ethods of underground mining and layouts therefor (E21C41/16)

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E21C41/16                     ethods of underground mining (winning machines therefor e21c0025000000-e21c0039000000); layouts therefor(405)
ethod for separately mining and transporting thick coal seam with gangue, and backfilling goaf with gangue // 2645694
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining. Method for separately mining and transporting thick coal seams with gangue and backfilling a goaf with gangue comprises tunneling transportation roadway (1) and track roadway (2) in parallel in the shaft. Connecting the transport roadway and the track roadway to form an open-off cut. Employing comprehensive mechanical solid filling and coal mining technology for coal recovery and goaf backfilling during coal mining. Mining the coal seam and the gangue seam in layers from top to bottom in sequence. Transporting the coal down to the transportation roadway via front scraping conveyor (10), and transporting the coal out of a working face via belt conveyor (5) in the transportation roadway. During gangue seam mining, reversing the front scraping conveyor to transport the gangue to the track roadway, transporting the gangue to goaf (14) via reverse gangue loader (6) and feeding scraper (7) in the track roadway, and backfilling the gangue to goaf (14) via backfill scraping conveyor (12).EFFECT: method improves quality and degree of coal mining.1 cl, 7 dwg
ethod of under-level plasts' development processing with the binding of the established space // 2644185
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: way to include the preparation of the extraction site to simulate the extraction fail plot of under-level short treatment sides, ventilated due to the general mine depression. The working out of the formation begins under the protection of the previously erected inter-horizon insulating strip, and in the presence of intercalation pillars also the insulating strips that were previously erected simultaneously with the flank slopes from the hardening tab with the advance of the cleaning work moving in the direction from the inter-horizon strip to the main drift. The working out of the excavating section is carried out in one wing - from the spent section towards the central slope, and in the other - from the central ramp to the target in the direction of the untreated excavation site, at a given value of the step of laying the worked-out space, no more than the allowable span of exposure of the roof of the formation along the line of incidence and strike.EFFECT: reducing labour intensity and ensuring the safety of mining operations.2 dwg

ethod of processing of a cutting site // 2642721
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method of working out the excavation site includes the excavation of the excavating and ventilating drifts, the chamber mining system, the transportation of the mineral by the conveyor. The excavating drift passes to the middle of the excavation site, then the auxiliary drifts pass at an angle to the excavating drift. The cleaning chambers are worked from the auxiliary drifts. Auxiliary excavation gates pass at an angle of 30-60 degrees to the excavation drift. The cleaning chambers within the excavation site are worked both in the meridional and in the latitudinal direction. The mouth of the cleaning chambers in the latitudinal direction is located diagonally from the mouths of the treatment chambers in the meridional direction.EFFECT: invention reduces the amount of mining preparation works by reducing the length of the extraction, and the face ends of conveyor, enhance security operations.4 cl, 4 dwg

Bottom of the block with ore vibro outlet // 2641554
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: bottom includes a hauling, ventilating, trenching and loading-and-delivering chambers with chambers of the operator of development. The end of the loading and delivery output is taken out under the trench and their conjugation is formed in the form of an upwardly expanding receiving chamber. Ventilation production is carried out in parallel with a pulling chamber near the end of the operator's chambers above their roof. Ventilation production is supplied with the loading and delivery through the vent wells, which provide the necessary supply of fresh air due to general mine depression. The overlap of the ventilation wells regulates the consumption of fresh air in separate sections and, in general, for the mine workings.EFFECT: improvement of conditions, improving security and productivity in bottom blocks with ore vibro-outlet, ore extraction cost reduction can be achieved by increasing the height of the visor, the rational arrangement of ventilation and it's formulation reliable aerodynamic messages from visitors and cargo delivery works the bottoms.2 cl, 3 dwg

Hydraulic bore mining of minerals // 2640611
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic bore mining of minerals includes drilling of technological wells, placement of hydraulic seals and pressure pipelines in them, erosion of the productive formation. The erosion of the productive formation is carried out in the direction from the side of the split trench to the outlet to the surface. Mining is formed, the stability of its arch is determined by the parameters of erosion along the width and height of the reservoir and the physical and mechanical properties of the rocks being developed. The pulp is delivered to the pulp-receiving ditch through the formed rock mine in the gravity-flowing regime.EFFECT: increased productivity of the process of minerals mining.2 cl, 4 dwg

ethod of driving raises // 2638992
FIELD: mining engineering.SUBSTANCE: method of driving the raise includes preliminary slotting along raise contour over entire height and subsequent crushing of rock array separated from rock mass by blast method. The raise shape is made in the form of a truncated pyramid with a larger base downwards, holes are drilled along side faces and ribs of the pyramid and explosive charges positioned therein are blasted simultaneously, forming a slit along the raise contour. The block of rock separated from the rock array in the rise contours is crushed by the explosion of charges charged into the holes drilled near raise axis. Initiation of said charges by means of short-delay blasting is carried out after formation of contour slit during falling of the separated rock block. The holes charged along the raise contour are alternated with non-chargeable ones.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to reduce the volume of holes drilling for development and provide reliability of raise formation over entire predetermined height per one blast.2 cl, 5 dwg
ethod for developing coal with benching and backfilling in adjacent stope drifts of wangeviry type // 2632087
FIELD: mining engineering.SUBSTANCE: bench method for coal development with backfilling the adjacent stope drifts of wangeviry type. The main transport drift and adjacent stope drifts are arranged in accordance with the wangeviry method, selecting locations for a plurality of adjacent stope drifts at multiple development stages and perform benching according to the division into multiple development stages, and the coal pillars are not reserved between the adjacent stope drifts. The main transport drift is the main transport route, and the adjacent stope drifts are the drifts of mining coal. The extraction in all adjacent stope drifts is carried out consecutively with the benching method according to the design development sequence, as well as consecutive and in time backfilling is performed. The coal deposits in which excavation is not carried out or the backfilled adjacent stope drifts are used as supports for bearing back from both sides of the adjacent stope drifts. In adjacent stope drifts consecutive excavation is performed in several development stages and in the result the development is performed without coal pillars.EFFECT: method allows to perform effective control of cracks, caused by the development of upper layers and ground surface sagging, providing safety and efficiency of stope drift with coal squeezed under buildings, railways and water bodies, and effective control of ground surface sagging.2 cl, 5 dwg

