Devices associated with refrigerating machinery not covered by group and f25d0011000000 and or f25d0013000000, e.g. non-self-contained movable devices (F25D15)

Cooling chamber // 2259520
FIELD: components of cooling equipment, particularly for charging, supporting or discharging the articles to be cooled.SUBSTANCE: cooling chamber has isolating container with outer surface, isolating lid adapted to close opened upper container part, cooling means to cool inner container space without outer container surface cooling and supporting structure, which supports container, lid and cooling means. Container is installed on the supporting structure and may move relative the structure and relative the lid to open container for the purpose to provide access to container interior or to close container. Then container is closed with lid at least major part of outer container surface is exposed to ambient air.EFFECT: increased shelf life of products stored inside the container.78 cl, 20 dwg

Heat pipe // 2035673
The invention relates to heat exchange devices used for removal of heat from bodies, for example for cooling drinks