ethods of hydraulic mining and hydraulic monitors and and (E21C45)

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E21C     ining or quarrying(17294)
E21C45                 ethods of hydraulic mining; hydraulic monitors (e21c0025600000 takes precedence);;(1152)

Hydraulic bore mining of minerals // 2640611
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic bore mining of minerals includes drilling of technological wells, placement of hydraulic seals and pressure pipelines in them, erosion of the productive formation. The erosion of the productive formation is carried out in the direction from the side of the split trench to the outlet to the surface. Mining is formed, the stability of its arch is determined by the parameters of erosion along the width and height of the reservoir and the physical and mechanical properties of the rocks being developed. The pulp is delivered to the pulp-receiving ditch through the formed rock mine in the gravity-flowing regime.EFFECT: increased productivity of the process of minerals mining.2 cl, 4 dwg
ethod for hydraulic borehole mining // 2635928
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method includes drilling a production well, placing a hydraulic recovery unit therein, at that agent-feeding strings in the hydraulic recovery unit and a pulp-lifting pipe of the hydraulic unit in production well are arranged eccentrically with for their independent vertical motion, wherein the pressure water conduit of the hydraulic monitor for hydraulic washing is placed outside the pulp-lifting pipe. The borehole hydraulic mining is carried out by placing the suction tip of the airlift of the hydraulic mining unit at the lower boundary of the production bed, and hydraulic washing is carried out independently by vertical movement of the pressure water conduit of the hydraulic monitor along the entire production ore bed opened by production well, providing its caving with continuous formation of stopping chamber increasing both in diameter and in height with an unstable roof and side walls with constant approximation of hydraulic monitor to the constantly distancing face. The ore falling down to the suction plane is hydroweighted by upward water flow of hydraulic monitor for hydroweighing, the water conduit of which is located inside the pulp-lifting pipe of the hydraulic mining unit, sucked in the suction mode under the bed and lifted by the airlift to the surface.EFFECT: efficient, high performance borehole hydraulic mining of thick flooded deposits with loose rocks non-uniform in strength.3 cl, 2 dwg

Device for well hydraulic mining of minerals // 2634466
FIELD: mining engineering.SUBSTANCE: device comprising a water conduit located in an inclined well, a wall with a port, in which a tail part of a rotating hydro-monitor is fixed for forming a face in the form of a semi-circle with a given radius R in section perpendicular to well axis, a support and a rotator, according to the invention, the tail part of the rotating hydraulic monitor is provided with a flexible branch pipe which is inserted into the rotator mounted at the end of the water so as to allow rotation of the hydraulic monitor with flexible pipe around the end of the water conduit and around the axis of the wall with the port with a variable radius RD depending on the change of the given radius R of the half-circumference of the face.EFFECT: expansion of the jet coverage area using a single hydro-monitor and significant increase in the volume of mineral produced from each well.2 cl, 5 dwg, 1 tbl

Hydraulic monitor shaft water flow damper // 2608592
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to field of mineral resources hydraulic exploration. Water flow damper is made of two mutually perpendicular plates crossing along hydraulic monitor shaft axis, equipped with nozzle. Plates are made two-layered. Between plates layers branch pipes are arranged communicated with atmosphere and with inducing tube, one end of which is equipped with conical shaped plug and aligned with plates end.EFFECT: enabling water jet breaking higher efficiency.1 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of water jet stream forming and device for its implementation // 2608591
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to fluid jet forming method and device for its implementation. Method consists in fact, that accompanying energy flow is directed along jet path in form of DC voltage electric current, which positive charge is supplied to filamentary conductor along jet path on jet density reduction section, and negative charge is supplied to water jet nozzle. Jet formation device includes water jet, nozzle, to nozzle outer edge upper part flexible filamentary conductor is fixed through insulator from conductive material with length, equal to distance from nozzle outer edge to face, wherein filamentary conductor is insulated along jet initial section length.EFFECT: enabling water jet breaking higher efficiency.2 cl, 2 dwg

Hydraulic weighing device of downhole hydraulic unit // 2603985
FIELD: hydraulic engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydraulic mining. Hydraulic weighing device of downhole hydraulic unit includes separate vertically movable pressure waterway, shifted along inner side surface of pulp lifting pipe of airlift, and hydraulic weighing decompressed rock mass. Pressure waterway with jetting equipment at its end comprises immovably installed and configured to form flat high-speed vertically inclined reflected water jet box-shaped reflector with stereo forming hydraulic monitoring caps in bottom part. Hydraulic monitor and box-shaped reflector are located inside protective receiving array of airlift suction tip.EFFECT: higher stability, efficiency and maximum productivity are provided.1 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of melting of frozen rocks and soil // 2602460
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to chemical industry, mining, in particular, to artificial thawing of frozen rocks in mining industry and construction, and can be used in development of gravel deposits, including using external energy sources, in particular nuclear. Method involves removal of top soil on area to be thawed, flooding thawed area with a liquid. Area is flooded with liquid containing concentrated aqueous solution of alcohol, liquid is collected from thawed area, which is taken for regeneration with restoration of initial concentration of alcohol, on thawed section liquid is fed heated to 30-50 °C, collection of liquid for regeneration is carried out in process of washing soil or rock, supply and collection of liquid on thawed area is performed in order to maintain mean alcohol content in flooding mode at a level higher than 10 %.EFFECT: technical result is simplification of technology and higher efficiency.4 cl, 4 tbl, 1 dwg

ethod for combined development of gently pitching coal beds // 2600579
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining and can be used in development of coal bed, including with non-standard conditions of coal beds, as well as at final stage of open mining and already used mine fields. Method of combined development includes following stages. Stage of development of coal beds with capacity of up to 5 m, on which open mining operations manufacturing involves preparation of coal bed and platform. On aligned platform, installing a system for open underground development, using said system for open and underground mining in an ascending path performing coal extraction with extraction chambers with width of 4 m and height of 4.5 m, length of up to 300 m, wherein inclination angle of chambers corresponds to seam dip angle and can vary in a range from 0 to 25° to horizontal line. Between extraction chambers on horizontal component a barrier pillar is left with width of 5 m. And a stage of development of coal beds with capacity of more than 5 m or formations above 5-metre mark from base of platform, on which over said extraction chambers are drilled wells with diameter of 200-250 mm, length of up to 300 m.EFFECT: invention increases completeness of coal production.1 cl, 4 dwg

