Refrigerators and cold rooms and ice-boxes and cooling or freezing apparatus not covered by any other subclass and (F25D)

F25D              Refrigerators; cold rooms; ice-boxes; cooling or freezing apparatus not covered by any other subclass (refrigerated showcases a47f0003040000; thermally-insulated vessels for domestic use a47j0041000000; refrigerated vehicles, see the appropriate subclasses of classes b60-b64; containers with thermal insulation in general b65d0081380000; heat-transfer, heat-exchange or heat-storage materials, e.g. refrigerants, or materials for the production of heat or cold by chemical reactions other than by combustion c09k0005000000; thermally-insulated vessels for liquefied or solidified gases f17c; air-conditioning or air-humidification f24f; refrigeration machines, plants, or systems f25b; cooling of instruments or comparable apparatus without refrigeration g12b; cooling of engines or pumps, see the relevant classes);(2650)

ethod of foamed moulded products manufacturing // 2641129
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a process for the manufacture of foam moulded articles comprising the steps of: A) providing a mould and B) introducing the foaming reaction mixture into a mould with variable injection pressure, wherein the exit velocity of the foaming reaction mixture introduced in step B) is ≥ 1 m/s - ≤ 5 m/s, and the injection pressure in step B) decreases in time dynamics, and the foaming reaction mixture has an experimentally determined setting time at a temperature of 20°C, which is 20 ≥ s - ≤ 60 s. The invention also relates to a refrigerator, a freezer and a combination of a refrigerator and a freezer compartment that comprise a foamed moulded article, which in particular is a component of the casing.EFFECT: more uniform foam density distribution and no voids.19 cl, 5 dwg, 3 tbl, 9 ex
ultifunctional chamber and refrigerator // 2639328
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: multifunctional refrigerator chamber contains an internal container and an element in the form of a door. The internal container is enclosed in multiple plate elements, and the chamber additionally contains at least one hole, a moisture-preserving module, a top cover and at least one air channel. At least one hole is provided in at least one plate element. The moisture-preserving module is located in the hole. The moisture-preserving module is used to regulate the relative humidity in the chamber and to control it. The top cover is movably disposed on the moisture-preserving module. The air channel is provided in at least one of several plate elements and is used to drain moisture from the chamber. When the chamber is in a high humidity mode, the top cover is moved in the moisture-preserving module to uncover the moisture-preserving module, and when the chamber is in the drying mode, the top cover fully closes the moisture-preserving module.EFFECT: ability to switch the chamber between the high humidity mode, and the mode depending on the requirements of relative humidity for the stored products to achieve flexible regulation of the medium in the chamber and reduce the unused time of the chamber.10 cl, 6 dwg

ethod and device for defrosting evaporator relating to for air conditioning unit // 2638704
FIELD: ventilation.SUBSTANCE: air conditioning unit includes an adjustable heat recovery device. The heat pump includes a refrigerant circulation system with a refrigerant, as well as at least one compressor, at least one condenser, at least one first expansion valve, and at least one evaporator. Further, said heat pump includes at least one four-way valve positioned downstream after compressor and upstream before condenser, said four-way valve is designed to change the direction refrigerant flow in refrigerant circulation system, whereby the refrigerant is sent to the evaporator instead of condenser, bypassing the expansion valve. The heat recovery device is designed to regenerate energy from the first air flow and transfer it to a second air flow, the evaporator being located in the first air flow downstream of the heat recovery device, and the condenser is located in the second air flow downstream of the heat recovery device. The heat pump includes a reservoir and a second expansion valve that are disposed between the first expansion valve and the condenser, the first expansion valve controls the refrigerant flow through evaporator and the second expansion valve regulating the level of refrigerant in the reservoir in cooperation with the first expansion valve in order to obtain an adjustable amount of refrigerant and balanced backpressure in condenser with incomplete compressor load. The method for defrosting evaporator is characterized in that when the frost forms in the evaporator, the temperature of refrigerant passing through the evaporator is increased. At the same time, the heat recovery device is adjusted downward, whereby the evaporator is simultaneously heated both from the inside by raising the temperature of refrigerant and externally by the first air flow, the temperature of which increases when the heat recovery decreases, and thus the evaporator is defrosted.EFFECT: decreasing the defrosting time of evaporator.8 cl, 3 dwg

Container refrigerating device // 2636946
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: refrigerating device includes a gas supply device producing nitrogen-enriched air with a higher nitrogen concentration than in the outside air and supplying nitrogen-enriched air to the container through the feed channel; an oxygen concentration sensor that measures the concentration of oxygen in the air in the container; and a controller that monitors the operation of the gas supply device so that the oxygen concentration measured by the oxygen concentration sensor reaches the target concentration. The container refrigerating device is equipped with a measuring channel that directs part of the nitrogen-enriched air passing through the supply channel to the oxygen concentration sensor and the measuring channel is equipped with a two-position valve.EFFECT: use of this invention makes it possible to detect failures of the gas supply device without increasing production costs.4 cl, 12 dwg

