Self-propelled projectiles or missiles, e.g. rockets and guided missiles (F42B15)

F42   Ammunition; blasting(6023)
F42B15                 Self-propelled projectiles or missiles, e.g. rockets; guided missiles (f42b0010000000, f42b0012000000, f42b0014000000 take precedence;for practice or training f42b0008120000; rocket torpedoes f42b0017000000; marine torpedoes f42b0019000000; cosmonautic vehicles b64g; jet-propulsion plants f02k)(1026)

Supersonic projectile // 2642693
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: in a supersonic projectile the rudders are placed on the pointed nose of the hull at a distance from the front end of the projectile selected within the values calculated by the formula: . Each of them is equipped with an aerodynamic fairing made in the form of a rotation body, protruding beyond the front edge of the rudder by the value (0.10-0.25)ar. The longitudinal axis of the fairing is displaced from the root chord by a distance (0.15-0.35)br. The arc-shaped blades of the stabiliser are shifted from the bottom cross section of the jet engine towards the nose of the hull by (0.3…0.6) d and are fixed on the axes parallel to the longitudinal axis of the projectile shell. The arc-shaped blades of the stabiliser are oriented by convex surfaces in the clockwise direction in a rear view, where Lp is the distance from the nose to the middle of the root chord of the rudders; Lm.c. is the distance from the nose of the projectile to its mass center after fuel burnup of the jet engine; L is the length of the projectile; Lstab is the distance from the nose of the projectile to the middle of the root chord of the stabiliser blades; is the relative area of the projections of 2 stabiliser blades; Sstab is the area of the projections of 2 stabiliser blades; is the area of the midship section of the projectile; d is the calibre of the projectile; k=(8-16)[1+0.1(n-3)] is the coefficient which takes into account the number of the stabiliser blades; nbl=3-6 is number of stabiliser blades; is the relative area of 2 rudders; Sp is the area of the projections of 2 opposite rudders; br is swing of one rudder; ar is the length of the root chord of the rudder.EFFECT: invention allows to create a supersonic projectile of multiple-launch system with increased firing range due to the rational selection of the ratios of the airframe geometric parameters and to ensure maximum aerodynamic quality, increased combat effectiveness due to reduced dispersion of aeroballistic characteristics, increased accuracy of firing.1 dwg

Supersonic projectile // 2642692
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: supersonic projectile consists of a head and a missile parts with cylindrical thickenings on the outer surface of the housing. The cylindrical thickenings are made with diameter d1=(0.98-1) d with a relative elongation of and are located at a relative distance from each other . The transition at thickenings from a smaller diameter to a larger one is carried out at an angle of not more than 25°, and a decrease in diameter d2 behind the thickenings is (0.3-1.5) % of d1. The first cylindrical thickening is located at the head part in the area of the junction with the missile part and at least two cylindrical thickenings have a diameter equal to the diameter of the midsection - d.EFFECT: invention allows to create a supersonic projectile of multiple-launch system with increased firing range, dispersion and accuracy by reducing resistance characteristics during body flow with incoming air and ensuring alignment of the projectile from the guiding fighting vehicle during loading and starting.1 dwg

Casing shell of aircraft // 2642471
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: for a shell with a long generatrix L and a smooth bearing wall of thickness δ of casing of cylindrical, conical or biconical form - in the wall of the shell from one or two ends axisymmetrically blind holes of diameter d and length l1, l2 are made in the way that δ=d+2(0.5-4.0) mm, L=(l1+l2)+(2-20) mm. A heat accumulating inserts or a balancing mass is installed in one or more cavities of a blind hole. The heat-accumulating insert is made of a material with a phase transition at the temperature not lower than +70°C. In open part of the blind hole, a groove with a diameter D and a depth h is made in a way that D=ƒ+(0.1-0.8) mm, h=S+(0.1-2.0) mm, where ƒ is diameter of the edge of heat-accumulating insert cork, S is thickness of the cork edge.EFFECT: improvement of the criterion of efficiency - cost - time of creation and development.4 cl, 5 dwg

iniature torpedo // 2642195
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: lightweight miniature torpedo (12) comprises a contact and fixing assembly (22) which is configured to hold the torpedo (12) in relation to the ship hull in response to contact with this ship hull, a camera (24) operatively connected to the contact and contact and fixing assembly (22) and containing at least one flammable element (132) which is movable in the chamber (24) and a drive mechanism (128) which is able to move the at least one flammable element (132) from the chamber (24) towards the ship hull in response to the attachment of the said device to the hull by the contact and fixing assembly (22) and an ignition unit (74) connected to the contact and fixing assembly (22) and configured to ignite the said at least one flammable element (132) as at least one flammable element (132) is moved toward the ship hull.EFFECT: torpedo is made with a size and weight that allows it to be moved and released from an unmanned aerial vehicle.15 cl, 15 dwg

Fixer of separated objects of aerial vehicles // 2641532
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: invention can find application in the designs of systems for the separation of aerial vehicle (AV). The object of the invention is to provide a reliable catch of shared objects of aerial vehicles for connecting without loosening of complex, large-mass separable objects, providing control of unauthorised movement of the fixing rod for mounting on the object, with the exception of damping conditions for the lock rod and keeping it in the extreme position when dividing objects. The realization of the set goal is achieved by the fact that the stem of the lock is fixed with the help of a cut-off check, the rod-catcher, pressed to the casing by a nut. The stem in the extreme position is connected to the bushing by expanding the skirt of the bushing over the conical groove of the rod. The nut and the bushing are provided with coaxial holes communicating with the cavity between the bushing and the stem. When pressure is applied from the pyro cartridge 6, the rod 2 moves and the check 3 is cut off. The further movement of the rod 2 is accompanied by the connection of the rod 2 with the bushing 4, flaring of the skirt 9 of the bushing 4 along the conical groove 8 of the rod 2, thereby eliminating the reversal of the rod 2 from the impact on the sleeve 4 in the extreme position, which ensures the guaranteed position of the rod 2 for separating the objects, and due to the drainage of the cavity 12 through the holes 10, 11 the damping conditions of the rod are excluded; the mutual fixing of objects is freed, providing a state for their separation. Further from the separation instruction, the objects 14, 15 are separated on the surface 16 in the direction of the X axis.EFFECT: fixer of the separated objects of the aircraft ensures their reliable joining and separation.3 dwg

