By percussive drills with breaking-down means, e.g. wedge-shaped tools (E21C27/28)

E   Fixed constructions(158735)
E21C     ining or quarrying(17294)
E21C27/28                     By percussive drills with breaking-down means, e.g. wedge-shaped tools(36)

Heading set for auxiliary workings // 2599115
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining, specifically to a heading set designed for auxiliary mine workings. Heading set for auxiliary mines includes working element, protective cover, mechanism for movement of working element, erector arm tunnel driver, bearing frame, rotary lever. Working element is made in form of strikers with peaks, pivotally connected to movable platform fixed on one end of rotary lever and is equipped with hydraulic cylinder for controlling angle between longitudinal axes of hammers. Each of hammers is equipped with mechanism for rotation of peaks in form of helical pair with ratchet wheel, consisting of segments with springs with possibility of their reciprocal motion.EFFECT: such a solution of system provides clear delineation of bottom-hole zone in mine roof, reduces weight of actuating element, which reduces time spent on mounting-dismantling works, increases productivity and efficiency of treatment of bottom-hole zone, as well as safety of works.1 cl, 7 dwg

ining module // 2459076
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: mining module includes section of powered support that consists of foundation, hydraulic support and a canopy. The canopy is attached to mining device on the goaf side of which there are swaying hydraulic cylinders. Note that mining device is done in the form of manipulator with strikers assembly with shearing elements from bottom-hole side that is equipped by hydraulic cylinder of strikers assembly rotation and hydraulic cylinder of manipulator rotation. Note that rotation hydraulic cylinder is pin-jointed by goaf side with platform capable of movement along the canopy of powered support section with the aid of feeding hydraulic cylinder.EFFECT: mining module provides the possibility to perform coal drawing regarding coal mass cross stratification and allows coal getting by large shear that reduces the required cutting force, decreases specific energy consumption, increases productivity and excludes coal overmilling.3 dwg

Diamond production combine // 2426879
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: combine includes bioenergetic complex which brings the bit into rotation. The above bit is located in lower part of cylindrical combine along the perimetre of which the reactors filled with water and with oil above water are located. When water freezes in reactors contacting with permanently frozen soil of the well, ice displaces the oil which, when entering hydraulic pressure members, brings the seals into action by pressing them against the well walls. Seals being the counter-weight of the bit lift the bit through pulley block system a little; at that, the well space under the bit is filled with hot steam formed in reactors as a result of activated heaters arranged in reactors, which leads to softening of kimberlite. At that, excess pressure in oil reservoirs is used in electric generators for electric energy generation, and cleaned and demineralised water from reactors is directed to bioenergetic complex for regeneration of solution feeding the plants. Combine is equipped with system of wet separators and diamond reservoir, which are serviced with microescalators, manipulators and video cameras, which allows, as the combine moves downwards at any horizon of the well, taking the decision on expediency of development of kimberlite massif.EFFECT: lower power consumption at production of diamonds, higher ecologic safety for environment.13 dwg

ethod for breaking rock off face of mountain salt massif // 2260693
FIELD: mining industry.SUBSTANCE: method includes directing breaking hits along layer structure of salt massif. For this executing tool of machine is provided with necessary number of chisels, directed along layer structure of salt massif, chisels are rigidly held in parallel to layers and direction of hit is changes concurrently for all chisels by rotation of machine, reciprocal movement is applied to chisels in the way to make breaking hits in direction of salt massif along layer structure. Due to destruction of salt massif in direction of layer structure, above-lying pieces are broken off, and in a way to minimally damage layers themselves, and break off large pieces of massif without over-pulverization of ore.EFFECT: higher speed of operation, higher efficiency.1 dwg

achine for splitting stone // 2014452
The invention relates to mining production and can be used in quarries for splitting oversized stone