For ores, e.g. mining placers (E21C41/30)

E   Fixed constructions(158970)
E21C     ining or quarrying(17294)
E21C41/30                     For ores, e.g. mining placers(101)

ethod for dredge work of placer deposits // 2629187
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method involves stripping in the contours of industrial reserves, reducing the thickness of productive deposits by cutting them to a depth, sufficient to mine out the remaining part with the dredge, moving the cut off productive deposits into the trench and dredging the prepared stocks. In this case, the trench is formed on unproductive areas located along the travel of the dredge, and the cross-section area of the cut off rocks of productive deposits in the trench is established from the ratio of the volume of these deposits and the length of the unproductive area. And the trench is formed with a depth, which ensures placement of productive deposits with the maximum permissible thickness for the dredge with the minimum allowable width of the face.EFFECT: increase the productivity of stripping and mining equipment by optimizing the parameters of the dredge, including by controlling the size of the sand bulks in the trench.2 dwg
Dredge work method of watercut placer mineral deposits // 2614337
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method includes preparation and extraction works, dressing and dumping, the construction of dams around the mining equipment and the stock, prepared for working out during the winter season, upon the occurrence of sustained freezing temperatures the works are carried out in the shed, placed on the dam and mine development is carried out at the maximum possible height of the dredging section freeboard, while moving the shed with dredge begining to move.EFFECT: reduction of the shed construction costs, which will significantly extend the mining season.1 dwg

Device for dredge work of deposits during winter // 2614175
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: device includes a dam around the mining equipment and a sliding shed, placed on it with a transparent insulating roof. Wherein the shed is made of polycarbonate, on the entire surface of which there are double-convex lenses in staggered rows.EFFECT: protection of heat inside the shed.1 dwg

ethod of melting of frozen rocks and soil // 2602460
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to chemical industry, mining, in particular, to artificial thawing of frozen rocks in mining industry and construction, and can be used in development of gravel deposits, including using external energy sources, in particular nuclear. Method involves removal of top soil on area to be thawed, flooding thawed area with a liquid. Area is flooded with liquid containing concentrated aqueous solution of alcohol, liquid is collected from thawed area, which is taken for regeneration with restoration of initial concentration of alcohol, on thawed section liquid is fed heated to 30-50 C, collection of liquid for regeneration is carried out in process of washing soil or rock, supply and collection of liquid on thawed area is performed in order to maintain mean alcohol content in flooding mode at a level higher than 10 %.EFFECT: technical result is simplification of technology and higher efficiency.4 cl, 4 tbl, 1 dwg
ethod of development of flooded alluvial mineral deposits // 2598100
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining industry. Technical result is high efficiency of mining equipment and longer duration of production season. Method involves preparatory and production of operations, enrichment and waste disposal and before onset of subzero temperatures, erection of dam around mining equipment and prepared for mining in winter reserves, installation thereon of hangar on slides.EFFECT: housing of hangar is made in form of a net of reflecting material and is sprayed with cooled water to form integral crust on its surface.1 cl

ethod for development of flooded alluvial with dredges // 2598099
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining industry, in particular to development of flooded alluvial deposits and man-made deposits of mineral raw material under conditions of prolonged subzero temperature. Method involves construction of water-lifting dams, development of sections of alluvial deposit between dams, additionally, in section with maximum ground water flow rate, peats are opened, a water-lifting dam are constructed, and with onset of subzero air temperature, passage of dredge is carried out on prepared section.EFFECT: extending mining season of dredge during development of flooded alluvial deposits of minerals in conditions of subzero temperature, which increases its annual capacity.1 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of developing bedded deposits with drag-lines // 2584334
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining and can be used in developing sands of placers, coal, sloping or inclined deposits of minerals using direct dumping methods. Initially on end side of cut are mined bottom part of bench, created by width of cut on basement rocks free strip to lower edge of end side of ledge and hot empty rock is dumped into dump with longitudinal side of ledge without its bedding. Mineral is dumped in bulk on surface. Then rock is removed from end side of upper part of ledge and arranged in dump by strip at end of lower part of ledge and slope of pit wall, dump expanded along arc in direction of dump arranged at longitudinal side of ledge. For creation of surface relief, which meets accepted direction of recultivation, dump in worked-out area at points of dumping is formed with different height.EFFECT: technical result consists in increasing of internal dump volume, dumped from one location of excavator due to use of additional mined space in end part of ledge, and reclamation, which includes preliminary levelling surface to make main volume of earthwork by drag line.1 cl, 4 dwg

