Refractors for light sources (F21V5)

Lighting device with circular distribution of light // 2639980
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: device (2) comprises a light source (210) having a main direct radiation direction (20) and a bulb (220) in which a light source (210) is located. Bulb (220) contains the upper land (225) scattering properties, and is placed to reflect light from a source (210) light and the main direct (20) radiation and to miss part of the light from a source (210) light.EFFECT: distribution of the light intensity of the lighting device is more uniform, since the intensity of light in the opposite and lateral directions increases, while the light in the main forward direction of the radiation also passes.10 cl, 22 dwg

Fabric with organosilicone base of optics // 2638985
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: method includes the steps of: feeding the organosilicone material and the fibrous material; wetting the fibrous material with the organosilicone material; hardening of the organosilicone material so that the fibrous material is partially immersed in the organosilicone material; feeding a textile-based element; and fixing the organosilicone-based element to the textile-based element with a binder, and the mentioned fibers in the fibrous material strengthens the bond between the organosilicone-based element and the textile-based element. In addition, a product made in such a way is offered.EFFECT: invention allows to create a product particularly suitable for application on the leather due to the high biocompatibility of the organosilicone compound, in particular polydimethylsiloxane.13 cl, 7 dwg

Lighting design // 2637513
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: lighting structure (1, 1') comprises a light source (2) for generating light, a scattering element (3) configured to scatter the generated light in a scattering plane (S) determined by the optical axis (Ao) of the light source (2) and the longitudinal axis (L) of the scattering element (3) to provide a substantially uniform amount of light per area unit on the radiation surface (41, 51) orthogonal to the scattering plane (S) and parallel to the longitudinal axis (L) of the scattering element (3). The scattering element (3) comprises two distinguishable projections (30) aligned along the longitudinal axis of the scattering element (3), so that the light source (2) is accommodated by the scattering element (3) substantially symmetrically between these two projections (30). A light-redirecting element (4) comprises a longitudinal flat radiation surface (41, 51) and is arranged to collect the light scattered sidewise in the scattering plane (S) and to radiate the collected light substantially uniformly above the radiation surface (41, 51). The light-redirecting element (4) is configured to refract the light into the radiation plane (E), which contains the continuation of the scattering plane (S). The light-redirecting element (4) comprises a plurality of distinguishable sideways refraction zones (40, 40", 40") to collect the sideways-scattered light.EFFECT: improved lighting efficiency and simplified design.6 cl, 11 dwg

Illuminator with led and improved reflective collimator // 2636754
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: reflective collimator comprises a plurality of reflective segments, which are spaced apart from each other by air gaps suitable for dissipating the heated air. The segments are configured to reflect the emitted light generated by a light source laterally in a direction substantially parallel to the mentioned main direction.EFFECT: increased heat output generated by LEDs and compact design.15 cl, 6 dwg

Flat lighting device // 2635406
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a flat lighting device (1), comprising of a carrier (2) which includes a heat-conducting layer (7), at least one solid-state light source (3), located on the front side of the carrier (2), and an electroinsulating cover member (5a, 5b), which is in heat contact with said front side and the rear side, which is opposite to said front side. The cover member (5a, 5b) is adapted to transfer heat from said carrier (2) from the lighting device. The cover member (5a, 5b) comprises of an optical structure (4) disposed on the carrier in front of at least one light source (3) and configured to direct light, emitted from at least one solid-state light source (3).EFFECT: increased efficiency of control of thermal processes.22 cl, 3 tbl, 17 dwg

Remote formation of light beam // 2624454
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: lighting system (100) comprises a light emitting unit (101) configured to emit a light field (103) with a predetermined uniformity of directivity and an optical element (102) configured to receive a portion of the light field (103) emitted by the light emitting unit (101), and configured to output the modified light field (104) based on the light field (103). The optical element (102) is set separately with respect to the light emitting unit (101) and is configured to change the light field (103) introduced into the optical element (102) such that the light field (104) output from the optical element (102) has a changed uniformity of directivity with respect to the light field (103) emitted by the light-emitting unit (101). In addition, the optical element (102) is disclosed, and configured to be included into the lighting system (100).EFFECT: creating of a light field with a possibility of changing of its direction uniformity.15 cl, 4 dwg

