Obtaining minerals from underwater, not otherwise provided for (E21C50)

E   Fixed constructions(158735)
E21C     ining or quarrying(17294)
E21C50                 Obtaining minerals from underwater, not otherwise provided for (suction dredgers or component parts thereof e02f0003880000; equipment for conveying or separating excavated material e02f0007000000; dippers g01n0001120000)(227)

ethod for aquatic gas-hydrate deposit development // 2627776
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: in the process of aquatic gas-hydrate deposit development, the gas accumulates and undergoes primary treatment on a platform (or on a ship) equipped with a tubing pipe, a pipeline with special tanks for distribution and supply of water, a water preparation unit, measuring devices for monitoring the supply of water and the particles destroying the deposit, a collection bell, a pipeline for selecting the formed gas mixture, instruments for monitoring the pumping-out system of the formed product (gas mixture), then it is transported to the methane offshore catch basin. Spherical nanoparticles are used as a working tool that destroys gas hydrates.EFFECT: increased efficiency of aqual gas hydrates extraction.1 dwg

Self-contained device for lifting mineral resources from bottom of water area // 2626490
FIELD: mining engineering.SUBSTANCE: self-contained device for lifting mineral resources from the bottom of the water area includes a grab bucket made of elastic material, flexible links interconnected with the bucket, a bucket closing mechanism, and an actuating sensor for the flexible cavity located in the lifting section. The bucket surface is made with steel spokes evenly spaced throughout the area. The lifting section is equipped with a protective casing with branch pipes for supplying gas to the flexible cavity, fixed in the casing. Inside the protective casing, along its perimeter, there are evenly located cartridges with an explosive substance and a pyrotechnic relay between them, which are, in turn, interconnected through an electric detonator with an actuating sensor of the flexible cavity. In this case, the lifting section is made in the form of a hemisphere, the upper part of which is provided with a porous material, and the branch pipes are provided with check valves.EFFECT: increasing the efficiency of mineral extraction from the bottom of the water area.3 cl, 3 dwg

Offshore natural gas extraction method // 2617748
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: method includes the thermal effect on the gas hydrate deposit, followed by the collection of gas by a dome-shaped collector and transferring it to storage tanks. The effect on the gas hydrate deposit is carried out using the thermal energy of the underwater explosion directed towards the bottom, using an explosive.EFFECT: increase of efficiency of heat supply to the gas hydrate occurrence zone.2 dwg

ethod of production of solid mineral resources from arctic shelf bed // 2615192
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method comprises development of chambered ways, formation of soil-ice bodies with specific weight below water specific weight. The development place is divided to areas, and mineral deposit is developed in staggered order. Creating artificial lane at each area the first section area is developed, on its bottom a dome is lowered, the dome is connected with surface by flexible branch. Then in under dome space via the flexible branch water in injected from water layer above halocline layer, after creating the soil-ice bodies in the under dome space, and dome emersion to surface the second area is developed along diagonal from the first area for restoration of its ice surface, then the cycle is repeated till complete field development.EFFECT: reduced cost and ecological loads due to production works on water basin bed of the Arctic shelf at negative temperatures.2 dwg

System for collecting waste gas // 2602554
FIELD: environmental protection.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to nature protection. System for collecting waste gas includes sea platform and underwater wells of oil and gas production, floating gas-holder in form of typical tank with strapping with flexible pipes to supply waste “raw” gas from platform and subsea wells for their fractional separation in gas-holder into “dry” gas, formation water and oil. Dry gas under its own pressure extends from gas-holder top via flame arrester, safety valves, partially through automatic controller at specified operating mode of operating plug, and main part of gas is supplied to platform with consequent fuel supply of heat generator. Formation water and oil, collected in gas-holder, are supplied to platform under own pressure for complete utilization.EFFECT: technical result consists in reliability, safety and environmental friendliness of marine structures of gas production without using flames at complete utilization of waste gas.4 cl, 1 dwg

Legged device for underwater mining of minerals // 2601880
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining, particularly, to devices of underwater production of solid minerals. Device can be used also for geological survey data, gasket of gas and oil pipelines, development of peat deposits. Legged device comprises a leg, supports, telescopic strings, working member, control system. At that, the support is movably connected with a rotary platform equipped with a plug, by means of rollers, articulated with the leg, with possibility to turn it relative to the axis of the plug. Herewith, the leg is equipped with a counterbalance to the drum, covered with a flexible element by one complete revolution, for example, a rope, rigidly fixed on the left and on the right ends of the leg.EFFECT: technical result consists in efficiency improvement of production and improvement of stability when walking.1 cl, 7 dwg

Installation for shelf drilling and method for shelf drilling // 2599112
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to mining and can be used for shelf drilling. Installation for shelf drilling comprises a platform, such as a ship, pontoon, self-lifting drilling rig, and a drill string connected with said platform to transfer driving force and is additionally equipped with a heaving compensator. On lower end drill string is equipped with a drilling bit, and to platform is suspended bottom support plate, configured for arrangement on sea bottom. On bottom support plate there are clamps for attachment to drill string, which is a collet, designed to clamp drill string, preventing its rotation. Collet has a body resting on bottom support plate and equipped with wedge clamps. Wedge clamps are connected with said body to rotate. Also disclosed is a method of shelf drilling.EFFECT: technical result consists in improvement of reliability and efficiency of shelf drilling.28 cl, 4 dwg

System for production of ferromanganese concretions // 2598010
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for development of mineral resources of seas and oceans bed surface at development of gravel deposits of solid minerals. System comprises exploring ship, self-propelled collection machine, connected to pipeline by flexible link, connected to exploring ship pipeline lower end, transport pipeline, buffer storage. At that, system is additionally equipped with unmanned underwater vehicle with spatial thrust vector, equipped with hydroacoustic systems and system for visual observation, where localized buoyancy elements system is included into upper part of mechanical flexible connection, and buoyancy elements distributed system is included into lower part of mechanical flexible linkage between unmanned underwater vehicle and self-propelled collecting unit.EFFECT: high efficiency of ferromanganese nodules sampling and reliability of system.1 cl, 1 dwg

ethod for destruction of strong high clay sands of gravel deposits and disintegration of their hydraulic mix during dredger suction // 2596153
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in development of high-strength high-clay sands of precious metals gravel deposits in underwater faces. Process of strong high-clay sands destruction is performed in automatic mode by means of control system with mechanical ripper, installed in the direction of movement of the screen with slots, mechanical ripper is made in the form of conical roller cutter with elements of erosion destruction-washing, and conical roller cutter rotates at speed and presses the face with force depending on strength, hardness, abrasibility and fracturing of strong high clay sands. System is equipped with stationary hydrodynamic reflectors-cavitators with stiffness ribs to create resonant acoustic phenomena in hydrous flow before suction and intensification of mix solid component disintegration.EFFECT: higher efficiency of strong high clay sands by means of conical roller cutter with elements of erosion destruction-washing and disintegration of the hydraulic mix mineral component by using resonance acoustic phenomena in hydrous flow by means of reflectors.1 cl, 1 dwg

