Electric lighting devices with self-contained electric batteries or cells (F21L4)

Portable lamp // 2609568
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting engineering and can be used for production of portable lamps. Lamp comprises a housing and a gripping handle, arranged on housing of lamp. In housing of lamp there are light outlet holes, each corresponding to at least one light source, and a system of lenses for focusing light, located inside housing. System of lenses has two lenses, corresponding to each of holes for outlet of light, wherein said lenses are arranged on holder, at different distances relative to corresponding light source. Corresponding light source is at least one light-emitting diode.EFFECT: technical result is facilitating sight and working lighting.13 cl, 2 dwg

Portable electric lighting lamp with improved attachment // 2594003
FIELD: lighting. SUBSTANCE: lamp comprises lighting module (10) installed on front housing (12), device (20) for power supply connected to lighting module, rear pressing part (26) and means for attachment (30, 40). Latter comprises flexible connection (40) attached to rear pressing part (26) and having means (52) of clamping and means (36) for sliding movement of front housing and rear pressing part to each other. Means (52) of clamping fixing device arranged on rear clamping part (26), and means (36; 336) of sliding provides sliding of flexible joint after pressing device (52) of clamping to move front housing (12) and rear pressing part (26) to each other. Flexible connection can be formed by cord, cord-string or flexible wire. EFFECT: broader functional capabilities. 9 cl, 7 dwg

anual electric lamp with device to prevent rolling thereof from surface // 2591053
FIELD: lighting engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting engineering, namely, to a cylindrical hand electric lantern (CHEL) and a circular element detachably connected with it. Technical result is achieved due to the fact that a ring element is installed so as to ensure a tight fit between the CHEL body and its end cover or between the CHEL body and its light head. CHEL is provided with a circular element with radially protruding ledges, some areas of external surfaces of which are located at a distance from the surface of the assembled hand electric lantern. CHEL consists of a body, rear part of which is detachably connected with the end cover, and the front part is detachably connected with the light head by means of a threaded connection.EFFECT: technical result consists in preventing rolling of the hand electric lantern down the surface.7 cl, 10 dwg

oisture-proof lantern // 2572090
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting engineering. The technical result is achieved due to that the lantern which comprises the housing, the battery cartridge and the press switch installed in the housing end face, the face cover fitted with the button linked with the press switch and also the sealing element located between the button and the press switch, the sealing element is made in the form of a cap from elastomeric material with the circular surface of the clamp and the ledge protruding from the named circular surface of the clamp.EFFECT: technical result is increase of strength and moistureproofness.5 cl, 2 dwg

Focused flashlight // 2571948
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention is referred to a flashlight equipped with a case, light source and flashlight head having lens attachment, which may be shifted axially in longitudinal direction in regard to light source in order to ensure focusing of the emitted light cone. The flashlight is equipped with a case (16), light source and flashlight head (14) having lens attachment (20), which may be shifted axially in longitudinal direction in regard to light source in order to ensure focusing of the emitted light cone and a locking device (1) in order to fix flashlight head (14) in free longitudinal axial direction, at that the locking device (1) has locking case (2) capable to turn around longitudinal axis of the flashlight (3), at that at the end there is at least one radially oriented and turnable or expandable clamping element (11, 11'); the locking device is a cylindrical connecting element (41), coupled positively to the flashlight head (14) and placed on the flashlight case (16) so that its motion is ensured by pressing on it; the locking device represents a cylindrical connecting element (51) connected the flashlight head (14) by means of threaded connection (52); the locking device is made as several mounting elements (61) entering slots (62) of a locking element (63).EFFECT: development of the flashlight ensuring, on the one hand, smooth shifting of the reflector in regard to light source and, on the other hand, preventing unintentional shifting of the preset focus.21 cl, 15 dwg, 4 ex

iniature led flashlight with fastener (versions) // 2568252
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: miniature LED flashlight with a fastener, according to the first version, has a hollow housing in which there is a LED, power supply elements and a switch. The hollow housing is fixed or can rotate in the upper part on one of the grips of a spring clamp having the shape of a hair claw clip. The spring clamp is made of two arched grips with teeth and slits in the lower part, pivotally connected to each other by a dowel and arranged opposite each other such that the teeth of one grip enters into the slits of the other when closed. The dowel is fitted with a torsion spring which rests with its ends on the arched grips of the spring clamp, thereby generating a rotary clamping force on said grips. The second version includes two arched grips which are pivotally attached on the sides of a hollow housing through a dowel with torsion springs thereon.EFFECT: wider range of devices for fastening a flashlight.4 cl, 10 dwg

