achine or engine aggregates in dams or the like and conduits therefor (F03B13/08)

Plant for conversion of fluid flow into energy // 2606211
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to systems and devices for generation energy from water flow. Plant (12) for generation of electricity from water flow includes convergent section (14), mixing chamber (16), diffuser section (20) and tube (22) for placement inside water weight. Section (14) is connected to first end of chamber (16) so that Venturi device (18) is limited between section (14) end and chamber (16). Section (20) is connected to second end of chamber (16). Section (20) is made so that during operation pressure at section (20) output exceeds pressure in device (18). At least part of pipe (22) is located in section (14), so that annular space is limited between pipe (22) and section (14) to form first channel for flow passage. Pipe (22) forms second channel for flow passage inside pipe (22). Inside pipe (22) there is turbine (26) connected to generator (28).EFFECT: group of inventions is aimed at creation of plant for generation of large amount of energy from current water weight, especially in situations, in which there is a high volume flow rate of water at relatively low speed.32 cl, 12 dwg

Hydrodynamic wave energy conversion station on slope // 2598921
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the use of waves energy to drive hydraulic generators. Hydrodynamic wave energy conversion station on a slope comprises a hydraulic circuit with two opposite convergent inputs, a gate of double action, a tubular branch with a hydraulic generator and a booster at its output. Booster is composed as an evacuated diffuser nozzle with an outer fairing and a removable apron with a water-jet ejector of double supply and a transition channel. Cross section area of the transit channel in opposite directions from its suction chamber above the diffuser nozzle is increased. Station is equipped with a corrector of its location on the slope and a regulator of steepness of the slope.EFFECT: invention is aimed at simplified design, higher reliability of the station, increased efficiency.1 cl, 4 dwg

Apparatus and method for generation of energy from fluid flow // 2592660
FIELD: machine building. SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to apparatus and method for generation of energy from fluid flow. Installation for mounting across water formation using pressure drop from pressure side to downstream side for electricity generation using water flow, comprises set of elements located at distance from each other. Each element defines extended flow channel and comprises pressure side and elongated downstream side. Each element is equipped with row of holes arranged along its length, and downstream side, passing and converging in direction of flow. Elements are arranged side by side so that opposite walls of adjacent elements define Venturi zone and first section of diffuser passing downstream of Venturi zone. Plant also includes flow channel, having inlet and outlet, turbine, arranged in flow channel, and generator connected to turbine. Flow channels are connected to outlet hole of flow channel so that water flow through Venturi zone makes water drawing in through channel flow outside via holes by resulting flow actuating turbine. EFFECT: group of inventions is aimed at improved operation. 27 cl, 31 dwg

System for power generation by hydraulic method // 2565121
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to systems for electric power generation by hydrodynamic method. The system contains overhead crossing 100, used for vehicles passage, and hydrodynamic system 200. The overhead crossing 100 is made out of multiple pairs of road spans 101A, 101B. Each span contains end locks 128A, 128B. The hydrodynamic system 200 is made to support the overhead crossing 100 and to generate the electric power by means of the conversion of the sea tides energy or river current energy and forces, acting on the hydrodynamic system immersed in the ocean tide or river current and moving relatively them. The hydrodynamic system 200 is made out of multiple hydrodynamic elements connected by lock.EFFECT: invention ensures possibility of the effective and reliable manufacturing, assemblage, disassemblage, installation, removal and maintenance of the hydrodynamic system parts.20 cl, 26 dwg

Hydroelectric pumped storage power plant for high water heads // 2561819
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydraulic power industry. A hydroelectric pumped storage power plant (HPSPP) for high water heads includes vertically installed pipe 2, in the lower part of which there is annex 5, in which hydraulic turbine 6 with radial blades and of a hood shape is installed. Hydraulic turbine 6 is put on support 9 including bearings 10 and trolley 11 with a possibility of its being rolled back along reinforced-concrete plate 12 with holes. Under plate 12 there is channel 14, the lower end of which borders on the aft bay of HPSPP.EFFECT: invention is aimed at improvement of efficiency, simplification of repair and construction works.1 dwg