Bubble gas lift system and bubble gas lift method // 2580573
FIELD: gas industry.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to lifting of solid material from bottom of basin, such as deep sea, lake or river, above water surface. In bubble gas lift system (10) in upper end section of lifting pipeline (11) is arranged under pressure chamber (21). Chamber generates pressure in upper section of pipeline (11) in order to suppress increase in volume ratio of bubbles to mixed fluid extending inside pipeline (11), in shallow region. Upper end of pipeline (11) is not opened into atmosphere, but is introduced into pressurised chamber (21), so as to prevent expansion of gas bubbles. Deaerator (14) for removing bubbles, separated by centrifugal force, is also provided in median section of pipeline (11) in shallow area to provide more uniform distribution of bubbles within entire pipeline (11).EFFECT: inventions are aimed at providing efficient gas-lift system of target material in form of suspension, having a higher specific weight than surrounding water, which makes system and method efficient and operational even in a deep water area.12 cl, 5 dwg

ethod of production of ferromanganese concretions from sludge and device for its implementation // 2562304
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: minerals (concretions) separated from bottom during movement of the mining device towed by the tower vessel are taken to the reception vessel in the form of grid from high strength plastic fitted with lifting vessels and cylinders with compressed air, at filling of the reception vessel it moves by gravity from the bottom of the mining device to the soil, and on its place another reception vessel moves, which until this moment is located in the cartridge mounted in the upper part of the mining device and connected with the previous reception vessel by flexible rods, after that during further movement of the mining device the valves of cylinders with compressed air which fills lifting vessels, are actuated, the trawl takes off from the mining device and, having reached positive buoyancy, emerge to the surface where it is taken by the transportation vessel. Meanwhile for simplification of search the emerging vessel is fitted with the signalling device which automatically actuates after reaching of water surface.EFFECT: improvement of efficiency of trawl utilisation due to reduction of number of idle runs, increase of completeness of excavation of useful component and decrease of dependence of working time from weather conditions.4 cl, 2 dwg

ethod to extract gas hydrates from bottom deposits and device to this end // 2554375
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: according to the method upper layer of gas hydrate mass is melted gradually by heating gas hydrate mass in bottom sediments of a water body up to temperature of 50-60°C. Heating is made by a heating element made as blade edge located along diameter of a cargo container lowered from a flotation device. The flotation device is made as a mobile underwater vehicle with retractable tract in the form of a container equipped with blade edge in the bottom part connected to heating elements inside container. Stability of the mobile underwater vehicle is endured in regard to the bottom of the water body. Container is rotated and electric current is supplied to heating elements. Gas hydrate stratum is heated up to 50-60°C. The container is lowered with rotation to the gas hydrate stratum with provision of single-point recovery of hydrates from the above stratum in solid state.EFFECT: reduced material and operational expenditures and ecological consequences at gas hydrate extraction territory.2 cl, 1 dwg

ethod for recovery and transportation of gas hydrates from bottom sediments and submarine vessel for recovery and transportation of gas hydrates // 2554374
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: method includes production of gas hydrates, their transportation to a consumer and decomposition of gas hydrates with gas recovery. Gas hydrate recovery process is implemented at thermodynamic parameters corresponding to formation of gas hydrates. Transportation of gas hydrates is performed in sealed and heat insulated cargo spaces of a vehicle at thermodynamic parameters excluding decomposition of gas hydrates. Decomposition of gas hydrates with gas recovery upon completed transportation is made by reduction of pressure in cargo space of a vehicle up to atmospheric pressure. Process of gas hydrate recovery and their storage during transportation is carried out at temperature of -0.2°C and pressure of 1 MPa. At that gas hydrates are withdrawn in hydrate state as briquettes by n-containers run down in sequence to submarine reservoir of gas hydrates from a submarine vehicle. The submarine reservoir of gas hydrates is heated up by heating elements located at edges of n-containers. Each n-container is buried in sequence to submarine reservoir of gas hydrates to the depth twice exceeding the container height. Upon loading of each n-container by free falling of gas hydrates they are loaded to cargo space of a vehicle. The vehicle is made as a submarine vessel. While heating submarine reservoir of gas hydrates only reservoir section under the container is heated. Containers are filled with gas hydrates represented by briquettes of natural metastable mineral in hydrate solid state.EFFECT: improving efficiency in recovery and transportation of gas hydrates due to reduced consumption of energy and reduced capital and current costs.2 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of production of gas hydrates and submarine combine for its implementation // 2550610
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method comprises mechanical destruction of seafloor layer by an stripping knife moving along the seafloor, and transportation of destruction products to the surface. The products of destruction are placed in elastic, gas-tight shells, which are collected along the surface and transported them to the place of use in the transportation vessel refrigerators. The combine is a moving platform with a knife for seafloor cleaning with the mounted video camera and the stripping knife under the hole in the platform designed as a horizontally rotating cylinder with the scrapers mounted on it. The platform has two mounted cylinders, the first is a container with shells located horizontally one above another one, and the second one, mounted above the hole, is a loading container in the top side of which the segments with drive mechanisms shifting them from the cylinder axis are located.EFFECT: improvement of efficiency of ocean production of gas hydrates.4 cl, 2 dwg

Self-contained device for lifting of mineral deposits from bottom of water area // 2549656
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a clamshell ladle fitted with levers with bosses and flexible links, a sensor, a flexible cavity, a float. The device is also fitted with the vessel designed as a bent cylinder with the tapered extended cylindrical part which is inclined to the opposite side from the self-contained unit and through the frame is interconnected with it. The vessel is fixed on a cable with a possibility of vertical movement. The extended cylindrical part of the vessel is fitted with a sensor interacting with a sensor located in the container under a flexible cavity which is filled with liquid with a specific gravity, less than that of environment. The unloading hole of the extended cylindrical part of the vessel is fitted with the throwing-back tray. The distance from the clamshell ladle centreline to the tray in the thrown-back situation and distance from the lower edge of the clamshell ladle to the tray in the thrown-back situation are determined by the mathematical relations given in the description.EFFECT: improvement of efficiency of underwater development of minerals.5 cl, 3 dwg

