Rotary-piston or oscillating-piston machines or engines (F01C)

F01C              Rotary-piston or oscillating-piston machines or engines (combustion engines f02; internal-combustion aspects f02b0053000000, f02b0055000000; machines for liquids f03, f04)(1217)

Helical hydraulic machine with a balanced rotor // 2642003
FIELD: hydraulic engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to helical gerotor hydraulic machines and can be used for screw motors or general purpose pumps. Hydraulic machine comprises stator 1 with internal helical teeth 2 located along the length of its active part, serving as a support for teeth 3 of rotor 4, and rotor 4 mounted inside stator 1 with external helical teeth 3, number of which is one less than the number of teeth 2. Ratio of the length of the active part of stator 1 to the outer diameter of teeth 4 is configured to flexibly bend rotor 4 on this length – not less than the height of teeth 2, 3. Coincidence of the steps of the profiles of teeth 2, 3 occurs in a plane twisted as a helicoid around the axis of stator 1, passing along the axis of rotor 4. Rotor 4 is elastically bent at the length of the active part of stator 1, and its axis forms a left or right helical line located around the axis of stator 1, with a radius equal to half the height of teeth 2, 3. Length of the active part of stator 1 accounts for at least a quarter of its turn.EFFECT: invention is aimed at increasing the service life of the hydraulic machine.1 cl, 8 dwg
Rotary machine // 2641773
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: rotary machine consists of an inner rotor (1) and an outer casing (3) held by a fixed supporting structure and arranged such that the sealing points (5) inside the casing (3) interact at the sealing location with the outer surface of the rotor (1) to form working chambers, so that the movement of the rotor (1) relative to the casing (3) in operation causes the fluid to move through the channels (10, 11, 13) in the rotor (1) in the rotor shaft (9), between the working chambers and the point where the shaft (9) the rotor interacts with the supporting structure.EFFECT: solving problems related to the difficulty of passing gases or working fluids from outside the machine to the working chambers and out of them to machines, balancing, and mechanical problems of eccentric components and components performing reciprocating motion, replacing the seal, and isolating hot gases from the constituent parts.22 cl, 10 dwg

Rotary vacuum pump of vane type // 2641409
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: pump comprises a drive motor (1) interacting with a chamber (2) for vane vacuum, in which all pump surfaces located in the upper half of the pump are configured so that there are no elements capable of holding liquids or solid particles. The pump or at least one of its parts is provided with protection means (6) with no surfaces or cavities capable of holding liquids or solid particles, or a drive motor (1) containing a double jacket, the upper part of which is formed by a cylinder which is an asynchronous motor with water cooling which has a housing forming a space together with the cylinder in which the cooling medium is circulating.EFFECT: creation of rotary vane vacuum pump which eliminates the risk of contamination, adapted to environments in which strict hygiene standards are applied.9 cl, 8 dwg
Screw pump made of at least two parts // 2638706
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: pump (1) is made of at least two parts (3, 5). The first part (3) comprises a body (7), at least one screw system (4) arranged in the body (7), behind which an injection zone (15) is located, at least one outlet opening (13). The second part (5) has at least one lower pressure chamber (16) before the system (4), at least one inlet opening (14) for transported medium in the chamber (16). The parts (3, 5) are pivotally connected to each other to have at least two different relative positions. One or more safety means made in the part (5) area functionally connected the chamber (16) and the zone (15) to set predetermined maximum pressure level in the zone (15) in case of exceeding the predetermined pressure level.EFFECT: invention is aimed at development of screw pump providing increased flexibility with respect to its installation.17 cl 9 dwg
Engine with pivoting multiangular piston // 2638117
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: engine has a body (13) in the form of a regular dodecagon. There is a piston of the same shape inside it. It makes circular oscillatory movements around the axis of the main shaft. Three synchronously rotating crankshafts (23) in parallel direct the movement of the piston around the centre of rotation. Due to this oscillatory motion, the piston sequentially causes in each of the six combustion chambers (1-6) four strokes of an internal combustion engine with positive ignition or a diesel engine. Three crankshafts (23) due to the fixed gears are in constant engagement with the sun gear, which is rigidly mounted on the main shaft and drives it. The engine has a cup-shaped compensating mass that surrounds the drive part of the engine and is driven by three eccentric disks.EFFECT: static and dynamic equilibrium of the engine, simplification of production.4 cl, 3 dwg

Rotary piston machine // 2637301
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: rotary piston machine contains a rotor in the form of hollow profiled body with ring gear on its inner surface for transferring the torque to the gears of the two working shafts. The length of the section between the intersection of straight line passing through the centers of the shafts with rotor profile envelope is unchanged when it is rotated. The inner rotor surface has a profile corresponding to its outer envelope. The rotor body is made of thin-walled lightweight material and reinforced with internal ribbing in the form of several supporting rims-discs with the possibility of their free rolling along the roller-wheels grooves mounted on working shafts parallel to the gears.EFFECT: invention allows to increase the mechanical efficiency of the machine by reducing rotor friction agaist the body and gear shafts which increases the specific productivity due to increased rotor rotation and durability of the above-mentioned volume type rotary machines.2 cl, 9 dwg

Rotary-vane engine (versions) // 2636595
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: engine comprises of a body 1, in the internal cavity of which a rotor 4 is mounted rotating on a central axis 2 connected to an eccentric axis 3 on which movably fixed vanes 5 are displaced, which have an application area 7 for the thrust bearing 6, located on the rotor 4, operating chambers with a supply channel 9 formed between the two vanes 5. The space between two adjacent vanes 5 forms alternating engine operating chambers with supply channels 9 and cooling chambers with cooling channels 11. The supply channels 9 and cooling channels 11 are formed in the rotor 4 at different radii. The feed and cooling ducts 16 and 17, as well as the discharge channel 12, are provided in the body 1.EFFECT: improved performance and improved efficiency.5 cl, 10 dwg

