Obtaining peat and machines therefor (E21C49)

E   Fixed constructions(158735)
E21C     ining or quarrying(17294)
E21C49                 Obtaining peat; machines therefor (treating peat c10f)(754)
E21C49/02 - By excavating(16)

ethod for development of peat deposits // 2637346
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: in the method, the extraction area is divided into adjacent even-numbered and odd- numbered parallel entries with width equal to the distance between the tracks of the mining complex, and the length equal to the length of extraction area in near-contour part of the deposit, but not less than 50 m and not more than 100 m, starting from the first odd-numbered stage up to the last odd-numbered stage. After restoring the surface vegetable layer on the even-numbered entries of the bearing capacity which is sufficient for movement of the mining complex with its support thereon, the extraction of odd-numbered entries is carried out in retreat order. When the mining complex is moved from the boundary of the deposit into the depth (direct movement of the complex), the extraction of lump peat is performed from upper cohesive layer by auger device with packing and transportation of packs by means of rope conveyer to the pile located behind the deposit contour. At that, the length of the pile is not more than the width of the extraction area. The extraction of peat from the lower watered layer with formation of peat pulp is carried out in the reverse movement of the mining complex by a mechanic and hydraulic method with hydraulic transportation of pulp via the pulp line into geotextile water-separating containers located the process zone behind the deposit contour.EFFECT: reduced costs for preparation and development of the deposit, increased recovery factor of mineral, elimination of costs for reclamation of the deposit after peat extraction.1 dwg

ethod of production and processing of peat and vegetal-and-peat floating bogs and device for implementing said method // 2599117
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining and can be used in peat industry for production and processing of peat and vegetal-and-peat floating bogs in water reservoirs, as well as for extraction and peat processing on flooded areas. This invention comprizes the fact that excavation of floating in the water reservoir vegetal-and-peat floating bogs is carried out by double-jawed digging automatic grab, located on floating base directly in the water reservoir, with process equipment in the form of modules for excavation, raw material preparation, press-extruder, production of electric energy from gas, diesel-generator, gas generator, electric power, transshipment of ready products and warehouse, combined by transport and power lines. Floating process complex provides processing of vegetal-and-peat raw material in solid, liquid and gaseous fuels with subsequent conversion into electric power, thus providing complete independence of complex as a whole.EFFECT: enabling extraction and processing of peat with moisture content from 50 to 70 % in water area.7 cl, 1 dwg
ethod for production of peat raw material // 2593839
FIELD: peat industry. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to selective extraction of peat raw material from peat deposits, which is used, in particular, in production of peat filtration materials. Method involves excavation of upper layer of a peat deposit with thickness no more than 0.6 m from located on it separate production sections, According to invention excavation is performed from production areas, width and length of which ranges from 1.8 to 2.2 m, and which are located from each other at a distance 0.4-0.6 m, peat raw material used is excavated upper layer of a peat deposit. EFFECT: restoration of peat deposit with selective extraction as peat raw material from peat top layer of a peat deposit (moss peat raw material). 1 cl

Non-volatile process complex for manufacturing of products from peat // 2529059
FIELD: instrumentation.SUBSTANCE: process complex for manufacturing of products from peat includes the following components functionally interconnected with each other - a preparation module, a drying module, a module for shaping of peat raw materials, and a module of processing of wastes of core production. The module of preparation of peat raw materials is made of the following components serially installed and connected to each other by means of belt conveyors - a receiving hopper, a roller separator, a flow magnetic separator, a milling crusher and a press-auger separator, and is connected with the drying module by a belt conveyor, with the shaping module by the belt conveyor, with the module of processing of wastes by the belt conveyor, the belt conveyor and the pipeline. The drying module includes a biofuel storage, connected by means of an auger feeder with a heat generator, connected by an air duct with a tunnel multi-tier dryer, and is interconnected with the help of belt transfer units and conveyors with the shaping module. The shaping module is equipped with batching hoppers of additional raw materials, connected by a belt conveyor with a double-auger attrition mill, connected via a feeding hopper with an auger extruder, equipped with replaceable draw plates and connected by a belt conveyor with a filler of big bags, connected with a finished goods warehouse by means of a fork lift and interconnected with the help of belt conveyors and transfer units with the drying module. The module of processing of core production wastes is equipped with a receiving hopper for metal inclusions, a settling tank for water by the connected pipeline via filters with peat charge with a reservoir for service water, equipped with a pump house and a storage of wastes, connected by the belt conveyor to the hammer crusher, connected by the belt conveyor with the biofuel storage included into the drying module.EFFECT: provision of the possibility to produce various peat products from peat raw materials of any type and quality when supplying to non-volatile production.1 dwg, 6 cl

