Propulsion of machines for slitting or completely freeing the mineral from the seam (E21C29)

E   Fixed constructions(158735)
E21C     ining or quarrying(17294)
E21C29                 Propulsion of machines for slitting or completely freeing the mineral from the seam(545)

Pull system with toothed rack (versions) // 2559265
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining, particularly, to means for locking the toothed racks at piggy-back conveyors. Proposed system is incorporated with drive system for driving the mining machine along said conveyor with multiple pans. The latter are arranged end to end. Note here that said system comprises toothed racks, every end of said rack comprising the rod extending downward. One such rack can be arranged nearby the end of line pan while another pan can be located nearby adjacent end of adjacent linear pan. Besides, pull system comprises chain link arranged around two adjacent rods at the ends of said one toothed rack and another adjacent rack to interact therewith. Said link can extend above adjacent ends of linear pans. Pull system includes also the chain link retainer to fix said racks at said rods which includes shoe to receive toothed rack provided with the ledge to interact with chain link and to grip it between said ledge and said rack.EFFECT: ease of dismantling of pull system.5 cl, 8 dwg

Feed system for underground winning machine, toothed rack and drive sprocket for it // 2547859
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the feed system, toothed rack and drive sprocket for movement of the underground winning machine. The feed system comprises a travel drive with the drive sprocket, having teeth with symmetrical profile, and toothed racks 1 with multiple rack teeth 2; 20 located between the support plate 7 and guide plate 5 of the toothed rack. Side surfaces 14; 24 of teeth 2, 20 are inclined in the direction of travel and go apart to top 13; 23 teeth for interaction with surfaces 34 of teeth 31 of the drive sprocket 30. Two side surfaces 14, 24 of each rack tooth 2, 20 are bent concave and create a trough-shaped profile between the guide plate 5 and support plate 7 transverse to the travel direction and raising towards top 13; 23 teeth and two surfaces 34 of each tooth 31 of the drive sprocket are bent convex and create a barrel-type profile transverse the travel direction. Surfaces (34) of each tooth (31) of the drive sprocket (30) are bent convex and have the barrel-type profile transverse the travel direction for interaction with the trough-type profile made on the side surfaces of each rack tooth. At that teeth (31) have flat section (38) in zone of the central line of the barrel-type profile. The barrel-type profile in zone of the flat section is preferably flat, and/or flat section has width from 1/10 to 1/7 of teeth thickness.EFFECT: wear decreasing due to improved interaction between teeth of the drive sprocket and rack teeth.29 cl, 7 dwg
ethod for ore extraction with chambers on inclined formations // 2501950
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method for ore extraction with chambers on inclined formations involves development of a mineral deposit using a self-propelled combine and transfer to it of additional pressure force in ascending chambers. Additional pressure force is created due to traction margin of the self-propelled hopper-loading elevator that continuously pushes the combine to the face; with that, speeds of the combine and the hopper-loading elevator are synchronised.EFFECT: improving productivity of the combine operation due to improvement of its cutting capacity.

Guide for pulling chain of mining machine // 2461711
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: guide for pulling chain of mining machine, namely for chain of plough on mining plough with drive stations and/or rotary sprockets of pulling chain (11), which are installed in end sections of mining machine, and at least with one element (21; 121) of the guide for chain, which are spatially located near chain sprockets (18) on drive station and/or turning station and pressed across chain movement direction to its load and/or empty branch. Element (21; 121) of chain guide includes at least one pressure roller (22; 122) pressed to links (33) of pulling chain (11); at that, pressure roller (22; 122) is installed on roller axis (29; 129) with possibility of rotation and replacement together with it. Axis (29; 129) of pressure roller (22; 122) rests on brackets (28, 28A; 128) of bearings, which are installed in receiving pocket (40; 140); besides, brackets (128) of bearings in receiving pocket (140) are protected against unfixturing at least by means of one retractable fixture (190). Pressure roller (22; 122) has bearing race (23) matched with enveloping surface (34) determined with links (33) of the chain. Pressure roller (22; 122) is arranged in lead-in unit (25; 125) installed in inlet section (19) of drive station and/or turning station (17) with possibility of being replaced. Brackets (28, 28A; 128) of bearings are installed in receiving pocket (40; 140) with possibility of being replaced. Brackets (28, 28A) of bearings in receiving pocket (40) are protected against unfixturing by means of a hinged cover (35). Upper bracket (128) of bearing is equipped with guides (173) for retractable fixtures (190). Above receiving pocket (140) there installed are retaining units (166) with fixing seats (165) facing each other, and retractable fixtures (190) have fixing projections (198) which are locked in fixing seats (165) to protect upper bracket (128) in receiving pocket (140) against unfixturing. Guide includes pair of retractable fixtures (190); at that, each retractable fixture (190) has U shape with base (191) and three elbows of which one extreme elbow (193) and intermediate elbow (194) on outer sides facing each other are equipped with guide planks (195, 196) to be installed in guides (173) with form closure, and the second extreme elbow (192) has passage opening (199) for locking bolt. At the bottom of receiving pocket (14) there located is lower seat (155) for roller axis (129), and is mainly made in lead-in unit (125) as a part of it or rigidly attached to it. Guide includes several pressure rollers pressed or to be pressed to chain (11) and located one after the other in chain movement direction. Pressure roller (22) is pressed to chain under action at least of one elastic element. Pressure roller (22) is pressed to the chain under action at least of one shock absorber.EFFECT: improved wear resistance of the chain.12 cl, 7 dwg

