Adaptations for drilling wells (F03B13/02)

Downhole generator of rotating magnetic field // 2613353
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a downhole generator of a rotating magnetic field. Downhole generator of a rotating magnetic field comprises a stator unit including stationary cylindrical housing (1) and winding (20) arranged in the first area (L1) of housing (1) and a rotor unit including permanent magnet (10) arranged in the radial direction outside the winding and turbine rotor (8) arranged in the second area (L2) of housing (1), which in the axial direction is adjacent to area (L1). Rotor (8) and magnet (10) are rigidly interconnected along the axial direction and are arranged onto housing (1) on both ends of the rotor unit respectively through the first bearing and the second bearing. Housing (1) includes internal axial channel (18) and radial channel (22) arranged in its first area. To output the generated electric power and/or a generated electric signal used is electric conductor (21), which passes through a radial through hole with a seal and is connected to the winding.EFFECT: invention is aimed at increasing power and optimizing the configuration of the generator.9 cl, 1 dwg

Turbine for transmission of electric data // 2608429
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to turbine for transmission of electric data from one end of turbine to other end. Turbine (100) has first end (101) and second end (103). Ends (101) and (103) are opposite to each other. Turbine (100) comprises housing (104), shaft (102) located in centre of housing (104), engine (106), having a plurality of rotors, stators and bearings arranged between shaft (102) and housing (104), at least one non-conducting insulator, providing electrical insulation of shaft (102) and housing (104) from each other. Engine (106) is located between first end (101) and second end (103) of turbine (100). Non-conducting insulator is located between housing (104) and a plurality of rotors, stators and bearings or is located between shaft (102) and a plurality of rotors, stators and bearings.EFFECT: invention is aimed providing transmission of electric data signals.20 cl, 12 dwg

Device and method of controlling or limiting rotor orbit in screw engines or pumps // 2605475
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions is related to drilling, i.e. to rotary drilling hydraulic drives installed in borehole. Assembly of hydraulic downhole motor comprises screw motor having near end and far end and comprising stator and rotor. Stator comprises metal case, first elastomer material arranged in metal case, and first rigid material, arranged radially and directed inward from and at least partially covering first elastomer material. Rotor contains metal core, second elastomer material, located around metal core, and second rigid material arranged around second elastomer material. Stator first rigid material contacts rotor second rigid material.EFFECT: enabling limiting of rotor geometric center displacement trajectory.12 cl, 21 dwg

Generator supplying power for borehole equipment // 2529993
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: generator, external stator placed in as sealed body, internal rotor installed at the generator shaft with roller bearings in sealed cavity filled with a lubricant coolant and sealing components. At that the generator sealed body is divided into three sealed loops - electrical, kinematic and protective ones. Electric loop of the stator is equipped with an independent compensating diaphragm and filled with cooling liquid and separated from the kinematic loop by a screen made of non-magnet material. Kinematic loop of the bearings is filled with lubricant and separated by a system of cup-type seals and inner diaphragm from the protective loop of an end sealing compensator filled with lubricant in the volume limited by the outside diaphragm. The electrical loop is filled with dielectric cooling liquid without excessive pressure; the kinematic is filled with dielectric cooling liquid without excessive pressure; protective is filled with dielectric cooling liquid under excessive pressure. Besides, the protective loop may be filled with lubricant having higher viscosity and higher boundary tension in comparison with lubricant in the kinematic loop. Zero point of the stator windings is coupled to the body through a plugging contact. The filling system for the protective and kinematic loops has a valve spindle to switch between the filled loops at vacuuming and filling of lubricant. Rigidity of diaphragms in the electric and kinematic loops is higher than the same in the protective loop.EFFECT: improving reliability of the generator and reducing labour intensity during repair and maintenance operations.6 cl, 1 dwg

Borehole surface system assembly // 2527100
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to power supply system of borehole surface system assembly. The power supply system of a borehole surface system assembly contains at least one primary engine interconnected to fuel source supplying the primary engine and containing at least one heat source, at least one pump driven by the primary engine interconnected to at least one borehole and at least one fluid used in the borehole and at least one auxiliary system interconnected to the heat source from at least one primary engine. At that the auxiliary system contains a heat exchanger designed to transfer heat from the heat source to the fluid in order to separate one part of the fluid from the other part in at least one borehole.EFFECT: improving efficiency, flexibility and productivity of the power supply system of a borehole surface system assembly.20 cl, 5 dwg

Turboalternator // 2404370
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: proposed turboalternator comprises outer stator arranged in tight casing, upper fairing and inner rotor fitted on turboalternator shaft. The latter runs in rolling bearings arranged on both sides of the rotor. Said shaft is furnished with two extra seals. Said tight casing is filled with lubricant-coolant. It comprises two stationary pistonless compensators that do not revolve with the shaft. First compensator is arranged inside turboalternator housing nut and filled with lubricant-coolant. Second compensator is arranged in shell that covers the turboalternator tight housing. First seal separates inner space of the said first compensator from outer fluid (drill fluid), while second seal separates first compensator inner space filled with lubricant-coolant from turboalternator tight housing, also filled with lubricant-coolant.EFFECT: notable reduced abrasive wear, ruling out turbulent flow origination, longer life and higher reliability.1 cl, 1 dwg