Device for production of minerals from continental shelf // 2549648
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a delivery pipe for supply of minerals designed from top to bottom with a bell and a pipeline for coolant supply. The delivery pipe is designed as variable section pipe with formation of alternating cylindrical compartments with inlets and outlets, and the top parts of some compartments are arranged with inclination as cross-lying with reference to other compartments, and the lower parts of compartments are designed conical, interconnected with coolant supply pipelines. Outlets of compartments are located from inlet holes at the distance necessary for passing and maintaining of soil and ice bodies in a suspension provided that: L≥3·dmax, where L - is the distance between inlets and outlets of compartments, dmax - maximum diameter of soil and ice bodies.EFFECT: improvement of efficiency of production of minerals from continental shelf.1 dwg

Self-contained device for lifting mineral deposits from bottom of water area // 2545233
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: device includes a conveying capacity in the form of a grab bucket provided with levers with thrusts and flexible links, a start sensor located in a container and a flexible cavity. The latter is filled with liquid with a capsule located in it and containing reagents. A capsule throw valve is located at the top of the flexible cavity. Radio beacons are fixed inside the container, on its side walls, and coupling rings are located on the outside. Sodium chloride (3%) and sodium hypochloride (0.3%) are used as reagents.EFFECT: improving efficiency of operations.2 cl, 2 dwg

Independent unit for lifting mineral resources from water zone bottom // 2539508
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: device includes a grab bucket with armoured jaws and flexible links by means of which the bucket is connected to a gas generator and to a flexible cavity start-up sensor, which are located in a container, and a float. The grab bucket is made from elastic material, and a flexible cavity is equipped with a cable located inside the cavity in the centre, the lower end of which is attached to a partition wall additionally installed between a gas generator and the flexible cavity, and the upper end of the cable is attached to the float. As the elastic material of the grab bucket there used is for example thermopolyutherane. The upper edge of the grab bucket is perforated. Armoured jaws of the grab bucket are provided with holes uniformly distributed throughout the surface area. A full air discharge valve is located at the top of the flexible cavity. The float is made in the form of a radio beacon.EFFECT: improving efficiency of operations.6 cl, 3 dwg

System for subsea oil or gas field development // 2536525
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: system contains at least one modular shaft with the central unit placed under water and an uprise buried to the ocean bottom and at least one air-lock chamber to transport duty shifts of workers, materials and equipment. Besides the system comprises at least one drilling area with a horizontal tunnel branched from the uprise in the central unit, and an inclined area for delivery of drill pipes and a vertical area in which bottom part there is a wellhead of at least one well. A power cable and control systems as well as pipeline in the protective shell for oil and gas transportation are connected to the modular shaft.EFFECT: increasing development efficiency of subsea oil and gas deposits.9 cl, 56 dwg

System of dredge vessel // 2527101
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining and can be used for dredging soil. The system to extract submerged sediments (3) of the geological allotment and their allotment is considered. From the free floating mining ship (1) the mixture of water and sediment is sucked by the submerged pump assembly through the flexible hose (7) made with the ability of winding on a rotating spool (5) located on the said mining ship when the ship sails over the geological allotment. The sucked mixture is then immediately fed into one of the series of free-floating cargo and transporting assemblies (27), which float along the board side. The system is provided with the length regulators of the suction hose and the length of the hanging ropes.EFFECT: improving the efficiency of dredging soil.11 cl, 8 dwg

Device for production of minerals from continental shelf // 2526444
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises mineral feed pipe aligned inside hollow pipe with funnel at its bottom, and coolant feed pipeline. Additionally, this device comprises coolant feed pipelines distributed uniformly over hollow pipe perimeter, in funnel walls and in extra struts of said funnel. Hollow pipe is located at the level of funnel strut. Funnel strut inner walls are perforated. At the level of funnel, hollow pipe has vertical cut-outs furnished with plugs from top and bottom. Funnel strut top parts are also equipped with plugs.EFFECT: continuous mining, lower power consumption and extraction costs, minimised negative effects on contamination of environments.2 cl, 2 dwg

ethane hydrate development method and device for its implementation // 2520232
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: method for development of methane hydrates is based on their breaking by water jets at a temperature of more than 285K with the rate more than 1 m/s in a pulse mode with a frequency in the range from 1 up to 200 Hz, gasification and lifting from the seabed. A device for development of methane hydrates contains a floating device, handling equipment, a power generating unit, pipelines, a control unit and an underwater methane hydrate development unit in which body there is an installed infrared heater, a water-jet monitor with pressurised water feed equipment and a gas bleeder.EFFECT: improvement of energy efficiency for underwater development of methane hydrates and their lifting to the floating device.2 cl, 1 dwg

Soil intake device // 2517288
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: device comprises an underwater vessel with atmospheric pressure of air, a trolley, a pulp line with a cone-shaped mixer and a jacket, a bracket with a trolley and a jacket, a vertically arranged working organ with a hydraulic motor, its shaft and tillers. On the shaft of the hydraulic motor there is a conical body, tillers are made in the form of cutters and fixed on the conical body. On the side surface of the conical body there are through holes with transverse size of not less than concretion size. The conical body with cutters is installed below the horizontal input section of the mixer. The bracket is connected with the trolley by means of a rotary hydraulic cylinder with the vertical axis of rotation.EFFECT: increased efficiency of a soil intake device due to achievement of continuity of the process for production of minerals at the specified area of the water reservoir bottom.2 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of sapropel production and plant for its realisation // 2494254
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method and plant for sapropel production from the bottom of water reservoirs includes its mining with the help of spiral knives on a cone head of auger transport, its lifting to the reducer with two randomly round-directed output shafts, where jackets of two augers are connected with the help of a corrugated reinforced hose, transportation by another auger into floating containers for filling, towing of containers in a bunch by a boat to piers, their lifting along the trestle on a special trolley upwards, and their emptying by tilting onto a vibration sieve for removal of foreign objects (bottles, stones, plants, etc.), collection of sapropel in a hopper - accumulator for transportation to consumers.EFFECT: higher efficiency of production of organic sapropel and cleaning of water reservoir.4 cl, 7 dwg

ethod of combination development of permafrost slimes in active pit // 2486341
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: furrows are cut on ice surface adjoining the pit lane that hinders slime processing to feed heat carrier to defrost and to make cutouts in layer body and cavities under ice body bottom surface. Floating hydraulic gun is used to jet lower layers above ice surface edged by cutouts. Then, ice is broken and thawed while exposed underlying soils are jetted by hydraulic gun and sucked by dredger as pulp to using equipment.EFFECT: higher efficiency, lower costs at low ambient temperatures.3 dwg