Directly visible lighting device based on led (light emitting diode) with homogeneous external lightning // 2621718
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: LED lighting device (10) comprises a housing with an opening (20) for the light output, a reflecting inner surface (23,25,27,29), a coating diffusing lens (30) at the opening (20) for the light output and a plurality of optical elements (50) configured to redirect light output from the plurality of LEDs (40) arranged in the LED lighting device (10). LEDs (40) are arranged in two rows parallel to each other, wherein the first row LEDs (40) are offset relative to the second row LEDs in a direction along the said first and second longitudinally extending rows.EFFECT: formation of uniform brightness and colour of light.20 cl, 8 dwg

Traffic light // 2619678
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: traffic light optical system comprises a Fresnel lens (13) with Fresnel structures (15) on the inner light input surface. The outer light output surface (16) is made such that each tangent (17) to the outer light output surface (16) forms an angle ≥105° with respect to the optical axis (14) of the optical system.EFFECT: suppression of the phantom effect.2 cl, 5 dwg

Light redirection device // 2617410
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: device comprises at least one transparent element (10) having a substantially flat upper surface (11) in the xy plane and a substantially planar bottom surface (14), and said upper (11) and lower (14 ) surfaces are angled α relative to each other about the x axis, and light reflector (20) for each transparent element (10) having a flat surface. The said planar surface of said light reflector (20) is substantially parallel to said lower surface (14) of said transparent element (10) and adjacent thereto. Wherein the said reflecting surface is remote at a distance (12) from the said transparent element via a transparent medium having a lower refractive index than transparent element (10) so that light (31) incident on the device is refracted by each interface between materials and reflected by refleting element (20). The method includes the stage of placing said device (1) substantially perpendicular to direct sunlight (31) in the afternoon. One of its side surfaces is adjacent to wall or window (40) of the building.EFFECT: energy saving.15 cl, 6 dwg

Vehicle lighting unit // 2613197
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting devices, which are used as vehicle headlights. Lighting unit for vehicle having horizontal axis passing in lengthwise direction through vehicle center, which comprises housing and first and second rows of light sources. Housing is made from transparent material, which has light-emitting surface located between opposite housing first and second sides, as well as rear side opposite to light-emitting surface. Housing comprises first and second rows of internal reflecting surfaces. First sections of internal reflecting surfaces are parabolic and have focal points, and second sections of inner surfaces are made flat. First row of internal reflection surfaces is located along housing first side and has facing inwards second sections of reflecting surfaces, and second row of internal reflection surfaces is located along housing second side and has facing inwards second sections of reflecting surfaces. Light source is located in each inner reflecting surface focal point.EFFECT: enabling possibility to provide light beam required intensity and direction.9 cl, 10 dwg

Light projector and vision system for distance determination // 2608690
FIELD: optics.SUBSTANCE: light projector comprises a structure of multilayer optical elements forming a set, comprising a group of at least one optical element, which provides a plurality of light patterns, and an array of microlenses. Array of microlens receives a plurality of different light patterns and focuses each light pattern of plurality of different light patterns at different corresponding focal distances. Light patterns are spatially repeating segments of patterns, which have different pitches for each light pattern. Relationship between pitch of array of microlenses and pitch of corresponding light pattern determines corresponding focal distance.EFFECT: device provides higher functionality, simplified design.16 cl, 17 dwg

Local lighting device // 2608541
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting engineering. Device (14, 22) includes tubular reflector, having reflecting inner surface (16), which contains first section (15a), having input aperture (17a) and output aperture (17b), larger than said input aperture, and second section (15b) having input aperture (18a) and output aperture (18b), substantially, identical in size, second section (15b) input aperture (18a) is located next to said first section (15a) output aperture (17b); light sources array (1), containing plurality of light sources (2), arranged to emit light into said tubular reflector first section (15a) through said first section (15a) input aperture (17a). Optical focusing element (21) is located between first section (15a) output aperture (17b) and output aperture (18b) of said tubular reflector second section. Said first and second sections, light sources array and optical focusing element are arranged with possibility to form uniformly mixed colors collimated light beam, output through second section (15b) output aperture (18b). Optical axis (19) extends from light sources array (1) to second section (15b) output aperture (18b), wherein first section (15a) has convex shape, visible from optical axis (19).EFFECT: technical result is enabling possibility of colour mixing in wide operating range, including implementation of out of focus scaling parameters setting, frequently used to produce spots with soft edges.13 cl, 6 dwg

