By both slitting and planing (E21C27/18)

E   Fixed constructions(159044)
E21C     ining or quarrying(17294)
E21C27/18                     By both slitting and planing(35)

echanised longwall set of equipment by professor kariman for bulk mining // 2463450
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: mechanised longwall set of equipment for mining comprises sections of a powered support, a hydraulic cutting cleanout machine with actuators and hydraulic cutting heads, joined via metal tubes with a water-supply manifold, a hydraulic booster, a plane with two drives and a plate conveyor with load-carrying plates on rollers, and also comprises a transshipment platform with a mechanised sliding bottom. At the same time the set of equipment additionally comprises a scraper conveyor and a hydraulic support "Sputnik" structurally connected to each other by advancing rams. At both sides of the plate conveyor there are channel guides installed to move coalcutters along them with cable handlers. Besides, the coalcutter installed at the face side of the plate conveyor has a vertical upward direction of a cutting jib in parallel to the face line, and the coalcutter installed at the goaf side of the plate conveyor has a direction of a cutting jib in the bed plane along its border with the roof. The hydraulic machine of the set of equipment is fixed in the end part of the longwall face at the side of the transport mine, and hydraulic abrasive jets work in the transverse plane perpendicular to the direction of cut coal body displacement.EFFECT: higher efficiency of a mining face due to reduction of duration of a process mining cycle.4 cl, 14 dwg

ethod for coal extraction using activated plough // 2461710
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method for coal extraction using dynamic plough involves cutting of deep advance slots in formation mass at the roof, soil and middle, working face, and further destruction of mass in two consoles weakened with slots are performed by shearing; at that, width of cut slot and cutting depth of consoles is set and adjusted along the strike due to turning angle relative to working face of actuator with cutting tool the cutters of which describe ellipsis trajectory, and shearing force is created due to external taper surface of actuator housing when the plough is being moved along the working face.EFFECT: improvement of coal extraction controllability on coal formations with complex structure; increase in depth of removed chips.

Tractive sleds for production planer and production planer with such sleds // 2433264
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: production planer for underground production comprises a body, planing cutters, at the same time it is equipped with a receptacle element to receive tractive sleds connected to the planer's chain, which is restricted with counter-support surfaces facing towards the direction of motion, interacting with the support surfaces at tractive sleds. The counter-support surfaces include pressing elements preferably arranged with the possibility of replacement for interaction with a damping device built into the tractive sleds.EFFECT: extended service life of the production planer.15 cl, 5 dwg

Case of plough and driven station with machine frame and case of plough // 2432463
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: here is disclosed case of plough for reception of chain wheel of plough with mounting plate attached to side cheek of machine frame of face conveyer by means of connecting elements. A wall of the case is spaced from the mounting plate. Chain wheel of the plough is positioned in the case of the plough between the mounting plate and the wall of the case. The chain wheel is set without turning on a shaft of the chain wheel. The shaft is mounted on both sides in the case of the plough by means of bearings. The driving station with mounted case of the plough forms a compact case of the plough with stable transfer of torque to the machine frame; it also directs the chain of the plough in a region of machine frame with insignificant side offset from its side cheek. Also, for transfer of torque the case of the plough is made in such a way, that mounting plate is inserted and is secured with geometrical lock into a receiving recession in the side cheek of the machine frame. The mounting plate is equipped with a built-in bearing receiving element for a bearing of the shaft of the chain wheel; the receiving element is positioned from the side of the machine frame.EFFECT: stable transfer of torque on machine frame; direction of plough chain in region of machine frame with insignificant side offset relative to its side cheek.19 cl, 5 dwg

Plough device and control method of plough device // 2384704
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to mining industry, and namely to automatic control devices of drives of plough devices, as well as to control method of drives of plough devices. Plough device includes a movable plough with reverse direction by means of the plough chain and moved in back-and-forth direction between limit stops of the plough, two chain drives, measurement system of the plough travel and motor control device. Each chain drive has a drive motor with variable speed, transfer mechanism and the chain sprocket of the plough, which is located in engagement with links of the plough chain. Motor control device at programme or position control supplies control parametres for changing the rotation speed of drive motors to change the plough speed, and to it there attached is control module with automatic load balancing adjustment between drive motors of chain drives. In addition, plough device includes control module which switches off the control module of automatic load balancing by means of position control, with programme control and/or by means of parametre control, or modifies the operating mode of control module.EFFECT: preventing excess wear of plough chains.19 cl, 2 dwg

Plough for underground mineral resources mining // 2350748
FIELD: mechanics, mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining, particularly, to coal ploughs. Plough for underground mineral resources mining comprises plough casing moving along plough guide. The plough casing incorporates, at least, one bearing element accommodating a skid. Latter features, at least, one bearing surface on its lower side that slides, in the skid operating position, on over the guiding rail of the plough guide. The skid lower side features, at least, one wearable insert.EFFECT: longer life, lower costs of production and operation.13 cl, 5 dwg

The attachment of the disk milling cutters struga // 2235876
The invention relates to mining tool and can be used in plow systems used in coal industry