Plate rotary positive-displacement machine // 2634994
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: plate-type rotary positive-displacement machine has one plate 5 in rotor 3 through slot 4 that is located eccentrically in a noncircular body cavity 1. A annular gap 7 between the rotor 3 and in a flange 6 opening 8 is widened from slot 4 with plate 5 in the rotor 3 to a flange 6 bearing assembly and sealed by ring 9 sharp part elastically pressed against a gap 7. The clearance between the rotor 3 and the body 1 is sealed by a seal 13 located in the body 1, elastically pressed against the rotor 3 by its concave surface, where concavity radius is close to the radius of the rotor 3, and the width of the seal exceeds the width of the rotor 3 slot 4.EFFECT: increase of operation reliability and improvement of functional characteristics.2 cl, 5 dwg

Internal combustion engine // 2634458
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: three parallel flat discs of the power clutch triangular profile are the main power links in the rotor section of the engine with the power clutch. The middle clutch disc with three round through holes belongs to the monolithic shaft. Two side discs, on which three chain link pins are fixed parallel to the rotor axis with their two ends, are the side covers of the rotor. One of each chain link pins has continuous point contact with the inner cylindrical surface of one of the through holes of the shaft disc through its rolling wheel in the profile. The mechanism of the section is provided with an additional side cover of the stator with a through axial hole fixed to the side and in parallel between the stator and one stator cover on which the main bearing of the shaft is fixed. The eccentric section is rotatably mounted on the rotor and stator via ball rolling bearings and also on one of the planes of its disk along the eccentric axis it contains an additional protrusion in the form of a hollow circular cylinder on which the circular sector of its balancing counterweight disk is coaxially and rigidly fixed. The counterweight is located outside the volume of the stator working space between the outer plane of the additional side cover and the inner plane of that side stator cover in which the main bearing of the shaft and the ball rolling bearing are coaxially mounted, by means of which the projection of the eccentric rests on the stator.EFFECT: higher efficiency and reliability of the engine operation.7 dwg

Internal combustion engine // 2634457
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: internal combustion engine comprises at least one rotary section. The rotary section mechanism is located inside the rotor. The section power shaft is made monolithic, with a flat triangular disc in the middle. Bobbins are fixed rigidly on the disc, on the axis of each of the three vertices on both its planes. Each bobbin is mounted in the bearing support on the side of one of the two planes of one of the available eccentrics. The eccentric is a flat disc. In other similar bearing support of said eccentric on the side of its other plane one of the bobbins is installed, each of which belongs to one of two extreme removable rotor discs with triangular profile and is rigidly attached by one on the symmetry axis of one of its three vertices. The distance between the bearings supports axes of each eccentric is equal to the length of a straight line of eccentricity, by which the rotor axis is spaced from the radical shaft axis in the section profile.EFFECT: increasing the efficiency and reliability, simplifying the engine design.2 dwg

Rotor power shipboard plant // 2633821
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: rotor power shipboard plant consists of a main engine and an auxiliary engine. The rotor sections of each engine comprise a housing with two internal adjacent cylindrical bores, in which rotors are mounted on shafts with the possibility of rotation in opposite directions from the pressure of a working fluid to their projections. The main engine as a propulsion plant for a surface or a submarine floating craft, operating from the external supply of the working fluid, is located outside the vessel hull with the possibility of changing the position, the immersion depth, the angles of inclination and rise from water in field conditions.EFFECT: increasing the efficiency and specific power with improved weight-size indices when located in water outside the hull.3 cl, 6 dwg

Two-axis machine (versions) // 2632810
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: according to the first version, a two-axis machine comprises the outer and the inner contours 1 and 2 of rotation bodies and at least one locking element 3. The contour 2 is located in the contour 1 with the possibility of its rotation relative to the contour 1, and between them a working cavity is formed, in which the inlet 5 and the outlet 6 are formed. The element 3 is installed in the contour 2 with the possibility to move relative thereto and to the contour 1. The axes of the contours 1 and 2 are arranged non-coaxially. The symmetry centres of the contours 1 and 2 are displaced relative to each other. The element 3 divides the working cavity into high and low pressure zones and is made with the possibility to move the working body from the inlet 5 to the outlet 6 as the contour 2 rotates. Between the surface of the contour 2 and a part of the surface of the contour 1, a seal seat 11 is formed, consisting of a spiral surface and two surfaces, spaced in 180 degrees, located in the contour 1.EFFECT: increasing working volume while reducing weight and size.2 cl, 7 dwg

Rotary-blade machine (versions) // 2632635
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: rotary-blade machine comprises a stationary housing 1 with an axle 2 on which the rotor 3 is rotated and connected with eccentrically located additional axle 4, around which the blades 5 are movably located with formation of variable inter-blade space. There is a working chamber 6 located inside the blade 5 and divided into two outer and inner sections 7 and 8 by a movable piston shaft 9 and located in the rotor 3. The outer section 7 has an outer channel 14 and an outer slot 13 arranged in the housing 1 and extending along the length of the outer section 7.EFFECT: improvement of performance with decrease of air-hydraulic and mechanical losses and increase of efficiency of the device.5 cl, 16 dwg

