Wherein the other member is fixed, at least at one point, with respect to the sea bed or shore (F03B13/18)

Device for desalination of sea water // 2642658
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device for desalination of sea water includes a body located inside and fixed on the frame structure with a suction valve, and a valve for discharging concentrate by a plunger pump, the movement of vertically arranged plunger working on reverse osmosis principle and containing a coiled flexible material that is twisted in shape of cylindrical pipe which is a reverse osmosis membrane, to the lower position passing beyond the limits of the body under the action of its weight, and lifting to the upper position is performed by a flexible coupling, one end of the lifting device is connected to the lower end of the plunger, and at the other end connected to a source of unidirectional intermittent motion in the form of sea wave energy converter.EFFECT: simplified design and improved reliability.8 cl, 1 dwg

Well electric power plant // 2633981
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: well electric power plant is the shaft well with water and the repair well, it also contains the telescopic float, the upper part of which has spring-loaded flaps, and the lower one has the explosive charge and the cable, integrated with the power generating device: drum, brakes, reducers and generators, and also contains the pipe located outside the well with the opening sharp end, designed for opening the spring-loaded flaps of the float, discharge of explosive gases from it and throwing the new explosive charge into it.EFFECT: expansion of functionality.1 dwg
Energy conversion device // 2631349
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: energy conversion device comprises a drive shaft (10), a transfer shaft (20), a power shaft (30), the first (13, 31) and the second (23, 31) input devices. In addition, the composition includes the first tension force transmitting element (40) and an energy storage unit. The energy storage unit may be constructed using the second force-transmitting tension element (50) and a spring (51) or weight (52).EFFECT: energy transfer stability.11 cl, 5 dwg

Gas-waterjet drive of wave power plant // 2619670
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to marine power engineering and is intended for producing electric energy from sea waves. Gas-waterjet drive of a wave power plant includes inlet convergent nozzle 10, channel-pipe 12, gas supply pipe 13, device for supply and increasing the rate of air. Drive is equipped with a module-pontoon, which includes at least four gas-waterjet drives, each of which comprises an inlet grate, output knee 21, multiplier 18, electric generator 17 and rotor 16, which is arranged in the cavity of channel-pipe 12. Device for supply and increasing the rate of air is made in the form of chamber 14 coaxially placed around channel-pipe 12, in which there are holes 15 for passage of the atmospheric air. Rotor 16 is made in the form of a hollow screw pipe of rectangular cross section with horizontal shaft 20, from which the torque is transmitted to multiplier 18 increasing the RPM of electric generator 17.EFFECT: invention is aimed at the increase of power generation from a renewable energy source - sea waves and maintaining viability of hydrobionts.4 cl, 4 dwg

Wave electric system // 2617025
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: wave electric system comprises a supporting element, a water pressure sensing element made in the form of a ball-shaped float 8, with the ability to move it in a vertically fixed bar lattice 4, an electric generator 15. The float is connected to the toothed link with the possibility of turning movements around the axis 11. On the float 8 outer side a belt 10 of sliding along the vertical bars 5 of the grating 4 is fixed horizontally in a circumferential direction. The toothed link has the form of a circle in any cross-section.EFFECT: ensuring the operation of the wave electric system in case of any change in the waves direction.2 cl, 6 dwg

ethod and station of hydrodynamic wave energy conversion on slope // 2598922
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to use of wave energy to drive hydraulic generators. Method of conversion of hydrodynamic wave energy on slope includes operations of location of hydraulic generator in the vicinity of wave below the level of rest, gripping and progression of flows and slope wave to input of hydraulic generator, forming active head on it by means of station with booster. Coordinates of point are calculated with maximum flow speed at its impact on slope during wave progression and located around the station. Operating pressure on hydro generator is formed using energy of water flows flowing over station.EFFECT: group of inventions is aimed at reduction of energy losses, increased operating head, higher efficiency, simplified design and high sensitivity to small waves height, extended power, reduced number of mechanical elements.8 cl, 4 dwg