Storage chamber and refrigerator // 2636160
FIELD: satisfaction of human life necessities.SUBSTANCE: storage chamber and a refrigerator that provide a possibility of door opening by 90 degrees or more, despite the installation of the storage chamber or refrigerator side wall close to the wall. The left door of the refrigerating compartment for closing the refrigerator opening includes the left door frame and the left front panel. The transition portion is provided in the corner portion formed by the side portion and the front portion of the left door frame. The length of line passing from the spot on the panel front surface where the left front panel has the greatest thickness in the horizontal section, to the length of an imaginary line running from the lower hinge shaft orthogonally relative to the side portion, in a direction orthogonal to the length of the imaginary line is less than the distance between the shaft and the distal point on the transition portion. The left end portion of the left front panel is located inside the circumference drawn around the adjacent one of the shafts as a center and having a radius equal to the length from the shaft to the distal point.EFFECT: improved device reliability.12 cl, 28 dwg

Bottle holder in cooling device // 2634935
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: bottle holder in the cooling device is made in the form of a flat base containing at least one notch. The width of each notch is equal to the width of each side surrounding the notch. The base is made of soft material.EFFECT: ease of cooling unit usage.3 cl, 2 dwg

Thermally insulating box frame, refrigerator and device comprising thermally insulating box frame // 2632982
FIELD: human life necessities satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: thermally insulating box frame comprises: back wall; right side wall passing from the back wall right side; left side wall passing from the back wall left side; upper wall; lower wall; opening, which is formed at the front of the thermally insulating box frame; vacuum thermally insulating material, which is placed between the inner frame part, which is relevant to the back wall internal surface, and the outer frame part, which is relevant to the back wall external surface, or between the inner frame other part, which is relevant to the internal surface of one of the right side walls and to the left side wall, and the outer frame other part, which is relevant to the external surface of one of the right side walls and to the left side wall internal surface; and intermediate member, which is loaded, pressure sealed, applied or placed between the vacuum thermally insulating material and the inner frame for the junction, the tight coupling or the vacuum thermally insulating material and the inner frame fastening to each other. The intermediate member is the polyurethane foam and its depth is 11 mm or less.EFFECT: strength enhancement and frame internal volume rise.26 cl, 27 dwg, 1 tbl

Container refrigerating device // 2632978
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: refrigerating device for the container contains a refrigeration circuit, a detector for determination of oxygen concentration inside the container, a device for supplying gas mixture. If oxygen concentration inside the container measured by oxygen concentration sensor is higher than oxygen concentration of the gas mixture, the container is supplied with gas mixture which has oxygen concentration below oxygen concentration of external air and above the target concentration. The concentration of oxygen in the inner part of the container is reduced to the level of oxygen concentration of gas mixture by supplying gas mixture into the inner part of the container and is further reduced to the target concentration by means of plants breathing. This properly controls the concentration of oxygen in the inner part of the container (11).EFFECT: reduction of plant freshness decrease.8 cl, 11 dwg

Refrigerator // 2632941
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: refrigerator includes a box-shaped housing, including an outer shell formed from an outer housing and an inner housing. The outer shell includes: a top wall; a rear wall; side walls; and a bottom wall. The box housing has a storage compartment formed inside the outer shell and has an opening formed on the front side of the box housing; a vacuum heat-insulating material disposed between a portion of the inner body and a portion of the outer housing, corresponding to the rear wall, one of the side walls, the other of the side walls, the top wall or the bottom wall forming the storage compartment; and a heat-insulating foam loaded between the vacuum heat-insulating material and the inner housing. The wall with vacuum heat-insulating material has a thickness in the range from 20 mm to 40 mm. The thickness of heat-insulating material after foaming is 10 mm or less. The ratio of the thickness of the heat-insulating foam relative to the sum of the thickness of the heat-insulating foam and the thickness of the vacuum heat-insulating material is 0.3 or less.EFFECT: increasing the heat insulation and strength characteristics with increasing the useful volume of the refrigerator.20 cl, 28 dwg

Refrigerator // 2630704
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: refrigerator includes a refrigerant circuit which is formed by connecting the compressor, condenser, expansion device and cooler to the pipes and through which the refrigerant passes, the refrigerating compartment in which the internal temperature is set in the cooling temperature range, the freezing compartment that is located under the refrigerating compartment and wherein the internal temperature is set in a freezing temperature range that is lower than the cooling temperature range, and the switching compartment located under the freezing compartment in which the internal temperature varies in the range from the cooling temperature range to the freeze temperature interval.EFFECT: use of this invention allows the internal temperature of the switching compartment to be adjusted accordingly, even if its volume is increased.8 cl, 12 dwg

Fan unit // 2629974
FIELD: ventilation.SUBSTANCE: refrigeration unit with a fan assembly that is housed in a housing that includes a front housing portion and a rear housing portion and which is attached to the rear of the housing and fixed to the front housing portion.EFFECT: simplified assembly of the fan.15 cl, 8 dwg

