Submerged units incorporating electric generators or motors (F03B13/10)

ethod of operation of hydro-electric turbine system // 2641804
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: method comprises the following steps: place a turbine 12 on the seabed in a zone of a reservoir prone to tidal actions; lay an electrical cable for transferring electrical energy from the turbine 12 to a remote location; provide the possibility of rotation of the turbine 12 and the generation of electrical energy due to the energy of the tidal flow of water passing through the turbine 12; and before electric connection of the cable to the turbine 12 absorb electric energy by the load unit 16. The unit 16 is electrically connected to the turbine 12. The unit 16 is installed in the hydro-electric turbine system 10.EFFECT: simplification of installation of the hydro-electric turbine system in the reservoir prone to tidal actions.9 cl, 6 dwg

Shaftless straight-flow hydraulic turbine // 2637280
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: shaftless straight-flow hydraulic turbine includes an impeller, a rim enclosing the ends of impeller blades, a rotor of generator with poles comprising one unit with the rim, a generator stator, a seal on the two sides of the rim. The rim with the rotor and the generator stator are enclosed in a chamber. The chamber has an inlet for compressed air supply with possibility of its feed adjustment, an inlet for pressure sensor in the chamber, a water flow pressure sensor located on the generator chamber. Ends of the rim are provided with circular concentric ridges. An air channel between the impeller rim and the turbine flow part is filled with porous material in form of cellular seals.EFFECT: improved reliability of shaftless straight-flow hydraulic turbine design.2 dwg

ethod of obtaining electric power in operation of injection and development wells // 2623318
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic motor and a power generator connected to it through a shaft are lowered on a suspension into the production string of the injection or development well down to a level below the static level of the fluid. The annular space between the bodies of the hydraulic motor and the power generator and the production string are closed by a packer. When the level in the well is increased or lowered by injecting or removing fluid out of the well, due to the fact that the dynamic level always tends to static, the fluid will drive the hydraulic motor and the power generator generating power supplied to the wellhead through an electric cable.EFFECT: reduction of energy costs and increased efficiency.2 cl, 2 dwg

Run-of-river microhydro power plant // 2619966
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: invention is intended to provide the electrical power to the small settlements, camps of geologists, hunters, fishermen, logging companies, by conversion the river channel flows power into electrical power. Run-of-river microhydro power plant (microPP) includes a body 1 in the form of the cylindrical shell, consisting of two halves - the turbine 5 with the blades 7 and the engine room with the generator 27, closed from the ends by the non-rotating pull heads 2 and 3, connected rigidly by bolts 35 with circular heads 37 for the anchor rods 38 with delimiters. The axial turbine 5 is installed at the through hollow axle 4, having the internal thread at the ends for locked bolts 35.EFFECT: invention is directed to the development of the compact with simplified cylindrical body reliable microhydroPP for uninterrupted power supply to consumers.4 cl, 5 dwg

ethod of electric power generation by means of pressure conversion under water // 2616692
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: high pressure under water in water body with deep water is converted to electric energy by means of present method. Plurality of pressure transducers is immersed in said water body. Each transducer has large compression chamber. Air volume is compressed under water in water body using high-pressure until compressed air under high pressure. Compressed air is supplied into expansion chamber, in which turbine is arranged. Turbine is rotated by means of compressed air. Turbine in its turn, rotates electric generator, connected to it, to provide electric power generation.EFFECT: thus, high pressure energy is converted into electric energy.9 cl, 9 dwg

Orthogonal turbine (versions) // 2616334
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: orthogonal turbine according to the first embodiment contains the curved along the cylindrical helical line, at least one blade with an aerofoil profile in its cross-section, at that the blade is mounted across riding on it the air or water flow with ability to rotate around the axis of the cylindrical helical line, and the input edge of the aerofoil profile is directed towards the blade rotation. The blades ends are fixed relatively to the shaft, mounted with ability to rotate, coaxially to the cylindrical helix coil axis and connected to the electric generator shaft, the blade ends are fixed relatively to the shaft by means of the cantilever beams. The shaft is formed by two half-shafts, each is connected with one of the cantilever beams and is mounted on its support, the blade is curved without intermediate supports along the cylindrical helix with a constant radius of curvature, so that in each cross section the aerofoil profile of the blade is formed at the acute angle to the circle tangential, traced by the entry edge of the blade airfoil profile, and that the blade ends are rotated relatively to each other by 360°. The second embodiment differs from the orthogonal turbine of the first embodiment in that, the blade is fixed relatively to the shaft with one of its ends by means of the cantilever beam, at that the shaft is mounted cantilevered at the support, the cantilever beam is provided with the counterweight of aerodynamic shape mounted cantilevered on the shaft.EFFECT: efficiency increase of the orthogonal turbines with airfoil blades by increasing the efficiency of the fluid power conversion, namely the water or wind flow power.2 cl, 3 dwg