Development of productive depths in urbanised territory and subsurface facilities to this end // 2574084
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: claimed process comprises the selection of mineral extraction location proceeding from geological conditions of ore occurrence, well drilling and development. Hydraulic borehole mining is executed at underground heading, i.e. at ore occurrence stope. The stope worked volume is filled by overlying rock failure. At the selection of the hard mineral working location additionally considered are the local requirements and constraints in operation of given site of urbanised territory. Geotechnological wells are drilled and developed to a hexagonal cell. Extraction of hard minerals and failure of overlying rock massif are performed inside the depth volume confined by a right hexagonal parallelepiped. The latter is composed by encase wells drilled from the surface to rock deposit bottom. A complete backfilling of worked space comprises the slot cut of side panels of hexagonal massif of rock overlying the stope roof from the rock massif surrounding the aforesaid cell. This causes the self-failure of rock within the boundaries of the hexagonal parallelepiped and the formation of a new overlying hexagonal cavity.EFFECT: possibility of underground local ore working under conditions of territory development and simultaneous formation of underground cavity.2 cl, 5 dwg

ethod and device for borehole hydromining of friable ores (versions) // 2565624
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to mining through the reservoir-tapping wells. The method of borehole hydromining of friable ores consists in drilling of tapping wells, installation of casings, fitting of wells with working vehicles, the ascending extraction of the mineral with subsequent filling of the volume of extracted ore, supply into the working excavation through lines of compressed air, working medium and filling mix. Meanwhile ore is destructed by alternate creation in a working medium of high and low pressure by pneumatic impulses. Ore is excavated along the height to the value of design height of the chamber then the working vehicle is lifted to this height, the casing section at the level of the design height of the chamber is destructed, the chamber is filled with the filling mix and following such procedure ore reserves are extracted for the whole width of the well-tapped deposit.EFFECT: increase of area of working excavation per well, ore destruction intensification, decrease of production losses, improvement of technological capabilities of borehole hydromining are provided.3 cl, 12 dwg
ethod of processing of brown coal in place of its bedding // 2563260
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method of processing of brown coal in the place of its bedding comprises drilling of vertical, inclined or horizontal wells from daylight surface down to the deposit, simultaneous mechanical action by axial and radial water jet flows from the borehole hydromining tool. The physical action is performed by means of rotation of radial flows, untwisting the crushed rock mass around the borehole hydromining tool, thus implementing jet mill effect. The suspension with the first dispersed medium is obtained in the form of the first target product - liquid concentrate of water-soluble humic acids which after rotary elutriation of brown coal and inorganic components is sucked in through the filter by the borehole hydromining tool and is supplied to the daylight surface. After drainage of the extraction chamber the physical and chemical impact action on the elutriated brown coal is performed by means of supply into the extraction chamber of alkalized water which as the second target product through the filter is sucked in by the borehole hydromining tool and is supplied to the daylight surface. Further obtaining target products.EFFECT: significant growth of productivity and expansion of range of the target products obtained during of production in the form of useful mineral components.

ethod for hydromechanical benefication of brown coal products of hydraulic borehole mining, and process line for its implementation // 2539527
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method for hydromechanical benefication involves drilling of production wells, water-jet destruction of a mineral deposit in extraction chambers of the deposit with its changer over to a movable state as a part of a hydraulic mixture, hydraulic lifting via the well to day surface from extraction chambers of the hydraulic mixture in the form of pulp, hydraulic transportation of pulp to a benefication place, and gravitational benefication of the mineral deposit in water medium. Destruction of the deposit is performed during formation of an extraction chamber with a vertical symmetry axis in the form of a rotation figure: cylinder, cone or ball, thus creating a circular flow of coal hydraulic mixture, which is swirled about the vertical symmetry axis, and depositing foreign heavy inclusions and sand at the bottom of the extraction chamber in the created hydraulic cyclone. Suction of coal hydraulic mixture is performed from the level above deposit level; turbulent hydraulic transportation of pulp from the extraction chamber to the place of its preparation for benefication is performed via pipelines. Hydromechanical treatment of pulp is performed so that a brown coal suspension is performed. Target products are obtained in the form of a concentrate of humic acids and a concentrate of bitumens by tangential supply of the flow of the brown coal suspension to a conical sedimentation basin, filling of the sedimentation basin with further settlement of the brown coal suspension and staged pumping-out of highly disperse fractions that are settled subsequently with their supply to different accumulation tanks for collection of target products and benefication tailings. The processing line implementing this method consists of three sections - borehole hydraulic mining, hydraulic transportation and benefication - subsequently dispersing brown coal till fineness.EFFECT: implementation of staged production of target products.4 cl, 2 dwg

Clay mineral deposits development method // 2537460
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: development method comprises opening-up of developed field reserves, ditch driving along the whole length of the production block, water flooding of the production block for disintegration of clay sand and their subsequent improvement by the production complex with installation of pressure of head hydraulic transportation and concentration plant. Before grooving of slits by cross-cut and longitudinal passes of slit-cutting unit, and also water flooding of the production block for disintegration of clay sand and their subsequent improvement, using experimental and analytical methods the bending compression and tension characteristics of high clayey sands in various locations of placer deposits are determined. The dynamics of change of elastic characteristics in these sections is determined, the correlation of response curve of resiliency of sand at water saturation of separate sections of the field with the relative wave resistance of sand in these sections is studied, and grooving of cracks at the distance from each other depending on the change of response curve of sand resiliency of at water saturation is performed.EFFECT: achievement of high level of disintegration of clay sands difficult for wash-out, minimising of process losses of valuable component and decrease of mining expenses.3 dwg