Sea wave plant // 2597713
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to alternative power engineering and is intended for use in the coastal area of large water areas. Sea wave plant comprises a support element in the form of vertical screw pile 1 with damper 2 at its end, made with the possibility of vertical movement of float 10 with attached rod 8 of piston pump 7, surrounded by vertical grate 4, pipelines, valves. Pump 7 is installed in the upper section of grate 4, the lower part of which is attached to pile 1. In the upper part of piston pump 7 there are holes protected with splash-proof cap 14.EFFECT: disclosed is a simplified design of a sea wave energy plant.3 cl, 5 dwg

Wave pump for use in small water turbines // 2597342
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power engineering. Wave pump for accumulation of potential water energy to lift water to height using coastal wave energy in small hydroturbines comprises cylindrical turret with a piston-cylinder pair inside, inlet and outlet valves, support. Pump comprises cylindrical superstructure above turret with needle bearing between superstructure and turret, lever connected with holder on superstructure. One lever end is connected with piston in turret via con-rod, guide piston and rod. On axis of other end of lever is a bogie with keel and cylinders on axes of rotation at edges of bogie.EFFECT: invention shortens energy transportation path and provides easier maintenance.1 cl, 6 dwg

Wave power plant // 2592094
FIELD: electricity. SUBSTANCE: invention is intended for generation of electric energy from wave motion in seas and oceans. Wave power plant comprises a platform on pontoons with electric generator and rod with gear. On platform with help of stands there is an arc-like gear rocker. Rod is fixed on platform by means of movable joint. Lower end of rod located in water is equipped with load, and to upper end of rod is fixed a stator generator. Gear to whose axis is attached a generator rotor is pressed to surface of arched gear yoke with arc radius equal to radius of turn of rod on its hinge. EFFECT: invention is aimed at maximum adaptation of wave power plant to intensity of sea disturbance. 3 cl, 3 dwg

Wave-powered injector and method to inject fluids with its help // 2584743
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to injectors powered by wave energy. The injector comprises a submersible cylinder 102 fixed to the bottom of the water zone. The cylinder 102 is fitted by a hole 106. The cylinder 102 is affected by a submerged float 114. The submerged float 114 is made so that to hold the cylinder 102 vertically in the water. A surface float 126 is made so that it floats on the water surface in its operating condition in order to move up and down in the water in accordance with the wave movement and tidal movement. An elongated element 118 goes down from the float 126. The element 118 enters the hole 116 in a telescopic way to form a delivery chamber 148 inside the cylinder 102. The volume of the chamber 148 is changed along with the wave movement in delivering cycle in order to suck fluid into the chamber 148 while the element 118 goes up and discharge the fluid from the chamber 148 while the element 118 goes down. The length of the chamber 148 is changed depending on the tidal movement. The element 118 occupies the most of the cross-section area of the hole 116 at the section where the element 118 is drawn into the hole 116.EFFECT: invention is aimed at design simplification.20 cl, 7 dwg

Float wave power plant of floating natural gas liquefaction plant (lng) // 2578615
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to marine power engineering and is intended for producing electric energy from sea waves. Float wave power plant floating natural gas liquefaction plant comprises vertical cylindrical housing accommodating mechanical sea wave energy converter including a screw pair, spring, sinker, gear freewheel clutch, adapter, the shunt gear, a multiplier, electric generator. Additionally there is module-pontoon 2, which is made in the form of cylindrical waterproof cover. Inside the shell there are at least four mechanical sea wave energy converter, each of which includes a gear pair. Ball screw pair is made in the form of screw arranged in vertical plane and interacting with nut installed in a fixed base. Sinker is made in the form of a sphere and is attached to the upper end of the screw, where between a sinker and base coaxially to the spring. On the surface of the nut drive wheel gear pair is secured coaxially.EFFECT: higher sensitivity of mechanical energy converter of sea waves at their low amplitudes, increased percentage of sea wave energy conversion into electric energy.1 cl, 5 dwg