Clay mineral deposits development method // 2537460
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: development method comprises opening-up of developed field reserves, ditch driving along the whole length of the production block, water flooding of the production block for disintegration of clay sand and their subsequent improvement by the production complex with installation of pressure of head hydraulic transportation and concentration plant. Before grooving of slits by cross-cut and longitudinal passes of slit-cutting unit, and also water flooding of the production block for disintegration of clay sand and their subsequent improvement, using experimental and analytical methods the bending compression and tension characteristics of high clayey sands in various locations of placer deposits are determined. The dynamics of change of elastic characteristics in these sections is determined, the correlation of response curve of resiliency of sand at water saturation of separate sections of the field with the relative wave resistance of sand in these sections is studied, and grooving of cracks at the distance from each other depending on the change of response curve of sand resiliency of at water saturation is performed.EFFECT: achievement of high level of disintegration of clay sands difficult for wash-out, minimising of process losses of valuable component and decrease of mining expenses.3 dwg
Extraction method of iron-ore concentrate from aged alluvial tailings of wet magnetic separation of iron ores of skarn-magnetite type // 2520229
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method involves drying of tailing massif, identification of an outline of supergene-converted horizon, separation of thickness of tailings into non-productive lean tailings from upper part of technogenic massives, which are not subject to supergene changes, and productive gothite-magnetite-hematite horizons formed during supergene conversion of technogenic mineral raw material, removal of upper non-productive horizons, extraction of gothite-magnetite-hematite horizon and its processing so that iron-ore concentrate is obtained. Iron-ore concentrate with total iron content of more than 60% is obtained by means of a gravitation-and-magnetic or magnetic method from gothite-magnetite-hematite horizon saturated with iron, which is formed in thickness of aged tailings.EFFECT: improving efficiency of complex development of iron-ore deposits and processing of wastes of iron-ore production; reducing anthropogenic load onto ecosystems.2 cl, 2 tbl, 2 ex

ethod to process metalliferous sands of coastal marine shelf and complex for its realisation // 2490466
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method includes erection of a dam on a coastal shelf in a zone of tide with formation of tide water accumulator, installation of an enrichment device of a lock chamber into a dam body with the possibility of tide water overflow into an accumulator and back, extraction of sands of beach deposits, their transportation to surface of the dam with supply to the enrichment device and further washing with reciprocal overflow of sea water, removal of the produced concentrate at the minimum level of tide. The complex of processing of metalliferous sands of the coastal marine shelf comprises a hydraulic engineering structure in the form of a dam made with a marine water accumulator, an enrichment device of a lock chamber type, installed in the dam body to form a through reciprocal overflow of the tide sea water into the accumulator and back, a classifier installed above the lock chamber higher than the maximum level of tide. The lock chamber is equipped with a catching cover.EFFECT: development of a method and a complex for processing of metalliferous sands directly in a coastal area of a marine shelf with reduction of costs for water treatment and water supply for the enrichment process.2 cl, 6 dwg

ethod to mine gravel deposits of minerals // 2476674
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: in the method to mine gravel deposits, including contouring of balance reserves by data of exploration wells, opening of a sand bed, performance of opening and production works, after contouring of balance reserves the opening works are carried out with solid transverse trips into a dump to the level of the maximum elevation of the balance reserves contour. Production works are started by slabbing with a bulldozer in the area of the maximum elevation of the balance reserves contour with transportation of sands into a mined space. Each subsequent lifting of the balance reserves contour is mined in the similar manner, peats located between lifts of the balance reserves contour are transported through slabbing with secondary displacement into the dump.EFFECT: reduced operational losses of a useful component.2 dwg

ethod for re-development of gravel deposits // 2457330
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method includes backfill in worked-out area of small-grain dump and further backfill of pebble dump on its surface using mined rock removed upon processing of solid placer and consequent extraction of material from dump removing particles of gold. Before re-processing of dump works for coarsening of gold particles sizes are performed. Before backfill of pebble dump silt-settling tank is formed in near-bedrock part of small-grain dump, for which purpose a barrier is formed on bedrock surface from water-proof, covering perimeter small-grain dump. After backfill of pebble fraction on surface of small-grain dump, dump is exposed during the time interval required for flushing of dump space by non-ramming water flows, then the dump is frozen preferably in two stages. Upon extraction of material from the dump its volume located above volume of silt-settling tank is removed without flushing. In order to flush volume of the dump by non-ramming water flows, natural water-borne sediments and/or forced feed of water to the dump surface is used. During formation of water-proof barrier water-proof film material is used in addition.EFFECT: higher gold extraction efficiency during re-development of gravel deposits.5 cl, 3 dwg

ethod for cleaning-up of ore bed reservoirs beneath open pit bottom // 2453701
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method for cleaning-up of ore bed reservoirs is performed by means of desalination. In this respect, hole-drilling of solid ore is performed, as well as its explosive rupture, filling of blasted capacity with working solution and egress of product solution. Besides, the outer configuration of blasted capacity is drilled around at an angle equal to slope angle of working ledge. Along the centre line of blasted capacity all the way down the cleaning-up of ore bed an efficient well is drilled. The rest of ore body is drilled around by closed parallel rows of vertical wells. While stable roach is being blasted, all the capacity of blasted ore bed, including its outside configuration, is drilled around by vertical wells of the similar depth.EFFECT: ensuring stability of open pit side and rising safety level of mining operations.3 dwg

ethod of combined processing of sands of gravel gold deposit in bolshoy kuranakh river // 2449126
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method includes separation of sands by quality by means of establishment of upper and lower limits of a producing part with different content of a useful component, further, after development of sands using the method of preliminary separation of coarse fractions, high-quality sands are supplied for enrichment, and an intermediate process reservoir, where low-quality sands are stored, is used for natural separation of rock and metal minerals by density in water medium and concentration of a precious component in a lower layer, then the upper layer is removed, and the lower concentrate layer from the process reservoir is sent for enrichment. Low-quality sands pass through additional stage of useful component concentration by natural separation of minerals by density, at the same time gold particles are concentrated in the lower layer, and clayey particles go into drainage.EFFECT: improved performance indices of sands processing, reduced losses of fine gold, lower processed volumes.2 dwg