Hydraulic bore mining of minerals // 2525398
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining and can be used at mining operations. Proposed method comprises drilling the row of test wells to fit downhole hydromining units therein and to washout minerals therefrom by fluid jets forced by said units for pulp to be delivered to surface. Drilled pipes are inclined in the plane perpendicular to spread of said row. Wells are drilled in a row to distance equal to double efficient length of washout jet while rows are spaced apart through distance equal to efficient length of washout jet. Washout is performed from wells towards hanging layer to form the face with hemispherical cross-section perpendicular to well axis.EFFECT: reliable egress of minerals, washout at dried face.3 cl, 9 dwg

Hydraulic site for coal seam mining with underground closed-cycle water supply // 2521207
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining and can be used for hydraulic process of coal production. Main and auxiliary openings are driven via tandem and/or single faces that delineate blocks, barrier and safety pillars. Water is forced into faces by pump stations after cleaning at drainage complexes, mechanised settlers and/or water headers. The latter are located in intercommunicated chambers located at lower points of hydraulic site blocks and exiting into accumulation openings via which hydraulic transport is performed and rock is discharged. Abandoned pillars are liquidated after working of extraction pillar at backstroke in tow-side or single-side cuts. Water is cleaned at mechanised settlers and/or water headers with application of combination of water cleaning technical means and processes. For this, used are, for example, water impermeable partitions with water bypass nearby bottom, thin-layer clarifiers, flotation, coagulation, water processing by constant pulsating current, etc.EFFECT: working of coal at complex mining and geological conditions, lower costs.4 cl, 2 dwg

ethane hydrate development method and device for its implementation // 2520232
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: method for development of methane hydrates is based on their breaking by water jets at a temperature of more than 285K with the rate more than 1 m/s in a pulse mode with a frequency in the range from 1 up to 200 Hz, gasification and lifting from the seabed. A device for development of methane hydrates contains a floating device, handling equipment, a power generating unit, pipelines, a control unit and an underwater methane hydrate development unit in which body there is an installed infrared heater, a water-jet monitor with pressurised water feed equipment and a gas bleeder.EFFECT: improvement of energy efficiency for underwater development of methane hydrates and their lifting to the floating device.2 cl, 1 dwg

Hydraulic borehole mining of hard minerals // 2517728
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining and can be used for hydraulic borehole mining of minerals. Proposed method comprises opening of the deposit via central and peripheral wells, placing the equipment therein and opening of adjacent chambers in layers, from bottom to top, starting from peripheral chambers. Prior to opening of the next layer through the entire bed thickness, undercut chamber is formed nearby soil of formed chamber and, parallel with said layer, of artificial ceiling of hardening material with inclination to centre. Shrinkage of fallen rock and filling of opened space with hardening material, opening and backfilling of central chamber at development of every chamber. After making of said artificial ceiling, several hydraulic cuts are made over the height of temporary wells. After formation of undercut space, rocks are hydraulically fractured from lower hydraulic cuts to force fluid into fracture unless rock failure into undercut space. Caved rock is partially flooded by hydraulic fracture fluid and giants to wash out the rock. As rock disintegrates, pulp is fed to the surface. As magazine level drops below design mark, hydraulic fracturing is repeated from hydraulic cut closest to stripped area, shrinkage, wash-out and discharge of pulp. Then, said jobs are repeated unless stripped area reaches aforesaid artificial ceiling. Now, shrunk rock is completely washed put, pulp is discharged and stripped area is filled.EFFECT: selective extraction, decreased losses of minerals and costs, lower environmental effects.8 cl, 5 dwg

ethod of well hydromining at excavation with preliminary drying of minerals // 2499140
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: proposed method comprises exposure of producing formation by production well equipped with jetting equipment and jetting of minerals. Nearby soil of developed strata horizontal drain hole is drilled for preliminary drying of working zone and creating conditions for operation of jetting in air. Note here that minerals are broken by jetting, gravity and increasing rock pressure resulted from underground water level decrease. This allows mining the minerals at strength of 3-5 MPa. Light grade well is drilled in vertical plane with drain well inclined to mouth to allow outflow of hydraulic mix by gravity and accumulated in settler. Operation of wells of hydromining complex is performed in turns. First, drain well is activated. After water level drop below giant jet nozzle, giant jet is activated. Minerals are mined by intervals in direction from bottom to mouth of operation well and with withdrawal of casing tubes.EFFECT: higher efficiency of hydromining.1 dwg

Device for hydraulic mining of coal beds // 2498070
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a machine with a hydraulic drive of reciprocal and return-rotary displacement, a two-channel tubular frame, a jet working element, a system to supply and distribute discharge liquid. The working element is equipped with the main and auxiliary jet-forming shafts with attachments and separated channels of discharge liquid supply to them. The main shaft is installed at the angle of 90°, and auxiliary shafts - at the angles of accordingly 45° and 3-10° to the longitudinal axis of the working element. Supply of the discharge liquid to channels is adjusted to a two-position distributor installed on the shaft of the hydraulic drive of return-rotary displacement.EFFECT: simplified design, increased reliability of design, increased safety and efficiency of labour.4 cl, 3 dwg

ethod for hydraulic mining of coal beds // 2498066
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: first preparatory field mines are driven - level haulage and ventilation drifts with identical geodetic elevations, block crossdrifts and accumulating drifts with an inclination for a self-flow transport, stripping wells are drilled at the right angle to the bed plane, then, line cuts are washed by the hydraulic method. Level haulage and ventilation drifts stretch at identical geodetic elevations to form a ventilation scheme with horizontal depression. The area of line cuts is increased to initiate the process of caving of a hanging massif in a stope. The stope bottom is formed by washing of line cuts with an inclination providing for accumulation of caved coal through self-flow. The caved coal is magazined to control shift of side rocks in the stope. Chambers that are adjacent to the mined space are separated by barrier sight pillars. Oversize material is crushed, and coal mass is periodically discharged in dosing manner into the accumulating drift to provide for stope bottom movement up the pitch.EFFECT: elimination of air leaks through a mined space, reduced contamination of coal by caved rocks, higher reliability of breaking face functioning and labour safety.2 dwg