Dudin twin rotor stepping turbine // 2338861
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used as a hydraulic turbine for producing electric power, as a pneumatic and hydraulic turbine making a drive in heading machines, as well as in drilling gas and oil holes. Twin rotor stepping turbine incorporates an asynchronous reduction gear. Inner (5) and outer (6) rotors are fitted aligned on the aligned shafts, the outer and inter rotor vanes entering their inter-vane space to come into contact with the inner rotor outer surface and the outer rotor inner surface, respectively, so as to turn the said rotors in turn one way through the designed angle from the acting working clearance which allows filling the rotors' inter-vane space via the slide valves fitted on the turbine inner and outer rotors. Note that the aforesaid rotors are rigidly linked with the aforesaid inner and outer aligned shafts of the asynchronous variable gear ratio reduction gear to allow asynchronous one-way rotation of the twin turbine inner and outer rotors.EFFECT: smaller turbine overall sizes and higher output.5 dwg

Turbodrill turbine // 2269631
FIELD: oil and gas well drilling equipment, particularly axial flow turbine of multistage turbodrill.SUBSTANCE: turbodrill turbine comprises stator with blade ring and inner rim, rotor with blade ring and hub. Design angles of stator flow inlet and outlet directions α2 and α1 and rotor flow inlet and outlet directions β2 and β1 are related by theoretical correlations with peripheral velocity determined in idle and optimal (shock-free) mode of turbine operation. Stator and rotor blade ring blades defining above design angles as distinct from prior art turbines are formed so that shock-free regime of flow around the stator and the rotor is realized at different peripheral velocities, wherein above shock-free regime of stator flow-around is performed in retardation mode, shock-free regime of rotor flow-around is performed in runaway mode thereof. Above stator and rotor angles are correlated as α1<α2≤π/2 and β2<β1≤π/2 (in the case of positive reactive turbine) and β1<β2≤π/2 (for negative reactive turbine). The stator rim has surface of lesser diameter having conoid shape and converging towards lower cross-section thereof so that minimal annular gap defined by rotor hub is 0.05-0.3, preferably 0.1-0.2 of radial stator blade height and inner blade ring surface of lesser diameter has conoid shape and is converged to upper section so that radial rotor blade height ratio in lower and upper sections is equal to 0.7 - 0.95.EFFECT: increased axial support resistance along with increased performance.5 cl, 8 dwg

Borehole instrument feeding generator // 2262177
FIELD: electromechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: proposed generator primarily designed to supply with power borehole instrument of face telemetering system in the course of boring has internal stator and rotor; the latter mounts turbine in its front part that has casing carrying rectangular- or trapezoidal-section helical blades. These blades are free to vary their angle of lift depending on conditions of borehole washing with drilling fluid. Blades may be made of flexible material and have two parts of which one part is joined with turbine casing and other (loose) part is free to bend in transverse plane. In addition, blades may have variable stiffness in cross-sectional area and variable height of cross-section profile; loose parts of blades may be joined with ring. Blade turn limiter responding to maximal discharge of drilling fluid may be provided on the turbine casing.EFFECT: enhanced operating reliability and extended variation range of drilling fluid discharge through generator turbine.7 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of operation of self-contained power station // 2253741
FIELD: engine manufacturing.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to method of operation of self-contained power station powered by diesel-generator set. According to proposed method of operation of self-contained power station powered by diesel generator set equipped with additional flywheel and disconnect clutch with automatic control members, additional flywheel is mounted on separate shaft which is connected with diesel-generator set by means of disconnect clutch. Preparatory operation is carried out to set power station into operation with subsequent overcoming of short-time starting resistances from consumer. Additional flywheel is connected to shut down diesel generator set by means of disconnect clutch. Power station is started under no load, and its coming to rated speed is detected by readings of generator shaft speed pickups. Load is connected and intensity of generator shaft speed drop is checked. Information is automatically transmitted to controller wherefrom, at termination of generator speed drop, signal is transmitted to disconnect clutch, and rotating additional flywheel is disconnected from diesel generator set, thus changing the set for accelerated mode of restoration of initial rated speed.EFFECT: provision of power saving operation at stable conditions for overcoming designed resistance torque and short-time overloads exceeding capabilities of chosen supply source.1 dwg

Singular step of turbodrill turbine // 2244090
FIELD: oil and gas extractive industry.SUBSTANCE: device has metallic hubs of stator and rotor, wherein crowns of stator and rotor are concentrically pressed. Crowns of stator and rotor are made of durable ceramics and are additionally equipped with connections, allowing to exclude non-controlled turning of crowns in hubs and spontaneous axial displacement thereof.EFFECT: higher reliability and efficiency.2 dwg

The turbine section of the turbo-drill // 2231607
The invention relates to the field of drilling, in particular, to a downhole motors

Downhole motor // 2224077
The invention relates to downhole motors to drive the rock cutting tool during drilling

Screw screw engine with turbine activator // 2203380
The invention relates to a hydraulic downhole motors, which result in rotation of the roller bit, destroying the faces of barrels of drilling wells

Downhole hydraulic motor // 2200815
The invention relates to the field of drilling, hydraulic actuators placed in the well

Downhole hydraulic motor // 2200814
The invention relates to the field of drilling, hydraulic actuators placed in the well

The turbodrill // 2195542
The invention relates to a drilling technique for drilling wells in different geological formations, and more specifically to the turbodrill

The ac generator to power the autonomous downhole geophysical and navigation systems // 2170348
The invention relates to drilling wells and is used to power Autonomous downhole navigation and geophysical instruments in the drilling process

The method of determining the profile of the blades hydraulic turbines turbodrills // 2098656
The invention relates to the oil and gas industry, namely to the hydraulic actuators for rotary drilling, placed in the borehole, and more specifically to the turbodrills

Hydraulic jet turbine // 2016221
The invention relates to hydromelioration and can be used in the design of hydraulic turbines

Turbodrill turbine // 2010994
The invention relates to a drilling technique