ethod for chamber mining when preparing horizons // 2627803
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method of chamber mining when preparing horizons includes division of mine field into excavation areas, development of bed access drifts, extraction of mineral resources with stope chambers in advance or retreat order, delivery of ore with self-propelled equipment, transportation of ore using a conveyor, ventilation of stope chambers using local ventilation fan. Development of horizons is performed in turns, at first the upper horizon and then the lower one. Fresh air is fed through access drifts of the lower horizon, and the outgoing airstream is removed through access drifts of the upper horizon. The sill of the conveyor drift at the lower horizon is deepened relatively to the sill of the mining drifts. The upper horizon includes one transportation drift, and on the lower one includes the conveyor, from which entering the stope chambers is performed.EFFECT: invention allows to increase effectiveness of stope mining operations and reduce labor costs when extracting mineral resourses by eliminating development of ventilation holes and inter-chamber connections as well as to increase ventilation efficiency of the working area by arranging ventilation and removal of outgoing air stream from access drifts separately from the operation areas.3 cl, 5 dwg

ethod of mineral deposits mine development which are dangerous according to gas dynamic and geodynamic phenomena // 2620687
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: in the face the gas flows are separated from the explosive dust, the isolated production is prepared, isolating it from the worked out area of the face with an abutment with a manhole and a bulging shockproof damper. The nozzle of the suction gas pipe is fixed to the roof at the mine face, and the nozzle of the dust duct is installed in the lower part of the worked out space on its soil. Fans of local ventilation are turned on for the suction from the face, for the suction to the isolated working, where, together with mixing gas flows with mine dust, gas-saturated dust and coal briquettes are produced, mixing the mineral deposits detrital products and surrounding rocks, compacting them with pressure. The strength of the resulting briquettes is increased by the addition of binders, for example petroleum bitumen, and the resulting mixture is extruded through the calibration holes into the briquette container. The briquettes are then dried and sealed.EFFECT: prevention of explosions of gas and mine dust generated during mining operations and excavating by modern high-performance complexes, the use of these gases and dust for the energy-intensive briquettes manufacture and the elimination of emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere.2 dwg
ethod of producing oil technogenic deposit in litosphere // 2612425
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: method of producing oil technogenic depost in the lithosphere comprises the drilling of injected and extraction wells to the depth of the lithosphere with pressure of 8-10 MPa, temperature of 125-200°C and reservoir porosity of 10-20%, feeding non-treated urban waste waters to the injected wells with organic matter content not less than 100-300 mg/l and volume of not less than 20 thous. m3/day, carrying out a hydraulic fracturing, maintaining wastes to form a technogenic oil and its subsequent extraction to the daylight surface. Drilling of wells is carried out at a distance calculated based on the rate of organic water migration and a period of technogenic oil synthesis.EFFECT: method allows to obtain industrial quantities of oil while simultaneously utilise human livelihood wastes.
ethod of extraction of minerals of pillars // 2610456
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining and can be used in mining of pillars, left during mining operations by underground method. Method of development includes working out of left pillars with development threaded openings, breaking and discharge of broken ore to bottom level. Opening of left pillars is performed from openings, made in roof. In pillars in descending order cylindrical chambers are made, wherein parameters of cylindrical chambers are determined considering acting stresses in vertical direction and coefficient of non-uniformity of distribution of stresses near mine kh, in zone of increased overburden pressure kn = 2, in zone of unloading kh = 0.5. Breaking and discharge of broken ore are performed at bottom level with possibility of filling of mined space.EFFECT: invention provides higher efficiency of ore extraction from abandoned pillars.1 cl, 4 dwg
ethod of formation of explosive charge // 2596212
FIELD: blasting operations.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of explosives (E) and can be used for charge of shot holes, blast holes, regardless of their water cut, at open mining works and on special blasting operations, as well as during construction. Method of formation of explosive charge is in production of combined charge of two types of explosives, which are located concentrically to each other. For this purpose, a pipe is installed in the charged course, then the space around it is filled with explosive, the stem is made or not, after which the pipe is filled. At that the explosive, placed in the central part of the charge has detonation speed that exceeds detonation speed of the explosive, located in the peripheral part (outside of the pipe).EFFECT: concentric charge design provides to increase efficiency of explosion, to reduce environmental load on environment, to simplify and improve safety of loading operations.8 cl