Underwater complex // 2640598
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: underwater complex comprises a head part in which an autonomous self-guidance system is placed, an explosive charge, a contact and non-contact fuses, and a control system. In the middle part there are an energy source and an engine. The tail part accommodates a propeller, servo unit drives, and an external empennage with rudders. In the head part it is proposed to accommodate small-sized drifting and self-propelled means of hydro acoustic suppression and simulation, devices making torpedo or anti-torpedo of the enemy ineffective, devices for their storage, devices for start control, a control system of the underwater complex to be additionally equipped with a unit for recognition of operating detection means, hydro-acoustic suppression and anti-torpedo protection and calculation of the manoeuvre to overcome hydro-acoustic suppression and anti-torpedo protection. The small-sized drifting and self-propelled devices of hydro-acoustic suppression and simulation are designed for direct action on receiving hydro acoustic antennas of shipboard surveillance facilities and systems for detecting the anti-torpedo of the enemy, distortion of signals reflected from the underwater complex and creation of obstacles for determination of its true location, their distraction to false directions.EFFECT: proposed underwater complex operates autonomously or under remote control, during the attack detected on a given route of the sea target it is capable to detect the operating observation means of the enemy, hydro-acoustic suppression and anti-torpedo protection means used by him, and to successfully overcome them, combine the manoeuvre and the use of internal counteraction means.1 dwg

ethod of imitation of unmanned aerial vehicle for homing aid adjustment during flight tests // 2636430
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: flight tasks are set for the unmanned aerial vehicle using a programmer unit. Pre-flight check is done, homing aid is started, the inertial control system is set. A simulator of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is positioned on the delivery aircraft, the simulator's aircraft connector is connected to the delivery aircraft equipment. The simulator connector is energized. They perform a flight of the delivery aircraft along a trajectory close to the target one of the UAV, the UAV start-up, operation and power usage are simulated. The data transfer is recorded in the internal memory device, telemetered data are recorded, processed and analyzed after the flight.EFFECT: adjustment and testing of the homing aid during flight tests.3 cl, 2 dwg

Charge-amplifier for detonation translators of aircraft on-board automation // 2636069
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: charge-amplifier for detonation translators of aircraft on-board automation comprises the metal case in the form of the thin-walled metal cap with the explosive multicharge placed within the cap. The multicharge comprises two pressings of a different density, wherein the high-dense charge part is situated in the cap bottom part. The charge-amplifier is additionally supplied with the ring-shaped charge, which is flush-mounted on the hub made of the inert non-metallic material and which is in contact with the multicharge from its low-dense part side. The thimble axial channel is implemented in the charge-amplifier from the cap open end side. The channel depth ranges to the half of the multicharge low-dense part length, and the diameter corresponds to the outside diameter of the detonation translator. The ring-shaped charge outside diameter exceeds the detonation translator diameter in no fewer than three times, and the cap edges from its open end side are rolled inwards to the case axis with the collar formation, which provides the hard contact among all charge parts.EFFECT: detonation initiation reliability, decrease of the shockwave loads level when the charges actuating, performance improvement and enhancement of work with the device safety.2 cl, 1 dwg

Device for connection and disconnection of air vehicle separated stages electrical connections // 2635704
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: device is housed within the air vehicle frame and comprises the electrical assembly. The electrical assembly is situated transversely to the second stage outside perimeter and comprises the bottom, which is rigidly fixed in the second stage frame, where not less than two bushes with the holes for the placement of the electrical connections and the safety rope are situated. The top part of each bush is designed as the sharpened cutting edge. The safety rope one end is rigidly fixed in the bottom, and the other end and the electrical connections are rigidly connected to the clamping device, which is fixedly attached to the first stage frame. The safety rope has the smaller length than the electrical connections and is housed within the bottom front part.EFFECT: air vehicle aerodynamic characteristics are improved, missile destruction is prevented.2 dwg

Damage agent with target coordinator // 2634875
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: damage agent with the target coordinator contains the body with the combat unit. The parachute is provided with the ability to rotate. Inside the body perpendicular to its longitudinal axis there are retractable spring-loaded brake shields. The device contains the autonomous guidance system. It includes at least connected to each other the motion principal controller and the combat element target coordinator. Two solid rocket propulsion engines are mounted with the ability to rock in the lower part of the body. Each of these engines contains at least two chambers. The nozzles of the engines in the output part are joined between each other along the plane, forming the adjacent areas. The engine controls are connected to the autonomous guidance system through the motion principal controller. The longitudinal axis of one of the mentioned engines is parallel to the longitudinal axis of the combat element. The longitudinal axis of another engine is perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the combat element. The parachute is installed with the ability to separate from the body by the motion principal controller command.EFFECT: increase of the device reliability due to the possibility of correcting its movement trajectory in order to approach to the target.3 dwg

Radio-controlled missile // 2634138
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: missile contains an accelerating engine, a detachable pallet mounted on the aft part of missile body, radio equipment with an antenna system made in the form of antenna with a conical dielectric tip located on the rear end of the body, and an external antenna located behind the stabiliser and made in the form of a waveguide with a tip connected to the end antenna by means of connecting flange mounted on the dielectric tip and mechanically connected to the pallet. The waveguide and the connecting flange are located inside the body along its lateral surface. The waveguide is withdrawn from the body through an opening made in its wall in front of the pallet, a circular groove is provided at the rear end of the body providing a clearance between the surface of dielectric tip and body wall, wherein the tip top is not protruding beyond the body end, and the front end of pallet is provided with a skirt installed in the groove.EFFECT: increasing the reliability of communication line by eliminating mechanical and high-temperature effects on antenna system during missile acceleration, pallet separation and in-flight.3 dwg

Guided projectile // 2633716
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: projectile contains a body with an annular abutment inside its front part and a clamping nut in the rear part, between which a combat unit and control equipment units are sequentially installed. The abutment contains longitudinally arranged threaded through holes, into which the set screws are screwed. At the end of the abutment, from the combat unit side, radial grooves are made, in which the protrusions are arranged on the front end of the combat unit. The combat unit and control equipment units are fixed against longitudinal movement by tightening the nut to the set screws.EFFECT: possibility of combat unit rotation relative to the equipment units when the projectile is rotated along the roll is eliminated; it is ensured that the outputs of the electrical connections of the equipment units are precisely aligned when they are led out through the holes in the body side surface.2 dwg