Hydraulic wave energy-to-electric energy // 2570789
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic wave energy-to-electric energy is intended to convert wave energy to electric energy. The hydraulic wave energy-to-electric energy comprises frame, rod 3 having cylindrical and helical parts, ellipsoidal float 4, interlock that prevents rotation of rod 3 around vertical axis, body 5 fixed to the frame with rotor 6 placed inside that converts reciprocating movement of rod 3 to rotating movement of rotor 6 and flange 7, whereat magnets 8 are fixed so that they are rotated with rotor 6. Float 4 is represented by elastic corrugated pipe 19 with extension spring 20 inside it, via switching of three-position of electromagnetic distribution valve 14 connected to compressed air source the above pipe may be interconnected with atmosphere through air duct 15 and change its length within limits equal to half of the wave length.EFFECT: effective electric energy generation is provided due to fast change of the float length up to value equal to half of wave length.2 dwg

Floating wave energy generator // 2570788
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: floating wave energy generator is intended for conversion of wave energy to electric energy. Wave energy generator comprises frame 1, rod 3 having cylindrical and helical parts, ellipsoidal float 4, guide 14, body 5 fixed to the frame with rotor 6 placed inside that converts reciprocating movement of rod 3 to rotating movement of rotor 6 and flange 7, whereat magnets 8 are fixed so that they are rotated with rotor 6, interlock 15 that locks position of rotating disc 16, through which float is rotating around the vertical axis. Float 4 is fixed rigidly at rod 3. Guide 14 excludes spontaneous rotation of rod 3 around vertical axis.EFFECT: effective generation of electric energy is ensured due to float rotation around its vertical axis and in result change in projected length of ellipse major axis from zero up to maximum value equal to half of wave length in cross-section perpendicular to direction of the wave movement.4 dwg

Float wave power plant (versions) // 2567916
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: float wave power plant comprises streamline tight float 1, unit 4 fixed at float 1 with hanging over rope wire 5, to which end vertical pendulum 6 is fixed, electric generator 12 and anchor 11 dropped to the bottom. Auxiliary unit 10 is fixed at float 1. Between unit 4 and auxiliary unit 10 at float 1 there are two drums 7 and 8 connected by their axes, and rope wire 5 is wound on one of them with pendulum 6 fixed to the end of rope wire, while rope wire 9 is wound on the other drum 9, and this rope wire is hung over auxiliary unit 10 and fixed to anchor 11. Winding direction of rope wires 5 and 9 to the first and second drums 7 and 8 is opposite. Rotor of electric generator 12 is connected to the common axis of drums 7 and 8.EFFECT: reduced weight and dimensions of float wave power plant and improved reliability of its operation.4 cl, 12 dwg

Wave energy conversion system // 2567344
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to wave energy conversion, namely to a device for energy extraction from wave motion. Apparatus (10) includes floating actuating mechanism (14) and pump (15) arranged in water column, usually at sea bottom (13). Apparatus (10) operates in a closed loop mode. A fluid medium under high pressure is pumped to the shore by means of pump (15); energy is extracted in the form of useful work by means of plant (17) located on the shore. Mechanism (14) is connected to pump (15) by means of wireline (19) and is in a suspended state in water column (11) above pump (15). Mechanism (14) is provided with a connection device providing an elastic connection between a hollow body and wireline (19). The connection device includes a damping device having a possibility of supporting a rigid connection between the hollow body and wireline (19) till the load between them exceeds the pre-set value; after that, the damping device allows their restricted relative movement in order to weaken the load.EFFECT: group of inventions is aimed at weakening of excess loads on components of apparatus (10) in order to avoid damage to them under unfavourable weather conditions.29 cl, 21 dwg

Wave energy conversion unit // 2562877
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the devices converting energy of waves into electrical energy. The device contains a floating buoy 24, a platform 1 with a tank, a pin for fastening of the platform 1 to the bottom, the top and bottom plates connected by the rod with a possibility of vertical movement with reference to the platform 1, first and second pistons, fixed to the top and bottom plates, respectively, two groups of liquid guides, fixed to the platform 1. Each guide of the first group is designed as the first guiding tube 31 with two check valves and the first side tube 32 connected with the tube 31 on the section between valves. In each tube 32 one of the first pistons is placed. One end of each tube 31 is designed with a possibility of placement below the water level. Each guide of the second group is designed as the second guiding tube 41 with two check valves and the second side tube 42 connected with the tube 41 on the section between valves. In each tube 42 one of the second pistons is placed. One end of each tube 41 is designed with a possibility of placement below the water level. The top plate is connected with a buoy 24 and designed with grooves along the perimeter in which the first and second groups of guides are placed. Pistons are installed in tubes 32 and 42 with a possibility of movement together with the top and bottom plates at lifting and lowering of the buoy 24 and pumping of water into the tank through the tubes 31, 41.EFFECT: invention is aimed at creation of the effective wave energy conversion device.4 cl, 7 dwg