Lighting element, lighting system and luminaire providing skylight appearance // 2606969
FIELD: lighting engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting engineering. Lighting element (100,200,300,402,514,610,708) is intended for obtaining a skylight appearance and comprises light transmitting channel (711) having wall (702) which reflects light in a predetermined spectral range, for producing blue light, means (104,308,404,506,706) of emitting white light, which is located in light transmitting channel (711), and Fresnel lens (102, 502, 552) configured to receive light from (104,200,300,402,514,610,708) white light radiation means. Combination of means (104,308,404,506,706) of emitting white light and light-transmitting channel (711) is capable of producing a partially collimated beam of white light and scattered blue light to Fresnel lens (102,502,552).EFFECT: technical result is wider range of equipment.11 cl, 9 dwg

Illumination device, luminaire and lighting system // 2606946
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting engineering. Illumination device comprises housing (5) with plurality of compartments (3), each compartment comprising respective light emission window (15), light source (11), and stack of crossed prismatic sheets (10). Light issued by light source (11)during operation propagates through prismatic sheets and subsequently through light emission window. Orientation of stack of sheets (10) is different for each compartment, thus causing each compartment to issue a different beam of light. Light source (10) of each compartment is separately switchable, thus enabling easy setting of type of beam issued form illumination device. Optionally diffuser (17, 23) is provided at one side or at both sides of stack of prismatic sheets.EFFECT: high contrast, brightness and uniformity of illumination.14 cl, 10 dwg

Device for emitting light beam and head light of, in particular vehicle, comprising said device // 2597206
FIELD: lighting engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting engineering and can be used in the device for emitting light beam, namely in the vehicle headlight, containing lens (1) and means for performing boundary line of the beam. Lens (1) contains one part (4), called optical one, for passing beam through, and one hinge part (5), rotates around hinge axis (3). Hinge (5) and optical parts (4) are made as a single part.EFFECT: technical result is adjustment of boundary line in a given, in particular, vertical direction depending on lens (1) angular position around hinge axis (3).20 cl, 5 dwg

odular assembly based on led // 2589033
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting system comprising: LED board to support LEDs; and optical board on LED board; wherein optical board is made of optical modules located next to each other according to predetermined orientations in relation to each other, each optical module has at least one optical element configured to be directed to, at least, one of above LEDs and change parameter of light emitted by said at least one LED, wherein illumination system is equipped with mechanical elements protection against improper handling to prevent placement of optical modules according to orientations in relation to each other, which is different from specified predefined orientations.EFFECT: described is lighting system containing LED board and optical board on LED board.14 cl, 20 dwg

Light-emitting diode electric lamp with light-diffusing optical structure // 2585251
FIELD: lighting engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting engineering. Light-emitting diode electric lamp (10, 110, 210) comprises translucent envelope (18, 118, 218), surrounding diffusing optical structure (50, 150, 250), multiple light-emitting diodes (30a-d, 230), light flux of which is directed to diffusing optical structure (50, 150, 250), which crosses and diffuses light flux, and multiple narrow-beam optical components (32a-d, 132a-d, 232). Each of narrow-beam optical components (32a-d, 132a-d, 232) adjoins corresponding light-emitting diode for focusing and direction of light flux from light-emitting diode to diffusing optical structure. Design (40, 140, 240a, 240b) of mounting supports diffusing optical structure and shifts diffusing optical structure of light-emitting diodes.EFFECT: improved characteristics of light distribution, possibility to controlling thermal conditions and high output power.15 cl, 4 dwg

Optical device, lighting device and system for lighting crown cover of plants // 2575016
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting engineering. The first rational quadratic Bezier curve and the second quadratic Bezier curve are selected independently from each other and are placed so that optical device is asymmetric in regard to its central axis of rotation. Upon reflection in the first plane the received light is reflected in direction to the central axis and upon reflection in the second plane the received light is reflected in direction from the central axis thus ensuring asymmetric vertical distribution of intensity at output from the optical device so that in the preset area lighted under angle vertical and horizontal distribution of illumination is provided.EFFECT: increased efficiency of crown cover of plants, which is attained due to the optical device (100) having the light input area (109) for receipt of light from the light source, the first surface (120) described by the first rational quadratic Bezier curve and the second surface (110) described by the second rational quadratic Bezier curve.21 cl, 8 dwg

Lens, led backlight module and display device // 2566529
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: lens comprises the lower surface; the surface of light incidence to receive light from a light source; the first convex surface used as the first surface of the light output; the first circular inclined surface used as the second surface of the light output; the second convex surface used as the third surface of the light output. The first, second and third surfaces of the light output are connected in series in the top to bottom and inside-out direction. The second and third surfaces of the light output are tangent and form the first step. The surface of light incidence is represented by an inner concave surface, which tangents of generatrix lines cross its line of rotation and form the first adjacent angles. The first surface of light output is the convex surface with a central dip, which tangents of generatrix lines cross its line of rotation and form the second adjacent angles. The second surface of light output crosses the lower surface and forms the third adjacent output angle.EFFECT: increasing uniformity of the beam at the output from the lens.11 cl, 6 dwg

