Planing knives (E21C27/44)

E   Fixed constructions(159344)
E21C     ining or quarrying(17294)
E21C27/44                     Planing knives (mining picks e21c0035180000)(18)

Adaptive unit for fixation of rock-cutting tool // 2395686
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: adaptive unit for fixation of rock-cutting tool includes cutter holder with hole for cutter tail and elastic element coupled with cutter tail. Elastic element is arranged between cutter tail and hole for tail in cutter holder in internal and external races. At the same time elastic element is non-detachably enclosed between external and internal races so that external surface of external race has the shape of cutter holder hole surface, and internal surface of internal race has the shape of external surface of cutter tail.EFFECT: pliancy of cutting part along and perpendicularly to axis of cutter, increased strength of hard-alloy reinforcement in case of impact loads, increased efficiency of rock-breaking mining machines.5 dwg

Attachment point of mine cutting tool // 2394989
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: attachment point of mine cutting tool consists of holder, secured on executive device, of cutter with cone cutting part and rotating shank end secured in holder. The attachment point of the mine cutting tool is equipped with a swinging mechanism kinematically coupled with the shank end of a cutting insertion and made in form of a mechanical trigger facilitating a swivel of the cutter around axis. Also the cutting insertion swinging mechanism corresponds to three bushings inserted one into another and equipped with radial lugs axially tapered on ends.EFFECT: increased resource of mine cutting tool and reduced power consumption for cutting.6 dwg