By use of highly pressurised liquid (E21C45/04)

E   Fixed constructions(158735)
E21C     ining or quarrying(17294)
E21C45/04                     By use of highly pressurised liquid(57)

echanised face complex with mineral production in large blocks and delivery by escalators // 2398107
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining, in particular mechanised face complexes for underground development of mineral deposited in sloping beds. Mechanised face complex for production of mineral deposited in sloping beds, its development in large blocks and delivery of these blocks by escalators, includes sections of powered support, hydraulic cutting cleaning machine with rolls, providing for its motion, to cut the mineral from bottomhole massif in large blocks with the possibility to cut transverse slots while hydraulic cutting machine is immovable, and to cut back vertical slot by means of continuous motion of hydraulic cutting machine with actuators and hydraulic cutting heads joined via metal tubes, on which they are rigidly fixed, with water supply manifold, outgoing from multipliers that impart ultrahigh pressure to water, hydraulic booster installed with the possibility of its continuous feeding with water and emulsion by means of continuously joined hoses of hydraulic cutting machine to water supply and emulsion manifolds, layer of manifolds for provision of possibility to re-arrange specified manifolds as hydraulic cutting machine moves and changes its direction of movement in process of idle run. Hydraulic cutting machine is arranged with the possibility to cut longitudinal slots parallel to plane of bed, simultaneously to cutting of back vertical slot with application of special hydraulic cutting untis, hydraulic booster is arranged with the possibility to feed water of ultrahigh pressure at actuators providing for cutting of back vertical and longitudinal slots as hydraulic cutting machine moves, and while hydraulic cutting machine is immovable - with the possibility to feed all water to actuators providing for transverse hydraulic cutting, besides lengths of all sections along length of long face of continuous cutting of transverse slots at one side and back vertical and longitudinal slots at the other side are identical. At the same time complex is equipped with suspended platform joined at goaf side of the second escalator to move long face of hydraulic cutting machine along it by means of electric drive connected to driving sprocket engages with track chain arranged in cute also laid in suspension platform, and body of track chain holds all communications providing for operation of hydraulic booster: emulsion discharge and drain manifolds, water manifold and electric cable.EFFECT: increased efficiency of cleaning face, provision of high safety level, reduced release of gas and dust into atmosphere of long face.4 cl, 10 dwg

Pulsed liquid jet generation method and device // 2310078
FIELD: mineral mining and ground erosion, particularly pulsed liquid monitors and high-velocity jet devices.SUBSTANCE: method involves twisting liquid jet under pressure to create at least two oppositely directed vortexes defined by swirled liquid jets with equal supply pressures having peripheries communicated with cavity having controllable elasticity; injecting additional high-pressure liquid in jet nozzle; mixing additional liquid with variable-flow swirled liquid jet. Device for above method realization comprises body 1 with vortex chamber 5, jet twisting channels 3, outlet nozzle 10, pressure pipeline 2 communicated with twisting channels 3, as well as central body installed in vortex chamber 5 so that the central body is spaced from vortex chamber 5 and space 7 is created in-between. The central body 8 has cavity with controllable elasticity 6 communicated with vortex chamber 5. The cavity is connected with outlet nozzle through said space 7. Twisting channels 3 are formed in at least two vortex chamber 5 cross-sectional planes and provide jet swirling in opposite twisting directions. The twisting channels are communicated with pressure pipeline 2. Device also comprises jet nozzle 4 adapted to create high-velocity constant-flow jet.EFFECT: increased pulsed jet efficiency.7 cl, 4 dwg

Liquid jet generation method and device // 2307938
FIELD: methods of hydraulic mining, hydraulic monitors, particularly devices to generate high-velocity jets in hydraulic cutting devices adapted, for instance, for hydrodynamic high-strength metal structure and rock cutting.SUBSTANCE: method involves forcing accelerated flow through annular nozzle to create liquid jet shaped as hollow cone at nozzle end along with following hollow cone jet collapse and secondary high-velocity jet generation. Accelerated flow is additionally mixed with abrasive particles inside mixing chamber. Reverse jet mixed with abrasive particles is deflected from cutting zone and passes into accumulation chamber. Liquid jet forming device comprises body 1 with jet generation means 2 and mixing chamber 3 for liquid mixing with abrasive particles, collimator 4 and pipe 5 to deliver abrasive particles to mixing chamber 3. Device also has insert 6 arranged in body 1 and including reverse jet accumulation chamber located in lower part thereof. Connected to reverse jet accumulation chamber is lid 9 fastened to upper chamber part by means of bolts 8. Lid 9 is threadedly connected to the body. Mixing chamber 3 and collimator 4 are defined by inner annular body surface and outer annular insert 6 surface.EFFECT: increased hydroabrasive cutting efficiency without high-pressure apparatus power increase due to increased impact action applied by liquid jet to material to be cut.2 cl, 3 dwg, 1 ex

Tool for waterjet cutting hard materials // 2109950
The invention relates to techniques for processing hard materials high-speed jets of water and can be used in all areas of the economy, including as a rock organ of mining machines