ining lantern for individual use // 2561706
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining equipment, in particular can be used for individual lighting of the work in mines and mine workings dangerous in terms of gas, and can be used during construction of different tunnels. The result is achieved in that the mining personal lantern contains a headlight secured on the helmet by means of the clamp and clip, separate power source primed with tight compound, and connected with the headlight by means of the flexible for-core electric cable in rubber sheath. In the headlight tight casing a quartz glass, LED module with PCB out of dielectric material are installed, on PCB face surface white LED and barrel with lens are installed. In the lantern switch in form of rotary ring with magnet is used, during switching on it acts on the low current reed relay installed on PCB. The lantern has passive LED cooling system. The electric power unit contains bank of Li-ion cells located in the rectangular plastic box covered with plastic lid. The lantern electric circuit contains control PCB, that has connected by power busbar processor, current and voltage stabiliser, charge overvoltage protection assembly, triple protection assembly in case of cable short circuit.EFFECT: increased operation reliability.9 cl, 3 dwg

Portable illumination device // 2556757
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: illumination device comprises a metal element 1, light-emitting device 2, on-off switch 3, low-voltage source 4 (accumulator-based), resistor 5, the first and second diodes 6, 7. An anode of the first diode 6 and a cathode of the second diode 7 are jointed and connected to the metal element 1. The metal element 1 should be rather made of tin with the surface area of at least 20 square centimetres. Additional charging of accumulators for a low-voltage source 4 feeding the light-emitting device 2 is made by energy generated during the rectification of electric oscillations occurring as a result of the heat motion of the metal element 1 particles.EFFECT: development of a universal mobile portable and durable energy-saving illumination device with a long-term continuous operation.5 cl, 1 dwg

Intrinsic safe luminaire // 2550741
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to the sphere of electric engineering and intended for usage at sites of underground operations. The intrinsic safe luminaire comprises a body with at least one mounted light source that operates at low voltage, one device for light source control and one electric accumulator. The control device is designed with a potential selective light source with electric power, which is supplied from the electric accumulator or from an external electrical circuit, and with potential actuation of a light source by electrical power from the electrical accumulator when the external electric circuit is subjected to high current load and the electric accumulator is charged through the external electrical circuit if the external electrical circuit is loaded by low current.EFFECT: enlargement of a range of technical means.6 cl, 2 dwg

Self-contained multipurpose lighting unit // 2540943
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: in self-contained multipurpose lighting unit containing flexible layered structure on which the chains of semiconductor solar elements, a light source as a line of light-emitting diodes, the battery and the control unit consisting of the illumination sensor, the battery charge controller and assembly of regulation of energy supply to the lines of light-emitting diodes are placed; as a flexible layered structure the flexible photo-electric module is used the solar elements and lines of light-emitting diodes of which are located on a front and back sides of the module, and the control unit and the battery are fixed on one of the sides of the module. The control unit in addition contains the sound alarm system assembly, temperature and pressure sensors and bidirectional radio modem, meanwhile the lines of light-emitting diodes, the battery and the control unit are located under the optically transparent protective laminating film the thickness of which is 0.2÷1.0 mm.EFFECT: improvement of reliability of the device and expansion of its functionality.1 dwg

Lighting device (versions) // 2509258
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a light-emitting part, a support element, connected with the light-emitting part and a grip, having one end connected with the specified support element, and the opposite end having the grip part, in which the specified grip has mainly the cylindrical shape. The battery compartment is located in one of grip levers. The first and second levers are installed with displacement relative to each other and may be pressed to each other with a spring.EFFECT: lighting device makes it possible to use it, leaving hands free for work or carrying.20 cl, 8 dwg

Portable lighting device // 2499182
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: portable lighting device (200) comprising a lighting unit (26), adapted for location in a protective container (12) and withdrawal from it, whenever necessary. The lighting unit (26) is connected to a hinged bracket (28) and is connected with a battery (25), which is also located in the container. The portable lighting device comprises fixation facilities (18) to support the lighting unit (26) in places that require lighting. A handle (14) is attached to the cover (20) of the device, and the cover has a disconnecting element (36) to disconnect a device of an extended stand (30, 32) from a protective container. It makes it possible for the device of the extended stand (30, 32), the cover (20), the hinged bracket (28) and the lighting unit (26) to extend upwards by means of activation of the disconnecting element (36) and lifting of the handle (14).EFFECT: expanded area of application.9 cl, 31 dwg

Portable lighting lamp equipped with printed circuit board placed into tightly sealed environment, and method for lamp assembly // 2472063
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: lamp comprises a body, a DC source of supply arranged in it, and contact parts for connected to a printed circuit board 29 connected with a light-emitting diode LED. Contact parts comprise the first contact elements, electrically connected with the source of supply, and the second contact elements 19b, 20b, designed to stretch via a pair of holes 25, 26, arranged in a tight intermediate wall 12 of the body, and via a pair of slots 35, 36 of the printed circuit board 29. Soldering of the second contact elements 19b, 20b to the printed circuit board 29, apart from electrical connection of the source of supply, provides the possibility to produce a tightly sealed compartment in the body around the printed circuit board 29.EFFECT: increased reliability of sealing and simplification of manufacturing.10 cl, 12 dwg