Device for stable underwater electric power transmission to drive high-speed engines or other underwater loads // 2614741
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrical engineering. Device for stable underwater electric power transmission to drive high-speed engines or other underwater loads, e.g. pumps, compressors and control systems, represents rotary stepped frequency change device, more precisely, frequency increase or decrease rotary device; it comprises engine and generator functionally connected so, that engine drives generator; at least, one vessel filled with gas and/or liquid, in which, at least, one of engine and generator is arranged, wherein cable length is long, which means long enough, to cause problems due to Ferranti effect at frequencies and power levels, suitable for underwater pumps and compressors engines. Through lengthy cable device gets power supply at input at sufficiently low frequency to have stable transmission. Functionally connected to engine device, at output outputs electric current frequency, current and voltage, suitable for connected engines operation. Hydrocarbon fluid medium underwater pressure increase system or other fluid medium comprises said device.EFFECT: invention can be used in equipment for electric power transmission to underwater loads, located far from platform surface parts or from shore, requiring transmission of high power.15 cl, 7 dwg, 4 tbl

Distributor of microhydropower plant // 2603882
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to small hydropower. Distributor of a microhydropower plant is formed by a set of lengthwise ribs forming a set of guide channels to feed accelerated water jets to the hydraulic turbine impeller blades and arranged in an annular space between the outer and the inner shells of the unit basic housing concentrically surrounding the multiplier and the electric generator. On the inner shell there is a fairing. Housing equipped with a confuser is made in the form of a truncated cone, the central cavity of which is formed by the inner cylindrical shell. Guide channels are made in the form of cone sectors with variable cross sections in the water flow direction. Bases of the cone are arcs of the external and internal shells circles, and lateral sides are lengthwise ribs, height of which decreases toward the water flow outlet to the hydraulic turbine impeller blades.EFFECT: invention is aimed at reducing radial dimensions and material consumption, at providing manufacturability and ease of maintenance of the microhydropower plant distributor.1 cl, 4 dwg

ethod of accumulating and generating electric power from alternative sources, including energy of explosives, as well as accumulation of energy from underloaded generating facilities // 2591359
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: substance of invention is similar to function of HPSPP and is intended for accumulating energy of alternative sources, as well as energy from underloaded generating facilities, for covering peak loads in electric networks and supporting networks from wind power plants during shortage or absence of their power. Energy from alternative sources and energy of underloaded generating facilities is converted pneumatically by compressor into compressed air, which forces out water through cavity of accumulating container. Container directed to water surface, is held at a depth of braking system to complete gaining of power. Upon gaining full power, braking system is braked, and container is directed upward to surface, which leads to overflow of ropes from upper block to lower block. Energy of overflow of ropes is tapped by extreme blocks of upper container, and on shaft, torque via reduction gear is transmitted to generator that generates electric power. In upper dead point there is air or gas release from explosion, which leads to overflow of ropes in reverse direction and electric power generation.EFFECT: in this technology, electric energy can be generated by using energy of explosive substances, wherein water from accumulating container is forced out by gas from explosive.1 cl, 1 dwg
iniature hydroelectric station // 2582714
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: claimed miniature electric power station with the hydraulic turbine horizontal axis integrated the electric generator arranged in the single basic housing. It incorporates the stator, rotor, output waterproof cable and vaned hydraulic turbine articulated with the rotor via step-up gearing. Said turbine includes the wheel 31, vanes 32, feed chamber, cowl, stator and straightener blades. Said electric generator represents the reversible design. The stator is shaped to the sleeve 9 accommodating the laminated core 10 with winding 11 and fitted on the stator fixed shaft 13 rigidly connected with the basic body. The rotor is shaped to the ring 23 with permanent magnets 24 arranged in its inner surface around said core 10 to make the radial working clearance and rigidly secured from both side to the rotor bearing discs 25, 26 resting via the bearings on the shaft 13. Hence, the rotor hollow body is composed to house the core 10 with winding 11.EFFECT: decreased overall dimensions and material input, higher reliability and power output per unit weight, longer life.7 cl, 1 dwg

Underwater hydrostatic power plant // 2574686
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: underwater hydrostatic power plant comprises a cylindrical vessel divided into compartments and fixed to the bottom of the water reservoir, closed at the ends by covers with inlet and outlet nozzles, equipped by barrier lattices and valves. Inside the cylindrical vessel along with water flow the following components are serially installed: a filtration compartment, where a perforated container is placed, filled with filtering medium; a buffer compartment, filled with filtered water; a power generator compartment, in which a power generator is installed, electric slots, electric cables, automatic control and monitoring equipment, a control transformer, a start accumulator and discharge pipes; a turbine compartment, where a hydraulic turbine is installed with a horizontal shaft and a suction pipe, connected via the shaft with a power generator rotor and via discharge pipes with the buffer compartment; a spent water removal compartment, where the perforated container is placed, filled with porous, mechanically strong, corrosion-resistant material, and a latticed electric water heater arranged near the edge of the outlet end of the perforated container.EFFECT: increased efficiency of an underwater hydrostatic power plant during utilisation of potential water energy of deep-water reservoirs.3 dwg

