Details of, or accessories for, machines for slitting or completely freeing the mineral from the seam, not provided for in groups and e21c0025000000-e21c0033000000, e21c0037000000 and or e21c0039000000 (E21C35)

E   Fixed constructions(158735)
E21C     ining or quarrying(17294)
E21C35                 Details of, or accessories for, machines for slitting or completely freeing the mineral from the seam, not provided for in groups ; e21c0025000000-e21c0033000000, e21c0037000000; or e21c0039000000(1483)

illing machine, crusher of rock fractures for it and system of longwall mining // 2642698
FIELD: mining engineering.SUBSTANCE: machine is located adjacent to a face conveyor for transporting the material, and comprises a chassis, a boom pivotally connected to the chassis, a blade drum for engagement with stope face, while knife drum is mounted for rotation on the boom, and the crusher rock fractures used to trap material on the face conveyor. In this case, the chassis includes a first end and a second end, the chassis being movable in at least a first direction that is substantially parallel to the stope face. The crusher of rock fractures includes an elongated crushing arm having a first end and a second end, the first end being pivotally connected to the chassis about the axis of the lever. The crusher of the rock fractures also includes a number of teeth for crushing the mined material.EFFECT: development of longwall in a compact manner, with a compact crusher.19 cl, 4 dwg
Guiding device in assembly for guiding plough // 2641151
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: guiding device in assembly comprises a housing part including: a first guide rail for providing a predetermined direction of the corner plough and extending along a first axis, and a second guide rail spaced from the first guide rail and defining a maintenance space therebetween and extending along the second axis coaxially to the first axis. The guiding assembly additionally comprises a liner inserted into the maintenance space and has a third guide rail extending along the third axis; with the assembled liner, the third axis is aligned with the first and second axes; and a support device capable of supporting and positioning the liner relative to the housing part.EFFECT: increasing the productivity due to reducing maintenance time.15 cl, 10 dwg

ethod for developing steeply dipping deposits of solid mineral deposits // 2634144
FIELD: mining engineering.SUBSTANCE: method includes positioning an automated deep mining complex with relative to a face with consideration of the direction of the ore body deposition. The width of the ore body plane coverage in the horizontal is provided by means of complex positioning mechanism relative to guides, wherein information about the contours of the blasted rock is provided by rock contour control sensors to a system control unit. Synchronization of the bucket working cycle with cutting member is carried out by means of the control system and coordination of mechanisms operation with consideration of rational face formation, providing accumulation of rock at the face bottom and subsequent excavation of rock by the bucket. The bucket is mounted on stands secured to a carriage moving along a telescopic boom by means of cable winch.EFFECT: increased performance, reliability and expanded process efficiency of rock breaking with different degree of strength and adhesion.3 dwg

Cutting device for feeder-crusher (versions), feeder-crusher, device for keeping the cutter and method of connecting the cutyet to mining machine // 2630337
FIELD: mining engineering.SUBSTANCE: feeder-crusher comprises a frame forming a receiving end and a discharge end, a conveyor attached to the frame for moving the raw material from receiving end to discharge end, and a crusher attached to the frame between receiving and discharge ends for processing raw materials. Crusher includes a holder having an opening for cutter, running along the longitudinal axis of holder, and an opening for a pin, located across the opening for cutter and crossing the cutter holding device. The cutter has a cutting part, a bar, and a recess made in the bar. Wherein, when the bar is held in the opening for cutter, the said recess is aligned with the pin opening. The holding device is designed to hold the cutter in holder and comprises a pin, freely disposed in said pin opening and recess with engagement with cutter, and an integral plug inserted into the pin opening and having a dimension that provides its resilient engagement with holder. In this case, the plug substantially insulates and holds the pin in said pin opening. The said pin is located in the pin opening in unsecured condition.EFFECT: protection of connecting element against corrosion and easy replacement of cutter.38 cl, 9 dwg

Cutting insert of tangential rotary cutter // 2629507
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: cutting insert of the tangential rotary cutter includes the cutting step and the fastening step. In this case, the fastening step is conical, and the cutting step is in the axial section according to the law of quadratic function with surface reinforcement by indenters, made of composite wear-resistant material located in a plan along the Archimedes spiral.EFFECT: increased efficiency and tool life.2 dwg

ethod of wear-resistant indexable pick manufacture // 2626481
FIELD: mining engineering.SUBSTANCE: hardening of mounting is carried out immediately after its production by hot stamping from cylindrical work which, in order to increase the intensity of metal deformation in head part of mounting, is pre-equipped with a facet of 0.38d to 0.44d length at an angle of 5.5β up to 7β, where d - is the diameter of work, β - is the angle of inclination of the side surface of stamp. Reinforcement of mounting with a carbide insert is made by cold pressing.EFFECT: increasing the hardness of pick mounting surface in the area of its contact with destroyed rock, which increases the service life of pick.5 dwg

Protecting cover for wear protection (versions) // 2622941
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: protecting cover for toolholder unit wear protection, suitable for using at basing part of the toolholder unit comprises at least two wall sections angled toward each other for covering surface areas of the basing part, wherein these wall sections are united with each other in a single whole. The protecting cover for wear protection is formed as a metal molded article or a metal part obtained by plastic deformation. At least a part of wall sections verge into each other via rounded transitions. An opening is positioned at the wall section formed as a front wall, designed to receive the tail cutter head.EFFECT: efficient and long lasting protection against toolholder unit wear.21 cl, 10 dwg

