By adjustable or non-adjustable planing means with or without loading arrangements (E21C27/32)

E   Fixed constructions(158735)
E21C     ining or quarrying(17294)
E21C27/32                     By adjustable or non-adjustable planing means with or without loading arrangements (by percussed planing means e21c0027460000)(601)

Device to shift holder of roof cutter and safety element for this device // 2516588
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: device is designed for installation and operation on a body of a winning draw knife. The device to shift a holder of a roof cutter is installed as capable of regulation along the height of the roof cutter holder. The device includes a worm wheel interacting with a rack gearing available on the holder of the roof cutter, the input shaft for actuation of the worm wheel, a gear preferably arranged between the input shaft and the worm wheel and an upper board, which is equipped with a through hole for the input shaft and which is fixed on the body of the draw knife without possibility of rotation. The upper board is equipped with at least one fastening device, to which a safety element is fixed in the mounting condition without the possibility of slipping as placed onto the free end of the input shaft.EFFECT: invention provides for the possibility of installation and disconnection of a device for shifting of a roof cutter holder by the method preventing unintentional movements of a shifted roof cutter holder.16 cl, 5 dwg

Conveyor pan with edge of improved shape // 2471994
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: conveyor pan for use with a mining combine with a shoe in the form of sleds when mining in long faces comprises a side element, having a surface for contact with a shoe formed by a part of a side element, stretching horizontally along its entire length. This part has the first end and the second end, every of which has an upper part, a rear part, a front part and an edge. The edge at the first end and the edge at the second end are arranged at the angle of 45 degrees to the vertical plane perpendicular to the horizontal plane formed by the surface of the side element.EFFECT: improved conveyor pan, delay in combine load transfer from one pan to another and balancing of this load.14 cl, 6 dwg

Device for determining cutting line of extraction system during mining and element of pan for it // 2422635
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: device for determining the cutting line of the extraction system during mining, namely of coal plough system, includes movable conveyor consisting of individual pan elements, each of which has conveyor pan having upper conveyor branch and lower conveyor branch and guide section installed on the front side of mining face, as guide device for extraction machine, and having at least one optic sensor containing sensor head arranged in sensor carrier and capable of being pressed by means of at least one pressure device to boundary surface between coal and bottom to be found. At that, multiple pan elements distributed throughout the length of conveyor are made as sensor pans equipped with protected cavity open to bottom, in which sensor carrier is located or can be located with possibility of its being removed together with sensor head.EFFECT: reliable detection of boundary surface between coal and bottom with improved operating reliability and minimised susceptibility to wear.35 cl, 4 dwg

ining-and-hauling complex for underground jobs // 2410539
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining, particularly, to mining-and-hauling complexes, and can be used in development of sheet deposits. Mining-and-hauling complex comprises horizontally enclosed chain haulage member with rectangular scrapers secured thereto across conveyor flight to make load-carrying run and idle run. Note here that every scraper is arranged on horizontal link of haulage member round-link chain to allow interaction between cylindrical cutouts on scraper with straight section of bar that makes chain link on its half diameter. Scraper is locked by means of detachable half-coupling on outer chain link to allow the scraper to turn about conveyor axis. Pan line, nearby drive and driven sprockets, has curvilinear transition sections with transition from flat horizontal to flat vertical arrangement directly before drive and driven sprockets. Scraper outer edges, on the side of pan line in vertical plane, are curvilinear to interact with curvilinear surfaces of pan line at transition sections. Scrapers, on the side of pan line, have cutouts. Note here that cutout height from chain horizontal link is taken to exceed half the width of the link. Two-chain haulage member is provided with scrapers arranged on outer side of conveyor lengthwise axis. Note that the struts are oriented perpendicular to scrapers and represent equal-resistance beams arranged in mutually perpendicular planes. Detachable tools are directed outward from conveyor lengthwise axis. Top edge of said tools is located at a height from pan line base bottom plane. Arrangement of tools, except for lower tool, and distance between scrapers equipped with tools are defined from mathematical expressions. Note here that stepped arrangement of scrapers features increase in scraper position height toward the side opposite the haulage member motion direction. Note that all scrapers are furnished with tools and provided with additional vertical identical-height struts to interact with vertical sides of pan line on both load-carrying and idle conveyor runs. Surfaces of additional struts on the side of pan line sides are coated by antifriction material layer.EFFECT: higher efficiency due to increased width of conveyor pan line.5 dwg