Damless micro run-of-river plant // 2572255
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: damless micro run-of-river plant contains a hydraulic turbine 1 with blades 2, and machine section 3, held by anchor poles 9. Casing of the micro run-of-river plant is made as hollow ellipsoid of revolution, and is divided along length to halves containing hydraulic turbine with blades 2 and machine section 3 with installed inside generator 5. The micro run-of-river plant is installed in the rectangular channel-tray 11 out of planks, along its sides the pockets with stones are arranged for reliable securing on the river bed. In the front part the leaves-shutters 17 are arranged on hinges to direct the water flow to the hydraulic turbine 1 upon their opening by 30…45 degrees at angle to axis of the micro run-of-river plant, to increase flow speed and to direct the water flow bypassing the turbine 1, when the shutters are closed.EFFECT: invention designs compact and reliable micro run-of-river plant for fail-safe power supply of small consumers.4 cl, 6 dwg

ethod of making of secondary energy carrier - hydrogen by wind energy conversion // 2567484
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: method of making of secondary energy carrier - hydrogen by wind energy conversion includes wind kinetic energy conversion by means of sailing mover to the kinetic energy of ship movement in open ocean areas with powerful air flows, and then by means of the hydraulic turbine and electric generator to the electric energy, used for water decompounding to hydrogen and oxygen with hydrogen liquefaction and accumulation in cryogenic tanks. The twin-hull boat with sail mover is used as floating ship, it works under physical principle of wing lift. The hydraulic turbine and electric generator are used temporarily as ballast, moving them through vertical, ensuring required twin-hull boat stability under strong wind blasts.EFFECT: increased use factor of wind energy and power of sailing mover.2 dwg

Hydroelectric power station, generation of electric power and hydraulic actuator to be used at hydroelectric power station (heps) // 2567347
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: set of inventions can be used both independently for electric power generation and as a component of dam HEPS, derivation HEPS, free flow HEPS in water supply systems, water drainage systems and channel water ducts. Hydrodynamic electric power station comprises at least one hydrodynamic pipe 1 with top part communicated with water pool and bottom part communicated with atmosphere and hydraulic units arranged over the length of hydrodynamic pipe 1, each including hydraulic actuator and generator coupled with its shaft. Every hydraulic unit is coupled with accelerating motor engaged with hydraulic actuator shaft. Hydrodynamic pipe 1 features rectangular cross-section. Every hydraulic actuator comprises the rotor with swinging variable profile blades 16 fitted on two flywheels 15 arranged across said actuator, along the shaft.EFFECT: increased rpm of the blades and external fluid flow velocity.5 cl, 7 dwg

Run-of-river microhydro power plant // 2565627
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: run-of-river microhydro power plant comprises shell made as a capsule shaped as a dirigible shell or a torpedo melon. The shell is retained by anchor rods 14. The shell consists of two halves - hydroturbine 1 with blades 2 and engine room 3 with multiplier 5, generator 6, inverter wit accumulator battery 7 placed in it. At two ends of the shell there are non-rotating heads 8 and 9 with weights, herein bolts 12 are screwed with annular small heads 13, in which openings anchor rods 14 are installed with limiters 16 and connected to beam 17.EFFECT: invention is submitted for development of compact-size and reliable microhydro power plant for uninterrupted power supply of small consumers.3 cl, 6 dwg

Water-pressure engine // 2563287
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: claimed invention allows the engine efficiency increase by coupling the auger with the turbine. Water flow forced into water duct, first, accelerates the auger and, then, the turbine. Water flow rushed at water duct bottom develops the maximum power. The turbine tends to speed up and to accelerate the auger further, hence, to change it to the pump that increases the water intake into water duct.EFFECT: increased flow power, engine rpm and engine power output.3 dwg

Hydroelectric power plant without arrangement of dam // 2562351
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: invention proposes different versions of implementation of a large-sized hydroelectric power plant without any arrangement of a dam, which includes base 1 and frame 5 of the turbine, which is installed in base 1, and hydraulic mechanisms 8 with at least one row of blades available with them. Shaft 10 of the turbine is installed inside frame 5 and connected to at least one generator 15. The first and the second supporting assemblies 11 and 2 intended for attachment of shaft 10 are installed inside frame 5. Each of hydraulic mechanisms 8 includes frame 17 of the blade, inside which several shafts 3 of blades are installed, around which the blades rotate. Stops 4 of the blades for control of an opening angle of each of the blades are installed in frame 17 or on shafts 3.EFFECT: designing of a large-sized hydroelectric power plant without any arrangement of a dam that is cheap and for construction of which shorter terms are required.11 cl, 3 dwg

Orthogonal turbine with positive buoyancy // 2559900
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydropower engineering, in particular to orthogonal turbines. The orthogonal turbine with positive buoyancy contains the floating block with a two-way water line 8 consisting of two cone-shaped floating pipes with rectangular section. In the place of joint of pipes the docking assembly is located which has the form of a stand where on the vertical axis the wheel of the orthogonal turbine 2 is installed. The wheel consists of a hollow shaft hub and sealed hollow disks 4 and blades 3. The shaft hub is connected through the bearing in the top cover of the turbine 2 with the drive the top end face of which contains a gear wheel for transfer of the rotary moment of the turbine 2 through the transmission to the 7th generator located in the stationary bin. End faces of the water line 8 are fitted with the flap gates 9, 10 hingedly connected among themselves by external rods.EFFECT: invention is aimed at reduction of draft of the floating block and decrease of cost of the orthogonal turbine.3 cl, 2 dwg