Deep-water airlift start-up methods // 2471071
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: method involves lifting of elements of underwater mineral deposits consisting of flow of transporting medium, transportation of hydraulic fluid in supply airlift pipeline, supply of compressed air to mixer of lifting pipeline, creation of multicomponent mixture after compressed air is supplied to hydraulic fluid mixture and transportation of multicomponent mixture flow in lifting airlift pipeline. At that, first, phantom cross section is chosen in the flow intended for transportation of elements of underwater mineral deposits, and for chosen phantom cross section there specified is the range of change of pressure value. Flows of water and air-and-water mixture are created in supply and lifting pipelines by supplying compressed air with the compressor to mixer of lifting pipeline Value of actual pressure is monitored in the chosen phantom cross section, as well as actual range of change of the monitored value is determined. Compliance of the certain actual range to the specified one is checked, and elements of underwater mineral deposits are supplied to water flow of supply airlift pipeline in case certain actual range belongs to the specified one.EFFECT: increasing development efficiency of underwater mineral deposits at big marine depths due to shortening the total start-up time of airlift plant; avoiding the disturbance of transportation of solid material and gumming of pipelines during airlift start-up.2 cl, 3 dwg

Complex for mining and processing of solid minerals // 2466275
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: complex comprises a floating facility, the following components installed on it: a receiving accessory, a lifting single-drum and double-drum scraper hoists, diverting units, head and tail traction ropes, a perforated vessel of rectangular cross section with cutting edges, bottom anchors with buoys. At the same time the head rope is kinematically linked with a longitudinal traction rod and ropes hingedly joined with levers of cutting planes as capable of their rotation to close a vessel base in the form of a spatial frame of square cross section with their closure by side edges, forming faces of a rectangular pyramid aligned with the top outside along the longitudinal axis of the device, the cutting plane of which is arranged in the form of isosceless triangles adjoining hingedly with their bases to bases of the specified frame bases, inside of which there is a screening drum of cylindrical shape, which rests with its circular bands with flanges onto rollers fixed in the inner corners of the frame faces, the cylindrical surface of the screening drum screening is formed by longitudinal bars installed along the cylinder generatrix and fixed on circular bands to form longitudinal slots between them, the cylindrical surface of the screening drum is embraced with ropes fixed on the drum and wound along the helical line, at one side in the right direction, and at the other side - in the left direction, and coming off the drum along the tangent to the cylinder circumference, the device is equipped with a polyspast with a fixed shell of units fixed on the frame, and a movable shell capable of its displacement along the frame face, and the angle of rotation of the screening drum by 360 degrees is provided with the length of the rod travel with the traction rope.EFFECT: higher efficiency and environmental capability of works in mining of solid minerals from a sea bottom.7 dwg

Continuous collection method of mineral resources of underwater deposits, and multi-purpose system for its implementation // 2460883
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method involves creation of the main and additional water flows, obtaining of hydraulic fluid flow after addition of elements of natural resources of underwater deposits as part of rock mass to the main water flow and transportation of hydraulic fluid flow. Besides, increase in operation efficiency of transportation process of mineral resources of underground deposits is provided from high depths in process chain of development of underwater deposits of mineral resources due to stabilisation of concentration value of solid particles in hydraulic fluid flow that is transported from multi-purpose system for continuous collection of mineral resources of underwater deposits to base floating means located on water reservoir surface, at rational configuration of technical means.EFFECT: stabilisation of concentration value of solid particles in hydraulic fluid flow.3 cl, 3 dwg

Drag head // 2459083
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: device includes underwater vessel with atmospheric pressure, trolley, pulp line, operating element in composition of a catcher, hydraulic motor with shaft, shroud and ripper. Operating element is connected to the trolley via bracket, and pulp line is hydraulically connected to vessel with atmospheric pressure. The shroud has cylindrical shape and is mounted vertically and rigidly connected to pulp line via upper face end and to catcher via lower face end, the catcher is done in a form of confuser with circular input. Hydraulic motor of bottom-hole type is concentrically built-in the shroud cavity and rigidly connected to it via radial ribs with formation of annular through channel, and ripper is attached to the shaft of this hydraulic motor. The bracket is equipped with two joints and two hydraulic cylinders capable of moving the operating element in vertical and horizontal plains. There is a cab on the trolley that is equipped with oil pump with hydraulic rotary mechanism working on pressure drop, viewport and lamp with isolated power source. Bottom-hole motor of operating element is done with pressure and drainage channels in the housing and swinging spring-loaded dampers.EFFECT: increase of device productivity and reliability, reduction of risk of water body contamination by ripping products.2 cl, 4 dwg

Complex to produce minerals from shelf area of world ocean // 2439325
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: complex comprises a basic vessel, which is kinematically connected to a production tool, comprising a rolling capture device installed on skis, a transportation device, which connects a production tool with basic vessel. The rolling capture device of the production set is made in the form of a drum equipped with blades, fixed on a horizontal axis kinematically connected to a drive. Blades are arranged with minimum gaps relative to an inner surface of a cylindrical shape jacket. The upper cylindrical part of the jacket is made with an opening. The axis is installed with the possibility of its rotation in a central part of side walls of the jacket, which in its lower part is equipped with a cut of rectangular form in plan with the possibility of displacement of blades in it and their introduction in thickness of the mineral. Blades are made forked and with flexures. Flexures of blades during their location in the lower part of a jacket are aligned towards the side opposite to direction of production tool displacement. At the same time the distance between forks of the blades is adopted as less than the minimum cross size of produced nodules. The cut in the jacket is made so that its edges are placed above useful thickness of a mineral. The jacket with the help of a receiving tray of narrowing cross section is connected to a suction nozzle of a soil pump. The soil pump is installed on cross beams of skis at the side of the jacket opposite to direction of production set displacement. The injection nozzle of the soil pump is connected to a perforated section of a pipeline fixed on a jacket and arranged above it, with the possibility of connection with a flexible discharge pipeline. The discharge pipeline is aligned in plan coaxially with an injection nozzle of a soil pump along a longitudinal axis of jacket symmetry. The production set is balanced in a transverse direction. Skis are fixed at two sides on side walls of the jacket and are made as V-shaped in cross section. The flexible pipeline is made from a combination of rigid rectilinear pipes and flexible inserts from elastic material with connection of adjacent pipes arranged along the perimetre of each pipe with round-link chains that perceive stretching forces.EFFECT: increased efficiency of a complex, its simplified design, reduced material intensity, power intensity and cost, increased reliability of complex operation.3 cl, 5 dwg