System to extract hydrothermal energy from deepwater oceanic sources and to extract resources from ocean bottom // 2485316
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: system capable of using naturally reheated fluids produced from hydrothermal channels with the purpose to develop and use practically unlimited quantity of thermal energy contained in specified fluids. The system comprises the main system made of three parts: a funnel, pipe sections and any combination of several mechanical fixtures. The extracted thermal energy is used to drive steam turbines or other equipment for generation of power, which is transported to earth surface, water desalination or for any other production, requiring thermal energy. Besides, the specified thermal energy may simultaneously or separately be introduced into the extracting plant for extraction of resources in order to extract precious metals, mineral and chemical substances without system modification.EFFECT: provision of a reliable mechanism for extraction of thermal energy from an ocean bottom and such precious resources as minerals, metals and chemical substances.37 cl, 5 dwg

ethod for combined development of bed series // 2477793
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method includes exposure and development of reserves by open-cut method, exposure, preparation and working-out the reserves in cut edges by underground method, transportation of rock mass and maintaining protective pillars. When eliminating the front of open mining at safety distance there performed is an exposure of underground mining unit in cut edge that includes several beds. There passed are ventilation and pulp-haulage drift ways that are cut by pulp-haulage roadway, and from the surface there drilled are wells along coal beds till pulp-haulage roadway. Broken working is done from well upwards and downwards by hydraulic or drill-hydraulic methods, and pulp transportation is done by wells and pulp-transportation mines till draining complex.EFFECT: invention allows increasing the coefficient of mineral resources extraction and reducing environmental losses.6 cl, 2 dwg
ethod of well extraction of coal and gas from formations prone to gas and geodynamic phenomena // 2474691
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method consists in mining of the deposit with wells, creation of a cavity, and destruction and change-over of mineral product to hydraulic mixture. Mixture is mixed and hollow rock is deposited at the bottom of the formed cavity; coal-water suspension is pumped out to the surface and transported via pipes to the consumer. In order to destruct mineral product, high methane content of coal beds is used; at that, methane content in the formed cavity is controlled; and when the most explosion hazardous concentration of methane, which is equal to 10%, is achieved in that cavity, explosion is initiated. After mineral product is delivered to the consumer, the whole cycle of works is repeated. In order to prevent methane ignition, its concentration is reduced to explosion hazardous one by releasing methane via wells to the surface to consumers.EFFECT: invention allows increasing the safety and efficiency of mine works owing to using internal energy of mine rock massif.

ethod to mine steep beds by well hydraulic production with ancillary mining of methane // 2473806
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method includes mining of a coal bed by chambers in an ascending order by a hydraulic method from surface and using underground mines, drilling machines, hydraulic monitors, and also a hydraulic elevator. At first a well is drilled from surface to the bed at the side of the roof, where pipes are placed for the hydraulic monitor, hydraulic elevator and methane suction, afterwards coal excavation starts in a split slot. Then another well is drilled in the produced slot along the coal bed, where pipes are installed for the hydraulic monitor and methane suction. Besides, in process of coal excavation in a chamber along bed rise with usage of underground mines the coal pulp arrives to an accumulating drift, which replaces the hydraulic elevator. At the same time methane is also sucked along the pipes to the surface.EFFECT: wider area of method application, higher safety of minerals mining.4 dwg

Deep-water airlift start-up methods // 2471071
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: method involves lifting of elements of underwater mineral deposits consisting of flow of transporting medium, transportation of hydraulic fluid in supply airlift pipeline, supply of compressed air to mixer of lifting pipeline, creation of multicomponent mixture after compressed air is supplied to hydraulic fluid mixture and transportation of multicomponent mixture flow in lifting airlift pipeline. At that, first, phantom cross section is chosen in the flow intended for transportation of elements of underwater mineral deposits, and for chosen phantom cross section there specified is the range of change of pressure value. Flows of water and air-and-water mixture are created in supply and lifting pipelines by supplying compressed air with the compressor to mixer of lifting pipeline Value of actual pressure is monitored in the chosen phantom cross section, as well as actual range of change of the monitored value is determined. Compliance of the certain actual range to the specified one is checked, and elements of underwater mineral deposits are supplied to water flow of supply airlift pipeline in case certain actual range belongs to the specified one.EFFECT: increasing development efficiency of underwater mineral deposits at big marine depths due to shortening the total start-up time of airlift plant; avoiding the disturbance of transportation of solid material and gumming of pipelines during airlift start-up.2 cl, 3 dwg

ethod to extract materials from thick underground formations // 2447287
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method to extract materials from thick underground formations is carried out by means of formation opening with a well, placement of a well hydraulic monitor unit in it, creation of a naturally balanced vault above a production chamber within the productive horizon and washout of formation rocks with pulp delivery to the surface. In order to increase efficiency of well hydraulic production of minerals, excessive pressure is pulled in the production chamber, which meets the following condition: Pchamb.≥Pform.+0.03 MPa, where: Pchamb. - pressure of working fluid in the production chamber, Pform. - formation pressure. At the same time the pressure in the chamber is continuously monitored with sensor installed in lower and upper parts of a movable pipe of the hydraulic monitor unit, and the excessive pressure in the production chamber is provided by control of the working fluid supply into the well, with high-quality of hydraulic insulation of the annular space with mortars based on bentonite powders with specific viscosity from 50 sec. until "non-liquid" state.EFFECT: higher efficiency of well hydraulic production of minerals.2 cl, 1 dwg