Lamp having light-emitting diode as light source // 2460010
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: disclosed is a lamp in which a light-emitting diode (LED) is used as a light source. The lamp has a frame and a LED holder mounted on the frame. A primary reflector, having a primary reflecting surface for reflecting at least part of light emitted by the LED and mounted on the frame, lies on the path of light emitted by the LED. A secondary reflector, which is also mounted on the frame, lies relative the primary reflector such that light reflected by the primary reflector is reflected towards the secondary reflector. The secondary reflector has at least one secondary reflecting surface whose shape is selected such that light is reflected therefrom in the frontal direction of the lamp and said light is focused mainly into a focused beam. A method of focusing light emitted by a LED is also disclosed.EFFECT: wider range of equipment.9 cl, 6 dwg

Head electric lamp // 2451236
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: device comprises an electromechanical power supply source, light-emitting instruments or an instrument, a switch and a facility to fix a lamp on a head, at the same time the lamp is also equipped with a switch or switches additional to the main one, movable control elements of which are directly, via connecting parts or transmission mechanisms, are connected to one of sides in a rigid frame, the opposite side of which, at least in the working position of the device, supports or embraces a lower jaw of a user and may be pressed down with this jaw.EFFECT: invention provides for the possibility to control an additional switch or switches of the lamp by means of movements of the user's lower jaw.14 cl, 3 dwg

Jacklight // 2433336
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: device contains a case, light-emitting devices, switches, cylindrical electrochemical power supplies; at least said light-emitting devices are completely or mainly integrated in a space of grooves between round walls of the loose-fitting power supplies and an external circuit of the enclosing jacklight case.EFFECT: maintained small dimensions and high mechanical strength of the jacklight.11 cl, 4 dwg

Light instrument // 2406920
FIELD: electric engineering.SUBSTANCE: light instrument comprises light diodes and rigid profile of light diode holder, differing by the fact that rigid profile arranged in the form of part of sphere comprises zones, every of which is limited by circumferences, besides, light diodes are arranged on middle circumference of each zone on internal or external sides of surface, at the same time number of zones equals: where: αlimit - limit angle of light force curve, exceeding that light force takes the value equal to zero; Δα - angular size of zone, which is the constant value for each zone, and angular distance between centres of light diode bases with even arrangement equals , where ni - number of zone light diodes, which is defined as follows: ni ≅ kIαωα, where: Iα - value of light force selected from specified curve of light force; ωα - solid angle of this zone, k - proportion ratio.EFFECT: improved quality of illumination by provision of required curve of light instrument light force.2 dwg

Stand-alone lighter // 2324105
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: stand-alone lighter is made up of, at least, one light source connected by means of an element to control the energy release from an accumulator and photoelectric converter, therefore a stand-alone lighter is equipped with a sensitive element for the lighting control, connected photoelectric converter and connections for the control energy supply. A stand-alone lighter can be equipped with an extra voltage step down transformer according to the reactive resistance circuit, can be connected in parallel to a sensitive element for the lighting control, and also can be equipped with a matching element connected too the accumulator.EFFECT: increasing work period: ensuring automatic switching on and off of a light source.5 cl, 1 dwg

Searchlight with frenel's lens // 2293910
FIELD: the invention refers to searchlights.SUBSTANCE: the searchlight with Frenel's lens with a regulated angle of aperture of coming out beam of light has preferably an elliptical reflector, a lamp and at least one Frenel's lens. The Frenel's lens has a diffuser, at that the diffuser is fulfilled of round form and is located only in the center of the Frenel's lens or the diffuser is fulfilled with changing degree of dispersion in such a way, that more powerfully dispersed fields are located in the middle of the diffuser and fields dispersed in a less degree are located along its edge. The Frenel's lens with the diffuser form a system of light displacement which changes the share of dispersed light in relation to the share of geometrically and optically projected light and thus changes correlation of light displacement as a function of installing a searchlight with Frenel's lens and also has a real point of focusing of a reflector removed from the reflector. The Frenel's lens is a flat-convex lens with chromatic corrected properties of projection. The covering of the Frenel's lens has a system of dielectric interference layers that changes the spectrum of light passing through it. An auxiliary reflector is installed between the Frenel's lens and the reflector.EFFECT: provides high degree of effectiveness of obtaining of even coming out of light.17 cl, 5 dwg