Stator housing for submersible linear generator // 2559033
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrical engineering and can be used in linear generators of wave power stations. A stator housing (12) for a submersible linear generator (2) comprises a cylindrical metal pipe with mounting elements (13, 14, 15, 16) for mounting of packages (19) of the stator to the internal wall of the pipe which after assembly of the linear generator (6) forms the external circumferential wall of the linear generator (6). The mounting elements (13, 14, 15, 16) comprise a set of axially distributed mounting profiles (13, 14, 15) on the internal wall of the pipe. Each assembly profile (13, 14, 15) passes in the circumferential direction and contains the first group of accepting grooves (14) for stator packages. The named accepting grooves (14) are spaced by means of radial ledges oriented inside. All the accepting grooves (14) of the same mounting profile (13, 14, 15) are axially levelled with the accepting grooves (14) of another mounting profile (13, 14, 15).EFFECT: improvement of reliability and simplification of operation.30 cl, 9 dwg

Run-of-river plant power plant of russian engineer sergej timofeevich zheleznyakov // 2557836
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydropower engineering, namely to hydroelectric power plants. A run-of-river hydroelectric power plant 2 is installed on a basement 26 and contains several rigid, water-tight housings 6 with an elliptic cross section fitted with turbine modules 8 arranged with a possibility of transmission of rotation from shafts 13 enclosed by a ring 27, turbines 12 through free-wheeling clutches 14 to the common shaft 15 passing through an onshore well 21 with the ground river water circulating in it through a reducer 16 to the rotor shaft of an electric generator 17 installed on the shore 3. In each turbine module 8 the plane of rotation of the turbine 12 blades is inclined at an angle to the longitudinal axis of the flow 1, in the zone of the hub 18 of the turbine 12 to which blades are fastened. On a guiding lattice 11 located upstream the turbine 12 a cone-shaped body 25 is installed with the top oriented upstream. From the back side on the hub 18 of the turbine 12 a hemispherical body 19 is installed. Upstream and downstream the turbine module 8 a shutoff device 7 is installed.EFFECT: invention is aimed at providing of extraction of the maximum possible part of kinetic energy of water, which freely flows in the river, for its conversion into electric power.21 cl, 9 dwg

Beam for attachment of fairing of hydro-electric power plant, and hydro-electric power plant containing such beam // 2549765
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: beam (8) for attachment of fairing (2) of hydro-electric power plant (1) has a cross section in a plane perpendicular to longitudinal axis (A8) of beam (8) in the form of a parallelogram. Beam (8) includes at least one slot that mainly passes parallel to longitudinal axis (A8) of beam (8). In the cross section perpendicular to longitudinal axis (A8) of beam (8), traces of the surfaces located along the slot pass from one of the sides of large sizes of the cross section to the adjacent side of small sizes of the cross section. Hydro-electric power plant (1) includes wheel (3) that can be rotated about axis (X1), fixed fairing (2) enveloping the wheel, and at least one beam (8) for attachment of the fairing, which attaches the fairing to central support (6) of the hydro-electric power plant.EFFECT: geometrical shape of an attachment beam allows restricting Karman vortexes and even preventing their formation at action on the beam of water flow during operation of a hydro-electric power plant.10 cl, 7 dwg

Hydraulic unit // 2549753
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic unit contains the hydraulic turbine and the electric generator. The channel of the hydraulic unit housing is formed by a surface of the channel of the electric generator rotor to which the ends of vanes of the hydraulic turbine rotor are rigidly fastened. The rotor of the electric generator contains the barrel with a cylindrical ledge in which the ring groove with magnetic system is made. The external surface of the rotor forms the working gap with the surface of the cavity of the laminated core of the stator fitted with grooves in which the winding coils fixed by wedges are laid. The stator with windings is placed in a tight cavity of the housing. The working gap of the rotor is tightly separated from the named housing cavity. The housing includes boards, detachably and tightly fastened to the cylindrical housing, and its internal surface is fitted with a groove in which the package of cores of the stator fitted on end faces with press sheets and fixed by a split ring is placed. Between sidewalls of the cylindrical ledge and the surfaces of boards the thrust bearings are installed. Between the end surfaces of the rotor and surfaces of cylindrical holes of boards the radial bearings are installed. The volume inside which the radial bearings are installed, is pressurised from a gap between the inlet and outlet channels and the housing channel.EFFECT: increase of service of the hydraulic unit and its electric generator.3 cl, 4 dwg

Wind power and hydraulic power plants and methods of power production // 2546368
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydraulic power plants and methods of power production. The main element of the hydraulic power plant is aerodynamic surface in the form of a wing, in the body of which there is a channel that connects opposite surfaces of a wing. Water sucked into this channel rotates the turbine and the power generator connected to it. The plant may be stationary or mobile.EFFECT: design improvement.9 cl, 14 dwg

Damless hydro-electric power plant // 2543362
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in hydraulic power industry as an energy conversion device of a gravity water flow to electrical energy. A damless hydro-electric power plant includes a blade wheel and a housing installed on a support. The central vertical part of the housing is made in the form of a hollow sealed cylinder filled with water or air when necessary. The horizontal part of the housing, which is rigidly attached to a cylinder, represents a truss, on which there arranged is an annular track for support rollers of a bladed wheel, a bladed wheel rotated about the hollow cylinder, a support of driven sprocket 6 of the first stage of a kinematic circuit for transmission of revolutions from the bladed wheel to an electrical energy generator, side enclosures functionally performing a role of input and output diffusers A, B.EFFECT: invention is aimed at improvement of an efficiency factor, simplification of a design and increase of unit power.4 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of flowing medium energy utilisation and device for method implementation // 2542164
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: method of flowing medium energy utilisation involves guiding a fluid medium flow to diffuser 11 where the flow is accelerated and then fed to duct 3 where it is additionally accelerated due to gradual duct 3 cross-section reduction, further conversion of kinetic flow energy into mechanical power by guiding the flow to at least one work wheel 5 with blades 6, installed in the duct 3, and further deceleration of the flow. Blades 6 of the work wheel 5 are tapered in width from inlet towards the outlet edge, side surface of the blades is convex, and outlet edge is shifted against inlet edge.EFFECT: increased flowing medium energy utilisation rate.7 cl, 3 dwg