Development method of pillars of drilled gravel boreholes of permafrost zone // 2436958
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method involves mining activities performed during summer season by water jet by means of devices installed in underground cavities pre-drilled from surface of the well along longitudinal axes of pillars at certain distance from each other with pulp lifting to the surface and its supply via pulp line to flushing device in order to extract useful component and laying of dehydrated flushing remainders formed during washout process of sands so that distributed filling masses are formed. Pillar recovery is performed in two stages during two years. During the first year the pillars are recovered partially so that gaps are left between cavities washed out between them, which are developed using the same method in the next year; at that, in order to strengthen compression properties of filling masses, they are frozen with natural cold during winter period.EFFECT: avoiding execution of underground mine workings at pillar extraction; possibility of selective development of technogenic deposit; arrangement of dehydrated flushing remainders in the worked out space and its complete use; avoiding cavings in the ground surface; recovery of rock mass continuity and stabilisation of its temperature mode; minimum contamination of environment; eliminating the necessity for execution of recreation works.2 dwg

ethod of hydraulic borehole mining of mineral resources at inclined position of beds // 2425222
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method of hydraulic borehole mining of mineral resources at inclined position of beds involves construction of hydraulic mining and auxiliary wells. Hydraulic mining and auxiliary wells are located in lines along the strike of inclined beds and cross them. Bottoms of vertical hydraulic mining wells are drilled downstream, and bottoms of auxiliary wells having vertical and inclined parts of well, the vertical part is drilled to similar inclined beds and the inclined bed enters similar productive formations, both from upper beds and within productive formations, and is directed towards hydraulic mining wells. Distance between location lines of hydraulic mining wells and auxiliary wells is determined with stability of inter-layer beds-bridges of the worked out area of loose ore beds, and distance between hydraulic mining wells and between auxiliary wells is determined with technical drilling capability of inclined branches towards hydraulic mining wells providing disintegration of loose ores between location lines of hydraulic mining and auxiliary wells of all similar beds subject to development and crossed with hydraulic mining and auxiliary wells.EFFECT: increasing the scope of mining operations, controlling the mining volume of ore mass as to depth of hydraulic mining well, reducing the scope of construction work of hydraulic mining wells and operating equipment on mining per unit of time.2 dwg, 2 ex

Development device of underground reservoir in permafrost sedimentary rocks // 2413844
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: device includes pulp lifting pipe string with pulp removal head, which is installed inside casing string of the well, air supply pipe string with nozzle provided on its lower end, which is installed inside pulp lifting pipe string with possibility of vertical movement through the head, water supply pipe string installed inside air supply pipe string and having the outlet through side surface of suction tip. Steam supply pipe is installed in upper part of water supply pipe string; there is flange coupling on casing string and pulp lifting pipe string, which tightens those strings between each other; air supply device with two cocks and pressure gauge is installed on casing string below flange connection; inside pulp lifting pipe string there installed is additional water supply pipe string the lower end of which is located on the level of lower end of suction tip and level metre the upper end of which is passed through flange coupling and tightening device, and the jack connected to one of inner pipe strings is installed on the head cover.EFFECT: improving development efficiency of underground reservoir in permafrost sedimentary rocks.4 cl, 2 dwg

Development method of underground reservoir in permafrost sedimentary rocks // 2413843
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: development method of underground reservoir in permafrost sedimentary rocks involves drilling of sand permafrost formation with a well, installation of process columns in it, supply of water, compressed air, heat carrier via them, development of working-out-capacity by thermal destruction of frozen rocks and air-lifting of developed hydraulic fluid of sand to the surface with water supply for weighing of deposit to the air-lift suction zone and additional water to working-out-capacity with control of water-air boundary level position by regulating the flow of supplied water. Well head is tightened and excess pressure is increased in underground reservoir by supplying compressed air to the well; during thermal destruction of frozen rocks there used as heat carrier is steam which is supplied with constant flow together with additional water; additional water flow is changed to control the water-air boundary level position, and recirculated water forming during separation of sand from lifted hydraulic fluid is supplied to weigh the deposit.EFFECT: improving development efficiency of underground reservoir in permafrost sedimentary rocks.1 dwg

ethod of coal extraction by sublevel hydraulic winning with concurrent methane extraction // 2411361
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method includes coal bed extraction in sub-levels with the use of hydraulic mining and pressure tight bulkheads. First, sublevel drifts are put to the boarder of mine section, then, as far as the coal is extracted in the sublevel entry way there installed is portable pressure tight bulkhead with pipe and duct for the output of coal slurry and concurrent methane exhaustion from near-well bore area. Note that after sublevel working out methane exhaustion is continued from the ducts installed in pressure tight bulkheads.EFFECT: complex and rational use of coal in subsurface resources ensured by concurrent methane extraction, reduction of coal prime cost, safe mining.4 dwg