Reactive engine, method for shooting with rocket ammunition and rocket ammunition // 2631958
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: jet engine includes a housing, a cantilever bar, a hollow central body, a means for controlling the movement of the hollow central body when the nozzle is opened, and means for moving the hollow central body to close the nozzle at a predetermined point of time by providing the predetermined resultant of pressure forces of the gaseous combustion products of propellant to the central body. The housing has a front part, a combustion chamber adapted to accommodate the propellant charge, and a nozzle. The cantilever bar is fixed in the front part of the housing with a free end portion and protrudes outward from the nozzle. The hollow central body is movable along the cantilever bar in the direction of the effluent of the gaseous combustion products of the propellant to open the nozzle and move in a direction reverse to the mentioned one to close the nozzle. The hollow central body covers the cantilever bar along its lateral surface. The means for controlling the movement of the hollow central body when the nozzle is opened is located on the cantilever bar inside the hollow central body. Another invention of the group relates to a rocket ammunition comprising a head part, the above mentioned jet engine connected to the head part on the side of the front part of its housing and a stabiliser. When firing with the rocket ammunition comprising the mentioned jet engine from a mobile launcher with a launch tube, the gaseous combustion products of the propellant are applied to the hollow central body to open the nozzle in the launch tube, allowing the mentioned products to flow out of the open nozzle to create a driving force acting on the rocket ammunition. The position of the hollow central body in the open nozzle is adjusted depending on the charge temperature of the propellant. Simultaneous supply of gaseous products of propellant combustion inside the hollow central body is provided. The nozzle is closed by means of the hollow central body at a predetermined moment of time by providing the predetermined resultant of pressure forces of the gaseous combustion products of the propellant to the hollow central body.EFFECT: increasing accuracy of shooting, preventing the impact of a jet of powder gases on the shoote and its barotrauma when the initial velocity of the rocket ammunition is increased.18 cl, 4 dwg

Rocket part of rocket missile // 2631882
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: rocket part contains a body with a thermal protective coating and a block of stabilisers. Sleeve of elastic material with low ablation temperature in ring groove is arranged in front of block of stabilisers ahead at a distance of 0.025…0.25 of gauge from the butt of body and block of stabilisers at the inner surface of the body. At the butting position between heat insulation and sleeve, said insulation has inner circular ledge abutting on sleeve. The end surface of the sleeve facing the block of stabilisers is made with an internal circular ledge with an internal diameter equal to the inner diameter of sleeve and an outer diameter not exceeding the inner diameter of block of stabiliser.EFFECT: increasing the reliability of rocket part by reducing heating in the area of threaded connection of the body and the block of stabilisers, and damping of the acoustic vibrations.1 dwg

Rocket missile // 2631727
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: rocket part contains a body with a thermal protective coating and a block of stabilisers. Sleeve of elastic material with low ablation temperature in ring groove is arranged in front of block of stabilisers ahead at a distance of 0.025…0.25 of gauge from the butt of body and block of stabilisers at the inner surface of the body. At the butting position between heat insulation and sleeve, said insulation has inner circular ledge abutting on sleeve. The end surface of the sleeve facing the block of stabilisers is made with an internal circular ledge with an internal diameter equal to the inner diameter of sleeve and an outer diameter not exceeding the inner diameter of block of stabiliser. In the threaded connection between the missile body and the block of stabilisers body, a ring of material with low thermal conductivity is installed.EFFECT: increasing the reliability of rocket part by reducing heating in the area of threaded connection of the body and the block of stabilisers, and damping of the acoustic vibrations.1 dwg

ethod of proportional control of rocket air-dynamic control actuator and device for its implementation // 2630462
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: in control loop of air-dynamic control actuator (ADCA) with pulse width modulation (PWM), the error signal is passed through a variable-factor unit whose control input, after sequentially extracting the absolute value and a constant component, is supplied with a linearized signal proportional to the speed of control actuator movement. The value of variable-factor unit coefficient is varied depending on linearized signal of the wheels movement rate from the condition of ensuring constant values of the stability reserves of the actuator control loop in phase and amplitude on the entire rocket flight path. The generation of forced oscillations in actuator control loop is performed by an internal controlled oscillator formed by introducing a positive feedback of the relay element, due to which the rectangular pulse signal at the output of the relay element is converted into a triangular signal, and their difference signal is summed with the output signal of the variable-factor unit.EFFECT: increase of the dynamic characteristics of the air-dynamic control actuator when implementing proportional control in the mode of pulse width modulation in a wide range of rocket flight speed changes due to the correction of the open actuator control loop transmission coefficient, depending on wheels movement rate, while maintaining constant reserves in the control loop in phase and amplitude over the entire range of rocket flight speed changes.2 cl, 2 dwg

Rocket and solid-propellant rocket engine // 2629048
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: rocket contains a pulling solid-propellant rocket engine and a pushing rocket engine. The pulling solid-propellant rocket engine includes a nozzle cluster formed by several inclined nozzles evenly distributed around the circumference, mounted on the rear bottom, as well as a rear joint assembly. A bucket is attached to the solid-propellant rocket engine housing, with an inner cylindrical surface of which a pallet with a payload contacts, associated with the pushing rocket engine. The length and mass of the solid-propellant rocket engine exceed the length and mass of the pushing rocket engine. Another invention relates to a soild-propellant rocket engine comprising a housing with bottoms, a rear joint assembly, a nozzle cluster, and a bucket connected to the front bottom. A pallet with a payload contacts with the inner cylindrical surface of the bucket. The bucket is connected to the rear bottom and has an open rear end. The cross-sectional area of the rear joint assembly is determined by the pull-bending load equal to the sum of the thrust of the soild-propellant rocket engine and flight loads.EFFECT: group of inventions allows to increase the energy mass efficiency of a rocket and solid-propellant rocket engine, to simplify their design and increase reliability, to minimize the dimensions of the rocket in its initial state.10 cl, 2 dwg