Lighting fixture // 2562959
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting engineering. The technical result is obtained due to the fact that in a lighting fixture (1) comprised of a cover (2) having at least one side wall part (3) and a lower wall part (5), a light source (7) in the cover (2) and an optically transparent sheet (10), the above optically transparent sheet (10) is curved and has a multitude of elongated prismatic structures with straight top angles (16) at its concave surface. The above surface is faced towards the side opposite to the light source (7).EFFECT: reduced flow of directed glare light.10 cl, 6 dwg

Optical element // 2561191
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: optical element in the form of an optically transparent solid body, having a cup shape which expands from the bottom upwards, having side walls, a lower base for inputting light beams from a radiation source, as well as an upper base having a ring shape in the cross-sectional plane, wherein the outer surface of the side walls is a surface which provides total internal reflection for incident light beams; according to the invention the inner surface of the side walls of the optical element is a surface which provides total internal reflection for incident light beams, wherein the shape of the side walls in the longitudinal section and thickness thereof are selected based on the condition of providing reflection of light beams incident on the outer and inner surface thereof, said beams being input into the optical element from the radiation source and reflected by said surfaces at an angle corresponding to the critical angle.EFFECT: obtaining different beam patterns of optical radiation.5 dwg

Built-in lighting unit // 2553271
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting engineering. The built-in lighting unit (1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E) comprises optical arrangement (2, 3), the first light source (S1) to generate the first light beam (L1), the first collimator (C1) to guide the first light beam (L1) to the optical arrangement (2, 3); the second light source (S2) to generate the second light beam (L2), the second collimator (C2) to guide the second light beam (L2) to the optical arrangement (2, 3); at that the optical arrangement is realised so that it may manipulate the first and second light beams (L1, L2) generating the first outgoing light beam (BLO) and the second outgoing light beam (BHI) so that the first outgoing light beam (BLO) and the second outgoing light beam (BHI) are joined partially in overlay area (44) in projection plane (4) placed at a preset distance from the built-in lighting unit (1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E). The invention also describes an automobile head lamp unit (12) that contains the built-in lighting unit (1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E).EFFECT: increased lighting efficiency of low-beam and high-beam light and increased safety for a driver.13 cl, 10 dwg

Oriented lens for light-emitting-diode (led) device // 2553267
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting engineering. Installation surface for installation of multiple LEDs has multiple oriented lenses each individually secured about single LED. Each oriented lens has initial deflector and refracting lens that orients the emitted light from single LED towards the reflecting surface of the oriented lens that reflect light from axis of the light output of the initial LED.EFFECT: different pictures of light distribution.12 cl, 13 dwg

Image projecting light-emitting system // 2524403
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to illumination engineering and is intended to form controlled image (10) of illuminated spots (11a-11b) on remote plane (3) of the projected image. Light-emitting system (1) includes a variety of individually controlled light-emitting devices (6a-6c) made in matrix (5) of light-emitting devices with pitch (PLS) of light-emitting devices, and optic system (7) arranged between matrix (5) of light-emitting devices and plane (3) of the projected image. Optic system (7) has the possibility of projecting the light emitted by matrix (5) of light-emitting devices onto plane (3) of the projected image in the form of projected matrix of illuminated spots (11a-11c) having pitch (Pspot) of the projected image, which exceeds pitch (PLS) of light-emitting devices.EFFECT: improving luminous efficiency and compactness.12 cl, 7 dwg

Led-based light source for light fixtures of sanitary grade // 2518181
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting engineering. The light source consists of a printed circuit board dissipating heat, a LED array pack, a beam splitter and reflector. The LED array pack is fixed to the printed circuit board and covered by the beam splitter which, in its turn, is pressed to the reflector and positioned with it. The central light beams from the LED array pack are collimated by the beam splitter for the purpose of projection outside. Side light beams are refracted in the direction by the beam splitter, intercepted by the reflector and redirected to the target area of lighting together with the central beams.EFFECT: low power consumption and simplification of manufacture.11 cl, 6 dwg

