level and including leak-proof capacities 5, attachment points of equipment, and guides. On guides 3 there fixed are braking devices 9, 10. On guides 7 of movable construction 2 there fixed are sealing systems 11, 12. Generators are connected to data rectifiers connected to the control system and to power rectifiers connected to water dissolving device and to converter of DC to three-phase AC, which is connected to the control system.EFFECT: operating efficiency of hydroelectric power station is improved, and stored energy is used during the period of time between changes of water level.10 dwg

Tidal power plant // 2361038
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention is intended for conversion of sea tides energy. Power plant comprises body with open inlet and outlet installed on vertical shafts of rotation connected to power generators, hydraulic turbines in the form of drums, on external surfaces of which vanes are fixed. At body inlet and outlet vertical shields are installed, which direct tide flow to vanes of hydraulic turbines with provision of their rotation. Drum representing hydraulic turbine consists of cones connected with bases, on external surfaces of which vanes are fixed along helical line so that beginning of each vane on lower top of drum cone is displaced along with its rotation direction relative to the end of vane at the second upper top by 1-2 steps of vanes. On lower cone parts of drum vanes have shape of rotation in the form of cylinder, and in upper part of drum vanes repeat cone shape during rotation, which is increased by double value of vane. On lower cone part of drum, which makes 1/3 of the whole drum, number of vanes is doubled, and width of passage hole between drums in lower part is equal to double size of vane in the area of drum cone bases connection. Rotary vertical stems of tidal shields are installed from longitudinal axis of body symmetry on both sides at distance, which does not exceed diametre of drum lower part rotation, and ebb shields - from side of body at the distance equal to radius of drum lower part rotation.EFFECT: higher efficiency of tide energy conversion into electric energy.3 cl, 3 dwg

Water flow energy converter into electrical energy // 2360143
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: water flow energy converter into electrical energy consists of a body with open flow windows being provided in the lower part of the body during low-tide and in the upper part during high-tide. The converter also includes endless band inside the body, which is reeled on drums, operating blades in the form of double-lever plates. The operating blades are bent relative to each other and provided with hinge in the point of bending. They are installed on the external side of endless band along the whole its length. The stabilisers are installed on drum shafts outside the body boards. The said stabilisers pull down endless band with blades with regard to the body bottom to activate part of the blades in the upper part of endless band during high-tide. Alternatively, the stabilisers lift the endless band to activate part of the blades in the lower part of the endless band during low-tide. There are vertical slots made in the body to adjust height of lifting or pulling down. The movable gate is attached to the body end side and directs flow to the upper part of endless band during high-tide. The movable gate takes horizontal position to allow free flowing during low-tide.EFFECT: improved effectiveness of device, simple structure and operation, wade range of application.3 dwg

Vortex straight-flow turbine for using energy of flow of rivers and tides // 2359149
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to small power engineering for transforming the flow of rivers and tides into angular kinetic energy on free-flow link hydroelectric power plants. The hydro-turbine consists of a hollow carrying shaft-cylinder with adjustable ballast, which makes it possible for the hydro-turbine to be fully submerged into water or bring it to the surface. On the shaft-cylinder are placed semi-cylinder arms, to whose ends are attached annular containers with ballast, which ensure neutral buoyancy of the hydro-turbine. On the shaft-cylinder are mounted equally along its length several discs or flat cylinders with grooves on the rims, to which are attached arms. Arms have the shape of the lateral sides of the hollow cylinder, cut-off longitudinally, thus, so that the discs are inscribed on the inner ends of the arms. A central hole is formed between the discs, of the surface carrying shaft-cylinder and the inner ends of the arms, through which communicate all vane spaces. As a result the flow goes through the entire turbine, touching the arms, which are located on the rear from the flow of the turbine end. The outer ends of the arms are tightened by rings-hoops and will form a multibladed cylinder, whose base is fully closed with the containers of ballast, tightly joined with the ends of the arms and hollow carrying shaft-cylinder.EFFECT: hydro-turbine has a high coefficient of efficiency and is simple to produce.4 dwg

Device for tidal power plants // 2359148
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to tidal power stations. Device (1) for the tidal power station contains at least one underwater sail (14), essential construction (2, 4) and at least one transmitting element (10). The underwater sail (14) connected with the transmitting element (10) can move between two storage devices (18). When the sail is in the storage devices, it is not connected with the transmitting device.EFFECT: reduction in the cost of producing electric energy, reduction in the operational problems and increase in efficiency.9 cl, 6 dwg

Tidal hydroelectric plant // 2359083
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydroenergetics, to low pressure flows of seas, rivers and water outlets of hydro electric stations and reservoirs. A tidal hydroelectric plant contains a cylindrical body of the machine compartment with a gear box and electric generator of the tail hydroturbine with arms, mounted on its axis and the axis of rotation. On the upper part of the body is fixed a flat pylon, on the end of the pivot system and the axis of rotation. The body is suspended on a crossbeam in the passage of the catamaran for lifting the power station to the level of the servicing platform on the grooves of the support bridge pier, connected by the arch with a lifting mechanism. Arms of the hydroturbine are made short and wide sweptforward on the leading edge and with a concave surface in the form of a parabolic curve, and a convex surface of the tailpiece perforated with slanting slits.EFFECT: reduces the depth of the low pressure power stations, increases the hydrodynamic quality of the hydroturbines arms, and ensures periodic lifting of the power station from the water.3 cl, 4 dwg