Thermal insulating box-shaped body and refrigerator // 2629967
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: refrigerator includes a box-shaped body formed from an outer casing and an inner casing. The box-shaped body includes a rear wall and side walls; a storage compartment formed by dividing the inside of the box-shaped body by a partition wall in such a way that it has an opening portion formed on the front side of the box body; a drawer located in the storage compartment and extended by means of guiding elements located respectively on the side walls of the storage compartment; a vacuum thermal insulation material formed of a fibrous filler made of an inorganic fiber or an organic fiber and positioned between a portion of the inner shell and a portion of the outer shell corresponding to each of the side walls on which the guide elements are placed; and a heat-insulating material loaded between the inner casing and the vacuum insulating material in a position facing each of the guide elements. The thickness of the thermal insulation material is set less 10 mm In a position facing each of the guide elements, and the density of the heat insulating material loaded between the inner case and the vacuum thermal insulating material is set to be greater than 60 kg/m3.EFFECT: improving the thermal insulation characteristics of the refrigerator.35 cl, 28 dwg
Device for breeding material freezing // 2629231
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: exit window of evaporator chamber communicates with the chamber of cabinet by means of a flat, upper and side wall of the cabinet long, air channel made with the partitions in the lower part of the cabinet, at the outlet of which the exhaust fan is installed. In the hydraulic circuit of the chiller, a solenoid cooling valve is installed in series behind the condenser in front of the thermostatic throttling valve with a corrective thermo-fluid temperature sensor, and a solenoidal heating valve is installed in parallel to the condenser and the output of thermostatic throttling valve 11, which is shunted by a capacity regulator, which is designed as a membrane pressure relief valve with an adjusting spring and with a tube communicating with the suction line of compressor. Electronic control panel includes a power supply unit, an auxiliary relay type RAM, a programmable relay 28 of the type PR-114, a touch panel type TP-270, an interface module type PR-IM485, and a normalizing temperature converter 32 type NTC-1. The power supply unit, the auxiliary relay unit, the programmable relay are connected by a circuit breaker in parallel to the power supply network of actuators, and the touch panel, the normalising temperature converter, the programmable relay from the power supply unit are powered by a direct current. The touch panel via the interface module is electrically connected to a programmable relay connected to the normalising temperature converter, which in turn is connected to a thermistor located inside the chamber of cabinet.EFFECT: increasing the accuracy of maintaining the temperature throughout the working volume of chiller chamber, the operational reliability of the refrigeration machine, the stability of technological freezing process automatic control system, the improvement of display system.2 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of temperature control and temperature control device // 2628439
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: method involves: defining a target user intending to use a refrigerator; collecting target information on the target user's preferences with respect to food products, the target information about preferences containing at least the target type of food products, the target meal time and the target state of food products; defining the target food products from food products stored in the refrigerator at the time, based on the target-type food products; and controlling the temperature of the area where target food products are stored in such a way that the target food products reach the target state of food products to the target meal time. In said disclosure of the invention substance, the refrigerator can automatically collect target information about the preferences of a target user, who wants to use a refrigerator, and to control the temperature based on the collected target information about preferences in such a way that the target user could obtain from the refrigerator in the target meal time the target food products that are in the target state of food products, required by the target user.EFFECT: increasing the intelligence level of the refrigerator temperature control and improving the user's experience.18 cl, 12 dwg

Refrigerator // 2628430
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: refrigerator includes a storage compartment formed by heat-insulating walls and having an open front part; a cold air duct extending in the vertical direction of the refrigerator along the inner side of the rear wall of the storage compartment. The cold air duct includes a cold air passage that is made with the possibility to supply cold air. The refrigerator additionally includes a cold air discharge opening made with the possibility to discharge cold air supplied through the cold air passage into the storage compartment. The cold air passage has an elliptical cross-section. The major axis of the elliptical cross section of the cold air passage is parallel to the horizontal direction of the storage compartment.EFFECT: increasing the useful refrigerator volume.5 cl, 2 dwg

ethods of storage of cryogenic fluid environments in storage tanks // 2628337
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: method to maintain the supercooled state of the bottom portion or the natural convective flow of LNG in the storage tank comprises allocating part of the cryogenic fluid cooling portion abstracted cryogenic medium and re-introduction portion abstracted cryogenic fluid back into the fluid reservoir area for storage. Cooling is provided by mechanical cooling. The method of advantageously maintenance of the supercooled state throughout the volume of fluid in the storage tank, comprises allocating the part of the cryogenic fluid of cooling portion abstracted cryogenic medium and re-introduction of abstracted cryogenic fluid portion back into the fluid reservoir area for storage. Cooling is provided by mechanical cooling.EFFECT: exclusion of gas discharge into the tank.24 cl, 1 dwg

