achine propelled along the working face by cable or chain (E21C27/34)

E   Fixed constructions(158841)
E21C     ining or quarrying(17294)
E21C27/34                     achine propelled along the working face by cable or chain(38)

Plough for ploughing plants and ploughing plant for inclined stratum // 2556601
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining, particularly to coal of minerals ploughing at inclined strata, particularly, of steep deposits. Ploughing plant comprises plough, at least on pull chain to displace plough over coal work face and guide mechanism arranged along coal work face by means of sliding guide runners. Said plough has split ploughing body with two main elements. Ploughing body main element is provided with retainer for separate pull chain and one or several guide sliding runners. Guide mechanism has two guide plates spaced apart by, in fact, identical distance to coal work face over which plough body is driven with help of their guide sliding runners.EFFECT: working of coal seams with higher safety.30 cl, 11 dwg

Cutter for grader and grader for grading devices // 2538561
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: set of inventions relates to cutters to be attached to grader body element and to underground extraction graders, particularly, to development of steeply inclined coal seams. Grader comprises body with means to guide it in its guides, cutters with multiples seats for individual cutters. Grader comprises split body with two main elements and body mid element to be fitted between said main elements and tool plate attached to grader body mid element. Tool plate front has recesses for fixation of cutter seats while its rear has slitted recess for rigid connection of fixation ledge made at grader body mid element. Tool plate rear part front end has longer top part and shorter locking part with slitted recess made there between.EFFECT: reliable attachment of cutters, optimized development of minerals.16 cl, 9 dwg

Towing trolley for mining drawknife // 2470154
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to mining industry, and namely to towing trolley for underground mining drawknife. Towing trolley for underground mining drawknife includes a towing trolley body inserted in the drawknife body cavity, which is provided on rear side of the cavity guide with a connection element to fix the drawknife chain, and on front side of the cavity guide - with front part, the ends of which indicate the movement direction and form thrust surfaces to interact with counter-thrust surfaces in the drawknife body cavity; at that, a damping device is integrated into the front part of towing trolley and acts with damping in both movement directions. Connection element is movable relative to thrust surfaces with overcoming of back force of damping system of damping device, which is located between thrust surfaces. The provision is made for a receiving body that is rigidly connected to the connection element to receive the damping system. Thrust surfaces form ends of movable bushing, in inner space of which the receiving body is located in movable manner; at that, inner sides of thrust surfaces preferably form thrusts for relative movement between movable bushing and receiving body.EFFECT: increasing the device efficiency.16 cl, 12 dwg

Guide for pulling chain of mining machine // 2461711
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: guide for pulling chain of mining machine, namely for chain of plough on mining plough with drive stations and/or rotary sprockets of pulling chain (11), which are installed in end sections of mining machine, and at least with one element (21; 121) of the guide for chain, which are spatially located near chain sprockets (18) on drive station and/or turning station and pressed across chain movement direction to its load and/or empty branch. Element (21; 121) of chain guide includes at least one pressure roller (22; 122) pressed to links (33) of pulling chain (11); at that, pressure roller (22; 122) is installed on roller axis (29; 129) with possibility of rotation and replacement together with it. Axis (29; 129) of pressure roller (22; 122) rests on brackets (28, 28A; 128) of bearings, which are installed in receiving pocket (40; 140); besides, brackets (128) of bearings in receiving pocket (140) are protected against unfixturing at least by means of one retractable fixture (190). Pressure roller (22; 122) has bearing race (23) matched with enveloping surface (34) determined with links (33) of the chain. Pressure roller (22; 122) is arranged in lead-in unit (25; 125) installed in inlet section (19) of drive station and/or turning station (17) with possibility of being replaced. Brackets (28, 28A; 128) of bearings are installed in receiving pocket (40; 140) with possibility of being replaced. Brackets (28, 28A) of bearings in receiving pocket (40) are protected against unfixturing by means of a hinged cover (35). Upper bracket (128) of bearing is equipped with guides (173) for retractable fixtures (190). Above receiving pocket (140) there installed are retaining units (166) with fixing seats (165) facing each other, and retractable fixtures (190) have fixing projections (198) which are locked in fixing seats (165) to protect upper bracket (128) in receiving pocket (140) against unfixturing. Guide includes pair of retractable fixtures (190); at that, each retractable fixture (190) has U shape with base (191) and three elbows of which one extreme elbow (193) and intermediate elbow (194) on outer sides facing each other are equipped with guide planks (195, 196) to be installed in guides (173) with form closure, and the second extreme elbow (192) has passage opening (199) for locking bolt. At the bottom of receiving pocket (14) there located is lower seat (155) for roller axis (129), and is mainly made in lead-in unit (125) as a part of it or rigidly attached to it. Guide includes several pressure rollers pressed or to be pressed to chain (11) and located one after the other in chain movement direction. Pressure roller (22) is pressed to chain under action at least of one elastic element. Pressure roller (22) is pressed to the chain under action at least of one shock absorber.EFFECT: improved wear resistance of the chain.12 cl, 7 dwg