Development of productive depths in urbanised territory and subsurface facilities to this end // 2574084
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: claimed process comprises the selection of mineral extraction location proceeding from geological conditions of ore occurrence, well drilling and development. Hydraulic borehole mining is executed at underground heading, i.e. at ore occurrence stope. The stope worked volume is filled by overlying rock failure. At the selection of the hard mineral working location additionally considered are the local requirements and constraints in operation of given site of urbanised territory. Geotechnological wells are drilled and developed to a hexagonal cell. Extraction of hard minerals and failure of overlying rock massif are performed inside the depth volume confined by a right hexagonal parallelepiped. The latter is composed by encase wells drilled from the surface to rock deposit bottom. A complete backfilling of worked space comprises the slot cut of side panels of hexagonal massif of rock overlying the stope roof from the rock massif surrounding the aforesaid cell. This causes the self-failure of rock within the boundaries of the hexagonal parallelepiped and the formation of a new overlying hexagonal cavity.EFFECT: possibility of underground local ore working under conditions of territory development and simultaneous formation of underground cavity.2 cl, 5 dwg

Relief of rock-bump and structurally disordered deposits // 2573663
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: claimed process comprises drilling of wells, placing the explosive charges therein and forming of the crushed rock zone by blasts. Wells are drilled from suitable approach courses to place the explosive charges therein and to create the vertical concentrated charge to unload the rock massif in preset direction by a controlled directed shaking blast. Said vertical concentrated charge is surrounded from three sides with a buffer ply of crushed rock by exploding the charges fitted in drilled vertical wells. Then, the vertical concentrated charge is initiated to affect the rock massif strain concentration zone by seismic blast. Note here that the charge bulk is defined by the formula.EFFECT: higher efficiency of relief, safe mining.1 dwg

odular system for working and storing of hydrocarbons // 2572257
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: claimed system consists of two and more chambers separated by posts provided with cross slits for sequential venting that make the spare material feed outlets. Said chambers have side solid coal posts arranged on both sides spacing there between being smaller than the roof caving spacing. The chambers extend along its rift to provide the crosswise impermeability of rift fractures. Posts between the chambers at optimum spacing are produced by smooth drives of heading machine. Note here that unloading of rock from said heading machine is performed by self-propelled cars onto the group conveyor.EFFECT: impermeable coal posts.2 dwg

Working of thick deposits of horizon-pillar system sandstowing // 2569708
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: claimed process comprises making the preparatory rock haulage ways and first workings composed by drilling and cross headings, relief courses and accesses thereto to make the units consisting of the first and second order chambers. Note here that drilling and crosscuts are made level with drawing drifts. Additionally, the story is created amidst the chamber heights by working of drilling crosscut. Relief headways are shaped to trenches with simultaneous ore breaking in chambers. Chambers working is made stepwise with application of drill-and-blast upward and downward walls. First, the first order chamber are worked and filled with fast-hardening mix. Then, second order chambers are worked and, also, filled with hardening mix. The next lower lift is worked with the displacement of chambers in horizontal through half the unit after appropriate hardness in upper lift chambers. Multi-lift stook is excavated by drilling the wells from the upper lift access crosscuts.EFFECT: higher efficiency, lower costs, preservation of natural landscape.3 dwg

Development of thick flat-lying potash beds // 2567576
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: claimed process comprises the delineation of mining bord by development working and mining of bord stores by bords with interbord yielding pillars being left. Prior to mining of every board gateway is worked from development working area. Boards are mined ply-by-ply by mining combine from the gateway with drawing of sylvinite to the surface using the halite ply as the filling material at adjacent worked bord. The boards are worked in forward run starting from the mid ply. Then, the bord top ply worked in reverse run. Now, the bord bottom ply is mined in forward run. Combine drum diameter should not exceed 0.5 m where m is the ply minimum depth, m.EFFECT: higher efficiency of board working.2 dwg
Loosening of contact between ore body and hardening filling mass // 2566524
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: claimed process comprises placing of activating substance on course ore side surface and feeding of hardening filling mass. Encapsulated activating substance containing anhydrite is place at well mouth and bottom. Then it is subjected to blast effects to get a thin film on ore body surface. Amount of encapsulated anhydrite makes at least 500 g. Capsule diameter should make comply with the following condition: D=(0.85-0.95)d, where D is capsule diameter while d is well diameter.EFFECT: lower ore dilution and higher yield of useful component.3 cl

ethod of blasting primary chamber // 2566354
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of mining and can be used in the development of mineral deposits by underground method for working the primary chambers in the flat and steep deposits under conditions of increased rock pressure. The method comprises drilling single ascending wells with placing explosive charges in them, sequential blasting the single ascending wells and formation of boundaries of the compensation slits along the isobar line with the orientation of the convex part towards the main mass. Rows of fans of wells of convex shape in the primary chamber are located congruent to outcrops of the compensation slits at a distance equal to the line of the least resistance. The central row is located across the course of the ore deposit and drilled with underdrilling to contact of ore-rock. The remaining rows of fans of wells are drilled to contact of the ore body at the side of lying and hanging sides. Lastly, the rows of fans of wells are drilled on the border with the compensating slits. The explosive charges are placed in the wells with underdrilling, the rows of fans of wells are short-delay blasted into two opposing surfaces of outcrops of the primary chamber. Finally, the central row of fans of wells and those allied with it are exploded simultaneously.EFFECT: invention enables to improve the safety and efficiency of blasting operations and to reduce the consumption of explosives for primary breaking.3 dwg