Development method of gravel deposits of mineral resources // 2436957
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method involves delineation of balance and industrial reserves as per the data of exploration wells, drilling and mining activities; re-delineation of industrial reserves is performed after their delineation along the top of sands. At that, new contour at excavation of rock mass is set from cross point of exploration well with initial contour of industrial reserves at minimum elevation of balance reserves as to top of bed of sands to cross point of contour of balance sands-peat reserves at an exit angle of excavating transport vehicle of stripping equipment, and where there are no cross points of new contour with contour of balance reserves as to top of bed of sands - parallel to initial contour of industrial reserves.EFFECT: reducing operating losses of useful component.1 dwg

Development method of boulder gravel mineral deposits // 2434136
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method involves stripping operations, excavation and transportation of sands with bulldoser to vibration screen with further feed of sands to the receiving sump and further transportation to mineral processing equipment. Receiving sump is formed in the form of a pit drilled to the rock bed along the circuit of reserves and longitudinally separated with a pillar into two semi-pits: one is meant for sand storage, the other one is meant for boulders; screen is installed on sand supply side with possibility of its being moved along the pit with an inclination providing boulder movement to the second semi-pit.EFFECT: increasing the efficiency of mining equipment at development of boulder gravel mineral deposits owing to extraction of boulders to specially prepared space.3 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of acoustic and hydraulic pulse softening and disintegration of highly plastic clay sands of gold-bearing placers // 2433867
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining industry and may be used to develop natural and anthropogenic high-clayey gravel deposits of minerals with high content of fine and thin gold. The method of acoustic and hydraulic pulse softening and disintegration of high-plastic clay sands of gold-bearing placers includes placer opening, formation of an accumulator, softening of clay sands with the help of water supply and subsequent filtration process, assembly of a plant of discharge hydraulic transportation of the hydraulic mixture. Hydraulic washing of sands is carried out with subsequent free-flow supply of a hydraulic mixture into the accumulator and subsequent pressure hydraulic transportation of the hydraulic mixture to the system of washing and sizing, which is coupled with an additional accumulator by means of a mechanism that supplies the sized hydraulic mixture. Periodic acoustic exposure is carried out with directed radiation of 20 kHz frequency and intensity from 5 to 10 W/cm2 to a large-sized solid component of the hydraulic mixture in the additional accumulator before and after periodical hydrodynamic exposure of pulse loads generated in case of high-voltage electric breakthrough and producing voltage with exceeding the limit strength of the solid component of the hydraulic mixture depending on its water saturation. Number of charges is determined on the basis of the specific size of the largest piece.EFFECT: increased efficiency of damage and disintegration of clay sands of placers.1 dwg, 1 tbl

ethod of cavitation-acoustic weakening and disintegration of placers' clay sands // 2426595
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining and may be used in developing natural and technogenic placer deposits of natural resources with increased content of fine and thin gold. Proposed method comprises deposit opening, producing sump, weakening rocks by feeding water and filtration, and mounting pipeline transport of hydraulic mix with pumps with hydrodynamic cavitation agitator. Pre-loosened mined rock arranged in sump first section by bulldozer agitator is subjected to ultrasound at frequency of 20 Hz and intensity of 10 to 20 W/cm2. Water is forced into sump first section in amount making 0.15 to 0.3 of volume content of rocks lumps at porosity of 26 to 40% to act by ultrasound with 20 Hz-frequency and 10 to 20 W/cm2-intensity onto hydraulic mix and feeding said mix to system of jetting and grading with pre-disintegration by hydrodynamic cavitation agitator. Simultaneously with loosening mined rock in first section, second sump section is filled with loosened mined rock. Jetting and grading with barren rock and feeding hydraulic mix in additional sump are performed for additional saturation with water. Water is additionally fed into additional sump with the solid-to-liquid ratio of 3:7 to act by ultrasound with 20 Hz frequency and 10 to 20 W/cm2 intensity onto hydraulic mix solid component in additional sump.EFFECT: higher efficiency and environmental safety.2 dwg

ethod of bulldozer development of placer mines // 2421618
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method includes definition of coordinates of receiving hopper location and arrangement, definition of average transportation distance at specified receiving hopper location and on the basis of this information technical and economical parameters of ground development, rock straight movement towards receiving hopper by bulldozer, washing and extraction of mineral resource. Note that average transportation distance is defined as weighted average distance from receiving hopper to all points of the ground of random configuration and area S at zero point located at hopper location point.EFFECT: improvement of excavation equipment effectiveness and decrease of daylighting and mining activities prime cost at placer mines development.2 dwg