echanised face complex with mineral production in large blocks and delivery by escalators // 2398107
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining, in particular mechanised face complexes for underground development of mineral deposited in sloping beds. Mechanised face complex for production of mineral deposited in sloping beds, its development in large blocks and delivery of these blocks by escalators, includes sections of powered support, hydraulic cutting cleaning machine with rolls, providing for its motion, to cut the mineral from bottomhole massif in large blocks with the possibility to cut transverse slots while hydraulic cutting machine is immovable, and to cut back vertical slot by means of continuous motion of hydraulic cutting machine with actuators and hydraulic cutting heads joined via metal tubes, on which they are rigidly fixed, with water supply manifold, outgoing from multipliers that impart ultrahigh pressure to water, hydraulic booster installed with the possibility of its continuous feeding with water and emulsion by means of continuously joined hoses of hydraulic cutting machine to water supply and emulsion manifolds, layer of manifolds for provision of possibility to re-arrange specified manifolds as hydraulic cutting machine moves and changes its direction of movement in process of idle run. Hydraulic cutting machine is arranged with the possibility to cut longitudinal slots parallel to plane of bed, simultaneously to cutting of back vertical slot with application of special hydraulic cutting untis, hydraulic booster is arranged with the possibility to feed water of ultrahigh pressure at actuators providing for cutting of back vertical and longitudinal slots as hydraulic cutting machine moves, and while hydraulic cutting machine is immovable - with the possibility to feed all water to actuators providing for transverse hydraulic cutting, besides lengths of all sections along length of long face of continuous cutting of transverse slots at one side and back vertical and longitudinal slots at the other side are identical. At the same time complex is equipped with suspended platform joined at goaf side of the second escalator to move long face of hydraulic cutting machine along it by means of electric drive connected to driving sprocket engages with track chain arranged in cute also laid in suspension platform, and body of track chain holds all communications providing for operation of hydraulic booster: emulsion discharge and drain manifolds, water manifold and electric cable.EFFECT: increased efficiency of cleaning face, provision of high safety level, reduced release of gas and dust into atmosphere of long face.4 cl, 10 dwg

Procedure for development of placers // 2396431
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to mineral resource industry, particularly to development of placers of minerals including alluvial placers of valuable minerals and noble metals including gold, silver, platinum etc. The procedure includes making vertical borehole and drilling boreholes into zone of gravel product deposits which are washed out with hydro-monitors. Produced pulp is directed to the vertical borehole. The vertical borehole is drilled facilitating entry into underground mine working constructed below the placers in a zone of stable rock. Directional upward boreholes are drilled into the zone of placers from the said mine workings. The vertical and directional upward boreholes are cased with a through filter pipe and filter strings; also hydro-monitors are installed in the filter strings of directional upward boreholes. Screw or helical hollow pipe is axially transferred and rotated for cleaning a filter part inside the through filter string of the vertical borehole and for control of pulp flow from the placer. Flush fluid coming via pointed perforation in screw or helical hollow pipe is supplied along whole length of the filter part of the through filter string.EFFECT: maximal complete development of placer and continuous extraction of mineral.1 dwg

High-pressure bit nozzle // 2393323
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: high-pressure bit nozzle is made in the form of confuser with straight-line channel section. Nozzle diametre do is chosen depending on density of flushing fluid, supply of drilling pump, nozzle resistance coefficient, nozzle opening degree, flow coefficient of supply channels, flow coefficient of nozzle, number of nozzles in the bit, the pressure created with the drilling bit, and length of straight-line nozzle section is determined by the formula ℓ=Kd0, where ℓ - length of straight-line channel section; K - trial coefficient (K=0.51÷0.53). Wear resistance of the material of the working nozzle part is higher than wear resistance of the material of its rest part.EFFECT: increasing the drilling efficiency and reducing the cost of the drilling process.

ethod of mudflow geotechnological development of minefields // 2391511
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: solid mass is subject to alluvial re-deposition with water flow. For that purpose, above the level of minefield section there created is water reserve, and in the minefield section there opened is some part of reserves with pioneer ditch. Drain ditch is passed from minefield section so that vortex and laminar flow zones are created in it. Water is drained from storage pond. Water flow breaks solid mass starting from pioneer ditch area, weighs the solid mass material and moves in the flow via drain ditch to the zone with laminar current conditions. In that area the productive particles are deposited, and thin clay material in the form of pulp flows to sludge pit.EFFECT: reducing labour input and losses of useful components.8 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of solid minerals borehole hydro-mining // 2386813
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention can be implemented at borehole hydro-mining of any minerals at development at big depth or under complicated mining-geological conditions by means of directionally drilled (vertical-horizontal) boreholes wherein there are created zones of extracted rock crumbling; rock is flushed with hydromining aggregate and is supplied to surface in form of hydraulic mixture or pulp. The object of the disclosed here invention is to develop a hands-free method of borehole mining of minerals facilitating unchecked advance of a borehole hydro-mining aggregate at development of rock of any solid minerals. A horizontal part of borehole is drilled above sub-face of productive formation at half-diametre (in centre) of estimated production chambers on the assumption of preliminary calculations and considering ultimate strength of developed rock; this part is loaded with sectional arranged estimated elongated charges of explosive substances - (ES) divided with inert material and enclosed into a destructible shell; further these charges are successively initiated with a delay in each section, thus producing separate crushed sections divided with pillars of productive rock and containing zones of not broken rock required for unchecked advance of borehole hydro-mining aggregate along axes of productive chambers by means of flushing crushed rock and drawing it in form of hydraulic mixture or pulp to surface.EFFECT: improved conditions for advance of hydro-mining aggregate facilitating increased efficiency and output of minerals hydro-mining.4 dwg

ethod for development of gravel mineral deposits // 2383737
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to mining industry, in particular to development of drowned gravel mineral deposits, also to development of alluvial deposit of noble metals and precious minerals. Method includes erection of shaft in bottom zone of productive deposits, driving of horizontal underground mines and sumps below bedrock of bottom productive deposits, in zone of stable rocks. Mines are used to arrange slanted-upward production wells, pumping of ore-bearing pulp from sumps to surface is carried out by pump-draining pumps along pulp lines. In the middle and along channel of productive deposits, on surface there are down holes erected with filter columns with full-hole openings and their exit to horizontal underground mines. On two sides of bottom zone along bottom line of productive deposits, over bedrock, slanted-horizontal wells are arranged, from which productive deposits are activated by hydraulic monitors, being transferred into pulp, which is supplied into sumps via full holes of filter columns of down holes and via slanted-upward wells. Arrangement of slanted-horizontal wells is carried out with their direction to filter columns of down wells.EFFECT: method makes it possible to develop productive deposit to the maximum.2 dwg