Autonomous jet projectile control unit // 2627334
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: autonomous jet projectile control unit includes a cylindrical hinge on two rolling bearings with an axis of rotation that coincides with the longitudinal axis of the jet projectile, a power source, a mission input data distant reception on-board equipment set, an exploder and control equipment. The control equipment contains an onboard computer, a block of inertial sensors and satellite navigation equipment. In addition, the device contains an electric steering gear. It includes four DC motors and four aerodynamic steering wheels hidden inside the body in the starting position. Each DC electric motor has the ability to deflect independently of its aerodynamic steering wheel at an angle ±20°. The steering gear provides the ability to simultaneously create control forces and moments in course, pitch and roll. The onboard computer has the ability to form commands to stabilise the roll and to damp the longitudinal and lateral oscillations of the projectile. The device can be mounted on unguided missiles immediately before use.EFFECT: expansion of combat capabilities of rocket artillery when small-sized targets firing.2 dwg
ethod of minimizing zones of detachable parts exclusion of carrier rocket // 2626797
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: in the method of minimizing the exclusion zones for the detachable parts (DP) of the carrier rocket (CR) during the pre-flight preparation stage, the CR calculates the parameters of the motion of the DP before they fall to the ground. Based on the results of the calculations, the sections on the descent path for impact on the DP are determined, they form a signal in the process of an autonomous DP flight, and effect the design of the DP. The pyrotechnic composition is placed on the DP. During combustion, the pyrotechnic composition ensures heating of the DP to a temperature at which their combustion takes place in the incoming flow of atmospheric air, after reaching a height of 25-30 km, the ignition of the DP is carried out using an igniting composition.EFFECT: maximum reduction of areas allocated for the areas of incidence of the DP CR.6 cl, 1 tbl
ethod of steam start of anti-aircraft missiles // 2625135
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: method of pairing the anti-aircraft missiles involves launching the first anti-radar missile aimed at the radar of an enemy aircraft or on its signature from an alien radar flying along a preemptive intersecting trajectory, and then with a break following it the launch of a second missile with an infrared homing head aimed at an anti-radar nozzle rocket. The speed of an anti-radar rocket is equal to or greater than that of a missile with infrared homing. The anti-radar missile is equipped with an autopilot, automatically activated when the target is lost. A lithium or copper powder and / or a lithium or copper compound, for example lithium nitrate, lithium borohydride, are added to the fuel of the anti-radar rocket. The anti-radar missile has a radio receiver with a level meter of the received signal, and data on this level before the launch are output to the operator's launcher or to an automatic launch device. The missile with infrared homing has a gyroscope to keep the horizontal, and the homing head of this missile is placed with a slope downward.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase the probability of defeat of the target.6 cl

Invisible projectile // 2625056
FIELD: weaponry and ammunition supplies.SUBSTANCE: projectile contains a body, detonator and explosive, while the body is made of ceramics, around which concentric layers of stretched parallely underlying fibers are wound. Layer by layer the fibers are oriented at an angle of 0°, +45, -45° to the longitudinal axis of the projectile, fastened to each other by means of a polymeric binder, the fibers have a cross-section in the shape of an equilateral triangle, with the cross-sectional area of the fibers reducing layer by layer in the direction of the axis of the projectile and adjacent fibres being in contact with each other through facing edges. The body can be made from quartz, nitride or oxide ceramic materials and glass or basalt fibers can be used.EFFECT: creation of a projectile with sufficient strength and improved high-explosive fragmentation characteristics.3 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of starting booster of controlled reactor charge and inertial circuit body // 2624929
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: when launching a booster of a guided missile, the closure of the electrical circuit of the electric igniter of the engine is produced by two inertia contactors under the action of the starting acceleration. The circuit closing time and the acceleration value at which the circuit closes the second inertial contactor is less than the corresponding values of the first inertial contactor. To realise this method, an inertial closing device is used, which ensures the closure of the electrical circuit of the electric ignitor of the propulsion engine under the action of the starting acceleration, containing two inertial contactors. The inertial contactors are located in the same housing with two parallel channels in which there are two movable inertial load-contacts, each of which interacts with the spring and is able to interact with its pair of fixed contacts when moving under the action of the starting acceleration by the stroke in time t1 and t2 respectively. Weights of cargo-contacts and spring rigidity are selected in such a way that the ratio t2/t1>1.2 is satisfied.EFFECT: group of inventions makes it possible to increase the safety of the projectile during its operation and combat use by eliminating the closure of the electrical circuit of the electric ignitor at accelerations that occur when the product falls.2 cl, 5 dwg
Combined control actuator system (options) // 2623762
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: according to the first embodiment, servo unit and gas-dynamic control device are respectively provided with first and second gas ejector comprising low-pressure nozzle communicated with additionally installed the first and second airscoops of oncoming flow, high pressure nozzles communicated with the first and second airborne sources of pressurized gas that are run on the initial part of flight path at low speed pressure of the incident flow, and mixing chambers connected to gas feed channels respectively to the servo unit and gas-dynamic control device. According to the second embodiment, servo unit and gas-dynamic control device are respectively provided with first and second control valves containing working spaces connected respectively to the gas inlet channels to servo unit and gas-dynamic control device, and valve regulators, each of which has two rigidly connected inlet shutters, disposed between two respective inlet seats, wherein two inlet seats are communicated with additionally introduced airscoops of oncoming flow, and two oppositely located inlet seats are communicated respectively with the first and second airborne sources of pressurized gas, that are run on a high-rise part of the flight path at low speed pressure of the incident flow.EFFECT: increasing the economy of control actuator system.2 cl, 2 dwg

Winged missile (versions) // 2622274
FIELD: weaponry and ammunition supplies.SUBSTANCE: according to one version, winged missile contains the fuselage, wing, turbojet engine and few subammunitions, i.e. controlled or free-falling bombs. The computer of the missile guidance system provides a program of its flight over several targets in several passes. It is possible to select targets located approximately on a straight line. It provides a program for bombs free-falling from low altitudes with adjustment of their flight trajectory with a view to the release of the above bombs at a specified angle to the horizontal or down at a metered rate, or braking, depending on the type of the target. Another option includes two-axis gyrostabilized biplane radio direction finder and infrared biplane direction finder. In addition, there are bomb bays with two doors at the top and bottom and a bounding mechanism for the inside bomb bays of anti-radar and infrared missiles, which are subammunitions. There is also a release device for dropping subammunitions, i.e. missiles, down. When the stock of subammunitions is more than the number of hit targets, you can drop the subammunitions in the form of bombs. For the latter case there is a possibility of cutting off missile engines, keeping the missile controls in neutral, of unarmed position of non-contact detonators and armed position of non-contact detonators.EFFECT: increased efficiency of hitting targets with a winged missile.4 cl, 2 dwg