Development method of shallow permafrost terrace placers above flood-plain in conditions of repeated dragging // 2420659
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: development method involves drilling of ditches with arrangement of removed peats in external dumps, melting of permafrost sands in natural way, movement of sands with excavating equipment, development of sands with a drag in longitudinal adjacent ways. Development of terrace placers above flood-plains is performed in steps in longitudinal strips with piling of peats in internal longitudinal dam constructed in the area of excavated sands. For rising the water level in drag section and flooding of sand molten in natural way, for the purpose of their being protected against season freezing, not only longitudinal transport dams, but also longitudinal dam built from removed sands and transverse dams built from overburden peats are used. Area of removed sands is created by driving advance longitudinal trench and by dragging sands with slanting (non-symmetrical) working face in adjacent area developed with primary travel of the drag.EFFECT: invention allows increasing development efficiency of terrace placers.9 cl, 3 dwg

Extraction method of inert materials // 2415268
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: first bottom is divided as to width into two parts. Drain is performed on one part. At that, river bank is protected by means of a berm against washway. Extraction of aggradational deposits is performed in opposite part of the first bottom. Works are carried out in two stages without violation of boundaries of coastal zone and safety berms during the pre-freshet period: mined rock is extracted at the first stage parallel to water drain; at the second stage, by means of inclined working (trench) at an angle close to 90 there knocked down is water drain and worked-out area of open-pit mine, water drain is shutoff downstream, and during the freshet period there performed is controlled aggradation of burdens of river drift to the worked-out area of open-pit mine.EFFECT: enlarging production volumes on restricted surface areas without violation of boundaries of coastal zone owing to regeneration and recovery of stock.1 ex, 1 tbl, 2 dwg

ethod to form lane in winter period // 2414561
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: in method to form lane in winter period, including laying of heat insulation material onto water surface in the form of balls arranged as hollow with rigid plastic or silicon shell, besides, required quantity of balls per 1 m2 of water surface is determined using mathematical formula.EFFECT: reduced environmental damage done to ambient water medium and prolongation of production season in winter period.1 ex

Development method of shallow placers with clay sands in conditions of repeated dragging // 2399764
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method involves opening and arrangement of peats, processing of solid placer sections with dragging equipment and formation of dumps of waste sands. Development of placer in each section is performed after overburden operations and arrangement of peats in external dumps with bulldoser equipment with arrangement of waste sand dumps in worked out area at common border of two adjacent runs.EFFECT: increasing development efficiency of clay sands.6 dwg

ethod for softening and disintegration of clay sands and hydromixture solid component // 2392436
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining and may be used for development of natural and technogenic high-clayey gravel deposits of minerals with an increased content of fine-grained and disperse-grained gold. The method involves deposit opening, digging a water supply trench slanted towards the deposit stratum drop and a water collection trench; the accumulator trench is dug between the area under development and the water collection trench. One mounts the suction device of the delivery hydrotransportation installation, mounts an ultrasonic installation relative to the accumulation trench, consistently intensifies filtration of water into the clay sands within the flooded area on the surface and by way of hydrodynamic activation and performs cutting the water saturated sand layers with the hydrodynamic equipment cutter elements, additional hydrodynamic initiation and ultrasonic impact on the hydromixture in the accumulation trench in the low frequencies band providing better effect of hydromixture particles displacement and ultrasound radiation intensity 5 W/cm2 or more.EFFECT: improved efficiency of destruction and disintegration of deposit clay sands.1 tbl, 2 dwg

ethod for softening and disintegration of shallow deposit clay sands // 2392054
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining and may be used for development of natural and technogenic high-clayey gravel deposits of minerals with an increased content of fine-grained and disperse-grained gold. The method for softening and disintegration of shallow deposit clay sands involves deposit opening, digging a water supply trench slanted towards the deposit stratum drop and a water collection trench of a depth with a difference of bottom marks in the trenches from 1.5 to 3 m, filling the water supply trench with water with simultaneous water-filling of the deposit area under development to a depth sufficient for mounting and installation of equipment in a floating state and subsequent maintenance of the level for primary softening of clay sands by way of supply of water through an adjustable shutter, mounting the delivery hydrotransportation installation, process of natural filtration of water into the bulk. One mounts an ultrasonic installation and a mechanical installation. Successively one intensifies filtration of water into the compacted sand strata by way of ultrasonic impact on the sands along the surface of the site being developed by means of radiation in the interval of low ultrasonic frequencies ensuring maximum amplitude of displacement of compacted sand particles and radiation intensity parameters creating stress-strain tension, resistance to rupture and shear exceeding the normative data for deposit frozen sands strength. One performs intensification of disintegration of water-saturated sand surfaces with ultrasound at the same radiation frequency but reduced parametres of ultrasonic radiation intensity corresponding to the averaged equilibrium density and compressibility of water saturated sands. Then one performs hydrodynamic activation by way of mixing the hydromixture with an element of the mechanical installation and supply of the hydromixture with the help of the delivery hydrotransportation installation to the concentrating installation.EFFECT: improved efficiency of destruction and disintegration of deposit clay sands.2 dwg, 2 tbl