Rotary-vane engine, method of blades rotating in it, method of air cooling of its blade and method of diffusion combustion of fuel in it // 2630717
FIELD: engine devices and pumps.SUBSTANCE: engine has two pairs of blades on two hollow shafts, dividing the chamber into four variable-volume working chambers, gas exchange channels and windows, a blade coupling mechanism made by fixed connection of carriers of two planet crank-and-rod mechanisms mounted from the chamber ends, a prechamber rendered out of chamber limits, a nozzle installed in the prechamber, a channel connecting the prechamber with the working chamber and divided by a partition into the inlet and outlet section. The engine has a glow plug with a filament element. The prechamber is made heat-insulated in the form of an arc enveloping the partition. The locking element of air valve is made the farthest from the blade rotation axis of the blade working surface with the possibility of overlapping the gas exchange windows. The distance between gas exchange windows of prechamber is designed to overlap these windows.EFFECT: increasing resource, fuel combustion efficiency, simplifying the creation of compression, reducing the thermal strength of blade and ensuring the operation of engine on fuel with low detonation resistance.21 cl, 22 dwg

Rotary-plate engine // 2630643
FIELD: engine devices and pumps.SUBSTANCE: rotor-plate engine contains a stator 1, which internal surface is in cross-section perpendicular to rotation axis 3 of a rotor 4, is made in the form of a closed curve, which walls are parallel to rotation axis of the rotor 4. The rotor 4 is made with a through radial groove 6 passing through rotation center of the rotor 4. A plate 5 is mounted in the groove 6 for reciprocating motion with its ends equipped with seals with inner surface of the stator 1. The stator cavity 1 contains a spark plug 7, inlet and outlet ports 8 and 9. The shape of the stator inner surface 1 is given by expression in polar coordinates. The axis 3 of the rotor 4 coincides with the axis of the stator cavity 1.EFFECT: ensuring serviceability of the engine due to provision of the rotor rotation axis to the longitudinal axis of the stator cavity, which enables the plate to rotate smoothly in the limits of the cross-section contour of the stator cavity in constant contact with it in the transverse mobility of the plate.5 dwg
Revolving rotary-piston engine // 2628813
FIELD: engine devices and pumps.SUBSTANCE: toroidal working cylinder is divided into working chambers by pairs of elements, each consisting of a blade (piston) and a lock chamber, and the movement mechanism of the lock chamber allows unobstructed controlled movement of the blade (piston) and gas mixture along the cylinder while maintaining compression and the composition of the compressed gas mixture. The rotating annular element, designed as a side wall of the cylinder, provides both kinematic and power connection between the piston and the output shaft, acting as an engine rotor.EFFECT: simplicity of the design, which excludes mechanisms for coordinating the motion of the blades and power take-off, valve and crank-conrod mechanisms and not providing blade retainers, makes it possible to significantly simplify the engine, increase its reliability and reduce the requirements to the used materials, and, as a result, its cost.11 dwg

Rotor hydro-pneumatic machine // 2627753
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: rotor hydro-pneumatic machine contains the housing 1, in which the driving and driven operating gears 5 and 4 are arranged, consisting of the hollow hub and the central disk with asymmetrical profiled teeth 2 and 3, located on its periphery, connected to the gears 4, 5 and the synchronizing gears 6, 7 with the symmetrical teeth profile concentrically to them on the shafts, the feed-in and out channels of the operating fluid, the sealing elements. The gears 4-7 are made conical, and each of two pairs of similar gears forms the axial gears with axes of rotation, intersecting in one point. The kinematic connection is formed between the working and synchronizing gears, containing the fixing and elastic elements 19 and 14. Two feed-in and out channels are located on the housing 1 in the maximum teeth 2, 3 overlap area of the gears 4, 5, and the other two - in the areas of the teeth 2, 3 engagement beginning. The feed-in and out channels are located on the housing 1 periphery and are provided with the locking equipment.EFFECT: reduction of the device dimensions, increase of its functional parameters and expansion of the technological possibilities.25 cl, 22 dwg

Rotary piston engine // 2627487
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: engine contains at least two working chambers formed by the body (1) rotating in it by a working rotor (2) and at least one additional rotor (3). The working fluid flows through at least one channel from at least one working chamber to at least one other working chamber. The channel comprises at least two channel portions that are intended to align with each other for mutual contact. At least one of the channel portion rotates in the body (1). At least one other channel portion refers to the body (1) or is positioned fixedly relative to the body (1).EFFECT: providing of the possibility of implementing different compression degrees and firing points.9 cl, 23 dwg

Rotary internal combustion engine // 2626272
FIELD: engine devices and pumps.SUBSTANCE: engine working chamber, where the energy of the combustion gases converts into rotor rotation, and the chamber, where the fuel mixture is being prepared and burned, are separated and have independent volumes. Thus, in the expansion cycle in which the energy of the combustion products is converted into rotation of the rotor, the entire volume of the working chamber is used which does not depend on the dimensions of the chamber, where the fuel mixture is prepared and burned, which makes it possible to create a working chamber of such size that at the outlet the exhaust gases will be at the level of atmospheric pressure and, therefore, in this engine it will be possible to make maximum use of the energy of the pressure of the fuel combustion gases, when it is converted into mechanical work. The combustion products flow from the fuel chamber into the working chamber through the rotor body and exit under pressure from the injector, located in the rotor wing.EFFECT: higher efficiency of engine operation.26 dwg

Rotary machine (versions) // 2626187
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: rotary machine of the first version comprises a stationary body 1 with a working chamber, a rotor 3 with a protrusion 8 mounted on the axis 4 and having blades 5 with protrusions 7 mounted on an additional axis 6 located eccentrically about the axis 4 of the rotor 3. The machine comprises a rotary disc 9, which allows the blade 5 to be moveably fixed to the rotor 3 by means of the protrusion 7 of the blade 5 and protrusion 8 of the rotor 3, coupled with the rotating disk 9, and the protrusion 8 of the rotor 3, as well as the window and the working fluid channel located in the housing 1.EFFECT: improved operational properties.9 cl, 15 dwg