ethod and apparatus for improved hydropower generation at existing impoundments // 2539238
FIELD: power generation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power plants and particularly to an apparatus for improved hydropower generation at existing impoundments. An apparatus for generating power through water impoundment comprises a frame 60, configured for transportation and installed in or connected to the water impoundment, a group of power generating cells placed in the frame 60 in multiple predetermined positions. The cells comprise selectively detachable, interlocked, stacked modules, vertically mounted in the frame and including a generator module 62 and a turbine module 68. The modules are interchangeable at different positions in the frame 60 without interrupting power generation in other cells. The cells are installed to obtain energy resulting from water impoundment. The cells are configured to convert the said energy by passing water through a turbine and rotating the turbine in each cell.EFFECT: invention is aimed at designing a power generating apparatus with a variable configuration.19 cl, 15 dwg

obile flow-through hydraulic power station // 2523082
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: movable flow-through hydraulic power station contains pontoon 1, fixed with anchors 2, body of water pipeline, hydraulic drive, electric current generator, control mechanisms. Body is made in the form of two hollow cylindrical pipelines 5 and 6 arranged coaxially one after another. First of the pipelines of larger section is turned by its free front end towards the water stream, the rear end of which is connected by means of cone hollow insert 7 to the front end of the pipeline of smaller section, the second end of which is open. Body is mechanically coupled with the energy unit 8. Hydraulic drive and electric current generator, the shafts of which are interconnected, are located inside this unit. Body and energy unit are attached to the bottom of the pontoon 1. Pressure tube 46, made in the form of Pitot tube, the free bent end of which is turned towards the moving water stream, and the other end through the stopcock 47 is connected to the inlet tube of turbine of hydraulic drive and its outlet tube is connected to the interior cavity of housing of minor section, is installed inside the housing of larger section.EFFECT: design simplification, increase of efficiency, improvement of air-tightness and increase of quantity of power supplied to the consumer.8 dwg

Damless submersible modular universal coastal hydroelectric power station and energy complex consisting of several modular hydroelectric power stations united by common platform // 2520336
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: hydroelectric power station comprises a pipe-water passage 2 with a hydraulic turbine 6 mounted in it, connected to the generator 7. The pipe-water passage 2 is mounted in the water reservoir and laid on the bottom of the water reservoir to the platform 8 attached to the coast. The pipe-water passage 2 is additionally provided in the upper part, which rises above the water reservoir level, with the axial pump 9 with a controllable pitch propeller. The hydraulic turbine 6 is mounted in the lower part of the pipe-water passage. The pipe-water passage 2 is fixed at the bottom of the water reservoir and has the openings 4 for entry of water. The energy complex consists of several hydroelectric power stations united by the common platform and having the necessary capacity adjustable by turning on and off the pumps.EFFECT: group of inventions enables to produce electrical energy in different climatic conditions, with the possibility of increasing the unit capacity by increasing the length of the waterfront of the hydroelectric power station.8 cl, 5 dwg

Hydro-electric ejection power plant // 2511798
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: transferred medium, air inlet is made in the form of knee pipe, vertical part of which is rigidly attached in ice and faces air, while horizontal part with a diffuser is located under ice along water flow. Air intake with ventilator and generator plant inside is tightly attached to the loose end of vertical part of knee pipe.EFFECT: simple hydro-electric plant applicable for electric power generation from hydraulic energy of river flow under ice.2 cl, 1 dwg

Submersible monoblock microhydro power plant // 2508467
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: submersible microhydro power plant for electric energy generation includes hydraulic turbine with vertical rotation axis connected to electric generator, also it includes water flow formers and device protecting against floating objects. Lower end of runner shaft 3 is connected directly to generator shaft 17 by means of splined joint. Thrust bearing of runner is rigidly fixed in upper cover of electric generator housing 15 so that it is simultaneously a pilot bearing for electric generator. Electric generator is end-type, water-filled and is located under hydraulic turbine. Hydraulic turbine housing 1 and electric generator housing 15 form single structure monoblock.EFFECT: reducing dimensions and weight, generating cheaper electric energy due to absence of investments to plants building, simplifying structure and erection works method, reducing maintenance costs.2 dwg

Power plant // 2502891
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: power plant comprises one or several energy units, comprising a body with a diffuser, a wind wheel or an impeller with blades, a power generator, a gear from a wind wheel to a power generator, including two pairs of conical gears, the first and second shafts. Each energy unit comprises a master conical gear fixed on the outlet end of the first shaft, two slave conical gears, each connected with its overrunning clutch, slave links of which are fixed on the second shaft connected via a multiplier and an elastic coupling with a power generator. The multiplier may be made in the form of a planetary row, the carrier of which is connected with the second shaft, a solar gear is connected to the power generator via an elastic coupling. The plant may be equipped with a manual and automatic controller of power generator rotation speed, the mechanical part of which is made in the form of a planetary row, the solar gear of which is connected to the output shaft of the multiplier, an epicycle is connected with the worm gear wheel, the worm of which is connected to an actuating motor, and the carrier of the planetary row via a row of kinematic links is connected to a conical geared wheel that sits as movable on the shaft of the impeller and is engaged with gears that sit on axes and connected with blades.EFFECT: plant is reliable to overloads under storm weather conditions.22 cl, 5 dwg

