Starting of engines by supplying auxiliary pressure fluid to their working chambers (F02N9)

Device for adjusting heating intensity of construction machines // 2643272
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device for adjusting the heating intensity of construction machines consists of a wall, guides, fasteners. According to the invention, the walls are made of double, consisting of an immovable wall and a movable wall, each of which has openings. The immovable wall and the movable wall are fastened by means of guides that have an inner path for the immovable walls and an external path for the movable walls. There are fasteners for immovable and movable walls at the opposite end from the front part on the guides. The movable and immovable walls at the end closer to the front have a fastening opening for a ring that adjusts the movable walls by a hook with a telescopic handle located on the outer path.EFFECT: adjustment of air quantity, acceleration of adjustment process for setting device in heating working temperature.11 dwg
ethod for heating motor and transmission oils of automobile machinery with automatic heat supply shutdown // 2618782
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method for heating motor and transmission oils of automotive equipment with automatic heat supply shutdown, which includes warming up the engine crankcases and vehicle transmission units by supplying heat from an external heat source through the air main systems; the heat source is represented by an aircraft engine connected to the intake nozzle, for which purpose a signal is sent from the master device to the control device of the aircraft engine start, taking into account the ambient air temperature, the warming temperature of motor and transmission oils and the amount of equipment needed for warming up, gives control signals to the aircraft engine for its starting and to the distributor for supplying the heat to the heating object, wherein as a result of the aircraft engine start, a hot air stream is created, which through the inlet nozzle passes first through the main path and then by the air line of the parking lot and enters the air duct to the crankcases of the engine motor and transmission oils and the transmission units of automobile vehicles, wherein after achieving the set temperature by the heating object, a signal enters the controlling device which in turn sends a signal to the dispenser, which stops the heat flow with the hot air stream to the object.EFFECT: reduced energy consumption for heating oils.2 dwg

Device for starting tank engine // 2612516
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: when opening the valve of air intake, the compressed air from the receiver through the channels 22 and 21 flows into the cavity 18 of the stator 19 and the duct 15 - to the opposite ends of the cylinder cavity 10, 11, causing the movable pistons 8, 9, which by means of rods 6, 7, connecting rods 4, of cranks 5 and 1, 2, shaft 3 is rotated. Last through the coupling is connected to the flywheel of the engine of the tank and run it. Then translate starter in the air discharge mode (compressor) to the receiver, it is adjusted to the desired value of the pressure and disconnect the coupling device from a running engine. The air is injected into the receiver handle manually, using a cylinder 10, if necessary.EFFECT: simplified design, higher reliability.6 cl, 6 dwg

ethod of starting gas engine // 2527803
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: proposed method consists in gas feed into cylinders and cylinder antechamber, spark ignition of gas in antechambers, and feed of gas combustion product from antechamber into combustion chambers of engine cylinders. At starting gas engine at crankshaft cranking by starter to stable idling rpm, gas is forced into engine cylinder antechamber and/or gas engine cylinders, gas volumetric combustion heat exceeding that of natural bas by some 1.5-2 times and higher. At starting the gas engine, fuel gas can be fed into some cylinders of multicylinder gas engine.EFFECT: higher reliability of starting and accelerated starting.2 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of cold start-up and warm-up of piston internal combustion engine and system for its implementation // 2440509
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: method involves hydrogen obtaining in electrolysis unit aboard the transport vehicle and the system that supplies hydrogen to the engine. At that, hydrogen is supplied in the required amount and as per the specified algorithm, depending on the cooling liquid temperature. Cold start-up and warm-up system includes electrolysis unit, pipelines, sensors, electric valves and control unit. Hydrogen and oxygen is obtained separately in the electrolysis unit. Hydrogen is supplied through receiver, electric valve and jet nozzle to ICE inlet pipeline. Oxygen is removed to the atmosphere. Supply of gaseous hydrogen to ICE inlet pipe at cold start-up and warm-up of the engine contributes to stable combustion of fuel-air mixture with higher degree of completeness at low concentration of toxic substances in waste gases.EFFECT: reducing toxicity level of waste gases at cold start-up and warm-up of internal combustion engine with electronic control system and catalytic neutraliser.2 cl, 3 dwg

Pre-heating device // 2418976
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: to pre-heat system containing air pipeline with branch pipes, heater and air supply fan there added is the hood fixed on "П"-shaped arches which are attached near the base by means of plate to slot-sector, as well as side curtains fixed on sides of the hood and equipped with restraining belts.EFFECT: higher heat carrier efficiency.2 dwg

