Devices not associated with refrigerating machinery and not covered by groups and f25d0001000000-f25d0007000000 and combinations of devices covered by two or more of the groups and f25d0001000000-f25d0007000000 (F25D9)

Refrigerating unit built into rack // 2524181
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: IT-service rack includes a refrigerating unit that comprises at least one refrigerating battery, at least one fan for air circulation through at least one refrigerating battery, a casing in the form of a rectangular prism, which includes at least one refrigerating battery and a fan that is arranged in the casing front zone, and the battery is arranged in the casing rear zone. The casing has dimensions allowing to build an IT-service rack into it and has the possibility of being attached to the rack. The refrigerating unit has the possibility of being installed as per a semi-recessed pattern, in which the fan projects beyond the rack boundaries. Both vertical side pieces of the refrigerating unit are equipped with grids in the casing front zone, in which the fan is located. The side pieces in the casing rear part are covered and include the refrigerating unit between each other. A data processing centre includes a row of posts, each of which includes one or more refrigerating units that are installed as per the semi-recessed pattern, with fans that project beyond the rack boundaries to provide local cooling.EFFECT: use of this group of inventions allows creating a refrigerating unit that could be easily built into a data processing centre.18 cl, 17 dwg, 1 tbl

ethod for keeping liquid drinks overcooled condition and related device therefor // 2378587
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: there is described refrigerator which comprises a device that controls freezing of liquid drinks, and keeps thereby the overcooled condition of liquid drinks persistently. The refrigerator comprises a main body, an overcooling chamber located in the main body and delivers the cooled air in the overcooling chamber, a microwave oscillator for generating microwaves in the overcooling chamber, and a control unit that adjusts the microwave amplitude generated by the microwave oscillator.EFFECT: design of the refrigerator which comprises the device that controls freezing of liquid drinks for keeping the overcooled condition of liquid drinks persistently.16 cl, 12 dwg

Disposable reservoir for drinks storage with possibility of express cooling // 2327086
FIELD: heating, refrigerating engineering.SUBSTANCE: disposable reservoir for drinks storage with possibility of express cooling comprises a metal glass with drink; the upper surface of glass has a separable part; metal glass with drink is put into the external glass made of low heat-conductivity material; the external glass is filled-in with water; the upper planes of internal and external glasses are at the same height; external glass is divided to two compartments (inner and outer) in horizontal plane by a baffle, which is easily destroyed at mechanical effect; salt of cryohydrate solution temperature is placed to the inner compartment, which is located at the proximity to the internal glass; the second (outer) compartment, upper and lower bases of which are corrugated and have stops destroyed at mechanical effect, is filled-in with water; the internal side surface of the outer compartment has studs, located horizontally; the stud length corresponds to the outer compartment width.EFFECT: producing the convenient disposable reservoir for drink storage with possibility of express cooling.1 dwg

Device for freezing food products by means of liquid cooling // 2289072
FIELD: devices for freezing food products.SUBSTANCE: device for freezing food products has tank filled with non-freezing solution, mixer for mixing non-freezing solution bath in mentioned tank containing non-freezing solution, tube heat exchanger disposed in form of meander onto side walls of mentioned tank filled with non-freezing solution, aid for feeding compressed cooling liquid to advance cooling agent into mentioned tube heat exchanger, and aids of transfer to submerge food products directly or in packed condition into bath with non-freezing solution inside mentioned tank having non-freezing solution inside. Tube heat exchanger has module structure tube units, which cover at least two vertical parts of tube, at least two parts of coil pipe, each part of which bends of vertical part of tube and passes horizontally and then goes in form of meander along surface of wall. Device also has inlet collector channel and outlet collector channel; collector at side of supply, with which collector inlet collector channels of tube units are connected in parallel to each other. There is one more collector at side of return; with which collector outlet collector channels are connected in parallel to each other. Many tube units are disposed inside the latter onto wall surfaces of the tank having non-freezing solution along total perimeter of its sidewalls. Mentioned tube units are connected with output and return sides of mentioned aid for feeding compressed cooling liquid through mentioned collector at sides of supply and return.EFFECT: quick cooling of non-freezing solution till reaching uniform temperature; simplified mounting.4 cl, 10 dwg

Cooling drinks // 2154782

Installation for production of hot and chilled drinking water // 2121635
The invention relates to food industry, namely, to household devices for hot and cold drinking water, and can be used to meet the needs of the population with clean drinking water, such as thirst, tea, coffee and other hot and cold drinks