Rotary-vane machine (versions) // 2626186
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: rotary-vane machine comprises a stationary housing 1 with an axis 4 connected to an eccentrically located second axis 6, a supply duct 10 and a discharge duct 11 of working medium. Around the axis 6, the vanes 5 are movably arranged. Inside the vanes 5 there is a working chamber 2 divided into two working sections by a piston 9 with a movable piston shaft 8. The shaft 8 is attached to the rotor 3 rotated about the axis 4. The duct 10 passes through the shaft 8. The duct 11 is made in the housing 1 and extends along the working section, providing an increase in the ejection velocity of the working medium.EFFECT: improved operational characteristics with reduction of pneumo-hydraulic and mechanical losses and increased efficiency of the device.7 cl, 19 dwg

Rotary stirling engine // 2625071
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: engine contains two rotors on one shaft. The rotor consists of a cylinder, integrated with the washer, and rotates in a cylindrical housing with radial slots made therein. Plates with cutouts are mounted in the slots, placed on the rotor washer, with the possibility of moving back and forth along the axis of the engine when the rotor rotates. In this case, the rotor, plates and housing form variable volumes in which the working cycles occur. Each of the volumes formed around one rotor is connected by channels with variable volumes formed around the other rotor. Channels connect volumes located with a shift of 90 degrees relative to one another, and one rotor is rotated by 180 degrees relative to the other rotor.EFFECT: higher efficiency of engine operation.2 dwg

Rotary internal combustion engine // 2622593
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: rotary internal combustion engine comprises a housing, a rotor with protrusions and the annular flange. Flanges divide the internal volume of the housing for the compression section and the divided plate protrusion on the intake and compression volume and a working section and a split lip plate on the expansion and exhaust volume. Chamber and the compressed combustible mixture combustion arranged outside the housing and communicated by controlled bypass devices. The projections are made from cylindrical sealing surface portions. The sealing surface on the rotor in the test section is arranged to periodically overlap the mouth of the connecting channel with the volume of the combustion chamber for expansion during the filling of the combustion chamber and compressed gas mixture during its combustion before reaching the maximum pressure in the combustion chamber. The sealing surface on the rotor section compressing the fuel mixture is adapted to the channel inlet opening of the combustible mixture in synchronism with the mouth of the connecting channel overlapping the combustion chamber with a volume expansion in the working section.EFFECT: implemented isochoric cycle and reduced specific fuel consumption.2 cl, 6 dwg
Rotary internal combustion engine // 2622454
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: engine comprises a housing 1, covers 2 and 3, a shaft 4, a rotor 6, rotary dampers 7, 8 and 9 permanently pressed to the rotor 6 by springs 10 and 11. Each of the two dampers 7, 8 arranged symmetrically represents a double-arm lever. The dampers 7, 8 are interconnected by a spring 10. The damper 7 comprises an inner bore, by surface of which said damper covers the combustion chamber housing and is mounted thereon rotatably, a through channel or several through channels included into the bore cavity from the side of the working chamber. The rotor 6 comprises two identical cuts with cylindrical surfaces formed around the rotor rotation axis, and is symmetrical for two axes drawn through its rotation center. The side sealings of the rotor 6 comprise a sector disposed in the annular groove of the lid, constantly pressed to the rotor by springs. Radial sealings of the dampers comprise a bevel plate disposed in a groove formed in the section body on the sector side, and a number of openings formed from the side of the inner cylindrical sector surface of the housing so that the plate bevel is located in the openings area.EFFECT: creating a simple, economical and reliable engine.9 dwg

Rotary internal combustion engine // 2622348
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: rotary internal combustion engine comprises a housing consisting of two sections 1 and 2 with cavities compression and expansion, the partition 3, cover 4 and 5, the shaft 6, the rotors 8 and 9 in the form of discs, rotary valves 11, 12, 13 and 14, the system fuel supply, the ignition system. Two dampers 11 and 12 placed on the same shaft 15, fastened between the covers 4 and 5. One of the valves is in contact with one rotor, the other - with the other. Apparatus sealing flaps rotors comprises a plate 16 disposed in a groove formed in the flap on the rotor side. Plate 16 is urged by a spring 17 attached to the opposite surface of the flap, via a pin 18 disposed in the through hole flap. Radial seal plate 19 contain valves bevel disposed in the housing recess, and a number of apertures 20. Openings 20 are formed on the inner surface of the cylindrical sector casing so that the plate is a bevel zone apertures. Side seals of the rotor 29 comprise sectors disposed in the annular groove and the cover is pressed against the rotor by means of pins 31 placed through holes in the cover, the springs 30. Springs 30 are secured to the outer side of the cover.EFFECT: design simplification, increased efficiency and reliability of the engine.8 dwg

Six-stroke rotary-vane internal combustion engine // 2619672
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: motor comprises a stator 1 with inlet and outlet ports 2 and 3, holes for spark plugs 12 and the working chambers 4 of the fence and the compression fuel-air mixture, alternating with the working chamber 5 expansion and removing the combustion products, is rigidly fixed to a cylindrical rotor shaft 16 with longitudinal grooves in which vanes are placed. On the cylindrical surface of the rotor combustion chamber 16, are located between the grooves. The side walls of the working chambers are formed by rotating the rotor 16 parts. The combustion chambers are formed as hemispherical recesses 23. Working stator chambers are designed as cylindrical bores with axes parallel to the axis of the stator 1, evenly spaced along the inner surface of the stator 1. Each blade consists of several plates in a freely relative movement. Each blade plate is made of two parts move apart in the axial direction by a spring. The number of blades is a multiple of the number of chambers 4.EFFECT: simplification of the internal combustion engine design, improving its reliability and manufacturability.2 cl, 5 dwg