Cruise missile universal in score and engagement methods // 2622051
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: universal missile consists of a housing with a lift wing and controls. Housing is equipped with a jet propulsion. A high-explosive or a high-explosive cumulative warhead is placed inside the housing. Torpedo warhead is fixed inside or outside the housing as a small torpedo having a high-explosive or a high-explosive cumulative warhead and braking and stabilization system to ensure the required splashdown parameters. Missile has an onboard power supply and an onboard control system. This system provides autonomous and remote control of the missile from the carrier or the control point. Missile boardside control system includes a radar and/or a heat seeker designed for detecting and guidance on contrasting surface targets. Torpedo boardside control system includes an acoustic non-contact detection system for underwater and surface targets and a homing system. Wherein the missile can carry extra torpedo warheads. Torpedo is equipped with a magnetometer, which is part of its boardside control system, to be used as an additional source of information for classification of contact with a target applying means of hydroacoustic suppression. Additionally, the magnetometer is included into the missile control circuit as means of providing the ability to detect the submarine during the missile flight on its midcourse phase.EFFECT: development of a missile universal in scores and engagement methods.4 cl, 10 dwg

Lightning conductor // 2620852
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: lightning conductor (200) is mounted on the protected structure (100) and comprises surface coatings, several conductive elements (204) distributed over the structure, a protective coating (205). The surface coating comprises, at least, one electrically conductive ink layer (202). These elements are in contact with the electrically conductive ink layer (202). The protective coating (205) is located on the top of the surface coating and comprises a heat insulating and electrically conductive material. The protective coating (205) covers partially the conductive elements (204).EFFECT: invention provides effective protection against lightning strikes.14 cl, 13 dwg

Pipe socket, designed to adjust slope and having separate lobes for hydrogasdynamic control of rockets or missiles // 2620851
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: hydrogasdynamic control system of rockets or missiles includes at least one actuating element connected directly or indirectly with at least one common actuating mechanism to create a drive force to be transmitted through the common actuating mechanism. Under the hydrogasdynamic control method, the drive force is transmitted via at least one lever-traction mechanism of at least one control surface for hydrogasdynamic control, directly or indirectly connected thereto.EFFECT: minimized dynamic resistance, improved maneuverability and increased range of the rocket or missile.20 cl, 8 dwg

Connection joint of separating parts of aircraft // 2619611
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: connection joint comprises the connecting fittings arranged oppositely to each other, and fastening components. Mounting joints are designed to disintegrate and the axes are perpendicular to the plane of the mating fitting. In one fitting formed in the joint plane in the form of annular teeth of an isosceles triangle in cross section, a vertical axis, which is parallel to the axis of the mounting joint and the surface in contact with the surface of the annular recess, made by compressing the docking fittings. Fitting with an annular recess made of a material with a lower hardness than the material of the fitting with the annular tooth. The ratio of the base of an isosceles triangle cross-section of the annular tooth to its height is in the range 0.52-1.3.EFFECT: increase in shifts resistance of the connection joints with long alternating loads with the simultaneous possibility of disintegration - separation.5 cl, 2 dwg

Supersonic aircraft and method for flight thereof // 2619361
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to controlled strategic weapons, particularly to supersonic aircraft and methods for implementation of flight thereof. Supersonic aircraft includes starting engine with stage separation mechanism, sustainer stage with an airframe and with functional units. Sustainer stage is placed in protective fairing, expanding during separation of engine. Airframe of sustainer is made on a low-winged aircraft scheme with elements of vertical tail, providing banking stability of airframe. Tail is pre-deformed by a protective fairing. Method of flying supersonic aircraft comprises using programmable ricochet amplitude. At stage of immersion into atmosphere change of aerodynamic force vector is performed by selecting optimum angle of attack. Aircraft start is performed at path angle from 50 to 85° to horizon. Aircraft is taken along a ballistic trajectory into rarefied atmosphere at altitude from 50 to 70 km.EFFECT: reduced aerodynamic loads.2 cl, 2 dwg

Ammunition leading part separation unit // 2617824
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: ammunition leading part separation unit contains the shell with the bottom, the support ring with the forced crossing unit, piston, forced crossing charge, the cartridge pressure accumulators, the working and accumulating cavity for the charges combustion products. The cartridge pressure accumulators are fixed in the piston of the separation compartment. It is placed with nozzle clusters opposite the gas-dynamic windows. Such position allows the combustion products to fill the accumulating cavity. The above mentioned windows are made in the intermediate diaphragm rigidly fixed to the supporting ring of the shell. The nozzle clusters of cartridge pressure accumulators are provided with devices of nozzles simultaneous opening. It is made in the form of the plugs placed in the outlet part of the nozzle and having the induced drafts. These drafts are fixed in the intermediate diaphragm and connected with nozzle plugs and by means of the stop and threaded type detachable joints.EFFECT: improvement of device operation reliability.1 dwg

Bicaliber missile (version) // 2616206
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: bicaliber missile (version 1) contains a booster engine and a transitional fair connected mechanically thereto, which are mounted telescopically on the stern of the main missile. The main missile and the engine are connected with each other with a discontinuous screw which breaking force is less than the breaking force of the mechanical connection between the engine and the transitional fair but exceeds the force from overload on the main missile in operation, and is less than the difference of aeroballistic forces on the booster engine and the sub-caliber main missile during flight at the end of boost. Bicaliber missile (version 2) contains a booster engine connected telescopically to the sub-caliber main missile. The main missile and the booster engine are connected with each other with a interstage joint made in the form of a rod fixed at the end of the main missile and set into a sleeve fixed to the bottom part of the telescopic connection of the engine. The rod and the sleeve are fixed to each other with a pin which cutting force exceeds the force on the main missile during operation, and is less than the force on the main missile during boost; there are gaps between the ends of the main missile and engine; the size of the gaps should fit the lead required to shear the pin.EFFECT: invention improves reliability of the perturbations damping of the main missile during separation and simplifies the missile design.2 cl, 4 dwg