ethod of shooting of ore cavities // 2557274
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method includes drilling of the single down wells with placement there of explosive charges, consecutive detonation of single down wells and formation of a compensation crack along the contact ore - rock with formation of a concave exposure surface in solid ore, rows of concave wells in the ore cavity are arranged in congruent manner to a concave exposure of the compensation crack at the distance equal to the least resistance line, the last row is arranged along the line of the contact ore - rock, rings of wells are drilled with insufficient drilling 1 m to the contact ore - filling, finally the rows of rings of wells are drilled at the boundary with the compensation crack, in the wells the explosive charges are placed with insufficient charge, rows of rings of wells are blasted with delayed action to the surface of exposure of the compensation crack, and finally a row of rings of wells at the contact ore - rock is blasted.EFFECT: invention allows to improve safety and efficiency of conducting explosive works.3 dwg, 1 ex

ethod for prevention and control of sudden zonal coal and gas emissions // 2554605
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method for prevention and control of sudden zonal emissions of coal and gas from coal beds. A method for prevention and control of sudden zonal coal and gas emissions, according to which a mining area is divided into mining zones (5) by distribution of defects and corrugations in a deposit so that boundaries of mining zones are located as far as possible in axial parts of defects or corrugations. Direction of maximum stress is determined in soil along horizontal direction in mining zone (5) by a conventional test method of stress in soil. With that, when an adjacent angle between the measured direction of maximum stress in soil along the horizontal direction and a coal bed passage line is less than 45°, inlet ventilation opening (4) and ventilation opening (3) for a backward jet is located for the mining zone along the coal bed passage line. Then, strike entry driving is performed, and inlet ventilation opening (1) and ventilation opening (2) for the backward jet is located for a working face along the coal bed passage line so that there can be performed mining operations in working face (6) located along the coal bed passage line. When the adjacent angle between the measured direction of maximum stress in soil along the horizontal direction and the coal bed passage line is more than 45°, inlet ventilation opening (4) and ventilation opening (3) for a backward jet is located for the mining zone along the coal bed passage line. Then, strike entry driving is performed, and inlet ventilation opening (1) and ventilation opening (2) for the backward jet is located for a working face along the coal bed passage line. And then, strike entry driving is performed so that there can be performed mining operations in working face (6) located along coal bed inclination.EFFECT: simplifying the method, obtaining a favourable effect of prevention of sudden emissions and reducing concentration of stress in a working face.2 dwg

Transfer of muck // 2539090
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: proposed process comprises breaking of rock by combine, loading of the into self-propelled car, its transfer from working zone scraper conveyor, transfer to ore-pass well and discharge to main conveyor. Scraper conveyors are arranged in parallel nearby each other. Note here that conveyor unloading fights are arranged above ore-pass wells while conveyors are timed. Quantity of parallel conveyors allows the width of discharge surface for locating of crushed ore without fall on working soil.EFFECT: higher efficiency of combine working.2 cl, 2 dwg

Development of gas-bearing set of coal seams // 2522583
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: this method consists in development of the set of coal seams in ascending order in system "Long direction of strata" with excavation. Rock pressure is control by collapsing the roof rocks in exposed space with subsequent isolation. Note here that first the set bottom seam is mined with advance degassing and continuation of gas suction therefrom at mining of overlying undermined seams. Then, overlying seams are mined in ascending order. Note here that mine fluids are collected from the entire set of coal seams at bottom seam bottom point at its mining with the feed of aqueous solution of antipyrogenes into stripped area. After working of bottom seam advance seam degassing is terminated. Barometric pressure is maintained in worked space by discharging fluid gases from sources below the set. Note here that advance degassing in overlying seams is not used at stripping. Besides, feed of aqueous solution of antipyrogenes into stripped area is performed from bottom seam into stripped area of every of the next stripped coal seams.EFFECT: higher safety, lower costs.2 cl, 2 dwg

Protection of development entries // 2521096
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: proposed method comprises mechanised pre-working and stabilisation in coal massif, protection of opened space against adjacent column by coal post. Compensation cavities are made in virgin massif, nearby bed soil, and separated by coal post. Cavities and coal posts there between on massif side and opened space are arranged in staggered manner. Width, height and depth of cavities are defined on the basis of coal seam mining and geological conditions and heading machine performances. Coal post width between compensation cavities is calculated with due allowance for empirical factor equal to 1.3 at working in virgin massif and equal to 1.6 at working in adjacent column abutment pressure zone, seal depth (post height) and seam cubical compression strength.EFFECT: higher stability of working, lower losses of coal in posts, no need in additional barring.3 dwg

Double-ended method of deposit opening during underground operations // 2520316
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: double-ended method of the deposit opening during underground operations includes shaft sinking of at least two holes, each hole having its own job site. Opening of the deposit is made by underground horizontal and/or inclined workings from each hole. As the shaft sinking progresses the underground horizontal workings are made from the hole at a distance of at least 5 diameters of the hole. Vertical wells are drilled from the surface and horizontal cuts and when the lower horizontal working is reached the well is drilled up to the project diameter of the air raise. Horizontal workings are placed vertically, one by one, at a distance to be determined by technical capabilities of the drilling rig. The upper part of the air raise is made from the surface through quaternary deposits by a usual method. At the first stage each end of the deposit is ventilated separately, at the second stage fresh air is supplied through a pair of combined developments - a borehole and the air riser at one end while outgoing jet is outputted through the combined developments of the other end.EFFECT: method allows reducing scope of works during shaft sinking, increasing the sinking rate, reducing the period of construction and commissioning of a mine or minery, increasing reliability of ventilation due to ventilation risers.3 dwg