Bore bit blade insert // 2619953
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: bore bit blade insert comprises an insert body, blade and rear edge. The rear edge of the plate is made on the surface ensuring blade sharpening from its outer rim to the inside rim decreasing in such a way that the angle between the insert rear edge and the blade points guidepath line remains constant.EFFECT: possibility of the insert rear edge contact during its interaction with the rock is excluded and provided rock free cutting process along the entire blade insert length.1 dwg

ethod of management of the mountain combine with planetary-disk executive body // 2618630
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: according to the method based on the control of the load current of the main engine executive body of the combine, set the maximum value of the current consumed by the main engine of the executive body of the combine harvester and the speed of delivery for slaughter. Compare the current setpoint with the actual value determined by the sensor current, if the actual value of the main engine load current executive body greater than a predetermined, reduced speed of the combine feed for slaughter if the main engine of the actual value of the load current executive body less than the specified, it is determined the actual value of the feed rate harvester for slaughter, compare it with the set flow rate and compared values do not match the speed of the combine is controlled feeding. Control of the load current is carried out on all of the drive motors cutter executive body of the combine, thus regulate the speed of the combine feeding in excess of load current in at least one drive motor of the executive body. When you reach the desired flow rate change is carried out step by controlling the cutting speed burin portable drives.EFFECT: invention allows for automatic control of the drive mechanism for moving and portable drives rotation incisal heading-and-winning machines with planetary disk executive bodies, to ensure the rational values of the cutting parameters, and reduce specific energy consumption of the process of destruction of the rock mass.2 cl, 2 dwg

Automated operations of mining machine // 2617498
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: embodiments of the present invention relate to automated operations of mining machines, such as mining machines of continuous action for the exploitation of solid mountain rocks. The methods and the system of automatic control of mining tunneling machine of continuous action. One method involves automatic controlling of at least one actuator for setting the platform carrying the shearer head to a predetermined position for start-up, automatic control of at least one actuator for extending the platform to the face being exploited before entering the shearer head into contact with the face being exploited and the excess of at least one indicator of physical force between the shearer head and the pit-face exploited, of a predetermined value, and automatical saving of at least one coordinate of the face being exploited on a computer readable medium, wherein at least one of the coordinates is based on the parameter of at least one actuator when the indicator exceeds the predetermined value.EFFECT: invention provides higher safety and efficiency of work.122 cl, 26 dwg
ultipoint sealing device of auxiliary high-pressure water jet for cutting mechanism used in mining equipment // 2615546
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: multipoint sealing device of the auxiliary high-pressure water jet of the cutting mechanism comprises a water conducting housing and a water conveyance hose, connected in series between the cutting shaft and the cutting-providing tank of the cutting mechanism used in mining equipment. The input water intake channel is configured radially across the water conveyance housing, the water-conducting hose and the cutting shaft, and respectively communicates with the inlet water opening for the cutting-providing tank and the main flow channel of the cutting shaft. Two sides of the input water-intake channel are respectively provided with the first sealing O-shaped ring, the gear combined sealing, and the second sealing O-shaped ring. The water-conductive housing is made with the drain gutter, and the cutting-providing tank is made with the water outflow channel communicating with the drainage gutter.EFFECT: sealing with long service life and increasing the efficiency of the auxiliary cutting with the high-pressure water jet.3 cl, 3 dwg

Linear pan and longwall cutter // 2613659
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to longwall cutters and, more specifically to all-movable face conveyer linear pan. Linear pan section comprises front rail, mined space side rail opposite to front rail and conveyor pan between face rail and mined space side rail. Front rail has horizontal upper surface by upper surface height and with upper surface width, inclined loading surface passing in mining face and ground surface direction and arranged at oblique angle relative to upper surface, loading surface located on loading height and having loading surface width, loading surface width, and cavity for material made in front surface under loading surface and recessed in mined space direction.EFFECT: technical result is improving of both mining combine and cut material loading characteristics.23 cl, 10 dwg

aterials mechanical processing device and method by milling and drilling // 2610474
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to materials mechanical processing method and device by milling and/or drilling, particularly for removal of hard rocks, concrete, minerals or coal. Device includes tool drum accommodating several tool shafts with machining tools attached to their ends, projecting from tool drum. At that, tool shafts can be driven into rotation. Tool shafts driving element and tool drum can rotate relative to each other, wherein drum carrying device can displace relative to material using displacement device. Using control device tool carrying device displacement speed can vary relative to material and tool drum speed. To avoid occurrence of critical operating conditions device is equipped with, at least one measurement transducer for measurement of natural translational vibration and/or, at least one measurement transducer for determining tool drum angular oscillations, and control device, which contains at least one vibrations analyzing module, using which vibrations range can be defined during analysis of oscillations, and at least one controller module, using which rotation speed and/or relative speed are controlled or adjusted as oscillations function defined by analysis module. Method of materials machining by means of device.EFFECT: improving mechanical processing device.25 cl, 3 dwg