Rocket // 2613391
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention is relevant to rocket engineering and can be used in small-size rockets equipped with detachable launching stage. Rocket is provided with main propulsion stage fixed in transitional structural ring with the aid of crushable members, detachable launching stage equipped with engine fastened to transitional structural ring with the aid of swivel nut, plunger and low-drag fairing. At that, swivel nut is provided with lock nut mounted with sweeping low-drag fairing. Plunger is fastened to after-body of main propulsion stage strengthened to transitional structural ring with the aid of crushable members. Transitional structural ring is provided with perforations in the form of longitudinal channels, which form accumulation chamber together with inner cavity of transitional structural ring, after-body of main propulsion stage and with engine. This chamber is opened in atmosphere with the aid of channels of air inlets. Each of these channels is made in the form of diffuser and mounted with rest on inner part of low-drag fairing provided with through slot. Slot is made with sweeping of air inlet and placed on external surface of low-drag fairing from rear edge to ring flat-bottom recess. Nut with rest on flat bottom of ring recess is mounted on each air inlet. Frontal part of each air inlet is provided with radial recess turned into flattened surface, which is placed perpendicular to longitudinal axis of rocket. Width of the said flattened surface is not less than that one of diffuser input part. Aerodynamic cone is movably mounted on after-body of main propulsion stage. It is pushed up by spacer nut from edge of transitional structural ring, which is joined with aerodynamic cone with the aid of hook-end made in the form of separate sections. These sections are uniformly placed with sweeping of main propulsion stage and kept from angle displacements with the aid of rigid overhangs.EFFECT: invention provides simplification of rocket design and simultaneously increasing reliability of its operation.7 dwg

Adaptive digital spectral purpose selector // 2612650
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: spectral purpose selector includes an electro-optical tracking hydro-coordinator with three channels of the optical radiation spektro-separation, three photodetectors, three pulse amplifiers with single differentiation, the outputs of which are connected to the amplitude detectors, and the detector outputs - to the circuit comparing the levels, or the level ratio calculators, and the comparing circuit outputs, or the relation calculators - to the circuit of detecting and forming "strobes" belonging of the target signals or interference. Herewith the serially connected signal correctors, the voltage dividers, the comparators and analyzers with the variable logic switching functions controlled with the code, are entered in each channel in the form of the second differentiation device and the binary quantizer. Also the factor dividing setpoint of the dividers and the logic analyzer functions are entered, wherein the first setpoint output is connected to the divider control input, and the second one - to the setpoint input of the analyzer logic functions .EFFECT: high measurement accuracy.4 dwg

ethod of destruction of miniature aerial vehicles // 2610734
FIELD: weapons and ammo.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to weapons and concerns fire damage of aerial objects by means of air defense artillery complexes (ADAC). Destruction of a miniature aerial vehicle (MAV) lies in a seeking, detecting, and tracking by an air defense artillery complex (ADAC), targeting of ADAC towards a threat considering flight parameters of MAV and technical performance of ADAC. Whereupon, the flight parameters of MAV are transferred to a non-contact optical fuse of an air defense projectile (ADP), the MAV is illuminated by a laser, and then ADAC performs a salvo with ADP. The site angle and azimuth position of MAV are measured by the non-contact optical fuse (NOF) according to the received reflected laser and the elevation velocity component of approach of ADP to MAV is defined. After that, the value of the optimum site angle of MAV for ADP triggering is calculated, after reaching of which the aimed triggering of ADP is performed towards the current azimuth position of MAV.EFFECT: invention provides increasing of efficiency of destruction of miniature aerial vehicles.2 dwg

ethod of moving object homing basing on information on fact of target sighting and device for its implementation (versions) // 2607758
FIELD: data processing.SUBSTANCE: object trajectory is formed as cyclically repeating arched sections, along which the object moves with a preset (maximum) angular speed equal in magnitude but opposite in sign. Every two sections are combined into a cycle, which begins and ends with the fact of coincidence of the object speed vector direction with the target line of sight, and the angular speed sign is changed inside the cycle as per the fact of coincidence of inclination angles relative to an inertial coordinate system of lines connecting the object and the target at the beginning of the cycle and at the given moment. Also proposed are devices implementing the above said method.EFFECT: proposed is a method of a moving object homing basing on information on the fact of a target sighting in case of coincidence of the radar axis direction with the object speed vector direction.4 cl, 4 dwg

ethod of missile movement stabilization at underwater launch and device for its implementation // 2607126
FIELD: rocketry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to rocketry, particularly to methods and devices of a missile stabilization at underwater launch from a moving carrier. Stabilization of a missile movement at underwater launch means ensuring the stabilization device mechanisms operation and serial commands of the control system. After the missile release from the transporter-launcher container and required by the cyclogram time delay the fixed stabilizers installed in the folded position above the missile obturator belt in such a way, that external incoming flow creates forces on the inner and the outer surfaces of the stabilizers caused by the effect of dynamic affluent at the flow streamlining the obturator belt on the inner surfaces and the disturbing flow effect on the outer surfaces, are unfixed and unfolded together with the unfolding mechanisms until the external unfolding moment appears on each stabilizer, damped is the angular speed of unfolding and fixed are the stabilizers in the final angular position by the structural means. After leaving the water the obturator belt is discarded, while the stabilizers operation is continued till separation of the aft section together with the burned out first stage.EFFECT: proposed invention allows to improve parameters of stability of a missile movement at underwater launch from moving carriers at the underwater and the air trajectory sections till separation of the first stage and to optimize the missile weight and dimensions characteristics.4 cl, 9 dwg

ethod for adjustment of rated current control of aircraft drive operating solenoid and device for its implementation // 2606213
FIELD: aircraft engineering.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to aircraft control systems and can be used in rocket steering drive control circuit with pulse-width control method. In the proposed control method of rated current control of the operating solenoid (OS) the pulse-width control modulated signal (PWM-signal) is exposed to additional modulation, where upon activation of OS according to said control signal in time t0 a signal for switching off current in the OS excited winding with the Toff duration is formed, at the end of which a signal for switching on current in said winding with the Ton duration is formed. Signal cycle with the Toff and Ton duration is repeated until the tripping winding in accordance with the control signal. At that, the duration t0, Toff and Ton is selected so that, in order rated current to be more than actuation current at the moment of the OS armature arrival on thrust. Device for the method implementation comprises a power supply source, a PWM control signal shaper, the output of which is connected to the coincidence circuit first input, series-connected load in the form of the OS winding and an electronic key, control input (transistor base) of which is connected to the coincidence circuit output, and an emitter output - to one of the outputs of the power supply source. Apparatus includes a clock pulse generator and a current regulator, consisting of a counter, outputs D3, D4, 15 of which are connected to inputs of the OR element respectively, output of which is connected to the second input of the coincidence circuit, and two series-connected D-triggers, "O" outputs of which are connected to "RST" input through the XOR element, and the "C" inputs of D-triggers and the counter are connected to the clock pulse generator, at that, the "D" input of the first D-trigger is connected to the PWM control signal shaper output, and the second output of the OS winding is connected to the other output of the power supply source.EFFECT: objective of the inventions group is reduction of power consumption by the steering drive at increase in power of the operating solenoid (OS) in order to increase its efficiency.2 cl, 4 dwg