Development method of thick gently sloping formation in large slabs // 2520228
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method involves formation of lower slashing of formation by means of a plough unit with movement into it of a hauling conveyor, cutting in bottom-hole massif of a rear vertical slot and a slot that is upper along the boundary with the roof, which are longitudinal throughout the face length, lowering of the massif onto the conveyor, splitting of a mineral into slabs, output of the mineral from the face in slabs, their lowing into trolleys and locomotive haulage to a bulk material crushing chamber. In the massif settled down on the conveyor there cutout are inclined transverse slots splitting the massif into inclined layers that are then transferred to horizontal position for splitting of the mineral into slabs. Cutout of vertical transverse slots is performed using a motor-driven multi-jib machine.EFFECT: high efficiency of a mining face, maximum extraction of mineral deposits from the formation being developed, extraction of methane from the produced mineral, safety of second working as per gas factor and sanitary-hygienic conditions of underground production as to dust.2 cl, 2 dwg

ethod to develop edge ore bodies with unstable ores // 2515285
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining industry and may be used in development of thick edge ore bodies with unstable and precious ores, for instance, kimberlite pipes, by the underground method. The method includes formation of man-made massif with tunnelling and filling of stopes at the cut and undercut layer, descending extraction of reserves under the man-made massif and filling of the mined space. Under the man-made massif they form a transition layer-sublevel by alternate tunnelling of the stopes of the first phase, with height equal to the height of the layer, and stopes of the second phase, the height of which is equal to the height of the layer-sublevel, at the same time the stopes of the first phase is given the shape of the tilted trapezoid in the vertical cross section, and stopes of the second phase - the irregular hexagon, besides, the width of the upper bases of figures of these stopes and width of stopes of the above (undercut) layer are accepted with equal value. Reserves of the deposit below the transition layer-sublevel are mined by chambers in staggered order with a shift to a sublevel. Chambers in the cross section are given the shape of the hexahedron extended along the vertical line. The upper part of the chambers is formed in the form of a trapezoid with size of half of chamber height, the contours of the upper base of which match the contours of the base of the filled stopes of the first phase in the transition layer - sublevel, and contours of the lateral upper sides - with contours of the lower sides of the filled adjacent stopes of the second phase. The lower part of the chamber with the size of half of its height is given the shape of the tilted trapezoid in the vertical cross section.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase intensity of mining of ore deposits, to increase size of an extraction unit and to reduce costs for filling works.5 cl, 2 dwg

ethod for underground block leaching of useful minerals // 2506423
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to mining, and namely to production of useful minerals by an underground block leaching method. The underground block leaching method of useful minerals involves driving at the block bottom of openings of drain horizon for collection of productive solutions, crushing and shrinkage of ore so that a drain horizon of a safety pillar is left above openings, drilling of upward pumping wells from openings of drain horizon through the safety pillar, supply through them of a leaching solution to shrunken ore, collection of productive solutions in openings of drain horizon. Upward pumping wells from openings of drain horizon through the safety pillar are drilled to lower boundary of shrunken ore, and the leaching solution mixed with air is supplied to shrunken ore via upward pumping wells in a hydrodynamic cavitation mode.EFFECT: invention allows increasing extraction degree of useful minerals from ores, shortening leaching duration and reducing flow of leaching reagents.3 cl, 2 dwg

ineral deposit development method // 2501949
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: transportation of mineral deposit crushed with a combine is performed by means of a self-propelled wagon to a self-moving snaking conveyer, the loading part of which is located in a chamber, and the unloading part is located above an ore-passing well, via which the mineral deposit is transported and unloaded to the ore-passing well; with that, movement of the conveyor to the next well is performed when transportation length of mineral deposit with the self-propelled wagon in the chamber achieves maximum length determined as per mathematical expression. Limit length of the chamber, at which continuous operation of the combine is provided by means of a hopper-loading elevator, the self-propelled wagon and the self-moving snaking conveyor, is calculated as per the mathematical expression.EFFECT: improving working capacity of a combine complex.2 cl, 4 dwg

ethod to prepare ore bodies in place of bedding to leaching of useful components // 2495238
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method to prepare ore bodies to leaching of useful components in place of bedding includes installation of charges into well rings (11) in the central part of the ore body, explosion of the specified well rings and subsequent injection of a process solution into the central part of the ore body via perforation channels with the branching cracks along periphery of channels, formed by the upper part of the ore body with directed blasting Charges are installed with formation of a water circular gap between an explosive charge, bottom and walls of the well, after formation of a circular gap the well is filled with water or plugged.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase opening of wells and evenness of distribution of a leaching solution in the ore body volume.2 cl, 3 dwg

ethod to prepare water-logged gas saturated massif of rocks to mining by underground method // 2487997
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: for realisation of the method, drainage-degassing wells are drilled in zones of higher cracking outside the limits of the prepared mine. Wells are drilled in the bottom-up direction in the close proximity to the profile of the prepared mine. Pumping of gas saturated drainage brines is carried out until the level of the depression curve is set below the horizon of breaking works, and it is maintained at this level for the entire period of mining. Besides, in process of wells drilling the minimum permissible distance to the profile of the prepared mine is accepted as 0.035 m per each running metre of the well.EFFECT: method makes it possible to increase safety of underground mining works due to reduce amount of arriving fuel gas and natural waters to mines from deep and deposit-adjacent horizons of earth interior.2 cl, 2 dwg