Cutting machine cutter for mineral deposits and such // 2606720
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to mineral deposits cutting machine cutter. In one embodiment cutting machine cutter assembly includes cutting machine cutter and cam. At that, cutting machine cutter comprises head, made with possibility to retain cutter, shank, extending in lengthwise direction from head, and heel, extending across longitudinal direction from head. Heel comprises first and second sides, separated by heel thickness, and through hole, passing through heel thickness. At that, through hole has inlet end on heel first side and outlet end on heel second side. Cam has opening, spraying nozzle and outer surface. Hole is made with possibility to receive shank and installation of cutting machine cutter into working position, when shank is received into hole. At that, spraying nozzle comprises inlet hole to receive water and outlet hole to discharge water from spraying nozzle. At that, spraying nozzle extends from cam outer surface and sets outlet hole outside of cam. At that, when cutting machine cutter is in working position pair of jaws extends from heel, from heel first side, wherein jaws of pair are arranged at distance from each other with formation of clearance gap between them, through hole is located between jaws, through hole inlet end is directed to clearance gap, spraying nozzle is located between jaws, outlet hole is located in clearance gap, hole is made with possibility of water spraying, released from nozzle via through hole, and cam outer surface is arranged adjoining to jaws and extends between jaws, outer surface and jaws form channel, extending to through hole inlet side, wherein channel is hydraulically communicated with ambient environment.EFFECT: technical result is improvement of cutting machine cutter spraying system.20 cl, 4 dwg

ethod to control mining machine for implementation of cutting head swinging // 2606538
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining machine control system and method, such as continuous mining machine, as well as to computer-readable medium containing instructions to control mining machine. System comprises cutting head, left trolley system and cutting head controller. Cutting head comprises multiple cutters and plurality of sections forming, at least, one recess. Systems of left and right trolleys are made with possibility of machine displacement, and cutting head controller is made with possibility of velocity correction adjustment variable setting, at least, one of left and right trolley systems based on adjustment variable, changing adjustment variable and repetition for performance of cutting head oscillating movements back and forth to actuate multiple cutters interaction with rock, accumulated inside, at least of one recess.EFFECT: control over mining machine.25 cl, 7 dwg

Device for cutter attachment on machine actuator // 2602435
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building, in particular, to mining and construction industries. Cutters attachment device includes cutter holder body fixed on actuator, made with projecting part in front of cutter, with opening for cutter, cutter rigidly secured in cutter holder body and opening for insert, insert, connecting actuating element with cutter holder body. Cutter holder body is made monolithic, in projecting cutter holder part in front of cutter body part through hole with a plug from above is made, in which bearing bushing is press-fitted. Insert is cross shaped in cross-section axis, which horizontal component is support, rigidly fixed on actuator by welding. Cutter holder body is fixed on cross-shaped in cross section axis with possibility to turn about axis at preset angle in vertical through hole. Cross-shaped in cross section axis is arranged in cutter holder body with eccentricity relative to cutter edge. On axis side surface over horizontal component circular groove for holder is made in form of spring key, rigidly fixed in cutter holder body slots.EFFECT: technical result is expansion of structural and functional capabilities, reducing destruction process power consumption, increasing of cutter and cutter holder operability.1 cl, 6 dwg

Protection of fibre-optic cable in mining equipment // 2596814
FIELD: machine building; mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to development of a long face and more specifically to chain cable layer in equipment for development of long face, specifically to a device with chain links, a cable chain assembly and mining apparatus. Device with chain links for a cable chain assembly comprises a chain link having walls cooperating to define a compartment opening in direction of axis, fibre optic cable being configured to be supported in said compartment, communications configured to be supported in said compartment; and a flexible member supported in said compartment and configured to engage with fibre optic cable, flexible member positioning fibre optic cable toward one of said walls. Cable chain assembly for mining machine comprises chain links, each of which has upper wall, lower wall, first side wall and second side wall together defining a compartment, open in direction of said axis. Fibre-optic cable passing through compartment in each of chain links and passing substantially in wavy path. First flexible member supported in compartment of one of chain links configured to interact with fibre-optic cable and positioning a fibre-optic cable in upper wall of said one of chain links. Second flexible member supported in compartment of second chain link, configured to interact with fibre-optic cable and positioning a fibre-optic cable in lower wall of second chain link.EFFECT: prevention of excessive tension and cable damage due to provision of sufficient specified cable sag.54 cl, 9 dwg

Cutting tool assembly (versions) // 2594234
FIELD: construction. SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to cutting tool assemblies used in mining and construction. Cutting tool assembly comprises a tooth holder with front portion, a rear portion, central opening forming a top bridge portion extending from top of front portion to top of rear portion, and a generally planar mounting surface between said front and rear portions, front portion of holder defining a front opening, which has a front end and axis of which is inclined relative to mounting surface, and rear portion defines rear opening in said front opening. Cutting tool assembly also comprises a cutting tooth, installed in front opening and having a rear end, to which there is access through rear opening made in rear portion of tooth holder. EFFECT: technical result consists in providing simple extraction of curved or broken cutting teeth of tooth holder. 28 cl, 8 dwg