Rotary expansion machine // 2619391
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: machine comprises a housing 1 with a chamber 4 having an internal closed cylindrical surface 5, which are parallel to the axis of the chamber 4, and two end surfaces 6, 7. The chamber 4 has inlets and outlets 8-11 passing through the body 1, a shaft 12 passing through the chamber 4 coaxially with it, four pistons 13-16 located in the chamber 4 forming an equilateral hinged quadruple having each working outer surface 17, a device for transferring the movement between the pistons 13-16 and the shaft 12, containing the guide rails 19-22 rigidly connected to the shaft 12. The ends of the pistons 13-16 are in dense sliding contact with the surface 5 of the chamber 4, which is the main guide for them. The surface 5 of the chamber 4 has a profile that is an external equidistant remote from the reference curve described by the equation in polar coordinates.EFFECT: ensuring uniform rotation of the output shaft and obtaining a constant torque, reliability, high torque on the machine shaft and achieving the possibility of self-starting at any angular position of the shaft, increasing the uniformity of the shaft travel.5 cl, 12 dwg

ethod of pistons motion conversion and internal combustion engine // 2614898
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to engine construction. Method of reciprocal turning movement conversion and pistons rotation to shaft rotational movement is performed in internal combustion engine with pistons. In engine enabling possibility of fuel combustion at increased pressure and acting with combusting working mixture pressure on pistons installed between rotor splines, rigidly connected with shaft passed through base center for production of torque. Rotor with pistons is placed into piston barrel. Piston barrel consists of two rigidly interconnected closing on one end with flat surface of coaxially arranged one into another with equal focal distances oval cylindrical surfaces, closed from below with base and rotor disc. Piston barrel is mounted on base.EFFECT: simplification of design, reducing weight and elimination of engine vibration.2 cl, 6 dwg

Rotary piston engine // 2613012
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: in the rotor-piston internal combustion engine, in cross-section, rotor 2 is a Reuleaux triangle and located eccentrically in a cylindrical cavity of stator 1. In the tops of rotor 2 in the grooves, U-shaped rectangular pistons 3, 4, 5 are placed. Pistons 3, 4, 5 are made with longitudinal slots. Wear resistant inserts are placed in the tops of pistons 3, 4, 5, 6. The volumes between the inner surface of pistons 3, 4, 5, rotor 2 and side covers form unchanged total oil volume where constant pressure is maintained by oil pumping. Nozzle 17 is placed in stator 1 in the second half of the third quarter of stator 1 if we start counting from the vertical symmetry axis of the working hole of stator 1 clockwise. Plugs 8, 9 are placed in the first and the fourth quarters of stator 1. Exhaust holes are placed in the second half of the second quarter of stator 1. Holes for injecting compressed air are placed in the first half of the third quarter or on the vertical symmetry axis of stator 1. The hole for oil injection into the internal volumes of the pistons is made in the end cap and placed in the first half of the third quarter of stator 1.EFFECT: increased technological design of the rotary-piston engine, increased engine reliability and durability.2 cl, 7 dwg

Rotary internal combustion engine // 2612873
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: rotary internal combustion engine comprises a housing made up of four parts. Each part is a L-shaped fragment. When connecting the fragments, two mutually perpendicularly disposed annular walls are formed, with the ribs on the outer surface and with the annular path inside, forming two channels. A toroidal rotor is disposed in each channel, with the possibility of displacement along the path. Each toroidal rotor is formed with longitudinal slots disposed outside or inside the rotor, forming cavities between said rotor and the path surface, which communicate with the chambers located outside the walls. Intake and exhaust openings communicating with the cavities between said rotor and the path surface are made in the walls. The rotors are interconnected by the rotation synchronization kinematic chain made of a series of gears sequentally meshed with one another. One of the gears is in mesh with one toroidal rotor. The last gear is meshed with the output shaft rigidly connected with the other toroidal rotor.EFFECT: simplified design and higher efficiency factor of the engine.2 cl, 8 dwg

Volume rotary-vane machines (two versions) // 2612230
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: bulk of the first embodiment of the rotary-vane machine comprises a supply-discharge of the working fluid channel, a distributor body mounted inside the rotor. The rotor comprises two bowls with radial slits, which are fixed on the plate. The plates are installed in pairs. The distributor comprises a sleeve and the cylinder. In a second embodiment, the machine comprises fixedly mounted on the outer bearing distributor housing in the form of the body of motion with a bottom and a lid. The distributor comprises a sleeve with external windows and the distribution cylinder with two internal windows. The composition comprises a rotor plate with openings for the plates and a hole for fixing the shaft and resting on its wobble plate via a bearing with a central opening and a spherical inner surface. The disk is supported through a bearing rotary puck with two roller stops and thrust a cup in the form of a hollow spherical segment, centered on the spherical surface of the housing cover. Supply and discharge channels are formed inside the distributor and are separated by the longitudinal wall. Shaft exits through the housing and connected to the bottom plate.EFFECT: reduced wear plates, to ensure the machine control.21 cl, 55 dwg
Toroidal-rotary internal combustion engine // 2611704
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: toroidal-rotary internal combustion engine contains one or more mechanically linked between each other pistons. The pistons simultaneously perform the angular reciprocating motions along the generatrices of toroidal cylinders, formed from the toroidal volume by separating toroidal volume with pressure-tight radially mounted intercylinder partitions for equal volumes. The reciprocating motions of the pistons are transmitted to the loading tubular shaft. The shaft is connected to the ratchet gears of the right and left rotation, which further transfer the load to the two coaxially installed counter-rotating output shafts. The sparking plugs are installed on the planes of intercylinder partitions. The cylinders in the intercylinder partitions area have the combustion chambers, the volume of which depends on the working strokes length. The oppositely directed gas supply valves are installed in the combustion chambers.EFFECT: reduction of the cost per unit of power, increase of efficiency and service life.4 cl, 3 dwg