ethod and device for production of material in underground conditions // 2482275
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method includes the following stages. Installation of a structure inside or tightly with an underground mine, so that the structure provides for reactive forces when pushing a cutting head in direction of the material by means of a series of rigid materials fixed on the structure, which i arranged so that series of rigid elements may be fixed to it simultaneously at least in two directions, so that parts of tunnel branches could be formed in at least two appropriate directions, of the underground mine designed for transportation of people, mechanisms and extracted material. Formation of multiple parts of tunnel branches entering the material. Formation of the first part of the tunnel branch with the help of a cutting head and a series of rigid elements in the first direction, and afterwards formation of the second part of the tunnel branch in the second direction. During formation of the second part of the tunnel branch, movement of rigid elements from the part of the first tunnel into the part of the second tunnel branch for extension of the series of rigid elements in the part of the second tunnel branch.EFFECT: application of the method considerably reduces costs, makes it possible to considerably increase speed of tunnelling and increases efficiency of production.21 cl, 10 dwg

Development method of stratified deposits using chamber system // 2479720
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method involves separation of panels into individually ventilated blocks, in which second working and first working is performed. First working is ahead of second working at least by one block; at that, second working in adjacent blocks is performed simultaneously. Air supply and ventilation mine workings are routed along the panel boundaries. Each block of the panel is outlined on three sides with first block working. Panel and block mine workings are located symmetrically relative to the panel axis and connected to each other by means of cross passages made at the beginning of each of the blocks. Local ventilation plants are located in T-pieces arranged on the panel axis and on its boundaries at connections to main entries. Return ventilation air jet is removed from the T-piece to main entries through a crossing. The panel is developed in the direct order by means of subsequent development of blocks, and reserves of each of the blocks are developed in reverse order. Delivery of mined rock from the blocks is performed to two unloading points located at the connections to main entries.EFFECT: increasing the panel productivity and reducing the time of its preparation and commissioning.12 cl, 1 dwg

ethod to control hard roof under conditions of cryolithic zone // 2478786
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method includes development of reserves from a border of an extraction column, drilling from surface of wells into the extraction column and primary setting of the roof. Wells are drilled to the rated line of the roof arch in one row in parallel to a stoping face in the middle part of the limit span of the main roof slab. Eutectic-hard-freezing solutions are filled into wells for the height of 1.5-2 m, rated time is maintained, which is required for melting of ice in cracks of roof rocks and formation of germinal slots, afterwards the wells are filled to the surface with the same solutions, and a hydraulic rupture is carried out in a rock massif.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to ensure controlled primary setting of strong cracked rocks.2 dwg

ethod for shooting of ores and rocks on underground mining works // 2476819
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method for shooting of ores and rocks on underground mining works includes drilling-off of a broken volume by opposite wells or blast holes, drilled from upper and lower drilling mines, their charging and exploding. An initiating charge in each well or blast hole is arranged at the distance La=2.25•dw, m from the bottom of the well or the blast hole, where: dw - diameter of a well or a blast hole, m, and distance between ends of opposite wells or blast holes determining thickness of a broken layer, is accepted as equal to L=2•Rr.e.+0.9•Do, m, where L - distance between ends of opposite wells or blast holes, drilled from upper and lower drilling mines, m; Rr.e. - radius of a damage zone from end action of a charge, m; Do - diameter of a bulk piece, accepted for the applied technology, m.EFFECT: reduced specific and total flow rate of drilling, due to increased efficiency of using explosion energy.3 dwg

ethod for underground mining of ore deposits in cryolite zone // 2471070
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: in the period of negative temperatures of ambient air from dehydrated dressing tails briquettes are pressed of ball shape with two diameters related with the following ratio: and volume of a filling material pressed in the form of briquettes of smaller diameter is determined according to the following formula: where Vvol - total volume of solid wastes supplied for briquetting. All prepared briquettes are frozen on the surface, mixed in hoppers with vibrators, transported and placed in a mined space of cleaning units. The ratio of this space filling with briquettes with identical diameter always makes 0.523. If for filling of the mined space a set of briquettes is used in two different diameters, then the coefficient of filling of the mined space will increase to the value of 0.597.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase environmental safety of ore deposits mining in a cryolite zone due to increased volume of solid wastes return from dressing and higher extent of filling of the mined space by means of recovery of a permafrost massif in it.2 dwg

ethod for underground mining of sloping and inclined ore bodies in cryolite zone // 2471069
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: prior to start of filling works, a recumbent side of a section in a mined space to be filled is poured with water to form an ice crust, afterwards the mined space is filled with crushed dead rocks or frozen briquettes from dressing tails. The ice crust makes it possible to apply self-flow filling at the minimum angle of inclination of a recumbent side equal to αmin.=arctgKfr, where Kfr - coefficient of friction as the filling material moves along the ice crust on the recumbent side of the mined space.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase efficiency of filling works when mining sloping and inclined ore bodies in a cryolite zone due to expansion of a field of application of a self-flow method of dry filling material placement in a mined space by reduction of resistance to motion of this material on a recumbent side.2 dwg

ethod of sublevel working of steep seams with sandstowing // 2467169
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining, particularly, to sublevel working with sandstowing. Proposed method comprises working the block by odd and even sublevels in ascending order by counter short mining faces vented by all-mine drawdown. First, subdrifts and drops are worked. Seam is worked by counter short mining faces from flank slopes to central slope with direct-flow venting in advance preparation and working of odd sublevels. Mined-out area is filled with solid stowing while even sublevels between odd mined-out sublevels are filled with common stowing. In working, former vent heading is used as a belt heading.EFFECT: higher safety and efficiency.3 dwg