Wave energy converter (versions) // 2559956
FIELD: energy engineering.SUBSTANCE: wave energy converter comprises a float 2 located on the surface, pivotally connected frames 3, 4. The frame 3 is connected to the float 2 through the rod and is pivotally connected to the shaft 6 of the cylinder located in the array 1 of water. The cylinder communicates with a hydraulic motor 22 connected to the generator. The second frame 4 is pivotally connected to the cylinder. Each frame is made triangular in the form of two levers with a jumper rigidly connected to them. The jumper of the first frame is connected to the shaft 6. The jumper of the second frame 4 is connected to the cylinder. The frames are connected to each other with the bases. The second frame 4 is connected to the rod to the ballast weight 7 located on the bottom.EFFECT: simplified design and mass of the converter.3 cl, 9 dwg

Device for electric or mechanical power generation by wave motion // 2554704
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to power generation devices, particularly electric power generators utilising wave motion in water basins. Device includes at least one functional unit containing at least a main or drive shaft with a drive gear (13b) attached fast to it, engaging and rotated by linear control element (15b), at least two driven shafts (21b, 22b) actuated by at least main or drive shaft of unidirectional drive device, each capable of connection at least to electric power generator, two driven cogwheels (18b, 19b) on opposite ends of main or drive shaft, drive device connecting each cogwheel (18b, 19b) to the main or drive shaft, thus aligning the shaft rotation under effect of element (15b) with the cogwheel rotation (18b, 19b), and flat cogwheel engaging the cogwheel (18b, 19b). Each cogwheel (18b, 19b) is connected to respective shaft (21b, 22b).EFFECT: device installed onshore or off-shore in floating, semi-submerged or submerged position.9 cl, 14 dwg

Electric device and method for wave power unit // 2546138
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an electric device with a winding (12) and a device for induction of current in a winding. The bridge circuit (400) electrically connects the winding (12) with the load (13). According to the invention the bridge circuit (400) comprises a capacitor device (401, 402) which is adapted to resonance with an impedance of the winding (12).EFFECT: increase of power takeoff coefficient of a power unit.21 cl, 8 dwg

Wave energy conversion unit // 2540525
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: wave energy conversion unit includes flap 4 swung with waves and having positive buoyancy, horizontal hinges 3, fixed foundation 1, power takeoff device connected to foundation 1. The unit is equipped with vertical frame 2 connected along the lower edge to foundation 1 through horizontal hinges 3, which is also connected to foundation 1 by means of the power takeoff device made in the form of linear electric generator 7. Flap 4 has a possibility of free sliding along vertical guides of frame 2, thus providing optimum position relative to the varying water level.EFFECT: providing use efficiency of wave energy and improving reliability of the unit.3 cl, 4 dwg

Float wave electric power plant // 2513070
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for electric power generation by conversion of wave energy. The power plant consists of a streamline water-tight float 1 and a cylindrical body 3 placed vertically inside the float with a pendulum 4 located inside the body. The pendulum 4 is suspended to the end of a cable 5 which is thrown over a block 6 installed at a rotating axis 7. The other end of the cable 5 is connected to an anchor 9 placed at the bottom. A rotor with permanent magnets of electric generator 10 is connected to the rotating axis 7 of the block. A stator of the generator 10 is fixed in the body 3. The stator winding of the generator 10 is connected to the input of a charger 11 while the output of the charger 11 is connected to an accumulator battery 13 which is located together with the charger 11 in an instrumentation module in the upper part of the float 1.EFFECT: invention is oriented to increase in power, reduction in dimensions and weight of the float wave electric power plant.3 dwg