Water jet nozzle // 2374448
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to treatment of item surfaces with water jet. Water jet nozzle comprises body with the first nozzle head arranged on its front end, besides axis of outlet hole in the first nozzle head in plane of front end of body has an angle of inclination to axis of body rotation and is displaced relative to axis of rotation, and the second nozzle head, arranged on body side surface, besides axis of outlet hole of the second nozzle head is inclined to axis of body rotation to the side of its front end. Body comprises device for flow interruption, which comprises disk made in the form of sleeve, bottom and side walls of which have slots in the form of sectors and small turbine that represents impeller made of hub and blade crown, for instance with four blades arranged at an angle to nozzle axis. Disk and small turbine are fixed on axis, which it in turn is installed in sliding bearings, one of which is fixed in nozzle body from the side of front end, the other one - in central part of support, having shape of ring with ribs of rigidity, with external radius equal to radius of bore, where it is installed. Support is fixed with threaded ring.EFFECT: improved efficiency of water jet nozzle due to dynamic action of pulsating water jets at material.4 dwg

Development method of coal stratum by water jet boring-and-reaming // 2368783
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining and can be used at development of stratum of coal by means of water-jet boring-and-reaming with following delivering of methane to consumer. Development method of stratum of coal by water-jet boring-and-reaming includes treatment of stratum with usage of predrilled well, hydraulic monitor with jet and jet elevator. Into predrilled well it is installed parallel portion of hermetic chamber, then into it is inserted pipes for water feeding to jet elevator, hydraulic monitor, and delivery of coal slurry to surface, after what on parallel portion of hermetic chamber it is fixed hermetic chamber with branch, through which it is exhausted methane by consumer at treatment of stratum of coal.EFFECT: it provides implementation of unattended mining of minerals, and also - simultaneous delivery from one well of minerals and methane.1 dwg

ethod of developing steep formations by bore-hole hydraulic mining // 2366814
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to mining industry, and namely to development method of steep coal bed. Method involves development of coal bed by using pre-bored wells and a hydraulic monitor with a head piece. First, cross drift is made from the slope in the direction of the superface or soil of the bed, then in the cross drift there installed is a boring machine for boring inclined wells of large and small diametre at one and the same level through certain length; after that in the well of small diametre there installed is bore-hole hydraulic monitor with the head piece rotating at 180°, and coal breakage is begun at the sub-level; at that, the well of large diametre, which is broken as the sub-level development proceeds, is used for transporting the broken mined rock to the slope.EFFECT: complex and rational use of subsurface resources, manless mining operations, reducing costs for the bed preparation and increasing labour efficiency.5 dwg

Device for hydraulic borin-and-reaming of minerals // 2365755
FIELD: mining engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to field of hydraulic boring-and-reaming of minerals, particularly to structures of gears for hydraulic boring-and-reaming solid minerals. Device consists of connected to each other tubal line with introduction and low end wall. Low end wall contains side water jet nozzle, pulp-receiving windows and jet elevator device. Diffusion cell jet elevator device by means of outlet is hydraulically connected to space between casing column and tubal line, and in bottom-most portion of low end wall it is installed butt water jet nozzle, hydraulically connected to separating cavity. Length of low end wall is more than distance between casing shoe and subface of producing stratum. Top part of casing pipe is outfitted by exterior reference ring and air-feeding pipe, rigidly fixed to casing pipe, and in bottom part of casing pipe there are implemented openings for feeding of compressed air into stope. Between casing pipe and body of low end wall, higher openings for feeding of compressed air, it is installed ring gasket.EFFECT: it provides effectiveness increase of HBR ensured by creation of physical environment of side water jet device in unsubmerged space of stope.1 dwg
ethod of underground hydraulic development of solid mineral deposits // 2363849
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to underground development of mineral deposits, particularly to hydraulic excavation. The method consists in exposure of deposit by means of boreholes, in hydraulic fragmentation of rock with pressure water jet, in disintegrating and in converting fragmented mass into slurry in a working face, in transporting slurry from the working face to a pulp receiving borehole, and in lifting slurry to surface; also, prior to lifting slurry to surface it is intensively mixed; its heavy barren part (barren rock) is settled on the bottom of the washed-out cavity, thus backfilling mined space; further, light-weighted part of slurry consisting of mineral pulp is sucked off to an upper section of the cavity, wherefrom slurry (concentrated water-coal fuel) is lifted to surface and is transported directly to a consumer via pipes.EFFECT: realisation of method in this way eliminates necessity to concentrate slurry on surface, to pile rejects and, consequently, decreases land subsidence owing to left in thickness barren rock, which serves as backfilling material of mined space in this case.

Facility for borehole hydraulic excavation of minerals // 2362015
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to mining and is designed for development of thick deep seated deposits of loose self-breaking or preliminary broken minerals. The facility consists of internal movable pumping column 1 with hydro-monitor head 2 at the end, and of external pulp take-away pipe 3 with telescopic lower portion 4 with receiving opening 5. Telescopic lower part 4 of pulp take-away pipe 3 is movably connected with pumping column 1 and is designed to perform axial displacements. Pumping column 1 can have telescopic lower part 6 equipped with limiting-guiding rings 7 and 8. To limit a run column 1 and telescopic part 4 can be equipped with stop 9 secured to column 1 and with stops 10 and 11 on part 4. The telescopic part 4 of pulp take-away pipe can have density equal or slightly exceeding density of pulp due to property of material for pipe fabrication or due to closed interstice in structure (not shown). This facilitates its floatability in pulp. The facility can be made with variation of average density of lower part 4 of pulp-take away pipe.EFFECT: simple and reliable facility ensuring efficient development of thick deep-seated deposits of loose self-breaking or preliminary broken minerals due to stable position of receiving opening of pulp take-away pipe in zone of optimal density of pulp.4 cl, 1 dwg