Turbine plant and power plant // 2502890
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: turbine plant comprises a blading 11, which includes curved blades, an inner end of each one is closed in a cavity 14, open at one side; and a generator 20, arranged in the cavity 14 and connected with the blading 11. Each curved blade has a dynamic structure and is made as capable of increase in size under action of hydrostatic pressure and with the capability of compression under action of counterpressure.EFFECT: simplified design and efficient operation.2 cl, 7 dwg

Flow-through power generator and submerged power plant on stationary platform // 2499910
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: flow-through power generator of horizontal type comprises a stator and a rotor placed on a single axis with a turbine driven by water flow forces. The rotor is made as hollow. The inner cavity of the rotor is formed as a Laval nozzle. Turbine blades are fixed inside the cavity and are directed towards the axis of rotation, being arranged along the inner surface of the rotor following helical lines. The submerged power plant on the stationary platform comprises a group of power generators installed towards the water flow on stationary supports. Supports for installation of power generators have location beds equipped with receiving cones and are arranged at the distance that is multiple to the length of the power generator section. Power generators are installed at the different depth from the water surface.EFFECT: development of a simple and reliable power generator and a submerged power plant with easy maintenance.8 cl, 3 dwg

Power system // 2499156
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: power system comprises a wind power or a hydraulic power turbine 1, connected with a generator 2. The generator 2 has at least two windings 3 of the stator. Each winding 3 of the stator is connected accordingly to one rectifying element 4. Each winding 3 of the stator is connected to the side of AC voltage of the connected rectifying element 4. Each rectifying element 4 is connected accordingly to one circuit 5 of energy accumulation. Each rectifying element 4 at the side of DC voltage is connected in parallel with the connected circuit 5 of energy accumulation. Circuits 5 of energy accumulation are connected to each other in sequence.EFFECT: simplified design and higher reliability of a power system.24 cl, 4 dwg

Orthogonal power generating unit to convert energy of water or air flows // 2462612
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: unit comprises a vertical tower 1 with a jet-directing blade device 2 arranged in a side wall to form a swirled vortex-like motion of a moving medium flow inside the tower 1 as running over the tower 1. At the side of one of the tower 1 ends into the axial area of the latter to reinforce rotation there is an output section 3 of a channel 4 introduced in direction of the motion of the medium rotating inside the tower. In the channel 4 there is an orthogonal multilevel turbine. The channel 4 at the section from the inlet to the turbine is arranged as narrowing. Each level of the turbine is arranged with arrow-shaped blades, bent along helical lines and symmetrically inclined from the area of coupling of adjacent level blades in the form of an arrowhead in the direction opposite to the blades of the adjacent turbine level. Ends of blades of the adjacent turbine levels are fixed on a ring arranged between adjacent levels of the turbine. The section 3 of the channel 4 is arranged with the axis parallel to direction of the vortex motion inside the tower 1.EFFECT: higher efficiency of a power generating unit due to increased coefficient of using kinetic energy of air or water approach flow.7 cl, 7 dwg

System of autonomous bridge lighting // 2459973
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: system of autonomous bridge lighting comprises a hydropower plant connected to a source of light and installed under water and comprising a reactive screw 1, a power generator 2, a planetary multiplier 4, arranged on a single shaft 3 between 1 and the power generator 2, and a garbage-protecting grid 6. The shaft 3 is arranged along a river watercourse. The screw 1, the multiplier 4 and the power generator 2 are installed in a single body 5 with expanded inlet and outlet holes. The grid 6 is installed in front of the screw 3 in the inlet hole of the body 5. The plant is fixed on a bridge support 7 on guides 9 as capable of vertical displacement and fixation. The system comprises a voltage frequency converter 13, connected with the power generator 2 and the light source, and a accumulator 14, connected with the converter 13, and is also equipped with a hoist 10, connected with the body 5. The converter 13, the accumulator 14 and the hoist 10 are installed on a mounting site 11, mounted into the upper part of the bridge support 7.EFFECT: higher efficiency of a lighting system due to increased speed of river watercourse as it flows around a support and increased frequency of power generator shaft rotation.3 cl, 1 dwg

Power-generating device // 2453725
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: in a power-generating device a hydraulic turbine and a synchronous power generator (3) make an assembly moving jointly with a rotor (7) of the generator. The generator rotor (7) comprises poles with permanent magnets (1). The hydraulic turbine is arranged of propeller type or Kaplan type. Hydraulic turbine blades (11) are either fixed as capable of adjustment in process of installation or are arranged as controllable by means of mechanisms of hydraulic or electric systems. The central shaft of the device is installed with the possibility to adjust its position in longitudinal and radial directions relative to the specified assembly. The generator rotor (7) is sealed and fully submerged into water, allowing for presence of water in a gap (10) between the rotor and stator of the power generator. The device additionally comprises external electronic, electromechanical or hydraulic equipment for control of electric voltage and frequency.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to simplify maintenance of a device and reduce its frequency.22 cl, 19 dwg