Apparatus for thermo-hydration treatment of food products // 2627572
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: apparatus comprises a bath divided into compartments, a loading and an unloading units, a mechanism for moving the product with a drive, a means of connecting the bath to the water source and a means of draining the waste water. The compartment in which the mechanism for moving the product is arranged is rectangular in plan. The mechanism for moving the product is made in the form of a scraper conveyor comprising a frame on which a horizontal end shaft and a horizontal drive shaft are mounted. A closed flexible tape equipped with transverse scrapers is put on the shafts. The end and the drive shafts are located above the level of the flexible tape in its middle section, with the possibility of arranging the end portions of the flexible tape at the level of the loading and unloading units. The conveyor frame is made with the possibility to pivot around the drive shaft. On the scraper conveyor frame, above its middle part, a pressure sheet is installed with the possibility of arranging its part below the water level in the bath. The conveyor frame has a mechanism for lifting it arranged at its free end.EFFECT: weight reduction and simplification of the apparatus design.6 cl, 3 dwg

Storage for food products with accumulation of cold // 2627570
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: food storage with accumulation of cold is made in the form of an underground structure, which contains a vessel for accumulating cold, thermosiphons, an air refrigerating chamber, which has a wall, a floor and a ceiling coating with a hatch, a sloping vestibule with a door and a staircase. The thermosiphons contain the evaporation area, the transport area and the condensation area. The outer wall of the vessel for accumulating cold have cooling ribs on which fans with adjustable automatic switches located inside the refrigerating chamber are installed.EFFECT: increasing the refrigerating chamber cooling speed.2 dwg

Fridge door and fridge including such fridge door // 2627067
FIELD: satisfaction of human life necessities.SUBSTANCE: fridge door that enables to minimize the cost increase and the strength reduction, and the fridge that includes such a door are described. The fridge door includes a door unit with a vacuum-thermal insulation, a door unit filled with foam heat insulation, a frame fixed to the door unit for supporting purposes with the ability to move, a fastening element to fix the frame to the door unit, a backboard inside the door unit. The backboard is fixed with the fastening element, a protecting element is fixed to the backboard to be disposed opposite the side of the distal end of the fastening element extending towards the door unit. The foam heat insulation is filled into the gap formed between the protecting element and the backboard.EFFECT: improved efficiency of cooling via preventing damage of the vacuum-thermal insulation.7 cl, 7 dwg

Household refrigeration unit with mobile condenser // 2626944
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: household refrigeration unit with a movable condenser contains a refrigerating cabinet, a sealed unit, a flat tube-type condenser that includes connecting pipelines, a compressor, an evaporator and a condenser in the form of a finned tubular coil cantilever mounted on the back wall of the refrigerating cabinet. The upper part of the condenser interacts with the actuator of the electromagnetic vibrator attached to the cabinet of the refrigerating cabinet. The household refrigeration unit is equipped with a comparison element of the actual ambient air temperature with its regulated value, and by comparison, the vibrator is turned on or off.EFFECT: reduced power input to the electromagnetic vibrator and a decrease in the specific energy consumption of the refrigeration unit.2 dwg
Device for super-quick cooling of biological samples up to cryogenic temperatures // 2624963
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: super-quick cooling device for biological samples to cryogenic temperatures using electric linear reciprocating motion includes a linear electric actuator situated in a zone with ambient temperature, comprising coaxially arranged fixed inductor and a movable armature, providing (by means of guide pin) paused movement of the container with a biological sample, a cooling vessel made of thermally insulating material, the front wall of which contains a passage opening for the container, and an internal nozzle with a spray at the end providing a directed flow of liquid cryogen refrigerant with jets acting on the container with a biological sample, a heating device adjacent to the cooling vessel, and a sealed vessel with liquid cryogenic refrigerant, in the upper part of which there is a valve releasing the excess pressure and connected to the cooling vessel by means of a thermally insulated pipe.EFFECT: increased rate of biological sample cooling.8 cl, 30 dwg

Refrigerant apparatus with a container // 2624662
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: there is a refrigerant apparatus with a cold-storage chamber that has a container required with a lid. This lid is designed with a possibility of movement in the U channel which is integrated into a refrigerant apparatus inner container wall that bounds a cold-storage chamber and has an area at the first and second heightwise levels. The lid moves to a different height to the first and second heightwise levels for the location of the lid at different distances from a container.EFFECT: refrigerator usability.14 cl, 8 dwg
Cryothermostat // 2623746
FIELD: heating system.SUBSTANCE: cryothermostat including a body, an entrance door and a refrigerated monoblock with a control panel to increase the accuracy and reliability of the thermostating, additionally contains a local thermostat to house the temperature control object, as well as a local thermostat including a body, fan, heater, meter and temperature controller for uniform thermostating of air over its length by a gyre, contains a duct fan with air circuit for the entire length of the thermostat.EFFECT: increasing of the accuracy and reliability of temperature stabilization in the testing of frozen soils in the freezer, its efficiency and the expansion of functionality.8 cl, 2 dwg