Peat production screw-type unit // 2522686
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: screw-type unit comprises some screws with cutters fitted thereat. Said screws are arranged linearly with minimum clearances there between. Note here that shafts of said screws at their tope part are articulated via horizontal closed chain circuit to interact with gears fitted on screw shafts. Said screws are fitted in the housing with hole at its top part for peat unloading. Said housing surrounds all screws in a wavy way. Shafts of outer screws are equipped with independent drives.EFFECT: higher efficiency at lower power input.3 dwg

Auger type peat production plant // 2513576
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to open working of minerals, peat and medical-peat deposits, mainly, in frozen state. Proposed plant comprises auger with cutting tool fitted thereat and planetary gearbox, said auger being fitted in casing with ledges on its inner surface. Said casing is driven be planetary gearbox in direction opposite that of auger at transfer of torque to auger and to outer casing from one drive. Casing ID is 1.52 times larger than that of auger. Casing inner surface accommodates helical groove with winding direction opposite that of auger helical winding and with helical drove inner edge gap relative to cylindrical surface constricting auger outer edges. Said casing incorporates cutting edges.EFFECT: higher machine efficiency.2 cl, 2 dwg
ethod of producing garden and combustible peat // 2499141
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: in compliance with this invention, plop surface upper layer is plowed by mounted plow to depth of 10-15 cm to disc peat layers into separate fragments by disc harrow to depth of 15 cm and surface harrowing to remove off-grade inclusions, crushing of lumps and surface leveling. After sun-drying, peat is raked by scrapers or bulldozer into bulks wherefrom dried peat is transferred for further use. For this, small agricultural machinery is used.EFFECT: simplified equipment, power and metal savings, lower costs.2 cl

ethod to produce sod peat and peat-producing machine // 2492325
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: method includes stages of peat production from a peat production field using a producing auger installed in a winning pipe, supply of produced peat under pressure into outlet nozzles, with which the winning pipe is equipped, cutting of pressed peat discharged from outlet nozzles, into pieces. At the same time the method includes a stage of transfer into the peat production field stack, by means of a belt conveyor or a similar device, of sod peat produced at different distances from the peat production field. Besides, transfer of the freshly produced sod peat is carried out with its laying above the previously produced sod peat dried without usage of turning and bundling.EFFECT: minimised number of vehicles, working stages and reduced losses of peat.14 cl, 8 dwg

ethod to mine gravel deposits of minerals // 2476674
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: in the method to mine gravel deposits, including contouring of balance reserves by data of exploration wells, opening of a sand bed, performance of opening and production works, after contouring of balance reserves the opening works are carried out with solid transverse trips into a dump to the level of the maximum elevation of the balance reserves contour. Production works are started by slabbing with a bulldozer in the area of the maximum elevation of the balance reserves contour with transportation of sands into a mined space. Each subsequent lifting of the balance reserves contour is mined in the similar manner, peats located between lifts of the balance reserves contour are transported through slabbing with secondary displacement into the dump.EFFECT: reduced operational losses of a useful component.2 dwg

Development method of peat fields in water areas of water-storage reservoirs, and device for method's implementation // 2444590
FIELD: ecology.SUBSTANCE: peat fields floating in water areas of the water-storage reservoir are cut into blocks with sizes of sides of 2040 m with thin water jet under a pressure of 120-150 at and the range of 20-25 m, which is obtained by means of hydraulic monitor installed on the floating platform with attached equipment.EFFECT: higher cleaning efficiency of water-storage reservoirs from floating peat fields.2 cl, 1 dwg