Searchlight with fresnel lens // 2293250
FIELD: light engineering.SUBSTANCE: searchlight comprises Fresnel lens with controlled aperture of output beam, elliptical reflector, lamp, and at least one Fresnel lens. The distance between the Fresnel lens and reflector can be changed depending on the distance between the lamp and reflector according to the controlled angle of the aperture of the searchlight beam. The Fresnel lens has circular diffusion screen mounted at the center of the lens. The Fresnel lens and the screen define a system for shifting light, which allows the fraction of the diffused light to be changed, and the Fresnel lens has real point of focusing that can be set in coincidence with the focusing point of the reflector. The reflector focusing point is located far from the reflector. The Fresnel lens represents a flat-convex collecting lens and has double lens with chromatic-corrected projection properties. The coating of the Fresnel lens has a system of dielectric interference layer that changes the spectrum of the light passing through it. The auxiliary reflector is interposed between the Fresnel lens and reflector.EFFECT: enhanced efficiency.19 cl, 6 dwg

Battery-fed explosionproof head lamp (versions) // 2284432
FIELD: electric engineering; mine lamps.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to portable lamps with built-in storage batteries, particularly, to explosionproof head lamps for use in mines. Proposed lamp has storage battery, light, electronic device connected to light and charging contacts connected to storage battery. Electronic device has electronic switch and electronic switch control circuit. One of charging contacts is connected to output of electronic switch. Lamp is furnished with timer connected to control circuit, circuit to determine presence of charging voltage across electronic switch output and circuit to measure voltage drop across electronic switch in process of battery charging whose inputs are connected to output of electronic switch, and outputs, to input of control circuit.EFFECT: provision of control of battery charging according to chosen algorithm, increased service life of storage batteries.4 cl, 2 dwg

Solar and wind energy powered outdoor lighting fixture // 2283985
FIELD: outdoor lighting fixtures for functioning in the dark.SUBSTANCE: proposed outdoor lighting fixture supplied with power from solar battery and wind-electric power unit has vertical post and overhanging support lever that mounts single module. The latter accommodates oscillatory wind-electric power unit installed between solar energy powered lamps incorporating photoelectric panels, storage batteries, control units, and light-emitting diode strips and electrically connected to lamp batteries.EFFECT: ability of off-line operation and environment lighting at night.1 cl, 1 dwg

Spark protection assembly // 2279549
FIELD: electrical engineering, particularly devices preventing sparking of machines or apparatus used in chemical, oil refinery, gas-processing, metal mining industries, of portable equipment provided with built-in storage batteries, for instance mine lamps.SUBSTANCE: device comprises electronic key to be connected to electrical consumer, control switch to control electronic key, overcharge signaling sensor and commutation signaling sensor, which are made as transformers, "OR" circuit, trigger, voltage doubler, integrating circuit and voltage divider. The device additionally has controller and monostable multivibrator.EFFECT: simplified structure along with increased sensitivity and extended functional capabilities.3 cl, 1 dwg

ine lamp for individual use // 2276305
FIELD: the invention refers to illuminating mine equipment for individual use.SUBSTANCE: the mine lamp for individual use has in a quality of a source of light a matrix of light diodes installed in a headlight, a connecting cord and two blocks of accumulator batteries located in a helmet in a position counterbalancing the headlight. At that the mine lamp is provided with a mechanical current generator located on the rear exterior side of the helmet in its center with possibility of its removal and is connected with the light diode headlight with the aid of a spiral wire through a condenser-capacitor.EFFECT: possibility of getting emergency lighting in a mechanical way in case of breaking or complete discharging of the main feeding elements (accumulator batteries).1 dwg

Decorative multicolor lamp with control device // 2265969
FIELD: lighting equipment.SUBSTANCE: device with control device has emission source, diffuser, electric outputs. Emission source has at least two light diodes of different colors with given space distributions of emission and localized in space as at least one group, board and control device, containing programmed channels for separate control over emission of light diodes of each color by feeding periodically repeating power pulses, lengths of which for light diodes of different color are independent from each other, while relations of lengths of period of power pulse, its increase front, decrease and pause are determined for light diodes of each color. Diffuser, inside which board with light diodes is positioned, is made at least partially enveloping the area of effect of emission of light diodes of emission source.EFFECT: better aesthetic and emotional effect, close to optimal psycho-physiological effect of decorative multicolor lamp with vastly improved gamma of color effects, resulting in hypnotizing effect, increase of its attractiveness, efficiency, and broadening of its functional capabilities and addition of new consumer functions, lower costs and simplified usage.20 cl, 15 dwg, 1 tbl

ine lamp individual use // 2231711
The invention relates to lighting mining equipment for individual use

ine lamp individual use // 2187039
The invention relates to lighting mining equipment for individual use