Devices using a combination of a cooling mode associated with refrigerating machinery with a cooling mode not associated with refrigerating machinery (F25D16)

Cooling chamber // 2380626
FIELD: heating systems.SUBSTANCE: cooling chamber includes walls 1 with heat-insulating coating 11 and water proofing 10 and cooling units. The latter are provided with evaporators 14 and heat-dissipating elements 13. Evaporators 14 are connected as to heat to cooled volume. Heat-dissipating elements 13 are located beyond cooled volume of cooling chamber. As cooling units, there used are absorption-diffusion cooling units, evaporators 14 of which are installed in separate heat-insulating units 15. The latter are located in openings of walls 1 of cooling chamber and have heat-receiving metal panels 16 connected as to heat to evaporators 14. In cooled volume of cooling chamber there installed are cold accumulators 20.EFFECT: enlarging operating capabilities and increasing energy efficiency of cooling chamber.6 dwg

Combined device for cooling and creating vacuum // 2369809
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: combined device for cooling and creating vacuum has a cooling circuit, which contains a compressor for compressing the coolant, a condenser for condensing coolant coming from the compressor, expanding apparatus for reducing pressure in the coolant and at least one evaporator for evaporating the coolant. The cooling circuit is divided into a high-pressure branch and a low-pressure branch for apparatus for creating vacuum inside a container. The apparatus for creating vacuum is connected to the low-pressure branch of the cooling circuit so as to use the pressure difference created in the cooling circuit to create vacuum in the container. The proposed device is realised using a method of composite cooling and creating vacuum.EFFECT: use of the present group of inventions provides for good operational characteristics while saving energy.22 cl, 2 dwg

Energy efficient climatic test chamber and method of carrying out tests // 2347987
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: proposed climatic test chamber, designed for carrying out a range of planned test cycles and cooled using at least, one cooling contour, comprises a compressor with controlled speed of rotation. During test cycle stages, in which the chamber is kept at a given minimum temperature, the compressor works at a minimum speed of rotation, and the cooling effect is used to cool a cold retaining medium. Cold retained by the medium is then used for super-cooling a coolant during the cooling stages, during which the compressor works at maximum speed of rotation.EFFECT: reduced duration of the cooling stage.9 cl, 2 dwg

The air cooling system // 2121636
The invention relates to the technical field of using air to transfer the heat