System to convert energy of water waves into power and mechanism to vary oscillating movement into unidirectional rotation (versions) // 2500917
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: mechanism of permanent rotation to vary oscillating movement into unidirectional rotation of an output shaft comprises a gear 27, attached to an input shaft 321a, the first coupling 322c, attached to the input shaft 321a, a gear 323f, connected between the gear 27 and the coupling 322c, a gear 323j, connected to an intermediate shaft 325a, a gear 323g and a single-sided coupling 322d, connected to the intermediate shaft 325b, an intermediate shaft 325c with a gear 323l, connected to the single-sided coupling 322d. The coupling 322c is connected to the intermediate shaft 325a. Connection between the gears 323j and 3231 is achieved by means of the intermediate gear 323k, which is connected to the output shaft 327.EFFECT: provision of high extent of wave energy usage.16 cl, 18 dwg

Device using energy of sea waves // 2478828
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: device using energy of sea waves comprises a floating body (1), connected by means of a flexible connecting facility (3) with a converter (6), moving reciprocally in a linear generator (2). The floating body (1) is suited for floating on sea, and a stator (8) of the generator is suited for anchoring at sea bottom. A guide device (9) is installed at the inlet of the connecting facility (3) into a jacket (4) of the generator (2) and comprises a hollow body (12), having lower and upper holes (17, 18). The upper hole (18) is larger than the lower hole (17). The connecting facility (3) is suited for passage through the lower hole (17) and the upper hole (18) of the guide device, besides, a part of the connecting facility momentarily arranged between the specified holes, is determined as a guide part, at the same time the lower hole (17) is arranged so that the guide part next to the lower hole is at one straight line with the specified central axis, and the upper hole (18) is arranged so that the guide part next to the upper hole may form an angle with the central axis. The invention also relates to the method for power generation and to application of the device using energy of sea waves for power generation.EFFECT: generation of power from potential sources of energy without regard to relative side position of a floating body.24 cl, 4 dwg

Wave energy converter // 2472030
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: wave energy converter includes platform 22 submerged into water space. Platform 22 is supported in water by means of fully buried float and retained by means of halyard 28, such as chain, rope or cable wire, which attaches the platform to bottom of water space. Pump assembly is fixed on platform and includes double-acting pump 9 performing back-and-forth movement and surface float 2. Float 2 can float on surface of water space. Floatability of surface float 2 creates upward stroke of double-acting pump 9 when wave height increases, and weight of surface float 9 creates downward stroke of double-acting pump when wave height decreases. Displacement of fully sunken float is larger than displacement of combined sunken weight of platform 22, pump assembly and halyard 28 so that halyard 28 remains stretched during downward stroke of double-acting pump 9.EFFECT: creation of efficient wave energy converter.16 cl, 7 dwg

Wave power plant // 2467199
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to wave power plant for generation of electric power. Wave power plant includes a floating body provided with possibility of floating in the sea, and electric linear oscillator with stator 5 and translator 6 performing back-and-forth movements. Stator 5 is provided with possibility of being anchored at the sea bottom. Translator 6 is connected to floating body by means of connection device. Translator 6 is supported with many rolling elements 15 so that circumferential gap 14 is formed between stator and translator. Each rolling element has elasticity that is rather low to comply with the condition consisting in the fact that the result of change of width "d" of the gap is the change of full force of rolling elements 15, which exceeds full magnetic forces on translator 6, which are the result of the above change of width "d".EFFECT: invention is aimed at improvement of operating reliability.20 cl, 8 dwg

Wave power device // 2466294
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: wave power device comprises a floating body 1, which floats on sea, and an electric linear generator 2, comprising a stator 5 and a converter 8, making reciprocal movements along the central axis. The stator 5 may be fixed to the sea bottom, and the converter 8 is connected to the floating body 1 with the help of a connecting facility 3, 7. The generator 2 is enclosed into a water impermeable capsule 4, having an upper end wall with a hole, through which the connecting facility 7 stretches. The hole makes a seal 12, tightly adjacent to the connecting facility 7. The seal 12 is arranged in a flexible manner.EFFECT: higher efficiency and reliability of a wave power device.14 cl, 2 dwg