Installation for borehole hydraulic excavating of minerals // 2361084
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to mining and can be implemented at open development of mineral deposits by method of borehole hydraulic excavation. The installation consists of a high pressure column with channels for power water supply and for pulp lifting, of monitor nozzle, of a hydraulic lift, of a receiving chamber with openings and of a hollow head with a nozzle of the hydraulic lift. The installation is equipped with movable and fixed knives, with a spring loaded piston installed in the cavity of the head and designed to travel, and with guides located on sides of the openings; also the movable knives are installed in the guides, while the fixed knives are arranged in the openings. The movable knives are connected to the piston by means of rods. The invention facilitates reducing idle time and carrying out excavating process practically continuously to chamber completion.EFFECT: reducing idle time and carrying out excavating process practically continuously to chamber completion.4 cl, 3 dwg

Procedure of borehole hydraulic extraction of minerals // 2361083
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to procedures of mineral development of placers and sedimentary deposits with stable roof. The procedure consists in exposing the site of a producing reservoir with a main borehole embedding it into rock subjacent the said reservoir, in equipping the main borehole with a casing pipe, in assembling the bearing plate of the latter within boundaries of embedded part of the borehole, in forming in subjacent rock a receiving chamber with inclined outlet openings led to a floor of a producer, in leaving above them a preventive rock massif, in installation of a main hydro-monitor and a pulp-lifting device in the receiving chamber, in fluid wash of main reserve of mineral, in successive fluid wash of mineral placed above massif, and in lifting pulp via the main borehole from the receiving chamber to surface. Development is carried out chamber by chamber, for the purpose of which there are bored auxiliary boreholes around the main one with diametre less, than that of the main, wherein auxiliary hydro-monitors are installed; flush of reserves of a corresponding chamber is performed from each borehole; before flush of chamber reserves above massif there is carried out lifting of the main hydro-monitor and cased column; further the bearing plate of the latter is assembled and the main hydro-monitor is installed above massif within boundaries of thickness of the producer.EFFECT: increased yield rate from one borehole, more rational development of deposits due to decreased loss of mineral and reduced extraction of barren rock to surface.3 dwg

Borehole installation for hydraulic excavating // 2361082
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to mining and can be implemented at borehole hydraulic excavating of minerals. The installation consists of a high pressure column, and of a central pulp lifting column installed inside the high pressure column, interior cavity of which is connected to internal cavity of the high pressure column via a nozzle of hydraulic lift; in a lower part of the high pressure column there is installed the nozzle of the hydraulic lift; an additional nozzle with a suction chamber is rigidly connected to the nozzle of the hydraulic lift. The nozzle of the hydraulic lift is connected to the high pressure column, is designed to rotate relative to its lengthwise axis and is equipped with a tailed jet; also tails of the jet are bent opposite to rotation direction; while the suction chamber is equipped with a pulp intake with openings assembled radial to the suction chamber and directed to the side of hydraulic monitor rotation. The invention facilitates increased efficiency due to intensification of pulp formation process and due to increased per cent contents of extracted material in pulp.EFFECT: increased efficiency due to intensification of pulp formation process and due to increased per cent contents of extracted material in pulp.3 dwg

Procedure for development of mineral placers // 2359126
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to open development of mineral placers, particularly to mining and concentration of gold containing placers in winter. The procedure consists in exposing works, in sand excavating and in sand transporting to a basin, in flushing and in dump piling. Also, in winter primary excavation and sand transporting are performed with preliminary piling sand on ice of the basin, while the secondary excavation and flushing are carried out in a warm season.EFFECT: increased degree of disintegration of hard flushed clayish sand and reduced losses of valuable component.2 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of development of clay mineral deposits // 2355886
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to development of mineral deposits, particularly clay placers, and can be implemented in mining industry. The method consists in striking developed placers, in their layer-specific excavation with parallel trenches leaving between-trenches massifs, in concentrating and in piling. Also between the first trench and the circuit of developed deposit an additional ditch is made, wherein water is supplied; when a successive trench is entered, each preceding trench is successively filled with water. When the last trench is driven, deposit is flooded; between trenches massifs are debugged by means of a drag or dredger; notably, debugging is performed from the first trench to the last one.EFFECT: increased efficiency of clay placers development by means of increased degree of disintegration and extraction of valuable component at reduced technological losses.2 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of development of gravel deposits // 2353772
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to development of deposits, particularly, gravel deposits, and can be implemented in mining industry. The method consists in stripping sand, in excavating and transporting sand to a hopper of a washing installation, in concentrating and in piling. Prior to transporting sand into the hopper of the washing installation, sand is piled in a trench laid in the center of the gravel deposit along the length of a production block at the depth below the level of the soil of the sand bed; the trench is filled with water. Also sands are piled in the trench below the water level, and their successive excavation is performed by the underwater method.EFFECT: increased degree of disintegration of hard washed clayish sand and reduced process losses of valuable component with reduced cost for sand transporting.2 dwg

ethod of development of buried water-flooded placers // 2352779
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method of development of buried water-flooded placers includes preliminary concentration of useful component of sands in lower portion of placer by means of excitation of elastic oscillations in placer sands and successive stoped excavation. A tubular shell is inserted into the placer; the height of the shell exceeds the distance from the surface to the float of the spacer. Excitation of elastic oscillations in spacer sands is performed by means of their transmitting from the surface via the tubular shell. After compressive force has been formed from interior surface of the shell onto contacting surface of covering volume of barren material and after completion of vibratory processing the hydraulic stoped excavation of lower part of the placer is carried out; washing water is supplied via sprayers assembled at walls of the tubular shell and pulp is withdrawn via soil intake openings located at walls of the tubular shell between the sprayers. Also after completion of stoped excavation of lower part of the placer the stoped space is backfilled by supplied backfilling pulp and water withdrawal. Further backfilling pulp is formed from mixture of water with barren rock, for instance, with tailings of sand concentration. After backfilling of excavated space pressure onto surface of covering volume of waste material contacting with interior surface of the shell is dropped to zero and the shell is extracted.EFFECT: increased selectivity of excavation.3 dwg