Auger plant for production of peat // 2412353
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: device comprises auger with cutting tool installed on it and planetary reducer. Auger is placed into jacket with longitudinal ledges on inner surface, rotating with the help of planetary reducer in the opposite direction relative to direction of auger rotation, besides, torque to auger and external jacket is sent from single drive.EFFECT: improved efficiency of broken mineral transportation process.2 dwg

atrix for moulding // 2379516
FIELD: mining engineering.SUBSTANCE: matrix for moulding contains contains casing, which, according to the invention, is implemented as divided. Divided casing contains external and internal parts, located co-axial with ability of free motion in axial direction relative to each other and forming annular slot. Two parts of casing are connected to each other by screws, herewith between heads of screws and external casing there are installed springs, which overlaps annular slot at absence of solution pressure in feeding system of binding additive.EFFECT: simplification of moulding of as damp, as and dry materials, ensured by friction reduction.2 cl, 1 dwg

ethod and equipment for excavation of garden or fuel peat and product out of fuel peat // 2353773
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to method of excavation of garden or fuel peat. Peat is extracted from a bog, is transported from the bog at a distance to a drying field, whereon transported peat is dried with the use mainly of direct solar energy so, that peat is being dried under influence of solar radiation and wind. When peat is dried, it is transferred from the drying place for further use or storing. The said drying field is made in form of specially leveled field, in essence not permeable to water and accommodated for drying; peat is spread on the field in form of a thin layer of 1-15 cm thickness of high consistent mass with contents of solid substance of 8-30%.EFFECT: creating method and equipment which facilitate more efficient use of peat bogs with their banks without producing dust, noise and harmful effect to rivers.17 cl, 11 dwg

Complex for extracting mineral resources, in particular, peat // 2304721
FIELD: mining industry, possible use in peat industry for extracting peat at non-dried, natural peat deposits.SUBSTANCE: complex for extracting mineral resources, peat in particular, contains a lift with a winch for raising and deepening working organ in form of a system of coaxially positioned upper and internal pipes, the latter being connected to hydro-monitor in lower part, slurry pipelines, drilling plant containing diesel plant, high pressure forcing pump. Complex is also provided with water intake pump having pipeline tubing and connected to slurry pipeline by vacuum pump. Platform is made in form of a pontoon and connected by rigid connection to off-road rig, and on it high pressure forcing pump, diesel plant, vacuum pump are mounted and interconnected, and additional pipes are positioned for drilling the well and extending the slurry pipeline. Working organ is provided with peat intake connected to external pipe, which is positioned above the hydro-monitor, and has radially made apertures along whole perimeter with diameter not less than 15 mm, hydro-monitor being made in form of conical tip, perforated across whole surface, with diameter of apertures not more than 3 mm, while external pipe through the vacuum pump is connected to the slurry pipeline.EFFECT: lowered costs, ensured ecological safety, increased reliability, shorter times needed to launch areas into operation, extended peat extraction season and transition to year-round production.5 dwg
Peat production method // 2287689
FIELD: open-pit mining for obtaining peat.SUBSTANCE: method involves prior dewatering peat deposit; serially excavating peat from separate zones for depth equal to peat deposit thickness; installing caisson with watertight walls to isolate zone having volume equal to that of caisson from remainder peat deposit; pumping out water from peat deposit zone isolated by caisson to dewater peat inside caisson; removing peat from caisson along with retaining of cut upper horizontal ground forming layer; taking out caisson from excavated zone and diverting water from adjacent zones to above excavated zone; filling hole created in place of previous caisson location with cut upper horizontal ground-forming layer; reinstalling caisson in adjacent zone and repeating above peat production operations.EFFECT: increased output due to reduced time of prior peat deposit dewatering, reduced peat drying time due to production of peat mass having lesser moisture content and possibility to maintain natural water balance of surrounding territory.

illing cutter // 2253016
FIELD: mining industry.SUBSTANCE: device has frame, front and back supporting rollers, cutter with working elements in form of thin plates placed along spiral line, forming apparatus, drive. Edges of thin plate of working elements are made in form of parabolic curve. Plates of working elements are made even, slanted and, in turns, rotated in opposite directions. Back support roller is mounted on side holders of front portion of forming apparatus.EFFECT: higher quality.8 dwg

Device for artificial peat drying in a mat // 2250996
FIELD: drying equipment engineering.SUBSTANCE: device has frame with frontal and backward rotary support rollers, sole with groove on surface and heaters placed therein. Device is provided with mechanism for vertical displacement of soil, placed between ends of frame and sole, on running surface of rollers ball-like shelves are placed in staggered order. Vertical displacement mechanism is made of guide with post, held on the middle of each frame end, and of screw positioned on guide aperture, having two nuts, on sole surface groove is made along shape of common sine curve in form of even size portions serially placed one after the other along and symmetrically to longitudinal axis of sole. One nut is set on screw above said guide and made in form of hub and wheel placed below it, rigidly interconnected by rods, and other nut is set on screw below the guide. Size of ball-like shelves, length and width of sole are determined from mathematical formulae.EFFECT: higher efficiency.11 dwg