Extraction method of gaseous hydrated hydrocarbons from bottom of water reservoirs and device for its implementation // 2431042
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method consists in destruction of the bottom layer with sharp edges of buckets fixed on vertical conveyor belt; conveyor moves along the reservoir bottom by means of caterpillar drive relative to which the conveyor belt moves vertically with possibility of penetration into the bottom. At that, gaseous hydrate is lifted to the zone isolated from water with surface of turned-over funnel, where it is heated, and evolved gas subject to additional heating is transported to the surface by means of the hose fixed on the funnel top. Also, device for the method's implementation is proposed.EFFECT: increase in production of gaseous hydrated hydrocarbons.2 cl, 1 dwg

Device for underwater development of mineral deposits // 2426883
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: device for underwater development of mineral deposits involves transporting reservoir which is hinged to rope by means of rod, gas generator, flexible gas cavity with limit pressure valve, and rope with ballast and float. Transporting reservoir is made in the form of bucket grab with flexible links and connected through gas generator equipped with startup sensor and load-carrying rope to flexible cavity.EFFECT: excavation of mineral deposits from water area bottom and their lifting to surface irrespective of visibility conditions, with minimum power consumption for loading.2 cl, 2 dwg

Complex to mine iron-manganese concretions in world ocean offshore zone // 2405110
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: proposed complex comprises base ship articulated with mining plant that comprises rolling gripping device mounted on skis, and transport device that joints mining plant with base ship. Rolling gripping device is made up of vaned drum running on horizontal axle articulated with the drive. Drum vanes are arranged with minimum clearance with respect to cylindrical casing inner surface. Casing perforated surface holes feature diametre smaller than minimum crosswise size of mined concretion. Forked vanes have deflections. Said casing communicates via intake chute of narrowing cross section with ground pump suction branch pipe. Said pump is arranged in skis crosswise girders on the side of casing, opposite the mining plant travel direction. Ground pump delivery branch pipe communicates with perforated pipeline arranged on the casing and secured thereto, that can be connected with flexible delivery pipeline. Said delivery pipeline is arranged coaxially with ground pump pressure branch pipe and directed along casing lengthwise axis of symmetry.EFFECT: higher efficiency, simplified design, reduced costs.3 cl, 5 dwg

Device for underwater development of rocks // 2400630
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: device for underwater development of rocks comprises frame, actuating element in the form of chain-and-bucket, discharge coal slurry pipeline, hopper. Device is additionally equipped with platform having walker, with the possibility of longitudinal and transverse motion, arranged in the form of skis installed on eccentric shafts. Chain-and-bucket is fixed on frame at side of device.EFFECT: invention provides for autonomous operation in complicated mining and hydraulic-geological conditions and extraction of burs with minimum losses and disturbed condition of bottom deposits.2 dwg

Sea mining production package and procedure for its operation and transport conditions // 2396433
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to mining and can be implemented at complex industrial development of mineral resources of world ocean. The package consists of a transport floating sea-based station in kind of a semi-submersible floating platform with an underwater hydraulic support-container. On the platform there is made a through vertical shaft and above-surface decks. The following is arranged on the station: a hydraulically hoisted installation consisting of a hoisted pipeline of interconnected pipes installed in the shaft of the hydraulic support-container. In its upper part the pipeline communicates with an unloading hopper and with a receiving chamber also connected with a cavity of the hydraulic support-container by means of the pipeline. In its lower part the pipeline is coupled with a collector. The installation also consists of an evaporating system connected to a condenser via a steam line and to the unloading hopper via an evacuating pipeline. The evaporating system is equipped with a heating battery and a brine chamber coupled with the unloading hopper by means of the pipeline. Further, the installation consists of a thermo-siphon of a nuclear plant connected with the heating battery of the evaporating system through the steam line. The thermo-siphon is connected with its own condenser by means of the steam line and pressure line. The condenser of the thermo-siphon is installed under the condenser of the evaporating system and coupled with the latter by means of a down-take pipeline. Also the installation consists of bottom excavating devices tied with the collector of the hoisted pipeline by means of slurry lines. The novelty of the invention is like follows: additional through shafts are made in the hydraulic support container. The additional shafts have inter-shaft through slit apertures communicating the additional shafts and the shaft of the hoisted pipeline. Also there are the thermo-siphon of the nuclear plant and bottom excavating devices installed in these shafts. Under water the excavating devices automatically retract from the shafts and enter into them together with connected pipelines, steam lines, slurry lines and other communications freely arranged in the inter-shaft through slit apertures. Notably, to eliminate clogging, equipped with valves branches of blow-off main are connected to hinged facilities. Novelty of the procedure of package operation and transport condition consists in retracting equipment, including the hoisted pipeline, from the shafts and under water lowering, in hoisting it back and receiving it into shafts together with communications coupled and connected to equipment. Thus, submerged floating stations are attributed with controlled, correspondingly, negative or positive buoyancy.EFFECT: raised efficiency and reliability of package operation due to reduced time and labour for lowering-hoisting operations and due to eliminating assembly and disassembly operations at excavating site.7 cl, 10 dwg

Procedure for under water development of rock // 2396432
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to mining and can be implemented for under water development of rock. The procedure for under water development of rock consists in excavation, in piling rock on an ice floe, and in transporting the ice floe to a place of stock piling on basin bottom. The basin is limited with a dam constructed up to a coastal strip and having an opening from the side of the ice floe transported with rock. Further, the ice floe is driven to negative floatability. When part of the basin is filled with ice floes with rock, the opening is blocked; rock is excavated upon melting and supplied to a concentrating installation erected on a shore. Further, ice floes with rock are stacked in an adjacent part of the basin divided with a common dam between the basins.EFFECT: raised efficiency, reduced power consumption for transport operations, and reduced ecological damage to water medium caused with mining operations.2 dwg