Tunnel freezing device // 2623242
FIELD: heating system.SUBSTANCE: air coolers in the freezer compartment are installed at the top and bottom of the metal perforated conveyor belt carrying the product to be cooled. The electro-convective device of the apparatus in the form of an electrogasdynamic system connected to the voltage source contains two electrode blocks arranged parallel to each other, one of which is located in the freezer compartment area under the upper cooler and the other - in the freezer compartment area below the lower cooler. Each of the blocks consists of wire type electrodes: generating and grounding. In the version of the unit, the generating electrode can be provided with EHD needle-shaped elements. When high voltage is applied to the unit electrodes, a corona discharge arises and, as a result, an electric wind appears forming the conditions for forced electroconvection. The areas of electrode blocks location are connected by a bypass, which has built-in electrode blocks at its input and output to intensify convection. Air humidity and frost formation adjustment is ensured by an electrode unit with EHD wire-type elements placed between the upper cooler and the bypass output channel area, connected to a voltage source via a voltage divider.EFFECT: economic and technological efficiency of the device is increased due to reduction of energy consumption, reduction of freezing process duration, product shrinkage reduction, and provision of its electro-antiseptization.3 cl, 4 dwg

ethod of cooling underground structures in masses of permafrost rocks and device for its implementation // 2621912
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method of cooling underground constructions in masses of permafrost rocks includes the accumulation of cold in the upper part of the frozen soil masses in the winter season through a seasonally operating air cooling device. Underground construction is located at a depth, which is determined by the formula: , where h1 - the depth of seasonal thawing of soils, in the sole of which there are pipes of the cooling device, m; τ - duration of the cooling device operation in the cold season (taken equal to the time delay of the temperature wave at the depth of the underground construction location) per season, h; λ and C - the average values of the thermal conductivity coefficient, W/(m⋅K⋅), and the volumetric heat capacity of the soil, J/(m3⋅K), in the roof of the underground structure; T - the amplitude of external air temperature fluctuations, K. The device for year-round cooling underground constructions in masses of permafrost rocks includes two independent air cooling devices, each of which includes, at least, one horizontal cooling pipe in the ground and, at least, two vertically oriented tubes that protrude above the surface of the earth. Internal volumes of vertical and horizontal pipes are connected. At least, one horizontal cooling pipe of one cooling device is laid in the ground close to the side wall of the underground construction at the mid-height level, and, at least, one horizontal cooling pipe of the second cooling device is laid in the bottom of the seasonal thawing layer.EFFECT: increasing the reliability, reducing energy costs, increasing the autonomy of cryogenic storage and ensuring low negative temperatures in underground constructions throughout the year.4 cl, 2 dwg

Guide assembly for chilled products container and combination of chilled products container and the support surface to support chilled products container // 2617980
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: combination of chilled products container for the cooling device and the supporting surface to support the chilled products container in the cooling device comprises a guide assembly to guide the chilled products container in the cooling device having a guide roller and a guide to guide the guide roller. The guide has a working surface extending radially relative to the guide roller, and positioned axially relative to the guide roller guiding profile, which is spaced at a distance from the guide roller and from the working surface. The guide roller is positioned on the chilled products container, and the guide-on the support surface. The guide roller is placed recessed in the bottom of the chilled products container, and a running groove is provided for the running roller. The running roller to guide the chilled products container is located at the end of the working surface.EFFECT: improved combination performance.19 cl, 7 dwg

ethod and system of drinks distribution device work // 2617791
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: proposed ice portions size control unit includes a bin for ice meant for storing ice, having a lower part in the hopper for ice with one or more cavities for serving size control and one or more magnets associated with one or more cavities for portions size control, one or more cavities for portions size control has an internal volume intended to contain a given ice portion, an actuator that moves the one or more cavities to control the size of portions between the filling position in which one or more cavities for portions size control contain ice and distribution position, wherein the predetermined ice portion is distributed from one or more cavities for portions size control, and the sensor located outside the ice hopper which determines one or more magnets.EFFECT: invention allows automatic self-cleaning.8 cl, 25 dwg
Device for maintaining near-zero temperature in enclosed space // 2617579
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: device for maintaining near-zero temperature in enclosed spaces comprises a container with a cover, which is filled with a liquid, a heat exchanger, which surface part is located on the upper plane of the container, the underwater part of the heat exchanger is located inside the container with the liquid. The surface heat exchanger part and the underwater part are made of a corrugated metal with at least one thermally conductive element and the fastening bridge therebetween.EFFECT: increased durability, efficiency and simplified installation.5 cl, 3 dwg
Thermoelectric refrigerating device with cold accumulator // 2617570
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: refrigerating device includes thermoelectric module, the cold side of which is thermally coupled with user of refrigeration, at least two closed hydraulic loops, providing refrigerating of the thermoelectric module hot side, one of which has a radiator for heat release into the environment, while the second provides the heat removing to the cold accumulator, which is designed as the thermally insulated container, filled with a working medium, which has a phase transition temperature higher than the nominal ambient temperature, but below the temperature at which the stable operation is provided by the thermoelectric module.EFFECT: provision of the specified refrigerating capacity and power efficiency of the thermoelectric refrigerating system operation and maintaining of the required temperature of the user, with the possible periodic ambient temperature increase above the designed.