Positioning system in underground mine // 2584708
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to system and method of determining location in underground mining. System comprises a control unit connected with machine, at least two spaced apart, connected with control unit receiving modules and identification module designed for miner. Control unit is configured to determine position of identification module. Control unit is configured to request authorisation of miner wearing identification module, and depending on position of identification module and authority of miner - blocking or resolution implementation functions of machine. Method of locating miner under ground, which is connected to machine control unit connected, at least with two spaced apart receiving modules, and identification module, carried by miner. Furthermore, control unit determines position of identification module, requests permission of miner wearing identification module, and depending on position of identification module and authorisation of miner block or allow performing functions of machine.EFFECT: location in underground mining.13 cl, 4 dwg

Cutter holder for soil treatment machine // 2584429
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to soil processing machine cutter holders, in particular for road milling machine. Cutter holder in area of a processing side has a socket for cutter, insert projection of support element, support element has two bearing surfaces, which are located at an angle to each other and which form a pair of bearing surfaces. Support element has additional bearing surface, which is located at an angle to two bearing surfaces of pairs of bearing surfaces, where two pairs of bearing surfaces of bearing surfaces of cutter feed direction at least in some areas are arranged ahead of or behind plug-in ledge, and additional bearing surface at least in some areas is located in feed direction respectively behind or before insert ledge. Bearing surface of pairs of bearing surfaces and additional bearing surface make support guide with three surfaces so that bearing surface of pairs of bearing surfaces and additional bearing surface are located relative to each other in a pyramid-shaped manner.EFFECT: technical result is providing stable and resistant configuration tool holder.25 cl, 15 dwg

Cutter holder // 2580545
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to soil processing machine cutter holders, particularly, to road wheel-type trenchers. Cutter holder comprises bearing element with plug-in extending part connected thereto. Note here that said bearing element has two first and/or second bearing surfaces arranged at the angle to each other. Note also that said bearing element has the processing side with the seat for cutter directed from said plug-in extending part. The first and/or second bearing surfaces diverged from the plug-in extending parts toward the processing side. Note that two first bearing parts are arranged in the feed direction at least by separate areas ahead of the plug-in extending part. Note that two second bearing parts are arranged in the feed direction at least by separate areas behind the plug-in extending part.EFFECT: higher durability, longer life, reliable operation.38 cl, 15 dwg

Tool holder and lower part of tool for tool holder // 2580342
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: set of inventions relates to cutter holders and the tool lower part for location of said cutter holder. The latter has the plug-in extending part and cutter seat shaped to the hole with central lengthwise axis. Note here that the basic part has the convexed bearing surface. The central lengthwise axis of the seat crosses the bearing surface. Note here that the basic part is located at the area of joint with said plug-in extending part while said bearing surface features a spherical outline of the surface. The tool lower part accommodating the cutter holder has the concaved matching surface for bearing surface of the cutter holder basic surface.EFFECT: longer life, resistance to high strains, lower torques.39 cl, 8 dwg

Cutter with round shank // 2580119
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cutters with the round shank. Claimed cutter comprises the head and shank. Note here that fastening bush and thrust element with the guide zone are retained in the cutter shank zone. Note also that said thrust element has a spigot arranged at its lower side. A spigot has the centring surface inclined to extend relative to the cutter mid lengthwise axis via the recess shifted backward to change over into the circular locating surface extending radially to the mid lengthwise axis. Said section adjoins the guide zone to allow fastening bush to change from unlocked position to locked position of from partially locked position to locked position.EFFECT: decreased wear, better free spinning.12 cl, 6 dwg

Cutter holder // 2571106
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to soil processing machine cutter holders, particularly, to road wheel-type trenchers. Claimed cutter holder comprises the support element with plug-in extending part coupled therewith directly or indirectly. Note here that plug-in extending part has the pressure surface and two convex spaced apart surfaces. Note also that said contact surfaces changed via convex transition are over into the partially concaved recess.EFFECT: higher reliability and strength, higher reliability.21 cl, 15 dwg

Holding device, holding system between female part and male part for excavators and similar machines // 2569948
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to cutting edge of the bucket of excavator and similar machines, namely to holding device, holding system between the female part and male part, and to female part and male part to ensure holding between the wear element, or tooth, and transitional element, or adapter, used in excavators and similar machines. Technical result is simple assemblage and disassemblage of the wear element, or tooth, in the transitional element or adapter. Female part, that can be wear element, or tooth, or transitional element or adapter, contains automatically connected to it holding device, participating in connection by means of pin, female part with male part, and prevents the pin exit from the holding position keeping securing between said two element, i.e. male part and female part. Connection between the said two elements is detachable, ensuring possibility of the connection pin removal and replacement of the female part or male part together with the holding device. The holding accessory contains one or more connected tension element.EFFECT: improved design.15 cl, 22 dwg

Tool clamp and tool clamp system with tool clamp and body // 2567256
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: tool clamp comprises body zone (12) with tool seat exposed towards, at least, tool feed side (14) with cutter intake bore (18). Locking handle (26) with lengthwise axis (LB) extends from thrust side (20) of body zone (12). The latter has first zone (22) of its thrust surface (20). Note here that body zone (12) on thrust surface (20) has second zone (24) of said thrust surface located at the angle to said first zone (22). Or, first zone (22) includes first thrust surface (28) and second thrust surface (30) arranged at the angle to said first surface (28).EFFECT: uniform distribution of load at locking handle and tool clamp body.19 cl