Transfer compartment of carrier rocket (versions) // 2603872
FIELD: rocket technics.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to aerospace engineering. Transfer compartment of the head part of a carrier rocket (CR) includes a housing, an adapter and a device for connection of the housing with the adapter. Device for connection of the housing with the adapter is made as arranged inside the housing frames, each of which comprises two arms, two rods and a support assembly. On the support assembly of each of the frames first ends of the arms and the rods of the frame are fixed. Second ends of the rods are fixed on the upper end frame of the housing, and second ends of the arms - on the lower end frame of the housing. Adapter is made of sections rigidly interconnected with brackets, each of which comprises the top and the bottom support sites, herewith the top support site is made with the possibility of connection with the payload, and the bottom support site with a detachable connection is connected to the support assembly of one of the frames. Transfer compartment housing is made in the form of a truncated cone or a cylinder.EFFECT: technical result of the group of inventions is reduction of weight of the CR transient compartment.18 cl, 28 dwg

ethod of increasing accuracy of rifled arms and device of its implementation // 2603334
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to weapons, implementing tasks of improving accuracy of small arms, namely to methods of control of rotating bullet and shell of high-precision weapons. Method of increasing accuracy of rifled weapons comprises: connection of power supply to bullet flight control circuit, when firing, deviation of bullet from center of target highlighted with laser is fixed, converted signal with due allowance for gyroscopic effect of rotating bullet is transmitted to aerodynamic rudder drive in time intervals of rudder location perpendicularly to position-sensitive photo line. Structurally device has optical system, position-sensitive photo line (PL) with charge coupling, amplifier-normalizer, ramp voltage generator, sensor of control pulses, amplifier-normalizer of limiting device, sensor of control pulses, pulse counter, electronic switch, output of which is connected to input of aerodynamic rudder drive through amplifier-former.EFFECT: improvement of controllability of rotating bullet and higher accuracy of rifled arms due to implementation of bullet control throughout its flight from gun barrel to target.2 cl, 4 dwg

Spreading aerodynamic surface // 2599677
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to aircraft engineering, specifically to spreading aerodynamic surfaces of aircraft. Spreading aerodynamic surface comprises joined root and spreading part. Root part is fixed on rotary axis of spreading aerodynamic surface and comprises, installed and connected by axis connecting rod and piston. Connecting root is arranged to turn relative to axis. Piston is configured for back-and-forth movement along rotation axis. Root and spreading parts are connected by links, one of which is central and is connected with connecting rod by axis, and others are located on both sides from it. Links are arranged to turn on axes perpendicular to rotation axis and parallel to chord of aerodynamic surface.EFFECT: provides for unfolding at high aerodynamic loads in minimal time with minimal layout characteristics.1 cl, 6 dwg
Unmanned aerial vehicle (versions) and operation method thereof // 2597740
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to aircraft engineering, particularly to cruise missiles. Unmanned aerial vehicle comprises a body, tanks, a wing and an engine. Body and tanks of vehicle are made from radiotransparent material. Vehicle has an air-screw propulsor. All radiotransparent elements of vehicle are closed by a cover with a stealth shape. Vehicle has an indicator of radar irradiation and propeller motors. Exhaust and air flow of engine cooling system are directed up or down backwards. Exhaust system has heat-insulating longitudinal exhaust flaps which can be closed. Framework of body is made from radiotransparent material. Framework of body and cover of stealth shape have camouflage colouring. Exhaust and air flow of cooling system are directed up or down backwards. In case of detection of enemy radar irradiation vehicle switches off main engine, closes heat-insulating longitudinal flaps and turns on electric motor, disabling coupling of main engine and including coupling of electric motor or electric motors.EFFECT: decreased signature and increased flight range.9 cl

High-precision weapon guidance system // 2596173
FIELD: military equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to defense equipment and can be used in guided weapon systems for hitting fixed targets located in depth of battle formations of enemy. High-precision weapon guidance system, comprising ground equipment for radiotelemetric control of command station and air target designation system, includes a microprocessor situation optimiser connected with equipment located on rocket. Before start, situation optimiser is connected to first input of control command decoder. After start-up at initial and intermediate sections of trajectory, communication is carried out in radio remote control mode - via radio channel with radio receiver and radio transponder of missile. Output of radio receiver is connected to second input of control command decoder, first output of which is connected to first input of command switch, its output is connected to control equipment, its first output is connected to input of steering drive, and second output is connected to input of radio transponder. Missile includes a self-contained line simulator consisting of a self-contained time generator, altitude simulator. Vernier simulator, trajectory controller. Second output of control command decoder is connected to input of self-contained time generator. Output of self-contained time generator is connected to input of altitude simulator, output of which is connected to input of vernier simulator, its output is connected to first input of trajectory controller, second input is connected to output of self-contained time generator. Output of trajectory controller is connected to second input command switch, third input of which is connected to output of self-contained time generator.EFFECT: improved tactical capabilities of ground equipment for radiotelemetric control of command station and elimination of effect of active interference at transition of missile into autonomous mode of approach to target.1 cl, 1 dwg