Sea wave energy converter // 2462613
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: sea wave energy converter includes upper float 1 located on the water surface, hydraulic cylinder 2 and electric generator with the rotor performing back-and-forth movement, and fixed stator. Rotor consists of constant magnets. Stator includes inductance coils. Hydraulic cylinder 2 is installed inside float 1 and represents a double-acting pump. Converter is equipped with hydraulic vibrator consisting of the cylinder filled with fluid, along the axis of which there arranged with possibility of back-and-forth movement is stepped shaft mechanically connected to generator rotor, and hydraulically through control distributing slide valve to pressure and drain chambers of hydraulic cylinder 2. Vibrator and generator is installed inside pipe 8 connecting hydraulic cylinder 2 to lower float 9, through depth control 12 connected to sea bottom. Float 9 buoyancy is higher than float 1 buoyancy.EFFECT: higher efficiency of the proposed converter, which is achieved by conversion of low-frequency vibrations of float on sea wave surface to high-frequency vibrations of rotor of linear generator with respect to fixed magnetic conductor.2 cl, 3 dwg

Wave energy plant // 2440510
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: wave energy plant comprises a linear electric generator 3, including a stator 12 and a generating core 13, capable of vertical reciprocal movement inside the stator 12, a hollow float 4, a stem 5, which kinematically connects the core 13 with the float 4, vertical guide beams 6 with support rollers 14 moving in them, dampers 15. The plant is equipped with a vertical stand 1, which is fixed, for instance, in soil of a water reservoir 2, and a casing 7 fixed in it and made as a hollow box from non-metal material with central holes 10 and 11 on an arch 8 and a bottom 9, inside of which there is a stator 12 and a core 13. Beams 6 are rigidly fixed on the arch 8 and the bottom 9 of the body 7. Rollers 14 are attached to the side surface of the core 13. The float 4, comprising a bottom, a nose part, an arch 18 and a valve 26, is connected to the stem 5 via a hinged device 16, which is rigidly connected to the arch 18 of the float 4.EFFECT: increased efficiency, higher reliability of operation, increased resource of operation with design simplification.7 cl, 3 dwg

Conversion plant of wave energy to electric energy // 2431057
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: conversion plant of wave mechanical energy to electric energy includes the support fixed at the bottom, floating device 9 connected to the support, and conversion device of mechanical energy to electric energy. Floating device includes a float and a guide. Float includes the rim on which a cover with a chamber is fixed, hinged spherical sliding bearing rigidly installed in the centre of rim, and valve 25 for pumping of air to the chamber. One end of the guide of floating device 9 is rigidly attached along the float axis to internal spherical bearing race. Conversion device includes linear electric generator 8 the generating inductor of which is directly connected along the axis to the second end of the guide of floating device 9, and guide axis 10 is rigidly fixed on the other end of generating inductor. Guide of floating device 9 and guide axis 10 of the generating inductor kinematically interacts with sliding bearings 11 and 12 fixed in supports 13 and 14 installed along axis of housing 9 of electric generator 8 on its both end sides.EFFECT: simplifying the conversion procedure of wave energy to electric energy by creating the easy-to-manufacture, reliable and effective operating plant.8 cl, 4 dwg

Power system built around float-type pump // 2430264
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: power generation system 1911 comprises pump 1913 with working fluid inlet and working fluid discharge outlet, first discharge line communicated with outlet, second discharge line communicated with outlet, first tank communicated with first discharge line and second tank communicated with second discharge line. First discharge line allow working fluid flow to be forced via outlet. Second discharge line allow working fluid flow to be forced via outlet. Pump 1913 forces working fluid into first tank in the case of first-size waves and forces working fluid into second tank in the case of second-size waves.EFFECT: higher safety and efficiency, lower costs.21 cl, 68 dwg, 4 tbl

Wave hydro-electric station // 2416037
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: wave hydro-electric station consists of wave converters of power 1, cases 3 of which are connected with cylinders strung on them by means of power cords. Converter of progressive motion of working fluid 13 is connected with its inlet to outlet of cylinder 6 made in its lower cavity, while with its output it is connected to an upper cavity of same cylinder 6. Valves 8 are installed in piston 7. Generator of electric energy 18 is connected to power rectifier 19 and to information socket 20 connected to sealed socket 5 positioned on cover 3. Piston 7 is connected to cable 21 or to a rigid bar. Dynamic stabilisers 24 are secured on cable 21; load 26 and bottom fasteners 27 are located on the end of cable 21; control coupling 22 is installed between cable 21 and piston 7; power rectifiers 19 are united with a line and are connected to the converter into three-phase alternate voltage, to converter of water into liquefied hydrogen and liquefied oxygen by means of electric power, and to water desalting plant connected to a water scoop.EFFECT: increased power and automatic diagnosing and control over station.4 dwg