Section of tear-off planer guide // 2405107
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: proposed section of tear-off planer comprises guide element arranged on the side of mined-out space from haulage chute and return travel conveyor chute, upper channel for haulage chain and lower channel for haulage chain, and guide slot, open towards breakage face, for engagement of under-conveyor plate of tear-off planer. Note here that said guide element can carry at least one cover element to stop inspection hole for both haulage chain channels that comprises connecting cantilever for hydraulic cylinder to control conveyor unit inclination and receiving bins for heads of boltless joint between conveyor chutes in rigid joints of adjacent sections of tear-off planer guides. Guide element consists of casting incorporating receiving pans, and/or return travel conveyor chute sections on the side of mined-out space, and/or guide for under-conveyor plate of tear-off planer.EFFECT: longer life, efficient use.15 cl, 6 dwg

Driving facility for sprockets of chain drives // 2343279
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to driving facility for sprockets of chain drives, particularly to drive of scraper-chain transporters or chain plane knives for underground mine developments. Drive incorporates the asynchronous electric engine and a gear box. Also the asynchronous electric engine consists of an engine with feeding from a frequency converter, while there is an intermediary two-speed sprocket gear box in the driving block between an engine shaft and the gear box; the intermediary gear box is designed in particular as the front gear box with one starting and one normal stage, when by means of the latter starting effect in the starting stage can be achieved, which is required for starting of loaded scraper-chain conveyer or for free pulling of the chain plane knife.EFFECT: regulating rotary speed and torque of asynchronous electrical engines.22 cl, 3 dwg

Guide for plough with chain rod // 2343278
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to mining, particularly to guide for plough with chain rod. The guide of the plough with chain rod consists of guiding sections which are made complex and designed to be connected between themselves by means of connecting elements providing high tensile strength and angular freedom. Also each guiding section of the plough has middle part with chain guiding channels arranged one above the other; corresponding end part is welded to each side of the middle part; this end part is made out of integral cast item with assembled one above the other sections of chain channels separated with cast-on antifriction distance element. The end sections are equipped with cast-on opened from the side of mining face pockets for connecting units which serve as connecting elements. Each end section has predominantly closed circular upper section of the chain channel where an upper section of the chain channel has conjugating projection at one of the two side parts, while an upper section of the chain channel of the other end section has responding indent.EFFECT: increased service life of plough guide and economy of fabrication.18 cl, 8 dwg

Guiding device for chain in mining machine // 2287685
FIELD: guiding devices for chain in mining machine, in particular, in mining drawknife.SUBSTANCE: guiding device for chain is mounted in one of its chain channels for loading or blank branch in area of transition to driving block or rotary mechanism. Device has receiving pocket open towards driving chain and hold-down tool. Pocket is limited at end by hinged finger positioned across chain movement direction. Hold-down tool on one end is provided with base element for finger, synchronized with hinged finger, open on one side, and also with holding element. Hold-down tool has on its lower side a holding surface, adjoining driving chain in state of hold-down setup in receiving pocket and of holding.EFFECT: shorter time needed for repairs.14 cl, 3 dwg

Strugovyj complex shield section, the installation of the plow, the plow base, drive the plough, the material handler is shortened, the support mate, the mobile manipulator // 2163970
The invention relates to the mining industry, mainly for stoping coal complexes with mehrabani and plows

The drive station to plow installations // 2122114
The invention relates to mining

Guide to mining plow // 2013543
The invention relates to the mining industry, particularly to guides for mining planes

Device for tensioning the chain drive of the executive body of the mining machine // 2010968
The invention relates to mining equipment, in particular to plough system, and can be used for chain tension plow and conveyor or other machine having a ratchet mechanism for locking