Refrigerating appliance with cooling chamber // 2615835
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: refrigerating device comprises a cooling chamber in which the heater is located, which is arranged to turn in relation to the outdoor temperature. Refrigeration apparatus comprises a control device for regulation of the heater according to outside air temperature, which is arranged to activate the first heater at the temperature value of ambient air and disconnect it when the second value of the outdoor temperature.EFFECT: elimination of condensate deposition at the entry of air from the surrounding space.13 cl, 1 dwg

Refrigerator equipped by sparkling water makingg device // 2615360
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: refrigerator comprises a body, a storage chamber formed in the body and having open front side, a door to open or close the open front side of the storage chamber, a water tank to keep clean water, a sparkling water making unit which is installed at the rear door side. The sparkling water making unit comprises a cylinder with carbon dioxide to keep the latter, a sparkling water tank to make sparkling water by mixing the clean water with carbon dioxide, and a gas regulator to adjust the pressure of carbon dioxide escaping from the carbon dioxide cylinder into the spakling water tank, and a safety device for selective movement of the carbon dioxide cylinder to or from the gas regulator thus connecting or disconnecting the said cylinder to or from the gas regulator.EFFECT: usage of the said invention allows for safe replacement of the cylinder.11 cl, 26 dwg

Device for tank cooling or freezing // 2612320
FIELD: machine building; pipeline.SUBSTANCE: device for cooling or freezing of at least one tank, in particular sleeve or cup, by cold air comprises a base with area for tank location, at least one opening for air release and a ring chamber. Area for tank installation has at least one opening for air intake, through it to the ring chamber cold air can enter. The area for tank installation has a place for air release in form of tube passing upwards to at least one tank and serving for air suction from at least one tank. On outside circle of the ring chamber at least one opening is made for air intake, it serves for air delivery tangentially to the ring chamber. Due to this a ascending vortex air flow is created, it has form of thin layer flowing over internal surface of at least one tank installed at area for tank installation, as result the tank is cooled or frozen.EFFECT: exclusion of harmful coolants use for cooling.14 cl, 11 dwg
ethod of refrigeration product treatment by carbon dioxide // 2611845
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: method of complex fish and poultry processing by the supply of snow-like carbon dioxide both into the inner cavity and onto the product surface is proposed.EFFECT: reduction of carbon dioxide consumption and refrigeration duration.
Thawing vessels for biological products // 2611153
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: device for frozen biological material thawing comprises a vessel having an interior space for biological material accommodating, a plurality of heat transfer devices operatively connected with the vessel, at least one adjusting device operatively connected with the heat transfer devices. Frozen biological material thawing method, which comprises accommodation of frozen biological material in the vessel, heat transfer between the vessel portion and the outer environment in relation to the vessel portion by heating the vessel portion, on condition the of biological material temperature control.EFFECT: invention provides for effective unharmed thawing of biological products.28 cl, 3 dwg

Refrigerating device with automatic defrosting function // 2610493
FIELD: household appliances.SUBSTANCE: refrigerating device, in particular, household refrigerating device, contains coolant circulation loop with compressor, evaporator and shutoff valve between compressor outlet and evaporator inlet, evaporator defrosting heating device and control unit, intended for evaporator defrosting preparation by compressor operation with closed shutoff valve. Heating device is installed on evaporator. Refrigerating device operating method, which contains coolant circulation loop with compressor, evaporator and shutoff valve between compressor outlet and evaporator inlet, includes following stages: compressor operation with open shutoff valve, compressor disconnection, evaporator heating.EFFECT: using this group of inventions provides increase in device energy efficiency.10 cl, 3 dwg

Door opening / closing device and refrigerator provided with such device // 2609370
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: door opening / closing device comprises the following: the first door and the second door, which close both sides relative to the center of the opening part of the device main body and rotatably supported respectively on both end parts of the opening part; the rotatable separating part that is rotatably mounted on the open end of the first door; and a guide device which pivotally guides the rotatable separating part, and which is located in the closed position, protruding from the side end face surface of the first door during closing of the first door and located in the plane substantially flush with the side end face surface of the first door during opening of the first door. The guide device comprises a protruding part which is located on one of the main body of the rotary separation device, and a guide part located at another one of the main body of the device or the rotary separation part, to guide the protruding part. One of the protruding part or the guide part is displaced in axial direction and axially elongated by collision to each other with a force exceeding the predetermined value, when the first door is opened, the rotary separating piece is in closed position.EFFECT: improvement of convenience of refrigerator use.5 cl, 10 dwg

Refrigerator and method of its making // 2608791
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: method of making refrigerator includes following stages: through holes are made at front panel by etching or by laser processing, filling element is filled in through holes so, that it prevents penetration of foreign substances into inner space of through holes. Despite fact that display unit is hidden inside door, information, displayed on display unit, can be visible to user via multiple through holes, thereby image looks brighter.EFFECT: refrigerator is disclosed, door of which has front panel made of metal material, display unit with display section, which is located on rear side of front panel, and on which information on operation of refrigerator is displayed, when display section becomes bright or dark, and multiple through holes made in area of front panel, corresponding to display section.13 cl, 13 dwg