Wave electric station // 2405967
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: wave electric station contains operating sections each represented as hollow straight four-sided V blocks, in cross section and in the form of rectangular. It is open from the bottom and linked with water medium. The above sections are installed lengthwise closely to each other. There are two open-end longitudinal windows in the top part of V-block, which form intake and pressure main lines and rectangular windows. The sections are located between vertical boards hung butt-to-butt inside two parallel lines punched into pile bottom.EFFECT: increased power output from plant and simplified design.3 cl, 9 dwg

System for electrical energy production // 2405966
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: system includes a number of generator units (4a-6c) located in sea and a number of switchgear (1a-1c) located in sea. Each switchgear (1a-1c) is connected with a number of generator units (4a-6c). According to the invention, the system comprises a number of primary intermediate stations (17a-17c). It also includes at least one secondary intermediate station (19). Each primary intermediate station (17a-17c) is linked with a number of switchgears, and each secondary intermediate station (19) is connected with a number of primary intermediate stations (17a-17c). In addition, the secondary intermediate station is connected with on-land electrical network. The switching device (192) is available to ensure connection with different locations (193, 194, 195) of electrical network.EFFECT: creation of system which is technically and economically compatible for supplying power to common electrical network.28 cl, 6 dwg

Wave power plant of kovalev is // 2403434
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: wave power plant comprises vessel with electric generator installed in it, rotor connected to the latter with vertical axis of rotation, with horizontal blades. Between the latter vertical blades are installed with serial alternation of vertical and horizontal ones. Blades are installed in plane of undisturbed surface of water so that the latter is plane of symmetry for them.EFFECT: increased efficiency of wave power plant operation by increase of share of wave kinetic energy transformed by plant into mechanical energy of rotary shaft.4 dwg

Wave electric power station // 2386051
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: wave electric power station intended for being installed on or in the sea or lake, for power generation includes floating construction and at least one floating body 1 which is moved vertically in relation to floating construction and is connected to the aforesaid construction through power transmission device. Floating construction includes a deck which is supported in fact with vertical supports. Supports have a pontoon functioning as damper and adapted for being arranged below water level. Deck, supports and pontoon comprise the space within which floating body 1 or bodies are located. In fact, pontoons have square section with oblique angles and with width which is more than height so that the floating construction is essentially fixed relative to still water level.EFFECT: increasing output energy of wave electric power station.17 cl, 17 dwg

Power system based on float pump // 2353797
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to float pump units in power systems based on float pumps, in which water motion is used for transportation of gas, liquid and their combinations from one place to another. Float pump comprises float having controlled volume, which is arranged with the possibility of return displacement under effect of waves, piston installed with the possibility of sliding inside piston cylinder and connected to float. Piston is arranged with the possibility of return displacement in the first direction and second direction under effect of float motion. Piston moves in the second direction for suction of working fluid medium into piston cylinder and moves in the first direction for removal of working medium from piston cylinder.EFFECT: creation of environmentally safe, highly efficient, low cost devices for power generation.27 cl, 30 dwg, 4 tbl

Wave power plant // 2345244
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to hydraulic engineering. Wave power plant comprises body placed on supports, solenoids fixed inside body and ferromagnetic rods installed in solenoids. Body is installed on shaft with the possibility of rotation. External surface of body is arranged as circular-cylindrical with blades in the form of double-threaded Archimedean screw and is equipped with current-collecting elements. Solenoids are arranged as annular, are oriented and fixed in planes that are perpendicular to shaft longitudinal axis. Ferromagnetic rods are arranged in the form of tore and are equipped with rollers. Length of body is accepted as equal to at least half of wave length.EFFECT: provision of electric power generation stability.2 dwg