Floating walking apparatus and method of its motion // 2385254
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to floating walking equipment. Proposed apparatus comprises housing, walking engine consisting of case and guide mechanisms supported by opposed rockers. Said housing accommodates two sets of guide mechanisms, one comprising four (1-3-5-7) said mechanisms and another four (2-4-6-8) said mechanisms interacting between themselves and with drive components to turn cross beams. Proposed method consists in displacing supports of opposite arms in rectilinear motion of guide mechanisms. Proposed method differs from known ways in that supports are lifted with advanced vertical turn of cross beams.EFFECT: expanded performances.4 cl, 11 dwg

Concretion development device // 2382881
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to mining operations from bottom of seas and oceans, which are mainly represented with horizontal and slightly inclined deposits of small thickness. Concretion development device includes frame, actuating device in the form of chain-and-bucket circuit, delivery slurry pipeline, displacement floats with support elements interacting with hydraulic cylinders, silo with inclined grizzly grate. In rear part of frame there located are displacement floats and support elements in the form of piles which have the possibility of vertical movement, and which also contribute to the frame being turned in horizontal plane. At that, front part of frame is provided with travelling equipment made in the form of wheel pair with individual drive of each one.EFFECT: providing automatic operating device used under severe mining and hydrogeological conditions, and excavation of concretions with minimum disturbance of the state of bottom sediments.2 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of development of hydrocarbons /oil and gas/ and underwater drilling rig for implementation of this method in arctic shelf // 2380541
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: four independent blocks are preliminary constructed at plant or shipyard and are completed with corresponding to their design equipment by workers and engineers. Further the blocks are transported to a licensed deposit place of arctic shelf by means of ice-breakers and tugboats. In the coastal region erectors-constructors mount two auxiliary blocks, notably: a military-frontier base and medical-hotel centre, while the other two blocks are directed under their own power and are rigged in underwater conditions over the place of drilling. All blocks are connected between them with electric cables and pipelines. According to this method the underwater drilling rig is made in a pressure tight case. On both opposite boards the case is equipped with submarines with hatches and sluices for small underwater mechanisms. Also an auxiliary block is set next to the drilling block by means of anchors. The auxiliary block is similar to the drilling block by design, but inside it is equipped with facilities for preparation of drilling agent and for purifying bore mud; it is also equipped with facilities for cleaning of sewer-pipe drainages of all blocks. All blocks are connected between them with electric cables and pipelines. The underwater blocks are made in form of pressure tight cases rigidly mounted on fore body and stem of each of submarines; the said hatches and sluiced are arranged in them. The disclosed method of development facilitates improved treatment of viscous oil of shelf at mini-oil processing plant located at direct vicinity from the place of extraction, which considerably improves economic performances of deposit development.EFFECT: upgraded safety and convenience of drilling operations in remote sparsely populated northern latitudes at development of shelf hydrocarbon deposits, considerable simplification of proper development process, reduced labour intensiveness of construction and mounting directly at place of development using existing facilities of ship-building plants for construction of such complexes at their justified updating.3 cl, 8 dwg

Dredge // 2380540
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: dredge consists of pontoon, working element, loading chute, dredging barrel, concentrating equipment, unloading chute, pebble stacker and eofel stacks. Also pebble stacker is installed on the pontoon and is designed to rotate in horizontal plane, while tail parts of eofel stacks are designed to rotate in horizontal plane.EFFECT: increased efficiency of placer development with dredges and reduced losses of mineral in inter-pass massifs.3 dwg

ethod for selective sampling and preliminary concentration of ferromanganese burrs and device for its realisation // 2375578
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions is related to underground production of minerals, and may be used in mining industry. Method for selective sampling and preliminary concentration of ferromanganese burrs includes displacement of getting device to the bottom, capturing burrs at the bottom, their transportation with the help of drum to zone of unloading and supply to hopper. Besides underpressure zone is created at drum shell, where ferromanganese burrs are captured, retained and transported to the area of underpressure zone ending, with further unloading to hopper under their gravity force. Device for method realisation comprises above-water floating facility, transporting element, bottom getting device in the form of drum. Getting device is arranged with longitudinal grooves at external surface of drum, having through holes at the ends of grooves. Shell with through cone-shaped holes evenly arranged along their whole surface and oriented with their base outwards is installed on drum. Holes are proportionate to captured concentrate. Drum is installed on side disks displaced relative to end to its centre, and is fixed on support table. Immobile header is rigidly connected to support table, and the header has shape of sector equal to 3/4 of circumference and is oriented symmetrically relative to horizontal axis in direction opposite to motion. Header is installed inside drum, between its end and side disk, and in zone of contact with surface of drum, there is an elastic low-friction coating on header. Support table is installed on vertical hydraulic cylinders mounted on skis. On skis there is also a hopper arranged in the form of truncated cone and electric motor in oil bath with pump connected to header by means of nozzle network.EFFECT: elimination of direct dependence of efficiency on width of buckets, elimination of dead rock lift, production of nonmagnetic minerals, improvement environmental condition in zone of ferromanganese burrs deposits development.2 cl, 6 dwg

Submerged extractive instrument and method of its operation // 2371580
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: submerged extractive instrument includes bottom mining aggregate, containing taking-out modules, installed by means of force-summing element - frames on durable suction flue, fixed on submerged bearing, and bottom bearing-chair. Taking-out modules are installed on bottom ends of force frames, installed movable around and lengthways durable vertical suction flue, fixed on submerged hydraulic mounting with regulated positive and negative flotation ability. Frames and taking-out modules are connected to drives with ability of movement and turn in vertical plane and stepping turn around vertical suction flue, and also regulated movement and turn of taking-out modules relative to frames. Bottom bearing-chair consists of vertical suction flue with fixed on its bottom end reference element. Operation method of extractive instrument is in development with loosening and raking of solid mass of minerals by means of movement of taking-out modules by developed surface with turn under angle of slope to it. Development is implemented on protected by screen circular surface area. Movements of taking-out modules is implemented in radial directions from suction flue to periphery - at loosening and in opposite direction - at raking into latticed container with simultaneous crushing of solid particles against webbing of its lattice, and with periodic stepping turn of them around suction flue.EFFECT: increase of effectiveness, reliability and environmental safety of production works implementation.15 cl, 24 dwg