Controlled lighting devices // 2514938
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of lighting equipment. Technical result is improvement of lighting efficiency for portable lighting devices. The claimed lighting device has a scrolling function that provides lighting of the observed area at which the user is concentrated at present and the lighted area is scrolled forward and backward during reading. The lighting device contains two varieties of light-emitting units, an illuminating substrate, a controller and a selector. The selector controls one variety of the light-emitting units which illuminate a part of the illuminating substrate capable to deflect light to a part of the observed surface.EFFECT: selector is intended to select an operating mode for the lighting device in manual control mode and preset scrolling mode.10 cl, 6 dwg

Projector with lens light flux former // 2510477
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: projector with a lens light flux former comprises a reflector, a light source situated at the focal point of the reflector, a lens holder, a composite lens consisting of parts, one of which is a segment of a convergent lens and the other is a segment of a divergent lens, the match line of said segments enabling to obtain light flux of a given shape.EFFECT: high efficiency of using light flux from a light source.7 dwg

Backlight device, display device and television receiver // 2503882
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: backlight unit (49) of a display device (69), having a liquid crystal display panel (59), equipped with a base (41), a diffusing plate (43) mounted on the base, and a light source which illuminates the diffusing plate with light. The light source has a plurality of light-emitting modules (MJ) which include a light-emitting diode (22) which serves as a light-emitting element, and a divergent lens (24) covering the light-emitting diode. The light-emitting modules are placed on a grid on the base supporting the diffusing plate. Carrier pins (26) for mounting the diffusing plate are located on points on the base. The carrier pins are placed on sections of lines linking neighbouring pairs of light-emitting modules.EFFECT: eliminating non-uniformity of luminance.10 cl, 14 dwg

Backlight device, display device and television receiver // 2503881
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: backlight unit (49) of a display device (69), having a liquid crystal display panel (59), has a base (41), a diffusing plate (43) which is supported by the base, and a point light source for irradiating the diffusing plate with light. The point light source has a light-emitting diode (22) mounted on a mounting substrate (21). A plurality of light-emitting diodes covered by divergent lenses (24) are provided. Optical axes (OA) of the divergent lenses are inclined relative the diffusing plate, and the divergent lenses, having different inclinations of optical axes, are placed randomly on the base. The divergent lenses, having optical axes that are inclined in opposite directions, are paired and the pairs are arranged in a matrix.EFFECT: reduced non-uniformity of luminance and hue.25 cl, 12 dwg

Lighting device, display device and television set // 2502916
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: lighting device 12 comprises multiple point sources 17 of light and a base 14, where point sources of light 17 are placed, which are classified into two or more colour ranges A, B and C, in accordance with light colours. Each colour range is defined by means of a square, each side of which has length equal to 0.01 in the colour schedule of light space of the International Lighting Commission 1931.EFFECT: reproduction of light of practically even light.26 cl, 15 dwg

Backlighting device, display device and tv set // 2499183
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: backlighting unit (49) for a display device (69) equipped with a liquid crystal display panel (59) comprises a base (41), a diffusing plate (43), supported by means of the base, and point sources of light, supported by means of mounting substrates (21), provided on the base. Point sources of light contain modules of light emission (MJ). Mounting substrates are arranged in the rectangular area (41a) suitable for location of mounting substrates in it and arranged on the base. Gaps at the borders between mounting substrates do not stretch in any direction along long sides and/or in direction along short sides of the rectangular area, in order to provide for the possibility to see the rectangular area from the edge to the edge.EFFECT: achievement of homogeneity of reflection ratio.16 cl

Unit of light sources, illumination device, display device and television receiver // 2491476
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: light-source unit includes a light-emitting diode 17 serving as a light source, diffuser lens 19, reflective sheet 23 of the board and a limiter 27. The diffuser lens 19 is faced towards emitting surface 17a of light emitted by the light-emitting diode 17. The reflective sheet 23 of the board is placed so that it is faced towards surface of the diffuser lens 19 which is located closer to the light-emitting diode 17 and configured for the purpose of light reflection. The limiter 27 protrudes from the diffuser lens 19 in direction of reflective sheet 23 of the board and it limits mutual alignment between the diffuser lens 19 and reflective sheet 23 of the board.EFFECT: removing irregularity of the light emitted from the diffuser lens.32 cl, 29 dwg