Ice and its operating mode // 2611536
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: ice is designed to implement the method of converting piston rotary reciprocation into crankshaft rotation. It is possible to burn fuel and affect piston unit rotating in the engine housing rigidly connected to the shaft by pressure of combustible fuel-air mixture. The upper end of the shaft is released upward through the hole in the flange centre, and a lower end is released downward through the crankcase with a hole in the engine base centre for creating torque. Flange splines with the pistons which are designed to perform rotary reciprocation fitted between them are positioned in the piston unit. The flange is fixed to the engine housing. There is a crankcase with a lubricating oil at the engine housing base. Oil is delivered by the rotary piston unit through the holes with shovels in its disk into the cavity between the pistons, splines and oval piston unit disks, is sprayed, lubricates and flows back to the crankcase through the holes for drainage positioned in the piston unit disk as well.EFFECT: simplified design, decreased weight and the engine vibration isolation.2 cl, 3 dwg

Stators for downhole motors, methods of their production and downhole motors with them // 2611125
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to drilling. Method of producing a stator for a downhole motor containing a stator tube including an inner surface and having a set of splines extending inward from the inner surface; a stator insert made from a hardened reinforcing material with a high degree of crystallization, which is located in the inner surface and arranged along the set of splines, herewith the stator insert has an inner surface forming an internal spiral cavity including a set of internal screw teeth; and a rotor arranged in the stator, wherein the method includes: providing the stator tube; applying a separating composition on the outer surface of the spindle; arrangement of the spindle in the stator tube, herewith the spindle has an outer geometry complementary to the required internal geometry of the stator; introduction of the reinforcing material into the stator tube to fill the space between the spindle and the stator tube inner surface; hardening of the reinforcing material; and extraction of at least part of the spindle from the stator tube with the hardened reinforcing material; thus, obtaining the stator.EFFECT: provided are improved mechanical properties of the stator.19 cl, 22 dwg

Rotary machine // 2611117
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building and can be used in steam and pneumatic drives and compressors. Rotary machine comprises housing 4 with high and low pressure branch pipes 6 and 5 and consistently rotating, at least, one rotor 1 with vanes 2 installed in it and opposite installed closers 3. Closers 3 are made in form of tightly adjacent to rotor cylinders with longitudinal groove 11 for passage of vanes 2. Vanes 2 together with housing 4 separate variable volume working chambers. Vanes 2 are bent towards closers 3 with provision of their dense movable contact with closers 3 along groove 11 boundary. Number of vanes 2 and rotor 1 speed are associated with speed and number of longitudinal grooves of closers 3 by definite relationship.EFFECT: invention is aimed at increasing of compression ratio, reduced material consumption, increased efficiency or power of machine.1 cl, 1 dwg

Device and methods using screw engines and pumps with rotors and/or stators with hybrid plates // 2611077
FIELD: engines.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to hydraulic drives. Device for use in well contains stator, having inner surface with helical teeth; rotor, having outer surface with helical teeth and arranged in stator. At least one of inner surface with stator helical teeth and outer surface with rotor helical teeth includes sealing material at first contact section, at least, partially embedded into metal material, respectively, at least one of inner surface with stator helical teeth and outer surface with rotor helical teeth, and metal surface at second contact section, respectively, at least one of inner surface with stator helical teeth and outer surface with rotor helical teeth.EFFECT: providing favorable volumetric efficiency and high output power.11 cl, 8 dwg
Cycloidal rotary engine (versions) // 2609027
FIELD: engines.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to engines, in particular, to rotary engines. Rotary engine has cycloidal rotor 202 and sealing array, including end sealing element, which is rotating with rotor 202, and other sealing elements, which do not rotate with rotor 202. At rotor 202 rotation in housing 201, rotor 202, housing 201 and sealing array form at least one working chamber between them. Chamber is subjected to change from initial volume of V1 to V2, which is smaller, than V1, due to which working medium is compressed, and then expanded to volume of V3, which can be more than V1, so, that chamber volume is uniform and continuous function of rotor 202 turning angle.EFFECT: group of inventions is aimed at providing operability of engine.17 cl, 72 dwg
Rotor of rotary engine // 2608848
FIELD: engines.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to rotary engine rotor. Rotary engine rotor 10 comprises housing 12, insert 14 and fixing element 16. Housing 12 has outer surface 18 and inner surface 22. Outer surface 18 comprises three sides 20, arranged in form of equilateral triangle. Inner surface 22 comprises mounting sections 24, each located at center of rotor side 20. Mounting sections 24 form mounting opening 26. Mounting section 24 first fixing seat 28 extends outwards from inside from surface 22 to surface 18 partially so, that prevents destruction of surface 18. Cooling channel 30 passes in axial direction through housing 12 in area of each vertex 31. Insert 14 is located in mounting opening 26. Insert 14 support part 38 has second fixing seat 40, directed radially and aligned with seat 28. Fixing element 16 passes through seat 40 and located in seat 28.EFFECT: technical result is higher versatility of rotor design and reduced risk of gas leaks between rotor housing outer and inner surfaces.7 cl, 5 dwg

