By rotary drills with breaking-down means, e.g. wedge-shaped drills (E21C27/22)

E   Fixed constructions(158735)
E21C     ining or quarrying(17294)
E21C27/22                     By rotary drills with breaking-down means, e.g. wedge-shaped drills(362)

Tunnelling combine // 2494253
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: tunnelling combine is proposed, comprising a cutting element, hydromotors of a movement mechanism, controlled by a hydraulic distributor, and outriggers kinematically connected to hydraulic cylinders equipped with hydraulic locks and controlled by a separate hydraulic distributor. Besides, the tunnelling combine additionally comprises an "or" valve, one inlet of which is connected to one of manifolds of hydromotors of the movement mechanism, and the other one is connected with their second manifold, and a check valve, the under-valve cavity of which is connected to the outlet of the "or" valve, and the above-valve cavity is connected via the hydraulic locks of hydraulic cylinders with their stem cavities. Besides, in the neutral position of the separate hydraulic distributor of hydraulic cylinders control, their piston cavities are connected with a drain manifold via hydraulic locks.EFFECT: expansion of capabilities of tunnelling combine control and higher safety.2 dwg

Plant to extract hard ore from thin beds by drilling-out // 2486339
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: proposed plant comprises machine to drill pilot well arranged in drilling room, rock cutting tool, screw to displace sludge, winch with rope and mounting trolley. Besides, it comprises equipment to reception and transfer of sludge. Note here that said winch is arranged at said mounting trolley and located in transport-sorting face. Note also that screw and cable are secured to expander on the side opposite the pilot well mouth.EFFECT: expanded operating performances and higher efficiency.5 dwg

Selective extraction method of coal bed, and combine for its implementation // 2436954
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method involves separate extraction of coal and rocks of interlayer with combined cutter-loader with cutting actuating element of selective action. Extraction of coal benches and rock interlayers is performed in the extracted strip per one pass of cutter-loader in ascending order - from soil to roof. Width of the extracted strip is accepted equal to length of two-sided loading element of cutter-loader. Separation of flows of broken coal and rocks of interlayer is performed in the mining face by means of two-sided loading element with shovelling blades and belt reloader equipped with diagonal plough. Separate transportation of broken coal and rocks of interlayer in mining face is performed with cantilever drag conveyor. Combined cutter-loader includes the housing installed on frame with blades; two cutting actuating elements of selective action; two-sided loading element made in the form of chute with shoveling blades installed symmetrically on both sides from longitudinal axis of chute, and belt reloader equipped with diagonal plough.EFFECT: increasing efficiency of underground development of coal beds owing to selective extraction of coal and interlayers of more precious mineral resources and their separate transportation to the surface via transport chains of the mine.2 cl, 3 dwg

ethod and device for processing of materials with milling // 2433265
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: device for processing of materials with milling comprises a drum holder, a tool drum, where a group of tool shafts is installed with the possibility of being put into rotary motion. At the ends protruding from the tool drum there are processing tools installed. At least two of the tool shafts are made with the possibility of being put in motion by one common drive of transmission. Axes of tool shafts are arranged across the drum axis. Tool shafts are evenly distributed in the tool drum along its perimetre. The invention also relates to the method of materials milling and application of such device or method.EFFECT: operational reliability of the device, high efficiency of removing material of high strength.35 cl, 12 dwg

Cleaning combine // 2248445
FIELD: mining industry.SUBSTANCE: device has body with ski and electric engine with hydraulic pump on it, actuating hydraulic engine for moving combine along face through cog and hydraulic engine for raising rotating reducer with screw, drive of which is integrated in rotating reducer. Combine is provided with carriage with shaft and stopping devices. Carriage is mounted with possible longitudinal displacement relatively to combine body via chain contour with drive from sprocket. On carriage shaft additional sprocket is freely mounted, engaged with chain contour and cam sleeve, and braking device for fixing rotating reducer, made of two shoulders, interconnected jointly.EFFECT: higher efficiency, simplified construction.4 dwg

ining ores strong with small deposits by drilling // 2168625
The invention relates to mining and reduces loss of minerals sturdy valuable ores in the production of thin (thin) ore deposits and manage rock pressure

Circulating lubrication of the gear housing, primarily for mining machines // 2168012
The invention relates to mechanical engineering and can be used in the construction of mining machines and other machinery

The hydraulic actuator stroke mining machines // 2152515
The invention relates to mining engineering and is intended for use in the construction of mining machines in the hydraulic drive chassis parts

The transmission control system crawler mining machines // 2152514
The invention relates to mining machinery

Heading-treatment plant // 2143068
The invention relates to mining equipment, in particular to devices for holding and securing mining

Heading-shearer // 2142561
The invention relates to mining technique, namely, drilling machines, intended for carrying out horizontal and inclined mine workings

Continuous miner // 2131030
The invention relates to mining and is intended for carrying out excavations combine the method with selective destruction of rocks of the tunnel face

Development method of formation of mineral deposits and sinking-mining harvester for its implementation // 2103507
The invention relates to the mining industry and can be used to develop a reservoir of mineral chamber systems, the development of off-balance-sheet reserves, including dangerous dynamic phenomena

Unit for the development of underground formations // 2059812
The invention relates to mining and can be used effectively for the development of diamond deposits, steeply dipping coal seams lying in difficult mining and geological conditions

Heading-mining machine // 2044125
The invention relates to a tunnel-mining machine that contains the tracked chassis with the drive connected to the tracked chassis and arrow with cross-cutting head located ahead of the loading device loading skirt and adjacent to the loading device, the discharge device

The executive body rock // 2039242
The invention relates to the rock bodies of mining and road-building machines for different purposes

ountain harvester // 2005177