ining drawknife // 2401946
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: mining drawknife, namely coal mining drawknife, includes the main part of the drawknife directed on movable conveyor and on the inclined support surface of which there is swing bolt for rotary support of cutter holder for each direction of the drawknife movement, two cutter holders which are installed by means of pivot bearing with possibility of turning on the appropriate swing bolt and have the lower part by means of which the cutter holder is directed on turning surface formed under support surface on the main body of drawknife and oriented concentrically around rotary axis of the appropriate swing bolt. Pivot bearing of cutter holder is made in the form of receiving element opened along the edge, by means of which the cutter holder in mounting turning position has the possibility of being pulled parallel to support surface to swing bolt.EFFECT: easy installation and removal of cutter holders, decreasing outages of drawknife installations.15 cl, 7 dwg

Adjustment device for holder of upper cutter, and mining drawknife with such device // 2401945
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: adjustment device for holder of upper cutter for mining drawknife located on the housing with possibility of adjustment as to height of upper cutter holder includes worm gear to interact with the gear rim made on upper cutter holder like gear rack, which together with transmission and inlet shaft is provided with possibility of being fixed on the drawknife housing in the form of a module. At that, transmission consists of planetary gear set which is located between inlet shaft and worm gear. Also the invention refers to mining drawknife with such adjustment device.EFFECT: reducing the forces applied by the miner or with the drive at adjustment and installation of upper cutter holder.12 cl, 5 dwg

Plate of support frame // 2391505
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: drawing knife includes the plate of support frame consisting of middle part rigidly attached to the drawing knife body and two external parts connected to it in a movable manner, guide shoes on the end of each part of the support frame plate, which is located on the side of laying; those guide shoes are used for introducing the support frame plate in guide channels for pull chain of the drawing knife. Drawing knife also includes at least one chain shoe which interacts with support frame plate and intended for each direction of the drawing knife movement and for attachment of its pull chain. Both chain shoes are provided on pusher which is inserted with possibility of being replaced or provided with possibility of being inserted on the end of the middle part of support frame plate on the side of laying to the groove. Groove is restricted in both directions of drawing knife movement with one shoe part respectively, which forms and integral component part of the middle part of support frame plate, equipped with guide shoe and has support surface for pusher.EFFECT: improving attachment of pull chain of the drawing knife or hinged connection on the side of laying between parts of support frame plate, and improving running characteristic of the chain.16 cl, 9 dwg

Procedure for coal mining with ploughing installation // 2390630
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions refers to mining, particularly to ploughing installation and to procedure of coal mining with plough installation and can be implemented at underground development of coal beds. The plough installation for coal mining consists of a coal plough designed to travel by means of a pull chain of the plough. The pull chain can be driven to motion via a chain drive sprocket equipped with a drive from a drive station for the pull chain of the plough; the pull chain can change direction on that guiding sprocket, which is not equipped with a drive from the drive station. The coal plough can operate in a reverse mode. The guiding sprocket is installed in slides, which are moved with a tensioning device in the direction of coal plough movement. The invention also includes the procedure for coal mining with the plough installation.EFFECT: elimination of sagging and break of pull chain, simplicity of design of drive station, and decreased distance from end stop of plough travel to sprocket of plough chain.12 cl, 4 dwg

Sliding plow guiding device section // 2312216
FIELD: mining, particularly coal plows to be moved by means of hauling chains.SUBSTANCE: guiding device section comprises two overlapped guiding channels for chain receiving, upper guiding strip and lower guiding beam, as well as lower sliding guide used for plow orientation. The channels are separated one from another with molded spacing slide. Upper guiding channel is closed with front wall including guiding strip and passing into guiding beam. Formed between guiding beam and sliding guider is slot orifice for plow guider hook or plow blade receiving. Created in front wall are receiving cuts to arrange drag-bars for adjacent plow guiding device sections connection. Front wall with guiding strip, guiding beam, as well as receiving cuts and rear wall including sliding guider, are made of integral mold extending along guiding device section.EFFECT: decreased assemblage costs, reduced number of molds to be manufactured.10 cl, 5 dwg