Aggregate for bottom sediment removal from pools and underwater development of mineral resources // 2367746
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention is intended for bottom sediment (silt) removal from water pools and for underwater development of mineral resources (sapropel) and bulk materials (sand, gravel, gold placers). Aggregate for bottom sediment removal from pools and underwater development of mineral resources includes bottom sediment conveying device mounted on floating medium and consisting of cylinder linked to pipe string, hollow piston installed inside the cylinder, linked to bar string and featuring channel with funnel-shaped section widening towards intake end and closed by shutoff valve. The floating medium carries conveyor device drive maintaining reciprocal movement of bar string. Aggregate is equipped with V-shaped cutter attached to aggregate opposite of aggregate course direction and serving for cutting mineral deposit layer and concentrating it at intake area. Filter with brushes and rods is attached to the cylinder to prevent large particles from penetrating under valve.EFFECT: enhanced friability of caked mineral deposits, extended functional capacity and producing efficiency of aggregate.2 dwg

Scraper-suction screen of dredger // 2363816
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to hydraulic mechanisation and can be implemented at development of placers of minerals of high density in underwater working faces. The scraper-suction screen of the dredger consists of a pipeline and of a suction head with the screen. The screen contains a rigid disk with radial slits and a central impermeable circle. Each radial slit is connected to the suction head with a leak proof channel of alternate shape in cross section, also total area of radial slits does not exceed area of cross section of the suction head. The suction head is equipped with a rotation drive. Scraper blades with cutting edge and stiffening ribs set off relative to axes of radial slits at angle of 20-25° are assembled on the rigid disk below between radial slits.EFFECT: increased efficiency of development of placer sands and reduced losses of valuable components of high density.3 dwg

Complex for extraction of concretions // 2362016
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to hydro-mechanised complexes for extracting concretions from sea bottom. The complex for extraction of concretions consists of a base vessel, of a pulp pump with suction and outlet branches, of a pressure pipeline connected with the outlet and suction branches by means of flanges, and of a perforated branch with dimension of holes equal to a minimal size of extracted concretions. Also the pressure pipeline is directed vertically, while its above water part is pivotally secured on the end of a derricking jib of a swing crane by means of a sleeve; the swing crane is arranged on the base vessel and is designed to lift and lower the pressure pipeline and also to transfer it in horizontal plane. The upper part of the pipe line is connected to a concretion receiving capacity by means of a flexible hose. Four pontoons of a cylinder shape are arranged on the middle part of the pipeline symmetrically relative to its lengthwise axis and along it; the pontoons are designed to be filled with water and to be blown off with compressed air. Also the pontoons are arranged on the pipeline between the flanges secured on the latter; the pontoons are connected between them and pressed to the pipeline by means of flexible bands. Cantilever swinging framework kinematically tied to its swing drive is assembled on the lower section of the pipeline; this framework is designed to rotate relative to the pipeline in horizontal plane. Two blades symmetrically located relative to the suction branch are secured to the framework from below; the blades rest on the water area bottom, grab concretions and transfer concretions to the suction branch. Notably, each of blades is made with a horizontal lower edge in cross section; an inclined part of the blade adjoins the lower edge and forms an acute angle, the vertex of which is directed to the side of blade motion; an upper horizontal edge adjoins the inclined part and is connected to it with a curvilinear section. Value of acute angle is accepted less, than the angle of friction in pair of concretion with host rock that is internal surface of the lower edge and the inclined part. In plane view each blade is profiled along logarithmic spiral with a pole coinciding with the axis of the suction branch; the external relative to the suction branch edge of the blade and its lower edge are bent to the direction of framework swing, while the blade adjoins the suction branch with a minimal circular gap in plane view. The suction branch is made in form of a truncated cone expanding downward. The concretion receiving capacity is made in form of an inclined sieve grate, wherefrom dehydrated concretions are reloaded into movable containers; a sump is assembled under the sieve grate.EFFECT: decreased cost and simplification of design and facilitating part load mode of concretions extraction.4 cl, 5 dwg

Device for burrs production // 2360120
FIELD: transportation; pipeline.SUBSTANCE: device for production of burrs includes basic vessel, sludge pump with suction and discharge nozzles, discharge pipeline, which is connected by flanges with outlet nozzle and discharge pipeline. At that sizes of perforated nozzle openings are accepted as equal to minimum size of produced burrs. Discharge pipeline is oriented vertically. Above-part of pipeline with the help of cartridge is hingedly fixed at the end of derricking rib of rotary crane installed on basic vessel, with the possibility of discharge pipeline lifting and lowering, and also its displacement in horizontal plane. Upper part of pipeline is connected by flexible hose to receiving facility for burrs. On lower part of pipeline cantilever rotary truss is installed in horizontal plane with the possibility of rotation relative to it. Truss is kinematically connected to drive of its rotation. On lower parts of truss, which are symmetrically oriented relative to pipeline, two channels of cylindrical shape cross section are fixed parallel to each other. Horizontally oriented augers equipped with drives of their rotation are installed in channels in bearings. Augers are installed so that they may grasp burrs from water area bottom and shift burrs to suction nozzle of discharge pipeline. Every groove covers auger on top with clearance, on one side on arc of 180 degrees, and on the other side - at 90 degrees. At that larger arc is installed from the side that is opposite to direction of truss rotation. Longitudinal axes of augers in plan are installed on both sides from pipeline axis at the same distance from it on truss parts that are opposite relative to pipeline. Channels of augers are connected to suction nozzle, which is arranged in the form of truncated cone that widens down. Every channel from the side opposite to direction of truss rotation is arranged with slot cuts arranged one behind another along channel length with their lift with bend upwards to the side of suction nozzle and channel overlapping along height equal to auger diametre. Width of slot cuts is accepted as less than minimum size of burrs commercial grain. At that length of every slot cut measured along channel length is accepted as more than step of auger vanes helical surface. Receiving facility for burrs is arranged in the form of inclined fire grate with the possibility to load dehydrated burrs from it into movable containers. Sump is installed under fire grate.EFFECT: simplification and cheapening of device design and provision of partial load mode for burrs.4 cl, 4 dwg