Guide shoe for drum/auger harvester and high-wear inserts there for // 2453699
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: guide ledge and guide surface are made on proposed inserts and secured or may be secured on guide on guide shoe to allow displacement thereon and replacement. Turnability of guide ledges may be restricted by turn restriction plates or locked by lock plates.EFFECT: decreased downtime and wear intensity.34 cl, 18 dwg

Winning assembly, in particular, for mining and method of control thereof // 2445457
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: winning assembly comprises first and second drive stations, tensioner, chain gear wheels arranged in said drive stations, chain links and drive chain, and, at least, one sensor to define, at least, one state of drive chain in top or bottom chain strand. Said drive chain runs between gear wheels in said top and bottom strands. Every sensor incorporates pickup made up of magnetic field generator and detector-matrix made up of multiple magnetic field detectors. Note here both detector and pickup is located beside the passage for drive chain strand being measured.EFFECT: reliable by contactless sensot.25 cl, 8 dwg

Driving station for underground plough system, and also method to repair winning ploughs // 2439320
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: driving station for an underground plough system is connected to a vehicle frame. On a vehicle frame there might be a plough body fixed to displace a chain wheel of a plough to rotate a plough chain, and with a wedge or connecting chute that is connectable or connected to the vehicle frame. The chute is equipped with a device for plough guiding, comprising chain channels for a plough chain, and also an end stop of the plough in an output drift for a winning plough. The end stop of the plough is made or fixed on an attachment, which near the mounted device for plough guiding to develop a repair section in a transition between a long face and a drift is made as capable of dismantling from a wedge chute or a connecting chute.EFFECT: improved design of a driving station for an underground plough system and easier repair works on a plough.14 cl, 3 dwg

Drive unit of drum of mining machine and guiding boot for it // 2434134
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: drive unit for drum mining machine consists of rotating driven tooth gear engaged with cocking which transfers drum mining machine, of transfer tooth gear coaxial relative to rotation axis of the driven tooth gear and connected to driven tooth gear but without turning, of at least one removable guiding boot designed for direction of drum mining machine on cocking, and of main plate of case, whereon there rests and is secured without turning support pipe coaxial relative to rotation axis. By means of a removable bolt passing through internal orifice of the support pipe and forming a rotary support the guiding boot is secured on the main plate; and/or a support bush sleeve is located between the driven tooth gear and the support plate. The support bush sleeve rests with rotation on the support plate by means of at least one bearing from the side of an end of the support pipe facing away from the main plate of the case.EFFECT: simplified and accelerated assembly and disassembly of worn parts such as driven gear and guiding boot.12 cl, 7 dwg

Tractive sleds for production planer and production planer with such sleds // 2433264
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: production planer for underground production comprises a body, planing cutters, at the same time it is equipped with a receptacle element to receive tractive sleds connected to the planer's chain, which is restricted with counter-support surfaces facing towards the direction of motion, interacting with the support surfaces at tractive sleds. The counter-support surfaces include pressing elements preferably arranged with the possibility of replacement for interaction with a damping device built into the tractive sleds.EFFECT: extended service life of the production planer.15 cl, 5 dwg

Pulling device (winch) with constant traction force not changing with change of number of cable layers on drum // 2309891
FIELD: mechanical engineering; load lifting and traction devices.SUBSTANCE: proposed device consists of two drums, traction and winding ones. Traction drum 3 is used to provide constant traction force, and winding drum 6 is used for winding cable 1. Winding drum is connected with traction drum 3 through device 7 coordinating angular velocities of traction and winding drums. Device 7 contains step-up gearbox and self-controlled friction member with adjustable slip moment.EFFECT: reduced power consumption, provision of movement of loads at constant linear velocity.2 dwg

Guiding device for chain in mining machine // 2287685
FIELD: guiding devices for chain in mining machine, in particular, in mining drawknife.SUBSTANCE: guiding device for chain is mounted in one of its chain channels for loading or blank branch in area of transition to driving block or rotary mechanism. Device has receiving pocket open towards driving chain and hold-down tool. Pocket is limited at end by hinged finger positioned across chain movement direction. Hold-down tool on one end is provided with base element for finger, synchronized with hinged finger, open on one side, and also with holding element. Hold-down tool has on its lower side a holding surface, adjoining driving chain in state of hold-down setup in receiving pocket and of holding.EFFECT: shorter time needed for repairs.14 cl, 3 dwg

echanical hydraulic combine // 2244826
FIELD: mining industry.SUBSTANCE: device has body, working implement, striding mechanism of driving portion with support plate and side shoes, force hydraulic cylinders, pump station. Side shoes are made in form of arrow-shaped supports. These are jointly fixed to combine body with possible rotation in two perpendicular vertical and horizontal planes. Moving portions of turning joints of arrow-shaped supports in vertical plane are coaxially interconnected in pairs by connection sleeve for connection and disconnection thereof under given conditions.EFFECT: simplified construction, higher productiveness.7 cl, 5 dwg

