Steering by movement of flight surfaces (F42B10/62)

Device for two-stage rocket stages separation // 2635812
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: device for two-stage rocket stages separation is made in the form of a steering control mechanism mounted on the rocket body with a possibility of two links separation (at the time of rocket stages separation). One link is kinematically connected with the aerodynamic steering wheel shaft, which is placed on the main rocket stage. The other link is connected to the gas rudder, which is placed on the starting stage. The link, connected with the aerodynamic steering wheel shaft, contains a rocker, hingedly mounted on the main stage, at the ends of which two grooves are made. One groove is intended for placement of a finger, rigidly fixed on the lever of the aerodynamic handlebars steering wheel shaft. The other groove is intended for placement of a finger rigidly fixed to the rocker of the link connected to the gas rudder, mounted on the starting stage. At that, the rocker ends are pivotally connected to a pair of rods pivotally connected to the gas rudder rocker.EFFECT: simplified design of the device for two-stage rocket stages separation with a possibility to disengage the links of the steering control mechanism.2 dwg

Rocket stabilization device // 2635705
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: it contains a pair kinematically connected to each other with the help of a rocket mounted on the body and a control mechanism for the aerodynamic and gas rudders. The latter contains a base and a compensation mechanism, which is made in the form of two pairs of identical rods, pivotally connected to each other by means of a transition element. The first pair of rods is hingedly connected to the rods drawn from the aerodynamic handlebar by means of a rocking arm pivotally connected to the base. The second pair is hingedly connected to a rocker that is rigidly connected to the gas rudder. The lengths of the transition element and of both rockers are equal. The distance between rockers in the initial position is less than the sum of the rods length from the first pair and the rod from the second pair by the amount of compensated displacements. At the same time, one end of the base is rigidly fixed on the rocket body in the region of the aerodynamic handlebars, and the other end with the rocker is mounted with the possibility of longitudinal displacement.EFFECT: it allows to use stabilization devices on rockets with larger distance between aerodynamic and gas rudders, reduce size and mass of the rocket, and reduce the cost of its production.2 dwg

Steering unit of rocket // 2629513
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: rocket control actuator unit consists of an aerodynamic surface, a shaft connected to aerodynamic surface with the ability to rotate, a lever rigidly mounted on the shaft, an actuator pivotally connected to the lever and fixed in the missile body, where the shaft is mounted on rollers in separators and divided shroud, rigidly fixed in the shell of the rocket, and each subsequent roller is located perpendicular to the previous one. Wherein, the rotation mechanism is in the form of a double-row bearing, one row of which, located to the aerodynamic surface, consists of taper rollers placed in separators with thermal gap that meets the requirements for sealing the unit, and the second row, located to the lever, contains needle rollers having axial deflection freedom, 2-3 times greater than the end play of rollers first row. Each row of rollers is filled with a powder mixture of graphite with molybdenum disulphide.EFFECT: creation of a simple reliable rocket control actuator unit operating at high aerodynamic loads, high ambient temperature, ensuring the requirements for actuator tightness.1 dwg

Device of missile stabilization // 2568967
FIELD: armaments and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: device of missile stabilization contains controls in form of four pairs kinematically linked with each other, and pair of ribbon tie-rods tensioned by turnbuckle with rollers of aerodynamic and gas vanes with shafts having slot for bushing, ring groove with wire passing through the rollers, rocker pivotally connected with pair of ribbon tie-rods.EFFECT: invention reduces device dimensions.4 dwg

Folding steering surface of airborne hitting means with spring-type unfolding drive // 2549044
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to aircraft and rocket engineering. Folding steering surface of airborne hitting means comprises the base composed of two symmetric halves secured by fasteners, folding support and tension spring fitted in said base.EFFECT: higher reliability of unfolding.4 dwg

Rocket steering drive unit // 2546792
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to supersonic rocket airfoil control devices. Proposed unit consists of the shaft fitted in the case to turn therein, airfoil rigidly fitted on said shaft, steering unit, rollers and separators rigidly interconnected and fitted in rocket body. Steering unit rod is articulated with lever. Circular cavity composed by groove of the shaft and conical rolling paths on said rings house rollers arranged so that every next roller is perpendicular to previous one. Separator is arranged between said rollers.EFFECT: operation at notable aerodynamic loads.2 dwg

Controlled missile // 2539709
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to missile engineering, namely to controlled missiles. A controlled missile includes a housing with the main control elements symmetrically arranged on it - aerodynamic surfaces and rudders, as well as a wire duct. The latter is arranged along the housing in the incline of rudders. An aerodynamic surface is additionally installed on the housing, on the side opposite to the wire duct.EFFECT: improvement of aerodynamics of missile flight and improvement of its target guidance accuracy.2 cl, 1 dwg

Compact aircraft with self-stabilising airfoils // 2489313
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to aircraft structural components and airfoils, particularly, to airfoils design for compact aircraft stabilisation in the plane of trajectory and for control in ballistic flight. Compact aircraft comprises fuselage, airfoils and tail plane. Airfoils are mounted at fuselage at the center of gravity to turn about aircraft lengthwise axis. Said airfoils represent two wings secured to turn assembly and arranged in symmetry about aircraft lengthwise axis in different planes.EFFECT: higher aircraft efficiency, use of airfoils for flight control.3 dwg

Stabilizing device of aircraft winged missile // 2315261
FIELD: rocketry, in particular, device for stabilization of aircraft winged missiles at the initial stage of independent flight.SUBSTANCE: the body of the stabilizing device is made in the form of a convex cover sealing the nozzle of the missile solid-propellant acceleration engine, and the controls-in the form of four pairs of kinematically linked with one another aerodynamic control surfaces and jet vanes of the solid-propellant acceleration engine, each of them is positioned in the plane of installation of the aerodynamic control surface of the missile sustainer stage and linked with the drive of the mentioned control surface by means of control rods. The control mechanism of the stabilizing device control surfaces is made for separation of the links controlling the position of the device aerodynamic control surface, as well as for separation with the control rods from the sustainer stage control surface drive.EFFECT: simplified structure and reduced overall dimensions of the stabilizing device, enhanced aerodynamic characteristics of the winged missile.7 dwg

Aerodynamic wheel (options) // 2184342
The invention relates to the field of rocketry

The method of controlling the flight of a managed aircraft and managed aircraft // 2165585
The invention relates to techniques for aircraft

Unit steering // 2154593
The invention relates to the field of unmanned aerial vehicles and can be used in the development of actuators aerodynamic rudders

Device to control the aerodynamic hypersonic aircraft // 2144652
The invention relates to rocket and space technology

The verification method of bringing it into working condition sealed autopilot unit // 2126949
The invention relates to the control of aircraft, in particular small guided missiles