Hydraulic turbine // 2544402
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: this turbine comprises water duct 1 connected with top and bottom cases 3 and 6 accommodating impeller 2 with buckets 4 arranged regularly at the disc and made of two identical all-in-one metal sheets to produce the angle smaller than 180 degrees there between and stiffness rib on opposite side. Through hole is made at the centre of every sheet. Turbine impeller 2 shaft 5 is arranged on LH and RH interconnected stator column reinforced concrete supports. Stator sealing walls, inner surfaces of cases 3 and 6 and rings 11 secured at stator columns to cover the disc of impeller 2 form the toroid rectangular section channel.EFFECT: simple and reliable high output turbine, longer life.5 dwg

ethod of electric power generation to supply automatic controls of pipelines // 2506686
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: method is used to generate electric power to supply automatic controls of pipelines, provision of electric power supply for equipment located outside access areas of permanent power supply. The suggested method is purposed for to implement process of power supply for water supply and disposal systems, gas supply systems, oil pipelines due to use of power from medium flow in the pipeline. Power generated in result of separation of flow part is accumulated in energy accumulator. Thereafter it can be used by means of static converter to supply duty equipment with power comparable to power of turbine and generator and devices with larger power that operate during short period of time.EFFECT: reducing wear and tear of pipeline system.1 dwg

Hydroelectric turbine with floating rotor // 2490513
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: hydroelectric turbine includes stator 12 and shaftless rotor 14. Stator 12 restricts an opening in which rotor 14 is installed with possibility of being rotated. The opening allows rotation of rotor 14 about its central axis due to its shape and size, and movement in a circumferential direction of the opening, thus moving in the direction opposite to direction of rotor 14 rotation.EFFECT: creation of an improved turbine that is characterised with a decreased friction of bearings, which occurs at its start-up, and provides the possibility of cleaning and cooling of bearings during its functioning, which improves operating characteristics of the turbine.12 cl, 5 dwg

Water-power plant // 2488713
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: water-power plant comprises flow channel 40 composed of S-like tube including first, second and third sections 100, 200, 300. Said flow channel 40 has second diameter 400 and first axial line 410 at first section 100. Third section 300 has second diameter 500 and second axial lone 510. Spacing between said first and second axial lines makes 600. Besides, plant comprises turbine vanes 10 at first section 100 and generator 30 coupled with turbine vanes 10 via shaft 20 at third section 300. Flow channel 40 in region of generator 30 is made, mainly, of steel. Generator 30 has foundation 50 composed of steel rails or steel beams and integrated with roof 41 of third section 300.EFFECT: higher efficiency.5 cl, 4 dwg

Coaxial hydraulic set // 2319036
FIELD: hydraulic power engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to design of hydraulic sets and it can be used in high-head hydroelectric power stations. Proposed coaxial hydraulic set consists of two working wheels with rotary blades arranged in one shaft, one over the other, and rotating in opposite directions. According to invention, upper working wheel has tubular spherical housing which rests in process of rotation through support and centering rolls onto ring conical rail and is provided with rotary blades installed on trunnions arranged on inner surface of tubular spherical housing, blade rotating mechanism being installed in ring holder. Said holder is arranged on outer side of tubular spherical housing which serves simultaneously as turbine chamber of tubular working wheel.EFFECT: increased single-unit power and efficiency of coaxial hydraulic sets.

ethod for enhancing efficiency of hydraulic turbine plant // 2288928
FIELD: operation of hydraulic turbine plants.SUBSTANCE: proposed method includes cleaning surfaces from crust, preliminary treatment and application of coat made from polymer material, epoxy or polyurethane, for example at thickness of 30% of maximum depth of pits at isolated located of pits and 60% when pits adjoin one another. As a result, efficiency is increased by 1.5 to 2.5%.EFFECT: enhanced efficiency of hydraulic turbine plant.3 cl, 3 dwg

Straight-flow turbine // 2245454
FIELD: turbines using kinetic energy of liquid flow.SUBSTANCE: proposed turbine has turbine case , stay ring with cascade of stay vanes, wicket-gate mechanism with cascade of adjustable vanes, operating element with cascade of flange-mounted blades and drive shaft coupled with electric generator step-up gear, operating element chamber, and draft tube. It is also provided with straightening mechanism that has cascade of vanes, chain transmission that has sprockets and shafts; external and internal rims are made in cross-sectional areas in the form of ovals. Cascade of blades is made in the form of caterpillar cascade. Operating element blades are cylindrical in shape and hinge-joined through chain transmission whose drive sprocket is coupled with drive shaft. Flanges of operating element blades are provided with supporting rollers mounted in fixed supports and joined with chain transmission shafts at distances of two adjacent operating-mechanism blades; guides are made in the form of oval junctions joined with turbine internal rim in vicinity of their abutting against butt-ends of flanges carrying operating element blades.EFFECT: enhanced turbine efficiency.1 cl, 4 dwg

The method of selective water withdrawal // 2076236
The invention relates to engineering and can be used for leveling the surface temperature profiles of the lower and upper dams hydroelectric power station

Hydroelectric // 2067689