Development method of clay field of mineral wealth // 2379515
FIELD: mining engineering.SUBSTANCE: method includes development mining, layerwise digging of sands on yard, storing and transportation for washing. Additionally yard is divided for sections of width, equal to length of scraper cut, layerwise digging is implemented by alternation of cuts throughout the site by maximal thin facings, and storing of sands is implemented palletise on adjacent by width of yard section, during predrying of sands in pile they are directed to washing. Then process is repeated on adjacent by length sections of yard, after what works are repeated on adjacent by width sections backwards.EFFECT: predrying of clayey grounds.2 cl, 1 dwg

ethod for development of boulder gravel deposits of minerals // 2374446
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to mining industry and may be used in overburden and getting operations in gravel deposits of minerals, with application of bulldozer-scraper aggregates. Method includes overburden operations, excavation and transportation of sands by bulldozer-scraper aggregate to enrichment equipment. Primary transportation of sands is carried out to specially prepared or developed space with arranged trench in bedrock along lower edge of bench with creation of slant, and secondary transportation of sands to enrichment equipment is done from slant of bench.EFFECT: increased efficiency of getting equipment.3 cl, 4 dwg

Procedure for development of mineral placers // 2359126
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to open development of mineral placers, particularly to mining and concentration of gold containing placers in winter. The procedure consists in exposing works, in sand excavating and in sand transporting to a basin, in flushing and in dump piling. Also, in winter primary excavation and sand transporting are performed with preliminary piling sand on ice of the basin, while the secondary excavation and flushing are carried out in a warm season.EFFECT: increased degree of disintegration of hard flushed clayish sand and reduced losses of valuable component.2 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of development of clay mineral deposits // 2355886
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to development of mineral deposits, particularly clay placers, and can be implemented in mining industry. The method consists in striking developed placers, in their layer-specific excavation with parallel trenches leaving between-trenches massifs, in concentrating and in piling. Also between the first trench and the circuit of developed deposit an additional ditch is made, wherein water is supplied; when a successive trench is entered, each preceding trench is successively filled with water. When the last trench is driven, deposit is flooded; between trenches massifs are debugged by means of a drag or dredger; notably, debugging is performed from the first trench to the last one.EFFECT: increased efficiency of clay placers development by means of increased degree of disintegration and extraction of valuable component at reduced technological losses.2 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of development of gravel deposits // 2353772
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to development of deposits, particularly, gravel deposits, and can be implemented in mining industry. The method consists in stripping sand, in excavating and transporting sand to a hopper of a washing installation, in concentrating and in piling. Prior to transporting sand into the hopper of the washing installation, sand is piled in a trench laid in the center of the gravel deposit along the length of a production block at the depth below the level of the soil of the sand bed; the trench is filled with water. Also sands are piled in the trench below the water level, and their successive excavation is performed by the underwater method.EFFECT: increased degree of disintegration of hard washed clayish sand and reduced process losses of valuable component with reduced cost for sand transporting.2 dwg

ethod of development of connate water flooded placers // 2350751
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to development of connate gravel deposits of solid minerals, particularly beach deposits of shelf. The method of development of connate water-flooded placers consists in preliminary concentration of useful component of sands in a lower part of the placer by means of excitation of elastic vibration and in successive stopped excavation. A tubular casing is introduced into the placer; the height of the casing exceeds the distance from the surface to the raft of the placer, excitation of elastic vibration in placer sands is performed by means of their transmission from surface via the tubular casing. Further a compressive force onto contacting surface, covering volume of empty material, is exerted from the side of interior surface of the casing. Then lower part of placer is hydraulically excavated by means of supply of washing water through nozzles arranged at walls of the tubular casing; pulp is withdrawn through soil draw-off apertures made at walls of the tubular casing between nozzles. Also after completion of excavation of lower part of the placer, pressure onto the surface, covering volume of empty material contacting with interior surface of the casing, is dropped to zero. When the cavity of the casing has been filled to a level corresponding to a ground level, the casing is pulled off.EFFECT: increased selective extraction.3 dwg

Hydro-transporting pressurised system with elements of cavitation // 2349756
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: hydro-transporting pressurised system with elements of cavitation consists of pipe with bends and of connected between them narrowing and expansion elements. The system is equipped with complex of jet aero-hydrodynamic cavitation and with a rigidly fixed vortex. The narrowing element and expansion element are connected non-rigidly and pressure tight. The system of jet aero-hydrodynamic cavitation consists of an upper and lower nozzles directed so as to provide air supply along the motion of the main direction of hydro-flow in the zone of the expansion element. Also the system of jet aero-hydrodynamic cavitation is installed between the narrowing and expansion elements. The interior diameter of the end of the expansion element coupled with the narrowing element through seal rings is bigger, than the interior diameter of the narrowing element end. The crevice of the upper nozzle is installed so as to direct air supply to the wall of the expansion element, while the crevice of the lower nozzle is installed to direct air supply to the central part of the main direction of hydro-flow motion. Vortexes are arranged inside the narrowing and expansion elements and are made in form of right triangles.EFFECT: intensification of process of sand-clay rock destruction by means of aero-hydrodynamic cavitation with pressurised hydro-transporting to systems of deep processing.5 dwg