Hydraulic power plant // 2451824
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic power plant is a floating facility fixed by cables 2 with supports 3 on the shore, comprising one row and more turbines 4, installed in parallel on hollow platforms 7, changing into sharp edges along the vertical line in a fore part. Shafts of turbines 4 are installed in bearing supports 6 as capable of vertical displacement and are kinematically connected to a power generator 8 and starting-regulating equipment 9. There are sprockets 14 installed on shafts of turbines 4 and connected by chains 15 to each other. Upstream the floating facility 1 there is a filter 19 in the form of a wedge for discharge of objects. Blades of turbines 4 are crescent-shaped and are fixed to bodies of shafts so that their edges form a sharp angle with a water mirror. Hollow platforms 7 have a trapezoidal shape in their cross section, changing into sharp edges along the vertical line in a rear part. Vertical stands 20 of the filter 19 installed fixedly at a distance from the floating facility 1 are equipped with rollers as capable of cranking. The power generator 8 and the starting-regulating equipment 9 are installed on the shore.EFFECT: higher efficiency, safety of operation and maintenance of a power plant.3 dwg

Power generation plant operating from water flow // 2451823
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: plant comprises a vessel with an inlet and an outlet for water, a turbine 12 with multiple blades 22. The turbine 12 is equipped with a mechanism for blades control arranged as capable of controlling blade angles relative to a working flow so that each blade 22 rotates around the appropriate axis with a rotation speed equal to a half of turbine 12 shaft rotation speed, as a result a larger area of the blade 22 surface faces the incoming water flow, to drive the turbine 12 in the preset direction of rotation. The smaller area of the blade 22 surface faces the incoming water flow opposite to the driving direction. The plant additionally comprises a partition 49, which passes almost from a central axis to assist in directing the working flow around a part of the vessel, through which each blade 22 moves as its larger area of the surface rotates.EFFECT: development of a plant capable of fuller usage of a tidal cycle for energy generation.16 cl, 7 dwg

Hydroelectric turbine to be used in bidirectional in tide streams // 2444642
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: proposed turbine comprises vaned rotor 34 vanes being arranged between inner ring 32 and outer ring 33. It is provided also with retaining appliances including mounting flanges 22, 23 and antifriction appliances including inserts 31 and bearings 72 limiting rotor biaxial displacement relative to housing 21. Water flowing in either direction actuates the turbine while retaining and antifriction means allow rotor to displace along the axis in both direction under effect of bidirectional water flow. Antifriction means limiting rotor axial displacement feature, preferably, increased thickness to allow rotor, as said means wear, to move axially relative to housing 21.EFFECT: turbine operating in bidirectional water flow without turbine reorientation, axial displacement of rotor.9 cl, 7 dwg

Underwater river-run hydroelectric power plant // 2435067
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: underwater river-run hydroelectric power plant includes housing 1 with convergent supply and divergent discharge water passages, working chamber 4 with impeller placed in it. Working chamber 4 is toroidal-shaped. Impeller is made in the form of circular screw 5. The latter is kinematically connected in series to carrier 7, multiplying gear 8 and electric generator 9, which are arranged in air dome 6 located in central part of working chamber 4.EFFECT: increasing efficiency due to increased torque moment of impeller shaft when obtaining electric power as a result of conversion of kinetic energy of water flow passing through river-run power plant irrespective of seasonal state and economic belonging of water reservoir.2 dwg

Immersion hydro-energy turbine with floating chambers // 2432490
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic turbine of immersion type includes rotor 20, housing-stator that is integrated into rotor 20 and electricity generating means. Rotor 20 has outer rim 22 that encircles the blades 21. There is one or more floating chambers 60 located in outer rim.EFFECT: rotor weight reduction for floating obtaining.6 dwg

Turbines with exit channel for removal of foreign objects // 2430263
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to devices wherein flow of liquid rotates big rotor of screw type or rotor wheel having external circular rim positioned inside big circular case. A hydro-electric turbine consists of rotor 20 positioned inside case 30 with external circular rim 22 located in channel 32 made in case 30. The turbine is improved due to making at least one exit channel 50 for removal of foreign particles. Foreign objects caught between rotor 20 and case 30 are removed through exit channel 50.EFFECT: avoiding or minimisation of foreign objects accumulation in channel of case.6 cl, 4 dwg

Orthogonal generating unit // 2426911
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: orthogonal generating unit consists of orthogonal turbine with shaft and blades of hydro-dynamic profile secured around shaft and along latter and of electric generator. Orthogonal turbine is made six-tiered. Each tier of turbine is made with one blade secured on the shaft by means of cross-bars. All blades are equal in terms of weight per length unit of the blade. The blades of turbine tiers are arranged uniformly in circumferential direction around the shaft of the turbine forming three pairs of adjacent blades. In each pair the blades are positioned on opposite sides relative to the shaft. The blades in end pairs of blades have equal length, while the blades in a middle pair have bigger length. Weights of cross bars of the middle and end pairs of the blades are in the same correlation.EFFECT: raised efficiency of orthogonal turbines with blades of hydro-dynamic profile and raised reliability of orthogonal turbines operation.2 cl, 2 dwg