Concretion extraction complex // 2359128
FIELD: production processes.SUBSTANCE: proposed complex relates to hydromechanical complexes designed to extract concretions from sea floor. The proposed complex comprises station ship, pulp pump with inlet and outlet branch pipes, pressure pipeline flange-joined with outlet branch pipe and perforated branch pipe. Note here that the perforated branch pipe holes are taken to equal the minimum sizes of extracted concretions. The pressure pipeline is arranged vertically. The pipeline surface part is hinged to the end of the rotary crane lifting jib to up and down the said pipeline and to move it horizontally. The pipeline top part is connected, via a flexible hose, with concretion receiving device. There are four cylindrical pontoons located at the pipeline medium part symmetrically to its lengthwise axis that can be filled with water and air flushed. Note here that these pontoons are arranged on the pipeline between its flanges and pressed thereto with the help of flexible retainer rings. A cantilever rotary frame is arranged on the pipeline lower part to rotate about it in horizontal plane, articulated to its drive. Two vertical cross section blades are attached, from below, to the frame in symmetry with suction branch pipe to rest of sea surface floor, to grip concretions and move to the suction branch pipe. Every blade profile represents a logarithmic spiral with its pole aligned with the suction branch pipe axis. Note that the blade outer, relative to suction branch pipe, and inner edges are bent out towards the frame rotational direction. The blade adjoins the suction branch pipe with a minimum circular gap. The suction branch pipe represents a tapered cone widening downward. The concretion receiving device represents an inclined feed grate designed to receive dehydrated concretions to be placed into containers. There is a sump located under the said feed grate.EFFECT: simpler and chipper design, atraumatic extraction.4 cl, 5 dwg

Complex for extraction of concretions // 2358106
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: installation for extraction of concretion consists of base vessel, of sludge pump with suction and outlet branches, and of pressure pipeline connected by means of flange with outlet branch. Also sizes of openings of a perforated branch are accepted as equal to minimal size of extracted concretions. The pressure pipeline is directed vertically. By means of a cartridge the above water part of the pipeline is hinged on the end of the lifting jib of the swing crane assembled on the base vessel; the pressure pipeline is intended to be lifted, lowered and displaced in horizontal plane. The upper part of the pipeline is connected with a concretion receiving facility by means of a flexible hose. A cantilever swivel framework is arranged on the lower part of the pipeline and is designed to rotate relative to the pipeline in horizontal plane. Kinematically the framework is connected with the drive of its rotation. Vertically oriented in cross section and symmetrically arranged relative to the suction branch two blades are secured to the framework from below; the blades are designed to rest on the bottom of water area, to grip concretions and to transfer them to the suction branch. Each of blades is profiled in plane along logarithmic spiral with pole coinciding with the axis of the suction branch. Also an external relative to the suction branch edge of the blade and its lower edge are bent to the side of the framework rotation. The blade adjoins the suction branch with a minimal gap in plane. Parametres of logarithmic spiral defining profile of each blade are chosen from ratio: φ-1 ln(ρ a-1)<f, where φ - is instantaneous angular coordinate, rad, ρ - is instantaneous radius, m, a -scale factor equal to ratio of linear and angular rates at logarithmic spiral profile plotting, m, f - is coefficient of sliding friction of concretion with host rock along internal surface of the blade. The suction branch is made in form of a truncated cone expanding downward. The concretion receiving facility is made in form of an inclined grid iron where from free from water concretions are reloaded to movable containers, while under the grid iron there is located a sump.EFFECT: simplification and reduction in cost of structure of complex and facilitation of partial load mode of concretions extraction.5 cl, 4 dwg

Complex for extracting concretions from sea bottom // 2358105
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: complex for extracting concretions from sea bottom consists of base and auxiliary floating vessels kinematically connected by means of flexible elements. A doubled driven block is installed on the swivel platform of the base floating vessel, while a doubled deflecting block is installed on the auxiliary floating vessel; the driven and deflecting blocks interact with two flexible elements. Between them on the flexible elements perforated containers are arranged; the containers have rectangular cross section with cutting edges from the side of a receiving opening. The concretion receiving opening is located on the base floating vessel. The flexible elements are made in form of closed in vertical plane laminated links. The containers are arranged on the links equally spaced along their length. The deflecting blocks on the auxiliary floating vessel are driven and, similar to the base floating vessel, are installed on the platform swiveling in horizontal plane. Containers on the laminar links are secured by means of hinges. Also on sea bottom the axis of the hinge of each container is set off relative to the center of container weight into the side of its receiving opening in horizontal plane and to the side of the upper edge of the container in vertical plane. Additionally, lower strand of links is intended to rest on the sea bottom. A guiding bar incurved upward is located under strands of the flexible elements running down from the doubled driven block; containers after their descending off the driven block interact with the guiding bar. A concretion receiving facility is made in form of inclined perforated chute placed between tight and slack strands of flexible elements moving around the driven block. Nozzles, supplying clean water under pressure into the chute, are arranged over the chute, while under the chute and with a gap there is installed a trough for withdrawing water with slime particles.EFFECT: raised efficiency at increased depth of concretions bedding.3 cl, 4 dwg

Assembly for extracting burs from sea bottom // 2353774
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to hydro-mechanized assemblies for extracting burs from sea bottom. Assembly for extracting burs consists of a base vessel, of a sludge pump with suction and outlet branches, and of a pressurising pipeline connected with the outlet branch by means of a flange; also dimensions of openings of the perforated branch are accepted as equal to a minimal dimension of extracted burs. The pressurising pipeline is directed vertically. By means of a socket sleeve the above-water part of the pipeline is pivotally secured to the end of a derricking jib of a revolving crane assembled on the base vessel so, that the pressurising pipeline can be lowered, lifted and displaced in a horizontal plane. The upper part of the pipeline is connected with a bur receiving capacity by means of a flexible hose. An overhung rotary frame is arranged on the lower part of the pipeline and is designed to rotate relative to the pipeline in a horizontal plane. The frame is kinematically connected to a drive of rotation. Two chutes of a cylinder in cross-section shape and parallel to each other are arranged on the lower parts of the frame symmetrically directed relative to the pipeline. Horizontally pointed screws equipped with drives of their rotation are installed on bearings in the chutes. The screws are designed to grab burs from the bottom of a water area and to transfer them to the suction branch of the pressurising pipeline. Each chute with a gap envelopes screw from atop on arc of 180 degrees from one side and on arc of 90 degrees from another. The bigger arc is placed from the side opposite to the direction of frame rotation. In plane lengthwise axes of screws are located on both sides from the axis of the pipeline at an equal distance from this axis on opposite parts of the frame relative to the pipeline. The chutes of the screws are connected with the suction branch, which is made in form of a truncated cone expanding downward. The bur receiving capacity is made in form an inclined grid, where from free from water burs are reloaded to movable containers. A sump is installed under the grid.EFFECT: simplification and reduction in cost of assembly design, increased efficiency and facilitation of partial load mode of burs extraction.3 cl, 3 dwg