Rotary-vane internal combustion engine blades non-uniform rotational movement conversion mechanism into shaft uniform rotation // 2605863
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to engine construction. Rotary-vane internal combustion engine blades non-uniform rotational movement conversion mechanism into shaft uniform rotation consists of housing, common shaft, blades, two gear wheels with external geared rims installed on shaft, cams, two crank rods in form of rings, two gears with inner geared rim, radial guides on crank rods, two sliding units interacting with radial guides. Blades are installed on shaft with possibility of free rotation. Cams are made on blades. Crank rods are installed in cams with possibility of free rotation. Gear wheels with internal geared rim are rigidly installed in crank rods, interact with shaft mounted gears and make gear mechanisms. Gear mechanisms are equipped with drivers mounted on common shaft with possibility of free rotation. Sliding blocks are installed on drivers for transfer of shaft additional rotational motion to crank rods.EFFECT: technical result is providing of working processes stable position relative to mechanism housing.1 cl, 10 dwg

Device and method of controlling or limiting rotor orbit in screw engines or pumps // 2605475
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions is related to drilling, i.e. to rotary drilling hydraulic drives installed in borehole. Assembly of hydraulic downhole motor comprises screw motor having near end and far end and comprising stator and rotor. Stator comprises metal case, first elastomer material arranged in metal case, and first rigid material, arranged radially and directed inward from and at least partially covering first elastomer material. Rotor contains metal core, second elastomer material, located around metal core, and second rigid material arranged around second elastomer material. Stator first rigid material contacts rotor second rigid material.EFFECT: enabling limiting of rotor geometric center displacement trajectory.12 cl, 21 dwg

Rotary internal combustion engine // 2602938
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to engine construction. Rotary internal combustion engine comprises stator, shaft with cam and rotor. Stator consists of casing with inner cylindrical bore, two lateral covers with bearing supports and with suction and discharge openings, and spark plugs or nozzles installed in it. Shaft is installed in bearings. Rotor rotates on shaft cam and is made in form of disk. Rotor disk end surfaces are plane. Rotor working surface is made by epicycloid. Side covers have flat surface sections coupled with rotor end surfaces. Stator bore inner cylindrical surface is made by epicycloid. On stator bore recesses surface and/or on rotor projections surface additional recesses are made to form combustion chambers.EFFECT: higher efficiency of engine operation with its simplified design and smaller dimensions.1 cl, 2 dwg

Rotary internal combustion engine // 2602016
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to engine construction. Rotary internal combustion engine includes hollow housing, cylindrical rotor with piston, gate with gate control drive, combustion chamber, working chamber, exhaust chamber, exhaust port. Combustion chamber is equipped with fuel supply and combustion device. Working chamber is formed with walls of the gate, the piston and the housing. Exhaust chamber is formed by gate, piston and casing other walls. Working chamber is communicated with exhaust chamber by means of grooves made in rotor ahead of piston on its rotation direction side so, that to ensure pressure equalization in said chambers to open gate in moment when piston passes exhaust port.EFFECT: simplified engine design.1 cl, 1 dwg

Rotary engine // 2597708
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to rotor engines with external heat supply. Rotary engine comprises cylindrical housing, refrigerating device and external heat exchanging heater. Housing is made fixed, divided into two chambers with inlet and outlet openings, with two shafts installed on bearings. Each chamber houses two rotors. In compressor and engine housing by two rotors are arranged, parallel to each other and synchronized with the help of gearing. Engine is made with separate compression and expansion chambers. Rotors are arranged on two shafts, drive and driven, which are synchronized by tooth engagement in separate sealed chamber. Bearing assemblies are installed on shafts with tension. Units of inter-chamber and end seals are made in labyrinth design. Combustion of fuel-air mixture takes place at atmospheric pressure.EFFECT: higher engine efficiency and reliability.1 cl, 2 dwg

Rotary piston internal combustion engine // 2597333
FIELD: engines.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to engine construction. Engine comprises housing with operating ring and working chambers. In working chambers in parallel on the shaft there are disk-like compressor rotor and turbine rotor in the form of a cup. In disc slot there is a spring-loaded working flap. Compressor rotor is built between external and internal side cheeks inside operating ring. Compressor rotor rigidly fixed on the sides two side disc. On inner surfaces of side discs facing towards the ends of the rotor of compressor, there are slots located of equal width of groove working gate and aligned therewith. Operating damper is made in the form of sealing plates with width exceeding width of the compressor rotor at a depth of slots of side discs. Each of the sealing plates has on the periphery of ledges with width equal to depth of slot side disc. In the projections of the first, along with the engine shaft rotation, sealing plate there are slots for installation in them spring-loaded sealing plates pressing against the end surfaces of the operating ring. In operating ring on both ends there are diametral slots for installation in them spring-loaded sealing rings, pressing against the end surface of projections of sealing plates gate compressor rotor.EFFECT: higher engine efficiency.1 cl, 5 dwg

Flexible support structure for geared architecture of gas turbine engine // 2593060
FIELD: engines. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to gas turbine engine (versions). Engine frame is made with definite intrinsic lateral stiffness and intrinsic transverse stiffness and supports a fan shaft. Gear transmission rotates fan shaft. Flexible support partially supports gear transmission. For flexible support there is lateral stiffness in relation to lateral stiffness of frame and there is transverse stiffness in relation to transverse stiffness of frame. Said lateral stiffness of flexible support is less than lateral stiffness, and said transverse stiffness of flexible support is less than transverse stiffness of frame. For input coupling of gear transmission there is lateral stiffness in relation to lateral stiffness of frame and there is transverse stiffness in relation to transverse stiffness of frame, and it is less than 11 % lateral stiffness. In second version for input coupling of gear transmission there is lateral stiffness in relation to lateral stiffness of gearing and there is transverse stiffness in relation to transverse stiffness of gearing, wherein said lateral stiffness of flexible support is less than lateral stiffness of gearing. Transverse stiffness of flexible support is less than transverse stiffness of gearing and is less than 5 % lateral stiffness of gearing. EFFECT: technical result consists in prevention of bending of bearing structure of engine. 8 cl, 8 dwg