echanised longwall set of equipment by professor kariman for bulk mining // 2463450
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: mechanised longwall set of equipment for mining comprises sections of a powered support, a hydraulic cutting cleanout machine with actuators and hydraulic cutting heads, joined via metal tubes with a water-supply manifold, a hydraulic booster, a plane with two drives and a plate conveyor with load-carrying plates on rollers, and also comprises a transshipment platform with a mechanised sliding bottom. At the same time the set of equipment additionally comprises a scraper conveyor and a hydraulic support "Sputnik" structurally connected to each other by advancing rams. At both sides of the plate conveyor there are channel guides installed to move coalcutters along them with cable handlers. Besides, the coalcutter installed at the face side of the plate conveyor has a vertical upward direction of a cutting jib in parallel to the face line, and the coalcutter installed at the goaf side of the plate conveyor has a direction of a cutting jib in the bed plane along its border with the roof. The hydraulic machine of the set of equipment is fixed in the end part of the longwall face at the side of the transport mine, and hydraulic abrasive jets work in the transverse plane perpendicular to the direction of cut coal body displacement.EFFECT: higher efficiency of a mining face due to reduction of duration of a process mining cycle.4 cl, 14 dwg

ethod for developing area of flat and slope seam liable to rock-bumps // 2459079
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: extracted core of expendable wells helps to define the outline of bed pinching-out at the area, inside the outline the limits of its standard power are registered and on the base of their average position of seam strike the contoured workings are passed. First cuts are located perpendicular to contoured workings upslope or down-dip and till the outline of bed pinching-out and separate the area to paired blocks. Beginning from the end of each paired block and by moving the front line of extraction by reverse movement there are adjacent extraction workings going from the first cuts to both sides with axes shift and parallel to contoured workings; adjacent extraction workings help to extract the bed selectively and are performed with ground and roof breaking, between the paired blocks there remained are solid blocks with width not more than 10% of abutment pressure zone. Each paired block has formed groups of under-goaf and one support solid block. During seam extraction there drilled are prognostic holes and control the degree of rock-bump hazard is performed, if it is revealed the support solid blocks are unloaded.EFFECT: increase of safety of developing the area of flat and slope seam liable to rock-bumps and reduction of mineral product losses due to involvement of bed pinching-out areas into actual mining.3 cl, 3 dwg

Professor kariman method for underground extraction of minerals by large blocks // 2459078
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: mining method by large blocks includes advanced formation of bed underbreaking by plough machine with movement of conveyor into it for output of rectangular blocks of mineral cut from long face above it by cutting longitudinal and lateral slots with the use of supports. The output of alluvial mineral from plough operation is done by separate chain-and-flight conveyor. Plough operation in ripping lip is done simultaneously with cutting mineral blocks from the bed upper part by cutting longitudinal and lateral slots by cutting machines and loading of mineral blocks extracted from long face by transfer platform as well as their locomotive haulage from long face to the point of their discharge into grinding chamber.EFFECT: invention provides multiple increase of mining face productivity in comparison to the existing level, creation of safe by gas factor and ecologically pure by dust production.6 cl, 15 dwg

Rock pressure control method // 2454540
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method includes driving of development-temporary workings, working off of primordial chambers of tapered section, their filling with curing mixture forming artificial pillars, formation of massive ore pillar between artificial pillars. Rock pressure is reallocated on artificial pillars. Touchdown working is driven along ore pillar symmetry axis by contact with ore deposits in overlying roof rocks. Blasting wells are drilled from it radially within outlines of natural arches so that ends of these wells most accurately form sizes and surface of line of natural arches in compliance with estimated ultimate strength of overlying rock massif. Complete discharge of massive ore pillar is performed by induced caving of roof rock between artificial pillars on chambers expanding upwards, support of artificial pillars by caved rock is provided. Massive ore pillar stocks are developed with support of overlying roof rock by natural arches resting upon artificial pillars and retaining slopes formed near side surfaces of artificial pillars during loading of broken ore.EFFECT: increasing reliability of rock pressure control and labour safety.2 cl, 4 dwg

Underground ore-separation ore dressing complex // 2454281
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining and may be used in ore dressing. Proposed complex comprises receiving hopper, crushing and screening unit, assembly to feed ore to separation, ore control station, ore lump separators, concentrate and reject discharge conveyors arranged in underground openings. Assemblies feeding ore to separation and X-ray-type separators are arranged on two levels in long openings communicated by box holes to accumulate and feed ore to separators by gates arranged at their outlets. Said box holes are located at 5-7 mm from each other to feature diameter of 1.0-1.5 mm. Assembly feeding ore to separation represents combination of openings, each being 120-40 0m-long and having 2.5-3 m-diameter, and connected with crushing and screening assembly to allow every opening to feed ore of particular size grade to box hole. Every separator comprises, at least, one additional channel for cleaning rejects after separation of concentrate in main channel. Conveyor belts of said main and additional channels are located one above the other. Openings accommodating said assembly feeding ore to separation and separators are spaced apart for 15-20 m along vertical. X-ray-type separator channel comprises, at least, one x-ray useful component content analyser connected with separation device made up of, at least, one pneumatic blowout nozzle. Every aforesaid assembly is equipped with conveyor provided with unloading device driven along openings length. Crushing and screening unit allows producing four flows of ore sized to (-300+120), (-120+50), (-50+15), (-15+0) mm, with (-15+0) mm-ore directed to concentrate discharge conveyor, the remaining flows being used for filling box holes.EFFECT: higher efficiency of separation and quality of concentrate, reduced costs.8 cl, 3 dwg