Device of vehicle light signaling with permanent light sources // 2481206
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicle lighting equipment mounted outside and composed of multicellular head or tail lights. Proposed light source comprises case, diffuser and optical system. The latter comprises, at least, one unified optical module and optional built-in cell with appropriate cat's eye. Unified optical module allows the functions of single or combined light and is built around one-piece high-power LED with reflecting secondary optics composed of aspheric lens. Outer light-emitting surface of aspheric lens is composed of a set of 2nd-order surfaces with linear sizes commensurable with linear sizes of optical module.EFFECT: expanded operating performances.8 cl, 2 dwg

Compact optical system and lenses for producing uniform collimated light // 2475672
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: optical system includes a cylindrical side emitter lens, a reflector and a cylindrical Fresnel lens. The cylindrical side emitter lens redirects light from a light source, such as multiple light-emitting diodes arranged in a row, into side emitted light along an optical axis which is parallel with the exit plane. The reflector may be a stepped multi-focal length reflector which includes multiple reflector surfaces with different focal lengths based on the distance from the surfaces to the light source and height to redirect light from the cylindrical side emitter lens to illuminate the exit plane and collimate the light along one axis in the forward direction. The cylindrical Fresnel lens is used to collimate the light along an orthogonal axis in the forward direction.EFFECT: formation of a uniformly illuminated exit plane with well collimated light in the forward direction.15 cl, 5 dwg

Input/output lens, illumination device and electronic device // 2473933
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: input/output lens is meant for input/output of a first light, having a first wavelength, from a first light source together with a second light, having a second wavelength, from a second light source lying next to the first light source. The lens has a first surface facing the first and second light sources. The first surface has a first and a second region, the first region having a first region curvature and the second region having a second region curvature. The second surface lies on the opposite side of the first surface and a second surface curvature. The position of the centre of curvature of the first region is different from that of the centre of curvature of the second region. The centre of curvature of the second surface and the centre of curvature of the first region lie on the optical axis of the first or second light source.EFFECT: high efficiency of utilising light and high quality of wave front of the light flux.20 cl, 26 dwg

Lighting device // 2470221
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of lighting equipment. A lighting device (1) comprises an extended flat base (2), large number of semiconductor sources (3) of light, arranged on a flat base in a longitudinal direction of the flat base, and a lens plate (4), arranged in front of semiconductor sources of light. The lens plate comprises a lens surface of light falling facing semiconductor sources of light and a lens surface of light radiation, the first lens section (5), formed on one of lens surfaces of light falling or light radiation and distributing light, radiated by semiconductor sources of light in a longitudinal direction, the second lens section (9), formed on the other one of lens surfaces of light falling or light reflection for distributing light radiated with semiconductor sources of light, in direction of width. The first lens section has a unit with a curvilinear surface comprising two or more curvilinear surfaces of a convex section, having different radii of curvature and formed adjacently with each other in a longitudinal direction. Each curvilinear surface of the convex section is arranged inside an area, which corresponds to width of each semiconductor source of light in longitudinal direction.EFFECT: increased evenness of lighting and simplified design.6 cl, 15 dwg

Light beam former // 2456503
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device has a lens, having an axis, an input dioptre and an output dioptre. The output dioptre has a first collecting section, a second collecting section and a scattering section which connects said first and second collecting sections. The output dioptre has an axially symmetric continuous surface around the axis of rotation which is perpendicular to said axis.EFFECT: high uniformity of illumination.19 cl, 10 dwg

ethod for forming light flux and illumination device // 2442073
FIELD: lighting technology.SUBSTANCE: according to the method, an elongated light guide is used, which has in at least one axial section a base and two lateral sides tapering from the base to the top, furthermore, the base of each axial section is positioned on the end face of the light guide. The light flux is sent from at least one directional light source to the end face of the light guide, and the angle between the light flux going from the source and the light guide's elongation is taken from such a range where the light flux undergoes a total internal reflection from the tapering sides at least once in at least one axial section of the light guide, and the light flux must come out of one of the tapering sides after at least one total internal reflection.EFFECT: transforming light fluxes into one or many light fluxes of greater cross section; more even brightness; high efficiency light input-output.20 cl, 11 dwg

Floodlight with fringe micro relief for observation system // 2431774
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: observation system comprises floodlight with material arranged ahead of light emitting system and provided with fringe micro relief to diverge light beam in horizontal plane, said divergence exceeding two times that of source light beam inside light emitting system. Note here that said material does not in fact affect light beam divergence in vertical plane.EFFECT: increased floodlight range, higher efficiency.33 cl, 18 dwg