ethod of development of underflow gravel deposit under conditions of cryolite zone // 2349755
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention can be implemented at development of underflow gravel deposits located in canyon like river valleys in the North. All works are carried out in winter time. Preliminary an ice dike is built by layer-by-layer silvering upstream of the developed site in the river valley to stop water flow; this dike dams a stream canal with its weight; further after irrigation and ice removal of the site the underflow sediments forming the gravel deposit are developed according to procedure including their preliminary freezing with atmosphere cold, then layer-by-layer mechanical cutting off and raising on boards of the valley. To accelerate freezing of underflow sediments with atmosphere cold there is foreseen driving of trenches of required parameters.EFFECT: increased year yield of mined mass; prolongation of working season; facilitating river and valley cleanness, also facilitating free access of fish to spawning area.1 dwg

Hydro-transportation pressure system with cavitation elements // 2348809
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: present invention pertains to mining valuable minerals from strong and high-ductile sandy and clay rocks during open mining of gold-bearing placers. The hydro-transportation pressure system with cavitation elements comprises a pipe with curves, and pipe narrowing and widening elements, rigidly joined together. The hydro-transportation pressure system has a jet aero-hydrodynamic cavitation system and rigidly fixed swirlers. The jet aero-hydrodynamic cavitation system comprises a system of jet nozzles, which are directed, with provision for supplying air in the direction of the main movement of the hydro-stream, in the zone of the widening element, and fitted between the narrowing element and the widening element with insertion of jet nozzles in the wall of the widening element, with provision for air-tightness. Round diverters are fitted in front of the jet nozzles. The swirlers are fitted inside the narrowing element and the widening element, and are in form of right-angled triangles, the acute angles of which in the narrowing element, are oriented in the main direction of movement of the hydro-stream, and opposite the main direction of movement of the hydro-stream in the widening element.EFFECT: intensification of the process of guided destruction of sandy and clay rocks using jet aero-hydrodynamic cavitation with pressure hydro-transportation to high-level processing systems.6 dwg

Hydro-transportation system with mechanical cavitator // 2347075
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: present invention pertains to mining minerals from high-strength and high-plasticity sand and clay rocks during surface mining of gold-bearing placers. The hydro-transportation pressure system with mechanical cavitation has a narrowing element and an element for expanding the mechanical cavitator, with rigidly fixed swirlers. The movable reflecting element has an opening with curved edges. The swirlers are in form of right-angled triangles, the acute angles of which, in the narrowing element, are aligned in the direction of motion of the hydro-stream, and in the expansion element - against the direction of motion of the hydro-stream. The movable reflecting element is fitted on an axis with provision for periodic partial covering of the narrowest opening of the mechanical cavitator on both sides and is connected to the actuator of its rotation in the vertical plane.EFFECT: intensification of the process of directed crushing of sand and clay rocks using mechanical cavitation with application of hydro-transportation to high-level processing system.7 dwg

ethod of excavating gravel deposits // 2347074
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: present invention pertains to excavation of mineral deposits, and particularly to gravel deposits, and can be used in the mining industry. The method involves pre-formation of a basin, formation of a dry zone on the productive stratum and basin in the stripped area, fitting interconnected, mining, transport and dump systems into the basin. Formation of the basin in the stripped area is done after piling up sand in it, with further extraction of the latter using a subsurface technique. The minimum distance from the basin to the heap of sand, as well as the depth of the basin, is determined from the maximum degree of weakening of the latter and technological parameters of the mining equipment.EFFECT: increased efficiency of excavating high-clayey alluvial deposits.1 dwg

ethod for dredging of hard-dredging thawed placers // 2346158
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining industry and can be used in dredging of thawed placers. Method includes removal of dead ground from dredging site, digging of drainage trench, pre-dredging of sand layer, removal of boulders, flooding and dredging of sands. Pre-dredging is performed over the uncovered area through sand blading by backhoe excavator, which draws transverse juds in travelling trench.EFFECT: improved dredger performance, reduced loss of mineral in the soil, and lower unit costs of dredging of hard-dredging placers.2 cl, 2 dwg

Alluvial mining device // 2345221
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to loose ground mining devices, and can be used for deep alluvial deposits of hard mineral resources, and mainly coastal shelf deposits. Alluvial mining device includes a body with a suction connection pipe and with scouring atomisers connected with a discharge cavity. Body is made in the form of a tubular shell the height of which exceeds the distance from surface to rim rock, and lateral dimensions of the body do not exceed a double action radius of scouring atomisers. Body cross section is square-shaped, at that scouring atomisers are arranged on the sides of the square, and suction connection pipes are located at its angles. Body is equipped at least with one vibrator. Internal wall of the body is equipped with a device forming a force impact which is perpendicular to internal surface of the body; device is made in the form of a hollow torus-shaped shell attached to internal surface of the body and equipped with the device changing pressure in the shell cavity, mostly with a reversible hydraulic pump.EFFECT: providing the possibility of removing loose materials, and maintaining a vertical position of the resulting cavity walls.3 cl, 3 dwg

