The elements being switches (F21V23/04)

Control interface module // 2616965
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: interface module is designed to receive a lighting module (100) and interface with holder (300) by at least one fixing element provided via a control interface module (200) into a holder (300). Holder (300) includes electrical connectors (308) to provide lighting module (100) with electrical energy and mechanical connectors (104, 104', 104 ) to fix a lighting module (100). Management interface module (200) has an inner surface (202) having at least one recess (204) corresponding to recess (304) located in holder (300). At least one recess (204) is designed to receive a corresponding projecting section (104) of lighting module (100). Control signal input interface (214) is designed to receive at least one conductor adapted to transmit the control signal from the control unit. The control signal input interface is configured to receive a control signal of connector (108) of lighting module (100) and provide a control signal to lighting module (100).EFFECT: changed lighting characteristics.9 cl, 3 dwg

End cap for tubular light source // 2608560
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting engineering. End cap (104) for a tubular light source (102) comprising: first housing portion (202), two connector pins (208) at least partly arranged outside of first housing portion (202) and adapted to fit in socket (108), and a switch assembly comprising a switch element, wherein switch assembly is adapted to form a conductive path between socket (108) and tubular light source (102) through a depression of switch element in combination with a relative rotational motion of first housing portion (202) in relation to tubular light source (102) as tubular light source (102) is mounted in fixture (106).EFFECT: high safety during installation by improving safety mechanism.13 cl, 10 dwg

Integral troffer motion detector // 2606384
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting engineering. Recessed detector includes sensor system (20) and at least one recessed luminaire (30), with housing (32). Sensor system housing (22) is externally connected with housing (32) and includes elongated adjustable element (50), protruding from it. First end (50a) of elongated adjustable element (50) is connected to housing (22). Second end (50b) of elongated adjustable element (50) includes one or more sensors (52) and is repositionable relative to housing (22) of sensor system, thereby providing, possibility of arrangement of said one or more sensors (52) in multiple positions at a distance from housing (22) of sensor system. Device also comprises detachable means (60) for protection of sensor.EFFECT: simplified assembly.20 cl, 13 dwg

Base for tubular light source // 2587982
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: base (104) is intended for installation in light unit (106), which comprises at least one cartridge (108). Base (104) includes housing (202), two contact pins (112), intended for installation in cartridge (108), and a switch unit. Switch unit comprises switching element (110) mounted between two contact pins (112) and at least partially protruding from hole of housing (202). First side of switching element (110) is designed for entry into slot of cartridge (108). Switch unit is configured to form a conductivity path between cartridge (108) and tubular light source (102) in axial rotation of switching element (110) relative to housing (202), while tubular light source (102) is installed with possibility of rotary assembly in unit (106).EFFECT: higher safety during installation.8 cl, 8 dwg

Lamp with tracking function and with camera // 2542568
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: lamp comprises a bottom housing, a printed-circuit board, a top housing, a bushing, a sensor cover and a camera. The bottom housing is fitted with a part with electric contacts on its bottom. The printed-circuit board is installed in the bottom housing and fitted with light-emitting elements and the infrared sensor. The top housing is installed on the top edge of the bottom housing and has a hole in its centre. The bushing is installed on the bottom housing and adjusted to the hole of the top housing. The sensor cover is installed on the bushing top. The camera is installed between the top and bottom housing and located near the infrared sensor. When the infrared radiation source enters the are of coverage of the infrared sensor, the camera turns on to receive images, and light-emitting elements are switched on for lighting.EFFECT: implementation of more efficient supervision over the malefactor at the hidden nature of a lamp is provided.3 cl, 5 dwg

Light assembly and lantern for lighting of road and/or street // 2536179
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting engineering. The light assembly (10) used for a lantern (1), in particular, for lighting of roads and/or streets has adjusted light distribution. The light assembly (10) contains at least two light (11, 12) sources or two groups of the light sources, at that each of the above light sources (11, 12) or each of the above groups has individual light distribution performance, at that aggregated light distribution for the light assembly (10) is adjusted by change in light output ratio for at least two above light sources (11, 12) or groups of light sources.EFFECT: simplifying adjustment of light distribution.10 cl, 9 dwg