ethod to increase stability of ceiling in downward slicing development of deposit with backfilling // 2449124
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method to increase stability of a ceiling in downward slicing development of a deposit with backfilling includes serial tunnelling and backfilling of parallel mines - stope entries, leaving ore pillars with width equal to one, two or three spans of mines, backfilling of mines with a concrete mix, and after backfilling hardens, ore pillars left between concrete strips are mined. At the same time the vault of stope entries is arranged as deep, besides, ore pillars are left in the roof between concrete backfilling of adjacent stope entries.EFFECT: higher stability of a mine ceiling.4 dwg

Underground development method of thick mineral deposits // 2448249
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: extraction sections or blocks are mined with vertical cuts including two vertical layers of various thickness, the internal one of which is mined by means of drilling method of large-diameter scavenger wells and external one is not mined. In order to ensure safe labour conditions at upper drilling level and uniform output of mineral deposit extracted during large-diameter well drilling, drilling of those wells is performed by shrinking of broken mine rock in them. If the deposit is represented with a bench of conformable beds, the cutting height is accepted equal to total thickness of all beds of that bench, including intermediate rocks. Drilling of scavenger wells is performed throughout the cutting height with shrinkage of broken mine rock in them, and separation of mineral deposit and hollow rock is performed at the stage of general release of racks by means of selective bed-by-bed supply.EFFECT: creation of safe conditions from the point of view of hydrogeology for high-efficiency development of reserves of extraction sections or blocks outlined with natural or artificial barrier or inter-block pillars.3 cl, 2 dwg

ethod for underground development of high-ore deposits // 2445459
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: weakening a spring of natural balance at both sides of the block and damaging a key stone is done simultaneously by exploding rows of parallel wells drilled at the borders with interchamber sight pillars and along the axial line of the stope, in sections length of which is equal to the thickness of the damaged layer. Weakening of the spring at both sides of the block and damaging of the key stone is done by sectional explosion of clusters of parallel adjacent wells: linear ones at borders with interchamber sight pillars and bulk ones along the axial line of the block. The spring at both sides of the block is weakened ahead of erection of artificial interchamber sight pillars.EFFECT: improved efficiency and safety of production works.3 cl, 4 dwg

ethod to mine mineral deposits // 2443864
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: when developing mineral deposits in the form of ore bodies, ore zones are divided along the depth into stories and levels and are mined top-down with sloughing of the above rock massif or filling of the mined space with foreign ground material with lower strength and resistance of rock massif. Ore bodies are mined bottom-up with a layer method with the limited minable width of the layer using the bore hole method from drilling crosscuts with application of drilling mechanisms and conveyor transportation of ore material. Parameters of the broken layer comply with receiving capacity of conveyors that supply the material into the ore chute, and from there into the transport lifting vessel. Mining is carried out starting from the hanging wall of the deposit, and gradually, layer by layer is mined towards the underwall of the deposit. To collect the material sliding off the conveyor flight and during mining of intermediate layers between the extraction ones along the height and ground later, trenches are developed at the bottom. From the trenches the material is sent to a common conveyor via chutes.EFFECT: complete mining of the deposit, prevention of weakening in the surrounding massif of the mined space.16 dwg

Preparation method of bed deposits for advance mining at room-and-pillar system // 2435961
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: air supplying gate and the main air gate pass along opposite boundaries of mine field so that they run ahead of extraction front through the length equal to distance between axes of the rooms. At that, rooms have the length equal to width of mine field and are located between air supplying gate and ventilation air gate. Fresh air is supplied through the tunnel located in front of extraction front. At that, return ventilation air is removed along auxiliary air gate.EFFECT: improving concentration of mining operations, reducing volumes of preparatory mine work, and decreasing air leaks through the worked-out area.1 dwg

Development method of mineral resources at optimum parametres // 2415265
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method consists in maintaining the stable state of worked-out area with inter-chamber support pillars; at that, sizes of inter-chamber support pillars are determined from actual pressure of rocks on them, which are located inside the natural arch in its final position, and the pillar located at the joint of natural arches is determined considering the pressure on abutments of arches of those rocks which are located above the outlines of natural arches.EFFECT: reducing the losses of developed mineral resources and improving the safety of mining operations.2 dwg

ethod for development of thick flat beds of minerals // 2403386
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method for development of thick flat beds of minerals includes division into layers, arrangement of development openings in upper and lower layers, strengthening of development openings. Layers are developed downstream in longwalls. Development openings of lower layer pass under edge portion of bed, formed in process of upper layer longwalls development. Prior to arrangement of development openings in the lower layer, edge part of bed is weakened over route of development openings arrangement in the lower layer, for instance, by means of wells drilling in bed or creation of slot in bed. Development openings of the lower layer are fixed by anchors, at the same time depth of bed weakening is accepted as larger than width of development opening in the lower layer. Length of anchors is accepted as larger than distance from lower layer openings to bed roof, and depth of bed weakening above route of lower layer development openings arrangement is determined from the expression.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to reduce labour intensiveness of works and costs for strengthening, to increase speed of development openings arrangement.2 cl, 2 dwg