Device meant for using sea wave energy // 2343308
FIELD: engineering industry.SUBSTANCE: device can be used in water power engineering. Closed floating casing is installed on supports so that it can rotate. To inner surface of the casing attached are solenoids wherein located are ferromagnetic pins. Rod is located inside the casing and is connected with ferromagnetic pins. Casing's rotation axis is located at an angle to rod axis. Rod is installed on rollers and spring-loaded on both ends. Casing is equipped with current-collecting elements and vane propeller.EFFECT: providing the specified value of travel and uniform speed of movement of ferromagnetic pins in solenoids at various wave amplitudes using wave advance energy.2 dwg

Device to exploit wave energy // 2329397
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: device exploiting the wave energy incorporates a support with openings for water overflowing and a frame furnished with storm pumps, the extreme of which, incorporating discharge valves, communicate via a pipe with a receiver and curvilinear deflector connected to the pumps rods, the deflector being made in the form of a float with its concave surface facing the incoming wave, a balancer arranged opposite to deflector on the frame mounted to rotate about a horizontal axis laying between the balancer and deflector and a working pump fitted on the support with its rod coupled via transfer mechanism with the frame. The support front incorporates a wave killer made in the form of a prism, its apex directed towards the wave, and arranged to vertically move on along the support. The wave killer height makes half the height of the support. The medium storm pump has a branch pipe communicating via the pipe with the receiver and used a the deflector pusher. Storm pumps incorporate openings allowing the piston back free stroke.EFFECT: simpler design and higher reliability.1 dwg

Wave power plant // 2316670
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: proposed plant is designed for converting energy of waves into electric energy. Proposed plant contains vertical support secured on bottom, rocking rod installed on support for rotation around axis of support, float secured on one of rod ends. Float is provided with intake bottom hole and outlet top hole, both provided with remote controlled valves, and electric generator. Upper end of support remains under water at any possible magnitudes of waves. Wave magnitude sensor is connected with remote controlled valves, float is connected to pneumatic line connected with pressure source, rocking rod is connected with pump which is connected by pipeline with accumulator of hydropotential energy on shore, electric generator is located on shore and is coupled with hydraulic turbine connected with accumulator of hydropotential energy. Plant changes to safe mode of operation owing to filling of float with water at excess of magnitudes waves determined by corresponding wave magnitude sensor.EFFECT: provision of reliable and long operation.9 cl, 3 dwg

Wave energy converter // 2300663
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention is designed for conversion of wave energy into electric energy. Proposed converter contains mechanically coupled fixed post, float chambers, frame, shaft, step-up gear and electric generator. Moreover, converter additionally contains relatively interacting second shaft, first and second gears and at least two motion converters. First and second gears are fixed on corresponding shafts and engage with each other. Each motion converter has vertical rod installed for vertical vibration on upper end of which first block is installed, and on lower end, third sprocket engaging with first and second float chambers. First and second overrunning clutches with sprockets are installed on shafts and they engage through first and second chains with third sprocket.EFFECT: increased efficiency.8 cl, 7 dwg

Wave power plant // 2227844
The invention relates to hydropower and is designed for converting sea wave energy into electrical

Way to use the energy of the sea waves and device for its implementation // 2221933
The invention relates to the field of hydropower, and specifically to the conversion of kinetic energy of sea waves into electricity

arine power plant // 2198317
The invention relates to hydropower and is designed to convert the energy of ocean waves and tides in hydraulic, ispolzuemuyu to drive generators and the various mechanisms by means of hydraulic actuators

Wave power plant // 2187692
The invention relates to the field of hydropower, in particular to installations that converts wave energy into useful form of energy, while improving the ecology of the reservoir and the coast, protected from the damaging effects of breaking waves

Coastal buoy // 2185303
The invention relates to mechanics, in particular the warning light buoys, coastal marine waters

Tidal power plant // 2182256
The invention relates to hydropower and can be used, in particular, tidal power plants

Wave modular hydroelectric // 2166124
The invention relates to wave energy, namely, devices for energy conversion pitching floating means into electrical energy by alternate movement of fluid through the hydraulic turbine

A device for converting wave energy // 2143583
The invention relates to hydraulic motors that use a moving element driven by the energy of the waves, mostly marine, relative to another element, which at least in one place still attached to the bottom of the sea or the shore