Sliding device and refrigerator with a sliding device // 2608220
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: refrigerator includes a storage compartment, internal door outer door, guide rail, sliding assembly, elastic assembly, automatic closing assembly. Design of the refrigerator is such that when the outer door is configured with possibility of opening and closing in a position in which the container for storing the door is extracted container for storing the door comes in contact with the external door and thus is inserted automatically.EFFECT: design of refrigerator.15 cl, 12 dwg
Domestic refrigerating device with displaying device for container cover // 2608055
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: domestic refrigerating device has inner heat-insulating container, intended to limit of, at least, one cooled products storage space; cooled products container installed in inner container, which has opening accessible from above, and container cover, installed in inner container so, that motion, implemented by means of manual actuator, was transformed into container cover motion to open and close cooled products container opening. Refrigerating device additionally contains displaying device connected with actuator, which, at actuator first position, in which container cover moves into position, which opens cooled products container opening, displays information, corresponding to open position, and in actuator second position, in which container cover moves into position, closing cooled products container opening, displays information, corresponding to closed position.EFFECT: using this invention allows to produce an improved indication of container cover manual control.10 cl, 10 dwg

Cooling cabinet // 2606789
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: for cold storage there is heat-insulating cabinet, which is open in front; swing open from center left door and right door, which are open and close front opening; housing of partition, which is attached with possibility of turning and directed inside cold storage space and which closes gap between left door and right door; and condensation preventing heater, which prevents formation of dew condensation on partition housing. Partition housing has front side component, which is located on gap side and where condensation preventing heater is made; rear side component, which is inserted into front side component with possibility of sliding in longitudinal direction and which forms cylindrical housing together with front side component, and heat-insulating material, which is located inside cylindrical housing.EFFECT: use of present invention enables avoiding of refrigerator door partition deformation.5 cl, 6 dwg
Suitable to dynamic evacuation devices including organic aerogels or xerogels // 2606526
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to operating on electricity and suitable to dynamic evacuation device. Device includes suitable to evacuation throughout the volume area and a useful area with temperature control thermally isolated from the ambient temperature by means of suitable to evacuation throughout the volume area. Device also comprises a means for active vacuum maintenance, so that pressure in suitable to evacuation throughout the volume area of the device over a period of time permanently resides in a predetermined range. Suitable to evacuation throughout the volume area makes at least 20 vol%. of the total volume, which in the device is engaged by a porous and/or cellular thermoisolating material, and contains at least one organic aerogel and/or an organic xerogel.EFFECT: technical result is reduction of time of creating a specified difference in pressure in the device.16 cl, 2 ex, 3 tbl

Sliding door with double-sided sliding system // 2606094
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: door comprises a leaf and a horizontal sliding system, which is made able to direct the leaf in the opening/closing movement along the longitudinal direction. Sliding system comprises a rail guide and two inclined guides. Leaf is equipped with two rollers, by means of which it is suspended on the sliding system. Rollers contact with rolling surfaces of the rail guide to move along these surfaces during opening/closing movement of the door. Sliding system additionally comprises a pair of inclined guides, each of which forms a roller guide made to interact with appropriate roller to drive the roller and, consequently, the leaf to movement and downwards, and to the door inner side in the direction perpendicular to the leaf plane. Rail guide comprises the first section of the rail guide and the second section of the rail guide, each of which forms the upper rolling surface and the lower rolling surface. Two legs of the rail guide have identical section of a symmetric shape with respect to the horizontal plane of symmetry. Two inclined guides are made as separate components with respect to the two legs of the rail guide and are identical to each other. Two inclined guides have a symmetric configuration with respect to the previously specified plane of symmetry and are fixed: one between the two legs of the rail guide and the other one at the end of one of the two legs of the rail guide.EFFECT: present invention provides using the sliding system both with LH and RH doors.8 cl, 8 dwg

High-efficiency heat exchanger for cryogen-free magnet for magnetic resonance imaging (mri) // 2606036
FIELD: heat exchange.SUBSTANCE: heat exchanger (5) comprises a heat-conducting cylindrical container (40), at least one heat-conducting pipe (30), cooling column (90) and cryogenic cooling head (100). Cooling tower and cooling head condensed gaseous helium into liquid helium to maintain the margin of liquid helium in heat-conducting cylindrical container (40). At least one heat-conducting pipe (30) is wound in a circumferential direction around the container (40) and at least one heat exchanger (20) of the coil of superconducting magnet and back. Tube forms a closed circuit, which contains gaseous helium at pressure approximately 104 bar (1,500 psi) at room temperature to 0.75 bar at cryogenic temperatures.EFFECT: disclosed is a highly efficient heat exchanger for cryogen-free magnet for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).15 cl, 4 dwg

Refrigerating device with tray // 2605754
FIELD: household appliances.SUBSTANCE: refrigerating device with inner cavity contains shelf. According to invention, on shelf tray is supported on rollers with possibility of displacement. Shelf edges are enveloped by guide. Besides, invention relates to tray.EFFECT: using this group of inventions enables increasing in ease of refrigerator use.14 cl, 5 dwg