Hydro-transporting pressurised sytem with static cavitator // 2344294
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to extraction of valuable minerals from hard and high viscous sand-clay rocks at open development of auriferous gravel deposits. The hydro-transporting pressurised system with the static cavitator consists of a tube bend and reflection elements. Elements of narrowing, elements of expanding and a reducing ring are located inside the straight section of the tube and are made complex from parts, the interior surfaces of which form conic surfaces with gaps. Tops of formed conic surfaces are turned to each other, while the reflection elements are conjugated with thrust collars and assembled before the narrowing elements and after the expanding elements down the hydro-stream motion; they are oriented along the axes of symmetry and axes of gaps of the narrowing and expanding elements of the static cavitator; the reflection elements are made in form of a right triangle, acute angles of which are oriented counter the hydro-stream motion before the narrowing elements, while they are oriented down the hydro-stream motion after the expanding element.EFFECT: intensification of process of directed destruction of sand-clay rock by means of hydro-mechanical cavitation at pressurised hydro-transporting to systems of deep processing.5 dwg

ethod of tiered gravel deposit mining by continental bucket dredges // 2330957
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention concerns mining and can be applied in dragging of tiered gravel deposits. The method involves combined dragging of valley placer tier together with bench and bench hillside placer sands, which are developed, shifted and laid by earth-moving machines to a surface of valley placer tier prepared for dragging in advance.EFFECT: higher degree of deposit development.2 dwg

Excavation method of alluvial deposits and technological complex for its fulfillment // 2327039
FIELD: mining engineering.SUBSTANCE: excavation method of alluvial deposits includes preliminary preparation of riffled opening and disruption module, preliminary mechanical breakage and fluid wash of formation in mine face, its distillation and direction into riffled opening, free-flow formation water transportation with its free slacking in transportation process. Following breakage, disintegration and supplying on formation processing are made consequently in disintegration module of technological complex, at that formation breakage is made under the influence of surface-active environment - water and moving with periodical vertical deepening of disintegrating scoop with cone bottom, and formation disintegration and carrying out of dead ground into barrow are made with moving of module fixed at the traverse pier with disintegrated scoop before carrying of prepared formation on processing complex conveyer.EFFECT: effectiveness improvement of excavation with intensification of the formation breakage process with complex mechanical-and-physical properties while alluvial deposits working.6 dwg 2 cl

Geotechnological complex for gold dredging and placer mining // 2325533
FIELD: mining industry.SUBSTANCE: said geotechnological complex is provided for disintegration of high-strength rock by means of disintegration automatic control system. The complex is provided with a rigidly supported trestle and mechanical disintegrators. The trestle cross beam has a centered and pivoted platform, which can be moved by means of rolling contact bearings, while mechanical disintegrators are provided with independent positioning system.EFFECT: improved efficiency of mining due to intensification of disintegration of rock with complex physical and mechanical properties during dredging and placer mining.6 dwg

Geotechnological complex for gold dredging and placer mining // 2325532
FIELD: mining industry.SUBSTANCE: said geotechnological complex for gold dredging and placer mining incorporates a module for preliminary disintegration and hydroerosion of rock in the face with guiding shields, a disintegrating module located below the level of grooved trench for rock hydraulic transportation, a processing complex with hydrotransportation systems and waste dumping system. The disintegrating module has a chute located inside the closed loop of trench for disintegrated rock accumulation. The chute is directed along the rock inflow for rock hydrotransportation and is sloped in the direction of waste dumping. Along the chute and over it, a rigidly supported trestle is installed. The trestle is provided with a bucket driven along the cross beam for rock disintegration. On both sides of the chute, at an angle, transverse flaring chutes with rigidly wall-mounted disintegrators are installed.EFFECT: improved efficiency of mining due to intensification of disintegration of rock with complex physical and mechanical properties during dredging and placer mining.6 dwg

Geotechnological complex for gold dredging and placer mining // 2325531
FIELD: mining industry.SUBSTANCE: said complex is provided with a supported trestle and an ultrasonic and mechanical tumbling module. Rotatable ultrasonic radiation module is connected to movable carriage rim by means of a hub and sliding supports. The movable carriage is provided with a drive for moving it along the trestle cross beam and a drive for turning the ultrasonic radiation module around the movable carriage yoke axis. The rotatable ultrasonic radiation module has drives for moving the ultrasonic sources in the vertical plane, a dual drive for moving the ultrasonic sources in horizontal plane, sensors to determine the rock physical and mechanical state, and communication links with functional module of disintegration process automatic control system.EFFECT: improved efficiency of mining due to intensification of disintegration of rock with complex physical and mechanical properties during dredging and placer mining.2 dwg