Pumping unit for fluid power conversion // 2413867
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: proposed pumping unit comprises float 13, housing 1 with hydraulic turbine, pump fitted in said housing 1 on common shaft with hydraulic turbine vane wheel rotor 2. Said pump is rigidly coupled with said rotor. It comprises also intake pipeline arranged in housing 1 on flow side and having cross section decreasing along flow direction. Pipeline outlet section is connected to pump intake branch pipe. Aforesaid pump represents a displacement pump. Pipeline outlet section allows directing the flow along tangential line to pump suction chamber inner surface in plane perpendicular to pump axis. Float 13 represents a hollow plate coupled with housing 1 by bracket 12 and arranged at the distance from lengthwise axis of housing 1 equal to radius of hydraulic turbine rotor 2 to displace relative to axis 14.EFFECT: higher efficiency of operation.3 dwg

Sea stationary platform for extraction of hydrocarbons // 2408764
FIELD: oil and gas production.SUBSTANCE: installation consists of drill rig with drive, of platform deck, of hoisting crane, of tender platform, of concrete piles, of borehole, of complex of equipment mounted on platform for collecting, preparing and transporting oil and gas, of risers, and of point moorages. The installation corresponds to a supporting structure of hydro-technical concrete construction deepened into a water basin. Two of concrete piles are hollow inside and are interconnected in their lower part with an arc-shaped bridge of internal diametre commensurable with internal diametres of the first and the second concrete piles. Below sea level and at the point of the sea stationary platform location the first pile is equipped with water intake ports. Internal walls of the first hollow concrete pipe are equipped with guides made as triangles and directed axially to the bottom of the basin. A blade of a hydraulic unit is installed at the joint point of the hollow concrete pipe with soil; the hydraulic unit is arranged in a water proof container on a foundation plate. The container adjoins the first concrete pile. The second pile in its upper part is equipped with a port located above sea level. Diametre of internal surface of the port diminishes in the direction of drainage.EFFECT: increased reliability of sea platform operation.3 dwg

Hydraulic power station of sea current of kuschenko va // 2405965
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic power station of sea current includes above-water platforms, horizontal and vertical load-bearing cables with buoys fixed on the platforms, weights located on the sea bed and attached to the buoys, generator units attached to the cables, electric power converters, devices for water separation to hydrogen and oxygen and control system. Generator units include pressure sealed electric power generators, blade elements and voltage regulators. Generator units are performed separated at the cables. To the horizontal load-bearing cables there attached are vertical cables. The outputs of device for water separation are connected to the device for hydrogen and oxygen liquefaction, which is connected with the pipeline and hydrogen and oxygen consumers. Pressure sealed electric power generator is attached to the front fairwater piece, which is attached to the voltage regulator. Blade element has a spiral form and is fixed on the electric power generator shaft and attached to the rear fairwater piece. Fairwater piece and spiral element have cavities that provide specified floatability. Generator units on the cables are separated by actuating cylinders. Vertical cables provide movement of maintenance elevators.EFFECT: simplification of hydraulic power station operation, facilitation of its maintenance.4 cl, 5 dwg

Hydro-generator driven by sea current // 2382231
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to designs of plants designed to convert water current energy into electric power. Proposed hydro-generator driven by sea current comprises hydrodynamic drive 2 and electric birotary generator 1 made up of housing 3, outer and inner rotors 4 and 5. Inner rotor 5 is arranged inside said housing 2. Hydrodynamic drive 2 represents blades 9 radially fitted on outer surface of outer rotor 4 and is mounted in casing 19 furnished with inlet and outlet branch popes. Housing 3 and casing 19 represents cylindrical structures. Outer rotor 4 seats outside housing 3. Rotors 4 and 5 are coupled via reduction gear 12 comprising driven gear 13 in mesh with outer rotor 4, idle gears 14 and drive gear 16 in mesh with inner rotor 5 to ensure counter rotation of rotors 4 and 5.EFFECT: higher efficiency, reduced sizes and increased power output.2 cl, 2 dwg

Unit to convert medium flow power // 2381379
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wind and water power engineering, particularly to medium flow power converters that serve to convert flow power into electric power. Proposed unit comprises tube 1 accommodating first turbine with first electric generator and second turbine with second electric generator, first and second devices to center circular first rotor 2 and circular second rotor 5. Note here that circular first rotor 2 with first turbine and second electric generator with second turbine represent an integrated rotary unit wherein inner parts 8 of blades 9.1-9.N of first turbine are attached to second stator 7 of second electric generator. Outer parts 10 of blades 9.1-9.N of first turbine are attached to circular first rotor 2 of first electric generator.EFFECT: higher efficiency of low power utilisation at particularly low medium flow rates.10 cl, 3 dwg

Orthogonal power aggregate // 2380566
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: orthogonal power aggregate consists of orthogonal turbine with blades of hydro-dynamic profile. The blades are secured between flat rings. The said aggregate also consists of an electro-generator. Also the orthogonal turbine is made double-level. Each level of the turbine is made with blades of arrow-shaped blades bent along screw lines and symmetrically inclined from vertical in the direction counter to the blades of the neighbour level of the orthogonal turbine. Ends of blades of both levels are attached to the ring located between the adjacent levels. A short-circuit rotor is secured to the ring facing inductors of the electric generator. Inductors are made with three-phase winding arranged crosswise.EFFECT: upgraded reliability of operation and efficiency of power aggregate.2 cl, 3 dwg