Development machine working body remote control device // 2566165
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: device contains an independent power supply source, a control unit and data transmission hardware, and also a fixed remote control. It also comprises a power take-off unit which is fixed on the working body which has a kinematic connection with an independent power supply source the output of which is connected to the voltage stabilizer input and the power supply input of the power supply unit the outputs of which are connected to inputs of actuating mechanisms of the working body, and inputs are connected to the first group of outputs of the control unit the second group of outputs of which is connected to inputs of the first subassembly of the data transmission hardware the outputs of which are connected to the first group of inputs of the control unit the second group of inputs of which is connected to the working body sensors. Note that the first subassembly of the data transmission hardware through the bidirectional channel communicates with the second subassembly of the data transmission hardware which is a part of the fixed remote control comprising also the control PC, inputs and outputs of which are connected to inputs and outputs of the second subassembly of the data transmission hardware.EFFECT: increase of energy resource of the power supply mounted on the working body and, at the expense of increased energy resource of the independent power supply source full implementation of the principle of feedback at control of power-consuming units and assemblies, in particular actuation mechanisms and bidirectional data transmission hardware.2 cl, 4 dwg

Conveyor system for continuous open working // 2564547
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: for open working this invention proposes lateral-displacement conveyor. This conveyor comprises conveyor sections and conveyor actuators. Each of the latter includes the drive to be displaced by at least one conveyor section in direction, in fact, perpendicular to conveyance direction. Besides, this conveyor comprises drilling unit to secure conveyor actuator relative to open working face and controller functionally coupled with each drive for drive control and coordination of conveyor sections displacement. Conveyor displacement process comprises the steps that follow. Determination of pit miner suitable for loading material on conveyor sections goes beyond one of several conveyor sections. Conveyor actuator position coupled with one of several conveyor sections is locked in open working with the help of drilling unit. Conveyor actuator is driven to displace said one of several conveyor sections in direction, in fact, perpendicular to conveyance direction.EFFECT: higher reliability and efficiency.24 cl, 12 dwg

Tool clamp and tool clamp system with tool clamp and body // 2563008
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: set of inventions relates to tool clamps and tool clamp systems. Tool clamp comprises body zone with tool seat exposed towards, at least, tool feed side. Locking handle extends from the body zone thrust side and has lengthwise axis and outer periphery main surface. Locking element loading zone is located on said locking handle first side. Opposite thrust side relative to handle lengthwise axis has zones of thrust surface arranged at the angle to each other and abut on each other in lengthwise axis extending along handle transition zone. Note here that locking handle outer periphery main surface zone features circular outer periphery outline. At least one zone of thrust surface relative to handle lengthwise axis extends, at least, partially, radially outward beyond the limits of locking handle outer periphery main surface. Note also that transition zone is composed of the recess.EFFECT: improved distribution of stress and strain, higher durability and reliability.19 cl, 12 dwg

Conveyance system with toothed racks (versions) // 2562282
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to conveyance systems with toothed racks and to retainers of the latter used in underground working of long work face. This system comprises toothed racks each having spaced apart teeth extending between side sections arranged at opposite sides of said rack. Retainer has two spaced apart sidewalls secured to the bed and bores extending there through. Note here that one side section has cavity to accommodate one of the holder sidewalls and confined by side section spaced apart beads. Every said bead has through bore. Bores in said beads are aligned with bores in the holder side walls. Pin can be fitted through sidewall bores and side section bead bores. Note here that spaced apart side sections are arranged so that outer boundary composed by said teeth is located approx. at the same level as the pin for retention of said rack in the holder.EFFECT: decreased height of rack, possibility of header operation in seam seams.3 cl, 8 dwg

Connecting device for pan of mining extraction devices, pan and fastener for extraction devices // 2561403
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the connecting device intended for joining of the fastener to the side element of the pan of the mining extraction device, to the pan and the fastener for the extraction device. The connecting device contains the first connecting couplings located on the side element and the counter-couplings located on the fastener which can be joined in a demountable way to the connecting couplings. Besides, at least one lock member which prevents disjoining of the connecting coupling and the counter-coupling in a closed position is provided. In order to mount or demount quickly the fastener, the connecting coupling is narrowed upwards in the form of trapeze, and the counter-coupling is narrowed upwards in the form of trapeze, and by means of vertical movement the connecting coupling and the counter-coupling can be inserted one to each other or disjoint from each other, and the connecting coupling and the counter-coupling are fitted with blocking strips and/or grooves which they hold at least in locked state.EFFECT: design improvement.24 cl, 7 dwg

Network infrastructure for mobile machines capable of being used in explosion hazard areas // 2556600
FIELD: physics; control.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to network infrastructure for mobile machines used in explosion hazard areas. Network infrastructure for mobile machines used in explosion hazard areas, having subscribers with inherent safety and having network subscribers without inherent safety, placed in pressure-resistant housings. The machine has at least one controller, placed in a pressure-resistant housing, for triggering at least one subscriber without inherent safety. The machine has, outside the pressure-resistant housing for the first controller, at least a second controller with inherent safety for triggering at least one subscriber with inherent safety. The first controller forms a data distributor for the plurality of subscribers without inherent safety, and the second controller forms a data distributor for the plurality of subscribers with inherent safety, wherein the first data distributor and the second data distributor have an electrically decoupled data channel between them.EFFECT: creating network infrastructure for explosion hazard areas.10 cl, 6 dwg