Light-emitting device and illumination apparatus having said device // 2427754
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: light-emitting device (10) has a light-emitting element (1) and an element (2) for controlling light emitted by the light-emitting element (1). The light flux control element (2) has (i) a light-receiving surface (2a) on which light emitted by the light-emitting element (1) falls, and (ii) a light-emitting surface (2b).EFFECT: high uniformity of light intensity, low reflection coefficient due to Fresnel reflection, improved scattering characteristics.13 cl, 21 dwg

Optical device for light-emitting diode light sources // 2427012
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: optical device has at least a first separate part (10) in form of a solid waveguide and an additional separate part (10") for connecting with the light-emitting diode (LED) light source. The first separate optical part (10) narrows in the direction z in a Cartesian coordinate system from the x-y plane, has longitudinal length in the direction y which is less than or equal to its longitudinal length in the directions z and x, and has first and second flat outer surfaces (14), lying oppositely in the x-z plane, third and fourth outer surfaces (16, 20) essentially lying opposite in the x-y plane, and fifth and sixth oppositely lying outer surfaces (7), arched and rounded relative the y-z plane. The third outer surface (16) has a rectangular shape. The fifth and sixth outer surfaces (7) are arched such that the fourth outer surface has size in the direction x less than the size of the third outer surface. The third (16), fifth and sixth (7) outer surfaces are primary surfaces for light output, and the light source (6) is entirely placed in the optical device opposite the light output surface (3, 23).EFFECT: emission of focused light, having a given intensity distribution curve.9 cl, 4 dwg

Dental illuminator // 2403494
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: illuminator has a housing in which there is a base in whose socket of which parabolic-shaped reflectors are screwed in. Powerful light-emitting diodes are fitted at the focus of the reflectors. The housing is closed by a transparent cover made from polycarbonate. There are light filters between the base and the cover. The light-emitting diodes are placed on the base symmetrically about the axis of the illuminator. Light-emitting diodes placed nearby have different spatial orientation based on the condition for obtaining a uniformly illuminated elliptical light spot, and the light-emitting diodes lying opposite each other have a reflection symmetric spatial orientation. There is a switch on the housing. The housing of the illuminator is joined to a suspension on which a unit for controlling brightness of the illuminator is mounted.EFFECT: provision for a light spot which meets ISO 9680 requirements with simplification of the design and miniaturisation.2 cl, 4 dwg

Illumination device // 2398996
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: illumination device has at least one light source and at least one diffuser. The diffuser consists of at least one scattering polymer element in whose transparent polymer mass there are transparent scattering bodies. The diffuser covers at least one or more light sources and is made in form an external housing component of the illumination device. The scattering bodies have a narrow Gaussian multimodal distribution.EFFECT: simple design, fewer light sources required, more uniform illumination.14 cl, 5 dwg

Searchlight // 2302585
FIELD: lighting engineering.SUBSTANCE: searchlight comprises Fresnel lens, reflector, lamp, and at least one additional Fresnel lens. The additional Fresnel lens is made of a lens with negative focus distance and, hence, is a dispersing lens having virtual focus point. The distance (a) between the Fresnel lens and reflector can be changed in correlation with the distance (b) between the lamp and reflector on the basis of the aperture angle determined for the light beam. The virtual focusing point of the dispersing lens is positioned out of the unit of the Fresnel lens, and it can be in coincidence with the focusing point of the reflector that is located far from the reflector. The Fresnel lens is made of a double-concave dispersing lens and has double lens with chromatically corrected characteristics of imaginary. The searchlight has Fresnel lens with integrated diffusion round window that is positioned at the Fresnel lens center and defines the system for mixing light which changes the ratio of the scattered light to the reflected light. The distance (b) can be controlled by moving the lamp with respect to the top of the reflector. The reflector is made of metallic or transparent dielectric material, preferably glass or/and plastic, and represents an ellipsoidal reflector. The Fresnel lens is coated with the dielectric interference layers that change the light spectrum passing through them. The auxiliary reflector is interposed between the Fresnel lens and reflector.EFFECT: reduced sizes and efficiency.20 cl, 8 dwg