Lamp // 2521865
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting engineering. A lamp (100) contains at least one light-generating element (2), a partially transparent lampshade (5) placed around the light-generating element (2) over the angle of at least 180, but 360 is more preferable, at least one liquid crystal screen (10) placed between the light-generating element and the lampshade, and a controller (20) to control the liquid crystal screen so that it has sections of mutually variable light transmission in the range of 0% and 100% so that an image is displayed. In the horizontal cross-section the liquid crystal display is continued in two dimensions with its concave side faced to the light-generating element. The liquid crystal screen should be flexible preferably so that it may be bended and shaped cylindrically around the light-generating element.EFFECT: change in light colour and intensity.13 cl, 8 dwg

Lighting system for inspection device // 2499185
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: lighting system for an inspection device having a metering device (30) is equipped with at least one sensor (31, 32, 33), comprising at least one source of light (310), having high capacity of emission, and placed in a body (15, 30), preventing exit of optical radiation from the source of light and a control device 17. The method to control the lighting system consists in the fact that the body (15) is controlled whether the body (15) is open, and if in process of body (15) control they establish the fact of its opening, making it possible for optical radiation exit from it, at least one source of light (310) is switched off with high capacity of radiation. At the same time simultaneously with it or later they switch on the lighting system (311), having the capacity of radiation, which is not dangerous for eyes of operators or maintenance personnel.EFFECT: protection of operator or maintenance personnel eyes.13 cl, 2 dwg

Vestibule illumination switch // 2327079
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to switches of the vestibule local illumination incorporating appliances intended for switching the light from various zones of an apartment. To this end, a switching unit is cut into the door box consisting of two push-button switches without self-return and one limit switch with N.C. contact. Buttons of switches and limit extend above the door surface. Output contacts of two switches and limit switch are connected to one of contacts of the lamp illuminating the vestibule, the second contact of the lamp is connected to a loaded phase of the circuit, the input contact of the limit switch is constantly connected to a zero phase of the circuit, and the input contacts of push-button switches are connected to a zero phase of the circuit through a consecutive circuit of the dual three-position toggle-switches. End contacts of toggle-switches are connected inside of each toggle-switch cross-wise, two centre contact of each subsequent, closer to the switches unit of the toggle-switch, are in pairs connected to two end contacts of the previous toggle-switch nearest to them. The zero phase of the circuit is connected to one of centre contacts of the toggle-switch located far from the switches unit, and the input contacts of two push-button switches are in pairs connected to two end contacts of the toggle-switch nearest to them. At full closing of the door, the edge of a door simultaneously presses buttons of two push-button switches and limit switch so, that to switch over both of the push-button switches and opens the N.O. contact of the limit switch.EFFECT: creation of the switch of the vestibule illumination with control over the travel of an entrance door.2 closed, 1 dwg

Structure of a lamp for lighting of the working zone of a kitchen // 2276306
FIELD: the invention refers to constructions of lamps for local lighting of the desk of the working zone of a kitchen.SUBSTANCE: under the bottoms of the upper line of kitchen cases hanging over the desk of the working zone a gas-discharge lamp provided with a push-button control is horizontally fixed. The pin of the push-button control passes through the middle of the lateral wall of the lamp armature and advances out of it in the direction of the kitchen's room. From the side of the kitchen the gas-discharge lamp is covered with elastic, wood, horizontal wood planks which freely hang on the pins introduced in their face plates and direct light downwards on the desk of the kitchen's table. Switching on/switching off of the lamp is fulfilled by momentary pressing any section of the plank locating at the level of the pin of the switch.EFFECT: simplification of the construction of the arrangement.2 cl, 2 dwg