Control over rear drum of dual-action cleaning machine // 2556541
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to control over cutting members of dual-action cleaning machine with rotary drums. Proposed method comprises reception of signals from first and second transducers arranged at machine body indicating machine path and position relative to working face and signals indicating the rotary handle position relative to face bottom. Then, machine crosswise roll is defined. Said signals are processed to reveal if said machine departs from drift working face. Then, rotary handle position is defined. Rotary handle position is compared with limiting trimming at the face to stop the machine in case said position is lower that said limiting trimming magnitude. Machine resumes its motion when said rotary handle stays at required position.EFFECT: ruled out trimming below the face, limited trimming at sections other than face end sections.4 cl, 9 dwg

ethod and device for determining position // 2551557
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method of determining a position of mechanisms in a working face in underground mining is provided, comprising the following steps: a video camera is mounted in a roof timber area of a roof support with the viewing direction mainly in the direction of an air flow, or opposite it, the camera is oriented so that the vanishing point of the image from the camera is in the area of the right or the left upper corner of the image from the camera, illuminated markings are provided on the mechanisms along the working face in the area of the image from the camera and they are operated, as well as the positions of the mechanisms are determined by means of electronic processing of the markings located on the camera image. Also a system and a video camera for implementing the method are proposed.EFFECT: providing the opportunity of simultaneous monitoring of the straightness of the working face, recording of a vertical and horizontal deflection of roof supports and the conveyors, controlling automatically the stroke of the roof supports, or to monitor the mining machine.10 cl, 5 dwg

Development method of steeply dipping solid mineral deposits and automated complex of deep development // 2541992
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method involves positioning of an automated complex for deep development relative to the working face considering the direction of ore bodies settings. Control of mine rock parameters is performed by means of control sensors of physical and mechanical characteristics of mine rocks for adjustment of a mine rock cutting force considering rotation speed of a working element and movement speed of the working element in a vertical plane throughout the cutting depth and cutting direction by means of hydromechanisms of telescopic retraction and a turning mechanism of the head section. Width of capture of the ore body plane in a horizontal direction is provided by means of the positioning mechanism of the complex relative to guides; with that, information on circuits of destructed mine rock is sent from control sensors of mine rock circuits to a system control unit.EFFECT: increasing productivity, improving reliability and enlarging technological efficiency of destruction of rocks of different strength and coherence degree by controlling a cutting force in a zone of processing and formation in a surface layer of the processed massif of destruction zones considering strength characteristics of rock.2 cl, 3 dwg
ethod for preventing explosion-hazard accumulations of gases and dust in coal destruction zone // 2541970
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention proposes a method for prevention of explosion-hazard accumulations of gases and dust in a coal destruction zone, which involves extraction of coal samples from a bed, determination of yield ratio of substances of coal, its gas-bearing capacity, content of fusinite and dust, supply of cooling liquid to a cutter surface and an air-water mixture to the coal destruction zone. Supply of the cooling liquid and the air-water mixture is performed at equal pressure of the liquid in channels of a cutter holder. The cooling liquid is supplied to the cutter surface in a compact form at destruction of coal with the cutter, and liquid in the air-water mixture is dispersed with a possibility of binding explosion-hazard dust fractions; with that, it is supplied via the channel of the cutter holder tangentially to an external cavity of a sleeve with its internal ejecting channel.EFFECT: implementation of the method will allow increasing safety of mining operations on gas-bearing beds, the coals of which tend to dust explosiveness, due to high efficiency of prevention of explosion-hazard accumulations of gases and dust during destruction of coal with an actuating element of a combined machine.

Sensor device and method for electrical exploration of mineral deposits // 2541382
FIELD: physics; geophysics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to geophysics and can be used for exploration of mineral deposits in a geologic environment. The invention relates to a sensor device and a method for geoelectric survey of a location, stratigraphic arrangement and range of mineral deposits and contiguous rocks delineating said deposits. The disclosed sensor device has a sensor head (51), an end surface which forms a sensor measurement surface (53) and at least one electrode. According to the invention, the sensor head (51) can be brought into contact with the surface of the geologic environment, and a centre electrode (54) and a plurality of external electrodes (55), arranged in a geometrically uniform manner around the centre electrode (54), are placed on the sensor measurement surface (53). The centre electrode (54) and external electrodes (55) are electroconductive and electrically insulated from each other.EFFECT: high accuracy of survey data of a deposit directly in the development process thereof.15 cl, 7 dwg

Automatic system of pneumatic hydro-sprinkling and inhibition of highly explosive methane-air mixture (versions) // 2539194
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the coal industry and is designed to control and prevent the explosion of dust-methane-air mixture and improvement of mining safety in mines. The technical result of the proposed invention is to neutralise highly explosive accumulation of dust and gas cloud in work areas of mining machines and providing security. To solve this technical problem, three variants of the invention are proposed. In the first two variants the automatic system of pneumatic hydro-sprinkling and inhibition of highly explosive methane-air mixture comprises channels for water and air supply, filters, electronic gauges, methane sensor. The main difference from equivalents is that an electronic control unit is mounted, receiving and analysing signals from the metering devices of methane concentration, pressure of water and air, and which controls the supply of inhibitor. The channels for supply air and water are connected to the spray nozzle blocks consisting of two chambers. Each chamber is connected with separate inlets to spray nozzles. The channel of air supply through the metering device is connected to the cylinders with inhibitor. In the third embodiment the proposed automatic system comprises three separate channels for supplying water, air and inhibitor. The channels are connected with separate inlets to the nozzle block. The nozzle blocks are made in a three chamber design. Supply of inhibitor is regulated.EFFECT: use of invention enables to improve significantly safety matters at mining operations.5 cl, 8 dwg