Coal-extractive drum combine, method for loading coal on conveyor, drum executive tool of cleaning combine, mechanism for hoisting executive tool of combine, mechanism for increasing stability of combine, feeding mechanism of combine // 2244124
FIELD: mining industry.SUBSTANCE: combine has main body, drive, feeding mechanism and executive tool, which is made in form of drum with horizontal rotation axis. It is placed at non-straight angle to longitudinal conveyor axis and is turned in horizontal plane in direction providing for displacement of trajectory of coal output towards conveyor. Drum has cylinder, on outer surface of which in certain order cams with cutters are fixed. Inside the cylinder three or five electric engines are placed. These are inserted in parallel in recesses of fixed body with inner teeth of sun ring of planetary gear, which interact with three satellites. Output shafts of three or five electric engines interact with one common cog-wheel. It is placed coaxially with planetary gear and engaged with it by torsion shaft having two cog tail pieces. One of tail pieces interacts with inner slits of wheel hub, and another interacts with teeth of three satellites of planetary gear. Mechanism for hoisting drum mechanism along bed massive has handle raising jack and handle with horizontal rotation axis placed in horizontal plane at non-straight angle to conveyor axis and turned to direct displacement of executive tool towards pit-face. Shoes of stability mechanism for combine are provided with reverse clamps for shelves on front pit-face and back dump sides of conveyor. Back support of conveyor on soil is placed on dump end of inter-section beams. Combine feeding mechanism has drive for chainless feeding system and leading sprocket. Sprocket interacts with fingers of conveyor rack. Drive is placed beyond handle of executive tool and is made in form of separate electric engine with reducer of self-braking worm type. Engagement of sprocket with fingers is guaranteed by reverse clamp of reducer engaging back planes of conveyor rack carrying these fingers. In method for loading coal on conveyor, drum rotation axis in plane around vertical axis is turned in certain direction to turn trajectory of coal towards conveyor. Movement of mining drum along conveyor is performed first along ceiling, and then along soil along coal output direction while providing for cleaning of soil in direction of frontal movement of conveyor to pit-face.EFFECT: lesser dimensions, lesser mass, higher quality of operation.7 dwg

Shearer // 2234601
The invention relates to mining and can be used in cleaning machines, designed for thin layers

Drive coal saws // 2203417
The invention relates to equipment for mining and can be used in mining of coal seams with flexible cutting bodies, in particular coal drank

Extraction machine with unusably drive // 2167292
The invention relates to equipment for mechanization of excavation strong coal and other minerals from thin and very thin layers

Strugovyj complex shield section, the installation of the plow, the plow base, drive the plough, the material handler is shortened, the support mate, the mobile manipulator // 2163970
The invention relates to the mining industry, mainly for stoping coal complexes with mehrabani and plows

The hydraulic actuator stroke mining machines // 2152515
The invention relates to mining engineering and is intended for use in the construction of mining machines in the hydraulic drive chassis parts

The transmission control system crawler mining machines // 2152514
The invention relates to mining machinery

ethod for mining c. l. zagorsk // 2134787
The invention relates to mining, in particular to methods for mining with the use of combine harvesters, which are often complicated by the instability of cross breeds, which does not allow the feeder to develop the required force

Rack-and-pinion mechanism // 2134781
The invention relates to the field of mechanization of movement of various machines working with the expenditure of considerable effort, and can be used in feeders treatment and sinking machinery

The drive station to plow installations // 2122114
The invention relates to mining

Rack becoming combine propulsion chainless feed system // 2111353
The invention relates to machines for extraction of minerals by underground mining

Hydro-mechanical drive mining machines // 2109946
The invention relates to mining and is intended for mining machines

Adaptive hydraulic feeding mechanism of the shearer // 2098621
The invention relates to mining machinery and can be used to manage treatment combines

Feeder coal combine // 2086762

Drive coal saws // 2065044
The invention relates to equipment for mechanization of work in mining of coal seams with flexible cutting bodies

Hydraulic mining machines // 2060386
The invention relates to the mining industry and construction, in particular to hydraulic systems, mining and earth-moving machines, and can be used for the traction drive and/or mounted work equipment roadheaders, loading machines, excavators, etc

Device for non-threaded pipe joints // 2032072
The invention relates to mining and can be used in hydro - and pnevmoobrushenija mechanized coal mining complexes

The hydraulic system undercarriage crawler heading machines // 2026984
The invention relates to the field of mining industry and can be used in the undercarriage caterpillar mining machines

Extraction machine // 2026983
The invention relates to equipment for mechanization of underground excavation of coal

Drive coal saws // 2024745
The invention relates to mining and can be used for mechanization of work in mining of coal seams with flexible cutting bodies, in particular coal drank

The feed mechanism of the shearer // 2018660
The invention relates to mechanical engineering and can be used in the mining industry, in particular, in devices chainless feed water treatment machines