The way to determine the local stresses in the rock // 2215149
The invention relates to the field of study of rocks and can be used to determine the stresses acting in the rock

Unit for cutting through the cracks in the peat deposits // 2212501
The invention relates to machines for cutting through the cracks in the peat deposits and can be used in land reclamation for slotted drainage of peat-bog soils with charcoal inclusions and localization of fires by cutting to the mineral soil cracks in the peat deposits

ethod of peat extraction // 2206750
The invention relates to the extraction of peat mainly for agricultural purposes in the areas of sustainable freezing peat deposits

Frazier // 2193663
The invention relates to a device for milling peat deposits, in particular for milling drums used in the turf industry

The nozzle of the pneumatic machine corroborates // 2185512
The invention relates to techniques for the production of milled peat, namely bunker peat harvesting machines, providing cleaning due to the impact on peat particles of the stream of air is sucked through the nozzle under pressure
The method of extraction of metals // 2185511
The invention relates to the field of mining industry and can be used for extraction of metals from peat

Device for layer-by-layer production of lump peat // 2184236
The invention relates to peat industry, namely, machines for the production of lump peat carved on bespite deposits

Device for raking milled peat // 2170822
The invention relates to peat industry, namely, devices for the production of milled peat

ethod of production of milled peat // 2150003
The invention relates to peat industry, in particular to methods of peat extraction of fuel and agricultural purposes

ethod of peat extraction peat deposits // 2146004
The invention relates to peat industry, in particular to methods of peat extraction of raw materials intended for obtaining a utility fuel in the form of lumps and pellets to obtain fertilizers and other peat products

How to determine ksusenosti developed peat layer // 2130551
The invention relates to the extraction of peat milling method and can be used in the peat industry to assess ksusenosti peat deposits on the developed areas of peat deposits

Device for forming peat // 2130550
The invention relates to peat machines, namely, devices for forming peat with low humidity

Ripper peat // 2130549
The invention relates to agricultural machines, namely, devices for surface loosening peat used in the extraction of peat raw materials for agricultural and industrial needs
A method of obtaining a lump of peat // 2127810
The invention relates to peat industry, in particular to the processing of peat raw materials, and is designed to receive lump peat

Lake setting // 2123599
The invention relates to the development of silty soils, can be used for extraction of sapropel and cleaning of water bodies from silt and aimed at improving the quality and expanding the scope of the sapropels

Device for sampling milled peat // 2121577
The invention relates to the field of machinery for mechanical sampling of solid granular material, in particular to a device for inspecting the quality of milled peat, coal, grain

Device for sampling of solid granular material // 2119057
The invention relates to a means for mechanical sampling of solid granular material used with peat, coal industries and agriculture
A method of obtaining a granulated peat for domestic needs // 2103511
The invention relates to peat industry, in particular to obtain granulated peat in the field

The method of extraction of sapropel // 2065054
The invention relates to agriculture and can be used for extraction of sapropel, which organic fertilizers

Installation for production of lake silt // 2059048
The invention relates to submarine development silty soils and can be used for production and packaging of sapropel

The method of harvesting and milling peat from piles and device for its implementation // 2039281
The invention relates to the production of milled peat, on the slopes of the piles

ethod for the production of peat // 2027008
The invention relates to the production technology of peat

The production method of the molded peat // 2024755
The invention relates to the technology of peat extraction

Stand for simulation testing of equipment for layer - by-layer surface milling peat deposits // 2024754
The invention relates to stands for the accelerated verification of operational reliability wide equipment, mainly multiple cutters for layer-by-layer surface milling peat deposits, and can be used in the peat industry and agriculture

ethod for the production of granulated peat mixtures // 2018672
The invention relates to methods for production of granular mixtures in the factory

The lifting mechanism and force of penetration of the working body of otbornye samples // 2010974
The invention relates to means for mechanical sampling of bulk material, in particular milled peat, fine coal, grain, and t