Selection of position or location of components at mining excavator points and mining excavator // 2538007
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining, particularly, to coal-mining industry. Proposed method of determination of location of position of mixing excavator comprising at least one face conveyor (8), shield support system (1) including multiple frames (2) and excavator (6) displacing along face conveyor (8). Note here that at least the position of one component is defined with the help of evaluation system. Note also the said evaluation system comprises at least one detection unit (25). To define position of at least one plant component, even in dynamic excavation, at least one detection (25) unit comprises one image pickup that allows detection of object four points (21) located at preset distance from each other to be detected in wavelengths of optical band. Plant component position can be defined with the help of the system of evaluation by the object projection points detected by image sensor.EFFECT: possibility to measure absolute and relative location of excavator components.27 cl, 9 dwg

Cutting device and method of its operation // 2537449
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a device and method for controlling the actions of longwall coal miner in a continuous mine working with tracking its location relative to the plane of the extraction panel of coal. The cutting device comprises a light source and a guide element located on the roof support, to determine the relative angular arrangement between the cutting device and the roof support. The light source, made in the form of a laser, is located on the cutting device and is directed to the roof support. The said guide element is located on the roof support over the cutting device so that when the cutting device is positioned correctly relative to the roof support, the light emitted by the light source falls into a predetermined place relative to the said guide element. When the cutting device is in the wrong position relative to the roof support, the light source will not fall into a predetermined place relative to the guide element. When the cutting device operator detects that light from the source does not fall into the predetermined place relative to the guide element, it adjusts the inclination of the cutting device using hydraulic cylinders, so that the light emitted by the source falls again into the predetermined place relative to the guide element.EFFECT: increasing productivity of the longwall mining due to proper maintenance of location of the cutting device plane relative to the plane of the extraction panel.9 cl, 5 dwg

Diamond drill bit with mechanical attachment of cutters // 2536901
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to drilling and can be used in production of diamond drill bits with steel bodies. Drill bit comprises body, flushing assemblies, PDC cutters arranged in bushes of plastic metal fitted in blade holes. PDC cutter is attached with the help of two conical lock bushes fitted one into another. One of the latter has outer cylindrical surface mating with blade hole wall and inner conical surface symmetrical about hole axis, its cone vertex facing its bottom. Another bush with inner cylindrical surface mating with PDC cutter bottom surface and outer conical surface symmetric with hole axis, cone vertex facing its inlet. PDC cutter mount hole bottom has through hole in blade of smaller diameter intended for mounting or withdrawing of PDC cutter by axial impacts or squeezing with the help of drift pin to allow worn-out section turn and replacement at cutting edge by turn through required angle relative to axis or complete replacement of PDC cutter with new one.EFFECT: higher reliability, longer life, simplified repair.8 dwg

ethod of orienting, assembling and locking of thrust tool in holder by self-locking retainer with help of low-wear orienting bushes and controlled low-wear thrusts // 2533799
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fitting and locking of rotary thrust tool in its holder. Proposed method consists in fitting and locking the cutter in holder by self-locking retainer. Said retainer exploits the steel spring effect and combination of the angles of bevels that retain said retainer in holder seat. Low-wear controlled bushes and thrusts take up major force at cutting and prevent jamming of the cutter in holder.EFFECT: maximized service life.7 dwg

Cutter for driving and cleaning and cutting machines (versions) // 2530138
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: cutter for driving and cleaning and cutting machines comprises a holder with a shank, a reinforcing hard-alloy insert having front and rear faces of sharpening, a cutting edge having a semi-circular convex shape. According to the first embodiment, the front face of sharpening of the reinforcing hard-alloy insert is made of semicircular convex shape, and the rear face - of plane-concave shape. According to the second embodiment, the front and rear faces of sharpening of the reinforcing hard-alloy are made of semicircular biconvex shape.EFFECT: increasing productivity of the working bodies of driving and cleaning and cutting machines, reduced wear of the reinforcing hard-alloy insert of the cutters.5 cl, 10 dwg

ethod of development of powerful steeply inclined coal bed in stripes downwards // 2527852
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method of development comprises preparing of the extraction column carrying out conveyor and ventilation drifts, preparing of winning band by performing off end and near slopes along the downwards line at the soil of layer from the conveyor to the ventilation drift on both sides of the band, performing the mounting chamber at the ventilation drift, mounting of sections of aggregated timber in it, coal extraction with low-inclined layers by the shearer of front action and transportation of coal along the bottom hole of self-propelled car to off end slope , in inclination of the extracted layer towards the near slope, or to the near coal chute slope, in inclination of the extracted layer towards the off end slope, change in the direction of inclination of the layer and turn of the combine in the chamber, which is carried out outside of the winning band. And the self-propelled car is equipped with an automated control system. At that from the overlap of each section of the aggregated timber towards the soil layer a signal is given, corresponding to the order number of the timber section, this signal is received by the receiving device mounted on the self-propelled car, and is transmitted to the automated control system. After changing the direction of inclination of the layer setting up of the control system of the self-propelled car is carried out, which, depending on the combination of numbers of the received signals and the degree of loading the body, ensures actuation of actuators of the self-propelled car - movement back and forth, drive-brake, loading-unloading, stop.EFFECT: increased efficiency and safety of the development of powerful steeply inclined layers due to organisation of the automated control system of the self-propelled car for transporting loosened coal.3 dwg