ethod to control ice braking torque and device to this end (versions) // 2396457
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: proposed method comprises heating the support bearing liner work surface layer and differs from known designs in that, to allow time and power savings, electric current is, first, passed through electric heaters built in under layer of every liner. Then liner electric heater power supply is cut off and, at the time, starting torque is applied. Invention comprises formula to determine time τ (s) of passing electric current through liner electric heater. Proposed device comprises metal layer of electric heater structure that is isolated all around by inorganic dielectric material laid under metal surface layer of every lines. Note that pair of faces of consecutively arranged liners are interconnected by common layer of electric heater metal. Note also that one of the liners comprises pin- or tape-type outer electric contact electrically connected with electric heater structure beginning, while the other liner has its electric heater end connected via inner pin terminal with liner metal base. At the same time, to use electric heater with different power in support plain bearing liner, every liner is furnished with inner pin and outer pin or tape terminals connected with liner electric heater beginning and end, respectively. Note that, to allow electric independence of electric heater of liner metal base, the liner is furnished with two pin or tape terminals electrically connected with electric heater structure beginning and end, respectively. Note also that work surface layer of such liner if provided with outer electrically insulated terminals connected with said layer. Invention covers a device design version.EFFECT: higher time and power savings in starting cold engine.6 cl, 12 dwg
ethod for starting up diesel engine // 2338084
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: method of starting up diesel engine by direct transfer of torque to the crankshaft from the starter supplied from the storage battery with cranking the diesel crankshaft and simultaneous feed of diesel fuel into the cylinders, in compliance with this invention, comprises verifying the compliance of the diesel ICE-starting conditions, e.g. diesel engine temperature, to the engine state in igniting the fuel mix by compression. If not, the diesel engine is switched over, either automatically or manuals, into the ICE-start conditions with a forced ignition of fuel mix by an electric discharge, the diesel is cranked by the starter. At that, given the diesel acceleration and warming up, the cylinders are consecutively switched over into the ICE-start conditions with ignition initiated by compression.EFFECT: reduced power consumption, start-up and warm-up time, longer life of storage battery, higher reliability.5 cl

Diesel engine starting device // 2301353
FIELD: mechanical engineering; internal combustion engines.SUBSTANCE: proposed diesel engine starting device contains internal combustion chamber, system building preliminary compression for ignition of fuel, fuel pump and mechanism transmitting motion to working member. System building preliminary compression is made in form of cylinder arranged over internal combustion chamber and containing starting chamber with liquid in upper part of cylinder and connected with reservoir filled with liquid. Electrodes are driven into starting chamber which are connected with high-voltage pulse source. Starting chamber is separated from cylinder space by separating piston. Separating piston of starting chamber and compression piston are rigidly interconnected. Compression spring is installed between upper surface of compression chamber cover and movable piston of starting chamber. Mechanism transmitting motion of working member contains crank-and-connecting rod member and pneumatic spring in form of cylinder with chambers divided by piston. Piston of pneumatic spring is provided with rod hinge-connected with connecting rod neck of crank-and-connecting rod member. Cylinder of pneumatic spring is hinge-connected with stationary part of engine. Chamber of cylinder of pneumatic spring are provided with air pockets. High-voltage pulse source is connected with detonation pickup installed on combustion chamber and differential diaphragm pressure pickup connected by tubes with air pockets.EFFECT: improved reliability and safety of starting system of internal combustion engine, increased service life, enlarged sphere of application of engine.3 cl, 2 dwg

Automotive compressor // 2299353
FIELD: automotive industry.SUBSTANCE: automotive compressor comprises solenoid-operated valve mounted in the delivery space of the compressor and electronic unit for control of the valve whose control input is connected with the output of the signaling unit of the transducer of the alarm oil pressure system of the engine.EFFECT: enhanced reliability.1 dwg

Device for easing starting of engine with gasoline injection // 2291984
FIELD: engine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device comprises capsule with the starting liquid, charging and safety valves, control valve connected with the capsule through the fuel pipeline for choosing the fuel during starting depending on temperature of the coolant, stop valve for preventing highly inflammable liquid to penetrate to the fuel tank. The device is mounted in the motor section and operates together with the instruments of the system for fuel supply: fuel pump with electromagnetic nozzles, inlet pipeline, fuel pressure regulator, electronic control unit, pickup for measuring speed of rotation of the crankcase of the engine, coolant temperature gage, fuel pipelines, and electrical circuits.EFFECT: reduced labor consumption for pre-operational servicing.1 cl, 1 dwg

A method of operating a diesel internal combustion engine // 2230914
The invention relates to a diesel internal combustion engines

The way emergency start diesel // 2163306
The invention relates to energy, and in particular to methods of diesels

Internal combustion engine // 2158376
The invention relates to the field of engine development and may find application in the construction of engines, containing the fuel system with the fuel high-pressure pump and the air start

The method of starting the internal combustion engine and device for its implementation // 2116498
The invention relates to the field of engineering, predominantly for internal combustion engines (ice) with spark-ignition

Device for starting the gas engine with forcamera - flare ignition // 2096652
The invention relates to the field of engineering, namely, devices for starting gas of internal combustion engine with internal mixture formation and forcamera-flare ignition

Starting system the tank engine // 2059872
The invention relates to military equipment, mostly armored, and can be used to automate the process of starting the engine

ethod of starting a diesel internal combustion engine // 2059871
The invention relates to engine and can be used to run diesel internal combustion engine

System start-up the tank engine // 2059101
The invention relates to military equipment, mostly armored, and can be used to automate the process of starting the internal combustion engine