Fresnel-lens searchlight // 2300048
FIELD: optics.SUBSTANCE: proposed Fresnel-lens searchlight whose light beam is radiated at adjustable aperture angle has reflector, lamp, and at least one Fresnel lens. The latter is essentially negative focal length lens and, hence, it is negative lens with virtual focal point. Searchlight is designed for superposing focal point distant from reflector onto virtual focal point of Fresnel lens. Mentioned point of reflector is superposed on virtual focal point of Fresnel lens in searchlight position forming quasi-parallel path of beam. It is concave-concave negative lens incorporating duplex lens with chromatically corrected display characteristics. Searchlight Fresnel lens has circular integrated dissipating glass disposed at center of Fresnel lens thereby forming light mixing system that varies some fraction of dissipated light relative to fraction of diametrically and optically reflected light, that is, light mixing is function of Fresnel-lens searchlight position. Searchlight ellipsoidal reflector is made of metal or transparent, preferably dielectric, material in the form of glass and/or plastic. Fresnel lens is covered with a number of dielectric interference layers which function to vary spectrum of light passed through lens. Auxiliary reflector is disposed between Fresnel lens and main reflector.EFFECT: reduced space requirement and mass compared with prior-art searchlights of this type.19 cl, 6 dwg

icro-lens array, based on effect of full internal reflection, for wide-angle lighting systems // 2297020
FIELD: optics.SUBSTANCE: micro-lens array includes micro-lens array of Fresnel lenses, provided with grooves, divided on reflecting and deflecting parts. Reflecting surface is engineering so that angle of light fall onto it exceeds angle of full inner reflection, and limit angle is computed from formula , and functional dependence between input and output beams and micro-lens parameters is described by formula , where α - input angle; β - output angle; γ - angle of inclination of reflecting surface; δ - maximal falling angle of light; ε - angle of inclination of deflecting surface; n1 - air deflection coefficient; n2 - lens material deflection coefficient. Output beam is formed in such a way, that central groove forms wide-angle zone, and next grooves from center to edge form a zone from edge to center.EFFECT: increased beam divergence angle after micro-structured optics up to 170-180° (depending on source used) with efficiency of 80-90% and with fully controlled shape of output beam.14 dwg

Illuminating device // 2295667
FIELD: illumination.SUBSTANCE: device comprises light source and light scattering screen made of a colored plastic. The light source is composed of one or several light-emitting diodes. The screen transmits at least 35% and reflects 15% when the wavelength of radiation emitted by the diode reaches a maximum.EFFECT: reduced sizes and power consumption.17 cl, 2 dwg

Searchlight with frenel's lens // 2293910
FIELD: the invention refers to searchlights.SUBSTANCE: the searchlight with Frenel's lens with a regulated angle of aperture of coming out beam of light has preferably an elliptical reflector, a lamp and at least one Frenel's lens. The Frenel's lens has a diffuser, at that the diffuser is fulfilled of round form and is located only in the center of the Frenel's lens or the diffuser is fulfilled with changing degree of dispersion in such a way, that more powerfully dispersed fields are located in the middle of the diffuser and fields dispersed in a less degree are located along its edge. The Frenel's lens with the diffuser form a system of light displacement which changes the share of dispersed light in relation to the share of geometrically and optically projected light and thus changes correlation of light displacement as a function of installing a searchlight with Frenel's lens and also has a real point of focusing of a reflector removed from the reflector. The Frenel's lens is a flat-convex lens with chromatic corrected properties of projection. The covering of the Frenel's lens has a system of dielectric interference layers that changes the spectrum of light passing through it. An auxiliary reflector is installed between the Frenel's lens and the reflector.EFFECT: provides high degree of effectiveness of obtaining of even coming out of light.17 cl, 5 dwg

Searchlight with fresnel lens // 2293250
FIELD: light engineering.SUBSTANCE: searchlight comprises Fresnel lens with controlled aperture of output beam, elliptical reflector, lamp, and at least one Fresnel lens. The distance between the Fresnel lens and reflector can be changed depending on the distance between the lamp and reflector according to the controlled angle of the aperture of the searchlight beam. The Fresnel lens has circular diffusion screen mounted at the center of the lens. The Fresnel lens and the screen define a system for shifting light, which allows the fraction of the diffused light to be changed, and the Fresnel lens has real point of focusing that can be set in coincidence with the focusing point of the reflector. The reflector focusing point is located far from the reflector. The Fresnel lens represents a flat-convex collecting lens and has double lens with chromatic-corrected projection properties. The coating of the Fresnel lens has a system of dielectric interference layer that changes the spectrum of the light passing through it. The auxiliary reflector is interposed between the Fresnel lens and reflector.EFFECT: enhanced efficiency.19 cl, 6 dwg

Svetorasseivateley for lighting device // 2204081
The invention relates to a light-diffusing means, intended for use in traffic lights, which is projected (almost parallel) light beam on unpainted or painted (red, yellow, green) surface with elementary light diffusing elements to scatter light within the boundaries of certain specified limits