Radial tool with superhard cutting surface // 2526919
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cutting tools. Particularly, it relates to radial cutter of header, header and method of cutter production. This cutter comprises shank, head and insert. Said shank features out-of-round cross-section. Said head comprises point area remote from shank and lateral surfaces connecting the front and rear surfaces. Insert is arranged at the point front end. Said insert has body made of tungsten carbide and element made of superhard material. The latter extends into said body and fused therewith. At least a part of superhard material element is exposed at insert cutting surface. At least a part of head front surface is made of superhard material and spaced from the element made of superhard material.EFFECT: better tool characteristics.22 cl, 34 dwg

Cutter, particularly cutter with round shank // 2522607
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cutter, particularly, to cutter with round shank comprising cutter head and cutter shank. Note here that fastening bush is retained in the cutter shank zone while said cutter is equipped with thrust element with guide zone. In compliance with this invention, for ease of cutter handling, said thrust element has deflecting section arranged in its zone opposite the cutter head bottom. Said section adjoins the guide zone to allow fastening bush to change from unlocked position to locked position of from partially locked position to locked position. Note also that guide zone extends through rounded flare to aforesaid thrust surface.EFFECT: perfected design.13 cl, 6 dwg

Attaching device for section of mining device chute, chute section and suspended part for it // 2514063
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to underground mining devices. The device for attachment of a suspended part, in particular, a guide part of a plane, to the side element of the section of the mining device chute, is equipped with the first pad parts (20) on the side element (13) that are arranged on the suspended part (6) and made as capable of split connection to the pad parts by responsive pad parts (30). Also with a safety element (40), which in the closed position prevents disconnection of the pad part (20) and the responsive pad part (30), and in the open position it provides for disconnection. To facilitate assembly and disassembly in accordance with the invention, the safety element (40) is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder (45), which serves to move the safety element (40) between the open and closed position. Each pad and responsive pad part is equipped with facilities entering each other (31; 32; 23; 24) of geometric closure, responsive pad parts of which are made in the form of hook elements (31, 32), which are suspended into slots (21, 22) on the hinged parts. The section of the chute is made with a device for attachment. The suspended part is designed for the attachment device or the chute.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to do quick effective and simple dismantling of the suspended part.13 cl, 7 dwg

Control method of shield of tunnel boring complex, and tracking system for its implementation // 2509892
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: control method of a shield of a tunnel boring complex consists in the fact that the shield is controlled in two planes by means of control systems in vertical and horizontal planes. By means of measurement equipment there determined are inclination angles of an actuating element relative to vertical and horizontal planes, signals as per speed of change of the inclination angle relative to vertical and horizontal planes, linear displacements in vertical and horizontal planes, and speeds of change of linear displacement in vertical and horizontal planes. The above signals are supplied to a control unit as per four coordinates, where they are compared to the task; after that, based on error signals, a relay control law of the actuating element is created. The invention also proposes a tracking control system of the shield of the tunnel boring complex, which includes the following in-series connected components: an optic direction setting device, a beam deviation unit, a membrane, a photoelectric receiving device and a four-coordinate control unit the input of which is connected to an inclination angle measurement unit. In addition, the device includes a state observer unit the input of which is connected to the inclination angle measurement unit and the output of which is connected to the control unit.EFFECT: improving accurate and reliable control of movement of a shield of a tunnel boring complex.2 cl, 4 dwg

ethod for obtaining bottom-hole region via automation system use // 2505677
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: there proposed is the method of automatic obtaining of specified bottom-hole region in the acting working faces in underground mining of bituminous coal, where by means of tilt sensors mounted on, at least, three out of four main structural details of movable shield framing there defined is the tilting of shield details relatively the horizontal, and calculation machine unit calculates the height of shield framing corresponding to the formation. Besides, there performed is the recording of step movement of each framing of movable shield and there defined is the depth of shearer cut with drum executive mechanism at each winning step. Also by means of sensors mounted on shearer there recorded is the height of shearer cut. By means of bottom-hole area geometry calculated on the basis of the obtained data at each movable shield framing there mounted is the angle of bed top passing and the setting of shearer cut height with drum executive mechanism is sent to the corresponding angle of bed top passing for obtaining the specified bottom-hole region.EFFECT: automation of mining and fixing works in relation to the specified bottom-hole region.20 cl, 10 dwg

Solid material destruction tool // 2503811
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: tool includes a housing and a hard-alloy insert that is fixed on the housing. The insert includes a head part, an intermediate part, a base and a shank. Intermediate part of the insert, and/or its base represent a stepped pyramid-shaped body, the stages of which are made in the form of regular right-angle prisms and/or prismatoids.EFFECT: optimisation of geometrical parameters of a hard-alloy insert.10 cl, 8 dwg