Rotary machine of volumetric type // 2592361
FIELD: machine building. SUBSTANCE: invention can be used to drive mechanical energy consumers. Rotary machine of volumetric type consists of housing 1 with profiled element 2 made in form of a protrusion, hollow wheel-divider 6 with a hole for element 2 and hollow central body 4 with feed channel and working medium discharge channel and with a longitudinal radial slot for wheel 6. Wheel 6 is installed in slot of body 4 with possibility of rotation around its longitudinal axis. Housing 1 is installed with possibility of rotation around its axis in one plane with axis of rotation of wheel 6 and kinematically connected to it. Machine is equipped with tubular shaped element 5 with feed channel and working medium discharge channel and control valves 12, 13, installed on working medium discharge channels of element 5 and body 4. Side surface of element 5 is in form of two interfaced geometrical solids of revolution. Element 5 is rigidly connected with body 4 and installed in wheel 6 with possibility of its rolling at inner surface of one solid of revolution. Surface of other solid of revolution is equidistant from axis of body 4 and technologically interfaced with element 2. EFFECT: higher efficiency, reduced fuel consumption. 1 cl, 2 dwg

Screw hydraulic machine with variable teeth tension // 2591216
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to screw gerotor hydraulic machines used as screw propellers, wherein rotation of rotor with bit is performed by pumped feeding fluid, for drilling oil and gas wells, as well as screw pumps for oil production, multiphase pumps for pumping gas-liquid mixtures, and can be applied to screw propellers or general purpose pumps. Screw hydraulic machine includes stator with internal screw teeth, coated by resilient material, for example rubber, and rotor with external spiral teeth, number thereof is by one less than number of stator teeth. Rotor axis is shifted relative to stator axis on eccentricity value equal to half of radial height of teeth. Pitch of rotor teeth is equal to pitch of stator teeth, and passages of screw teeth of rotor and stator are proportional to their numbers of teeth. Teeth of rotor and/or stator at its length have harmonic variation of inclination angle of helical line. Proposed reamer one turn of similar points of teeth surfaces on plane, for example of teeth apices, represents extended sinusoids equally spaced at pitch of teeth in direction of hydraulic machine axis. Length of sinusoids is multiple to one of their period, and at least is equal thereto, and their amplitude is equal to 0.001 to 0.25 of radial height of teeth. Higher efficiency of drilling is provided in operation mode of engine. Increased reliability of starting up hydraulic machine after its stop in well.EFFECT: longer life of hydraulic machine at operation both as motor, and pump.1 cl, 9 dwg

Rotary engine // 2591071
FIELD: engines.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to engine construction. Rotary engine comprises hollow case, cylindrical rotor with piston, gate, working chamber formed by walls of piston, gate, and housing, combustion chamber with device for supply and ignition of fuel. Gate is made fixed. Combustion chambers are located on both sides of stationary gate, and each is equipped with device for fuel supply and ignition, and suction valve. Working chamber is equipped with two exhaust valves.EFFECT: technical result is simplification of design and higher power output.1 cl, 1 dwg

Rotor-vane internal combustion engine (versions) // 2589882
FIELD: engines.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to rotary-vane internal combustion engines. Working surface of housing in first version of engine consists of four equal-angle areas of surface. Two sections of an arc, symmetrical about vertical axis, have different radii, and adjacent sections of arcs have radii such that value of resultant diameter remains invariable. A rotor is placed in area of ​​a quarter circle of least diameter. On both ends of the rotor there are two U-shaped grooves in opposite directions and crosswise to each other. Two holes are drilled in each groove for inserting helical springs which press vanes inserted in said grooves. Vanes are U-shaped. Working surface of housing in second version of engine is divided relative to centre into four angular sectors. Central sectors of generatrix are in form of two, symmetrical relative to vertical axis, circular arcs with angular size of approximately 80 degrees each. Two lateral sectors are made in form of arcs of an ellipse with an axis ratio of about 1/1.2. A rotor is placed in area of central circle with a diameter, with minimum clearance less than diameter of generatrix of the housing.EFFECT: technical result is high specific power and easy manufacture of engine.3 cl, 6 dwg

Internal combustion engine with gear pistons // 2587727
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: internal combustion engine with gear piston comprises rotor with possibility to turn on shaft withs four bearing pistons installed one by one between its splines. Pistons have possibility of performing reciprocal-rotary motion at its two cylindrical surfaces with different radii from one centre. Rotor is fitted in piston unit between two rigidly interconnected closing top flat surfaces, arranged one into another coaxially with oval cylinder surfaces having equal focal lengths distances, closed from below by base and disc rotor. Unit of pistons with rotor is mounted on and attached to base. Outer surface of inner oval cylinder piston unit is made of two oval cylindrical surfaces of two oval discs rigidly interconnected by cylinder. On every oval disk of pistons unit there are oval support surfaces and on each face of piston rod by one spur with hole are made, in which there is one axis with two bearings is mounted. Through bearings rod pistons are supported by oval support surfaces of two oval discs of pistons unit.EFFECT: simplified engine design.1 cl, 5 dwg