Connection console for production plant // 2308598
FIELD: mining, particularly production plants with console control of production machine cutting horizon, particularly for coal deposit mining plough.SUBSTANCE: connection console comprises hinge bearing connection for hinged head of console cylinder arrangement. The console also has fork-like console connection shifted with respect to hinge bearing connection and adapted to secure head part of console bar by means of hinge pin. Fork-like console connection has two parallel elbows having orifices for hinge pin receiving. Inner sides of elbows are spaced apart and are opposite one to another. The elbows are connected to each other at base. Inner sides of each elbow pass into elbow edge through chamfer.EFFECT: decreased wear.9 cl, 2 dwg

Device for controlling position of extracting machine // 2291962
FIELD: mining industry, possible use for controlling position of extracting machine, in particular, plough plant or in complexes for underground extraction of mineral resources.SUBSTANCE: device contains, mutually interconnected: moving hydro-jack connected to section of lining, pusher, which by means of horizontal axis is jointly connected to column of extracting machine, and controlling hydro-jack, cylinder and rod of which are provided with spherical heads, jointly mounted in sockets of, respectively, overhanging support of extractive machine column and pusher. At least inside one of sockets cylindrical recess is made, in which between spherical head and end of cylinder a bushing is positioned, prevented from moving along axis of recess and provided with at least one limiter, positioned with possible contact with surface of spherical head of hydro-jack during its folding. Internal surface of bushing is positioned with a gap around the neck of head, while distance between closer ends of cylinder and bushing is greater than length of mounting surface of bushing in socket. Inside the bushing, on the side adjacent to spherical head, a recess may be made limited with a ring, internal diameter of which is greater than diameter of spherical head, while mounted in recess of bushing are at least two limiters made in form of blocks, internal diameter of which is less than diameter of spherical head, and external diameter matches diameter of recess of bushing, while limiters are mounted with their possible extraction from recess of bushing after its removal from spherical head. On external surface of bushing a groove may be made, and in socket - two through apertures, perpendicular to axis of cylindrical recess of socket, wherein two shafts are located with possible contact with walls of groove in bushing.EFFECT: lower laboriousness of device manufacture and increased reliability of device operation.3 cl, 5 dwg, 1 ex

Plow the front carriage assembly // 2203416
The invention relates to the mining industry and can be used in the front units designed for the extraction of natural resources

ethod of sewage extraction of underground mine workings and the device for its implementation // 2138646
The invention relates to mining and can be used for minerals extraction

Extraction machine for simultaneous blasting and loading coal // 2127808
The invention relates to means for simultaneous blasting and loading for underground excavation of coal and can be used to plow the groove

Plow // 2122636
The invention relates to the mining industry and is intended for underground coal mining

Plow // 2105147
The invention relates to the mining industry, in particular, to the extraction of minerals using the plow units and plow units

A plane with skis mounted with the possibility of replacing // 2100600
The invention relates to a plow for digging underground in a way that its feature mining tools body moves along the guide and at each of its ends rests by means of the ski is connected to the plow with the possibility of separation and replacement

Unit for steep seams // 2059827
The invention relates to mining and can be used for complex mechanization of coal extraction, fastening the bottom space and management of mining pressure on the seams steep fall

The device management database mining machines // 2055188
The invention relates to the mining industry, namely to the dosing devices for regulating the stepping movement of the shifting cylinders and connected with them base mining machines are at the bottom, and can be used in other industries

Plow // 2046940

Restraint for crepes and extraction mechanisms // 2023164
The invention relates to the technique of underground coal mining method and can be used to hold the crepe extraction mechanisms during the mining of coal seams steep drop along strike

Plow // 2023154

Coal plow // 2015327
The invention relates to Executive bodies working machines, in particular for coal plows moving type

Coal plow // 2015326

Coal plow // 2015325

The plane // 2015324
The invention relates to Executive bodies working machines, in particular for coal plows

Coal plow // 2010967
The invention relates to the mining industry, in particular to plough system, and can be used in underground excavation of minerals, such as coal

The frame of the plow // 2010966
The invention relates to equipment for mining industry and can be used in the Executive bodies (the planes) installations plow tear-off type

Coal plow // 2010964

A device for management plane // 2010963
The invention relates to mining equipment, in particular to plough system moving and combined types, designed for the extraction of coal

The plane // 2003801

Plow // 2003800