Geotechnological complex for gold dredging and placer mining // 2325530
FIELD: mining industry.SUBSTANCE: said geotechnological complex incorporates a trestle with a tumbling bucket, a tumbling module with a chute located inside the closed loop of trench for disintegrated rock accumulation. The chute is directed along the rock inflow. The tumbling bucket installation provides for possibility of linear and angular displacement in the vertical plane; the bucket has slots and L-shaped rippers.EFFECT: improved efficiency of mining due to intensification of disintegration of rock with complex physical and mechanical properties during dredging and placer mining.5 dwg

ethod for softening and disintegration of argillaceous sands of gravel deposits // 2288361
FIELD: mining industry, possible use during extraction of natural and man-made gravel deposits of both mineral resources of high density (gold, platinum, etc), and valued minerals of low density.SUBSTANCE: method for softening and disintegration of argillaceous sands of gravel deposits includes driving a water-feeding trench, driving a water-collecting trench in 80-100 meters along direction of fall of deposit bed in parallel to water-feeding trench, depth of water-collecting trench providing for difference of bottom levels in trenches 1,5-3 meters, filling water-feeding trench with water and recharging it to maintain constant water level by means of gate and spillway with raised spillway gate, building walling dam 1-1,5 meters high, limiting the part of deposit being processed in plan, with spillway, after that outputs of filtration flow into water-collecting trench are constructed which are fixed by wetting of upper slope for height of 1-2 meters, then spillway gate is lowered onto spillway spine, and that part of deposit is flooded with water for depth of 0,8-1,3 meters and this level is maintained for initial softening of argillaceous sands of gravel deposits, after that dredger plant is assembled, consisting of suck-in line with suction device, dredger itself and force sludge duct. At the end of force sludge duct, vortex generator is mounted together with hydrodynamic cavitator, due to which during launch of operation of dredger plant argillaceous sands of gravel deposits along the way from face and suction device of dredger to hydrodynamic cavitator are subjected to second stage of softening and disintegration, and in hydrodynamic cavitator - to third-stage final disintegration, and then are dispatched to dressing plant.EFFECT: increased productiveness and extraction efficiency during extraction of natural and man-made gravel deposits due to efficient softening and disintegration of argillaceous sands of gravel deposits and release of valued components during hydro-transportation of sands to dressing equipment.2 dwg

ethod of water clarification of water and extraction of gold // 2284300
FIELD: agricultural; devices for treatment.SUBSTANCE: the invention is pertaining to the field of clarification of water at the industrial development of the placer deposits with utilization of the wastes of the timber loggings and extraction of the finely dispersed gold from the water runoffs of the gold mining. In the bed of the diversion channel they form the firebreak out of the filtering material containing the wood sawdust mass subjected to the preliminary sorting at the vibration installation and having the ratio of the fractions from 1 to 5 mm up to the fraction from 5 up to 15 mm as 1:3 and packaged in the netted forms made out of the wire skeleton. After the water clarification the wood sawdust mass is subjected to dehydration by pressing and to drying and incineration for extraction of the fine fractions of gold. The technical result of the invention is the increased efficiency of the water clarification and extraction of gold.EFFECT: the invention ensures the increased efficiency of the water clarification and extraction of gold.1 dwg
Salt pile isolation in potassium mines // 2273735
FIELD: methods of surface mining, particularly for following natural stone treatment by covering or impregnating thereof with liquid or other flowable substances on surface.SUBSTANCE: method involves gunning salt pit surface with waterproofing agent; covering salt pile surface with clay-and-salt mud layer in dry and hot season after salt pile hardening in at least 1.0-1.5 months after pile filling with salt. The clay-and-salt mud is sylvinite ore-dressing waste obtained from chemical factory. The clay-and-salt mud layer has 10-20 mm thickness and is formed by gunning salt pile surface with above mud material. The clay-and-salt mud is supplied into pneumatic pump receiver, wherein solid/liquid phase ratio is 1:2 - 1:3.EFFECT: increased efficiency of salt pile waterproofing.
ethod for salt deposit development along with platinum obtaining from stratum above salt layer // 2265124
FIELD: mining industry, particularly for co-developing salt and platinum deposits.SUBSTANCE: method involves detecting presence of platinum in non-soluble salt residue salt during salt deposit development; performing geological mapping of salt-bearing cavity and determining sand distribution in stratum above salt layer; drilling wells and bore pits and taking samples to determine platinum content; contouring sand deposits bearing platinum with concentration suitable for industrial development; cleaning surface; blocking out and excavating platinum-bearing sand; directing above sand to gravity separation plant; tying thereof with water in gravity separation plant to separate platinum therefrom.EFFECT: increased complexity of deposit development.
ethod for placer and technogenic mineral deposit development // 2263786
FIELD: mining industry, particularly to develop watered placer deposits and technological mineral deposits under permanent negative temperatures of ambient air.SUBSTANCE: method involves performing preparation and production works, mineral processing and refuse stacking operations. To implement above method dam is built around mining equipment and deposit to be developed prior to air temperature reduction to negative value; installing sled-mounted hangar having transparent heat insulated roof over the dam and performing all above mentioned works and operations inside the hangar.EFFECT: increased efficiency of production and processing equipment.2 cl, 1 ex