Refrigerating device with refrigeration chamber // 2605753
FIELD: household appliances.SUBSTANCE: disclosed is refrigerating device with compressor and cooling chamber. Refrigerating device comprises temperature metering device for refrigerating chamber temperature recording. Refrigerating device is made with possibility of heater switching on at refrigeration chamber temperature drop below preset value.EFFECT: use of invention enables prevention of undesired temperature drop in refrigeration chamber.13 cl, 1 dwg

Device to supply coolant into cold chamber // 2605671
FIELD: cryogenics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cryogenic engineering, in particular to devices for pumping, filling liquid nitrogen, as well as for freezing of vacuum traps. Device to supply coolant into the cold chamber contains a funnel made integral with a flange and a sealing plug with a vertical through hole located between the neck of a Dewar vessel and a seat in the flange. Tube of the funnel located in the vertical hole of the plug is 5 mm longer than the height of the plug, the upper cylindrical part of the funnel is tightly connected with the lower threaded part of a thin-wall thermo-coupling tube, the upper part of which is equipped with a shaped flange with internal thread, the lower part of which is tightly connected to the upper threaded part of the feeder, while the upper threaded part of the shaped flange is connected with the lower thread part of the outlet union, the upper threaded part of which is intended for connection to the cold chamber pipeline. Upper threaded part of the feeder is provided with a vertical cylindrical cavity, in which there is a metal ball, which is a ball valve. On the outer part the funnel is equipped with a tap made integral with the funnel, the inner threaded part of the tap is tightly connected with a safety valve, the device also includes two hooks located on handles of the Dewar vessel provided with thumbscrews connected by a thread joint with two rods made in the form of bars, the upper part of which is made integral with forks of articulated joints with the flange of the funnel, which is made with mating parts of these joints located on the opposite sides.EFFECT: technical result of the invention is creation of a device to supply coolant into the cold chamber with reliable sealing of the Dewar vessel neck and the possibility to connect the cold chamber pipeline with at least one more device with a Dewar vessel for their subsequent use.1 cl, 4 dwg

Stationary device for supply of coolant in cold chamber // 2604045
FIELD: cryogenics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cryogenic engineering, namely to devices for pumping and filling liquid nitrogen, as well as for freezing of vacuum traps. Stationary device for supply of coolant in cold chamber contains at least one stationary Dewar vessel, each of which is equipped with flange and sealing circular gasket, located between end of neck of Dewar vessel and seat in flange, made with two branch pipes, located vertically above neck of Dewar vessel. Both branch pipes are made with internal thread in upper part, one of branches is filling one and it is tightly connected by thread with safety valve, made detachable. Second branch pipe is tightly connected by thread with plug, which is also detachable. Middle part of second branch pipe is made with internal thread and seat for upper threaded part of feeder, which is detachable and located coaxially to second branch pipe. Under plug and above upper threaded part of feeder in second branch pipe removal under ball valve chamber is made. Upper part of chamber is made with internal thread and is tightly connected with lower threaded part of nozzle. Flange of helical joint is attached to handles of Dewar vessel and is equipped with tight current leads connected with wires with heater and liquid nitrogen level sensor placed at distance of 30-50 mm above heater.EFFECT: technical result of proposed technical solution consists in creation of stationary device for supply of coolant in cold chamber with possibility of continuous operation mode (for a long time) with large flow rate of liquid nitrogen (10 l/h) and installation of sensor, which allows to signal in advance on ending of liquid nitrogen in operating Dewar vessel.1 cl, 3 dwg

Refrigerator // 2603888
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: refrigerator includes a compressor compartment. Compressor compartment is located in lower rear part of cabinet and separated by its front wall from cabinet from front and on sides. In compressor compartment there is a condenser, displaced backwards from front wall. Heat fan is located opposite condenser from rear side of condenser. In lower part of compressor compartment, on its lower surface, in lower part of cavity, located between front wall and condenser, there is a hole for air inlet, which serves for connection of compressor compartment with outer space.EFFECT: invention provides reduced power consumption.9 cl, 6 dwg

Device for bleeding stopping // 2603323
FIELD: medical equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to medical equipment, in particular to devices for bleeding stopping. Device comprises source of cold in form of container divided into two chambers with thin partition easily destructible at mechanical action, one of chambers is filled with water, second one contains salt with low cryohydric temperature of dissolution, and on the surface of container in contact with object of exposure, thin layer of elastic material is located. In chamber filled with water spherical elements equipped with pins on the outer surface are arranged in free state, on edges of container holding fixture is made in form of two strips of leather or fabric material, equipped with Hook&Loop clasp.EFFECT: use of invention increases efficiency of bleeding stopping.1 cl, 1 dwg

Refrigerator // 2602283
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: refrigerator with a touch panel comprises a semi-transparent outer panel, detector for determining the tank change located behind the outer panel, support element for holding a flexible substrate, which includes a detector and pressing element, which is located between the flexible substrate and support element for pressing the detector to the outer panel. Support element has a concave element or a hole, in which there is a light-emitting diode. Pressing element is in contact with the support element in its part and is separated from the support element in the section of the pressing element, which excludes the contact part.EFFECT: using this invention provides high accuracy of detection and ease of use.12 cl, 18 dwg