Controlled ammunition // 2595748
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ammunition, particularly to controlled ammunition. Controlled ammunition includes electronic control equipment and satellite navigation system with antenna arranged in nose fairing. Nose fairing of ammunition is equipped with housing with device for separation. Ammunition is equipped with unit for accurate guidance, for example homing head located directly behind nose fairing so that body with separation device is placed between satellite navigation system and accurate guidance unit. Front part of housing is rigidly connected with satellite navigation system, rear part of housing with device for separation is fixed on accurate guidance unit with possibility of separation of nose cone on path. In channels made in separation unit housing, there are electric transit circuits connecting satellite navigation system and electronic control equipment.EFFECT: higher accuracy of firing ammunition.1 cl, 1 dwg

ethod for missile flight control // 2595282
FIELD: military equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates mainly to tactical and operational-tactical guided weapon systems (URO) with ballistic (aeroballistic) and high-altitude cruise missiles. Optical-electronic correlation-extremum CN missile additionally includes a laser altimeter (LV). Functioning of CN is started at a distance from target and missile flight altitude of 1…20 km, wherein when LV receives reflected signals of underlying surface above threshold level, method comprises correlation-extreme binding to underlying surface and correction of curved missile trajectory to end of flight. If LV receives reflected signals below threshold, method comprises performing a program manoeuvre of missile in plane of firing with output on section of flat glide at altitude of 100…500 m for 0.5…15.0 km from target, correlation-extreme binding to underlying surface and correction of glide trajectory of missile, with diving final section for 0.1…2.0 km from target, up to end of flight.EFFECT: invention widens weather range of application of missiles.1 cl, 2 dwg

Unguided jet projectile // 2595070
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to weapons, namely to jet ammunition. Rocket-assisted projectile launches from launching tube, plugged from bottom part. Projectile comprises rocket part with channel mid-flight charge, igniter and nozzle unit, gas generator with additional charge of bag charging, initiator. Initiator is installed in end of gas generator housing and connected via gas duct with afterburner tube. Augmenter tube passes through bag and central nozzle and directed to igniter through channel cruise charge. Gas generator is fixed on nozzle unit and has calibration undercuts on housing belt.EFFECT: higher reliability of initiation and efficiency of unguided jet projectile.1 cl, 1 dwg

Projectile separation compartment // 2593851
FIELD: rocketry. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to rocketry, in particular, to projectile separation compartment. It comprises a shell with a bottom, support ring, piston, power supply with initiating device and forcing assembly, fastening separated elements. Compartment energy sources are made as combination of an augmenter charge and one or more accelerating pressure batteries. Batteries are symmetrically fixed in the piston and equipped with initiating devices. Augmenter charge is fixed in the support ring by means of diaphragm and has a toroidal shape, and is arranged around the safety-actuating mechanism. Safety-actuating mechanism is equipped with a radial initiating device. Device is aligned with local thinning on the inner surface of the toroid. Thinning is made by means of axial pins on the support surface of the charge body and mating head of fixing screw installed on the diaphragm surface adjacent to the body. Powder pressure batteries are symmetrically fixed in the piston and equipped with initiating devices. Said devices are made in the form of igniters and breaking membranes, fixed in the zone of batteries nozzle units. Membranes have regulated power and thermal conditions of operation in the separation process. This provides opening of gas-dynamic connections of batteries combustion chambers with the projectile separation cavity into a required moment of time. EFFECT: higher reliability of projectile separation compartment design, decreased passive weight, increased speed of separation at reduced power and heat effects on separated elements. 1 cl, 1 dwg

Destructive agent case with opening stabiliser // 2593664
FIELD: rocketry. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to rocketry, in particular, to destructive agent case with opening stabiliser. Case comprises a cylindrical outer shell. Stabiliser is made as shields with crosswise arched stabilising surfaces. Said surfaces are fixed in the case on axes perpendicular to longitudinal axis of the agent case. Case is equipped with additional inner shell which is coaxially installed relative to outer shell. Maximum inner shell diameter is 0.60...0.85 of the outer shell inner diameter. Damaging agents are orderly arranged in the annular cavity formed by two shells. Stabilising surfaces of opening stabiliser are shifted to the front part of the case and fixed on axes. Distance from the front edges of the surfaces to the back part of the agent case is 0.2...0.5 of maximum case diameter. Length of stabilising surfaces is made in the range of 1.0...1.5 of maximum case diameter. Damaging agents can alternatively be made in the form of two separate fractions, differing from each other with geometric parameters. Fraction with larger sizes of damaging agents is located in the front part of destructive agent case. EFFECT: higher reliability due to reduced aerodynamic loads, higher efficiency, increased destructive effect, improved weight and dimension characteristics. 1 cl, 1 dwg

Steering drive // 2591005
FIELD: rocket equipment; machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to steering drives of multi-stage missiles. Steering drive comprises steering machines, steering machines power supply system, decoupling units, brackets for fixation of steering machines to bottom of rocket. Decoupling units are fixed to engine nozzle. Nozzle with help of supports is fixed relative to rocket body. Decoupling unit consists of housing, rocker, retainer, spring, bearing axle.EFFECT: high accuracy of fixation of steering machines in zero position and higher stiffness in transmission of steering machine - engine nozzle system.1 cl, 4 dwg

ethod for automatic control pitch angular speed using gyroscopic sensor installed on aircraft // 2589508
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to navigation systems and can be used in rocketry. Aircraft missile (AM) with inertial navigation system with possibility to rotate includes gyroscopic sensor of pitch angular speed, automatic control system with automatic control facilities. AM is automatically turned about its longitudinal axis, after each AM turn around its axis direction of rotation is changed, eliminating effect of pitch angular speed gyroscopic sensor scaling factor, and drifts are corrected.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to replace gyroscope with pitch angular speed gyroscopic sensor in inertial navigation systems.4 cl, 3 dwg

Spacecraft undocking system and method for assembly and installation thereof // 2586942
FIELD: space.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to aerospace engineering and can be used in systems for separation of space vehicles. Spacecraft undocking system arranged between load bearing structure of carrier rocket (CR) and spacecraft comprises a housing consisting of bearing supports and walls with locks and pushers, bolt joints, discretely arranged on housing perimeter damping elements made up of rubber gaskets and plate-type stops with threaded holes, an intermediate frame, fasteners, threaded connecting elements. Installed on top of body of system of separation locks and pushers installed damping elements on intermediate frame, reduced damping elements, controlled compression force damping units, damping elements are fixed in compressed state relative to intermediate frame fixed by means of locks and pushers intermediate frame to upper part of body to lower end of body, said spacecraft to upper part of body, body with spacecraft coupled via intermediate frame installed and fixed by tightening bolt joints on bearing structure CR via damping elements.EFFECT: invention reduces load on spacecraft, simplifies installation of spacecraft on CR.4 cl, 11 dwg