Starting of engines, or driving of starting apparatus by use of explosives, e.g. stored in cartridges (F02N13)

Combat vehicle /versions/ // 2577722
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to variants of combat vehicles to deliver infantry to battlefield and support in battle, as well as to repel ambush attacks. Vehicle comprises an internal combustion engine, starter and storage battery. In first version vehicle has a starter, torque of which satisfies condition: force from its torque to drive taking into account all mechanical transmissions, including lower transfer gearbox or variator is greater than force generated by overcome soil with specified characteristic and on road with specified positive inclination, and accumulator meets following condition: capacity and internal resistance are such that provide movement of fighting machine along said road at specified distance. In second version vehicle comprises engine in intake path blocking element, for example damper, and has a pyrotechnic stick connected with inlet channel of engine after pyrotechnic stick. Locking element is a valve, or gate, or gate valve.EFFECT: enabling driving vehicle with faulty engine.3 cl

Device for charging air cylinders run brontobytes // 2184922
The invention relates to systems running diesel engines with compressed air