Submerged hydraulic turbines mounted on deck // 2349791
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: turbine plant driven by water to produced power from the water flow column comprises a rectangular deck with streamline cross section furnished with a lower and upper surfaces incorporating front and tail edges relative to the water flow direction at least one turbine and a turbine assembly going up from the deck upper surface and deck support. The said support stays permanently on the water column bottom so that the deck, when installed onto the aforesaid support, the vertical space between the deck power surface and water bottom, and includes an appliance to move the deck relative to the support elements for the deck to move from operating into uplifted position whereat every turbine assembly is accessible on water column surface.EFFECT: production of bearing structures to support hydraulic turbines.10 cl, 26 dwg

Universal sea power generation plant // 2347939
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: proposed power generation plant exploits the power of sea wave and tides. The plant comprises a hollow cylindrical housing with its bottom open. It communicates with seawater and is anchored to sea bottom. The said housing features a narrowing forming a smaller cylinder. The casing is attached to the aforesaid cylinder. The aforesaid casing houses an impeller driven by air sucked in/out from the housing inner space via air ducts formed by the aforesaid casing and non-return valves mounted inside the upper small cylinder, the air force being directly dependent upon the water level caused by the running wave.EFFECT: simple low-cost high-efficiency power generation unit to be mounted at whatever sea- or-ocean coast line.4 cl, 22 dwg

Device for anchoring floating structure // 2338661
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: device for anchoring floating structures incorporates mooring bar with ends furnished with the appliance to turn the aforesaid rod about its axis of rotation. At that the rod free end is provided with a sleeve letting the chains or cable to pass there through. The anchor chain passed through one of the aforesaid sleeves is fastened at one end faces of the said floating structure. Besides that, to up the structure stability, the proposed device can be furnished with links connecting the free ends of both mooring rods to the structure in question.EFFECT: anchoring system causing no floating structure trim difference and providing for stable positioning with minor drift, reduced distance between anchor and floating structure.11 cl, 15 dwg

Underwater turbine plant support system // 2331790
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: support system intended for, at least, one underwater turbine plant incorporates turbine units made up of turbine assemblies 3 and load-bearing column 1 coming vertically from underwater and seated on the seabed. The system includes a load-bearing structure for, at least, one turbine assembly mounted on column 1 and turning around it, and an appliance allowing selective motion of the load-bearing structure relative to column 1. Column 1 length section, top section 8, wherein the turbine assembly move, consists of two separate sections 9, 10 facing each other and separated by a certain distance between them to make lengthwise gap 11 between the said sections 9 and 10. Sections 9, 10 have a D-shape and form a cross-section of column 1 in the form of a complete ellipse or an oval. Bottom section 12 of column 1 features a round cross-section.EFFECT: higher reliability of the support system allowing the turbine repair and lower costs.22 cl, 27 dwg

Power generator set into operation by tidal currents // 2315890
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: proposed power generator contains turbine installed in turbine housing for turning around vertical axis. Turbine is connected with support column resting by lower section for turning against lower section of turning housing which is in meshing with upper section of inner wall of turbine housing through great number of turnable members. Thanks to it turbine can be selectively turned in turbine housing by means of turnable members.EFFECT: provision of effective operation at both directions of water current.9 cl, 3 dwg

No-head chain hydroelectric station using energy of river flows and tides // 2305792
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: proposed hydroelectric station includes energy converter consisting of chain of hydraulic turbines. Hydraulic turbine is built on hollow carrying shaft-cylinder with conical fairings on bases inscribed into inner ends of blades-semicylinders whose outer ends are clamped together in several places over length of hydraulic turbine by narrow rings-hoops and form multiblade cylinder with hollow belts with ballast on end faces providing neutral buoyancy of hydraulic turbine. Adjustable ballast in hollow part of carrying shaft-cylinder provides variable buoyancy of hydraulic turbine to submerge hydraulic turbine in water completely at neutral buoyancy or rising to surface. Energy converter is connected with electric generators arranged on the bank through system transmitting rotation and arranged in bank cavities. Rotation transmitting system employs different modes of transmission of rotation and connection and movable power unit with travel motion mechanism by means of which it displaces inside cavity. Movable power unit is connected with energy converter and, moving vertically, can set power converter at required depth.EFFECT: increased efficiency.4 dwg

Device for accumulating potential energy of a rigid body // 2195577
The invention relates to hydraulic structures and is used to convert the energy of the tides in the gravitational potential energy of the lifted solids

Tidal power plant // 2099587
The invention relates to hydropower and can be used in tidal power plants and wave energy installations

Power plant // 2075635
The invention relates to the field of wind and hydropower, and can be used as the working bodies of the wind turbines and hydroelectric power plants (HPP) to convert the energy of wind or water flow into electrical energy

arine power plant // 2046207